Trivia 11 : Armageddon

1. At the beginning of Armageddon, who is in his late twenties?

A. Buck Williams
B. Ree Woo
C. George Sebastian
D. David Hassid

2. At the beginning of Armageddon, who is the oldest character mentioned by age?

A. Chang's grandmother, Pei-Pei
B. Chaim Rosenzweig
C. Mr. Shivte
D. Felicia Whalum

3. Which characters were from the same decade?

A. Buck, Chloe, and Ree
B. Buck, Akbar, and Ming
C. Buck, Abdullah, and Carpathia
D. Buck, Chang, and Suhail

4. At the beginning of Armageddon who is in San Diego?

A. Chloe, Priscilla, and Ruth Ann
B. Chloe, Abdullah, and Buck
C. Tsion, Rayford, and George
D. George, Ming, and Rayford

5. At the beginning of Armageddon who is in the Midwest of UNAS?

A. Hannah, Leah, and Abdullah
B. Leah, Felicia, and Lionel
C. Zeke, Albie, and Chloe
D. Zeke, Priscilla, and Leah

6. At the beginning of Armageddon who is in the blackness in New Babylon?

A. Krystall, Chang, and Leon
B. Fortunato, Akbar, and Krystall
C. Akbar, Ivins, and Moon
D. Ivins, Hut, and Akbar

7. Why did the brilliant city of New Babylon not gleam in the noonday sun?

A. Hailstorm covered the sun
B. Earthquake made the skies darken
C. Bowl judgment #4
D. Bowl judgment #5

8. What female became part of Chang's rescue team?

A. Chloe
B. Leah
C. Ming
D. Naomi

9. How were the San Diego TF members able to see above ground?

A. Reconnaissance flights in jumbo jets by Co-op members
B. From camouflaged blinds doing patrol duty
C. From children's playhouses in the trees
D. Periscope

10. How did Carpathia expect his people to find food and water?

A. Listen to the toot of his army's convoy and follow it to the eating stations
B. Listen to his voice on the loudspeaker, and follow it to the palace
C. Listen to his voice on the loudspeaker and follow it to the nearest loudspeaker tower
D. Listen to "Hail Carpathia" and follow it to the palace.

11. When Rayford was gone, who was in charge of the San Diego Tribulation Force members?

A. George
B. Chloe
C. Mac
D. Buck

12. Who was not healthy at the San Diego compound?

A. Kenny
B. Priscilla
C. Chloe
D. Leah

13. What was affected by the darkness in New Babylon?

A. Radio transmissions
B. Telephone transmissions
C. Solar heating
D. All of the above

14. In the New Babylon meeting, who toyed with Carpathia by asking questions?

A. Chang
B. Naomi
C. Abdullah
D. Rayford

15. What did the San Diego TB members do to tone up their muscles?

A. Ran on the beach during the darkness
B. Went through military exercises coordinated by Ree
C. Worked out on the military equipment George had refurbished
D. Had pushup and stamina contests every Friday

16. What believer did Rayford meet in the New Babylon elevators?

A. A German
B. A timberman
C. Otto
D. All of the above

17. Whose neck did Carpathia break?

A. Suhail Akbar's
B. Viv Ivins's
C. Walter Moon's
D. Raman Vajpayee's

18. Who did Buck see with the periscope?

A. GC peacekeeper
B. GC Morale Monitor
C. Chloe
D. George

19. Why did Abdullah delay from taking off in New Babylon?

A. He wanted to see Carpathia blown around by the plane
B. Naomi was having trouble with her seatbelt.
C. Chang was needing extra time to say goodbye to his "home"
D. None of the above

20. Who proved to be quite a helpful babysitter in San Diego?

A. Leah
B. Hannah
C. Ming
D. Ruth Ann