Frank Muller update—August, 2002

Frank Muller is known to many as the voice on the Left Behind audio books (through Desecration). On November 5, 2001, Frank was badly injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in California. He faces a very long recovery. Frank's brother Leo provides periodic updates, which we excerpt and present here to keep the Left Behind community up-to- date and to remind you all of the need for continued prayers for Frank, his wife Erika, their children (Diana and Morgan), their families and friends.

Since Frank was unable to read The Remnant, you will hear the voice of Jack Sondericker, a retired Baptist minister, who has recorded about 60 books for Books in Motion. The new voice for future Left Behind audio books will be Steve Sever.

If you wish to send Frank a note or help support him through the Wavedancer Foundation, please use the Recorded Books, Inc. web site, which has additional information and links.

Latest update from Leo Muller:

Dear Friends of Frank:

It has been 9½ months since Frank's motorcycle accident. His progress continues at the Casa Colina Transitional Living Center in Pomona, California, with intensive rehab therapy on a daily basis. At Frank's monthly medical review meeting last week, the team reported that although Frank has had a couple of rough weeks recently, his worst days this month have still been better than his best days last month.

At times new forms of physical therapy have caused pain and soreness, much like starting a new exercise program might cause sore muscles at first. Frank has recently experienced pain in his lower left leg, which was severely injured in the accident, and which has received more rehab focus in the last few weeks. This pain has increased his agitation somewhat, and has affected his level of participation and effort in other areas of therapy to some degree. He has also not slept as well in recent weeks, due in part to this discomfort and in part to some adjustments in his medications.

In the big picture, however, Frank has made steady progress in his physical abilities. He has increased his functional strength, using both legs well, sitting up and lying down on his own (under supervision), getting in and out of his wheelchair with light assistance, and maneuvering in the chair by following only verbal cues. Although he still needs moderate (50%) assistance with tasks such as showering, dressing, grooming, etc., he has twice walked 100 feet with minimal assistance, and has covered a maximum of 250 feet.

Frank's comprehension is also improving, with an ability to follow two-step directions, such as (while sitting on the floor), "bring your feet closer to your body and then scoot your body back." He is 70% accurate in answering yes/no questions on two pieces of information. Although he is still impaired on memory questions about, for example, his age or address, and naming object without clues, his recognition memory (seeing someone he knows well but hasn't seen for a few weeks) is very good.

Frank's attention span has increased significantly from last month. He needs less time to calm down from episodes of agitation. His affect is increasingly more appropriate to situations and events (smiling or laughing in humorous situations, etc.).

Dr. Patterson has scheduled an off-campus appointment for the end of the month to address Frank's right hand, with the ultimate objective of maximizing it's usefulness. They will look at fusing the wrist and loosening the tendons to allow his fingers to still move freely. Frank's left foot will also be assessed again in early September. An eye appointment had been scheduled for earlier in the month to asses the damage to his right eye, but Frank was having a rough day, and the eye specialist is more than an hour's drive away, so he will be rescheduled in the near future.

Erika, Diana, and Morgan are settled back at home in Chatsworth. Morgan is growing strong and healthy. Erika's mother, Margaret, who stayed with them for an extended time prior to, during, and after the birth, has returned home to North Carolina, and Erika's regular child care provider is back on a daily schedule to help with the children. Visits to Frank are a little less frequent during the "new infant period," but each one is precious, as you can well imagine.

Frank loves to hear from you, and it helps his progress to reconnect on a regular basis with people in his life (note the "recognition memory" reference above), so I encourage you to write, e-mail, or call when you can. Thanks very much to so many of you that are staying in regular touch!