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Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Left Behind: Eternal ForcesIt's finally here! Just in time for holiday gift-giving.
LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces—A PC Game Based on the Left Behind Book Series

LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces™ is a unique PC game based on the Left Behind books created by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. The series has sold more than 63 million copies. Players can join the ultimate fight of good versus evil, commanding Tribulation Forces or the Global Community Peacekeepers and uncover the truth about the worldwide disappearances.

All of your favorite characters: Bruce, Chloe, Buck, and Rayford are in the game. Of course, Nicolae Carpathia leads the Global Community Peacekeeper forces. Those who are left behind after the Rapture must find hidden clues.

"Finally, we have an inspirational game for the marketplace that challenges game makers' beliefs that gore is better, by introducing one of the first high-quality games with a positive moral message. No blood, no gore, just great fun!" said Troy Lyndon, co-founder and CEO of Left Behind Games.

The Associated Press ASAP calls it "… perfect content for a video game. "… a positive moral message," states AOL.com

The LA Times says, "Eternal Forces looks and plays like a big-budget production."

Left Behind: Eternal Forces "One of the most highly anticipated gifts this holiday season," says ABC World News. The media, as well as Christian leaders, are excited to promote this new PC game because it has the intense action and quality play of a mainstream game, without the gratuitous violence and language that have become commonplace.

Many unique features in this game make it a pioneer, not only in Christian gaming, but also in mainstream video games. When a player completes a mission, a "clue" fills the screen with thought-provoking biblical facts or archeological finds. A contemporary Christian song from EMI or Integrity Music plays as clues are displayed. The gamer can choose to skip and return to the action, learn more about the clues, or purchase the music online.

LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces is leading the way in this uncharted area with a brand new means of connecting gamers with instant access to famous artists and their music, such as Kutless, Audio Adrenalin, Sanctus Real, Jeremy Camp, and TobyMac.

"We're glad to have our names as a part of it," says Left Behind authors Dr. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. "Here is a game we can heartily recommend," says Beverly LaHaye, Founder, Concerned Women for America.

A code sheet is included in the game box that allows the purchaser to invite up to seven friends to join online for limited play by typing in a silver code.

"This is a new day in the gaming industry. The landscape of games may now have a new and positive approach to a compelling, captivating, fun gaming experience," said David Klein, Senior Vice President, Left Behind Games.

"I'm sold … I'm totally sold," says singer Crystal Lewis.

Left Behind Games Inc. anticipates its debut LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces PC game to be one of the most desirable Christmas gifts this holiday season, and it is currently available at www.eternalforces.com, major retailers, and inspirational bookstores nationwide.

Rated Teen for Violence

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