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 Latest Release in the Left Behind Series

The Rising The Rising Is Now Available!
The newest book in the Left Behind series will give you a glimpse into the lives of your favorite characters before the Rapture.

What was life was like before the Rapture for Rayford, Irene, Chloe Steele, Bruce Barnes, Buck Williams, or Tsion Ben Judah? Why did Viv Ivins play such a pivotal role in Nicolae Carpathia's life? What were the events surrounding Nicolae's sudden rise to power? How did he become filled with evil?

Find all these answers and more in The Rising.

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Read an interview with Jerry Jenkins on The Rising.

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Left Behind Handbook Left Behind—The Complete Handbook

How did Tim LaHaye become interested in prophecy? How did he join with Jerry Jenkins to write the Left Behind series? Where does the name Nicolae come from? These are just the tip of a very large iceberg of information about the Left Behind series that you'll find in the new Authorized Left Behind Handbook.

Trivia fanatics will love it, but it's also a great resource book for any fan of the series. The Handbook covers "an insider's look" at the series and its authors; summaries of each book; the tribulation timeline; biblical facts behind the fiction; a trivia challenge; and a complete concordance of the people, locations, modes of transportation, and weapons in the series.

The Handbook was the brainchild of Sandi Swason, but bringing it into print involved a team of very talented people. We recently had a chance to talk with Sandi about this exciting project.

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 10th Anniversary Edition—New!

Left Behind 10th Anniversary Limited EditionLeft Behind 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

It's been 10 years since the release of the Left Behind series. To commemorate, we're releasing a 10th Anniversary limited edition at a special low price. Special features include a full-color pull out timeline with Tim LaHaye's prophecy notes, behind-the-scenes commentary from Jerry Jenkins, and letters from readers whose lives have been changed by reading Left Behind.

Now experience the book that launched the phenomenon! Read more.

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Joel Rosenberg

Joel RosenbergRussia, Iran, & the Future in the Mideast
An exclusive interview with Natan Sharansky on the eve of President Bush's summit with Vladimir Putin.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Students of end-times prophecies know Ezekiel 38-39 foretells the rise of a dictator (Gog) in Russia (Magog) who will build an alliance with Iran (Persia) and other Islamic nations, and threaten to devour a newly peaceful State of Israel.

Those students will want to take note of President Bush's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24-25, in Slovakia. Mr. Bush was expected to speak with the Russian leader about his increasingly dictatorial moves, Russia's nuclear relationship with Iran, and the future of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, now dramatically accelerated by the recent peace summit in Egypt.

To better understand the challenges ahead in Russia, Iran, and the Middle East, Tyndale novelist Joel C. Rosenberg (author of the forthcoming The Ezekiel Option, July 2005) interviewed former Soviet dissident-turned-Israeli Cabinet Member Natan Sharansky. The following article appears in WORLD magazine (www.worldmag.com).

Read more.

Visit Joel's website to read more about him, his work, and to check out his weblog.

 New Left Behind: Kids Releases!

Shaken, UnmaskedKids Hardcover Collection
Shaken & Unmasked—Books 7 & 8

Did you know you can get the kids series in value-priced hardcovers? They're for collectors and for readers who want a longer read, and they make great gifts for kids aged 10 and older! The latest releases include books 23-28 from the Kids series. See the whole series of hardcover books for kids.

Preorder your copies now: Shaken, Unmasked

 Left Behind Contest

Left Behind Handbook Enter the March LeftBehind.com Contest!
Ten (10) first-prize winners will receive The Authorized Left Behind Handbook, the complete guide to the events, people, technologies, and meanings of names and numbers that have driven speculation and conversation since 1995. A wonderful companion book for the avid Left Behind reader who wants to know!

Five (5) second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

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