Trivia 8 : The Mark

1. When David Hassid arrives at Medical Services trying to locate Annie, the doctor tells him they've been treating victims in Sector 53 caused by:

A. A fire
B. A flood
C. An earthquake
D. A lighting strike

2. What is the name of the commander at Carpathia Memorial, GC air base?"

A. Suhail Akbar
B. Barbara Donahue
C. Judy Hamilton
D. Georgiana Stavros

3. What was the original name of the air base?

A. Cheyenne Mountain Air Station
B. Falcon Air Force Base
C. Peterson Air Force Base
D. Schriever Air Force Base

4. When Rayford and Albie drive from the airport over to the bunker, what is the last name of Pinkerton Stephen's assistant at the desk as they enter the Pueblo bunker to free Hattie?

A. Garfield
B. Garner
C. Gerber
D. Grant

5. Who is Pinkerton Stephens?"

A. Steve Plank
B. Ken Ritz
C. Michael Shorosh
D. Buck WIlliams

6. What is a loyalty enforcement facilitator?

A. armed guard
B. guillotine
C. bar code photo ID system
D. video surveillance system

7. Why is Nicolae upset with James Hickman, who has begun the process of locating a huge pig for him to use in Jerusalem.

A. Hickman was not the person responsible for this task
B. Hickman was supposed to wait until receiving a coded message from Nicolae
C. Hickman could only know if exposed to leaked information
D. Hickman said he received instructions to begin the search

8. What was Carpathia referring to when he said, "This is the playbook of those who oppose me"?

A. The Torah
B. The Bible
C. Tsion's teachings
D. Buck's, The Truth

9. What is the name of David Hassid's assistant?

A. Gerri
B. Judy
C. Tiffany
D. Sandy

10. What was the Confidential and Top Secret two hundred pound shipment received by Trib Force?

A. A new generator
B. Canned and frozen food
C. A gross of spray paint
D. Welding equipment

11. After receiving a head wound, what was the first thing David did when greeting the risen Carpathia?

A. He vomited all over him and crashed to the floor
B. He fainted, opening the wound again
C. He went berserk and tried to attack Carpathia
D. He stared at Carpathia and said, "So, it's true"

12. In conversation with Hannah, how did David kiddingly refer to her?

A. Church Lady
B. Grammar Cop
C. Sarge
D. Your Majesty

13. Who was the Tribulation Force tailor?

A. Bakar
B. Demetrius
C. Pietr
D. Zeke

14. Who moved into Peter's old office?

A. Leon Fortunato
B. David Hassid
C. Walter Moon
D. Akbar Suhail

15. When Zeke and his dad went out after the horsemen judgment, what GC items in particular did they consider a gift from God?

A. address books and notes
B. cell phones
C. uniforms
D. weapons

16. What was the first phrase in which David heard Carpathia use a contraction?

A. That can't be
B. You don't say
C. We'll see about that
D. I don't think so

17. Who says, in referring to Carpathia as egotistical, there is "not enough cloth in Jordan to make a turban for Nicolae's head?"

A. Abdullah
B. David
C. Peter
D. Zeke

18. Who had the first believer's seal that Hannah saw?

A. David Hassid
B. Steve Plank
C. Buck Williams
D. Chang Wong

19. With no real Bible knowledge, Hannah started reading from Genesis and by the time she got to Leviticus she was saying "Ugh!" Then, she found Tsion's guide to Bible reading, which suggested starting in:

A. Matthew
B. John
C. Acts
D. Romans

20. Who pays the price for Hickman's faux pas (his search for the pig)?"

A. Thomas Agee
B. James Hickman
C. Viv Ivins
D. Ramon Santiago