Left Behind: The Kids Series

Just a few years into the Tribulation, the pressure on believers increases as the Morale Monitors begin looking for "Judah-ites." A daring plan at the schoolhouse may cost the kids everything and put a friend in great danger. Will they have the courage and strength to continue with their bold plan?

In Israel, Judd must try to stop an assassination attempt while Lionel and Sam spread the word about the start of secret meetings. Will the Young Trib Force stay together as the latest judgment takes its toll?

Follow the Lionel, Judd, Sam and the rest of the Young Trib Force in their brave attempts to show others the truth before it's too late.

Left Behind: The Kids Boxed Set #4 is now available.

This set includes kids books 19-24:
#19 - Attack of Apollyon
#20 - A Dangerous Plan
#21 - Secrets of New Babylon
#22 - Escape from New Babylon
#23 - Horsemen of Terror (Just released in September)
#24 - Uplink from the Underground (Just released in September)

The timeline of the kids books parallels the adult series, with four kids books for every adult one. This set takes the story to the end of Assassins, Book 6 in the adult series. Of course, the Young Trib Force have their own challenges and adventures as they struggle to maintain their newfound faith during the Tribulation.

This boxed set is now available at a store near you.

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