Two Tyndale Authors to debate the dating of Revelation

Mark Hitchcock, coauthor of Armageddon, Oil and Terror, (Tyndale, November 2007) will debate Hank Hanegraaff, also a Tyndale author and known as radio’s Bible Answer Man, on Dec. 10 at the Sheraton Grand DFW in Irving, TX, according to debate host, The Pre-Trib Research Center.

Hitchcock will argue for the traditional AD 95 date while Hanegraaff argues for an earlier date. Why is this so important? Does the book of Revelation foretell the final act of human history, or could it be past history? Could millions of believers have gotten it all wrong?

The dating of Revelation is an Achille’s heel for preterism (early dating). The preterist view never even gets off the ground if Revelation was written in AD 95—or really any time after AD 70. Preterism is gaining traction in many circles today and this debate will be a highly spirited exchange and a defining moment in the interpretation of the book of Revelation.

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