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Chris FabryLeft Behind: Kids—Chris Fabry (Part 2)
Chris Fabry teams up with Jerry Jenkins on a new series of mysteries for young readers.

Two weeks ago, Stu Johnson introduced us to Chris, whose interest in writing took him from his day job as a radio host to writing full time. In the process, he moved from Chicago to Colorado, not far from Jerry Jenkins. After writing the first five Left Behind Kids novels, Jerry needed help to keep up the pace and turned to Chris Fabry. Now, instead of a credit on the title page, Chris's collaboration with Jerry gets his name on the cover of the new Red Rocks Mystery series. So, let's go back to Rosie's Diner in Monument, Colorado, as Stu and Chris continue their conversation. Read part 2.

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 Jerry Jenkins's Latest Release!

Soon Series

In this rapid-fire conclusion to the best-selling Soon series, the law banning the practice of religion around the globe is on the brink of collapse. The tide is turning … but personal, family hostilities threaten to end in disaster before the world comes to its senses. A gripping, futuristic thriller that will keep you glued to the page!

Don't miss Jerry's latest novel, Shadowed, the third in a trilogy on religious persecution! Preorder now | Read the first chapter

Jerry Jenkins
    Bonus Articles by Jerry Jenkins

    On sharing our faith with our families.
    On praying for miracles.
    Read Jerry's personal testimony.

 Joel Rosenberg

The Ezekiel Option

The Ezekiel Option
Don't miss this explosive new political thriller that literally feels ripped from tomorrow's headlines.

With Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat out of the way, a dazzling era of security and prosperity seems to have come to the Middle East. With the help of an American president trying to spread freedom and democracy, Israel and the Palestinians have signed an historic peace agreement. Violence is down. Their economies are booming.

But a new evil looms on the horizon. A dictator is rising in Russia. Iran is feverishly building nuclear weapons. A new Axis of Evil is emerging, led by Moscow and Tehran. And Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy—two senior White House advisors—find themselves facing the most chilling question of their lives: Is the world rushing to the brink of an apocalypse prophesied more than 2,500 years ago? Read the first chapter.

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Shadowed Enter the August LeftBehind.com Contest!
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 For Kids

Red Rocks

Red Rock Mysteries
Watch out! The Timberline twins are on the loose. Bryce and Ashley are ATV-riding tweens from Colorado who unearth action-packed mystery and adventure wherever they go. With the trademark page-turner style used by Jenkins and Fabry, these fast-paced books will keep even reluctant readers on the edge of their seats.

 Inspiring Stories

These Will Not Be Left Behind

These Will Not Be Left Behind
True stories of Left Behind readers and how their lives were transformed.

People of all ages have read the enormously popular Left Behind series and have witnessed how God has used these books to change lives. The dramatic accounts featured in These Will Not Be Left Behind—including 31 stories and more than 50 e-mails posted on the Left Behind website—are the stories of real people and their responses to the Left Behind series.

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