Graphic Novel Puts a Face on the Future of Left Behind Series

Wheaton, Ill. (July 5, 2001)—The best-selling Left Behind series is putting on a fresh face in the form of graphic novels. Tyndale House Publishers is developing a new line of graphic novels based on the blockbuster series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The first two Left Behind graphic novels will release the day after Thanksgiving on Friday, November 23, 2001.

Tyndale is the first Christian publisher to develop a line of graphic novels. "This is a new format for a Christian novel," says Dan Balow, director of business development for the Left Behind series. "The opportunities to communicate with an entirely new audience has major long term implications for the CBA [Christian Booksellers Association]."

What are graphic novels? A graphic novel is an original story put in a graphic format. The design for graphic novels is higher quality than a traditional comic book. Some of the differences between graphic novels and comic books include high-quality paper and perfect binding. In many cases, the storyline for graphic novels are intended for more mature readers than the younger comic book buyer.

The Left Behind series graphic novels offer classic comic-style illustrations with an accurate adaptation of the Left Behind storyline. For each Left Behind series adult novel, three to five graphic novels will be created.

Following the release of graphic novels Left Behind #1 and #2 on November 23, Left Behind #3 will be issued in mid-January 2002 and subsequent releases will follow monthly. The series will continue through with all the Left Behind series adult titles. The Tribulation Force graphic novels are tentatively set to begin in April 2002.

Left Behind series aficionados will be pleased that the graphic novel adaptations have stayed true to the original storyline. The colorful and intensely powerful illustrations add a new dimension to the apocalyptic thrillers. The series will also appeal to comic book readers who desire a Christian alternative.

Tyndale has high expectations for the Left Behind graphic novel series. The graphic novel format opens up new audiences for the Left Behind series. Often, graphic novel readers are young men who enjoyed comic books as children. Graphic novels are an excellent resource for reluctant readers or those with reading challenges. Tyndale is hopeful that the Left Behind graphic novels will have application in prison ministry as well.

Each Left Behind series graphic novel retails for $5.99. Tyndale is offering both floor and counter displays.

The Left Behind series has sold more than 40 million copies of the eight adult novels and related products. Based upon the Bible's book of Revelation, the end-times thrillers follow the lives of those left on earth after the disappearance of millions of believers.

About the Authors

Tim LaHaye, who conceived the Left Behind series, is an author, conference speaker and retired pastor. He is the president of the new Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy at Liberty University and was recently named the "Most Influential Evangelical Leader of the Last 25 Years" by the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals at Wheaton College. Jerry B. Jenkins is the series novelist and has written nine New York Times best-sellers, including Orel Hershiser's Out of the Blue and Nolan Ryan's Miracle Man. Both authors are represented by Rick Christian, president of the Colorado Springs-based literary agency, Alive Communications.