Jerry B. Jenkins and the Christian Writers Guild invite you to attend
Writing for the Soul Conference

Feb. 15 – 18, 2007 at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs

Sessions that will sharpen your skills. Speakers who will stir your soul.

Writing for the Soul Conference

Join us for the next Writing for the Soul conference at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel. Our opening speaker will be Liz Curtis Higgs. Dr. Tim LaHaye, co-author of Left Behind will speak on Friday evening. Jerry B. Jenkins will serve as host and emcee. You'll make appointments and speak with literary agents and editors from prominent magazine and book publishers—also join them for mealtime conversations. Friday and Saturday morning you'll attend an intensive continuing class in your choice of eight tracks (one just for teens). Then attend one of seven afternoon elective workshops, including our exclusive Thick-skinned Manuscript Clinics. Register now to reserve your place.

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Jerry B. Jenkins
New York Times best-selling author of Left Behind
Tim LaHaye
New York Times best-selling author, pastor and speaker
Liz Curtis Higgs
Speaker, Humorist, author of Bad Girls of the Bible

Four-hour Continuing Classes (9:30 to 11:45 a.m. Fri. & Sat.)

A. The Not-So-Secret Secrets of Getting Published (Sandra Aldrich)
With perseverance as its theme, this class will encourage the novice and dispel the notion that writers must have a publishing "in." Plus, practical advice and short in-class writing assignments.

B. Novels They Can't Put Down (James Scott Bell)
Learn the keys to writing page-turning fiction: plot and structure, characterization, dialogue and resonance—along with the little extras that elevate a manuscript in the eyes of agents and editors.

C. Writing Great Literature (Dennis Hensley)
Fiction writers ready to go beyond the basics of genre writing will study two classic short stories—and how to use key literary devices to enrich their stories and raise their level of writing artistry.

D. Building a Nonfiction Book (Mark Littleton)
We will look at getting ideas, refining them into a publishable project, then outlining and preparing a book proposal for submission. We'll also look at the actual chapters you include in your proposal.

E. Establishing Yourself as a Magazine Writer (Jeanette Littleton)
You can reach 50,000 to more than a million readers. Learn about how to progress from basic magazine article writing to crafting the advanced article to achieving assignment status.

F. Super-Duper Children's Books (Christine Tangvald)
Learn a ton of nifty stuff: picture books, board books, formats, age groups, novelty books, the structure of fiction and nonfiction, pizzazz factors, formulating a series, book proposals, packagers, current markets, and other basics to write for the changing children's market.

G. Appearing at a Cineplex Near You—Your Story (Kathy Mackel)
Converting your novel or story into a screenplay enlarges your opportunities. Learn to sharpen your skills in story structure, dramatic characterization, and word choice through the exacting discipline of screenwriting.

H. Getting In Print (Sandra Byrd)
You've always liked to write. This class helps you pinpoint your interests, begin to develop the skills you'll need to be a successful writer, and locate the first markets in which you'll publish your work.

One-hour Elective Workshops (2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Fri. & Sat.)

Wordsmithing—Jerry Jenkins & Andy Scheer
Noted "wordiologists" will diagnose and treat opening pages of fiction and nonfiction samples from conferees.

Speaking And Publicity—Julie-Allyson Ieron
1. Speaking About Your Book
2. Media Marketing Your Book

Foundations For Excellence—Rosalie de Rosset
1. Reading Well and Writing Well
2. Prose that Makes the Soul Stand on Tiptoes

Using Scripture—Susan Nikaido
1. From Preachy to Powerful
2. Handle Scripture with Confidence

Business—David Moja
1. Financial Record-keeping for Authors
2. Tax Issues for Authors

Specialty Fiction—Kathy Mackel
1. Supernatural Thrillers
2. Speculative Fiction

Agents' Secrets—Les Stobbel
1. Will an Agent Get You Published?
2. Understanding and Negotiating Book Contracts

Publishing Panels (4:45 to 5:30 p.m. Fri. & Sat.)

1. Different panels to pick from

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