Trivia 4 : Soul Harvest

1. Who, besides Christians and Jews, were holding out against the new Pope Peter?

A. Atheists
B. Bhuddists
C. Hindus
D. Muslims

2. Who told Rayford to "Tell Hattie Durham to keep her mouth shut, or I'll kill her and deny it?"

A. Suhail Akbar
B. Nicolae Carpathia
C. Leon Fortunato
D. Peter Mathews

3. How may of the new "king rulers" liked Peter Mathews?

A. None
B. Only one or two
C. About half
D. All

4. What preparations did the Trib Force make in anticipating the First Trumpet judgment?

A. Applied a fireproof coating to the roof
B. Cleared several feet of grass from around house, trimmed trees
C. Installed generator, extra fuel tank
D. Dug an escape tunnel that led 100 yards away from the house

5. Who took the Pan-Continental 747 flight from Boston to Baghdad for a swim?"

A. Amanda
B. Chloe
C. Hattie
D. Loretta

6. What was Operation Wrath?

A. Carpathia's war against remaining religious groups
B. The password into Carpathia's shelter
C. What Mathews jokingly called the vanishings--good riddance to narrow minded zealots!
D. The response to a subversive plot uncovered within the Global Community

7. Who asked the question, "Am I still a member of the Tribulation Force, or have I been demoted to mascot now?"

A. Amanda
B. Chloe
C. Ken
D. Mac

8. What did Tsion give to new believer Ken Ritz?

A. A Bible
B. A dog-eared copy of How to Begin the Christian Life
C. A tape of one of Bruce Barnes's sermons
D. A small booklet about the Four Spiritual Laws

9. What did Ken do to the GC van at Littleton to make it inoperable?

A. Disconnected the sensor cables under the seats
B. Slashed the tires
C. Took off the distributor cap
D. Put water in the gas tank

10. Who had to be grave diggers to bury Sandy Moore's body?

A. Amanda and Chloe
B. Amanda and Buck
C. Buck and Tsion
D. Buck and Ken

11. What was placed in Sandy's hand before she was buried?

A. Her Bible
B. A family picture
C. A framed picture of her husband
D. Her husband's wedding band

12. Before the Rapture, how often did Rayford attend church?

A. Never
B. A few times a year
C. About half the time
D. As often as possible

13. Who is Buck referring to when he says "I love that old buzzard, but he sure is naïve."

A. Tsion Ben-Judah
B. Floyd Charles
C. Lucas Miklos
D. Chaim Rosenzweig

14. Who said of the earthquake, "I figure if what the globe just went through was the wrath of the Lamb, I better make friends with the Lamb."

A. Annie Ashton
B. Mac McCullum
C. Ken Ritz
D. Russell Staub

15. What was Mac describing when he said it was "like the ultimate fireworks?"

A. Explosion of gas mains during the earthquake
B. A power substation blowing sky high
C. Tongues of fire in the hailstorm
D. The most violent lightning storm he had ever flown through

16. What caused a two to three hour delay in Fortunato's plan to pick up the ten rulers?

A. Nicolae Carpathia's last minute decision to accompany the flight
B. "Pompous Pontiff" Mathews insistence on cabin service
C. The discovery of a plot to sabotage the plane
D. A sand storm

17. What was Chloe's room number in the hospital?

A. 133B
B. 213C
C. 335B
D. 335A

18. What did Mac do on landing at the regional ambassador ceremony?

A. Purposely ran over the red carpet
B. Overshot the runway, ended up with front wheel stuck in mud
C. Made engine stall, stopping plane far short of ramp
D. Nothing unusual at this location

19. Who lost their Bible in the earthquake?

A. Amanda
B. Buck
C. Ken
D. Rayford