Trivia 3 : Nicolae

1. What was the opening line of Chapter One of Nicolae?

A. It was the best of times; It was the best of times
B. It was the best of times; It was the worst of times
C. It was the worst of times; It was the best of times
D. It was the worst of times; It was the worst of times

2. What was Rayford's security clearance level in the Global Community?

A. 1-D
B. 2-A
C. 3-B
D. 4-A

3. The word "trigger" was a signal from Carpathia to bomb which city?

A. Chicago
B. New York
C. San Francisco
D. Washington, DC

4. What was the limit on Buck's Global Community Weekly credit card?

A. $50,000
B. $100,000
C. $250,000
D. unlimited

5. What is the only city with radiation fallout?"

A. Chicago
B. London
C. Paris
D. Washington

6. Where did the Two Witnesses tell Buck to go?

A. Bethlehem
B. Galilee
C. Jerusalem
D. Tel Aviv

7. Three of his favorite sayings were "I know that my Redeemer lives," "The joy of the Lord is my strength," and "The glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard."

A. Bruce Barnes
B. Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah
C. Lukas Miklos
D. Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig

8. What phrase did Rayford use in a conversation with Loretta that surprised even him?

A. Praise the Lord
B. Amen
C. The Lord Willing
D. By the grace of God

9. How big was the New Hope Village Church shelter?

A. 50 x 100 feet
B. 25 x 50 feet
C. 24 x 24 feet
D. 15 x 20 feet

10. What were the leaders of the Enigma Babylon One World Faith called?

A. Counselors
B. Faith guides
C. Prophets
D. Spiritual directors

11. Who was the only one not limping at Loretta's house?

A. Amanda
B. Buck
C. Chloe
D. Tsion

12. After the murder of his family, what kind of disguise did Ben-Judah use?

A. Leftover Air Force uniform pieces
B. Shaved his beard
C. The long locks of the Orthodox
D. A large, baggy overcoat

13. Besides her cell phone, what else did Verna Lee loan to Buck?

A. Brand new sports car
B. Junky old car
C. Pickup truck

14. Who said that he viewed the book of Revelation as "wonderful, archaic, beautiful literature, to be taken symbolically, figuratively, metaphorically…"

A. Nicolae Carpathia
B. Chaim Rosenzweig
C. Peter Mathews
D. Michael Shorosh

15. How much did Donny Moore charge for the mega-laptop computers for the Trib Force members?

A. $2,000 each
B. $10,000 total
C. $20,000 each
D. $20,000 total

16. Who was prompted to flee Israel out of Egypt by a dream about Joseph, the father of Jesus?

A. Tsion Ben-Judah
B. Mac McCullum
C. Rayford Steele
D. Buck Williams

17. Whose father told her as a rebellious teenager, "it's a good thing I love you so much, because I don't like you at all."

A. Amanda
B. Hattie
C. Irene
D. Loretta

18. What is the name of the border guard/angel?

A. Anis
B. Bakar
C. Marcus
D. Pan

19. Besides Ben-Judah's personal family picture, what article of Buck's was given to Michael Shorosh that implicated him in their escape?

A. Credit Card
B. Drivers License
C. ID Card
D. Wallet

20. Moishe and Eli:

A. helped Carpathia escape the insurrection
B. were leaders in the Enigma Babylon One World Faith
C. were Michael's mentors
D. exposed Michael after Ben-Judah and Buck escaped