Trivia 10 : The Remnant

1. What are the standoff probes (black poles) attached to?

A. The wing tips
B. The nose
C. Bombs
D. Missiles

2. What do the standoff probes do?

A. Cause the bomb to detonate before hitting the surface
B. Keep people away from the engine intakes
C. Measure air speed
D. Measure air pressure

3. Where did George Sebastian hide his arsenal on the Rooster Tail he flew into Greece?

A. below the cockpit
B. in the wheel wells
C. behind a panel in the cargo hold
D. in a storage locker in the galley

4. Who tells Mac about the "fine print" regarding instructions for the hostage team?

A. George Sebastian
B. Ming
C. Michael
D. Socrates

5. The fine print says that the hostage team can move the prisoner at any time without informing the GC until

A. they have the prisoner in the plane
B. they are airborne
C. the prisoner is in detention
D. they reach their destination

6. The "loyalty enforcement facilitator" is a

A. security officer
B. guillotine
C. drug
D. torture device

7. What view does Carpathia request for the live video feed from Region 0 during the execution of those refusing the mark?

A. From the front, to be able to see their heads fall into the basket
B. A closeup of their faces
C. A wide shot, to see everything
D. The crowd, so he can see them cheer

8. What is the name of the elder's daughter who works on the computers at Petra?

A. Rachel
B. Sarah
C. Rebecca
D. Naomi

9. Where did Ming first meet the three angels?

A. New Babylon
B. Vietnam
C. China
D. Israel

10. Which is NOT the name of one of the three angels Ming met?

A. Christopher
B. Nahum
C. Caleb
D. Aaron

11. The three angels Ming met came to:

A. preach to the Jews
B. preach to the Muslims
C. bring comfort to imprisoned believers
D. warn of coming danger

12. Which angel tells Ming something she wants to know but is afraid to ask?

A. Christopher
B. Nahum
C. Caleb
D. Aaron

13. According to the angel, will Ming's mother be alive at the time of Christ's Glorious Appearing?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. He did not know

14. Mac thinks the archangel Michael likes to be called another name because when George assumes he's talking to Michael, Michael responds with this word, which means "yes" in radio communication:

A. Baker
B. Easy
C. Roger
D. Victor