Left Behind Series Featured In TIME Cover Story

The Left Behind series was the cover story on the July 1 issue of TIME magazine. The issue titled "The Bible and the Apocalypse" explores the cultural fascination on the end times with a special emphasis on the Left Behind phenomena and Tim and Jerry.

The prominent story ran just one week before the July 2, 2002 release of the tenth installment in the apocalyptic series, The Remnant ($24.99). Already primed for brisk sales, Tyndale House Publishers, of Wheaton, Ill., has shipped 2.4 million copies of The Remnant to bookstores nationwide.

In the era of worldwide unrest, terrorist activity, and a seemingly never-ending conflict in Israel, TIME illustrates how current events have even the more secular of Americans asking about what the Bible says regarding the end of the world.

TIME acknowledges that Left Behind is among the "best-selling fiction books of our times" and has contributed significantly to this nationwide conversation emerging about the end of the world. The magazine goes on to recognize that Left Behind has a broad readership. "Their success provides new evidence that interest in the End Times is no fringe phenomena. Only about half of Left Behind readers are Evangelicals, which suggests there is a broader audience of people who are having this conversation."

TIME magazine reporters were granted exclusive, unprecedented access to the series creator Tim LaHaye and novelist Jerry B. Jenkins. It is the only national news magazine to interview the authors in their homes and to devote significant space to the series' impact.

"The enormous success of our books indicate there are still millions of people in our country who believe the Bible has the answer to the problems of life, and Bible prophecy reveals what the future holds for this troubled world," says LaHaye.

The cover story includes a TIME/CNN poll which finds that "more than one-third of Americans say they are paying more attention now to how the news might relate to the end of the world, and have talked about what the Bible has to say on the subject. Fully 59 percent say they believe the events in Revelation are going to come true.…"

"It's great to see this subject recognized by a major magazine like TIME," says Jenkins.

Launched in 1995, the Left Behind series has sold more than 50 million copies in its product line to date and spawned three New York Times number one best-sellers. The previous hit title, Desecration, was the #1 best-selling hardcover novel on Publishers Weekly's annual chart. Based on the prophecy in the Bible's book of Revelation, the thrillers follow the lives of those left behind on earth after the sudden disappearance of millions of Christians.

About The Remnant

This latest apocalyptic novel, which released July 2, 2002, began with the remnant of believers holed up in Petra, the red rock city in the Negev Desert. Global Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia has the rebels right where he wants them: within range of two bombs and a missile, with no chance of escape. The Remnant reveals God's power to protect his own against the most powerful weapons and evil deceptions the world has to offer.

About the Authors

Jerry B. Jenkins has written 12 New York Times best-sellers, including nine from the Left Behind series. A former vice president of publishing at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, Jenkins now serves on the Institute's Board of Trustees. Tim LaHaye is a retired pastor and prolific author of more than 45 books. He is a highly sought-after prophecy conference speaker.