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Thursday, May 24, 2007

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From Jerry's Blog From Jerry's Blog

"I'm finding that a large percentage of people who greet us at signings, etc., and tell us they have read "all the books" actually haven't. They are largely unaware that between books 12 (Glorious Appearing) and 13 (Kingdom Come) we produced three prequels (The Rising, The Regime, and The Rapture).

"These need not be read before Kingdom Come (the final sequel), but if you're a Left Behind fan, you won't want to miss them!" Click here for more information about the prequels.

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Kingdom Come

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Kingdom Come Update
It is finished. Kingdom Come: The Final Battle marks the end of an incredible run of 16 bestselling novels. Left Behind, book #1, released with little fan fare in 1995, but now 12 years later, the series has sold more than 65 million copies and rocked the publishing world. Learn more …

Kingdom Come: The Final Victory
Kingdom Come is the final book in the best-selling Left Behind series. The horrors of the Tribulation are over, and Jesus Christ has set up his perfect kingdom on Earth. Believers around the world enjoy a newly perfected relationship with their Lord, and the Earth itself is transformed. Yet evil still lurks in the hearts of the unbelieving. As the Millennium draws to a close, the final generation of the unrepentant prepares to mount a new offensive against the Lord himself—sparking the final and ultimate conflict from which only one side will emerge the eternal victor. Read the first chapter

Armageddon, Oil, and Terror NEW! Armageddon, Oil, and Terror

Updating the work of renowned biblical scholar John F. Walvoord, who famously predicted current world events, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror offers shocking predictions on the future of terrorism, oil-based economics, and nuclear war in the Middle East. In all, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror sheds light on 12 events related to end-time prophecies that seem eerily close to coming true. Includes materials from lectures and discussions after 9/11 and incorporates vital, updated material from other Walvoord classics. It is as current as today's news … and every prediction rings true. Finish this article.

How the Six Day War Almost Led to Armageddon
Forty years later, Moscow's role in engineering and exacerbating the crisis is revealed.

Conflict in Israel has existed for decades. But did you know how close Israel came to being the spark that started Armageddon in the late 1960s? Don't miss this article adapted from Joel's latest non-fiction book, Epicenter. More …

Reader ResponsesReader Response
We asked readers to tell us how the Left Behind series has impacted their lives or the life of someone they gave the book(s) to, and here's what they had to say.

Kingdom ComeEnter the LeftBehind.com Contest!

Five first-prize winners will receive a hardcover copy of Kingdom Come.

Five second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

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Blood EvidenceBlood Evidence
Book two in the NCIS series—available next month

While investigating the abduction/kidnapping of a marine captain's teenage daughter, Will Coburn and his team of NCIS agents discover a link to a high-profile murder that took place more than 17 years ago. As the team investigates, they discover a trail of lies, betrayal, and a political cover-up. Forensics specialist Nita Tomlinson will need a faith deeper than she can imagine as she struggles with the past and a family that she can no longer ignore. Read the first chapter!
Also be sure to check out the first book of the series: Paid in Blood

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