The Official Newsletter of the Left Behind® Series from Tyndale House Publishers     Thursday, October 27, 2005
The RegimeThe Regime
Available November 15!

The second prequel concentrates on six vital individuals and the decisions they made that caused five of the them to be left on Earth following the Rapture—a sudden, simultaneous, supernatural disappearance of millions of followers of God.

No Left Behind book is complete without the ultimate villain—antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. The Regime captures Carpathia at age 25 when he has already conquered the Romanian and European business worlds and has set his site on politics, where nothing will stop him from obtaining his goal of complete international power.

Read the untold stories of Rayford, Irene, Buck, Smitty, and Leon Fortunato. These six personalities have no idea they are on a collision course with destiny at the most dire moment in history. Read more.

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Bird Flu and the ApocalypseBird Flu and the Apocalypse
Prophetic implications of a potential pandemic

The bird flu story is a story that has really caught on in the media. There are growing concerns that a flu virus similar to the 1918 virus will move from birds to the human population and cause cataclysmic destruction. New reports continue to be released that are even more shocking, even apocalyptic. More …

Jerry Jenkins and Kathryn HillWinner of the Jerry Jenkins Left Behind Challenge!

Kathryn Hill of Mulberry, Indiana, was the winner of the Left Behind trivia challenge held at LeftBehind.com in June. She successfully answered all the questions and recognized many baseball players' names Jerry used for the characters in the Left Behind series.

Kathryn journeyed to Chicago, where she enjoyed lunch and took in a Cubs game at Wrigley Field with Jerry, his wife Dianna, and a few Tyndale staffers. Read what Kathryn and Jerry had to say about their outing.

Jerry Jenkins and Kathryn HillA Look at the Dark Side

Many readers of The Rising were struck by the darkness and the occult influences in the origins of Nicolae Carpathia. With Halloween this weekend and the release of The Regime in a matter of weeks, a look at the dark side seemed in order. More...

The RisingEnter the October LeftBehind.com Contest!

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  • Five second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.
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