Frank Muller and son Frank Muller Continues To Improve

Many of you have followed the situation with Left Behind audio book reader Frank Muller since his motorcycle accident. (On November 5, 2001, Frank was badly injured in a motorcycle accident near his home in California. He faces a very long recovery.) Frank's brother Leo provides periodic updates, which we excerpt and present here to keep the Left Behind community up-to-date and to remind you all of the need for continued prayers for Frank, his wife Erika, their children. As you know, his wife Erika was pregnant. Well, Morgan has arrived and we're delighted to share this photo (Frank, Morgan, and Erika), passed on to us by Frank's brother Leo, who says:

Frank was elated to see his new son Morgan, and was able to hold him, which was the fulfillment of a wish that Erika had expressed shortly after the accident in November. Frank laughed and joked with the family—it was a very positive experience!

All are doing very well—During the visit Frank walked around the room with only one person holding his hand for stability, and he's continuing his progress in other ways as well. At eight pounds, Morgan has already surpassed his birth weight, and isn't looking back. Diana is adjusting well to her new sibling, and Erika occasionally gets to sleep!

Click here for more information on Frank or to send him a note or help support him through the Wavedancer Foundation.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.