Trivia 7 : The Indwelling

1. Who is the doctor who is asked to perform the autopsy on Nicolae Carpathia?

A. Dr Eikenhurst
B. Dr Eikenberry
C. Dr Newberry
D. Dr Newhurst

2. How did Annie communicate "I love you" to David from a distance?

A. Pulling her ear
B. Holding up 1, then 4, then 3 fingers
C. Tapping her foot three times
D. Rubbing her nose

3. What is the name of Nicolae's only living relative?

A. Demetrius Demeter
B. Guy Blod
C. Enoch Litwala
D. Viv Ivins

4. Who were known as the princes of God?

A. Tsion and Chaim
B. Rayford and Buck
C. Michael and Gabriel
D. Mac and Abdullah

5. Whose name is a cryptic reference to "666"

A. Viv Ivins
B. Enoch Litwala
C. Peter Mathews
D. T M Delanty

6. To what use were confiscated holy books put?

A. Recyled for GC phone books
B. Shredded to use as binder in concrete for New Babylon
C. As kindling for burning the Carpathia statue
D. Recycled for new Carpathian holy books

7. What is the name of the hotel where Buck takes Chaim to hide out after Chaim assassinated Nicolae?

A. Royal David
B. Imperial
C. Day's Inn
D. Night Visitors

8. Whose texts gave Chloe the infanticide potassium chloride idea?

A. Annie
B. Hattie
C. Viv
D. Leah

9. Home many of the regional potentates were incinerated by Leon Fortunato at Nicolae's funeral service?

A. none
B. 1
C. 3
D. 8

10. When the Wong family took their seats at Carpathia's funeral, where were Guy Blod and his assistants "honored" to stand?

A. At the side of the platform
B. Next to the statue
C. By the casket
D. In front of the platform

11. What part of his body did Nicolae first move as he was beginning to experience his resurrection?

A. right eyelid
B. left big toe
C. left index finger
D. mouth

12. Who is Adon?

A. One of Guy Blod's assistants
B. Member of the underground church in Greece
C. One of the ten potentates
D. Among those on the platform at the Global Gala

13. From which book in the Bible does Nicolae steal the first words he speaks after his resurrection?

A. Matthew
B. Mark
C. Romans
D. Revelation

14. Who was the Muslim who became a believer after reading Ben-Judah's assessment on the difference between religion and Christianity.

A. Albie
B. Adon
C. Stefan
D. Hannelore

15. Whose situation was Leah referring to when she gave Rayford the message, "Our bird has flown the cage."

A. Hattie
B. Leah
C. David
D. Annie

16. Who became a believer after a near death experience in a plane crash?

A. Demetrius Demeter
B. Ming Toy
C. Chaim Rosenzweig
D. Jeff Williams

17. How much of his company's profits did Mr. Wong give to the Global Community?

A. None
B. About 10%
C. More than 20%
D. Nearly half

18. How many Nicks did Hattie receive as settlement?

A. 10,000
B. 100,000
C. 1,000,000
D. 10,000,000

19. When he wouldn't wait for the proper time to sit at Carpathia's funeral, who was called by his wife "the old fool?"

A. Dr. Eikenberry
B. Mr. Litwala
C. Mr. Elbaz
D. Mr. Wong

20. Who called David Hassid "Mr. Hayseed?"

A. Tsion Ben-Judah
B. Chang Wong
C. Guy Blod
D. Demetrius Demeter