Trivia 9 : Desecration

1. How far (in miles) is it from Mizpe Ramon to Petra?

A. 25
B. 50
C. 100
D. 500

2. Operation Eagle involved transporting which people to Petra where God promised to protect them from Antichrist?"

A. All believers in Israel
B. All Jews
C. Jews who believed in Jesus as Messiah
D. Jews and Arabs who believed in Jesus

3. For whose safety was David Hassid concerned following the crash and the faked deaths of the Quasi Two quartet?

A. Hannah Palemoon
B. Loren Hut
C. Walter Moon
D. Chang Wong

4. What is the name of the female guard who is struck with catatonic paralysis when she attempts to shoot Micah for calling the risen potentate by his name, Carpathia?

A. Corporal Datillo
B. Corporal Jensen
C. Corporal Riehl
D. Corporal Santiago

5. What name does Chaim request for his assignment in Jersualem?"

A. Amos
B. Benjamin
C. Joshua
D. Micah

6. Who is the boy who is searching for Mr. Miklos in the old dump?

A. Andrew Pafko
B. Marcel Papadopoulos
C. Russell Staub
D. Alan Tompkins

7. What did Fortunato have made out of leather for Carpathia?

A. Elegantly embossed breastplate
B. A gaudy throne
C. A pig saddle
D. Silver-embellished boots

8. Who did Leon kill with a lightening strike, causing Carpathia to say, "You cooked a harmless woman with a big mouth?"

A. Hattie Durham
B. Loren Hut
C. Hannah Palemoon
D. Georgiana Stavros

9. Who was described as acting "like a drunken reveler at a frat party?"

A. Suhail Akbar
B. Nicolae Carpathia
C. Leon Fortunato
D. Peter Mathews

10. Of the following, which did God not provide the Petra occupants?

A. Bread
B. Quail
C. Manna
D. Water

11. What passage in Revelation is Operation Eagle based on?

A. 6:3-4
B. 9:12-15
C. 11:14
D. 12:14

12. To the potentate who demonstrates the ability to keep the Jews alive the longest, despite their torments, Carpathia offers to double their:

A. budget
B. office space
C. salary
D. vacation time

13. What was the name of the file that Chang opened to get his laptop up and running again after Lars paid a visit?

A. Bless my soul
B. Christ alone
C. Christ is Lord
D. Praise the Lord

14. What did Chaim tell Carpathia would bring healing from the sores judgment?

A. Stop the execution of believers
B. Discontinue all sacrifices
C. Let the Israeli Messianic believers get to Petra
D. Invite believers to come to Israel

15. Who wore an outfit that required others around him to wear sunglasses?"

A. Tison Ben-Judah
B. Nicolae Carpathia
C. Leon Fortunato
D. Chaim Rosenzweig

16. Chaim suffered no harm, even though this person had eight direct shots at him:

A. Hattie Durham
B. David Hassid
C. Loren Hut
D. Ken Ritz

17. Which Tribulation Force member considered committing suicide?

A. Hannah Palemoon
B. Chloe Steele
C. Buck Williams
D. Chang Wong

18. How long did it take for the guillotine to slice through the neck of a believer?

A. two-hundreths of a second
B. one-fourth of a second
C. one-half of a second
D. one second

19. Carpathia calls "death pills" the bullets delivered from whose gun?

A. his own
B. Suhail Akbar
C. Leon Fortunato
D. Abdullah Smith