Trivia 5 : Apollyon

1. After half an hour in the check-in line at the King David Hotel, who is told the room is not available because Nicolae has booked the entire floor?

A. Chaim Rosenzweig
B. Buck Williams
C. Rayford Steele
D. Tsion Ben-Judah

2. Who does Rayford meet while Bo and Ernie are being stung by the demon locusts?

A. Addullah Smith
B. Teddy Kolleck
C. T M Delanty
D. Ken Ritz

3. Who trips during the beginning of Nicolae's televised response to the gathering in Kolleck Stadium.

A. Leon Fortunato
B. Tsion Ben-Judah
C. Chaim Rosenzweig
D. Abdullah Smith

4. What foiled the assassination attempt on the Two Witnesses?

A. Golf-ball sized hail
B. Torrential rain
C. A large demonstration
D. A faulty pistol

5. What does the person (who tripped during Nicolae's televised response to the gathering in Kolleck Stadium) trip over?

A. The edge of the carpet
B. A light cord
C. A microphone cord
D. Somebody's foot

6. Instead of writing for Carpathia and his Global Community Weekly, Buck writes for which cyberspace magazine?

A. The Way
B. Salt
C. The Truth
D. Light

7. What is the name of the bar that Stefan and Jacov frequent?

A. The Harem
B. Green Tent
C. The Harlem
D. Blue Night

8. What area within GC is David Hassid put in charge of?

A. accounting
B. maintenance
C. publications
D. purchasing

9. How does the GC illuminate the area by the Wailing Wall where the two witnesses remain?

A. A bonfire
B. Kerosene torches
C. Giant klieg lights
D. Headlights from GC trucks

10. The second night of the Meeting of Witnesses, Tsion teaches about the 4th Trumpet judgment, which involves:

A. Hail
B. Darkening skies
C. Disease
D. Insects

11. What does Rayford think when Bo sees a smudge on Ernie's forehead

A. That Bo must also be a believer
B. Nothing unusual, it's just grease
C. Ernie is faking his conversion
D. Ernie's conversion story must be true

12. What was Buck's favorite song?

A. "Holy, Holy, Holy"
B. "Lamb of God"
C. "I Love You, Lord"
D. "Amazing Grace"

13. What is the one stop Abdullah and Buck did not make on their way back to Wheeling?

A. Greece
B. London
C. Greenland
D. Frankfurt

14. When Fortunato bounced the Trib Force's hotel reservations, where did they stay?

A. The hanger at the airport
B. Chaim's estate
C. Hotel David
D. A guesthouse in Bethlehem

15. What is the call sign of the Egyptian jet fighter Abdullah and Buck flew in on their way back to Wheeling?

A. Edward Zed Two Niner
B. Edward Zulu Zulu Two Niner
C. Zulu Edward Zulu Niner Two
D. Zed Edward Edward Nine Two

16. After the earthquake, instead of calling Leon "Supreme Commander," Chaim calls him "Supreme ___"

A. Corruptor
B. Imbecile
C. Nincompoop
D. Idiot

17. Where does the Meeting of the Witnesses take place?

A. Temple Mount
B. Nicolae Stadium
C. Jerusalem Metroplex
D. Kolleck Stadium

18. What clandestine materials were Mac and David able to ship during the period of locust stingings?

A. literature
B. medicine
C. food
D. clothing

19. What is the name of Chaim Rozenzweig's driver and valet?

A. Aaron
B. Jacov
C. Moishe
D. Solomon

20. After Buck has been climbing around at Chaim's estate, what comic-book character did Chloe call him?

A. Superman
B. Batman
C. Spider-Man
D. Tarzan