Left Behind Dramatic Audio Radio Programs

Tyndale House Publishers and Earflix.com are pleased to announce the Re-Mastered Left Behind: Dramatic Audio Radio Programs
Each program has been re-mixed and re-mastered to improve sound quality and create maximum impact upon listeners.

• 12 Original Left Behind books
• 144 Episodes - 12 episodes for each title
• 25 min episode length

Why Now?
Interest in the Prophecy and the End Times is at an all time high. From the Middle East crisis to birds and fish dying to war and rumors of war it leaves a person wondering if the world is coming to an end, will they be ready?

The Left Behind series tells the riveting stories of those "left behind after the Rapture to experience the Tribulation until Christ's return. Even though it's fiction, the gospel truth is communicated through each story. Over 63 million have been impacted by the Left Behind series with many coming to Christ.

The Left Behind Radio Drama Series is now available from GAP Digital, the creator of the series, in co-operation with Tyndale House Publishers and EarFLIX.com

  1. Simply e-mail Programs@gapdigital.com, identify your station and market, and request an FTP log-in. 
  2. Let GAP Digital know if you'd like 25 minute no break shows, or shows with 2 avails for you to fill.  Both options are available.
  3. Your log-in will give you access to the entire series. 

    If you are mid-series, simply pull down the programs you need. 
    If you are starting fresh, all 144 episodes are ready and waiting.

Note:  There are also 60 episodes of Left Behind - The Kids available.

Thanks for your partnership with us via this powerful series.