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Tuesday, January 26, 2006

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What's in Store for Israel?What's in Store for Israel?

Have you been following events in Israel and the Middle East lately? A lot has been happening. Some of it seems to leap off the pages of the Left Behind books or The Ezekiel Option. How much of it relates to prophecy? More …

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Join the Left Behind Prophecy Club—a subscription-based service that provides, among other things, a weekly e-mail newsletter that watches the world for events and trends that could have prophetic significance. The article "Israel After Sharon" is taken from two articles previously published at the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

The RegimeThe Regime

Dynamic Romanian multimillionaire Nicolae Carpathia's sphere of influence steadily grows as he parlays his looks, charm, charisma, and intellectual brilliance into success in business and politics. But is it mere coincidence that those who oppose, offend, or even slight him suffer to the point of death?

And what of Leon Fortunato … Rayford Steele … Irene Steele … Cameron Williams … Abdullah Ababneh …? Find out their stories and discover for yourself why they were left behind. Go back to the future with Book 2: The Regime. Order your autographed copy today! You may also order The Regime in audio format. Book Three, The Rapture, will release on June 6, 2006!

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End of the Spear, the movie about the martyrdom of five American missionaries in the Ecuadorian jungle, and their murders' aftermath, is now showing. View the trailer here. Read more about the story in two inspiring books from Tyndale, publishers of the Left Behind series:

End of the Spear

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End of the Spear
Steve Saint was five years old when his father, missionary pilot Nate Saint, was speared to death by a primitive Ecuadorian tribe. In adulthood, Steve, having left Ecuador for a successful business career in the United States, never imagined making the jungle his home again. But when that same tribe asks him to help them, Steve, his wife, and their teenage children move back to the jungle. There, Steve learns long-buried secrets about his father's murder, confronts difficult choices, and finds himself caught between two worlds. End of the Spear brilliantly chronicles the continuing story that first captured the world's attention in the bestselling book, Through Gates of Splendor.

Through Gates of Splendor
In 1956, five young men traveled deep into the jungles of Ecuador to establish communication with the fierce and isolated Waorani tribe. In a nearby village, their wives huddled around a radio receiver, eagerly awaiting news of the historic encounter. The news they received sent shock waves around the world and changed their lives forever.

Make Resolutions Stick

This time of year, as we once again make our New Year's resolutions, I can't help but laugh at the seeming futility of most of them. A cartoon from the Christian Science Monitor put it well. It shows a man writing his list, composed of only three resolutions. More …

Embracing EternityStart the New Year Out Right!
365-day Devotional

You love reading about the grace and character of God, the hope of Jesus' return, and stories of faith and obedience in the Left Behind series. Now, be inspired by these themes each day of the year! Don't miss this daily devotional by the creators of the Left Behind series. Each day, you'll find a Scripture reading, a devotional thought, and questions to challenge you—as well as references to themes and quotes from the Left Behind series. More …

The Ezekiel OptionThe Ezekiel Option
Don't miss this explosive new political thriller by Joel Rosenberg that literally feels ripped from tomorrow's headlines. With Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat out of the way, a dazzling era of security and prosperity seems to have come to the Middle East. With the help of an American president trying to spread freedom and democracy, Israel and the Palestinians have signed a historic peace agreement. Violence is down. Their economies are booming. But a new evil looms on the horizon.

Read the first chapter.
Visit Joel's site for more articles.

Who Is the Antichrist?Who Is the Antichrist?
The Antichrist is the person who is the diametric opposite of Jesus Christ. Instead of serving others, this man demands the service of others. Instead of reconciling the world to God, the Antichrist seeks to turn the world against God. That sounds a lot like the Devil. But it is worse. If the Devil appeared with no disguise, everyone would be frightened and repelled. But if a mortal man like everyone else was groomed by the Devil to do his bidding, a man like that could fool many people. According to the book of Revelation, the Antichrist will be an evil impostor, an international leader claiming to be dedicated to world peace and prosperity.

Symbolically represented by the number 666, this brutal man, who is referred to in the Bible as the Beast, will personify and spread evil throughout the world, ultimately opposing Jesus Christ, glorifying himself, and deceiving many into actually worshiping him instead of God.

This man will rule the earth for seven years and will turn out to be a cruel despot. Jesus Christ will return in great glory to depose him, but it will be too late for those who have foolishly worshiped and followed the Antichrist. Eventually indwelt by Satan himself, the Antichrist will command the world's armies in a final battle called Armageddon against the Lord and his heavenly armies of mighty angels. In the end the Antichrist will be destroyed forever by Christ at the time of the Second Coming and Judgment. (See 1 John 2:18-22; 4:3; 2 John 7; Revelation 1:3.)

The Ezekiel OptionEnter the January LeftBehind.com Contest!

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Left Behind Games

Join the Tribulation Force! Left Behind Games
Eternal Forces, the highly-anticipated PC game based on the blockbuster fiction series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, went on pre-sale at more than 3,500 locations across the country.

The Sneak Peek Pack, which includes a unique bracelet, special access to key codes that assist in conquering multiple levels of game play, and a DVD featuring the official trailer, is available for pre-sale at GameStop and EB Games. For $5, fans can reserve one of the first copies of the game and receive the Sneak Peek Pack, while supplies last.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces is scheduled to ship by Easter 2006. The game puts players in command of an apocalyptic battle between the Tribulation Forces and the Global Community Peacekeepers during the End of Days raging in the streets of New York City. Gamers will participate in events from the Left Behind® book series and experience newly written material.

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