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Thursday, December 1, 2005

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The RegimeThe Regime
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The second prequel concentrates on six vital individuals and the decisions they made that caused five of the them to be left on Earth following the Rapture—a sudden, simultaneous, supernatural disappearance of millions of followers of God.

No Left Behind book is complete without the ultimate villain—antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. The Regime captures Carpathia at age 25 when he has already conquered the Romanian and European business worlds and has set his site on politics, where nothing will stop him from obtaining his goal of complete international power.

Read the untold stories of Rayford, Irene, Buck, Smitty, and Leon Fortunato. These six personalities have no idea they are on a collision course with destiny at the most dire moment in history. Read more.

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Actually, Much to Be Thankful for in the Middle EastActually, Much to Be Thankful for in the Middle East

Congressman John Murtha and his fellow Democrats are demanding we pull our forces out of Iraq before the job of getting Iraqis ready to defend themselves is done. They argue the U.S. mission in the Middle East has failed and is turning the region against us. They have it exactly backwards. Despite a long, hard year, we have much to be thankful for in the Middle East and if we stay the course now, we will be out soon. More …

The Ezekiel OptionThe Ezekiel Option
Don't miss this explosive new political thriller that literally feels ripped from tomorrow's headlines. With Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat out of the way, a dazzling era of security and prosperity seems to have come to the Middle East. With the help of an American president trying to spread freedom and democracy, Israel and the Palestinians have signed an historic peace agreement. Violence is down. Their economies are booming. But a new evil looms on the horizon.

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Top 5 End Times Signs of 2005?Top 5 End Times Signs of 2005?

If you visit message boards on prophecy sites such as the Prophecy Club, you already know there is huge debate about end times theology, but you also find much speculation about issues such as these:
  • Could Antichrist be alive today?
  • Which new technology might be the mark of the beast?
  • Are current events, especially the wild weather, signs of the end times?
As we approach the end of the year, we look back to sort out the important issues from the trivial and purely speculative. More …

Kids Boxed SetsLeft Behind: The Kids Boxed Sets
Get the best-selling Left Behind: The Kids series, compiled in a handy, value priced gift box. Makes a great Christmas gift! Read more.

Jerry JenkinsAsk Jerry Jenkins

Eds: How was the idea for Soon born?

Jerry: There were two letters to the editor in Time magazine that made me start thinking what our society and world might look like if people got their wishes.

Eds: Those letters were received by Time magazine soon after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Towers. Here are excerpts:
… ban all these religions, cults, and man-made concepts of how to worship God. Bar the different religious leaders from spreading their views as the only absolute. … Forbid religions, and there will be fewer fights."
—Jorma Kajaste, Espoo, Finland

If there were no religions, and only empathy, altruism, and humanism to lead the way, the world would truly be an enlightened place.
—Preeti Kumar, Harlington, England
Eds: Your fans know that you play word and number games within your book. Are there any hints you can give about Soon? Does the name of your central character hold special meaning?

Jerry: Yes, there are anagrams throughout. The main character's last name is significant. So is the name of arch villain Ranold B. Decenti. And there are more.

Eds: What about this novel do you think will especially appeal to the LB readers?

Jerry: It's set in the future and there are a lot of parallels to Scripture.

Soon SeriesShadowed

In this rapid-fire conclusion to the best-selling Soon series, the law banning the practice of religion around the globe is on the brink of collapse. The tide is turning … but personal, family hostilities threaten to end in disaster before the world comes to its senses. A gripping, futuristic thriller that will keep you glued to the page!

Don't miss Jerry's latest novel, Shadowed, the third in a trilogy about religious persecution! Order now | Read the first chapter

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