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RevelationsIt's the Best! It's the Worst!
Readers respond to The Rising

Most readers who shared their comments with us loved The Rising, while a few felt it didn't measure up to the rest of the series.

Since it's easy to read the series as though the events are happening today (or in the not-too-distant future), some readers thought they stumbled onto a giant continuity gap in references to cell phones and the internet—like movie viewers who spot changing moles, different shoes, automobiles going the wrong way, or people inexplicably popping in and out of scenes. Not so, says author Jerry Jenkins.

Other readers were disturbed by the darkness of the story. Some understood the need for the darkness, but said it was so real they had to stop every so often to pray or read their Bible.

Compare your reaction with those of other readers

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 Jerry Jenkins in Israel

Israel The Ultimate Research Trip
Jerry recently returned from a trip to Israel to explore the roots of Scripture. See, hear, and experience the Holy Land as he researched upcoming projects and learned more about our joint spiritual heritage.
Joel Rosenberg

Joel RosenbergFuture Shock
Four headlines you will read one day—maybe soon.

I'm not a psychic or a prophet, and I don't call 900-numbers in the middle of the night to get story ideas. But I do believe that a careful study of the Scriptures, as well as of political and economic trend lines, can give us a very real sense of what the future will hold.

The following are four headlines I believe we will read in the not-too-distant future. Read more …

The Ezekiel Option

The Ezekiel Option, by Joel Rosenberg
The Ezekiel Option, available in July, is an explosive new political thriller that literally feels ripped from tomorrow's headlines.

A Russian oil baron's death has disconcerting international repercussions—from Moscow to Tehran and Washington to Europe. On assignment in Jerusalem, senior White House adviser Jon Bennett uncovers a chilling conspiracy eerily reminiscent of Ezekiel's prophecies. With the world headed toward war, has the countdown to the final judgment begun?

Visit Joel's website to read more about him, his work, and to check out his weblog.

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