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The Rising
Antichrist Is Born
Available March 1

Marilena Carpathia has only one dream: to be a mother. So when a mysterious clairvoyant promises the fulfillment of this dream, Marilena does not hesitate. Through genetic engineering and the power of the prince of darkness himself, Marilena is about to become a chosen vessel—one who will unknowingly give birth to the greatest evil the world has ever known.

Halfway around the world, God's plans are subtly being carried out too. Young Ray Steele is determined to avoid one day taking over the family business. Instead, Ray sets his heart on becoming a pilot….

Soon Carpathia and Steele's lives will intersect. And good and evil will clash in an explosion that will shake the world.

The eternal battle for souls has come to earth. The world hurtles toward the countdown to the Rapture.

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 The Rising—The Latest Book in the Left Behind Series!

The RisingThe Rising
Antichrist Is Born

Was Nicolae Carpathia a kind, caring kid? What were his parents like? Who was Rayford Steele's first love? Why did he finally decide to give God a chance? These questions are only the beginning! Go back to the future with the beginning of the story, The Rising. Read more.

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Jerry Jenkins Jerry Jenkins on The Rising

As you've read the Left Behind series, have you wondered what happened before that fateful day of the "disappearances"? What was Nicolae like as a boy? What contributed to his becoming the charismatic world leader who would then be revealed as the Satan-possessed Antichrist?

Or, perhaps you've thought about Rayford and others who knew the way to salvation but were still among those left behind. Now, in three books to be released over the next 15 months, authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye will reveal some of those answers. We had a chance to ask Jerry about this "mini-series" approach, which begins next Tuesday with The Rising.

Read what Jerry has to say.

 10th Anniversary Edition—New!

Left Behind 10th Anniversary Limited EditionLeft Behind 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

It's been 10 years since the release of the Left Behind series. To commemorate, we're releasing a 10th Anniversary limited edition at a special low price. Special features include a full-color pull out timeline with Tim LaHaye's prophecy notes, behind-the-scenes commentary from Jerry Jenkins, and letters from readers whose lives have been changed by reading Left Behind.

Now experience the book that launched the phenomenon! Read more.

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 Authorized Handbook—New!

The Authorized Left Behind HandbookThe Authorized Left Behind Handbook
If you're like most fans of the Left Behind series, you enjoy behind-the-scenes information about how the series came to be, how the characters were developed, etc. Now there's a new book that does just that. You'll read an in-depth interview with the authors, basic story lines of each book, complete dossiers of all the characters, facts about the locations, transportation, and weapons talked about in the books, and much, much more! If you're a Left Behind fan, you won't want to miss this insider's look at the series! Read more.

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 New Left Behind: Kids Releases!

Shaken, UnmaskedKids Hardcover Collection
Shaken & Unmasked—Books 7 & 8

Did you know you can get the kids series in value-priced hardcovers? They're for collectors and for readers who want a longer read, and they make great gifts for kids aged 10 and older! The latest releases include books 23-28 from the Kids series. See the whole series of hardcover books for kids.

Preorder your copies now: Shaken, Unmasked

 Left Behind Contest

The Rising Enter the February LeftBehind.com Contest!
Fifteen (15) first-prize winners will receive autographed copies of The Rising, the newest release in the Left Behind series!

Five second-prize winners will receive a membership to the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

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The Rising
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