Trivia 6 : Assassins

1. As the book begins, how close are we to the halfway point in the seven-year period?

A. 1 year past
B. 1 year before
C. 4 months past
D. 4 months before

2. How many rounds are held by the side arm Rayford bought from Albie?

A. 6
B. 9
C. 12
D. 18

3. What begins immediately after the halfway point?

A. The Great Judgment Seat
B. The Glorious Appearing
C. The Great Tribulation
D. The Great Earthquake

4. Who called Mac "chopper jockey?"

A. David
B. Hattie
C. Buck
D. Tsion

5. Whose name is referred to in the "CCCCC" painted on the GC's door?

A. Charles Christopher
B. Corporal Christopher
C. Captain Christopher
D. Christopher Charles

6. What were Ernie and Bo called?

A. Bert and Ernie
B. Bo and Curly
C. Mutt and Jeff
D. Tweedledee and Tweedledum

7. The fourth C in CCCCC stands for Condor ______ Chief.

A. Construction
B. Cargo
C. Culinary
D. Corp

8. How many digits did David's encrypted number in his bugging system have?

A. 300-billion
B. 300-million
C. 300,000
D. 300

9. What are Buck and Leah doing when she surprises him with the news that she plans to take up residence in the safe house?

A. Helping get Dr. Floyd into the Land Rover
B. Loading food into the safe house freezer
C. Having lunch near Buck's office
D. Driving to pick up Rayford

10. Leon's words that they were "a disgrace to the Global Community," were taken as a badge of honor by:

A. the Tuttles
B. the Mikloses
C. David and Annie
D. Ernie and Bo

11. What frightens Leah when she and Rayford try to get the money from her safe?

A. A terrible earthquake
B. A deadly hail storm
C. Ferocious horsemen
D. Enormous locusts

12. What did Abdullah pickpocket from Leon?

A. David's Daytimer
B. Buck's watch
C. Mac's phone
D. Hattie's PDA

13. What is the name of Leah's late husband?

A. Shannon
B. Shelly
C. Shane
D. Sidney

14. The last judgment before the beginning of the second half of the tribulation was:

A. The Locusts
B. The Horsemen
C. Darkening Skies
D. Wormwood

15. What kind of an airplane do the Tuttles have?

A. Mark IV
B. Stealth X
C. Jetstream
D. Super J

16. A sign warning "Danger. High Voltage" hid the entrance to whose shelter?

A. Mac
B. David
C. Annie
D. Zeke

17. Where are the Tuttles from?

A. Utah
B. Texas
C. Oklahoma
D. Kansas

18. Where did Annie disappear during the two hundred million horsemen ordeal?

A. A shipping container
B. The boiler room
C. A utility closet
D. A utility van in the garage

19. What is the nickname of the side arm Rayford buys from Albie?

A. Excalibur
B. Dagger
C. Lancer
D. Saber

20. What did the Trib Force use to conceal the entrance to the safe house's underground shelter?

A. A washing machine
B. A freezer
C. A sofa
D. A coffee table