On the Road with Jenkins and LaHaye

The Bus

What a tour! We started in Spartanburg, South Carolina, at Chuck Wallington's Christian Supply store, signing solidly for more than two hours. It's so great to meet readers; writing is such a solitary profession.

Dr. LaHaye and I love to hear the stories of lives changed through the reading of these books, and also of the number of people who have read each copy. We've had people tell us that up to 20 people have read their copies alone.

The beautifully decorated bus literally stops traffic. In Buford, Georgia, people came to the signing because of seeing the bus. This morning in Macon a man stopped in the parking lot of the hotel to tell us he was in the middle of the series.

People always ask if we have writer's cramp yet, and I enjoy saying, "I don't write neatly enough to hurt myself." But last night, in probably our biggest signing so far—at Chris Childers's Macon Christian Bookstore—the line was solid for two-and-a-half hours, and Dr. LaHaye's signing hand literally cramped up. He's recovering and resting comfortably.

Photos of the Bus Tour

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Tim MacDonald, Dianna Jenkins, Jerry Jenkins, Beverly Rykerd, Tim LaHaye, Gareld Murphy, and Ron Beers

Tim and Jerry sign a book for a young fan at Christ Community Church in Ruston, LA

Tim & Jerry at Books-A-Million in Meridian, MS

Jerry & Tim packed the house at Macon Christian Bookstore in Macon, GA

Long lines were the part of every signing like this visit to Lemstone Books in Hattiesburg, MS

Jerry is doing an interview with a local TV station in Montgomery, AL