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As you contemplate Holy Week, what comes to your mind? Jesus' triumphal entry into Jersusalem? The last supper? The Garden of Gethsemene? Peter's denial? Angels at the tomb?

This week, we're encouraging you to reflect upon the events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. In "An Easter Reflection," Dr. Stu Johnson ponders the week from various points of view: the religious leaders, Jesus' disciples, and the crowd, to name a few. Read the full reflection for a new perspective on the last days of Jesus, as well as a reminder to look forward to Jesus' second coming!

Have you purchased your copy of The Rising? It's now available and is already number one on The New York Times bestseller list and number two on USA Today's bestseller list. Don't miss this exciting story about Carpathia's birth, life, and indwelling by Satan. Read an interview with Jerry Jenkins and read the first chapter below.

Don't forget to enter the March contest and check our latest products, including The Rising and the 10th anniversary limited edition of Left Behind.

May Christ's love and sacrifice move you to solemn remembrance, thankfulness, and praise this Holy Week and Easter.

Marty White and Jill Meier
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An Easter Reflection An Easter Reflection

Friday was a horrible day. It had all gone so terribly wrong. At the beginning of the week, Jesus entered Jerusalem to cheers, honored like a returning general from a victorious campaign. Now, he was dead. Crucified.

Saturday, Passover Sabbath, must have been unlike any other that year. For Jesus' disciples, who loved him but now found themselves alone and confused. For the Jewish leaders, who sought his death, but saw the hand of God in the darkening sky, earthquake, and the tearing of the Temple veil. For the Roman soldiers and some in the crowd who sensed this man they had mocked really was who he said he was.

Then came Sunday and the joy of resurrection. After a brief time with his disciples, Jesus returned to heaven and left them and all those to come with a Great Commission and a promise that he would return. This time it would not be in humiliation and suffering, but in triumph over Satan.

Two millennia or more later, the events foretold by Jesus, the prophets, and the vision given to John are unfolding. Tribulation believers await the Glorious Appearing of Jesus. What will it be like to meet him face to face?

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 Latest Release in the Left Behind Series

The Rising The Rising Is Now Available!
The newest book in the Left Behind series will give you a glimpse into the lives of your favorite characters before the Rapture.
#1 on USA Today bestsellers list!
#2 on New York Times bestsellers list!

Click here to read the first chapter.

Read an interview with Jerry Jenkins on The Rising.

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 10th Anniversary Edition—New!

Left Behind 10th Anniversary Limited EditionLeft Behind 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

It's been 10 years since the release of the Left Behind series. To commemorate, we're releasing a 10th Anniversary limited edition at a special low price. Special features include a full-color pull out timeline with Tim LaHaye's prophecy notes, behind-the-scenes commentary from Jerry Jenkins, and letters from readers whose lives have been changed by reading Left Behind.

Now experience the book that launched the phenomenon! Read more.

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 Left Behind Contest

Left Behind Handbook Enter the March LeftBehind.com Contest!
Ten (10) first-prize winners will receive The Authorized Left Behind Handbook, the complete guide to the events, people, technologies, and meanings of names and numbers that have driven speculation and conversation since 1995. A wonderful companion book for the avid Left Behind reader who wants to know!

Five (5) second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

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 New Left Behind: Kids Releases!

Shaken, UnmaskedKids Hardcover Collection
Shaken & Unmasked—Books 7 & 8

Did you know you can get the kids series in value-priced hardcovers? They're for collectors and for readers who want a longer read, and they make great gifts for kids aged 10 and older! The latest releases include books 23-28 from the Kids series. See the whole series of hardcover books for kids.

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