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Thursday, September 21, 2006

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New PollNew Poll Asks: Are We Living in the Last Days?
New book—Epicenter—finds an enormous number of Americans believe Bible prophesy is coming true today.

Are we living in the last days? A new book by Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg examines why world leaders are talking in increasingly apocalyptic language and why tens of millions of Americans believe the end of history as we know it may be near. In an exclusive national survey for Joel Rosenberg's new book, 1,000 randomly selected adults were asked two questions: 1. Are we living in the last lays? and 2. Is Israel a prophecy coming true? Find out what they had to say.

EpicenterJoel Rosenberg's Latest Release: Epicenter
Why the current rumblings in the Middle East will change your future.

With over one million novels in print, New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg has been called "eerily prophetic" and a "modern Nostradamus" for his uncanny ability to write political thrillers that come true.

In his first nonfiction book, Joel takes readers on an unforgettable journey through prophecy and current events into the future of Iraq after Saddam, Russia after Communism, Israel after Arafat, and Christianity after radical Islam.

You won't want to miss Joel's exclusive interviews with Israeli, Palestinian, and Russian leaders, and his analysis of previously classified CIA and White House documents. Similar to the approach Joel takes in his novels, his desire is to draw readers into stories, anecdotes, and predictions in a way that builds confidence and allows him to share his faith in Jesus Christ and in the reliability of Scripture as a guide to understanding the past and the future.

Drawing on his experience in Washington, his own exclusive interviews with world leaders, and his astute political acumen, Joel makes sense of the events surrounding the Middle East. He connects information in a way that will make you understand and really care about the world's most important events and how they impact your life—from gas prices to your bank account.

Order now | Read the first chapter

These Wil Not Be Left BehindTrue Stories from Readers
These Will Not Be Left Behind is a collection of 30 true stories from readers who have shared the ways God used the Left Behind series to transform their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

These Will Not Be Left Behind provides a glimpse into the miraculous and describes how many have found the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ as a result of this powerful series. Featuring stories of individuals from every walk of life and throughout the country, readers will meet:

  • The Ohio trucker who opened his heart to God as he listened to Left Behind audio tapes while headed down Route 70.
  • A young Illinois pastor who was inspired to share Left Behind and the gospel to a dying cancer patient.
  • A New Mexico father who borrowed a copy of Left Behind resulting in his name in the Book of Life before his unexpected death.
  • A death row convict whose last request was to read the latest Left Behind novel before his execution.
  • A family who rejoiced after more than 30 years of prayer when their wayward, drug-addicted daughter listened to Left Behind and accepted Jesus as Savior.
  • A teenage Satanist whose life was altered forever after being challenged by a friend to read Left Behind.

Joel RosenbergRussia Has Joined the "Axis of Evil"
Putin is emerging as a new czar and a new threat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a friend of the United States or a partner for peace. He is selling billions of dollars worth of arms to Iran, Syria, and other terrorist regimes. He is helping radical Islam go nuclear. He is effectively helping Iran prepare for nuclear war. Russia is not drifting away from the West. It has purposefully joined the Axis of Evil and it is time for the Bush administration to recognize this rapidly emerging new threat and confront it head on. More …

Visit Joel's site for more articles

The RaptureEnter the LeftBehind.com Contest!

Five first-prize winners will receive a copy of The Rapture (hardcover).

Five second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

Click here to enter the contest!

Left Behind Games
Join the Tribulation Force! Left Behind Games
Eternal Forces, the highly-anticipated PC game based on the blockbuster fiction series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, went on pre-sale at more than 3,500 locations across the country.

The Sneak Peek Pack, which includes a unique bracelet, special access to key codes that assist in conquering multiple levels of game play, and a DVD featuring the official trailer, is available for pre-sale at GameStop and EB Games. For $5, fans can reserve one of the first copies of the game and receive the Sneak Peek Pack, while supplies last.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces is scheduled to ship the second half of 2006. The game puts players in command of an apocalyptic battle between the Tribulation Forces and the Global Community Peacekeepers during the End of Days raging in the streets of New York City. Gamers will participate in events from the Left Behind® book series and experience newly written material.

Read an interview with the folks at Left Behind Games.

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