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Moderator: Welcome to The Remnant Chat with Jerry B. Jenkins. Jerry will be joining us live momentarily. The transcript of this Chat will be available on on July 12.

NOTE: Tonight's chat is about The Remnant and may contain some "spoiler" questions and answers. If you don't want to hear about The Remnant story line, we would recommend skipping this chat.

Tonight's chat with Jerry will be a moderated chat. This means that you will be able to ask Jerry any question you want, but not all questions will be answered due to time constraints. Also, please note that some questions that are posted were received in advance of this chat from members.

We would like to extend a special welcome to Jerry B. Jenkins. Jerry joins us from his "cave" in Colorado Springs, CO. As many of you are aware, Jerry has written 12 New York Times bestsellers (not including The Remnant) and is also the writer of the nationally syndicated sports comic strip Gil Thorp.

Hey Jerry, how are things going…

Jerry Jenkins: Great.

Moderator: Heard you just got back from DC… What was happening there?

Jerry Jenkins: Lots of media. Radio, TV, newspapers. Was itnerviewed today for Nightline Closeup to air the week of the 20th. And I was learning to spell "interviewed."

Moderator: Let's take our first question from Holly—Jerry, since none of the main 3 characters died in The Remnant, I'm wondering if you have feelings towards these characters and also hate to find them dead?

Jerry Jenkins: I'd hate to find any of them dead, but soon two of them will be.

TammyH: Oh no

tribforcer: I guess it's futile to ask which two? lol. Jerry are you planning on or have you already sold the rights to any more of the books?

Jerry Jenkins: The rights ot future books and their movie rights are in litigation right now, so when their disposition has been settled, we'd like to sell them, yes.

LuvBuckov: Will people be able to have more children during the millenium?

Jerry Jenkins: Yes, and they'll have a thousand years to accomplish it. This is for those who are alive on earth when the Millennium begins.

Moderator: This question comes from Beth—Does it excite you as much to write this series as it does for us to read them? and how do you feel when you type the very last word?

Jerry Jenkins: Oh yes, and there's nothing like the feeling of finishing one.

kgreen20: Any chance you and Tim LaHaye will write a series on the Millennium when you've finished this current one?

Jerry Jenkins: Tyndale would like us to do a novel for each year of the Millennium. Just kidding, but it is unlikely because the M is 1000 years of peace, and without conflict, there's little basis for fiction… We will include some of the Millennium in the 14th book and then get to the final judgment of Satan.

Teea: Do you have just an unsurmountable amount of information or ideas in your head just waiting to be put into words in your books

Jerry Jenkins: Yes, many people ask if I'm afraid I'll run out of ideas. I'm more afraid I'll run out of time to write all the novels I have ideas for. :)

LMSCHRISTIAN9: I need some advise, I have a Jewish friend that I am trying to witness to, any hints

Jerry Jenkins: It's important when witnessing to Jewish friends that you establish that our faith is based on their religion and beliefs. Jesus was a Jew, as were his disciples. Acknowledge that the only place we differ is that we believe Jesus is the Messiah they have sought. Just invite them to investigate how he fulfills the prophecies of the OT.

Teea: I also have some Jewish friends. They have a new father that is Christian. It has helped them see that maybe there is more to this "Jesus" thing than they first thought.

LMSCHRISTIAN9: Thank you so much

corinthos9: Do plans still exist to produce a Left Behind television series?

Jerry Jenkins: TV series: it's in development now.

hattielover: are buck and chloe going to make it all the way to the glorious appering?

Jerry Jenkins: Only one of the original Trib Force members (Bruce, Rayford, Buck, Chloe) will survive till the GA. And one of them is already gone

kgreen20: Yes. Bruce was the first to die.

YoungTribForce2003: Please say Buck will make to the G.A.

kgreen20: I don't want Rayford, Chloe, or Buck to die! Couldn't they all survive to see Jesus return?

Jerry Jenkins: They could but it wouldn't. Wouldn't be realistic… Fiction, ironically, has to be believable.

TammyH: I recognize Caleb and Nahum of the 3 men that show up but where did you come up with Christopher?

Jerry Jenkins: I made him up.

ForeverEyes: Mr. Jenkins… Is it the result of somewhat anti-muslim, post-9/11 feelings that caused you to have muslims stand against Antichrist, even if they are not Christians? Did you wish to show them in a more favorable light?

Jerry Jenkins: Yes, although they will not be happy that we are still quite clear in showing that they can get to God only through Jesus. One of the strengths of the devout Muslim, however, is that he will resist an all-inclusive, one-world religion, as would many others, including Jews and believers in Christ.

corinthos9: do you have any information about what is going to be on the iLumina Left Behind CD?

Jerry Jenkins: I've seen samples of iLumina and it's going to be spectacular.

jshrewz: With armageddon right around the corner and all the conflict that will insue, will this all fit into one novel or will you split it up into two?

Jerry Jenkins: I could say it, but it might not be true.

shellbell: I have trouble with the Chloe character, I am a mother and cannot see myself jetting off for adventure. I would have to be with my child, do you have a female advisor for that perspective?

Jerry Jenkins: I couldn't see myself doing that either, but I sure see lots of people leaving their babies at day care all day, and I would never do that either.

TammyH: Jerry, In the book there are several references to the work of the Holy Spirit being done on earth. I was under the impression that when Jesus returned at the time of the Rapture the Holy Spirit was taken from the earth. Can you please explain this for me?—OH BTW I enjoyed meeting you in Spartanburg at the Book Signing

Jerry Jenkins: Thanks. I don't see anywhere in Scripture where it says the Holy Spirit is removed. How would people come to Christ if that were so? The restraining influence, the pre-rapture church, is gone. But we know people become believers during the Tribulation because Revelation talks about the martyrs that come out of the T.

ForeverEyes: Mr. Jenkins, are you aware that the object which you refer to as an "ammunition clip" is in truth a "magazine?" A clip just holds the bullets, but a magazine feeds the rounds into the weapon. Most rifles and all handguns use magazines…

Jerry Jenkins: I use an unimpeachable source for weapons technology, and remember, the books are set in the future. Some of the weapons I have invented have ammunition clips with a magazine facility built in.

Grace: Why do you think the rapture will be pre-trib as opposed to mid-trib?

Jerry Jenkins: We believe Jesus said he was not willing that his people who endure the tribulation. While there are educated and devout believers on both sides of this issue, ours is certainly not a minority view.

asaf: How many years of the millenium will you describe in the last book after the G.A.?

Jerry Jenkins: No idea until I get there. Not likely too many, as we'll get back to the M in book 14.

Rockfish: Mr. Jenkins, someone mentioned on the Tim & Jerry messageboard a couple days ago that the release date for Book 11 is in April instead of June 2003. Is that true? If so, what's the exact date in April?

Jerry Jenkins: Yes, and I don't know the exact date. The date I must concern myself with is 9/3. my due date to the publishers.

Jerry Jenkins: 2: a prequel that includes background on all the characters before the rapture, then what happens in heaving after the rapture--the marriage supper of the Lamb, the Judgment seat, etc., and a sequel that tells the final judgment on Satan.

rena: what happens to the undecideds that make it to the Glorious Appearing? if that's even possible?

Jerry Jenkins: Actually, it is possible, though unlikely. You'll find out in GA.

tribchic12: what is the next book in the series called??

Jerry Jenkins: Armageddon, then Glorious Appearing, then the prequel (currently untitled), then the Final Judgment (working title, subject to change).

shellbell: When I am reading one of the books I tend to read slow at the very end because I don't want it to end and get a feeling of sadness. Since you are nearing the end of the series are you having any feelings like this?

Jerry Jenkins: You bet. I do the same when writing them. But you will not believe the cliff hanger I have planned at the end of 11. If you thought the end off Assassins left you hanging…

bard37: At what point did you determine the number of books in the series and were you working off of a master outline or did you just take the books as they came?

Jerry Jenkins: By book 4 we knew it would take 12 to get to the end of the Tribulation.

Van chrissy: Will there be any "action figures?"

Jerry Jenkins: Not if I have anything to say about it.

hattielover: in this book , mac is called by another name. is this his new name?

Jerry Jenkins: Did you think Mac was his real name?

hattielover: I just thought that the name mac was called might have been his heavenly name

Acts13_15thru17: When will the paperback of The Remnant come out? That's when I have to get the book.…

Jerry Jenkins: Not sure. 6-8 months, I think.

Grace: What made you decide to speed up the end of The Remnant?

Jerry Jenkins: There are not as many prophesied events in the years from where we started to where we ended, and if we didn't get to year 6, we'd never get to the GA within two more books.

LMSCHRISTIAN9: Isn't it true that you are coming out with a book about those who were saved after reading the Left Behind series?

Jerry Jenkins: Yes. A writer friend in California is writing a book called These Will Not be Left Behind.

venture: Where did the town that Zeke relocated to come from? Avery WI

Jerry Jenkins: Wisconsin.

LuvBuckov: Am I to understand (this is a totally new concept for me) but people will have MORE children during the Millenium?

Jerry Jenkins: Well, they can't have less. :)

tribforcer: Now that's the answers I'm used to Jerry giving.

Joyce: On page 230, God is refered to as an "august God". Was that a typo intending to say "awesome" or something like that, or does it have another meaning I don't understand?

Jerry Jenkins: I meant September.

Jerry Jenkins: Just kidding. August means stalwart.-a typo…i should say noot!!! right. I'm a grate profreader.

tribforce81: hehe

Acts13_15thru17: You have said that there is a possibility that you can carry on the thoughts and feelings of someone in Heaven, after they have passed, in the following books? OR has the person that told me this been lying to me?

Jerry Jenkins: If a perspective character dies before the GA, the next time we switch to his or her perspective, it would be in heaven.

Smiley87: Why did u decide to split up the Trib Force?

Jerry Jenkins: Their safehouse was compromised, and the housing marketing was getting a little thin.

Joyce: Oh. I thought I might have been a little dim. Right for a change. Thank you very much! That was driving me crazy

LuvBuckov: Do you ever read any of the fan fiction that floats around? Well not the fan fiction but for example, have you heard of the Nicolae and the Bunny stories?

Jerry Jenkins: No, and from the title it doesn't sound as if I would care to.

elfangor262: have you already decided who dies before the great appearing and who lives, or do you decide that as you go along?

Jerry Jenkins: I don't decide. I discover. But I have already discovered that one.

tribforce81: Do you feel connected to the characters, like they are apart of you now since you've been writing this series for sometime.

Jerry Jenkins: Sure, but I have not caught myself praying for them or turning on the news to keep up with Carpathia as many readers tell me they have. :)

jmnash: I've always been taught that after the Rapture those who've heard the gospel and rejected it are sent a "strong delusion" (2Thes. 2:11) and they get no second chance. That the only ones saved after that are those who've never heard the gospel preached. Care to comment?

Jerry Jenkins: We believe that applies to people who have heard the gospel after the rapture and have rejected; they run the risk that when they want to change their minds, they won't be able to.

John 3:10: That is so cool!

shellbell: One of the things I love about the books is you can be anywhere, an airport, the doctor, the salon and people will come right up to you and start talking about the books. They will tell you their story and how they had an impact on their lives, I love that!

Jerry Jenkins: Me too, and whenever I see someone reading one, I ask them what they're reading. They tell me about the series and ask if I've read any of them. I say, "People tell me I look like the guy on the back." They often say, "You know, you really do." When I tell them it's actually me, they often say, "Nice to meet you, Dr. LaHaye."

TammyH: It took me a LONG time to decide to read the series because I thought it would be scary but then I decided I wanted to know what was going to happen. These books have brought me much closer to God and made me realize that God cares about the little things in our live. and my prayer life and GREATLY improved. Thank you

nfljuniorman: How much of Armageddon would you say you have written as we speak?

Jerry Jenkins: Why?

Acts13_15thru17: Someone told me that Scooby Doo Makes an appearance in The Remnant, true or not? RUH ROH!

Jerry Jenkins: True. Or not. I'd hate to imply he was left behind.

kgreen20: Scooby Doo is left behind??? Say that's not so!!! LOL.


tribforcer: Keep those straight answers coming Jerry. lol

Becky: Jerry you've always said that you just find your characters dead. Does that mean you still don't know exactly who lives and dies until you find them that way in the next books?

Jerry Jenkins: Well, that's a little overstated. I write as a process of discovery, but I'm discovering what I've made up in my imagination.

Smiley87: What is suppose to happen after God comes and sets His Millennium Kingdom?

Jerry Jenkins: The final judgment of Satan and Associates.

Acts13_15thru17: ergh.. Wouldn't Antarctica be an Ideal Place to "hide" believers? Carpathia doesn't seem to have interest there.

Jerry Jenkins: Hide in Antactica? I should think heat seeking technology would make humans fairly easy to find there.

Acts13_15thru17: What about Antarctica?

Jerry Jenkins: What's to say about it? Is anyone there? I think it's mentioned in The Remnant, or at least hinted at when the sun-intensity plague hits. It's cool.

hattielover: jerry, you are a very funny man.

kgreen20: Seems to me they'd have to be WELL-dressed for a stay in Antartica!

tribforce81: What has been the most challenging thing you have faced while writing the LB Series?

Jerry Jenkins: Oppression. Unexplained fatigue. Ill-timed sickness, computer glitches.

TammyH: You keep writing and we'll keep praying for you. Probably Satan is working overtime in your life because of the witness of all the books.

YoungTribForce2003: Will Rayford see the GA? I think you favor him.

Jerry Jenkins: Rayford will see the GA from one end of it or the other (from below or from above).

tribforcer: I thought so, you always crack me up with the things you (find). Just like when David lost his breakfast on that guy. I was rotfl.

Jerry Jenkins: Me too. I hope they don't die during the rapture, as many will. And only 1 in 4 alive after the rapture will survive to the Glorious Appearing.

elfangor262: no, but you can't kill buck

Jerry Jenkins: Of course I can't kill Buck. I'm not part of the story

YoungTribForce2003: Don't let Buck die!!!

Jerry Jenkins: I can't protect Buck. I'm in Colorado.

LMSCHRISTIAN9: Mr. Jenkins, I've got to go. I really appreciate you answering my questions. I just want to say that the series has really helped me strengthen my relationship with CHRIST. You have made my day.

tribforcer: Jerry speaking of Nick, did he like the sun so much in The Remnant because he is getting home sick?

Jerry Jenkins: Of course. He missed the heat.

ForeverEyes: Mr. Jenkins, besides knowing some about weapons technology myself (:-D) I have another question… Do you know how many people have come to Christ as a result of the Left Behind books?

BTW: thanks for writing these books! They are so cool, and I read each new release as soon as it comes out (or before)!! Keep it up! God bless you!

Jerry Jenkins: More than 3,000 have told us they have become believers.

clancy: more than 3,000; that's awesome

Jan: Mr. Jenkins, make that 3001! May God bless you.

God Follower: Why did you decide that Ming and her mom should survive till the GA

Jerry Jenkins: I didn't. The angel had inside information.

kgreen20: Yeah, but you put that inside information in the angel's head.

hattielover: ok. let's cut to the chase. what is up with leah and tsion???!!!!

Jerry Jenkins: The chase is up.

ClassicLady: hmmmm how do we know you are the REAL jerry jenkins? *smile* …..

Jerry Jenkins: Let me check the mirror….yep, it's me.

ClassicLady: phew, at least he can see his image….LOL

Jerry Jenkins: Guilty as charged.

jesus_dicipal: mr.jenkins carpathia is starting to show no mercy will he kill leon or viv sooon???

Jerry Jenkins: I hope so.

ForeverEyes: not leon. he can't… the false prophet is thrown alive into the lake of fire

kgreen20: The Antichrist and the False Prophet will be thrown into the Lake of Fire when Jesus returns. They won't even wait for the Great White Throne Judgment. Isn't that right?

Jerry Jenkins: and who is the FP?

ForeverEyes: Leon

Red: IS IT BUCK???

Chlo: Leon right?

Jerry Jenkins: Are you sure?

John 3:10: wait!! U r saying Leon may not be the false prophet!!!!!! did that austrailian guy who had that black jett call Leon the false prophet? U know the one that got shot with his wife at a bar waiting on Rayford while he tested the saber?

TammyH: isn't it Leon because he testifies about the miracles of and that Nicolae raised him.

Jerry Jenkins: Could be Leon then, eh?

ForeverEyes: But who is if he is not? Has he just been acting as false prophet, such as having the power to call down fire from heaven….

Becky: Since we're already into six years wouldn't we already know that Leon is the false prophet?

Jerry Jenkins: I'm just saying that it's not like he's admitted it or wears a badge or anything.

elfangor262: what exactly is the lake of fire?

Jerry Jenkins: It's a lake…of fire.

elfangor262: why do i suddenly feel stupid?

Jerry Jenkins: You're not stupid, but a characteristic of our interpretation is that when possible, we take this stuff literally.

LeatherRose: thank you for the series. It has really helped to clear things up in my mind

ClassicLady: JJ- I am wondering how you respond to those who will argue there are no second chances once the rapture takes place….?

Jerry Jenkins: I point them to the verse in Revelation where the angel shows John the multitude that no many can number who were martyred during the Tribulation. If no one can become a believer, how can they become martyrs? forgive the cliche, but that's what it's all about.

tribforcer: Jerry I just wanted to say we love you brother and thanks so much for all your hard work and this little session, just like always you raised my spirits.

Jerry Jenkins: Thanks,

bigkey: Thanks for all you do, Jerry!

LuvBuckov: Hey Mr. J, if I told you about a different website called the safehouse, would you visit it? I know you've been getting a lot of grief on the current mb and wondered if you might like us to sneak you elsewhere…. ;-)

Jerry Jenkins: I really have time for only the lb website and the author site. I can handle the persecution. :)

tribforce81: Thank you for your hard work and determination :)

shellbell: I want to thank you too, and I give the books as gifts every chance I get. Please keep up the good work.

Tom Crooze: You can be my wingman anytime!

Jerry Jenkins: Thanks for all the kind comments. Great to be with you.

tribchic12: thanx, jerry. the books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo

coolcuriousgirl: Jerry, Have you seen the mainstream media take the LB series and concepts of the tribulation, etc. more seriously after 9/11? If so how?

Jerry Jenkins: With the current book being the fourth straight to debut #1 on all the bestseller charts, they can't ignore us much anymore. Though two days ago the NY Times began an article by saying that The Remnant would likely be the best selling novel of the year but that unless you knew where to look you probably wouldn't find it. If I'm not mistaken, they're everywhere.

bigkey: They are everywhere, I've bought them at Wal-Mart!!

TammyH: yes even KMART and WALMART have them-and I"M SO GLAD

ForeverEyes: If I am half as successful or half as good a writer as you are, Mr. Jenkins, I will be so good! LoL.

Tom Crooze: How did you feel about last week's Time magazine article?

Jerry Jenkins: Could have been better, but it could have been much worse too. It gave incredible exposure to the series.

eli_moishe_resurected: In Revelation the Glorious Appearing seems to be before the battle of Armageddon… could you help me understand this?

Jerry Jenkins: Read Revelation Unveiled by Dr. LaHaye and Are We Living in the End Times?

TammyH: hey are we addicted or what LuvBuckov

Jerry Jenkins: if you're addicted, I'm a supplier.

ForeverEyes: Oh yeah!

tribsaint: lol

LuvBuckov: Mr. J, would you finish the books in heaven if they don't get finished before Jesus comes back?

Jerry Jenkins: We'll tell it orally at Dr. LaHaye's mansion, but you have to promise to stay off the grass.

Becky: Jerry you have such a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks so much for the series they've been such a blessing to so many. May God keep on richly blessing you and your family.

patto: Hey Jerry, in the last book will you write parts about the 1000 year reign of Christ?

Jerry Jenkins: some, yes.

Red: Shabbat Shalom,Jerry!!!!

Jerry Jenkins: Shalom.

Moderator: OK, that was a fast hour. Here's the last question.

Van: Thanks for all the answers Jerry!

tribforce81: Why do you space the books out so far, making your readers anguish every time they finish a book knowing its going to be another year

hattielover: yes why!!

Jerry Jenkins: space them out so far?! Ten books in 7 years? Who else writes that fast?

Acts13_15thru17: Not John Grisham

fortbethel: We need a, 'Left Behind' theme park!

Jerry Jenkins: I'd ride the Carpathia carousel.

asaf fortbethel: Jerry! *LOL* good 1! :) good one

kgreen20: LOL! Yeah, Mr. Jenkins, we do. =)

LuvBuckov: Via con Dios Mr. J! Mucho amor!

ForeverEyes: keep writing till the rapture, Mr. Jenkins!

Moderator: OK, everybody say good bye to Jerry….

ForeverEyes: God Bless, Mr. Jenkins. My prayers are with you. Keep up the good work!! Can't wait for the next LB book!!! Go with God! Bye!

jesus_dicipal: bye

LeatherRose: good bye Jerry

Jerry Jenkins: Bye and thanks all…

bigkey: Good bye, Jerry! XOXOXOXO

tribforcer: Bye Jerry

Jan: Godspeed

elfangor262: Bye, Mr. Jenkins, and thanks for everything you do.

asaf: Bye Jerry, keep up the good work and God Bless You!

kgreen20: I've really enjoyed this chat, Mr. Jenkins.

TammyH: sweet dreams Jerry and Thank you for your time

Sara Ryan: Good Bye And thanks a millenium.

jesus_dicipal: bye

kgreen20: Bye.

tribchic12: bye

ForeverEyes: God Bless, Mr. Jenkins. My prayers are with you. Keep up the good work!! Can't wait for the next LB book!!! Go with God!

LeatherRose: bye Jerry

Jerry Jenkins: Thanks for all the kindnesses and for your patience. It's been fun.

Trisha: bye,Jerry. I enjoyed reading everything!

ClassicLady: bye bye

markbaird: Good Night Jerry, God Bless (Thank you for your gifts of writing and your time!)

asaf: Bye Jerry!

Van: Bless you JJ!


ForeverEyes: God Bless, Mr. Jenkins! Bye and keep up the good work!

bigkey: Amen!

LeatherRose: thanks for everything

ClassicLady: you are a true blessing…

Trisha: Bye and thanks!

ClassicLady: will keep ya in our prayers

LuvBuckov: Via con Dios Mr. J! Muchos amor!

ForeverEyes: Bye, Mr. Jenkins!!!!!

mrs.h: Thanks!

Jerry Jenkins: Keep reading, keep looking up, and keep telling others the good news… Thanks all.