Trivia 1 : Left Behind

1. What was the original destination for the 747 Rayford Steele flew when the Rapture occurred?

A. Athens International Airport
B. Charles deGaulle (Paris)
C. Heathrow (London)
D. O'Hare (Chicago)

2. Where is Steele's flight when the rapture occurs and where does the plane end up?

A. Halfway over the Atlantic. He was ordered to divert to Dublin.
B. Halfway over the Atlantic. He was ordered back to Chicago.
C. Over the Arctic Circle. He was ordered to divert to Greenland.
D. Over the Arctic Circle. He was ordered back to Chicago.

3. What is the name of the Nightline host who interviews the president of Romania on the evening after his historic address to the United Nations?

A. Dan Bennett
B. Charles Floyd
C. Pauline Fitzgerald
D. Wallace Theodore

4. How old is Nicolae Carpathia when he first bursts onto the scene?

A. 33
B. 35
C. 39
D. 43

5. Who gave the answer, "Blessing my socks off" when someone asked "What is God doing in your life?"

A. Bruce Barnes
B. Hattie Durham
C. Rayford Steele
D. Buck Williams

6. In the fictional account of the Rapture in Left Behind, the time of the year of the disappearances is narrowed down to which two months?

A. February or March
B. April or May
C. June or July
D. August or September

7. A political leader from what country suddenly resigns, catapulting Nicolae Carpathia to leadership of the United Nations?

A. Zimbabwe
B. Romania
C. Greece
D. Botswana

8. On a ten-day trip to England, how may outfits did Buck take?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

9. After Rayford was "saved" he stayed up late reading from the Bible. What did he read?

A. Psalms
B. The 4 Gospels
C. Acts
D. Revelation

10. Who served on a church board for several years?

A. Bruce Barnes
B. Hattie Durham
C. Rayford Steele
D. Buck Williams

11. Which of the following is not one of Irene's interests?

A. Aerobics
B. Amway
C. Avon
D. Tupperware

12. What type of credit card did Buck tell the Pan-Con ticket counter agent he had?

A. Gold
B. Kriptonite
C. Platinum
D. Titanium

13. Which name was not one used by Nicolae Carpathia to address Buck at their first face-to-face meeting?

A. (Herb) Katz
B. Mr. (George) Oreskovich
C. (Steve) Plank
D. Mr. Williams

14. How much did crime increase the week after the Rapture?

A. 20%
B. 100%
C. 200%
D. 500%

15. Which language was not one spoken by Nicolae Carpathia?

A. Arabic
B. Czechoslovakian
C. German
D. Russian

16. After the Rapture, cab rides could only be had for cash. How much did it cost to get to the airport?

A. $50
B. $100
C. $150
D. $250

17. At the beginning of Left Behind, Buck worked for the Global Weekly. Where did he work before that?

A. Boston Globe
B. Chicago Tribune
C. Miami Herald
D. Washington Post

18. Who did Buck tackle on his way to see Carpathia?

A. Joe Baker
B. Jim Hickman
C. Eric Miller
D. Walter Moon

19. At the post-UN appearance press conference, Carpathia announced he was going to speak at the ecumenical religious gathering in New York. What was one of the topics he said he would address?

A. Ecclesiology
B. Euphemisms
C. Ecumenicalism
D. Eschatology