Trivia 2 : Tribulation Force

1. What was is the name of Rayford's new first officer?

A. James Dykes
B. Nick Edwards
C. Pauline Fitzgerald
D. David Hassid

2. Rayford travels to Dallas-Fort Worth airport for what reason?

A. required simulator time to maintain 747 certification
B. a secret meeting with Tribulation Force members
C. practice takeoffs and landings for 757 certification
D. attend a required crew management training session for all captains

3. Chloe thinks Buck is living with and engaged to be married to a women described as:

A. a skinny little spike-haired girl in a short skirt
B. a tall, sultry type Chloe was sure flirted with every man who came near her
C. a very attractive and clean-cut "girl next door" type
D. a women who had to win Buck with something other than her looks

4. Who is the religious editor of the Global Weekly?

A. Al Barash
B. James Borland
C. Michael Shorosh
D. Lucinda Washington

5. What kind of special meal does Rayford cook for Chloe to celebrate her new job?"

A. Chicken Cashew stir fry
B. Salmon
C. Shrimp scampi
D. Veal parmesan

6. What is the name of the Secret Service agent who accompanied Buck to meet President Fitzhugh?

A. Ahmal
B. Chico
C. Pudge
D. Smitty

7. During the 18-month period of peace, the Trib Force members built a shelter on the New Hope Village Church property. It was disguised as:

A. a garage
B. a playground
C. a maintenance shed
D. a water storage tank

8. When Buck was anticipating meeting Carpathia in New York, who was there instead?

A. Tsion Ben-Judah
B. Leon Fortunato
C. Lukas ("Laslos") Miklos
D. Chaim Rosenzweig

9. Who was called "P.M.?"

A. Peter Mathews
B. Paul McCullum
C. Pamela Michaels
D. Pietr Miklos

10. Rabbi Feinberg currently played racquetball. Who had retired from play for lack of time?"

A. Bruce Barnes
B. Hattie Durham
C. Rayford Steele
D. Buck Williams

11. Who picked up Buck's bag at the hotel without asking Buck about it?

A. Leonard Gustafson
B. Mac McCullum
C. Steve Plank
D. Tobias Rogoff

12. "Always concerned for the greater good" was a favorite phrase of:

A. Nicolae Carpathia
B. Leon Fortunato
C. Gerald Fitzhugh
D. Peter Mathews

13. Who initially paid for Rayford's salary to fly Carpathia around?

A. Carpathia
B. Romania
C. United Nations
D. United States

14. Which group felt that "we will be tolerant of all, believing that the best of us remain," since it was there belief that the disappearances were a religious cleansing?

A. Carpathians
B. Council of Ten
C. Rastafarians
D. Zealots

15. What was being referred to when it was suggested, "Use it as a museum honoring the most atrocious architecture this country has ever produced"?

A. The Crystal Cathedral, California
B. FBI Headquarters, Washington DC
C. Sears Tower, Chicago
D. United Nations headquarters, New York

16. What was the hottest story Buck was working on in Book Two?

A. stories of prominent people who vanished
B. theories behind the disappearances
C. the political maneuvering of Nicolae Carpathia
D. the explosive situation in Israel

17. In Bruce Barnes's sermon what percentage of the remaining world's population would be wiped out before the end of the seven year Tribulation?

A. 30
B. 60
C. 75
D. 90

18. When did Irene Steele witness to Amanda?

A. two weeks before the Rapture
B. the week before the Rapture
C. the day before the Rapture
D. the day of the Rapture

19. From which biblical book did Tsion and the Two Witnesses quote back and forth?

A. Matthew
B. John
C. Acts
D. Revelation

20. What was Carpathia's and Chaim's take on the disappearances?

A. an asteroid exploding in the upper atmosphere
B. the evidence of the power of a newly discovered subatomic particle
C. global warming contributed to spontaneous combustion of polluted atmosphere
D. a nuclear reaction with natural forces