Frank Muller Update—November 20, 2003

Frank Muller is known to many as the voice on the first nine Left Behind audio books. On November 5, 2001, Frank was badly injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in California. He still faces a very long recovery. Frank's brother Leo provides periodic updates, which we excerpt and present here to keep the Left Behind community up-to-date and to remind you all of the need for continued prayers for Frank, his wife Erika, their children (Diana and Morgan), their families, and friends.

Since Frank was unable to read the last three books in the series, Jack Sondericker read The Remnant, and Steve Sever was selected for Armageddon and next year's release of Glorious Appearing.

Here is the latest update, received from Frank's brother Leo:

This past weekend marked a significant step in Frank's recovery from his November 5, 2001, motorcycle accident. On Friday, October 24, 2003, the family and a caregiver boarded a chartered plane in California and flew to their new home just outside Raleigh, North Carolina. Frank will live at home, for the first time since his accident, in a house that has been modified specifically for Frank's therapeutic and rehabilitative needs, and that provides a setting for the family to reestablish their life together.

The flight went very well. After Frank entered the small plane and sat down, he exclaimed "Sweet ride!" The aircraft included a couch for Frank to sleep on in case he needed it, but he spent most of the time enjoying the flight. They were warmly received at their new home by Erika's parents, Frank's sister Tanny and her daughter Rachel, Frank's brother Henry, and Frank's friend Scott Swimmer, who was also the contractor for the house renovations (and did an incredible job!).

Erica said Frank was so happy to be there. She told him, "Frank, you're HOME!!" Scott told me this morning, "I was elated to witness Frank's arrival home. It is so right and he knew it. He raised his arms up high and YELLED. Twice!"

New caregivers and rehab therapists have been engaged and are being trained to care for Frank and continue his recovery process. This will still be slow and difficult work. Frank's progress remains variable, a term we have heard often the last few months. Some days he has extended periods of focus and lucidity and seems very present to others, especially Erika, the kids, and the dogs. Other days are less so. In general, however, he seems to be increasing his capacity for short-term memory, his vision appears to be improving slightly, and his periods of lucidity are increasing.

Frank will still need help with many daily tasks of living, such as dressing, grooming, eating, etc. He needs constant cues for many tasks and body movements. However, he seems to be taking more initiative with various tasks. He has extended his walking distances, and makes transfers in and out of his wheel chair with more consistency. These small steps are encouraging and indicate that progress, however slow, is still being made.

It still appears that Frank will need long-term, full-time care, although we have not ruled out the possibility of recovery beyond that stage. The likelihood of Frank returning to his career as a narrator of recorded books, however, is very small. Frank's eyesight has a long way to go, and his speech patterns, although improving, are still quite limited. Moreover, the cognitive presence and ability that would be required to perform the complex skills required for narration at Frank's previous level appear to be well out of reach.

Erika is more committed than ever to Frank's success and the family's health and well-being. She is so happy to have Frank out of the hospital and in his own home. They are settling peacefully into their new environs, and have already had several outings in the community. The area there seems to be a very good place for them to be. Erika feels that this move will bring new levels of rehabilitation and recovery for Frank, renewed strength and support for her, and a positive new beginning for their young family.

You can add your best wishes to the Mullers by sending cards, letters, financial assistance (still badly needed), and any other form of support you would like to offer.

If you wish to send Frank a note or help support him through the Wavedancer Foundation, please use the Recorded Books, Inc. website (, which has additional information and links.