Update on Frank Muller—July 28, 2003

Frank Muller is known to many as the voice on the first nine Left Behind audio books. On November 5, 2001 Frank was badly injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in California. He still faces a very long recovery. Frank's brother Leo provides periodic updates, which we excerpt and present here to keep the Left Behind community up-to-date and to remind you all of the need for continued prayers for Frank, his wife Erika, their children (Diana and Morgan), their families and friends.

Since Frank was unable to read the last three books in the series, Jack Sondericker read The Remnant, and Steve Sever was selected for Armageddon and next year's release of The Glorious Appearing.

If you wish to send Frank a note or help support him through the Wavedancer Foundation, please use the Recorded Books, Inc. web site (www.recordedbooks.com), which has additional information and links.

Last update from Leo Muller:

Dear Friends of Frank:

As noted in my April report to you, Frank's progress continues to be "variable," with good days and bad. We've seen some positive signs that indicate he is still making progress, however. He seems to be increasing his capacity for short-term memory, his vision appears to be improving slightly, and his periods of lucidity are increasing.

At the end of May, Erika took a bold step and took Frank to the Audie Awards Ceremony, which were held in Los Angeles this year. Accompanied by his doctor and a caregiver, they took a limousine to the ceremony, and Frank received a standing ovation when his presence was announced, and again when he won an Audie for his last recording. He briefly stood from his wheelchair to acknowledge the accolades. Erika accepted the award onstage in his behalf. It was a truly triumphal experience, and Frank handled it with great aplomb. He held himself together for the entire evening, including a flat tire on the way home at 2:00am!

Erika is continuing to prepare for Frank to move home full time, and recently hired two private caregivers to begin the process of acclimating Frank to increasing period of home time. Frank has responded very well, with visits up to several hours at a time, including playing with the kids and dogs, sharing meal times, and just spending time in a family environment.

Another triumphant moment was when he and Erika together watched Morgan take his first steps. Frank was delighted to share this parenting moment with Erika, and truly seemed to grasp its significance.

Moving home will also include a move across the country, as Erika has decided to bring the family to live near her parents and near Frank's (and my) sister Tanny Muller, in Raleigh, NC. We also have a brother, Henry, in Winston-Salem, NC, about 2.5 hours away. Erika has located a home about 10 minutes outside of Raleigh, which she hopes to live in. The Raleigh area has excellent medical care available for Frank, and Erika has already connected with a facility that will likely provide rehab therapy and other services.

Erika hopes to move to Raleigh in early September. The house needs some remodeling work done to provide full handicap accessibility for Frank. Also, Erika want to have Frank successfully living at home full time for at least a week or two in California before she feels comfortable moving to North Carolina. Finally, Erika will need to hire live-in caregivers in Raleigh and get them trained to care for Frank. She will use a training video currently being prepared at Casa Colina, and her own training as well, to accomplish this. In addition, one of her current new caregivers may go with them to Raleigh for a week or two to help with the transition.

I encourage you to continue to send cards, letters, and other greetings to Frank and Erika. (See links at top of page)

Thanks for your continuing interest and support. I'll update you again in a few months.

All the best,

Leo Muller