Tyndale Deepens Left Behind Product Line Obtains New Milestones

Wheaton, Ill. (July 3, 2001)—Tyndale House Publishers continues to add depth to the Left Behind series product line by offering the best-selling novels in a variety of new formats, as well as adding new titles to the best-selling lines.

Tyndale recently released Left Behind in an e-book format. It has committed to provide additional Left Behind series titles in e-book versions starting with Tribulation Force in July 2001. Desecration, book nine, will simultaneously release as an e-book with the hardcover release on Oct. 30, 2001. On January 7, 2002, the remaining six titles—Nicolae through The Mark—will release as e-books.

Left Behind: The Kids Series
Left Behind: The Kids Series continues to grow momentum. Book 17, Terror in the Stadium and Book 18, Darkening Skies, will hit in September 2001. The young adult series has sold more than 7.6 million copies, making it the best-selling contemporary Christian children's fiction series.

Kids Best-Seller List
Left Behind: The Kids series was ranked fourth on Publishers Weekly's Children's Series and Tie-Ins Best-Seller List for June 2001—the series highest showing on this list. The juvenile apocalyptic thrillers were just behind Harry Potter, Junie B. Jones and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Boxed Sets
Trade paperback editions of books one through eight of the Left Behind series adult novels will become available in two boxed sets in late August. The first set offers Left Behind, Tribulation Force, Nicolae and Soul Harvest. Set two contains Apollyon, Assassins, The Indwelling and The Mark. Each set retails for $55.96

In October 2001, Left Behind: The Kids series also becomes available in boxed sets. Three versions will be offered: Set 1: Left Behind: The Kids Books 1-6; Set 2: Left Behind: The Kids Books 7-12, and Set 3: Left Behind: The Kids Books 13-18. The juvenile boxed sets sell for $32.94 each.

Dramatic Audio
The Left Behind series dramatic audios are on a fast track to catch up with the series by book 10. In November 2001, Assassins releases in the Sound and Drama format with the expected high quality audio presentation. The Indwelling is set to arrive in early January 2002 and The Mark in March 2002. The popular audio theater format has sold more than 250,000 copies thus far and is broadcast on 500 stations nationwide.

Left Behind: The Kids Live Action Audio is also moving at a fast pace. The second volume Left Behind: The Kids Live Action Audio #2 will release in early October 2001 and will be followed by The Kids Live Action Audio #3 in January 2002. The four CD's and cassettes retail for $19.99

Web site
Leftbehind.com, the official web site for the Left Behind series, has maintained record-setting traffic. The site recently surpassed more than 400,000 registrants on its e-mail list.