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KatrinaIs Katrina a Sign?
It seems as though everyone wants to know: are Katrina and other recent natural disasters signs of the times? Do they portend the end of the age? Some say yes and point to Revelation 8 and 16 in support of their position.

Mark Hitchcock, from the Left Behind Prophecy Club, is not so sure. More …

Soon Series

In this rapid-fire conclusion to the best-selling Soon series, the law banning the practice of religion around the globe is on the brink of collapse. The tide is turning … but personal, family hostilities threaten to end in disaster before the world comes to its senses. A gripping, futuristic thriller that will keep you glued to the page!

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Jerry Jenkins     Bonus Articles by Jerry Jenkins!

    • NEW THIS ISSUE: There Are Spies Among Us!
    • On religious persecution.
    • On sharing our faith with our families.
    • On praying for miracles.
    • Read Jerry's personal testimony.


We're sure fans of Left Behind dramatic audios were pleased to read in our last newsletter that there will be productions of the prequels and sequel. However, as we found out in our interview with GapDigital president Todd Busteed, how you get them—and what you call them—is changing. You'll now be able to download audio movies from EarFlix.com.

Let's return to our conversation with Todd to hear more about this innovative change.

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