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Thursday, February 9, 2006

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Readers Respond to The RegimeReaders Respond to The Regime
Read what readers say about the second book in the Left Behind Countdown to the Rapture prequels. And then let us know what you think about The Regime.

Note: On 06-06-06, the third book in Left Behind's Countdown to the Rapture, aptly called The Rapture, will be in bookstores. You can preorder your copy soon. Watch for details and the excerpt on the Left Behind site.

Reactions to Hamas Victory?Reactions to Hamas Victory
What do Tim LaHaye and other prophecy experts have to say about the Hamas victory and the possible consequences?

On the eve of the Palestinian elections, it appeared the Fatah party had held control, though the Hamas party—a sponsor of much of the terrorism against Israel, several of whose candidates were in Israeli prisons—had made surprising gains.

Even as the headlines of many U.S. newspapers the next morning proclaimed an apparent Fatah victory, by the time people picked up those papers it was obvious Hamas had achieved a stunning upset.

The resulting turmoil seemed to leap off the pages of Left Behind, as it now appears that peace can only be achieved by outside intervention—could it lead to the forced peace treaty that opens the door for the appearance of Antichrist? More …

The RegimeThe Regime
Dynamic Romanian multimillionaire Nicolae Carpathia's sphere of influence steadily grows as he parlays his looks, charm, charisma, and intellectual brilliance into success in business and politics. But is it mere coincidence that those who oppose, offend, or even slight him suffer to the point of death?

And what of Leon Fortunato … Rayford Steele … Irene Steele … Cameron Williams … Abdullah Ababneh …? Find out their stories and discover for yourself why they were left behind. Go back to the future with Book 2: The Regime. Order your autographed copy today! You may also order The Regime in audio format. Book Three, The Rapture, will release on June 6!

Read the first chapter!

Origins of the Left Behind SeriesOrigins of the Left Behind Series—An LB Classic
Tim LaHaye says it all started during a discussion with one of his dearest friends, Shirley Peters—whose husband Art was his associate pastor. She mentioned the idea of the rapture taking place on an airplane.

Tim says, "A few days later, I was flying across country to a prophecy conference, and this handsome, 42ish pilot stepped out of the cabin and started flirting with the chief flight attendant in the galley. I noticed he had a wedding ring on, but she didn't. I thought, these people are pretty friendly. And then I thought about the story Shirley had mentioned. What if the rapture took place right now?

"According to a Gallup poll, about a third of the population is born again, so about a third of the people on the 747 would be gone. The flight attendant would discover their clothes and pound on the door and say, 'Captain, a hundred people are missing from our aircraft!' The rest is history." More …

The Authorized Left Behind HandbookEnter the February LeftBehind.com Contest!

Ten first-prize winners will receive a copy of The Authorized Left Behind Handbook.

Five second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

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Left Behind Games

Join the Tribulation Force! Left Behind Games
Eternal Forces, the highly-anticipated PC game based on the blockbuster fiction series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, went on pre-sale at more than 3,500 locations across the country.

The Sneak Peek Pack, which includes a unique bracelet, special access to key codes that assist in conquering multiple levels of game play, and a DVD featuring the official trailer, is available for pre-sale at GameStop and EB Games. For $5, fans can reserve one of the first copies of the game and receive the Sneak Peek Pack, while supplies last.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces is scheduled to ship by Easter 2006. The game puts players in command of an apocalyptic battle between the Tribulation Forces and the Global Community Peacekeepers during the End of Days raging in the streets of New York City. Gamers will participate in events from the Left Behind® book series and experience newly written material.

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