Left Behind Testimonials
While going through a very ugly divorce; I had lost all faith in the Lord and myself. My neighbor told me about Left Behind and the next day I went to the bookstore and purchased it. I really just wanted something to preoccupy me and reading seemed like a good idea. I am NOT a fast reader but within 2 weeks, I had finished the first book and started the second. I GAVE myself to GOD! I gave Him my sins, my sorrow, my failing marriage, and felt completely "rebuilt, renewed, and refreshed!" God never forgot about me but I forgot about GOD and Thanks to the Left Behind books was able to find him again. After 15 yrs since I read the first book, I feel closer to Him than ever before and anxiously await His return!! Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!! From the bottom of my heart and soul, THANK YOU!!
—Marti Larkin

Through the Left Behind book series, I grew to know and accept Christ as my savior! Thank you Tim for your contribution to not leave the fallen behind.
—Ginny Evans

Years ago when the series of books was first published and very popular my oldest daughter really wanted to read them so I bought the books as they came out. We shared them. I would buy one then she would buy one and we took turns, then we would sit up late on our nights off talking about the story line a d the scriptures that back up the coming of Jesus and the great tribulation. She cried a lot and was scared maybe she wasn't saved after all so we both knelt and prayed the sinners prayer and thanked Jesus for coming g to die for us and that we both want Him to be king in our lives. We prayed together for many j saved loved ones. We both take our faith more seriously since we read those books. They were fictional worries that made the prophecy of end times more real and we both feel that reading those books helped our love for Christ grow and we both live life joyfully but we keep looking for His coming with great hope! I will never forget the books or Time book about Revelations which I still have and refer to often. Tim was well studied in Bible prophecy. Now He is present with the Lord! May His family find great comfort in this.
—Treasa Rios

I was doing my best to live the Christian life. I loved the Lord with all my heart. One day, after work,I saw the first book in the Left Behind series at a Christian bookstore. My life was forever changed as I read book after book in the series. It really drove it home....how we will be raptured one day....and how those who are left here are going to go through such horrid events. It made me realize I needed to be closer to my God, and also how I needed to share this with people. I began talking about it at work with people, and talking about it in the grocery line, or whatever. These are my favorite books in the whole world, just after the Bible itself. And they go right along with scripture! These books have changed my life forever. I feel I have a closer walk with God and a realization of what waits because of them. I'm so thankful for the authors for such an AMAZING collection!
—Dana Bailey

My husband strategically left the first book lying around knowing I was an avid reader. Of course being a Catholic he would not tell me what it was about. I "didn't need to hear it". Well, after finally picking it up and wondering hmmm is that really in the Bible, i wiped the dust off mine (never had to read it and was actually encouraged not to) and found what I was reading was actually in there! Made me read more of both! I cant pinpoint exactly where i was in the first book but I remember thinking what if? While washing dishes, soap suds and all, I dropped to my knees and asked Christ into my heart. I would never have had my eyes opened to the truth of Gods Word if it hadnt been for the Left Behind series. I have been born again and very involved in my local church for 14 years now. God is for sure saying well done good and faithful servant to Mr. Lahaye.

I read everyone I could and was bless with more knowledge of the end time have read the Bible through many time but got a better understanding after reading the books7CD3D
—Evelyn Ellis


I'm new to my faith in Jesus. I have just read the Left Behind series which helped me understand the Bible and Revelations so much better. Fantastic series of books. Maybe typical to today 23/06/2016. I live in Australia and I heard one reporter in London say -"This may bring in the United States of Europe" on TV here. That struck a chord. Thank you to the Authors Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Bess you both for this wonderful set of Books that has made a big change in my life.

I started reading the adult series in 2014,then 2 more times in 2015. I am now reading the Kids series. Mr.LaHaye & Mr. Jenkins,I know U are writing under the anointing of God because on every page, with every word, the Spirit of God encourages the reader to read on. This has inspired me to witness fervently. we are living in the end times. Thank you for being obedient to God. Mary
—Mary L. Lewis

This is the best Christian fiction I have ever read and I have been preaching for 50 years. I suggest it to each new Christian and to those who are searching for true meaning in their lives. The two movies I saw based on these books were terrible, little came through about the characters, emotions, and resulting decisions. Some in my church are missing one or more books in the series and need to know how to get them. God bless you for the wonderful work you have done with Scripture at its center. I'm sure not all will happen just as you have written, but it could! Rev. John L. Gainer
—John Gainer

The series Left Behind has change my life and thinking in such a way that I now go about with the consciousness that the rapture can take place anytime and anywhere its also give me more boldness to preach the word of God most importantly the preaching of the kingdom of God just like John the baptise. the left behind series is a book that is a most for all child of God and even those that are not in Christ so they can see reasons why they must come to Christ because the end time is around the corner nearer than we thought
—Psalms Adeniyi

I was at the end of my rope drugs and selfdestruction had gotten me locked behind bars divorced and alone so one day while locked up I came accross left behind and began to read it and from that verry moment on my life had changed I now have a wonderfull relationship of unconditional love with my Lord and savior thank you so much tim and Jerry and most of all thank you Lord for directing me to find them in order to find you amen
—Mike thibault

Reading these books have impacted me greatly. My parents got the series for me for christmas. I must admit the beginning of the series was oddly compelling. Thanks to both of you. May God be with you.

After reading the Leftbehind series, I purchased Are We Living in the End Times?” copyright 2011 on 4/18/15. Regarding: Are We Living in the End Times?” copyright 2011 Comment… Forgive me for asking a question that you may have already answered. However, it seems to me that there may be only one Generation that spans all of those currently listed on Pages 63-64 of “Are We Living in the End Times?” copyright 2011: Question… The Gentile Generation possibly began during the disciples’ generation and may span the Age of Grace, into the Rapture and subsequent Tribulation; could the times of the Gentiles be considered a generation? RSVP to: Linda sager@ieee.org

Reading the Left Behind series of books was not a life-changing moment for me as I had accepted Christ long before. What the series did was give me a new appreciation for biblical prophecy and especially an understanding of the book of Revelation. I purchased and read the series of books while I was recuperating from open-heart bypass surgery and the inspiration I received was a huge help during a difficult time. I do have a question and a point to make. I cannot find any biblical reference to all tribulation Saints being marked in their forehead with the mark of God. The only reference I can find is to the 144,000 Jewish evangelists. Can you clarify for me? Second, in the book "The Remnant", a reference is made to the angels Michael and Gabriel as being Archangels. Only Michael is designated in the bible as an Archangel. Cody Colston
—Cody Colston

I would first like to thank you, Mr. Lahaye and Mr. Jenkins, for your time put into this series. It changed my life. As a young child I attended church. I did the morning prayer with my classmates, and believed in God. There was something missing, though. I didn't have faith, I think the problem was. I would cry and feel terrified that God was going to send me to hell. I didn't know much about Christianity. My church was vague and basically taught one idea; good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell. End of story. No further information. They taught Jesus died for us but it never felt like enough. To make it worse, I am naturally awkward. Even now in my late teens, I am the awkward bookworm. This isnt the problem, really. I tried to fit in at Sunday school but the other kids purposefully left me out, ignored me, and though I could never prove it, I was sure they talked bad about me. The teacher turned the other cheek. I got to where I didn't even want to attend. My mother lost her home to a lost man (drug head, injured, living off disability) and I didn't have contact with her for more than three months and went to live with my dad, whose new wife was an atheist. I lost a lot of my spirituality and began to blame God. When I did see my mom again, she had become lost, too. We both fell into a belief system that ridiculed the true God. We began to believe in clairvoyance, reincarnation, manifestation, and didn't believe in Hell, Satan, or the fact of God's omnipotence. We thought we could talk to spirits and did many spells and seances. Then, after the thrill of a new belief system, we slowed down. I began to feel a void and I think my mother did too (sheattempted suicide). I began to hate myself and became surly, irritable, and, for lack of a better word, mean. I thought I was losing it. At the same time, my dad was leaving my step mom for drug usage (who knew). None of the spells brought purpose, only more frustration. That's when my mom pulled out the Left Behind series from storage (she loved the series at once) and began to read it. I knew it was Christian and sort of thought it was ridiculous before I read it. But one day, my mom was telling me how much it brought her back to christianity. Though I was sort of reluctant, I had a mixture of wanting to follow my mother and also to at least try it out. So I asked her to borrow the series and she enthusiastically let me. I was hooked by the first book, but not totally. In fact, I read with average interest until the action started. Especially when Carpathia was actually revealed as evil. I began to read the bible again to fit passages with the series. When I got to Armageddon and Glorious Appearing, I wanted to renew my relationship with God. There were so many things about christianity and prophecy I didnt know and was never taught. I cried and told God I was sorry, and I accepted the gift of salvation, but at first, I didn't think it applied to me. How could God love somebody so much who had literally turned their back against him? It didn't compute. I found a pastor online and confessed to him every detail. He told me God loved everyone and would enthusiastically welcome back one of his children. Finally, I was at peace with God. Nothing was more moving to me in the series than Jesus. His words, actions, the way he was depicted and the amount of love coming from him brought me to tears. The other moving parts were when the people were praising God even as they were sent to the guillotine. Thank you again, and God bless. I am now reading Are We Living in the End Times and am enjoying it.

I was already a christian when I started reading your books. I was not able to put them after I started reading. The books have really given me a better understanding of the Bible especially the book of Revelations. I do wish you would make a movie about the last few books in the series. Love in Christ! John Davis

i have been very touched and moved by the books in the Left Behind series. They have helped me draw closer to God and Jesus and have helped bring me into Christianity. They have helped me get a better understanding of scriptures and of the absolute love of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I know these books are only fiction but I am very glad I found them. They are great books to read, I can never put them down, and they have helped me solidify a relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ. Thank you for writing them and thank you for bringing me closer to Jesus.
—Natasha Deakins

i love the left behind seriese you guys are awsome you are my favorite writer's hope to here from you Kaleb Whitaker
—Kaleb Whitaker

My Dad had these books lying around when I was younger. I read many, watched the movies and grew up believing in the Rapture and Seven Years of Tribulation. Since entering college (a Christian one, in fact) I have begun to take ownership of my faith, really digging deeper into theology and what Scripture teaches. I just want to say that the Rapture is to many a mythical interpretation of the end times and not Scripturally sound in entirety. N.T. Wright has some great thoughts on this subject but the greatest thing I learned I would like to share: what would be the point of justice on earth if God were just going to destroy it? As humans, we are to bring the kingdom of God - we are tasked with restoration. God created the world perfect, sin entered and ever since then, creation has groaned with the weight of sin (Rom. 8:22). We are called to bring all of creation to its perfect created order (read Creation Regained by Albert Wolters), a true display of God's love and plan for creation. The most important thing is for us to realize that life on earth is not futile, as one can deduce from Rapture theology. This earth is not just some throw-away. We're called to bring the kingdom of God to earth, so we need to take care of our world and keep working to restore it to the way God created it to be.

I was already saved by the time I started reading the series. I had already read the book of Revelations many times. I honestly did not make much of any sense of it. Then, I started reading, the series and, boy, did my perspective changed. I was very happy I was already saved and now I am trying to tell as many people as I can about Jesus before it is too late. Thank you, Left Behind series!
—Warren Helms

When I was 10 yrs old I waas baptized. But I didst know what I was doing mad really didnt understand. I was young and truly didn't believe in thhe church. I grew up drank did drugs of all kinds. Finally last year (2014) I moved back in with my parents. I moved have been going to church with them every Sunday. Then my mother broke out this book called "left behind" I read it in 10 hrs. She had the whole series. I read with extreme vigor. I got to the book called "the mark". I goT scared and aasked if there was young anaway I could be baptized by this new church. I am going to go tthrough the whole thing and get baptized . I aalso am very proud to say I have stopped all drugs cold turkey and have not felt any need for them. I am cleansing my body in prep of being baptized . I thank you so much for bringing this series to the world. I do not want to be "left behind" love in Christ your sister Christine.
—Christine fries

On January 10th, 2015, I began a journey I had once taken before. In Feb/March of 2002 I began reading the Left Behind Series whichbat that time only 8 books existed Left Behind through the Mark. I read those books and the Bible during my training deployment to NTC in the Mohave Desert in California. It was an awesome time of spiritual enrichment. As the new books came out I of course read them through Glorious Appearing. Then the 3 books before the Left Behind books were written and I read those as well. The Kingdom Come was released and I bought it as soon as it came out. But I decided before reading it I would journey through all the Left Behind Series starting with The Rising and of course ending with Kingdom Come. 10 minutes ago I completed the journey finishing Kingdom Come and I must say it has been an awesome journey once again. It truley inpsires me to get even closer in my relationship with God the Father Almighty and His only beggotten Son my Lord, Savior, Messiah and King Jesus of Nazareth the Christ, and of course the Holy Spirit!!! I thank God for the authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins and for the people who read the books on audio. Being able to read and follow along kept me on the edge of my seat taking in all the possibilities! Our time grows shorter and shorter on the earth day by day. Engage Him! Find out the plan and destiny He created you for! Yes, He is a loving, caring, forgiving, merciful, patient, all seeing, all powerful, all knowing God, but He is a Holy, Righteous, and Just God as well. He must comply with those attributes of His nature therefore judgement time will be upon this earth a lot faster than we think. He sent Jesus for us as a gift to take the punishment we all truly deserve. He is not willing that any should perish. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. The wages of sin is death...not just physical death but eternal damnation in the lake of fire and brimstone. But the gift of God is Jesus Christ our Lord. God has a standard. Without Jesus we will never measure up! The choice is ours! Life or Death! Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation! Revelation 20: 11-15 states: 11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. 12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. Revelation 21:5-8 says 5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. 6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. I Corinthians 6:9-10 says: 9 Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, 10 or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God....But remember the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!! Romans 10:9-13 says: 9 If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved. 11 As the Scriptures tell us, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be disgraced.”[e] 12 Jew and Gentile[f] are the same in this respect. They have the same Lord, who gives generously to all who call on him. 13 For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”...So I would encourage you to engage with God the Father through Jesus. Admit you are a sinner, confess without Jesus you are hopelessly lost on your way to hell, Admit your need for Him to save you from your sins, Believe in your Heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, that on the 3rd day God rose Him from the dead and Jesus currently sits at the right hand of God the Father on His throne. Ask Him to come into your life and help you to know Him better and more intimately and to reveal to you the destiny He created you for!! Read the Bible, pray, worship God, and find a group of full gospel Bible believing Saints of God that can help you in your journey with God! In Christ, Bro. Shane
—Shane Bullis

I PICKED THIS BOOK UP AT A THRIFT STORE IN A SECOND BASED ON THE COVER. I THOUGHT IT WAS CHANCE. I FINISHED IT TODAY AND IT MAY JAVE BEEN PURPOSE. MY MOTHER HAD GREAT FAITH. SHE PASSED. I lost my way. I still am struggling with my faith bit I prayed today. Thank you I needed this. I plan to ger the next book tomorrow. Thank you.
—Tara Thompson

I bought and read every one of your books. A few years ago I dreamed that I looked up at the sky and saw a horse, no rider, just a horse in the sky. I thought to myself, what on Earth is a horse doing in the sky? And suddenly there were hundreds, millions of horses. That dream was before or shortly after 12-21-2012. More recently I dreamed that there was a tall dark whirlwind outside my house and many people stood behind the whirlwind yelling and beckoning us to come out. I told my people not to open a door or look out a window. When the noise ended I looked out and there was a new Heaven and a new Earth. I do not know if your books had something to do with these events.

I am so happy and excited for what "God's daily promises" has done for me.The news letter has been of encouragement and is like God was talking to me face-to-face.Is truly inspiring and the messages is directly coming from God.I am truly blessed and please keep sending me the Newsletter.God bless.Celestine Okoro
—Celestine Okoro

I just watched the movie.... and it was incredible!!! When is the next movie coming out?
—Elizabeth Jane

One of the Greatest Series I'm reading,Many blessings to the authors.Tells so much as if the end times have come! So inspiring to make my journey with Christ even stronger.
—Joshua Taylor

I have been a Christian for 43 years, but have never been much of a reader. I decided to read the first Left Behind book. My husband read them about 10 years ago and loved them so we had them at the house. He has been flabbergasted to watch me read this series in about 3 weeks. I devoured those books! Even though I knew the characters were fictional, the authors did such a wonderful job of bringing them to life. I felt like I knew them personally! And I loved how they actually told the Book of Revelation throughout the series. Reading this series has changed my life. I not only have a stronger desire to read, but a stronger desire to know my Savior Jesus Christ better! I look at the shape our world is in and the moral decline that has occurred. I hope the rapture will happen today! I WON'T be LEFT BEHIND! Thank you, for writing this wonderful series!
—Norma Smither

I bought the entire series when I first learned about them. I have read them a few times and I'm about to start on them again; especially since I saw the movie with Nicholas Cage. I hope he does the whole series; it would make for a terrific franchise.
—Matricia Striblin

I got saved at age ten, but really didn't understand what that really meant. When I was 14, because of a man named Roger I accepted Jesus as my Savior. The Left Behind series has had an impact on my life in giving me the desire to share Jesus Christ with others, so they don't get left behind. I believe that Jesus is going to return very soon, and I want to give people the chance to get saved before that happens. May the Lord bless all of you.

What a wonderful way to lead people to The Lord. Hundreds of people would have probably not been saved without y'all. God bless!

I don't think it has change. But I do think it gives me a better outlook on my belief. I was born again at age 51 and I believe in God, Jesus, and the Savior. This was after my girlfriend had died of cancer and her mother had died 4 years before. We were together for 28 years. He has shown me a brighter way of life. When I was little boy I know where I would go but He showed me ( the big picture) and it's clear to me now. I'm happier and a better man now. I truly love Him more then ever. I have been reading this series for the past 7 months and I'm overwhelmed by the books. I know the series been out since the late 90's. I can't wait for the next book to read. It has answered some of my thoughts and question. Thank you bothTim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. The books are awesome. Really. Love your Christian brother in arms.
—Andre J Arceneaux

I was a non beliver until i had one of my friends ask me " Have you ever heard of a book called Left Behind?" I said no whats it about and my friend told me and i said that sounds intresting and i started to read it and found out there was more and ever since i read the first book i have been going to church and i just recently accepted god in my heart and asked him to help me and i needed him in my life
—Michael Graham

Awesome Movie!and more to come!! (The following is what i posted in fb in reference how people instead supporting, they criticize ) I just watched it, This is no about the actors or acting this about the Lord trying to establish an spirit of awakening for this generation not only for unbelivers but even more for us for the children that still are not walking in the plans of the Father. Great work,! we appreciate the effort and hard work that everyone has spent to to make this awesome movie available for the big screen. i loved it! This is about the Love of God reaching soulsas much as possible for his kingdom,his presence. We are expecting more Christian movies please, so we can use them to introduce the Love of the Father to many! By the way, all the actors performance were really great!

I actually thought this was a well done movie...explaining the plane safety and passenger interaction in more detail...the Truth was also spoken well of ... any who have critizied this really need to investigate what they think they know...just like christians need to know about other topics any who are not christians need to learn about what the Bible says before they simply try to justify their remarks...Nicholas Cage thank you for this performance ...it was on topic

My husband and I watched this yesterday. I have never heard of the books but my husband has finished all of it and encouraged me to go see this. It was an exceptionally discouraging day for me yesterday (10/8/14). It was all about the 'same-sex' marriage. As a Christian, this news troubled me, same with the other persecuting events around the world. I began to question God why He brought me in this nation, when I was enjoying my Christian life back in Asia where God is declaring a lot of victories. I see a lot of people here in the US with hopes lost, and it pains me to see them not have the same joy that I have in the Lord. This movie has uplifted my spirits. That the good Lord knows what He is doing. That He is still in control. That He will be faithful til the end of time! Praise Jesus. To God be the glory!
—Dianne Owen

I have always been thanking God for helping me stumble upon your books. wow, they are just on point- bringing everything in Revelations alive. we thank God for that. Your books have helped me stay on my feet with me always having the notion that the rapture can occur at any time. Thanks for helping me have an insight about what will happen after the rapture- stuff that i will surely miss. Hope to see you in Heaven.

The series has made the rapture so much more clear to me and made me realize that it could happen at any moment! The series were the best I've ever read! I have been taught so much and it's helping me to grow as a Christian knowing I'll be facing my Savior soon!!

I am so amazed that there is still a website for the LeftBehind Series. I started reading the searies last November and almost finished. I have been wanting to read the books since i was a kid. The books have changed my while perspective on my life. I am more bold to share my fath, as I want my friends to know Christ and not be left behind. I had no idea there was a new movie out. I knew of the d one and was gking to watch when I am finished with the series. Why was thetr not a lot of advertisement for this new mivie?
—Amy Rich

I have been wanting to write you for years to let you know the impact your book had on me. I grew up in a home that didn't talk about God and we never went to church, not even on Easter or Christmas. I was 19 years old in 2000 when someone mentioned to me that the Left Behind series "really makes you say your prayers". I thought that was the craziest thing I had ever heard! I came across the first book in the series the following summer and out of curiosity, I bought it. I was sobbing throughout the book and prayed the exact prayer Rayford did to become a Christian. My life completely changed on June 23, 2000, sitting alone reading in my room. It was the first time I heard the Gospel and I knew it was the way. Your books truly do make a difference and I am proof! Fourteen years later, I can't imagine my life without God.
—Lana Watson

Im very upset and disappointed because in Puerto Rico we haven't the opportunity to enjoy the movie. We were a lot of people pending to go with our families.
—Jeannette Santiago

Greetingsssss.....The left behind series have changed my view in two ways 1.The first view is the it made me understand the heaven@hell are REALLL 2.It also made me understand the life after rapture THANKS 2 LAHAYE 4 THIS BOOK
—Nelson Samuel

I first read All of these books in the late 90's - growing up not involved in church and religion, I really was kind of ignorant to all of it these books changed my life, I remember reading the part were you could make that depiction right then, while is read, I gave my life over, surrendered Zane understood exactly who Our Lord & Savior was & I knew, I do not want to be left behind. The only was to salvation is through Jesus Christ. I am so happy this has been updated and this will play again. It us my hope that many many more will come to accept & know Jesus Christ Our Lord & Savior .
—Tanya Seely

I just want to say how much this series has helped me in my relationship with Jesus and The Heavenly Father. When I first started ready the series my faith was weak but just reading the stories of the characters made me realize how far I had drifted from Him and I could relate to everything tragic loss, pride, and many others. Now I'm reading the series for the third time and I love it! I know the storyline and characters are fictitious ut the message rings trues with the bible I have studied and talk with my methodist minister grandfather I have found that there is no way I am worthy or Gods love let alone his forgiveness as I am nothing but a sinner but I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ is my savior and that I will one day join him and the Father in heaven. Thank you Dr lahaye and Mr Jenkins for your contribution to the christian and literary community. God bless y'all!
—Brandon G.

I had heard of the Left Behind books when they first started and was kind of curious, but not enough to go out and buy any of them. Years go by... recently my sister tells me I just HAVE to read these books. She has all of them but one, and then she bought the last one. I went to see her and she loaded me down with 11 books, telling me I would love them if I'd read them. I still wasn't totally sure, but what the heck. I had been saved since January 31, 1984, had my highs and lows relating to religion and churches and other people's judgments. I didn't know if these books were all they were cracked up to be, but I got brave and opened the first one. I ended up reading it in one sitting! I devoured the second one as fast as I could go, and the third one I read in one sitting, too. I would be so tired and sleepy my eyes were painfully sore, but I could not put the book down. I'd think, okay just a few more pages, and then a hundred pages later I'd put more drops in my eyes so I could keep reading! I have never been so moved by a book since I first read my Bible. These books are astounding. My faith was alive, but not thriving. It has been renewed, watered by the promises repeated throughout these books. I have looked deep within my own soul to see just how I would fare in this situation. I wondered for years if my fear and will to survive at all costs would make me give in when the mark came. A calmness came over me, a few books into the series, when I realized that yes, I would rather die for my faith. My urge to help people deal with spiritual crises is strong, but my faith is stronger. I have mentioned these books to several friends, asking if they have read them, and I've got the response "No, I don't believe it will happen that way. There's the Rapture, and that's it, it's over." One even snapped, "No!" as a response, like it was something dirty. Why do so many people accept the Bible up to the Book of Revelations, but they don't accept that? I have the immediate urge to say, "Oh, but the Bible says this..." and I realize it's not my job to convince them. Arguing is not going to help if they are not ready to hear the truth. All I can do is encourage people to read for themselves. I'm not a minister, but sometimes I feel like I'm leaning that direction! I have been looking for an outlet to talk about these books, and I found it tonight. Thank you for allowing us to put our testimonials on here for others to read! Oh, and that last book is one on my purchase list now!
—Beverly A. Brooks

I am 32 years old and before reading the first book of the left behind I had up to that point never read the Bible. I then purchased the Message so that I could read the new testament in a way I could understand. If it wasn't for my sheer curiosity of reading this left behind book everyone kept talking about at work I would have still been blind. I have only read the first 5 books so far but I can't put them down. I will be reading more of all your books because I feel you have wrote these for people to better understand. Thank you.

I've been a Christian for over 50 years and I'm eagerly looking toward the Lord's return, although I'm not sure if it will take place before or after the Tribulation. I notice your most recent poll of what people think about Jesus' second coming was in 2003. I earnestly hope you will do another now...since more has happened in just the last few years than I ever thought possible in such a short time. I'd be one to love to see the results!
—Linda Fisher

I have read all of the Left Behind series. At my former office my co-workers and I shared them and discussed them during our lunch break. I have also read some of your wife's books about the families in a cul de sac who supported and loved one another. So when I saw the book " The Edge of Darkness" I thought I would read it too. On page 168 there is a reference to a prediction titled "Watch & Be Ready". I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ for over 4 decades and never has the church taught that. We study the King James version of the Bible. In Matthew 24:36 it clearly states " But of that day and hour knoweth no man,no not the angels oh heaven but my father only."
—Susanne Potter

I just started the series and it's riveting. I'm on the third book now. Two months ago a friend gave me the first and I was on the edge of my seat while I read them. It's made me to think of my life and others, and the world what will happen. I am a believer in God, Christ, Jesus. I was born a catholic and now born again in the episcopal church. I'm scared, it's got me to think am I'm a Good, God, follower I'm working and learning to let HIM do for me. Oh by the way im 53 years old.
—ANDRE Arceneaux

When I first read the Book of Revealation I was horrified and wouldn't read past when the church is raptured. I was scared because I didn't understand. I bought "Left behind kids" for my children because I didnt like the books they were reading. I decided to read the chapter books as well so we could talk about them and I could make sure they were reading. I was so taken in that when I got to book #42 I switched to the adult version. That was over 8 years ago. I enjoy the Left Behind adult series so much that I read all 13 books every year. It never gets old or boring. This years read was just like the first time. It reminds me to work on my relationship with God. That He is always waiting for me to talk to Him and I have to hold up my side of our relationship. How I love to remember that I am under His Grace and how loved I am. It reminds me of how much of His word that is actually in my heart. And that there will come a time when I will have to memorize my bible in its entirety. I love the word and I know that God ordained these books to help followers not be afraid of the Book of Reveation but to understand it, be watchful and be ready. Jesus is in my heart and everything else will work out because as Christians we win. Amen

I have always believed, but never really understood alot. I recently been attending church again, along with getting my chldern involved. One day after church my fiance of 11 years handed me this book " left behind," and said read it. We'll I did and could not put it down, then went out to get whatever other books I could find in the series. Last night just finished another. Wow, these books make it in story form so you can understand. These authors did a wonderful thing to help people learn.
—Danielle Geraci

yes,your books have brought me closer to God. when I was 12 I started to slip from Gods Grasp. but now I am called into the ministry like Bruce,Buck,Rayford,and Chloe. thank you so much.

Dear Mr. Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye, Thanks so much for your books!! I got saved when I was 5 but didn't really pay much attention to God. About a year and a half ago I started to listen to Him more, but I would still slide back. Then one day I was looking at our church library and I picked up the first one. I liked it so I got more, and each one I liked it better. More importantly, they helped me realize the necessity of living like you believe Jesus could come back any time, and helped m grow closer to Him. Your books are an amazing tool and I am glad you're so good at writing. Praise the Lord!! Now I have a prayer request. Well actually 2. One- my 11 year old brother read the whole series, but I don't know how much he undersood them (the adult series). Pray that God would use them to draw him to Him. My brother is kin of like me, just kind of ignoring God, not intentionly. Two- that I would keep my devotion and love to God and serve Him always. Thank you.

when I was 6 yrs old my appendix burst, the drs said the only thing that saved my life was that the appendix was folded back on itself. Dad remarried and on my 8 birthday my stepmother started to abuse me physicaly and sexualy, but she would take us to church every sunday. as long as she was in church she was a saint but as soon as we got in the car she was satin.I tried to talk to the pastor about her and all he said was I know her and you are lying. I left home on my 18 birthday and stopped going to church.I got into police work and twice while serving warrents I was shot in the chest, but a bulletproof vest saved me both times.Iwas involved in a traffic accident in which the first responders said I should have died. I thought I was very lucky. 7 years ago I had a accident in which I was told I would never work again. After several years of therapy due to injury and abuse I came to be able to deal with this. To keep from going crazy from sitting around the house and doing nothing I started picking up old electronics and stripping them out to recycle. One day I picked up a bunch of dvd players. When stripping them out I found a movie called Left Behind and watched it. The very next dvd I stripped out had that second Left Behind movie in it. after watching these movies it dawned on my that I was missing something in my life. I started going back to church and what I thought was being lucky was God working in my life. I have recently accepted Jesus as my Lord and joined a church . My life has gotten a lot better not perfect but better. I can now deal with the pain and everything a lot better now. Thank you for these movies which have come to mean a lot to me. I enjoy them a lot and they have helped me more than you know. Thank you again and I hope this helps someone else.
—eugene townley

your books have changed my life is not so hard now with keep up the good work

One day my mom brought home a book series call "Left behind kids" immediately,I was hooked. I couldn't stop reading, nor did I want to. I thought to myself,they need to make a movie about this. One night I read Revelation to make sure it was real. I can't ask for a better way to see what will happen when i am gone. Thank you Mr.Jenkins and Dr.LaHaye! Much thanks and KEEP WRITING!

Although I've been a Christian since I was a young boy, never have I been so tremendously impacted as I have by reading the entire series of Left Behind books. I'm going into my 5th time in reading the entire series and I just can't get enough of it. There's no doubt in my mind that this series of possible future events in the form of novels has brought me closer to God than ever before. I've gotten to know the characters quite well. Although the rapture may not occur in my lifetime, if it did I certainly would want to be included among those to be taken for eternal life with our heavenly Father. If I was to be left behind, I would perform a serious self-assessment, as Rayford did, in trying to determine why, and quickly come to terms with the Lord, ask for his forgiveness for whatever shortcoming/s caused me to be left on earth, and plead with him to quickly come into my heart forever. Of course I would want to be part of that Tribulation Force to fight for God if such a force were to actually be established. Currently, I'm reading the Bible now every day, wearing my cross pendant proudly and visibly so others can see I'm a Christian, and pray to the Lord everyday and thanking Him for being in my life and my heart. I am quite thankful for authors Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins for coming out with such a spectacular and wonderful series. As an author myself, I do appreciate great writings by other authors. Perhaps someday, either here on earth or in heaven, I will have the pleasure of meeting either or both of them. To them I say, may God bless both of you and may his heavenly light shine on you and your families now and for eternity to come.
—Kenneth Passan

The left behind series made me realize that I needed to change. Even though I am the only one in my family that believes in Chirst and everthing he stands for I still find time for him. I am currently reading Desecration. This series of books will always touch my heart.
—zandrina reaper

My teacher collects books of all kinds and sticks them in our "library". I was bored one day and I picked up Tribulation Force. I read the back ad I was hooked. I plunged into the series and am about to start Glorious Appearing. Before I read this book, I was convinced that if Jesus were to come, that I would go with him in the Rapture. This series has made me rethink my life and how devout I am to God and Jesus. Thanks to Dr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins.

Back in 2003 I was a Freshman in high school. My family wasn't religious and never went to church. I loved to read. I would read anything I could get my hands on. Needless to say, I read books from court room dramas to horror. One day I was at the school library and stumbled upon Left Behind. It sounded good, especially since I've always had a fascination with the end of the world. Left behind sounded like it would be right up my alley. I started reading it and I couldn't put it down. I couldn't put Tribulation Force down. I couldn't put Nicolae down. More than that I was interested in the bible verses. I didn't own a bible so I'd ask dad if I could borrow his. I couldn't believe that the bible said these things! I cross referenced each and every verse. Sure enough, the bible said each and every one. I couldn't put the series down. I read them all the way through. This series planted the seed. Not more than a year after I started reading these I told dad that I wanted to start going to church. He asked me why and I couldn't give him an answer. I just knew that I wanted to. That I needed to. I needed answers. Dad found me a church to start attending. I attended it for 9 months before they were going on a mission trip to Hawaii. I knew I needed to go on the mission trip. As the day drew near, I knew I was going to die on the trip. I just knew it. I didn't know how I was going to, I just knew that I was going to die. And I did. I died on that trip. I died of my old self when I asked for forgiveness of my sins and gave my life to the Lord. I accepted Jesus as my savior. I can't say thank you enough to Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins. Thank you both for writing the left behind series. The Left Behind series planted the seed I needed for salvation.

i've been in a dysfuntional family almost my whole life and went into fostercare at the age of eleven. the second foster home i went to, the family was christian. went to church and all that jazz. i went to their church and got saved at the age of thirteen. up to this point I've been going down the wrong path at a hundred miles an hour. I've been turning away from God this last year and to drugs, boys, and everything and anything to fill the hole in my heart. I know that God wants me to turn back to him. I've gotten into the left behind kids series and wondered if I'll get left behind for turning my back on him for so long and I don't know if I'm worth it anymore. I don't know if I'll be left behind. I'm so into the book of revelation that it's not even funny. I'm so obsessed with the end times and whether or not I'll be accepted by Him...sometimes i doubt that I'm even saved anymore....
—Samantha Stacy

When the movies came out I was already a born again Christian. I knew something about the rapture and end times, but that's just it, some. Then the movies came out. They sure did open my eyes further and now I understand what is happening more clearly. It made me want to read the series to see how everything happens after that. I was disappointed that Buck had died towards the end. But I have to tell you that I'm much better at learning when I see it in a movie. So when the 2nd and 3rd movie came out I thought oh boy I can see what I read. I was real excited. Then I was waiting for the 4th in the series and guess what? It never came out! It's like you're left hanging. When my children were growing up is before I came back to Christ. So I, sad to say, didn't give them an education on Jesus or anything. My one son I got him to see the movies. I thought, oh boy, he's learning something. Now nothing. What happened? Why did they stop? It would be great for others in my kind of situation to have the rest of the movies. Can somebody please consider doing them? So what if not many people buy the DVD's or Blue Ray's. If even just one person is led to Christ, then I think it is well worth it! Then maybe there could be a tidal effect, where it get bigger and bigger. By the way, I do have the first 3 movies and I lend them out any time somebody I know wants to see them.
—Virginia (Gina) Baker

i have almost all of them at first i did not know if i would like them but when i read the first two books i was hooked by 3 i let a friend read the ones i did have but she never gave them back to and yes book 3 was the one that got me hooked. i do believe that it could happen to us. teresa deiter.
—teresa deiter

oh my word. Left behind was SUCH a blessing for me and I am SO SO looking forward to meeting Jesus face to face. I adored the characters and how gripping the novels were. Thank you so much and fabulous good job!!!!!!!

I listened to the whole left behind series on CD, PLUS Babylon Rising series, probably 20 in all. But the best of all was The Book of Mark. Because of a current trial in my life, I had been having doubts, but the Lord used that drama of the early church & persecution in Rome to give me more faith. I am very grateful.
—Judy Michno

Thank You i am feeling the pull in the right direction at last

found the first 6 left behind books in a charity shop. Started reading them, and they opened my eyes and changed my life instantly. They are hard to get in England, but have ordered them. God bless all who read them, and the authors. I feel so different and felt Christ enter my heart when I read them. Read between the lines and you can see what Christ is telling us. Can't wait for the rapture. The world is a mess, false prophets, lies and murder everywhere. God save us sinners.
—David pickles

I have just finished reading the series and found myself moved to tears when I read the last book. Glorious Appearing. This has been the best I have read and look forward to more books in the future. I have shared some of the bible teaching with my Sunday School Class and learned some have read the books. It has been a long time ago and now they want to read them again. Thank you for your insights. I am so blessed by what I have learned and am looking into mush of the scripture referred to in the books.
—eula Giauque

Your books have helped me see what God has planed for me. Thank you.
—Marcie Roberts

My future daughter in law WAS agnostic. I talked her into reading the Left Behind Series. She said that by the 4th chapter of the FIRST book she was on her KNEES! THANK YOU Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins! You helped show her the way! I am now reading the children's series! LOVE THAT TOO!
—Debi Bartow

I have read ALL of the books including the prequels and I LOVE them all! I have been saved for many years but the story of Bruce Barnes touched me the most. A man that is in the church, knows all the right things to say, and was reading a sports magazine while his wife was raputred right next to him as he read late into the night. WOW!!! Honestly it made me take a second, third, and FOURTH in depth look at my own walk to make sure I'm not just "going with the flow" and then get left behind when Jesus comes back for his TRUE SAINTS! I have re-dedciated my life to Christ anew. It's not enough to just know about God, read your Bible every now and then, and shout Hallelujah every SUnday...you will still be warming that pew right after Jesus raptures his saints. It's about a TRUE DEDICATION of your life to Christ and acknowledging and accepting Him as YOUR PESRSONAL Lord and savior. Please I urge anyone who reads this...especially for those who are "well churched"..do not think that going to church and keeping up with "Christian Rituals" will get you into heaven...please please take the time to really learn about the God you say you serve...accept Jesus today....He will come as a thief in the night...we do not know the hour of our Lord's return...be ready!!!

I just moved to florida with my husband and 19-year-old son. I believed it to be the greatest mistake of our lives and only one good thing came of it. We joined the local library and I found the Left Behind series. I always meant to read the series after having read only "Left Behind" many years ago. I started reading these books and came to realize why Christ lead us to make this drastic move to Florida. I started praying to him to help me get closer and as i read more, I finally came to the realization i wanted to give my life to Christ. I begged for his forgiveness and accepted him as my Lord and Saviour! I just finished reading "Desecration" and am ready to pick up "The Remnant". I have recently started studying the bible and have found a church I feel really good being a part of. I now look forward to being baptized on October 28th!! Praise the Lord Jesus, for having answered my prayers and coming into my life. Now if I could only get my husband and son to jump on the bandwagon with me! - Arlene
—Arlene Diaz

The movies are what I saw first. I am now reading the books. I have been hunting for the in thrift stores and libraries. I even found 35 of the40 kids books. My kids will be reading all of those. Left behind haxs increased my resolve to witness. I will share withe work That Jesus is soon to return. Amen.....
—Tanya kennedy

I'm on book # twelve and cannot get enough! I was so happy to discover there are four more books in the series. Once finished, I will continue reading anything Tim LaHaye & Jerry B Jenkins publish. It helps make sense of the Bible, I've struggled so many years to understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.~ Leslie
—Leslie ONeill

I just finished reading the complete series for the first time ever, and all I can say is this: The Word came alive.
—Shalvah Adebayo

The Left Behind Series is my favorite book series of all-time. I believe it to be highly accurately based on the book of Revelation in the Bible. It has changed my thoughts on how the world is going to end COMPLETELY. Also, if anyone is looking for a change in their lives, this series will do it. It certainly did that to me.
—John Scott

Hi, my name is Wilmer Martinez. God bless you guys abundantly with life and faith, grace and harmony, firts of all I want to let you know that you guys have been a great blessing in my life and my family´s life, most of us have seen the left behind movie among others. I´ve personally, have read all 12 books among other series that I´ve been able to get my hands on. I just wanted to let you guys know that I´m willing to help you translate those books to spanish if you guys haven´t I think that would be an even bigger blessing for the kingdom of God to have others listen, read and see this material which God has intrusted you with and I believe others need to watch and understand see this in their own terms to get the message out there in this way that God made you for so please don´t hesitate to give me feed back about this gentleman God bless you brothers of faith I pray to spend eternity listening to the things God is doing with you guys Bless you fully and your familys.
—wilmer martinez

I came to know the Lord at age 12 while reading Left Behind: The Kids series. Now, at age 21, I just finished the adults Left Behind series, which also led me to have a deeper relationship with my Savior. It's incredible how Jenkins and LaHaye have formulated such an informative and inspirational book that has truly changed lives everywhere, especially mine. Thank you and praise the Lord.
—Amber Duren

I had seen the first two movies before reading the books. My spirit has been renewed and I don't want to be left behind. This whole experience has motivated me to strengthen my bond with the Lord and strive to be ready when the time comes. This series is an excellent read and I encourage anyone who claims to be a Christian to read it.
—Karen Crist

i have been a christian for a while but i was not living the right way. my mom bought me some of these books and it changed my way of thinking. i decided that i dont want to be here after the rapture and i totally changed my life around. im so glad these books were written.. god bless...

Rather than a testimonial, I would submit a request for prayer for my wife. I began reading the series because of all the good things I heard from other Christians. (I have been saved for over 40 years) Prayers for my wife who picked up the books and began reading and asked me to reborrow the books from the public and church libraries. Pray that through reading, she would come to salvation, because I dont want her left behind! Thank you

I just finished reading Left Behind for the first time. Just from reading about Bruce Barnes, I realized my life was similar to his. I grew up in the church and got spiritual food, but never understood how to act on it. I've never been able to be a strong witness or have the courage to share God's message and His word with others. Reading this book has made me want to dig into my Bible more to read about what has already happened and what will take place in the future. I had a couple of dreams earlier this year that God will be coming back sooner than we all think. Having these dreams scared me, but reading this book has brought me to the truth. He IS returning! I want to make sure my heart is pure, and my husband's as well. Reading about Bruce Barnes has helped me see the person I was and who I want to become as a Christian. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.
—Kristina Otten

The Left Behind Series is amazing to me in several ways. First as a set of novels that is so well written that the characters truly come to life. I have heard that said about books before but never actually experienced it. As an avid reader who has read thousands of works of fiction I was shocked to find my eyes filling with tears as I read about Chloe dying. As a Christian I have always been fascinated with the Book of Revelations and the rest of the scriptures relating to the end times. As I read each book of the series for the first time I would have to stop and open my bible and study with new insight. It has been like having my own personal tutor and studying my favorite subject. Thirdly it's uplifting to hear of so many being brought to The Lord through this series. I would like to thank Mr Lahaye and Mr Jenkins for the hours of enjoyment I have received from these books.
—John Jarvis

I've read this series 3 times and will read it again. It has brought the bible alive to me and I cannot wait for the rapture. It has helped me to live a life where I am more than careful about what I let into my life on a daily basis. I strive each day to be a better person and to share the word of God with anyone who wants to know. It has blessed my life immensely and I am so eternally grateful to Mr. Lehay and Mr. Jenkins for taking on the monumental task of revealing the book of Revelations in such an easy and enjoyable read for the millions of fans and new Christians.

i want to tall that i love are books and are movie you are so good at makeing the movies and the books i like are work thank you very much
—melissa laminack

I am reading the books now I am on the remanant I have been so consumed with this series I found god while reading this series
—chris gillow

I am a child of God. I know he is with all of us at all times. There have been many times in my life where I have fall out of Gods sight because of the things I was doing. They were not really bad things just things God would not want for me or any of his children. I don't have a complete set of books just yet and don't really have the money to get them but as I pray God sees fit to help me find the book I am looking for. I don't have the fist book or Soul Harvest, Armageddon or Glorious Appearing. The rest I have found at a local give and take store. Which is a big help to me because I am a single mom of 3 wonderful children whom God has blessed me to care for. My oldest child is 11 and for being so young and having mental health issues and writing and speech delays she is a very bright and wonderful child. She loves God and talks about him every where and with everyone. She can read these books on her own and loves to do so. My younger two children are 9 and 5. My 5 year old sings all the time to God and Jesus and tells everyone that God loves them no matter what. They have me read to them the books every night and I will. They ask questions and pray for help more now than ever. It helps them to understand Gods plan and what things might be like at the end of times. Thank you for all the help and insight. Thank you for bring me and my children closer to our Heavenly Father. My God Bless everyone who reads these books and the writers.
—Amanda Cook

When I was little, my church showed the first of the Left Behind movies. At the time, my church would also put on something called Tribulation Trail behind the church and it showed what they thought would happen during the Rapture and Tribulation. The first movie and the trail actually scared me even though I was already saved and I couldn't bring myself to read the books of the kids series that my Aunt. When I got into high school though, I started to read the book of the adult version that my dad had and it still scared me a little, but it caused me to go to my high school principal and re-commit myself to Christ. Now I have successfully read all the the books in the Adult series and watched all of the movies and I'm waited for anymore movies that are possibly yet to come and I have also listened to the dramatic audio editions. The thought of the Rapture used to scare me and I used to cry myself to sleep at night, but thanks to the books, I re-committed myself to Christ and I know that I will not be Left Behind.

Although my husband and I started going to church again after 33 years of marriage (5 years ago); we just didn't get the whole picture and that we were only half the way there. It's only a small part going to church; it's something entirely different to dedicate yourself and your life back to God. My daughter was cleaning house one day and gave me your "Left Behind" book. I was curious so I started reading it; on a flight to Chicago O'Hare airport! God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't he? It really got my attention. So much so, that I have read the next 10 books in 5 weeks and will pick up the next one this afternoon. Since I started reading your books, my husband started reading them and is now into book 5. Your books have made a difference in my life and given me a better understanding of what my relationship with God and Jesus should be. Thank you & God bless you all.
—Cindy Sanford

This book series has changed my life, dramatically!! I now know where I'm going once I die and I better understand how to live thanks to it. I had grown up most my life, thinking I'd been saved at 4 or 5, went to church, and even helped out a lot in children's ministries and youth group missions trip. I had so many others fooled along with me, people at my church were starting a video series about teens and their relationship with God, and asked me to be the first person to do it(I never did happen though.) And yet, i didnt feel this joy althat so many Christians said they had, i just felt empty. it wasn't till I started reading this series, only because I'd been shown it by a friend at school, did I realize that I wasn't even saved, that I knew who God was and everything a boy raised in church would know, but I didn't personally KNOW God. I read a part of that book, it's been awhile so I don't remember specifics, but salvation was explained so simple and clear, it finally hit me, I finally knew what I needed. So I prayed, broke down, just wanting to know that I was actually saved, and I felt an overwhelming happiness, so undescribable, I just knew it was from God! I'm over halfway through the series and can't stop, it's amazing, and I can't explain how glad I am to have started read it!!!
—Eric Danks

It changes definitely. I have been studying the Bible regarding the End Time and the Millenuim. I need you to give me an answer. After the rapture, during the Great Tribulation Period, some of the teachings said that there will be a chance to be a martyr for Jesus and those that suffers will be save along with all the Israelites. But some says there's no more chance for redemption and only the Isralites will be saves. Tell me how and why, please.
—Lalremliana Pachuau

12/20/2012 Good evening, I have been listening to the Left Behind Series - the audio dramatizations. I've been so inspired from the characters - their trials and tribulations that it helped me to re-affirm my faith. I really needed to hear these stories - and I thank you for writing something so amazing. I know that it's your idea coming through from what the Bible has foretold - however, I needed to hear the scripture! Thank you again! A curiosity question though - will Kingdom Come ever become an audio dramatization? Sincerely, MJ Cogburn
—MJ Cogburn

I have Believed in God since i was a child. I became a Christian A week after I turned 18. I drifted through life for a few years. When I was in my mid 20's my sister in law introduced me to the left behind series. I read Left behind and tribulation Force. i started reading Nicoli but could not finish it. I set the books aside for a few years. Picked them up again in my early 30's and have not stopped reading them. I have read them once a year sense. I always started with the series when a new on came out. Have read the entire series I don't know how many times. and every time I do, I find a deeper relationship with God. My family can't understand why I keep reading it over. they have all read the books once and don't understand my need to keep reading it. the one person who I have been trying to get to read this is my husband. He has a lot of difficulty reading so I am going to try and get the audio tapes or CD. I know he would enjoy it very much. Keep me in your prayers on this and I will let you know how it goes.
—Melanie Diaz

My fiance , Jarred had read these books and told me how enlightening they were for him . I was reluctant at first thinking 'they're christian books , they're going to bore me to sleep' ! But , I was wrong . After I read Leaft Behind I felt addicted . I feigned to read more . If i wasn't for these books , I probably would have never found God . Never read the bible , never really cared . But now , I have undying faith in our Lord Jesus I know with him I can get through anything . The series led me to My bible , Which was dusty on a book shelf , never touched . Now , it's falling to pieces from my reading and traveling with me where ever I go . I honestly feel like The series was touched by God . And He touched me through this series . I cant wait for my kids to read them . I feel the urge to get my friends and the reat of my family to read them . I found my faith through these books , and if it was for them , I would have been Left Behind .
—Tia M

I was saved when I was 13 years of age I'm now 67, I haven't lived a drug life ,but not a born again life either. This book series has helped me make the right call and am trying to bring my self back in the Lords eyes.This has got to be the best books I have ever read and I read a book in about 1-2 days.
—Gary Wilson

I have been a believer for nine years, since I was six. I have only recently began the process of pursuing God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength. I have discovered my spiritual gift - evangelizing. God has been sending me more and more momentum, in many forms, pushing me to share the Gospel even more. I had read the Left Behind series already when I was younger, but I got back into it recently, along with other end time resources. It was a wake-up call to share the Gospel with my friends, more so than before. I believe that the age of the end has come, and I now make it my number one priority to make sure my friends either know the Lord, or, when the Rapture occurs, will know what really happened. I couldn't be more excited - if I, Lahaye, Jenkins, and the others agreeing are right, Jesus will come fetch me from this earth. And that will be the greatest day. I look to it with great yearning - I CAN'T WAIT!!! It will be so awesome!
—Kenneth Pancake

Thank You Thank You for getting someone that has been raised on the word her entire life...since birth... 50 years of church and 12 years of a Christian school...to listen to God speaking to me! God uses us all and He has certainly used these authors!!! I am sitting here reading how people think they were brainwashed at an early age??? I was the same age as these very same people when I first saw this movie.What are you thinking??? Are you really just not believers? Sure this movie or book series can scare you....If you are fighting conviction or ignoring Jesus knocking at your heart. I would be frightened too...We all know this is a fiction based story that was founded on the Biblical Phropesy of God...and yes....You all can argue and argue on what you believe and what you don't believe and how the original authors did not follow scripture....but you are only doing exactly what the devil wants you to do! The bottom line is that Jesus died for our sins and He is coming again!! Thank You Lord Jesus!!! I praise Your Name!!! Lets not argue and ignore!! Lets be thankful and pay attention because the very same people; will one day be wondering where all their loved ones went when that wonderful day of the rapture occurs. Instead of being ignorant to Your Word....instead of letting our tempers get the best of us....instead of wanting to prove our point with scripture....Lets just all pray for those that have not accepted Jesus in their life!!! Lets pray that they will heed to their convictions and that they will listen and yearn to be what God wants for each of us! Lets pray that every person that is down and has given up hope....those people that are hurting and those that need to be loved...will all confess that they have sinned and that they acknowledge that God sent His Son on this earth in human form to die on the cross to take on our sins and rose again the 3rd day... and confess with their mouth that they desire to have Jesus live within their heart that one day that they too will also be in heaven with Jesus. People...People....are you really going to allow the devil to take control???? Brainwashed??? No!!! That is conviction!! The devil is the one that is brainwashing you to get on this site and actually complain about this movie and how you were so innocently brainwashed at an early age. I am so very very thankful that Jesus did not harden His heart with me!! Praise You Jesus!!! Thank You for all you have done and work through me that I may be a better servant and help lead more people to the Lord. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
—kimberly richardson

Finally started reading the books this fall. Am on 'Remnant' and love them. Just want to share the Gospel, and talk with other believers, while we can. I read every day, and can't get enough. Love the times of prayer, and seeking God's will. When someone comes to Christ, it gives me tears of joy. Have shared the first book with a friend, and am anxious to know how it affects her. Thanks again. Bev
—Bev Loscher

I going through a pretty hard time when I found Left Behind. All of my friends had moved my 7th grade year, so my 8th grade year was horrible. I sat by myself every day and was picked on. The next year I had friends again, but I was still and emotional wreck and wasn't near as close to God as I had been when I was younger. During my 9th grade year I found copies of the first three books in the Teenage Left Behind series. I hadn't ever learned much about the Rapture, so reading them was really shocking! But I still didn't go make myself right with God. Then I found out that my Granny had cancer. She was the best Christian I have ever known. She always did exactly what God wanted her to. Just like David did, I came running back to God. Her cancer was terminal, and we all knew it, but it's God who would decide how long my Granny would live. I began to pray that she would live to see me get married, then for her to see me graduate, then for her to see my birthday. None of those prayers came true. One June morning, less than a month before my birthday, my Granny passed away at almost 91 years old. I was sad, of course, but, again like David, I began to revaluate my life. I thought of the Left Behind books I had read. What if I was in a car wreck or the Rapture came? Would I be with my Granny in Heaven? I didn't think I would be. So I began to pray more and I bought a new Bible, this one geared for my age. As I got closer to God, I began to notice that my prayers where being answered left in right! Not just the big things either! Little things that just made my day a bit eaiser where happening. I've really been able to see God's hand in my life! A few weeks ago I found the first of the adult Left Behind series and was so exicited! I can't wait to get ahold of Tribulation Force! Thanks to the authors for writing these books! Now I know I won't be left behind.

Your series made me a stronger Christian. It explained Revelations to me in a way that no one else or my own reading has ever been able to do. It has given me a tool to use to help others understand also. The current war in Israel has struck a cord and I will re-read the books/Bible to see where it fits in the timeline. My excitement to see the Lord increases, while my fear for the unsaved escalates the urgency to tell them about God's grace and to live as an example so they might see God through me.
—Candy Johnson

After reading only a small amount of the book I was moved to strengthen my relationship with God. I now rejoice in the grace that He gives me everyday. I read the bible to my kids and tell everyone about the things I am learning. I feel that I have been given a gift and if I don't share it with everyone I can I am just being selfish. I am so happy and fulfilled with my new way of life and relationship with Christ. Thank you so much for making such a life changing and enlightening series. God Bless you.

Thank you, I greatly enjoyed reading your series. Actually, I feel that I must thank you, for it was your books that got me into reading fiction again, ever since high school, in early 80's. In 88 I read the book "Armageddon", by Grant Jeffrey, which shocked my logical mind into the reality of God. I quickly learned to trust and love His Word, and very soon after learned my need to take Christ as my Saviour. Ever since that day, I have tried to set my mind on deeply studying His Word, trying to dig for important and useful data and meanings. I even asked God to let me be able to spend 100% of my time on my studying His Word. I guess that I now know why they sometimes say, be careful what you ask for, as instead of allowing me to patent something and live off the royalties, He allowed me to become paralyzed in an automobile accident in 96. (my fault though, driving at 3AM, I caught myself falling asleep twice, and still kept going, = my passenger said that he needed to get home that morning, but I could have just stopped to sleep, 5 minuets after he assured me that he would not let me fall asleep, + falling asleep himself). These I truly believe in Romans 8:28, as although I went through a lot in my accident, starting out with dying twice, once in the ambulance and then again in the hospital. I woke up six months later, in the hospital to find out that I even had the third strike, when they declared me brain dead, and turned off my life support. Thankfully God did not choose to keep me at this time, and let me breath on my own. I woke up to a strange world, where I first had to relearn how to speak, before being able to ask what happened. I learned that along with my closed head injury causing me to have little to no short-term memory, it also wiped out a full year of my long term memory. http://pre-trib-force.blogspot.ca/ Although things were extremely foggy coming back into this life, I was fortunate enough to remember my love for God, or should I say mostly His Love for me. Your novels and movies kept me comforted and entertained, as I started to rebuild my life after this traumatic hazard in my life. I believe and am a testimony to the Words of Romans 8:28, as not only has He helped me be able to read and understand His Word more, He has brought me the best partner to help me get through all that life throws our way. The most beautiful girl, who loves my Lord and believes like I do: http://beliefstoliveby.yolasite.com/
—(joe) Joseph Adam Lynch

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Mr. Lahaye, and Mr. Jenkins for writing the novels(I have every single one including the 3 before, Kingdom Come, and Are We Living In The End Time?) I have to confess that unless I had a Left Behind book, I wouldn't read any portions of scripture. But with the exciting, revitting journey our friends Rayford, Buck, and Chloe embarked apon, I couldn't help but want a life that would honor God. So, whenever I had a new Left Behind book, I dove deeper into God's word. The Left Behind series showed me that we are indeed living in the Last Days, and that we all ought to be preparing ourselves for the last trump, when Jesus shall call all of His followers to meet Him in the air! What a Glorious, Marvelous, and Wonderous day for those snatched out of the way! I can't wait for the re-makes of the movies! Continue the ministry! God Bless!
—marcus whitley

My brother had come to me with Book One of the series and told me I needed to read this book since I loved to read. I kinda laughed at him and told him I would, little did I know at the time I would be HOOKED! As I started reading it, I felt the presence of God. I had the 1st book done by the next night. My brother was shocked, to say the least. By the time I had read thru the entire series, I was at a loss for words. I couldn't believe what I had read, and I still felt God pulling me to him. That was 7 years ago. I didn't get saved till this year, cause I, like Buck and Ray, didn't want to believe what I was feeling. But now that I have come to Christ and have accepted him as my saviour, I can't read any other books, but this series and the Bible. I've tried, and have failed miserably. No other book can hold my attention anymore. I thank God everyday that he had my brother come to me with those books. I also thank God everyday for finally "waking" me up before I was Left Behind. I couldn't imagine living here on earth after the rapture. I also want to thank Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for writing this wonderful series. Without it, I don't believe I would have come to know Christ like I have.
—Renee Eldridge

Because of the Left Behind series I came to Christ. I was working night shift and I saw the book laying there and the person who had the book saw my interest and said "Go ahead read a few pages". So I started after an hour whipped by she finally pried the book out of my hands and to me I needed to get my own. Funny thing is I don't remember her name I only remember she planted a seed in my hands. I went out that morning and eventually ended up buying the entire series. But I know for a fact that these books led me to accept Christ in May 2005.
—Donna Scott

Hi my name is clayton i am 15 years old. I got interested in the series left behind when i watched the movies and then read some books. I quit reading them when i was 14 and like 1 month ago so thats about August 2012 i had a dream that i was left behind when christ came. And so i did reaserch on why i might be left behind. And everything i found lead to this website. So i went to the libary and checked out book 4 because i alreay read and watch 1-3 and i read that book one night when i missed churched and listening to some music and when i read that some people that was doing stuff i am doing got left behind. Like Chole i am doing stuff thats she is doing and That dude rayford saved when he walked out of church and he was about to kill him self he lusted over people and thats what i was doing. And i just prayed right there and gave myself to god for real that time. And i am on book Assassians book 7

My life has absolutely been changed since reading the Left Behind series! I talk to God and Jesus every day and feel a strong urge to get baptized before it's too late. Thank you!!!
—Kathy Boeger

I frist read Left Behind one afternoon during a Army field exercise. My Chief was reading it and it passed through my platoon like candy. Everybody wanted to read it. Once the last person read it I wanted to see what was so fasicinating. I read the first chapter and wanted to cry, pray, and smile because that was the day Christ came into my life. I could not, would not put the book down until it completely read. From then on I have read the entire series and have given my life completely to Christ. Praise the Lord!! This book has captivated me and a hunger for the word of God is never quenching for me. I just returned from Afghanistan and there I met several brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. My new brother David told me his testimony and low and behold, the day before he would have ruined his life, he read this book and it brought him to Christ. Isn't that the power of God to bring two people from differnet countries into salvation with the same book! There is no mistakes made and we were ment to meet and share our testimonies that Left Behind has saved us. Amen
—Courtney Gaston

we bought the series on cd's. Iam so glad I am going to be in Heaven when this happens. What a witnessing tool. This is why we need to witness and and try to save as many people as we can. we lend the set out. Thank you Tim and Jerry and God Bless
—Rich Webb

I bought the series on cd's. it was a phenominal series and I am so glad i am going to be in Heaven when this happens! This is why we need to tryand witness to everyone we can and get them saved! Wehave lent the cd's out. Thank you Tim and Jerry for this series. God Bless
—Rich Webb

i never call my self a christain because i couldnt explain what it is until i read the series and i literally was scared that i cried and i bowed my head and prayed for repentence and i feel closer to god than ever
—samantha swilley

I began Left Behind in May and now am on the fifth book! Thank you so much for these books!

I am towards the end of the Left Behind Series on The Mark. I assume a person could say before I began reading about the end of times, I was somewhat of an agnostic. I didn't like the idea of organized religion, but I never dinounced the belief in God or Jesus Christ. I steered clear of conversations about God or His Church because it made me uncomfortable because I did not know His word to back up my argument. Being that I am an intelligent, young woman, I found it discouraging that I could not prove it to the nonbeliver. When I was younger, I went to church with my mother and I was saved when I was 12. I did not really grasp the prophecies nor God's love for me at that age, but I did believe in God and that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, here to die for our sins. Slowly though as time slipped away and began high school, I slipped away from Christ. I was sinful in my actions, beliefs, and spiteful with my tongue. This has been true up til almost a year when my wonderful sister, God bless her, and my boyfriend, God bless him too, started to work in my life. I know that God put them in my life to bring me to Him. I am thankful everyday for them and the rest of my family. I discussed with my sister my frustrations in trying to understand the Bible. While I had been saved, I did not know much about His word. God says that we must know Him and His word. My sister told me about The Left Behind series and I picked up the book and have been reading it ever since. One night on the way home from visiting my boyfriend over the weekend, I felt burdens so heavy in my life; I felt like I was lost. I believe I was reading the second or third book. I cried the whole way home. When I got home, I dropped everything and fell to my knees. I told God I knew I was a sinnner and asked for his mercy and forgiveness. I asked Him to come back into my heart and walk with me everyday. I said I knew I was unworthy of his love and forgiveness but was choosing to ask for it anyway. I asked him to humble me and take away my pride so that I could listen and hear Him. He has been working in my life since that night and I am so grateful for Him everyday! I have this longing to know more about Him than ever before. I have been reading the Bible ever since that night. Before that time, I think I had only tried to read Genesis twice and never continued it. My question is this, I believe we are living in the end of times, but I feel like I will never get through the entire Bible, but I want to! However, could you tell me the most important books to read that will help Know Him? I have such a yearning to know Him and let Him work through me to bring others to the faith, but how can I do that before knowing his word? Thanks to you guys and all who have helped you do the Lord's work. I have no doubt you have saved many souls in writing and preaching the Word of God. May the Lord Bless all of you and your families. May he keep you safe and I pray he returns to us soon! Thank you, Emily

I might only be a 14 year old girl, but I know that the Left Behind: The Kids series has changed the way I thought I had to be a "Christian". I have loved Jesus all my life, but I never really had a relationship with God or read his word. These books were great to read and they showed me how to have a true and faithful relationship with God. They also made me see some stuff about myself that I did't like, but that God saved me through his son and that he is always working on me. Mainly, the books help me with my faith, and I loved them a lot!

my son was in middle school and read left behind. he passed it to me. i ate them all up, more significantly, i returned to church, rededicated my life to the LORD and live with the rapture in front of me. "and a little child shall lead them..."

It's a sure fact that the world will come to an end one day; but no one really knows when and how it will end except that facts given by the HOLY BIBLE. However, reading the LEFT BEHIND series, particularly, THE MARK, have given me the courage that even if I'm left behind after the rapture, there's still hope for me to be with my God eternally; even if I have to be martyred like the pastor's wife to secure my redemption. Truly, my life has been changed and more heavenly focused by the inspiration from the books. Thank you, Tim and Jerry. May God bless you.
—George Freeman

I turned my back on God over 40 years ago. As I read the Left Behind series, I realized He had never left me. I am now a very active church member. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Truly, I've never read any detailed analysis of how the End-Time would look like until I read the 'LEFT BEHIND' series. One of the books, THE MARK, is really an inspiration to me. After reading the portion where the Pastor's wife and some women were martyred for their refusal to accept the mark of the beast, I made up my mind that even if I'm left behind to experience the great tribulation, I would give all it takes, even my life, like them, to secure heaven. But above all, the characters in the books really portrayed the courage of the true TRIBULATION FORCE.

God bless you! I am actually happy with everything you people are doing to let the world know about God and the time we're living in. But I would like you also to help me understand what does Malaki 4 entails as it seems like it is also talking about the last days. Be blessed Chris

I was already a beliver before this series but this has made me really stronger.. I read my bible every night and memorize verses. I am about to be thirteen and most of my friends say they are Christians but they don't act like it... I just want to thank you for writing these books and strengthing my relationship with christ

I love your books, I just bought them 4 days ago and have read through the first two. The story of Rayford Steele resinates with me for a few reasons. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, I believe he will return and that this prophesy will play out. I feel fro Rayford Steele, because his situation reminds me of my marriage. Yet I cannot even pretend to be as devout as Irene Steele's character. Im a scared Christian, without Christian friends, that is confused and desperate within my own beliefs. I am afraid I will be left behind as well because there are so many things in my past that I cannot forgive myself for, and I am ashamed for them. Beyond that, I am afraid to give myself 100% to God, and I am not sure if I have or have not. My husband calls me a "part timer," a "hypocrit," a "fake" and I have to say, he may be right. Nonetheless, these books encourage me, and my future with Christ.
—Claudia A. S.

This series has opened my eyes and my heart to the one and only heavenly Father, Jesus, the christ. With every book, I praised the Lord and now I know indeed that I am going to be among his people. Thank you God, Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour....

I was raised in a Christian home, but I had strayed away from the faith. I read your book, Left Behind. Then I read the next one and the next one. I just finished the 12th book Glorious Appearing. I go to church on a regular basis, read the Bible every day, and even told our Pastor that if an unbeliever read Left Behind they would soon change there thinking and not want to be left behind. I do believe we are in the end times. God bless Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins for bringing us this series. Praise the Lord!!!

I have read all of the series and I have seen all of the movies. I am a newly born-again christian and this series just reinforces my beliefs. What I have learned and read in the bible has been made real by these writings. I tell people if they do not want to believe in the bible or Jesus then read these books. It will change your minds. They are not just a story. I use them as training and guidelines for if the time comes when I am still here or not.I inform people, this is what is going to happen and you better prepare!
—Sherry Jones

I just had to share with you what an impact the Left Behind series still has on many lives today including mine AGAIN. I had read the series when they first came out. I anxiously awaited each new book when I finished one. By the time Glorious Appearing came out I had the whole series. I began to lend them to friends & family always trying to keep track of them but wanting to share God's truths with as many as I could. Needless to say over the years I lost track of most of my set. One day a few months ago I decided I wanted to read the series again. I only had books #1,4&7 in my library. I checked with my family but no one had any of my books. I asked my Daughter to check the attic to see if I had by chance left them there as she now lives there. Still no books. Can you begin to imagine how I felt when I opened my Mothers Day gift this year to find not only the complete Left Behind series but also The Rising,The Rapture,The Regime, plus 4 other of your books. I have enjoyed them as much the 2nd time as I did the first! Thank You! Sincerely, Judy Reda
—Judy Reda

I spent about 8 months, between college and my job and other comittments reading the entire original Left Behind series. Reading these books was a journey in the growth of my faith, and one of the most influential milestones in my faith next to being baptized, helping start a new church, and being called into ministry. Never had I viewed matters of the Christian faith in the way they are viewed in this book. It is so realistic and relatabble, and not at all fake, unoriginal, or over the top. The way this story was written on its own was amazing. But the scriputual messags behind it was even more so awe-strucking. I didn't completely understand -or rather feel in my heart- the passion people have to "make disciples of men" and reach out to others with the gospel. Logistically it made sense, and I supported other people doing it, but was always so insecure about doing it myself. These books really made me think... Reading "Glorious Apearring" was incredibly moving and humbling. Just as Rayford and others felt the Lord was speaking to their hearts directly and personally, as did I through reading it. I was unable to hold back tears at times... I also read something shortly after, non-fiction, about the world we live in today that was so earily like the dark times in the Left Behind series that I must mention it. Many of you may have heard of "Voice of the Martyrs." The best seller book of the organization (offered free to the public) "Tortured for Christ," written by Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the mission, speaks about the terrible experiences of the persecuted in opressed countries in our world. A very eye-opening read.
—Nicole J

I love the Left Behind:The kids books!! My family and I went to Church but I never really was a Christian. These books changed my lives. Before, I knew what the Rapture was but never really believed in it. Now, I'm TRULY saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I'm know I'm going to Heaven ether by the Rapture or just dying.

These books made my eyes open and made my soul breath again! I was raised in the church and when my little brother died I pushed away from religion. I was pregnant with my son when I started this series and while reading these words it made me realize that I missed the faith that I once had. But I couldn't understand how He could forgive me for some of my past transgressions. Then when I had my wonderful son I understood. I will love my son no matter what he does. I may not like some of the things he will do but I will ALWAYS love him. And boom like a ton of bricks it hit me. I am a child of God and He will always love me! I just want to thank you for these beautiful books! And helping to lead me back to my Savior!
—Crystal H

I thank God for this book. Heaven and the rupture has become more real to me. and the salvation of souls very necessary for my participation cuz i have realised that every second counts. Thank you so much and God bless you.!!!
—Lilian A. Bekoe

i never really understood what being saved meant or do you know where your soul is going to go after you die? well i thought to myself im saved and i know im going to heaven. i didnt question my own faith until after i read the first left behind book. i got scared cause i didnt want to be left behind when the rapture takes place so i repented and i feel like i have god on my place. he helped me in so many ways to get my life back on the right path after my brother died
—samantha swilley

I am on book six however I have already taken prayers from the book and pray them as often as possible. I have made sure my husband also believes. I take life one day and a time and have the prayers taped to the cover on my nook, at work and at home. I will never stop believing that Jesus died for me on the cross, that I am a sinner and he is the way to heaven. I am writing down all the Bible verses and once done reading the book I will highlight all of them in my bible. Your books have really moved me. Thank you.
—Wendy Stiles

I was a Jew and read Left Behind when it first came out. I started going to a Baptist church and was saved and baptised. The book brought me to Christ and made my life complete.
—Donna Weast

Read all the Kids Series books and still have them in my closet today! After a few years I read some of the adult series and enjoyed it as well. This series helped me see what the future holds for the world and how I need to be ready. God is good!

Thank you very much,JIM B.JENKINS and TIM LAHAYE.I have been touched by one of your series-THE SEARCH..LEFT BEHIND...continue to bless more lives and may the good Lord replenish you.Amen.
—Ukauwa c.Julius

I was always afraid of the Book of Revelation (Even being a believer since an early age, I was afraid that I would fall apart during the Tribulation) until I read Tim LaHaye's book The Merciful God of Prophecy. After reading this book I read the whole Left Behind series and now the prequels as well. God is a whole new Person to me, merciful and loving. I will be raptured and I can hardly wait. I have been encouraged and uplifted in my daily walk and have a tremendous interest in prophecy. Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication in bringing these truths to us.
—Susan McLachlan

Thirteen years ago a co-worker suggested that I read a book called Left Behind. I said ok, I like science fiction books. What I didn't know was the impact it would have on me. When I finished it I asked myself if the rapture came would I be left behind? The answer was yes. So I knew I couldn't let that happen. So I made my decision to get born again December of that year. I'm currently a memeber of a great Word Faith Church. I couldn't put the books down, I have read them all and the prequels. I also have all three movies. And I never looked back. So yes I recommend these books to anyone who hasn't read them, and especially to those who do not know Jesus Christ!! Don't be Left Behind!!!
—Gregory Forster

I read the whole series at that time I was loosing faith as I suffer from chronic pain and other physical problems.After reading the series at first I was a bit frightened and turned my life back over to God. I aws praying again , reading the bible and listening to Christian music. Going to church was a problem as I could not sit or stand very long.My life has really turned around since then and my health has improved.

My life was changed for ever when I started reading these books. I could not put them down. I have re-read them and I have talked to others about them. I feel so much closer to God and always want to be closer. Everything I have read is JUST as the books said it would be. My co-workers who also read these books interact with me throughout the day when we see things that are right out of the book. I love these writers. I love the stories. I feel I know all of them personally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming up with books that I can read and totally understand what is to come. I'm close to being ready, just trying to make my children think about the things to come as well. They love God and is Holy Son Christ. Thank you Lord for all your blessings to me, my family, the world and all whom love him.
—Vicki Browning

I was reading where everyone was vanishing and it hit me like a brick I don't want to be left behind.i had been out of church for over thirthy years the next sunday we started going to church and joined a few months later in nov.2009. thank you for your books they saved me
—tammy moore

I just finished reading Glorious Appearing, and I want to thank you. This is one of the most powerful books that I have ever read, and I really think I'm going to read it again and again! The imagery of Jesus speaking directly to each one of us, in our own native language, was so encouraging and at times, overwhelming as well. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I look to His return with longing and anticipation, instead of fear and doubt. How glorious indeed will that day be!!! Come, Lord Jesus, come. Amen.
—Jennifer Fermanides

I am a born-again believer, saved at age 16 now am 72 yrs. old. I was able to get the Left Behind series 1-12 at my local library bookstore very inexpensive. Since starting book one I haven't had a day go by that I haven't read several pages (so hard to put down) and am inspired to tell others how short the time is before our precious Lord's calling us home. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!!!
—Judi Gilbert

I have read the first 10 books in like 3 weeks, having trouble findinf the rest, but i love these books, they explain things to me so much clearer, i love our Lord always have, but the bible some of it the wording I dont understand, and these books have helped, I have grown to love My Lord more and appreciate all he has blessed me and my family with, i believe in the power of prayer,I just have a new love for God, that only gets stronger everyday. thank you for writing these books, i am not a reader, but these books are hard to put down. May God bless you and yours everyday!!!!
—Rosezetta Rigsby

we started reading the series this year as a group. it has changed my thoughts on the book of revelation to infinity. i am so glad that these series were written.THANK YOU tim and jerry

I used to be a blind Christian similar to Lionel in the Kids series, just going through my life almost not acknowledging Christ at all. I was looking through my local bookstore one day and found the Kids series on one of the shelves in the young adult section. I wasn't sure I'd like the book, since I thought that it wasn't going to be very interesting. Boy, was I wrong. Even now, the series left me sitting on the edge of my seat and still manages to teach me more about how life will end after the Rapture. I can't thank Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye enough for helping me become a better Christian while still being able to balance my faith with the ever-changing world around me.
—Leigh Robinson

I began reading the first book of the Left Behind series. It was amazing, enthralling, and as you can see hard for me to put down. I then impatiently waited for the next part of the series to come out in publication. I would immediately get my hardback copy. I still have my original hardback copies. I have purchased a set for my mother, my aunt. Then last year for Christmas, my daughter asked for a set. She had strayed from how she was raised and did not fully embrace God. I asked her if she knew what the books were about and she said yes. I did not buy just the first book but immediately got on Ebay and bought the entire set in hardback. I did not want her changing her mind. She has read these and now also has them on Kindle. I just go a Kindle and now I want to re-read on my Kindle as well. Such amazing powerful stories. Be sure that you have your Bible with you as read!
—Cathy Copeland

I'm 14 years old and I just love this series they're so realistic and totally based on the bible I had seen the movies before and found the books in a second hand store in mexico since then I've reed them over and over and never get tired of the story this books do what little are able to achieve you have fun you feel your there in the action but most important teach you whats to come and personally they have improved my trust on God GBY P.D. I know this may sound childish and impossible in a way but I would so love to meet the writers maybe some day I will
—elisa joy saylor garcia

I love the whole series it really woke me up !!!!! :}
—Melody Sevier

I am a christian but worry about my daily walk with God since I do err sometimes. But since I started reading the left behind series, its clear it's not by might but by the spirit of God

it is unbelieveable how I have grown closer to my God!! I remember when this series first came out and I was terrifed to read it. But through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I picked up the first book and have been hooked ever since. Thank you to the authors who through God's glorious plan have written these books. God bless, and I will pray for everyone to turn to Christ!!
—Scott Kuban

Found this series to be an afront to biblical idea of end times. A work of fiction that hurts the advancement of the kingdom. Life changing? only in the brief negative impact. But I sure proved to be financial prosperous for writer in the men (not the minister in the men).

Hi my name is Rachael I'm 14 and i just finished reading the left behind series . I first of all want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to be blessed by those books , my pespective of life has ben changed . It has become my constant prayer that His light and love will never leave me till I see Him face to face and may God richly bless the wonderful authors .

Thank you so very much! Your series left me loving God so much more than when I didn't read the Left Behind Series. I loved the way you made your characters come to life. It was as if I knew them as my personal best friend! I loved the way Chloe Steele stood up for God to the very end. I like how at the end of Armeggeddon you made the reader wonder who died, Buck or Rayford. I thought to myself, after Jesus had judged Lucifer and his minions, "God is so good!" At night I thank God for giving people like you the talent of writing so it can impact people's lives. I also thank you, Mr. LaHaye, for conceiving the Left Behind Series. You made me become very interested in theology. God bless you both. I thank you so much for helping me understand the tribulation so much more. My name is Gavin Long and I am 11 years old. I can't wait to read your other books. PRAISE THE LORD!!
—Gavin Long

I have a blogspot www.christiannovelreview.blogspot.com where I review Christian novels that have really made an impression on me and helped me in my Christian walk. I have already reviewed Edge of the Apocalypse and Thunder from Heaven (in my older posts) and will be reviewing Left Behind in the next week or so. I have read every Left Behind book I can find, and the original series I have read many times over. I find that these novels help one to understand Bible prophecy and are very inspiring. I only review books on my blog with a strong Christian message. I would appreciate your feedback if you read my reviews, either as a comment on my blog or on my email. Many thanks.
—Sue Garland

Your books are eye-opening. I never knew much about biblical prophesies, until I watched the movie, and then read your books. They're fascinating, and almost like it could happen in real life. It shows how dangerous and charsmatic the antichrist could be.
—Jonathan Johnson

I didn't read the Left Behind series first, I watch all the 3 movies of Left Behind. My family was encouraging to watch the movie, so I did. I became HOOKED to the movies, so I read the books. I became Hooked on the books too. Reading and watching the movie changed my life. Before all of this I was like Bruce. I said I was a Christian but I was lukewarm. I thought I was going to Heaven, but just like Bruce, he was left behind. After I watch the movies and read the books I became a TRUE Christian. Now I know I'm not going to be left behind. THANK YOU!!!!

my faith has been made stronger by these books and movies. whenever my faith wavers these books and movies put me back on track. being a single mom is hard enough but with the lord all things are possible. thank you jesus for the left behind series!

I might have already emailed you guys, I don't remember. But I had to let you know, it was through reading your books that I learned the salvation prayer, and was eventually saved. At first I was reading the books to mock them, to be honest. My heart was very hardened. But at some point, after I finished reading the entire series and as I was watching many other Christian movies, listening to Christian music, and reading about Christianity in general, I began to ask God to open my heart. Slowly God started to work a miracle in me. Then one day in October 2011, I prayed to God, "I know I am a sinner, I believe Jesus died for my sins, I turn away from my sins and accept Jesus into my heart". From that day forth, God has been working miracles in my life. It's not like my life is perfect or anything, but it feels like I have a thicker skin, like I'm not so raw and vulnerable anymore. I have something between me and the world now. Thank you for writing these books, from the bottom of my heart. Yours, Marie
—Marie Krohe

When I was 11 years old I started reading the Left Behind >the kids< series. I rededicated my life to Jesus when I was 12. I have learned so much about what's to come, the subject of the rapture has always been an interest to me. I am now 15 and re-reading the whole series and lovin' every second of it! This series has challaged me in my faith and made me even more thirsty to read the Bible and witness to others. Thanks Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye for writing these awesome books!

Hello, my name is Sofia and I am seventeen years old. In January 2012, I decided to start reading the Left Behind series.I am almost done with the series and it is only March! These books are very well written and I applaud the authors for their creativity, wit, and knowledge of prophesy. As I am a writer myself, I am astounded how these men put together this amazing plot and their abiltiy to draw so many to this series. I am so thankful that God allowed these men to create such a masterpiece that will allow thousands to come to Christ. What a ministry!It is quite obvious to me that they were led by God in this project. Personally, I also believe in the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Most churches today leave out the Holy Spirit, which is sad because He is the one who can work through us. I have always felt a calling my whole life to have a ministry of some kind (i dont know what it is yet) but after reading this series, the calling I feel is more heavy, and I have a yearning to do something for God. I am so thankful for what LaHaye and Jenkins have done. Their books are life-changing and I am honored to have read them. Feel free to email me. -Sofia
—Sofia Trujillo

Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins, I wanted to thank you for writing this series. God used it to transform my heart and life into one who follows Him. I grew up always knowing about God but never really feeling close to Him or having a personal relationship with Him. Because I did not have this relationship, I began to wander a step at a time away from the Lord until I was so far off of His path that I didn't have a clue how to get back on it and I certainly did not feel worthy to even ask for His help. Because of this, I was stuck in a cycle of sin for years, believing the lie that God wouldn't want someone who had blatantly rejected His teachings, that I could not be forgiven. And one of the worst things for me was, because of my wonderful home life and church background, people assumed I was saved, so I didn’t really have someone that I could talk to about what I was struggling with. I don’t really know how to explain it except to say, the summer before I came to college, I remembered that several years back I had seen Left Behind the movie and remembered hearing that it was based on a book series. I felt it pressed upon my heart to read this book series, that something good going to come of it. (I love fiction because I can always relate to at least one of the characters.) Anyways, I get the entire series and read from Left Behind to Kingdom Come within three weeks. I get through reading Kingdom Come, I am sitting there saying to myself, “Okay, that was a great series, but why didn’t I relate to anyone?” I kept feeling as though there was something more I was supposed to get (for lack of a better word) from reading this. And, as I sat there saying, “Now what?” I heard/felt, “Go read the prequel.” Okay, so I go and get the first prequel. Absolutely terrified me. I always relate to at least one character in a book, and this time it was Marilena Carpathia. I really prayed for probably the first time in four years that night. I struggled because I kept trying to almost tell myself, “My life is NOT that bad.” But He had to show me that while it wasn’t that it was a literal play by play of my life, it was still the road to destruction that affected not only her soul but so many lives around her and after her. During this grasp with the reality of my life, He showed me not only the path I was on but that even though I was sinner, He loved me enough to die for me, enough to take my punishment for me. That He LOVES me and FORGIVES me. I cannot thank and praise Him enough for grasping me out of the lie I was in and the path I was on, for placing me onto His path of grace and mercy. I can only pray that He will use my testimony, my life, as a witness to others.

I grow up in chruch with my mother, was saved as a very young teenager but slipped away through out my life, not understanding but the Left Behind Series has brought a lot of thing to my attention and I see things more clearly
—Henry Bishop Jr

When i was saved, i was 37 years old. I realized how many times i could have died in those 37 years. I grew up in a Christian household, and i rebelled against my parents, God, and myself. I married the wrong man, got abused physically, and mentally. After 5 years of that, i got away from him, and divorced him. After being single for 2 years, and a 2 year old child from my abusive marriage, i met the man of my dreams, the one that God had for me. We were both saved, and attend church now. My daughter has a Christian mommy, and daddy, who has brought her up in church... The Left Behind series caused this to happen. The books shook our spirit and souls and we straightened up to do Gods will, and His will alone. Thank you for the books, and thank you Lord for the book writers... Joy..
—joy harbour cameron

Hello Everyone, I've just recently started reading the left behind series.Currently I'm reading Tribulation Force and I want to go back and comment of the first book, left behind.The experience I had coming close to God was when Rayford Steele dropped to his knees while watching the DVD and praying to God. At that moment I was on the train on my way to work and started to tear because like him I felt lost until we both dropped on the floor (me figuratively speaking)and prayed to god for forgiveness. I knew at that moment I wanted and needed god in my life. I've always known god was there but I was independent in my own eyes from his belief, his truth. Now I'm with god and I believe in everything that he has to offer. Now as I have become an avid bible reader and reading the left behind series. I feel gods spiritual presence helping and guiding me towards the right path. Because w don't know when the day will come that Jesus Christ will come down and take his people. I'm on a mission and I thank both God, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins family and friends who have helped me become who I am today. These books will definitely be passed on to many more people as well as the word of god. Again Thank you both for such powerful words. God Bless!
—Katherine S.

My 12-yr. old son watched the movie and gave his heart to the Lord. He's been going to church and learning all he can about God ever since. Now, my 10-yr. old son is eagerly watching it for the first time and it's given us the opportunity to have a frank discussion about his personal salvation. Thank you

I just love LEft Behind The kids. I started them last year. My friend told me about them , but they looked really weird. Finally i gave them a chance. I ended up loving how everything in the books worked. By the summer I was on book 5. I read even more, but also researched the end times. I read more than 30 of the books that summer and now I know everything about the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Millinium, the New Jeruslaum, and the prophecies leadind up the the Rapture. It has made me such a better CHristian. I have found a love for Teaching others about the end times. I would love to do somethind with this in my life. I thank Jerry and Tim for writing these books. But mostly GOd , for changing me with them. I have just finished the Kids series a few months ago and have started the adult books. They are all amazing. THanks you for writing them!!

I was raised in a Christian church that does not believe in the rapture and the mere word would scare me. i avoided this series for years. A year ago I gave my life to Christ but still feared knowing anything about the end of times. something called me to read "Left Behind" and now I am on the 6th book and this series has helped me not only not be afraid anymore but actually look forward to the end of times knowing i have accepted Jesus as my Savior. Thank you for enlightening me to such an important, confusing, scary topic in such an entertaining, funny, and clear read.

I am only in middle school and i just started "The Rising" and i have been a christian for a couple years now but i have been in church and around christians my whole life. My daddy bought this series and i think he has read almost all of them. They are great books for i think my age and older, if you want to understand them. I just think they are a good way to touch whoever is readings heart. They even tell the one and only way to be saved is by asking Jesus into your heart. Overall, if you want to read these books, i say read them because they will change your life!
—Lilly G.

about four years ago i had believed i was a christian. i did good stuff and prayed the prayer, but it just wasn't real. i didn't understand about God, and i didn't mean the prayer. i went to summer camp in 2011. it was there i met daniel donovan. he gave a message to the campers and afterwards prayed with me. he helped show me that having God waas more than a prayer and getting baptized.after that he e-mailed me devotions every single day, and i started feeling a real change in my life. i wasn't a good enough person, but i knew that was OK. nobody but Jesus Christ was good enough, and God still loves us, even though we could never possibly be good enough: we do't need to be good enough, we just need to embrace good and leave the rest to him. S.
—susie barber

The series completely changed my life. What started out as "just another book" I was reading, for entertainment, became the start of my relationship with Jesus

I started reading your books some years ago and have been inspired ever since. I not only have the books but I have the kids series in book form as well as the cds. I also have the cds for Leftbehind, not to mention the dvds and videos. I have been commissioned by God to get the word out about the endtimes. So at this point I am trying to find ways of doing so. I know I will be using your books so if you have any ideas please let me know. Again, your books are life changing. I am truly excited about his coming. Also, the kids series on cd were amazing. The action was seriously awesome. Keep up the good works.
—virginia coleman

i have been changed SO much by these books. i have been i christian my entire life raised in a very believing family. Middle school was tuff for me because to sum it up i was starting to doubt my faith. towards the end of middle school i did a one month bible challenge were you carry your bible in plain sight everywere. despite my shyness and fear of being diffrent i took the challenge. but i never really opened it. so i was still stuck in my spiritual stand still. in the middle of summer God basically told my mother to move my family to a new church because the church we were currently at was not meeting our spirtual needs, so we made the switch and God blessed us with graciousy being accepted and welcomed. we all immedatly fell in love with the church and i finally under stood why i was so stuck in my walk with God. i am a extreme readaholic so while all this was happening my mom introduced me to the left behind series, but i didnt pick them up just yet i kept saying, " oh after this book i'll start them." well, one book became dozens and i forgot about the book sitting on my shelf. up coming at my church was a weekend event for the youth group and i was soon being told by my mom that she was volenteering to a leader at the event so i decided to go too. that trip God gave me the most fire burning desire to get cloer to God than ever in my entire life. i will always remember that trip. even though i had renuied my faith i still had some insecurities about my faith , always thinking , " oh, i'll never be like them. after i got home i was glancing through my book shelf and i saw left behind 1 and i started it finally!! i am currently on 10 and these books have helped me to grow even more and have kept my desire for God strong. soon after i finished the first book i immedetly started the secound and started to read my bible.Thank you so much for these books because they have helped me to erase my insecurities about my faith and i have been blessed with many oppurtunities to witness to others while reading them, i am now a freshman in high school who brings her bible everyday and now read it daily. i am sad that i am close to the end of this wonderful series and will most likley reread them countless times in the future. Thank you again for writing these books. may God bless you. Your sister in Christ, Samantha

I started reading the series when the 5th book came out and was hooked and backtracked to start from the first. My ex husband got tired of waiting for the next book and I waited patiently. Left behind series preaches what I have always felt in my heart, not just what I was told by others. My daughter whos 21 now, asked me a question one day regarding the apocalypse, rapture, and what happens later. I told her get the left behind series you will have your answer. I remember the first left behind book i read, gave passages from the bible that supports the events taking place in the book but the later versions didnt do this. I hope the authors can do this again. wanda
—wanda stratmann

My Saviour has promised that I shall not be left behind, so was the Left Behind series for me? You bet! How many Christians, like me, are complacent about their role on earth? How many of us relax in the knowledge that we are saved - I did, until I read the LB series. In the final book Chloe points out that the whole reason for the existance of the Trib Force was to annoy antichrist by drawing as many soul`s into the Kingdom as possible. I confess that the statement shook me and has made me start to realise that, despite being saved, I have a real, urgent task to do for the Lord BEFORE the rapture. I would sure hate to go through the tribulation and I am equally sure I don't want others to go through it either. Thanks to Tim, Jerry and Chloe I realise it's time to get off my butt and get out their in His strength. Steve
—Steve Long

Well I have read every book in the your left Behind series, still lil left of the Glorious Appearing, I really say I have never read anything as so (knowledgable), exciting, yet thrilling and it calls you to read it, falling in Love with the characters as your series is, and it is timeless.It helped me beccause you put people there, so intwined The Bible and fiction, because of Gods word, made me so exicited to tell people about it, to read it, even total strangers at the used book stores. And I even more interested in readiing the Books of Daniel and Ezekiel, Isaiah and all the others and Revelations. Plus I have never read that many books one after the other in that amount of time. My question might be How long did it take to get the first one written? lOVE the MOVIES TOO, is there going to be another movie? Thank you Joyce in Homeland, CA.
—Joyce Hagge

My life has changed drastically because of the power that God has given your books over unbelievers. Thank you God, for getting to me before it was too late. thank you Jerry and Tim for the information and importance you put on winning souls for Christ! I was a drug addict, very much a sinner and when I started reading your books I was able to turn to Christ and away from my sinful ways!
—Vanessa Gonzalez

Ever since I was little, I was the Christian girl who didn't exactly walk the walk. However, once I picked up "Left Behind" at the age of 13, I was appalled that I might be alive to experience something so catastrophic. Right in my bedroom, I began begging God to forgive me of my sins, and I accepted Christ as my personal savior. I'm so thankful for this book series, and I can't imagine where my life would be had I not picked up that first book 7 years ago.
—Megan Morgan

This isn't really a question, and you may not read this, but I feel I'd like to share this. I am 24 years old, and thought I was a good Christian... kinda lazy, but for the most part, I was a good person. I didn't drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex, etc. Yeah, I swore everynow and again, but never in front of my mother or brother. I was living the life! God loved me, and I could still do what I wanted. In middle school, I was at my peak... I took my Bible to school, read it every morning, etc. I actually started reading It and got thru half of Proverbs. I was on fire for God. As I got older, it wasn't as cool to be as "into it" as I was, so I let off... I still loved God and Jesus, but I just wasnt as public about it anymore. I had a good church, I worked with the children's church dept, and at one point even taught 3 yr old sunday school. I was set. If God came back, I was sure I'd go. Time went on... my faith went on with it.... Sure, I was proud to be a Christian, but I didnt show it to anyone. I hid it. I became a peace maker... avoiding the subject. I quit going to church, and fell deeper into sin. I lust, fall victim to slothfullness, anger, guild, fear, vanity, greed, and others. When I was in middle school, I started reading the children's version, and got thru some of it, but for some reason, I stopped. Recently, about 6 months ago, I started reading the Adult books, starting with The Rising. I'm an avid reader, and figured I'd start with the prequel, so to speak. I finished the first two, no problem. When it came time to read The Rapture, for some reason I got distracted and put it off. I know now it was Satan's work. This past weekend, I decided to continue with the series... I picked up the book from my local library, and I did NOT put it down until I finished, tears streaming down my face. I got to thinking...."I know that I am saved, but what if me not living my life for God keeps me left behind?" I didn't want to find out. I missed that "mountain top" feeling, of knowing God was there, and actually feeling Him. That book changed my life. I went the very next day, and bought a new Bible. I got the Lee Strobel Bible, and I feel it will help me grow to be a stronger witness. I plan on getting the book about Revelation that one of the Author's put out, along with some other books. I finished the first book tonite, and I'm well on my way to reading number two. I pray that by the end of this series, my faith is stronger. I want to live for God, and be that person that when people see, they KNOW that I am a Follower of Christ. They will know that that girl they see worships and loves her Lord with all her heart. I am done being a lukewarm Christian, if that is what you could even call what I was. I was more ICY than lukewarm. This book has opened my eyes to what I know needs to be changed. I'm tired of being mediocre. I want to Jesus to be proud of me, and be able to say, "Well done, good and faithful servant" and know that I did all i could on my time on Earth. Noone knows when He is coming back, but I am making sure that if it happens this very moment, that I am 100000% sure that I will be taken Home with Him. Thank you for letting me vent. And Thank you both for writing these books. They have changed my life, as the many lives of others. I am also trying to get my Agnostic friend to read them, so if you read this, please pray for guidance and patience for me. Thank you and God bless you. I feel from your take on the final judgement in Heaven, that you two will be right there with the greatest prophets and witnesses of our lives. Thank you again. Amber Johnson, an On fire believer once again!
—Amber J.

Dear Pastors Jenkins and LaHaye, I am simply writing to let you know how much I love the Left Behind series. It has offered a number of positive outcomes in my life: a renewed interest in my faith, wonderful discussions about the Bible with my mother and the way for me to witness to my boyfriend using a media to which I suspected he would respond. I cannot wait for him to finish so we can talk about the whole series. Thank you so much, Jeanette
—Jeanette Clark

I am an ordained minister but had lost my way due to some series health issues. I was carjacked and went to a shelter to heal. They required us to leave everyday during the day so i went to the library. I found the book the Rapture. When i read this book i was laughing, crying and finished the book in a day in a half. I proceeded to the Left Behind Series and my whole life got back on track. I began praying again, spreading the Word of God, updated my online church, put the books on my website. I was so excited to find my calling again. I have begun living my life though the Lord again and I thank you so much. I tell everyone about your books and I thank the Lord for your writing talent and for these awesome books. I am now reading the ASSASINS and can't wait for the antichrist to be destroyed. These books has truly changed my life and got me back to where I am suppose to be. Any words of wisdom or your email addresses i would truly like to add to my website. The website is www.achurchforjesus.com. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you and bless all those that you and your books come in contact with. Sincerely and so grateful...Pastor Dawn Leming
—Dawn Leming

My family and I have recently watched the Left Behind movies for the first time. We have studied Revelation and this puts the complexity of the book and an understandable light. We loved the movies!! It's so refreshing to have movies that are exciting to watch, safe for our family, while reinforcing Biblical principals and themes. Any chance there will be more movies in the series?? We are on the edge of our seats!
—Heather Faucette

I have become engrossed in the Left Behind series, I find the books help me to understand the book of Revelations better and made me realize I don't want to be left behind to endure what is to come. I always work my way in and out of church but because of reading these books and the encouragement of fellow believers I have dedicated myself to following the word of God. My walk with our father Yahweh is becoming better and better as my faith grows and I begin to trust in Him and know he will never forsake me. Thank you so much for writing this series it has helped me tremendously

The Left Behind series brought almost into reality what is going to happen after the rapture. I've read the scriptures; I knew we need to get right with God; but your books, although fiction, have left nothing to the imagination. What a horror it would be to be "left behind!" These books have certainly had an impact on me, in that now I am examining my walk with God. I want to make sure that I, or anyone in my family, is left behind! Thank you for bringing visual reality to the scriptures.

My life has changed dramatically I'm seventeen years old but was about fourteen when my mums friend introduced me to the left behind series. I immediately after reading the first book fell in love with the series. I am a Christian and follower if god but at the time I was going through a very rough stage in my life, my parents divorced and I was hanging out with people who were not Christians reading this series gave me a sense of hope and stability to change my life much more so I don't turn away from the lord. They are my favorite series and the old version film although i am very excited about the talk of a remake they are the most amazing books and great we have a book that is loveable and exciting for Christians to reading and I pray they have affected and helped people to Christ and help them through the hard times in their lives.. Thank you to the two amazing authors that gave me and everyone the privilege of reading the best series written in the world..

I showed my friend the Left Behind series and I talked to her about God through this book. She rededicated her life to Christ and she got baptised.
—Lia Williams

Sou brasileira e católica praticante. Conheci a série através dos filmes, dos quais gostei muito e comecei a pesquisar sobre essa ficção descobrindo que era baseado em livros. Comecei a ler os livros e ele mudaram muito meu modo de pensar, pois antes eu tinha muito medo do fim dos tempos. Hoje não tenho mais medo e essa série também me impulsionou a falar mais de Jesus para as outras pessoas. Recomendo a leitura da série para os meus amigos. Louvo e agradeço a Deus pela vida dos autores da série. Que Deus os abençoe e lhes encha de coragem para proclamar o evangelho e a verdade sobre fim dos tempo a todos os povos.
—Camila Gomes

When I checked out "Left Behind," I thought it was a sci-fi book. By the time I realized it was a religious book, I was so wrapped up in the plot that I just went along with it. I continued reading until the books ran out! Somewhere during that time, my faith was restored, after many years of agnosticism, doubt, and terrible guilt over the mistakes I had made raising my kids. I've been told that this series was made into a movie at some point, and wish this would be aired on TV. My dad can't read much anymore but he can still watch TV. I think he is in the same place I was before I read the books. I've tried talking to him about forgiveness, but I am not articulate enough to reach him. Please try to get the movie/s aired! It would probably save a lot of souls!
—Patricia A Reeves

I have read this book after watching Mr. Tim Lahaye on God TV talking about the end time. I am the only one Chirstian in my family. I knew how important it is for my family to know Christ. I started translating the book into Thai. I have already finished translation. I am going to give this book in Thai for my family and friends. I hope this will open their heart to receive Christ as their savior. Before I translated the book, I have search the Thai version. I could not find it in Thai. I would like to ask if it is possible for me to send this Thai translation to you to be considered of publishing for Thai people to read. I have no interest in making money. My main concern is for Thai people to be able to read this book and hope that many people will be saved. May God bless you. Best regards, Sakulrat Foulston
—Sakulrat Foulston

One word, WOW!!! Thees books are amazing! I can never put them down they're that good. I like all of actions that happens, except when people get injured or killed.
—Amy F

In 2000, I met an Air Force Sgt who was not a Christian. I told him our relationship could not progress unless he had a relationship with Jesus. I began to read the Left Behind books and suggested to him via email that he should do the same. He started reading the first book on an airplane headed towards the middle east! A month later he called me from Spain to tell me he accepted Christ in his tent in Jordan! He came home, married me and we had 2 babies. One child is named Chloe Jordan.

Dr. Lahaye and Mr. Jenkins, I am from a small town called Altus in Oklahoma. I've grown up in this town and I love it here. I was raised in church my entire life and I love Jesus and I love God. I always have. The books you two have put together has caused my curiosity to spark to look deeper into the end times. Not only the physical manifestion of it, but the spiritual implications also. God has used you to a level you will never completly understand. During Christ's reign you will wear many crowns because millions of souls will be accounted to you for your work. When someone you led to Christ leads another to Christ you also reap that soul for you. I pray that you both live to see the coming of Jesus our Christ. God bless.

I have always been a Christian, but I had put my relationship with God on the back burner when I became a teenager. When I got older, I tried to fix my life with God, but I was still in denial of anything bad. I tried to justify the things in my life that were still not right. I had also been afraid of the end of the world. I hadn't seen this movie since I was little. I finally watched it again. It put everything into perspective for me. I can't put off making anything right with God because I may not have time later. It Made me re-evaluate my beliefs and it made me grow stronger in my walk with God. It also made me want to reach out to others more. It made me realize that I should not be afraid to show others my faith and try to reach out to change their lives, because I might only be made fun of but they will go to hell. What's most important is saving their souls. This movie has helped me make my life right and reminds me to keep it right and to try to save others.

I haven't read all the books yet, but the ones I have really have impacted the way I think... I read The Mark and after that I asked myself "Would I die for Christ and my salvation like the women and men in the book did?" I answered of course!! I know before this I was scared of dieing, but I feel ready now... O atleast a bit mmore and I know that I choose whether or not I follow God... I'm only 12 but I feel more mature than the other teenagers at church...I feel that ever since I started reading this series and actually listening to what the grown-ups have to say about the Bible and Christ I've learned so much...I feel in control of my destiny. Sometimes on the school bus we end up talking about religion and when some of the kids tell me why they don't believe I don't feel swayed from my decision to follow God for life...I was reading at school and some of my peers and even teachers asked me about the book.. I felt overjoyed to tell them about my beliefs and a teacher even told me she had read the books..... I felt amazing because I felt I wasn't the only one who was pretty religious. I see the other kids and they say that they're from a ceertain religion, but the way they act seemed opposite of what they say... When people ask me about the book I'm reading I feel happy to tell them, but again I felt all too happy to tell them about this book because I could tell them also what I believe and think....These books have changed my life in a large way in such a small time...And I can't wait to read the rest of them:)

Just watching and reading the first book it is really strange because we dont we really know when Christ is going to come back. I want to ask how I can be a better christian in life? What does God expect of me.

After reading the first book in the series on Dec. of 1999, I dreamed that I had been left behind. Living for many years, believing that I was saved, I questioned why I would dream something like that. I began to review in my mind the time that I thought I had gotten saved. I could find no peace. For a week, I was literally sick with fear that I was unprepared to die. On December 25,1999, I truly accepted Christ. I believe God used the book to get my attention. I was 46 years old and had lived for 29 years believing I was okay. Thank God, He didn't give up on me!

This isn't a testimony but some info I'd like to pass along. Since God said in the Bible that things are going to get pretty bad before the end I think this info will show just how really close we are. I had a Zondervan NIV Bible given to me 1997 and it reads: Malachi 2:16 ""I hate divorce," says the Lord God of Israel....." There are TWO NIV Bibles, mine is the 1984 version. According to Biblegateway.com and youversion.com, both the newer version the verse reads: "“The man who hates and divorces his wife,” says the LORD, the God of Israel, “does violence to the one he should protect,”[a] says the LORD Almighty." Are there those who would make the Bible politically correct and bow to the behavior of the world and accept divorce as imminent? Minimizing what God says reminds me of Revelations 22: 18&19. This is NOT heresay, I personally experienced this last night when researching a verse to use on Facebook. I was too lazy to get up and get my Bible and concordanced it online, much to my dismay and anger. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
—Dorothy Anderson

I listened to all 12 Audio books. Now, I am depressed because it's over. I felt like I was part of it all. Too bad it can't continue. It really made the Book of Revelation come alive. Thanks!
—Joe Delatte

I was raised Irish Catholic but in the Catholic church I couldn't learn anything. It was so complicated and fancy. You had to do all these things to win Gods approval it seems. I wanted to know God for real but I didn't know how or where to even start. When I was 16 I was in a used book store when I found a copy of Left Behind the kids 2. I read it and was really interested in this so I went on to read more of them. Then one day at church (an interdominational church) after borrowing another volume I ended up at the next step room where I talked to a lady who told me the gospel in a simple understandable way that the Catholic church never did. I ended up at age 17 on Feb 26 of 2006 getting saved. The lady turned out to be the pastors wife whom I learned later on that on the way she was wondering if she would get to help someone since she felt she had not thus far. If she didn't that day she was going to move to something else. So looks like we both got a great blessing. I really must thank the writers Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins for such a great task. To write all these books like that must have been tough work and I can say for certain that it was all worth it. Thank you! Most of all thank God! Don't stop the blessings!

I had heard of the "Left Behind" series of books but it was not until late this spring that I read the first book "Left Behind:. From there I was hooked and now four months later I am finished up "Glorious Appearing". These books have made me question my spiritual walk with God and even though I believe in Him, Jesus as the Messiah and the prophecies in the Bible - I realized I was just going by what the minister said in church on Sundays. After finishing this last book, the next one will be The Bible. The one my parents gave me on my confirmation when I was 16. I want to understand The Word better and beoome closer to my God and Saviour. I thank you Tim LeHaye and Jerry Jenkins for inspiring me to go deeper into myself and my beliefs.
—Sheila Pickering

Dear Tyndale House, American Tract Society, Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins, grace mercy and peace unto you from God the Father, the Son and the HolY Spirit. May God richly bless you in all the good and right you do, as led by Him. I write you after recently reading a ministry tract entitled: Left Behind - the Message. I found this tract interesting, but am concerned. I write you not to condemn, for I would have to condemn myself as well. I have in times past been guilty of what I present to you today. Having been raised from a child in the religious traditions of the so-called Baptist church, I followed in every way the ritual and doctrines of men. As a result, I did not truly know or listen to the Living God. I became self-righteous, hypocritical and disobedient, as a result. It was only by finally one day hearing His voice within, I came out of my delusion to finally become the spiritually mature human I'm meant to be - Matthew 5:48. My understanding of the Left Behind series is it's about the Rapture of true believers out of the world, leaving behind the unsaved. I found the tract to be a zealous effort, and having seen the movie back in 2000, I could imagine it, along with the books have had a extremely effective impact upon many. Perhaps the most profound impact came by way of fear, rather than love toward God. Even now during 2011, there are many who perhaps view your prospective on end times with dread. Yes, humanity is given the testimony of such events as shared through prophesy and the epistles to prepare and warn. Above all, humanity is given these testimonies to avoid such events altogether. Therefore, since our God is not willing any should perish, what shall be concluded about your effort. With than loving expectation, God gave His people - humanity, especially true believers, the responsiblility to know the potential of triumph and tribulation. The end times scenerio presented in scripture is merely a prophetic revelation of potential events which could occur, if allowed. This is why our Lord spoke of the Keys of the Kingdom, which is within. Whatsoever would be allowed on earth, would be allowed in, or in other words - to occur from heaven. Whatsoever is not allowed, would not be allowed, as stated according to Matthew 18. Hence, this is also why we are told through John's 2nd epistle - chapter 2: verses 24-27- to abide. As well, we are shown through Paul's 2nd epistle to the Thessalonians - chapter 2: verses 3-8 - to be not deceived concerning His return. Likewise, He reveals through Peter's 2nd epistle - chapter 1: verses 16-21 - the prophecy of scripture is not of private interpretation. As I am showing, God is clearly revealing how His return to rapture is not meant to be an escape for believers from tribulation we ourselves have help to add to the world falling away from pure faith. Pure faith in the Living God is to trust, believe and obey His voice, though we cannot see Him. It is thus impossible to discern Him by men's teaching of escatology, or any form of seminary education, especially that which is bought for money. We are clearly shown how the peddling of the Gospel is a hinderance of it. This means no sale of it is pleasing to God, but certainly can have an adverse affect it's acceptance. As a result of peddling of fear, misinformation has dulled the hearing of many, especially those more willing to hear man, rather than God. Yes, I realize what is described in scripture about the end time events is troubling to consider, but this ought not to be the case for the true believer, if they are properly prepared to be attentive to His voice. l therefore write you to implore you in seeking God about this matter, because we shall all stand before Him to give account. We are warned by James to not all be teachers, for we shall be held to the stricter scrutiny. Have you taught these things by Holy Spirit, or by carnal thinking? I await your response, and thanks for your time. Sincerely; a concerned believer
—Concerned disciple

First of all, I am using Marissa's email, because I don't have one I can recall. My name is Liz. I just wanted to say that I read every one of the Left Behind books and was astounded at their excellence. I did not want to put them down. Each book kept building and building and building. Though heartwrenching at times, the final book made it all worthwhile. I especially liked that you summarized the series at the beginning of each new book. That would make it understandable for anyone who may not have the entire series and also I would think make them want to get the other books. Lastly, it stirred my desire to look up and study scripture from the Bible. Thank you very much. They are probably the best books (other than the Bible) I have ever read. God bless you and yours. Look forward to meeting you in heaven. Liz
—Marissa Hill

My life has been changed by reading these books. I have accepted Christ and pray that my children will someday accept him as well.

Dear Tim&Jerry,I really loved reading the"Left Behind" Books.I'm reading "The Rising" right now.Hard to put book down.Almost done,then will start"The Regime"!Also,really loved the Movies.Was wondering when will you make a 4th Left Behind movie and if yes when?I hope you do,cause I'm looking forward to it!Thank you so much for your books&movies!God Bless& Take Care,Tami
—Tami Webb

left behind definitely changed the way i think about the rapture, in so many ways. i love the series, and i have almost 2 full sets. so i can loan them out to people. i think it is so important for people to understand what is happening right now. it amazes me, how close these books are lining up with things that are happening right now.i have shared these books with so many people. and i have both the adult and kids versions. they are truly amazing! thank you for making revelations come to life for me.
—mary alice stover

hi,my name is Elaine..i really,truly and absolutely love the left behind series..in fact i actually read it many times already, book by book,from the "left behind" until "glorious appearing"..but everytime i do, i cant help myself from crying and be blessed..i am already a christian when i started reading this book but this book helps my faith to become stronger and it changed me to the point that now i was willing and ready to die and give my life for GOD just like chloe and hattie..i already read a lot of books specially those that became best sellers but this book stands out because i can really see that God has blessed this book making it THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ thus solding out millions of copies around the globe..i hope there would be another book/series like this one that will inspire us and help our spiritual life grow..thank you for becoming an instrument of God not just to me but to many people's life..

love your books. Made me re.think and realise, time is now to live right. Also the most profound thing is it made me wanna read the bible 4myself, not to rely only on church. My challenge is we cant get the entire series, so i feel sad. Only got left behind, trib force, the mark. I need whole collection, how can i get it.

Hello, my name is cheyenne and I'm 16 years old. I finished reading the first book in the left behind series and I'm currently reading the second book in the series called Tribulation Force. Since I've been reading your books I've grown closer to god and jesus and I want to keep getting closer to god and jesus. Since reading your books I've been finding that I want to keep reading the bible. So I just want to think you because your stories have enspired me to get closer to god and jesus. Thank you, cheyenne

Hello brothers in Christ, I'm 13 years old and on book 11 of the Left Behind series, its amazing! i've been a Christian since I was 6 and these books help me share my faith. Like when a kid at school comes up to me and asks what the books are about i tell them and take witnessing oppurtunity. I love your writing style too im totally gripped after reading 1 page! I love your work! God bless, from Noah (or as Tsion Ben-Judah would say, Godspeed :D)
—Noah Calcagno

My goodness, I started reading these books when I was 16 and I just now finished at the age of 23. When I started reading them I really didn't have a relationship with God, but as time grew I did! And the books have really blessed me I promise I read them over and over and over again all of them! And it looks like most of what going to happen is coming to be I truly know that we are closer than we ever was before. God bless you all for taking the time to write this! This helped me and blessed me so I can be a blessing to others!
—LaBrittany Pace

I have gone to church all my teenage years and as a young adlut, and thought I was saved. I am now 41 years old and just started reading the left behind series about 2 months ago. As I have been reading these books I have a thirst and a hunger that I can't fullfill, I research the raputer and the everything after those days and read the bible all the time. I feel I can't learn enough about my God and savior. I want to shout from the mounting top that I love God and want everyone to know of him. Thanks to your books left behind, they have opened my eyes to see what is coming in the very near future. Thank you so much and God Bless you can't wait to meet y'all in heaven oneday.
—Shane Robinson

My life has been enriched by reading the Left Behind series. I rediscovered the Bible - found myself looking up passages that were quoted in the books. I went back to church, have found a wonderful church community that is Bible based. Thanks so much for authoring this series!

I had walked away from God 25 years earlier, but had never forgotten the seed that had been planted when I was a child. I had read all of the Left behind series and had just finished the Glorious Appearance. As I closed the book I prayed and ask God to help me find my way back to Him. Satan is good at making things seem harder than they truly are. Two months later I ask Lord Jesus back into my life and one week after that the Lord took away a 24 year smoking addiction.I believe that the left behind books are indeed inspired by God and reading these books helped me to find my way back to God whom I have been serving for over seven years now.
—Brenda Marie Hurff

A friend introduced me to the Left Behind stories and I was hooked after the first one and eagerly awaited each new book. Several years later I am rereading the series and it is like reading a newspaper of today or listening to the news. The series has made me realize I need to get closer to Jesus and Jehovah. I need to not worry so much about things as I need to get right with God and Jesus.
—Diane Pegram

Since I watched LEFT BEHIND my life and the life of Dansol High School changed most of us if not all of us gave our life to christ that day we were weeping and we were all PREPARED for the coming of Jesus thank you the directors and producers of left behind and on behalf of DANSOL HIGH SCHOOL i say a big than you to you left behind is the best movie ever
—Bernice Johnson-Uche

Thank you for those books. I love the books so much. The books totally change my life. Once again I thank you.
—Jorge Luzar

My life has been changed since I read the series. I feel I am more in contact with God and I understand more about why I am here and I feel that my heart has opened up so much more to all of his creatures. I praise him so much for my life and for all he has done. I am actually crying typing this up. God Bless All

only the father knows when jesus will come for his bride but as believers we can see the time is short it getting like the lord said man is doing his own will believe his right with god not the lords jesus will to take up your cross every day and die to the flesh world and satan,for his sheep know him and follow him michael,peace be with you.
—michael lawson

I live in Nigeria.I am a believer but was with little understanding of the mysteries of the book of revelations until i read the left behind series. God showed me through this book how imperfect my walk with him has been. thank God my ways are now more Christ centered and i live every moment like it were my last.
—Katherine Ekwutoziam

HI I have been through a series of very severe traumas. I have lost my entire family who have told the worst lies about me. I am totally alone. I lost my home and am homeless. I live in my car. I have lost my job, career, income. I have lost more friends than I can count due to believing the lies of my family. My faith in God was "evidence" of my "insanity" due to supposedly bipolar and schizophrenia (which of course I have never had). I am still suffering very badly and I can not find God for the life of me. I am seeking Him every way I can. I knew about the Left Behind series, and "stumbled" across them in the local library. I started to read them and wondered if I could cope with them due to my pain. I have read them all and am now reading "Kingdom Come" and will then read the John and Mark stories etc. I can not find God and I am angry and in intense pain, but your books have shown me that what I have believed all along is true. It has reinforced to me that even though I can not find God and He is not answering my prayers and my suffering continues, that He is real and that I still long for an incredibly intimate relationship with Him. I have been reminded that my heart for bringing people to God is still alive, though it seems dead. I do not know when my living hell will end, but I want to see people come to God. I am giving the series to friends who know about God, but have not made a commitment to him. "That none should perish..." Also, while I have no family and very few friends anymore, I was able to 'connect' with Rayford Steele and the other characters in the book, which helped to stem some of intense loneliness. I know they are just characters from a book and it is not real, but it helped. Thank you so very much. The books also for some reason (maybe American characters) have made me very homesick for my best friend who lives in USA. Please pray for me that God will hear my prayers for Him to come near and speak to me, for emotional and spiritual healing and that He will restore me and restore my home - that is so critical. I have lost well over 150 people in my life, and I am doing my best to work toward forgiveness. I am praying for their souls all the more now, because of the series. Thank you again and may God come urgently to me, before I lose my faith and the rapture comes. I am barely hanging on but the series has encouraged me. Tammy (Australia)

IT has cause me to have a closer walk with the ALMIGHTY GOD.

I completed the Left behind series a few years ago but each book remains fresh in my mind. The series made me pick my Bible up more frequently and look up certain scriptures etc. It also changed my way of living. I live now like I actually belong to Christ, and I live each day to the fullest, you see I will be caught up in the rapture if it comes during my physical stay on earth and I look forward to that day as well as The Day Christ comes back. I thank both writers for the series and look for and hope for more of the same. Yours in Christ, Hazel

My local church gave me an assignement to write a "thank you" to someone that had a positive influence in my life. Of course, I had to think of who was responsible, besides God, that brought me to Christ. My husband, Greg was one and you two are the other. Until the Left Behind Series, I had never read the entire Bible up to the age of 40. As I read the series, I checked all Scripture the series used against the Bible. The story made me see what I was missing. How do I thank someone for saving my eternal life. That's a hard one, but please know how grateful I am for your insight in writing this series. In Christ...Pam Spaulding
—Pam Spaulding

I would have always considered myself a believer of Christ but never did all I should have, kinda had one foot in and one foot out. But after reading this series I was a changed person, It really spoke to me and I fell in love with the characters. I have to say this series brought me to Jesus Christ and I am so thankful!!
—Rachel Johnson

Dear Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye, I became an avid fan of the Left Behind series while incarcerated 5 years ago. I was reading them at a feverish pace. But yet, I did not come to the faith in Jesus. About 3 weeks ago, after a serious illness, I decided to start the journey all over again by re-reading the series. There was a uncanny craving deep within me to continue through each volume. Through reading your books, I made my decision to become a Believer in Christ! I'm newly reborn through Christ thanks to the power of your books. I feel better than I ever have and I would just like to say thank you much for helping me find my way to Jesus. God Bless you, gentlemen. And Christ Is Risen Indeed! Sincerely, Steven Cullett
—Steven Cullett

I am now on Soul Harvest. These books are so inspiring to me. I love these books. After I finish these books, I will get into the bible and learn about the Rapture. I am 13 years old and I have been so inspired by these books. I am trying to get my friends to read the books but they won't because they say that it is "too religious for them..." and I hope that they get into the books so that they know the truth. Thank you for writing these books and I can't wait to read the rest of the books. Cody

These books have touched my heart and soul in a way, I didn't think was possible. I always considered myself a "Christian." However, I was sitting on the fence, not really committing myself to Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ. I am now a true believer in "Christ" and "Child of God." I pray that I won't be "left behind" when the Lord comes. However, if I am; my work will be for the Glory of God and spreading the testimony of Jesus Christ....

Mr. Lahaye, I have read the Left Behind series. Including the Babylon Rising Series. The initial series helped me through a very difficult time in my life. The series helped me regain my focus which is Kingdom building. I am inquiring about the next book in the Babylon Rising series. Is there a fifth book and when will it be available for purchase? Thank you and the other authors for your wisdom and Godly insight into future events.
—Constance R. Adams

I just wanted to say that my son started reading these when he was seven and absolutely loves them. We read a chapter almost every night and if there is a night we can't he just about cries, and always begs me to let him read more. We just finished Book 20 and I can't believe how these books have been helping him become a more mature little Christian. He has written a song that is just amazing, keeps trying to talk to any kid that will listen about God, and now wants to start a kids bible study in our home. When we started this series he hadn't even given his life to Christ yet. Thank you so much for writing this series, as well as your adult series I couldn't put them down until I was finished them. And when I found the kids version I had to let my son read them. They have truly changed his life. We constantly stop the book to show how in the bible it actually talks about how these things in the story will happen. It has really given him a drive to reach others for Christ.

I don't know where I was in my faith before... probably lukewarm, if even. At one of the most difficult times in my life, God eventually brought me to read the Left Behind series. I don't know if the series itself gave me the faith I have today; but there is no doubt at all that it brought me much, much closer. I hope and pray that others come to Christ through these books, or through any source. Thank you and God Bless!

These books have completely changed my point of view about God. I've been a Christian for about a year now, and when I first became a Christian, i was sort of like Sam, how he didn't really know how to tell other people about being Christians, well neither did I. These books changed that! Everything that Eli and Moishe say give me goosebumps! All of the verses throughout the series just really gets to me! And what I think is even more amazing is that all of this is really going to happen! I know for a fact, that I am EXTREMELY ready for my Lord and Savior to come take me home!

REALIZING MY FATE:and what ive been missing my life has been realized and opened as a christian. ive been a chrisian since my mom passed away in 1999. i was five when i got to accept christ into mylife. but when i got older it seem to not matter. i started doing some bad things thatyou are not supposed to do when you live by god and his word. so last year iwas in the library and i saw the book series. i was suprised...i checked one out it was the ninth book and iread and read,it made me realize that the rapture is near. i forgotten about since last year...but then one day i decided to do a study on revelation. it was fun to teach,then i remembered this book series and i was like i want to read them ....my auntie found someand got them for me. i beganreading ever since then....i finish both book one and two.but i realize i dont want to be here when the tribulation starts,i told myself i want to be with god in heaven. i am a now a reborn christian and im loving it. im glad that Tim and Jerry took the time to write such good books. it keeps you hooked..when you finish one you want to know what happens. that is how i am. they did a magnificent job. i now know alittle more about revelation. THANK YOU TIM AND JERRY!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURE FAMILIES!! ahe'ee shi'kis. keep on doing what you are doing.more people will learn more and realize they need and want god.i am sixteen today and in high school and not ashamed to call myself a christian and a believer in christ! HAGOONEE'

I was already a believer before I began reading "The Left Behind" series, but I was not very strong in my faith. I feel like these books have brought me closer to the lord and given me a new found faith. I can't wait for wednesday night church when we have open discussions about what we are learning in our bible study, and prayer has become my constant companion. It gets me though my day every day. I now have a hunger for learning the word. Your books have made me really understand Gods love for me, and have changed my life. I thank you for that.
—Michelle Hammons

I just wanted to say Thank You for writing these books.I have been saved since i was 8 yrs. old,but I have backslid several times.Oncce i started reading these books,they really made me understand how short life is and what is most important,which is Jesus,and family.I read these books 10 yrs. ago when they came out and just recently ran back across them in my granparents garage.I am now on Soul Harvest and am enjoying it tremendously.I have recomended these books to everyone I get into a conversation with about God or books or both,but people that haven't read them really don't know what they are missing.The characters are so interesting and real and my husband and I are always conversating about real life compared to the books.You made it so easy to interpret the Bible through the Left Behind books.My husband isn't much of a reader but did do a little time in jail and he read the first two there.The movies on the other hand we watch everytime they come on and we wish you would continue to make more,they are great.Kirk Cameron is just the best "Buck"there could have ever been.I wish I could speak to all of you in person,you have impacted lives and that includes mine.Thank you from the Coffin family.
—Alison Coffin

I have read all of the Left Behind series and just finished The Rapture. Reading the whole series I have felt closer to God and during my reading of The Rapture I actually felt like I was there with Irene Steele when she was raptured and going up into the sky with her son Raymie. I cannot wait until that day or night happens.

I want to be saved I have asked to be forgiven but i continue to sin and therefor not worthy.I know CHRIST IS COMING SOON .Please help Thank you
—Charles J. McElhone

I have read the series and will read it again, especially with what is happening in the middle east. I think Tim and Jerry need to collaborate on a web page that helps people to understand the current events and where we might be in the timeline of the End Times. I know this carries a high degree of liability, but for those of us who have read the series and hopefully been saved by it, I am sure many would benefit from their analysis and opinion.

I have to admit i have only begun the first two novels and am trying to change my ways as a person thank you

I have the left behind and the Rising series, I also have the book Babalyon Rising. Is this another series and are there any more books after Babalyon Rising. I didn't find this book on the website. Finally, I was already a Born Again Christian may years prior to reading the Left Behind series, but the dynamic writing and Biblical accuracy of the series brought the Bible to life for me and painted a vivid picture of what I will thankfully avoid in the Tribulation & Great Tribulation (Because of GOD'S grace, I will be raptured!).
—Bill Vineyard

OOOOPS! SORRY BOUT THAT! I just sent a Testimonial to you, but forget to let you know that I am now on "The Glorious Appearance" book. What an awesome series! especially for a new Christian! It really has helped me understand the bible and helped to hold my interest in it too. Is there somewhere here on the site that provides a chronological listing of The "Left Behind" series? Thanks much and God bless you. Laurie Ann
—Laurie Ann Shipman

I'm 58, worked almost a lifetime as a Prison Guard, had never read the bible or attended church. Though I did believe in a loving and sometimes wrathful God all of my life and I did pray, the best I knew how most of the time. On Dec 5th, I went to church,(Southern Baptist) with a friend. I continued going. A week or so into it and bible study as well, my friend loaned me "Left Behind". The Lord obviously knew HE could communicate with me more efficiently via books, as I'm an avid reader. "LEFT BEHIND" DRAMATICALLY CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! I began wanting Jesus Christ as my personal savior so badly.... Then on December 23rd I met with my Pastor and a friend and I turned my life over to Christ. I WAS SAVED! Given the Christmas gift of all Christmas gifts! ETERNAL LIFE! Thank you so very much and God Bless You. Laurie Ann
—Laurie Ann Shipman

I heard of the series after discussing some good books to read. A couple of ladies that I work with told me about your series and I went out and bought the first book. I was hooked from the first sentence. Since then, I have bought my first bible, an easier to read version, 'The Message" and have even went to church and plan to start going every Sunday. I am brought to tears through many parts of the Bible and your series and even when I was in church singing the songs. I have prayed a few times but probably not as much as I should be doing. Even though I feel Him, I still feel like I am not doing enough. I feel as though if the rapture were to take place right now, I would be left behind but I would definitely be on the good side. Does that make any sense? I don't need proof of anything, I do believe but should I be doing more? Thank you and God bless! Ruth
—Ruth Shaw

oh my these books have consumed my life i have learned so much from your books and they have brough me closer and closer to God. there was so much i was unclear on and so much i didn't know. yes i know the lives of the people are fiction but the story the bible part of your books is real and i now have a better understanding of the bible and now i want to read my bible more and learn more Thank you. Thank you and God Bless I believe EVeryone should read these books they are the best just wish there were movies from the beginnning to the end of your books that matched to books i love the characters and their lives i feel like i'm there with them although i do not want to be here after the rapture but at least now i understand what is to happen again THANK YOU God is amazing
—Penny Brown

I am 27, I have been searching for answers about the rapture, what is it exactly,for over the last few years,No-one could be really clear on the matter. One day a Neighbor of mine was reading a book, I ask him if the Book was good,He told me what it was about, He told me it kinda gives ya a clear understanding about the rapture and whats to follow. I said TO follow? Well I didnt realize how long these books have been out on market. My child has been reading the children series,that she has been checking out of the school library (plublic school even) Well I kinda felt like God was all around me,at this point wanting me and my family to surely know,I was searching for this knowledge,and I got it. I am now on the 3rd book. And I am passing the books to any one,just as it was given to me for free to read. I feel almost ashamed that, I could not get this kind of clarity from the Bible. And rapture is not spoken about to often in church as it should be I think. Although we have all been told our savior Jesus Christ will come once again to get us, But I believe that alot of us are still in the dark and we dont even know it. Things have changed since reading these books,and knowing that good people will still be left behind,puts me in more of a serious frame of mind. Thank You to the writers of this Book,it has helped me to understand,And I just wish I can tell every one about this Book,and also about the rapture,with no details left unsaid,the truth may not sound appealing,But the truth is is not going to be. My child is 10 and I would not surgar coat this for her. She is not traumatized,shes more motivated to learn. So I set out today to try to tell the writers thank you,and came across this site,I can not find a direct site. it was well written. I have more focus on whats important in life. Thank you!
—Andrea Riggle

I hae never been a reader before my mother loaned me TheLeft Behind series 1-9...I went online and purchased 10-12 for her a birthday gift. I could NOT put a book down! I also have my neighbors reading them, and I can hardly wait to read 19-12 and hopefully purchase 13..my mom lives 3 hours away so I'll have to have patience but it is sure hard because I love the books and they really make you think about the possibilities ahead of us. I DO NOT want to be left behind and this is an eye opener for alot of people. THANK YOU SO MUCH
—Tonja Faulkenberr

A great series, it's excellent. Reading the series was like reading the bible in its simplest form. The messages were delivered with full of adventures and action packed chapters after chapters. Spiritually, I learned how to pray! It's the best thing I've read ever.

Thank yoou so much for these books! I'm 13 years old and as a believer in Christ I've had obstacles to overcome but am thankful because I have the Lord to go to! I've become interested in the end times and these books have beeb helping me to quench the thirst that ive had for information about the end times. Could you please help me find a source that can go more in depth of the bible prophecies and the signs that are coming true?

I was reading 'Left behind' and truly it positively impacted on my life. This is one book that I rate one of the best books i have ever read in my life after the bible. Now i am having a serious challenge in getting the next series-i.e. The tribulation Force. I ma not getting it in Zimbabwe. Please can you help me to get this book, even Nicolae, please help me I badly need these books even the whole pack. My heart is burning in need of these books. Tim and Jerry are prolific writers. Kind regards, Wellington Kanyongo in Zimbabwe
—Wellington Kanyongo

Messrs. Jenkins and LaHaye, Thank you for this incomparable series of books. I have come to the Lord through the teachings in these books. I have begun to read the Bible and even to understand most of what I read. I have also begun to witness to people, not many yet, but still, the process has begun. I cannot thank you enough for these books. They have opened my eyes to so many things and helped me to understand my Bible better. Thank you so much. May God bless you both and keep you in His heart. Yours, Don Headley
—Don Headley

I really enjoyed the testimonials of the people in the Those Will Not Be Left Behind book. those were some very compelling stories. Thank you so much for publishing this book.

I am 12 years old. When I got the first hardcover book of the Left Behind Series (the kids) I was hooked. I have collected all 12 of the hardcover books. Before, I was not interested in the book of Revelation. I wasn't even a Christian really. I said I was, I went to church, but I had never really given my life to Christ. But because of your books, right away I got alone and gave my life to the Lord. I just hope that you will write one last book that tells what the kids do during the Millennium. The series has really helped me minister to my friends about the change in my heart and life. I love reading the books and I hope that you will write one more. Your books have changed my life in so many different ways. Thank you!!!
—Jonathan G

Your books are very good and I enjoyed them so much!I couldn't put it down. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!

i came across these books doing time an i must saying believing there is a god and living for god is totally different i sat in that cold lonely place an god just called out to me it was time i learned about him and not just of him then one day after many hours of 1 on 1 with the chaplain she brought me this book an i couldn't put it down before you know it i was reading 2 a week god pulled me out of that horrible situation glory be to him always but your books keep my mind on what matter the most getting my life right with the lord thank you and god bless
—brandy henry

I am currently reading "The Jesus Chronicles". They are a great read and really make me think, but they also make me long for the wonder of the Left Behind series again. I finished the sequel, and thus the entire series (excluding the prequels) two years ago. My favorite character was Chloe Steele Williams. I admired her boldness and charisma. I am glad that both the Left Behind series and the Jesus Chronicles are changing me from the inside out. Thank you so much! ;)

For a while I did not have anything to do. Things were not going well at school for me and I was always down. I had heard of the Left Behind books and I decided to start reading them. I fell in love. I ate them all up, evening reading #3 in one day. My relationship with God grew stronger and I had deep and passionate conversations with my Christian friend at school. I love the Left Behind series so much! Thank you for not only helping me fix my path with God but also for providing me with some of the best novels in the world!

I loved the series and I am currently waiting to get Armageddon so I can finish the series. I believe everything that happened in your books will come true in one form or another, but I want to live until the Glorious Appearing. I know the perils of it all but I want to see it all, is that a bad thing?
—Thomas Sheffo

it was a very interesting series. The books put into easier reading about 7 seals. The Left Behind series put into a more user friendly understanding on the end time, which i believe we are in now. I would like to know how many souls the series alone saved
—thomas Greer

I love your books. I started reading them a couple weeks ago. Right now I'm reading Desecration. I have been a Christian all my life, from a little child. For years, though, I fell away, and the weight of a Godless life fell on me. I came back to God a year ago and have been so grateful for his grace! Without God and Christ I would probably be dead, but through Christ Jesus I am alive and able to worship him and glorify him. Your novels have helped me understand Revelation a lot. Thank you for writing them. I am a writer as well, although currently unpublished, but would love to write something that would help guide people to the truth. God bless you.
—Violet Yates

I was in prison in Missouri when I first read the Left Behind series. I found I couldn't get enough of these intriguing books! I read them all day long, up until lights out. As my time passed I began to change on the inside. The things that were once so important to me, suddenly became insignificant. I had struggled with drug addiction, depression, men, and a general recklessness. Very slowly, my life began to center around the real impotant things; God, church, and my family. I was released from prison on September 8, 2009. After 5 weeks I became pregnant. I struggled with the decision but decided to keep the baby. On June 29,2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I continued on to move to a lovely, quiet neighborhood, where I now live with the only man, second to the Lord, that runs my life. I have a job, am drug free, put the Lord first, and now focus on my new life, centered around God and my kids. I now know that when the end of times approaches, i will NOT be Left Behind!
—Andrea Kieninger

—angela jackson

I'm a mere fifteen, but my my faith has been driven to the point where I now see God as not only a universal source of salvation and all of that, but as a personal God. Like the other million people converted by your series, I'm absolutely convinced that God is 100% real and that He loves me, and the two of you, and everyone else on this planet, whether they choose to acknowledge that or not. I had been convinced since I was at least twelve that some god had to exist - our universe is just too finely tuned to be without. But I wasn't exactly sure if the Christian God was THE God. Most of my family is Christian, so I had the idea always in the back of my mind. I suppose, as I got older and started studying it a little more, that I saw Him as so far above me that He had no reason to even acknowledge my existence, let alone put me into being in the first place. But after reading just the first two books in this series and seeing how realistic the Bible and Jesus' teachings were, not ludicrous and as impractical as possible as most anti-Theists try to make it out to be, I began to see that God loves everyone. Even those declining the option to acknowledge His love. I can't find the words to show how thankful I am to the two of you. This no longer seems cheesy and impractical. I think C.S. Lewis put it best: "I believe in Christianity as I believe in the rising sun: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." Thank you. God has so much in store for you, not even Atheists, as intelligent as they claim to be, can even begin to fathom. Thank you, so much.
—Noah Midcap

I've been a believer all my life but it wasnt until 2004 that I got saved. I have read the book of Revelation time and time again. Right now I'm on the fifth book in your series, Apollyon. Just by reading this series I could tell you more about the book of Revelation now than I ever could before. I love how true you two have kept to bible scripture. I have heard non believers say they don't read the bible because they just don't understand it. By writing the Left Behind series you have brought the book of Revelation to life and makes it very easy to understand everything God wants understood. I can't put these books down they are, "edge of your seat", good. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this series. Can't wait to finish the series.
—Shawna Cox

Aloha! I just wanted you to know what a difference in reading The Left Behind series of books has made in my life. I feel as though my life has changed for good after reading the series. Also, I have enjoyed reading The Jesus Chronicles-Mark and Luke's Story. Please continue to Glorify Jesus Christ. Mahalo Nui Loa for the wonderful work.
—Michael Miller

Yes, my life has definitely changed -- for the better, of course -- as I am now rereading the series along with the prequels. I just read the Regime and the Rapture and it answered a lot of nagging questions that had been bothering me as I am new in Christ. Even though my faith early in my life was a strong force, I had most definitely not lived a Christian life. A lot of really challenging things have happened to me in the past 15 years and I became very angry at God. Now I take full responsibility for my actions. God didn't "cause" these things to happen, I did. I learned that from the Regime. I cannot blame God for my choices. If it makes me a better person and stronger in my faith, then it was worth it. God has laid it on my heart to do two things -- write a Christian novel (I love to write though have never been published) and to work through area churches to feed the homeless and hopefully minister to their souls as well. I have found your books and movies extremely entertaining but also it has definitely helped me to understand the prophesies a whole lot better. I only hope my book or whatever it turns out to be (it will be similar in that it will be a post-rapture book told from a medical point of view as I have worked in the medical field most of my life) is half as good as the Left Behind series. Thank you for writing these wonderful books and making them into movies, which I hope more is coming). Love in Christ, Brenda Alexander bjalexander3@yahoo.com
—Brenda Alexander

I was raised in church, and do not remember making a true commitment to Christ. I stumbled across the books by accident, and I know that God must have planted them there for a reason! The very first time I read Left Behind: The Kids, at the end of the first book, I accepted Christ into my heart when I was thirteen years old! I read all of them voraciously and have started on the Left Behind books. God opened my eyes to the fact that I needed Him through these books and the End Times. I went on a mission trip to Cambodia. Now I am the student president/leader of my college campus ministry!
—Rachel Weatherford

Dear Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, I had recently finished reading the last book of the "Left Behind: the Kids" series and I loved it! I spent my whole summer summer reading these wonderful books and they had helped me have a better understanding of God's love for us and that the gift of salvation comes from believing and following the truth,not from good deeds. Although I have been a Christian all of my life,I didn't relize until now that the people around me may not have enough time to hear hear the truth. I had always kept my faith a secret from my friends. But now,other kids in my middle school refer to me as that "Christian Girl" because I'm always talking about my Heavenly Father. And I love! While I was reading this series,I was thinking of how awesome it would be if it were an actual TV show. So many teens today are addicted to the television for the wrong reasons,especially if it's something inappropriate. I always tell myself,"If there's a problem,go to the source" or, "If you want something to happen,do something about it." In this case,the source is the media and I want others to have a relationshiip with God like I do. If so many are being saved just by reading these books,imagine how many others out there today who can be just by turning on their TV. Have you ever thought about this idea before? Well I think this will help a lot of nbelievers come to the truth and will give believers something clean to watch. So I thank you for writing these wonderful books for others and I to learn more about this amazing faith we all share. Keep up the good work and please think about my terrific idea. Sincerely, Channon.
—Channon Culmer

Left behind changed my life, it showed me that I shouldn't waste my time with books that make no sense and that fail to follow their own story line. After 911 people suffered for a while, but that doesn't happen in left behind. You would think that a world without kids would be a miserable one.
—renee White

I am currently in the process of reading the Left Behind Series. These are really life changing books that make you think, and truly believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I feel a sense of enlightenment already. I will say, they (the books) did make me question my faith and my personal relationship with God. Everyone should read these books. It does scare me, because I know there are so many non-believers out there and I worry for their souls. The day WILL COME that we shall see these things into fruition and people just do there day-to-day lifestyles without ever looking up to Heaven and asking the hardest question there is to ask, "God, am I ready to enter your Kingdom? Is my soul pure enough? and the hardest of them all "Am I truly saved?" Thank you so much for giving us these tools of enlightenment. Praise God, and may THE Lord Bless each and every one of you!
—Misty Hancock

Have just spent the last three months reading all the Left Behind books and would recommend to all who search after God's truth and want to understand the end time events. They put all the Revelation events in order and help to show how all the events go together in the right time line. These books will change you life and bring you nearer to Jesus Christ. They are a breath of fresh air in what can be quite a "dry" subject filled with half truths and half understandings.
—John Vernon

Hello I am reading the last book of The Left Behind series and I love it. These are by far the best books in my life. I am 22 years old and I have 3 children and I always believed in God but I didn't quite understand alot of things. These books got me so interested in learning more that I went and got me a Bible. I am reading the Bible now and my 5 and 4 year old go to Wednesday night Sunday school and they love it. I have been reading small religious books to my 4 month old to get him and early start. I have been currently going to church and enjoying it. I have to tell you I was never on good terms with the Lord when I was young beacuase of all the horrible things I went through. I thought for some reason he was punishing me when I had two children before the age of 18 but now I realize they were adn are a true blessing. I was headed down the wrong path when I was young and this was His way of turning my life around. He also blessed with the man I will be with forever and we are together for over 3 years now. My story is long and kind of personal but I am honest when I say that I owe alot to me turning back to the Lord to these books. I laughed, I cried, it opened my eyes. Thank you for these books, they helped me to change my life. Sincerly, Jody
—Jody Bannick

Thank you for your book. I was born again in my early teens and have been back sliding since then until now, approaching 40. I read Left Behind and it has given me the push I needed to re-commit my life to Jesus. I want to spend my eternal life with him and I want to be 'taken up to meet him in the clouds' - not Left Behind ! I am now fully committed and feel peace in my heart that I will be with my Lord for eternity. Gods Blessings on you both. I thank God for you.
—Deborah Leach

My brother has this Left Behind Series for more than 4 years now, it has not for once come to my mind to have a glance of it not until last 2 weeks, and since then, it's been more than wonderful, am currently on the 3 book (Nicolae) and I can't wait to get to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and the 9th one. Then I will try to find the movie, though it a bit hard to get one around here, in Jos, Nigeria. Can you find in this regard.
—Joshua Adeyemi

I love the Left Behind series. I am on book 11 (Armageddon.) I sought out your site to see what book was next. Your series brought the words in the book of Revelation to life, easier to understand and to apply. Your series has come at a time in my life giving me a stonger determination to choose God in every facet of my life. Continued blessings.

The book Left Behind has been brilliantly written with an intention to call upon God's people and those who have rejected Him, by reading the account one cannot escape the truth,the divine concept of Holiness and forgiveness of sins has been described as never before, trauma which moved the world reminds us of the times of persecution and tribulation, while reading I imagined what the world would like be in those time and be prepared.

The Left Behind book most definateley changed my life. It saved my life. I was saved and baptized when I was in highschool, but never really understood what being a Christian was all about, really until I read this book. It put everything into perspective. I have turned completely away from the lifestyle I was living. I now know in my heart that I have a personal relationship with Jesus and my eyes are no longer on this earth and it ways, but Heavenward. May God continue to Bless you both and I praise Him everyday for literature like yours. Thank You so much. Melissa Reedy, Dallas Texas
—Melissa Reedy

I read book two of the kids series and i was hooked immediately.I always thought that people would die when the rapture happened.But now i''m not so scared about it anymore. P.S. Is tarted wen i was thirteen now i'm fourteen.

My daughter was reading the series while she is in jail. She told me Ma you have to read this book I am reading called Left Behind. I picked up the Book on Cd at the library and I was hooked. i found myself wanting to be in my car or driving around longer. Then I found the book and finished the other 1/2 reading it. I hate leaving my chair or sleeping. I am now reading Tribulation Force and I believe it is better than Left Behind. I have also purchased the next 2 in the series so I dont have to wait to start them. I have told many people about it and have handed off my copy of left behind to my other daughter. It is now a family thing.
—Cyndi Davis

I just wanted to share my story. Years ago i was addicted to crack cocaine. I was at my wits end. I knew my next step was probably harm to myself or someone else. I couldn't go on the way I was going. I needed help, and bad. So I prayed to God thru His Son and my Redeemer to take that load off me and to help me get my life back on track. What happened next is very hard for me to describe. The only way I can say it is that I felt the love and Warmth and Grace of my Lord and Saviour. I've never experienced anything like that before in my entire life. All my anxiety, fears and pain suddenly left me and I felt His Love surround me. I knew He was there with me, I could feel Him. When I stood I had no craving for the drug anymore and was able to walk away from it and never looked back. I owe my life and sanity to God and His Son, Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. I absolutely love the Left Behind Series and cannot put them down. Please please keep up the Lords work and never stop writing.
—Warren Yarnall

i am saved

When the books were first written, I read each one with great anticipation for the next book in the series. This year I felt the need to read the books again. I borrowed copies from friends and devoured each one. When the characters started being martyred I would cry for hours. That's when I realized the characters were more important to me than the message. I started reading the books again and purchasing each one highlighting passaged and reading the scriptures in the Bible. They are such a comfort to me because I miss my family so much and look forward to the being with them again and enjoying the Glorious Appearing.

I am reading the Left Behind kids series. They are so amazing and I love them. They have encouraged me to be strong and make me want to share the Good News with every one before it's too late. I hope that when the time comes I can be brave enough to do what those kids do. I am proud of my Christian faith, and I thank Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye for writing these great books. God bless you both.

I am currently re-readinding the series for the third time. I have been so blessed by the living text of these books. I recognize things i see in society today and can easily see how God's Word is being played out in society as we speak. I share the series with friends and loved ones because I know that once they begin to read, God will do the rest.

Yes, my READING LIFE CHANGED & DRASTICALLY. My reading life changed over 15 yrs ago when I first SAW your Left Behind in MOVIE form 1st. I hadnt even heard of your books, series & even about Dr. LaHaye & Mr. Jenkins (i'm sorry :o( but AFTER SEEING the 1st movie w/Curt Cameron & everybody else I was Intrigued. My (ex)husband at the time was an avid reader & told me about your book series & that if I loved the Movie so much I should check out the BOOKS. He Knew I really didnt like & even STRUGGLED with reading, even w/my Bible. He Always Prayed that the Lord would Give me a Love & Desire to read and ALL that changed w/one Movie. Prayer is STRONG & TRUE. His prayer was Answered & After READING the 1st book I COULD NOT & WOULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN. It took Less then a week to finish ALL Of the books & I HAVENT STOPPED READING SINCE (even more so w/my Bible, forgive me Lord and thank you Lord for Grace, understanding & Mercy. You see I suffer from insomnia so as soon as I finished one book I would go right in the next no matter what time of day or night it was. I WAS HOOKED, LINED & SUNKED. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU. The Lord Gave me a ministry regaurding your books and its Wonderful. I go to thrift stores to look for all & any of your books to where I Give, Hand & even MAIL them out. The Lord had given me a heart for our Lost & Hurting Teens & w/the Teens Left Behinds I do just that, I GIVE THEM OUT to these kids & when they're done w/there copies, I share w/them to pass them on. I start off w/giving them 5 books @ a time & if they want more I give them another 5 @ a time. My teen books are finally running low and trying to find a whole set of 40 of them is hard to find, but w/the Lord ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Now as for the Adult series, I'm doing the same, but w/1 book @ a time because of the length & weight that they are and mailing them can add up when finances are tight, but again the Lord is good. Keep up the Great work and PLEASE KEEP WRITING FOR THE LORD & US. Be Blessed :o)
—Desiree' A. Thomas desireebeckley@yahoo.com

I have now read all 12 books, the 3 prequels and the sequel, Kingdom Come! I couldn't put them down. I feel a tremendous renewal of my faith and interpretation of the scriptures. I am reading Revelations with some degree of understanding for the first time in my life! I have rededicated my life to Christ and His service. I am exploring more Bible study now than I ever thought possible. I am looking for a church that focuses on preaching the Bible and less on church doctrine, committees and appearances as the ones I have attended in the past are more like that. I am hungry for the truth and more understanding of God's word. God Bless and keep up the good work.

I would like to say thank you to the authors of this amazing series of books, they have really changed my life. I am sure they get that a lot from millions of people, but I really could not feel more blessed to have found this series. I am the type of person who reads many different types of books and I gather useful bits and pieces from them, but with the Left Behind series it hasn't been just bits and pieces, its been all of it. Ever since I began reading them they really made want to get closer to my faith in God. I was raised in a religious home, I have been to church every Sunday as long as I can remember, but while reading these books I realized that the things I did for my faith in the Lord were more out of habit than anything else. I read the bible once in a blue moon and whenever I did it would always be to the book of revelations and nothing else, it stirred a morbid curiosity in me.Now though, its like they say in the books, I have a thirst for the word of God, meaning all of the bible not just what is to come. Throughout my short life I have experienced more things than most people my age have experienced, and I have always known God has been there for me but for some reason I was more of a distant believer, not really praying to God with my heart in it, I was praying more on the off chance that he would hear me; I had a wall up in a sense. He was there and I was here. That wall is now gone, and ever since its given me a sense of fulfillment. I was missing God in my life and now that I have allowed him in I have opened my eyes to all the great things he does for me. This has been a turning point in my life, I used to be a very negative person, I was known for being the depressed one among my friends, and ever since I started the books back in April I have been slowly changing, even my family has noticed it. I feel as if my whole attitude about life has given a 180 degree turn. Most people are pleased with my change while others are so used to my gloomy nature from before that they feel slightly uncomfortable around me. One thing is for sure though...I am sharing my faith in God with everyone, even if others don't share my views in the Lord, I am always open to talking about it. Those who have known me for sometime are happy to see me so joyous and are pleasantly surprised to see that I have found something or rather someone that brings me such peace. I am currently in search of my own bible, we have always had a family bible but I have also come to the conclusion that a bible is something personal, where one can make notes and highlight favorite passages. All of this coming from the ideas you have conveyed in the Left Behind books. I really felt compelled to write my little story of change here and to thank the authors and anyone who made this possible for helping me become closer to God. I cannot express how much it means to me, all I can say is God Bless you for all the lives you have helped change through your books. God Bless -Maggie
—Maggie C.

I have reacently started reading the left behind series. i hav to say they hav changed my life. they hav opened my eyes to the Lord and now i am reading hte Bible more. i would like to thank everyone who had a part in this book. i believe u hav saved my life. thank u
—Richard S

no question....but praise GOD, for he has used Tim and Jerry for the soul purpose of winning souls for himself.(through JESUS CHRIST, of course) GOD BLESS YOU BOTH, T&J
—annette coblentz

I feel that the left behind series is a bit anticatholic and its attacks on the poe and its teachings. Considering that the present leader of the Church of England is a white druid and allows gays and lesbians to minister to people. I feel that this should have the head of the one world faith in the book. However, on the positive note, it has encourage me to look at the bible alot more than I had in the past and try and live the life of a Christian

I just finished reading the Left Behind series over about two months. I'm 12 years old, and these books affected me in a way I had never thought they would. Book eight and the guillotines really scared me, and for two days I couldn't sleep. I found myself praying more often, and the fear went away. I am now felling a hunger for reading my Bible more often, and I long to be with Jesus. Thank you for writing these books!

the books were great thank you

Dear Dr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins, I know you both must have thousands of correspondence from so many people from around the world but I feel it only right that your list be lengthened by still one more grateful person. Both of you and Joel Rosenberg were on the Glenn Beck program a few years ago speaking about the end times prophecies and the rapture. (My husband and I at that time were believers in God and Jesus Christ but not "borne again" believers). For some reason beyond what we understand, my husband and I turned and looked at each other and gave each other a look of "we get it". We purchased all of the Left Behind books that were published at that time and awaited the remaining ones as they were released. We also purchased a NIV Bible and Joel Rosenberg's books and I have read them all. We also have many of your other books which have helped us on our journey into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible and the future events to come. We have been blessed by God's mercy, through your strength and wisdom, which have lead us to be "borne again". For this we will be "eternally" grateful. I hope you will consider doing another program similar to the one in the past. The world has become even more volatile and caotic and there are many confused and desperate people who are looking for hope and guidance that watch Glenn Beck who could be enlightened by your powerful message. Once again, thank you, thank you for leading us to our salvation and may you be a continued voice for our Lord so that more "shall not perish but have eternal life". May the Lord look over you and continue to guide and bless you as you help look after his sheep. Sincerely and with a grateful heart, Beverly Grover
—Beverly Grover

I am 40 yrs. old and blessed to have been chosen by God to believe and accept Him in my life. I have recently started to study the bible, and of course as consequence of this my life is being transformed, my taste in music, and entertainment and even the people I socialize with, even though I am ready to witness to whoever asks me of my newborn faith, I am more selective as to whom I spend time with, in short, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world, a world of hope and light. Anyway somehow I heard about this series of movies, and I have seen them, and have shown them to my family and I have to say that they have made quite an impact in all of us, since it is pretty similar to what we have been studying from our Bible. We cannot wait to read the books, for we have been told they have more details than the movie. I am very happy that movies like this ones produced by Cloud Ten can still be released since visually we can reach the American audience. Especially when these great actors are in the film, it is nice to know that there are still Christians in the movie industry, other than Charleston Heston of course:). Keep writing good books in a manner that will arouse the curiosity of people, hey it's a start!
—Mabel Jacome

I am intrigued by the facts. I don't know why I am scared to continue reading. I know all of this is true.....yet I am terrified to pick up another book. Why do I feel this way?

Hi, I wanted to say that I loved being able to read books that exchanged language and sexual content for prayers and scripture. They were real eye openers to those who have suffered for Christ throughout the ages. I read through the book of Acts, and I was wondering why the idea of baptism is never mentioned in the books along with salvation. Every time someone in the book of Acts is saved, they immediately go and get baptized. Will this no longer be so in the last days? Thank you for your thoughts.
—Rachael Sullivan

I grew up in a religious household, attending church almost every weekend and, as I got into highschool, I began to commit more to my faith. However, as soon as I hit college I rebelled against my upbringing and my faith. It took me a couple years after graduation to dig myself out of my own hole. I started reading the Left Behind series again and I felt a huge hole in my life, and realized this hole could only be filled through a relationship with Jesus Christ. I finally prayed and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, realizing the full impact of what I was doing. I have fully committed my life to Christ and it has made all the difference. Instead of just going along with my religion, like before, this time I have changed my lifestyle and truly focused my eyes on Jesus. The pure love and peace I feel every day astounds me, and I truly am born again.
—Krysten McPherson

I am on my second reading of this great series, I feel closer to God than I ever have
—Melissa Baker

wow...these books are incredible. im 15 and the main thing that bugs me about our society is people thinking teenagers are to young to understand certain things. Not true for these books. i was a christian before i started reading Left Behind- the Kids, but these books have impacted my faith and inspired me to prepare for the Rapture. thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

I have read all the left behind series and have shared them with people at my church. I have always been a believer who has had spiritual experiences with God,including an after life experience when I was 12. I have believed in God all my life and try to share all what God has done for me with others. I truly believe everyone should read these books at least once,especially since we never know when Jesus will return.
—Diane Biederman

THE LEFT BEHIND SERIES IS THE BEST SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! My mom bought some of the audios from Goodwill and I listened to all of them in 5 days. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

These books are amazing! I can't tell you how much I love them. They are the best books in the world, and probably the best thing that has ever happened to me! Thank you for writing these books!

A great big thankyou to the authors of these books. I haven't really known christ despite going to church for my whole life, reading the books has inspired me to do something about my poor CHRISTIAN LIFE so thankyou so so much!!!! God Bless
—Jessica S. Bell

I'm reading "Armageddon" and just finished the section on the martyrdom of Chloe Steele Williams. Wow - what excellent and challenging writing! I drove home singing God's praises for all those who are suffering for His sake and willingly laying down their lives rather than deny Jesus Christ. Thanks for a very moving and inspiring series of books - an imoportant contribution to Chritian literature.
—Peter Summerside

...I don't have any questions. I just would like to share what i have felt upon reading and watching Left behind part I and II. Actually, I was upset and in depression the time Sir Mel Brianne asked me if I am a Christian. I said "Yes Sir, I am." We talked and shared know-how to each other. I shared to him what struggle I'm having and the like. With all his piece of advice, he introduced to me the Left Behind series. He told me a short, subjective descriptions about the book. I was amazed ad fascinated. I borrowed the first book of the series. I devotedly read it. With my busy days, i have to find time to read and comprehend the words of the book a day---everyday I should read. You know what, I was crying when Ray was stating his experience and my feeling got intense when Bruce made his. I was RESTORED. I felt sorry and I asked for forgiveness to HIM. Guys, even if everything is bugging you, your friends, your family and /or yourself, don't let them lose you live with God just like i did. Trust in Him fully because Hi's always in control. I'm now starting to regain my trust, faith, and passion in serving Him. I don't want to be away with Him once more... Thank you Left Behind.. I wish to read and watch all the series and let my loved ones read and watch it too. GOD BLESS US ALL.
—Roel R. Maraya

It was awsome as I felt the presense of the coming of the Lord in chapter 8.

Hi My name is Paul.I had started reading the Left Behind Series since 2000. The sad thing was that I had to keep waiting till the next book came out. Now I have every book, including Left Behind for kids. I even have all the audio books, and sounds in drama. The thing is that I am a born again christian, But I started to think God was a myth. Nothing was going right in my life. So I started to forget and not believe in my faith in Jesus Christ. Then your books came out. And I read them and compared them with the Bible.That is when it hit me. You can't make the true story up like this there is so much evidence today that refers to the end times. Because of all these books I am now back with christ permanantly. Thank You so much, Mr. Lahaye and Mr. Jenkins for the TRUTH!!!!!
—Paul Germaine

I just finished reading the left behind series. I loved it. I didnt want it to finish. Reading this series has really opened my eyes and to truly take in the meaning of my faith. Thank you so much!
—p. perez

well i would just like to say that because of this book my faith in god has been renewed thank you
—jeffery sullivan

I enjoyed your Left Behind movie so much several years ago that I want to show it to my Awana T&T kids (8-12 year-olds/3rd-6th grade). I think they can handle it. I would like to know if you can offer discussion questions to follow? I have downloaded your trivia questions which would give me a good start. Thankyou for making biblical prophecy realistic!
—Eva Cummings

I love the Left Behind books and movies. When we brought my father home with hospice, I was trying to find a way to talk about Salvation with him. He never wanted to talk about it, he would brush you off or change the subject. Finally I decided that he could not get out of his bed so I would put Left Behind on. The three weeks that we had him home before he passed away I played Left Behind and Tribulation Force all day every day! I will not know if that helped him to make a decision until I get to Heaven I can just Hope. I would like to thank Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye for their books and movies, they give people a different way to get the importance of Salvation across to people. Please keep up the good work for The Lord and God Bless!!
—Billy Lynn Hale

Hello! I want to say a BIG THANK to you for these books! I was very ill (depression), but JESUS helps me and you too!!!! Now i´m 100% better and i do not need pills since 7 long years. Left behind leads me to a the only one and great God and this is the best. Sorry, for my bad english but my heart is full of hope and love now. THANKS and be Blessed! I pray for you and yor families Daniel Wende
—Daniel Wende

Hello, my name is Julian. Well, at the beginning of the year I was in my school's library. And I ran across your books. And at first, they were interesting. But then I realized it's all Christian. And I'm not a big fan of religion. I am a baptist, have been saved, and all. I'm not a regular church attender and can't even read past genesis in the bible without getting bored. But the other week I decided to give Left Behind a try. I was suddenly addicted to it. I'm currently reading Assassins. And I have to say. I love it. It makes me realize what's going to happen when Jesus Christ comes to rapture his church. I want to start reading the bible. I think I'm closer and closer to following God. I am an inspired writer, and the books you have written are by far the best books I've ever read, and I read a lot. Thank you for the stories in which you have written. Great job.
—Julian Gonzalez

Hello, I am Regina Manuntag and i'm 13 years old. I just want to inform you that your series of Left Behind The Kids has inspired my life. I am going to continue reading your books in the future. (: Thank you!!
—Regina Manuntag

I started reading the Left Behind Series two weeks back and already got to book number ten. My Mom somtimes gets angry at me for reading all the time. My school dosen't have all 40 books so I won't read the next book until they have the one before it. It has changed my whole concept of revelation. Is there a movie of the Kids series? I spent a whole 1 hour on the web and youtube looking for the movies. They only have audio. Thank You so much for writing these books. My favorite charecters are Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan. Thank You once again.

Hi! I'm Aubrey and I'm 13. I just wanted to say how much I love the Left Behind: The Kids series! They have really changed my life and have made my faith stronger. I started reading them a month ago, and right away I couldn't stop reading them! When I start reading them, it's as if I'm there experiencing everything with Judd, Vicki, Lionel and Ryan. I actually checked out most of the books in that series at my library the last time I went! I'm on book 13 right now, and I cried when Ryan died, and when Bruce died a couple of books earlier. Those books make me want to go out there and show people what Jesus did for them! I've grown up in a Christian family, so it's not new to me, but I have learned a lot from reading those books. I watched the Left Behind movies, and those are my favorite movies now! I hope they will make a 4th movie and make a movie about the Left Behind: The Kids! I'm going to try and get my friends to read them, because I know they'll love them! I hope after the Rapture and during the Tribulation that there will be kids like Judd, Lionel, Vicki and Ryan! And people like Bruce and Buck and all of them in the Tribulation Force! Thank you so much for creating those books! They have really changed my life!

I don't have any questions, I just have to say that this website is a gift to christians who are increasing their faith. I can honestly say that Im ready for Jesus,our Father to arrIve! Im preparing for his coming and can't wait to go to heaven to be with him!!!!! Im hoping to see the creator of this website as well. See ya soon, Thank You!!!!!
—Rebecca Henry

Lahaye & Jenkins, God bless your good work! I wasn’t going to report my enthusiasm over the Left Behind series (do to your high volume I’m sure), until I saw that you dedicated your second book to people such as myself now that I’m relaying my praise for the inspired work. I just have to say. I am from a small-secluded town in Alaska, called Cordova. My life has been flipped right side up the past few years and I am now drawing near to God as much as possible. For a while I had wanted to get into your fiction/prophetic Truth series, but I am one of the blessed poor, and couldn’t imagine finding the budget. Then I found #7 & 8 at the Salvation Army for $1ea! Then after inquiring at the library, found that the entire series was available all along!! (I’m a little slow) So I went from #7 to the end and now I’ve just finished 1 and starting 2. This makes 7 books in 2 weeks!!! Before this past year, I’d read about 10 books in my entire life (I’m 34). My eyes hurt and I don’t care! How can I keep this short? I’ve been so inspired and enthralled, obviously. From constant welling of others finding the Truth of salvation, to edge of my seat passion for the fight, to further consideration of the prophecies, to encouragement towards no-delay witnessing, and much more. My favorite parts are: the Antichrist saying he wanted a pig so fat it couldn’t throw him; George’s enthusiasm (while impervious to the enemy) when finally greeting Ray from the Hummer window with “How exciting is this?”; and Kenny wanting on his knees and then putting his hands together like praying but then instinctively raised his eyes and hands up to Jesus in the sky! This series should serve as a guide after the time comes, and for many now I’m sure. Thank you for creating such a glorious work – Praise the Lord! The Lord sure fulfills those who hunger and thirst for His righteousness. Hallelujah! Bravo, Kanji D Christian Walk With God PS – I also read ‘Luke’s Story’, thank you very much. You should do a book on Paul. PSS – I haven’t seen any of the movies, but I wish there were big budgets to make the entire series for the big screen.
—Kanji D Christian

About six years ago, while visiting my mother, there was a book on her living room coffee table, Left Behind. I had heard about the book but never read it. I picked it up and started reading. It took two days. I was not able to put it down. I was completely inspired to give my life completely to God at that point. I had asked a fellow parent at the local gymnastics training center where our children went if she knew of a bible study, by the next day I was enrolled at CBS Community Bible Study. I stopped listening to secular music, and started writing down different things that I didn't notice before, but now realized that it was God the whole time. My marriage improved by ten fold, my children started referencing God more, and my husband noticed a difference in my total attitude toward life. Up until this point, I thought I knew God, but after reading the book, it became clear that I needed to know Him better. I have never been so happy. Even in bad times, I have stopped asking "Why" and started saying "Thank You". No matter what, God is there for me and my family and I am a much better person because of my new found relationship with Him.
—Shari L. Shovels

I read the kids left beind series. Before I read the books i beleived in God and Jesus but I had not asked Jesus to come into my heart. But after I read the Young Left Behind series I prayed the prayer and started reading the bible more often. It inspired me to be a better christain and I have gave this series to read to a few friends. This is the best series I have read. Thank you for writing this series to help me relize what is about to happen. YOu don't have to answer this question but do think Jesus is going to come and get all the Christians in the next 10 years. Once again thank you. God bless you.

I had never read any of the Left Behind series until about 6 weeks ago. I am a 58 year old woman who had a life that shamed my family and then me. I used hard core drugs for 25 years, then had children out of wedlock, an abortion, and studied and practiced witchcraft for most of my adult life, ETC. ETC. My husband of 35 years was right with me through all of wasted life, we even raised(?) a couple of wonderful sons who any parent would be proud of (they have both been Christians for most of their adult lives.My husband and I have both been drug free for 15 years now and I have made a lot of very good changes in my life in the last 15 years. I have a college degree, I am a Nationally Certified Substance Abuse Specialist and Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor who worked in the field for 6 years, I walked the walk and talked the talk, but knew I needed more. I had started attending church here in Missouri with all of my family and allowed everyone to think I had repented. I knew I enjoyed church but also knew in my heart I would be LEFT BEHIND if Jesus came that day. When I read the first book of this series I cried through most of it because even though I made all of those changes in my life I was not ready to meet Jesus, not a true christian. I read the first Prayer of Salvation in Left Behind. I got down on my knees the first time I read the Salvation Prayer and begged Jesus to forgive me. My heart had been so hardened for so many years that I didn't really believe that he could truly forgive all that I had done and I was not convinced that I would go to heaven if Jesus returned or I died. You see when a person has been as sinful as I felt how could this loving God forgive me? I wanted to believe but didn't feel worthy. So for the next 11 books every time that prayer was written again I would cry and ask Jesus to forgive me again. I laughed with your characters, I cried with them and I was terrified for them until the Glorius Appearing. I have spoken to my pastor at the wonderful Christ centered church I attend here in Missouri and now truly believe that Jesus did forgive me and that I can now forgive myself so that I can get on with the businness of worshiping my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. And yes if he returns today I will be ready to be Raptured to Heaven. Mr. Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye will surely have glorius crowns in heaven for bringing so many, including this very lost sinner to Christ Jesus. All I can say is "Halleluja and hurry Lord I'm ready!" Thank you gentlemen from my very full heart for you wonderful books and please continue because if I can find Jesus I know there are so many more who will too. God Bless you. Your sister in Christ, Cheryl
—Cheryl Hayworth

I was raised in church, and had prayed the prayer before, but when I read this series I began to question my faith. I found myself identifying with the characters before they found Christ in a way that scared me. After I finished the first two books, I finally talked to God. I had knew I needed to get right with Him for a long time now but never got around to doing it. There was always some excuse, until I made myself stop making excuses and face what my heart was telling me. Though I had prayed the prayer before, when I was about five, I prayed again and asked God to save me from my sins and forgive me for all the wrong things I have done and continue to do. Ever since I did, things have been going so much better for me! It is true, with Christ we can do anything! Thank you so much for writing these books! Otherwise, I might still be living in my lie of being a Christian when I really wasn't. I prayed the prayer a week ago today and feel closer to God than ever before. God bless you all!

I cry everytime I view the movies. I also sent a set to my parents. They have yet to accept Christ as their Savior. Question-Are there any plans to make movies from the series of books? Oh, I also sent a complete set of the books to my sister-in-law. She indicated to me, she is ready for Christ's return. YaHOOOO!
—Ann Viv

Thank you. I read the Left Behind series many years ago and then donated my copies to a Christian thrift store. Then this month, I began reading the series again and find it hard to put the books down (I just finished "The Mark" 5 minutes ago and getting ready to start "Desecration" Now here is the testimony: When I read this series years ago, I skipped over the Tsion Ben Judah writings and other parts because the story-line was so interesting that I did not want to slow down to check it against scripture. But now as a more mature Believer (and "empty-nester), I am reading everything and comparing it against scripture AND have a MUCH GREATER APPRECIATION for the series and GOD'S WORD interwoven into it. Thank you and God Bless You. And there is more... As we get closer to the coming of events that the Bible says m,ust take place....I put a copy of the book "Nicolae" with my Will and Important papers because, I believe, there are those who will know when the rapture occurs that what they have is REALLY true and will be hungry, then, to understand what is coming next. And there are soem excellent passages in Nicolae that will help those left behind. And though it may not happen exactly exactly as described, there is enough to get a religious person (i.e. grew up in Church but not necessarily sold out to Christ even though they know the Word, etc.)on the right path. So thank you again and God Bless you and your families in Jesus' name. Amen. Signed, Mrs. Janet James Richmond, Virginia
—Mrs. Janet James

I happened upon the Left Behind series at the Local Library. At the time, I wasn't going to Church, or even saved. I read your books and I have to say they inspired me and now years later I am proud of my service for our Lord and Savior. I cherish my Church family and my life now more than I can express. So I wanted to say thank you.
—Shelley B Norman

I'm only 16, but my favorite passages in the bible, other then the ones that are about Jesus Christ are about the end times. I do not know why this is, but it's always been that way. Anyway, my aunt introduced me to the Left Behind series about 3 years ago and I've been hooked on them ever since. I've read the whole series about ten times and it has really helped me grow in my walk as a Christan and a reader of the book of Revelation. Thank you guys so much for creating this series. Love in Christ, Holly Ann
—Holly Ann

Hi, I am a born again christian from Nicaragua. A group of local christians wanted to use this series as an evagelistic tool, so we tried; but we ran into trouble of how this material was translated into Spanish. The language used was that used by catholics, because it was translated by mexicans. What´s the problem about that? In latin America we christians win people for christ who are catholics. The Gospel is growing fast in some of our countries, and what religion are most of these peoples? Catholics, and some of them have never read a Bible. So, when we showed them the movies, they thoght it was a catholic movie, so the whole purpose of it was defeated. There so many Spanish speaking christian who would do a marvellous job translating these movies into Spanish, and I just don´t undertand why a secular company does it and they use a pagan and secular language which is foreign to us christians who want to win more souls for the LORD. GOD bless you all, and please make the necesary changes, in CHRIST, Víctor M. Parrales.
—Víctor M. Parrales

This is the first time I've ever seen the Bible so cleverly and accurately depicted in a work of fiction! The series has me constantly thinking about my life and the decisions I make!
—Mark Redwine

I was a "pew sitter" and could not have explained to anyone what "the end times" were. My husband & I have read and re-read the "Left Behind Series" many times. This led me to Joel Rosenberg's and John Hagee's books. I'd say I've been born again in the Holy Spirit because I can't shut up and won't shut up talking about and praising My Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

before i read the leftbehind series i didnt understand rapture and the endtimes, but now i do. thanks for writing the book it has been a blessing to many of my friends here in nigeria
—love Akinpaul

Your Left Behind series touched millions of people. You tried to make a movie in 2005, but it was not as successful as the books. Have you considered a BIG Hollywood movie made with Mel Gibson a la Paasion of The Christ? This could help millions more prepare for Jesus's Coming!!!
—Mary Ann Caballero

i love bouth the kid & the adult series i started reading when i was in the 6th grade finished 1-40 last year and am on #8 in the adult books and since i started reading them i have made a decision that i want to be left behind in the rapture yes i know this sounds stupid but hear me out i want to help thour outhers who did not get raptured to get to know god and get in to the eternsl kingdom beacus to me that is what god wants me to do i know some of you mite disagree with me but hey its what i want
—cameron barret

When I first read the books I thought what would it be like to live in the end times. Now I tell people about how these books have changed my life and my beliefs.
—stephanie baird

To Messrs. LaHaye and Jenkins, Thank you very much for writing the Left Behind series. You have no idea how much of an impact it has had on my life. When I first tried to read through the series in high school, I could not get past the first three books. To make a long story short (and the underlying story is somewhat long) I was weak in the faith at the time, and every time I ran across a passage with Antichrist in it, it was as if the evil evident in his doings and schemings was palpable. I am now in my first year of law school, and I tried again to read the series after hearing how it changed my older brother. I just recently finished "Kingdom Come" over Sunday December 20th/Monday December 21st (I read it at night). Needless to say, my reaction to the series is different now than then. Antichrist's schemings fill me more with indignation—if not with amusement as his doomed-to-fail attempts at opposing God—than with dread. Once I start picking up a book, I find it hard to put it down, and I always HATED it when a book ended on a cliffhanger. Furthermore, whenever I read the books, I just wanted to scream praises to the Lord as I read of one miracle-filled exploit after another, wishing that Jesus could be THAT real in the here and now. Thank you for putting that invitation to faith at the end of "Kingdom Come": "If there is any question in your mind as to whether you have received the living Christ, I urge you on the basis of His challenge to change your will and receive Him as your Savior today." I have had my doubts from time to time about whether or not I have truly been saved, even though I can point to the time (though I do not know the exact date) when I first prayed to receive Christ. (I still remember what the pastor said that day that God told him to tell me: "You know Me, and I will help you to know Me better.") Nonetheless, certain sins in my life, or feelings that I should be doing more or that I should be doing certain thing differently, have at times made me wonder about the validity of my salvation. So again, I thank you—and thank God—for that invitation, as I took that opportunity and prayed for Jesus to remove any further doubt from me that I am saved. Thank you for having written such a good series, and thank you for not allowing the series to end without an opportunity to translate those feelings of "WHOA" to actual commitments to Christ. I pray that you continue to minister on behalf of the Lord, and may I see you face-to-face after the Lord comes for His Church, if not before. Awaiting His return, Shawn Clauther
—Shawn Clauther

I have only just started reading the Left Behind series. And it has moved me more than any other books, fictional or not. From the eyes of the left behind, it seems so scary. It really makes me feel the longing to reach out to those who have yet to know Christ. This series has made me reflect upon my own personal troubles and well, they seem very very small and trivial compared to what is actually going to happen when Christ returns. I feel so refreshed after reading it. A real life-changing and eye-opening read. God bless you so much, guys.

Hi!!!! one of my best friends was a drug addict and was on the verge of sucide, she dropped out of school at the end of grade 8. The left behind books helped me talk to her because it gave me the courage that God was there looking after me! I gave her the books to read and now she is off her drugs and she has devoted all her time learning about God and the bible. Thanks guys you have made me a much stronger person and saved my best friends life!!!!

How many books are after #12 Glorious Appearing. I have never read soo many books so fast as I did the Left Behind Series. My sister gave them to me to read. I started my first one second week of July and I finished my last one #11Apocalypse second week of November but I would have finished it sooner but my sister kept giving me only two books at a time. mean while our mother just past away and i didn't feel much like reading. I felt like I was there and when I finished the last book, I ask my sister where the next book was...i felt like I was missing something in my life. The characters became very important in day to days. I felt like I knew Rayford and Chloe. Please let me know how many more there are and what the titles are. Can I get these at a Christian book store. Thank you again for great reading. I have always had trouble concentrating on reading anything, but not your books. MAY GOD BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.
—joan mccrory

I have avoided this series since it came out knowing full well that it would change me. I somehow believed even before I accepted Christ that he would come in my life time. I was only 15 then. Prior that, I was also well aware of the battle between Satan and God for our souls. My childhood is not one I would share with the public, but let me just say that I was angry at God. I knew he was there, but bad things still happened. Rebuking him and trying to side with Satin was my childish anger developing deep bitter roots and chains that bound me for years. It was not until college that I received Christ because of my room mate and my boyfriends parents. My invitation came in a dream where Jesus stood on the most brilliantly illuminated stairs. He stood half way extending his hand out to invite me to join him. An invitation I could not refuse. Amazingly despite me obviously rebellion and sin, "He never left me nor forsake me." Yet, I still find that I run to my selfish desires. I spend a lot of time repenting and wondering if God has left me. I just started the series about six weeks ago and have read all the way through the Mark. These books are hard to put down. It fed that knowledge and belief that I had before I read the books. We are indeed in the "end times". Now, I feel a greater desire to start the process again of complete surrender and standing up for my beliefs. I want to be change by Jesus Christ so much so that others will see it and ask. The books have also helped me realize the importance of sharing The Word with my children and starting to live a holy life that is pleasing to God. Believe me it will not be easy to clean up this mouth. Allowing and giving in to so many things in this world is not easy. There are so many things that have just become common place and acceptable. Plus, I seek some sort of balance in life where I am not too legalistic. Again, reading this is starting to open my eyes to what He says in the Bible. We rationalize and try to complicate what He is saying. I know can breath a sigh of relieve that He means what He says and it is not that complicated. Thank you for stepping out to publish this great fictional series along with the other books that are no fictional. It is all very exciting really. I was scared at first to read them,as I mentioned in the begginning of my story. Now, I am just excited. Shari Morsch
—Shari Morsch

This is curtis cottrell from woodstock alabama and I am 15 years old and have been reading your books since about 4 months ago, and they have inspired me to be an evangelisist just like you. Will you please give me some tips. Thank you, Curtis Cottrell
—curtis cottrell

In 2008, for Christmas my Uncle (who is a Pastor) had gotten the first 4 books for my Grandmother. My first experience with the Left Behind books was in the summer of 2008, when I had read Left Behind. At this time and the time to come, I was living in sin, thinking I was a good person and I believed in Jesus. The first book didn't have much of an effect on me. But then came the 4 books series my Uncle had gotten my Grandmother for Christmas that year. I had noticed them, so I asked my Grandmother if I was allowed to read the 2nd book, Tribulation Force. I just had a curiousity to read the others, so as I began to read I began to hunger for the books more and more. I started reading them late into the nights almost daily. Finally somewhere in the time of reading Book 2 to Book 12, I finally repented of my sins, and became born again by the Blood of Jessu Christ. After the books came the hunger for the Word of God, then came evangelism. Preaching of the Gospel. God amazingly worked in my family, so that right after I had gotten saved my cousins, Braeden and Eian gave there lives over to the Messiah. We have been on the streets of Louisville, New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and even in our own schools since that day of Salvation almost a year ago, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I thank you Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins for being inspired to write these books. I thank God and glory, honor, and praise go to Him. For it was him, who was able to convict a sinner like me and lead me to repentance. Thanks again, God bless.
—Taylor Forey

I picked up Left Behind at my neighbor's house when I was about 17 years old. I was babysitting, the kids were asleep, and there was nothing on tv, so I browsed their book shelf. Most of their books were self-help type books about God, and since I wasn't saved I didn't give them a second look. But Left Behing intrigued me, I figured I had nothing to lose in reading a chapter or two until my neighbors came home so I cracked it open. I was instantly captivated, and went on to reading most of the series. I can't say that the books themselves caused me to look for God, I already believed He existed, being brought up a non-practising catholic, and I thought that was enough. I looked into revelation and such and found it interesting but didn't really go further than a half-hearted sinner's prayer, more to save my dad who was sick with lung cancer than to save myself. And when my dad passed away it shook what little faith I had. About five or six years after picking up Left Behind, I reconnected with an old friend from highschool. He's a youth director at church and he invited me to go. I did and it took a little bit but I am so glad to say that God has saved me! I have been walking with God, and him with me, for about a year now, and I know that I will not be Let Behind!!! I can see now that picking up this book all those years ago was God sowing those seeds. As soon as I get a break from my class readings, I'm gonna re-read the series and get to the books I never read! Praise God and thank you guys for making those seeds available to me!

I love the books I have always been a lover and beliver of Jesus. However I tried several times to read the Bible I was even told to start with the New Testament which did help. Then I found the Left Behind books and WOW!!! The are the best thing ever. It helped so much in explaining so many things. I never put them down, they two or more at a time went with me everywhere. To this day I still advise people to read them. Thank you both for believing this would be a good thing as well as your publishers. And let us not forget the most important Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour always and forever......

I'm Emily, I'm 14 years old, and I've been reading both the kids series and the adult series. The adult series is phenomenal. I started to read the first book when I was 13, but wasn't interested. My friends invited me to church, and somebody mentioned the series. I picked it up again, and I was hooked. I can't stop reading them. They made me realize that I wasn't as Christian as I thought. I accepted Jesus into my life and instantly started witnessing to people. My school purchased the kids series. I just started reading them, and I've been trying to encourage others to read them also. I think it's great how you really described how important it was to receive Christ. I really appreciate you writing these books. Thank you. -Emily
—Emily Borah

Left behind new movie 4 can't wait for it.

I have found a great new site that fits right in to your ministry - www.rapturerollcall.com. Thanks

Are these two authors working on a final book to end the Series about our New World after the Final Judgment? I highly recommend that they should if they are not thinking about it yet. I want to see more of Jesus, our Father God and our Mother God in the picture, as the main characters mixing in with Rayford Steele and the others who were left behind including those who were raptured. The True Christians who are educated already have a good idea of how we will be living in our New Perfect World that can be titled "His Final Kingdom Our New World." Please tell Mr. Jenkins and LaHaye about my interest and concern so everyone can envision our New Perfect World without Evil and Sin. They have educated me further about the End Times or Last Days as part of the Events of Judgment Day. Thank you!
—Lucy Atangan

Thanks a wole lot for writing the Left Behind books. They are really great. We hve watched the videos in school, and all of my class mates like the boos to. They really helped me realize that Jesus will come back for us at any time like a thief, and it's never to soon to make the dcision to except Christ.Also I realize more now how ba it will be for the ones who are left behind. That should make us want to reach people with the gosple even more!! Well thanks agian for writing them!!
—Jenny Hitt

While I was reading the left behind books I came the realization that no matter what I do for a living I can be vitally important to Gods plan. Because of the way that the author describes how valuable each person with their unique skills and gifts, is in the plot of the story.

After thousands of centuries of blissful existence in God’s eternal Kingdom, Cameron awoke one morning with disturbing visions of billions of screaming suffering souls still writhing in Hell’s excruciating torment. He could not imagine such an existence. What could this be doing to the minds of these unfortunate human beings who had suffered this way for eons? It was beyond imagination. He had always accepted that it was wrong to feel this way – that God had every right to punish sin -- but even after centuries of pure happiness in Heaven, he had not entirely set aside all traces of his humanity, and so every now and then he could still experience a tinge of sadness for the billions of lost souls, screaming in agony, with no hope of rescue. In these moments of human weakness, his heart went out to his many former friends and associates who weren’t bad people, really, they had just made bad choices and ended up on the wrong side of eternity. But, as he recalled, they had good in them as well! They had raised children and worked in jobs and done many acts of kindness throughout their brief moments on earth. They weren’t demons, after all – just weak, fallible human beings -- children, really, when you considered their lives were but a brief few moments against the ages of eternity. A part of his mind still reasoned guiltily that a lifetime of sins and wrong choices did not equate to endless eons of punishment in screaming, suffering agony. Was this really justice? Cameron knew this argument to be wrong, but still it made him uneasy. It took many centuries for Cameron to slowly come to the realization that he could never truly be happy in heaven, knowing that billions of human beings, many of them former friends and colleagues, were still suffering so, and would be for all eternity...... And neither could I, but it wouldn't take me centuries to realize it either. Sorry if I put the wrong ideas into your character's head, but I thought he needed to wake up and face the reality of what life would be like for a thinking, feeling human being to live and know that many of their friends and loved ones, not to mention billions of others, were suffering in pure agony. This is what I learned about myself from reading 12 of those books.

I want to thank you for the novels our God helped you with. I just cant put them down. Just like reading His words in the Bible, can not put it down! I feel so not worthy of Him. He is my guidin Light! What would I or any of us have done without Him? I have a beautiful 15 yearold daughter. It breaks my heart how children are these days in school the bulling the talk. It makes it so hard on them. Why! Why was God taken out of the schools? I still dont understand it. I look back when it happened, that is when all the turmoil started . The devil got in there. We need God back in the schools! What can I do? I pray an pray for all the kids and teachers. Is there more I can do? your sister in Jesus Christ
—Elizabeth Taylor

I strongly beleive that in order to get your message about the end of times would be to have a major motion picture made of the incredible book series you have written. I know that infact that there has been a movie made, yet it is hard to find an no one knows about it. Please take this into consideration, I'm sure that there are more people like me thinking this same thing.
—esamuel rosado

When I first started reading the series I started out of sequence. I started at book six Assassins. Then my neighbor told me that his wife had the series up to book nine. She didn't have book two or three either. But I dove right in. It took me a week at first to read the books. Then three days. Now it takes me about one day. I couldn't put them down. It touched something thirsty within me. I was baptized nine years ago, but I was to selfish to be true. My grandmother passed away two weeks ago, and as I made the first notifications to my family all I could say was that she is no longer suffering. That she went home to Jesus, and she is finally happy now. Since then I've been hungry. I haven't cried beyond the funeral. On the way to the wake, I had some very mixed feelings about my family and I didn't want to be angry anymore. I prayed for forgiveness, strength, and patience. I felt that day my grandmother's hand upon my cheek. I went to church this passed Sunday, with my aunt much to her delight. While we were singing it brought me tears to my eyes. I felt warm, alive, held, protected. I felt the Holy Spirit enveloping me. I have not felt that good in so long. I have read the Book of Revelation, but I didn't understand. This series broke it down for me and spoke to me, in so many ways. Thank You both for writing it. God bless you, your families, your readers, and all those that are beginning their journeys.

I was led to the LORD when I was in the 6th grade in Jacksonville FL and now i'm in 9th. At my church Trinity Baptize Church and my school help too I got to First Cost Christian School. All of my friends had help me thou the first year and some are still helping me. In the book Pursued I kind of acted like Viki minus the drug and the runnimg away. This book has helped me alot with my walk with God and Jesus. I cann't wait to go back to publice school and teach the word as much as i can. I have thank God for putting this book in my life. Please write back if you can. If you can will you give me some more tips on folowing God. Love your Sister in Christ, Samantha McMurtrey

Over the last several years I have been reading the Left Behind Series written by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.  There are now 16 books directly in the series.  The first twelve novelize the events from the Rapture and Tribulation.  The following 3 are actually prequels and depict the events leading upto Rapture and what is happening in Heaven during the Tribulation.  The final book is about the Millenial KIngdom.   I have found reading this series to be incredibly valuable to me personally.  Over the summer, I was able to read the last 3 books in the series and found them extremely powerful.  Reading about the Rapture and the experiences in Heaven of those Raptured was amazing.  It helped me understand Revelation in a whole new light.  I also went back and read Revelation for myself.  Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye have been very careful to take the Bible literally and not add or take away from the scripture.  Instead, they have woven the story directly around the scriptures.  Understanding what it might be like in Heaven helped change my perspective on life.  It reminded me that we will have to stand accountable for our actions, our resources and what we did with them.  I was so excited by what I was reading that our family has had many excellent conversations recently about our Christian lives.   I highly recommend this series as I have loved it.  My recommendation goes beyond this series though.  I encourage you to read other Christian Novels.  When we think about our lives and how much Non-Christian influences are around us including TV Ads, Tabloid headlines in the grocery store and conversations at work, this is another way to build you up.  The story lines are very realistic.  It is exciting to see characters struggling, then realizing the Jesus is the answer.  Once they find Jesus, they bring you on the journey as they grow closer to God.     If you have children 9 or older, they also have a Left Behind series for kids that depicts the children and young adults that were left behind.  It parallels and connects with the main series too.  Modeling reading Christian novels and being able to share in the stories with our daughter Amanda has been great.  I have also read many of the kids series as well.   I stand on the Bible being the authority on what it means to be Christ-like. I propose that you consider additional Christian writings such as the Left Behind series to continue your and your family's growth.
—Kevin Amboe

I thought I was saved 20 years before ever reading these books, but I was wrong. A friend in college, back in 1983, had told me that my Catholic religion wouldn't get me into heaven. Only asking Jesus for forgiveness for my sins and asking Him to be Lord and Savior of my life would do that. So, I prayed that one night in 1983, but I also told God then that I wanted to maintain control over my life. He let me, of course, and for the next 20 years, I believed I had that "ticket" to heaven, and just continued living my worldly life. I called myself a Christian but was not following Christ. I bought Left Behind (#1) on a business trip to the US and forgot about it. Several months later, back in Germany, I picked it up again (not able to remember even buying it) and read it in two days. The story was interesting, but the biblical truths revealed my sinfulness and my need for a Savior in a very obvious way. I immediately identified with Bruce Barnes, who had been fooling himself (and also God... he thought) for so long. He had been calling himself a Christian but still held the reigns to his life in his own hands and had not allowed Jesus to really become His Lord. This gripped my spirit and soul, and I realized I had been living a fake Christian life for two decades. There was no way I could go to work that day, so I cancelled my customer appointments, spontaneously took a day of vacation (Jan. 9, 2003), and turned my life completely over to the Lord, hook, line and sinker. I had gone from calling myself a Christian to becoming a true follower of Jesus Christ. And THAT is what His great command is all about - not just saying some "magical" prayer. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! No new visions, no flashes of lightning or angelic music... just pure salvation; i.e. coming HOME to a very patient Father after so long as a lost daughter. I have been walking with Him every day since then and have continued to grow. I ordered a Bible immediately, read it, found a Bible-teaching church. God truly used that book to reach me, after He had been waiting for me to open my eyes, heart and will to Him for so long!

I was raised a Jehovah's Witness-you may or may not be aware of the fact that they do NOT beleive in a rapture, they beleive that only 144,000 are going to heaven, and they beleive that the prophecies in the Bible are only things that happened in Bible times-they are not going to happen again. How my eyes were opened when I read your wonderful series!!! And I love the fact that you have actual scriptures quoted. I was moved to tears when I read "The Glorious Appearing". Thank you both so much, and may God bless you!!!!
—Jennifer R

Not a question, but I've been a christian my whole life, and the book made me read Revelations. I read it 29 times in a few weeks. I was obsessed, whenever I read the bible, I go there. I prayed for hours about the Rapture, wondering more and more, and He put into my head, an idea of some sort. It was.. odd, but I had this feeling, that when the Rapture happened, I asked to be left behind, to help those who need it. I just want to say, thank you guys. Alot! I love these books.

this series change my life.i started reading the series 1 week ago. already read 5 books. its incredible how the authors explain everything. God is with them. Jesus has amazing ways to call for us. thanks for this books and i cant wait to continue reading.
—george rosa

I found the first installment of Left Behind in the dumpster at my apartment complex at a time when I was far from the Lord. I was off work for five months and angry at Him for putting me in this predicament. After several weeks of keeping this in my shelf, I picked it up and read it, in about 4 hours. After reading the series, it was more than just an exciting and thought-provoking writing; it inspired me to make some serious chsnges in my spiritual life and my relationship with Jesus. While I'm still out of work, I've taken this opportunity to study the Bible and read up on other Christian writings. As a result, I am defending and attempting to lead others to Christ. I'm convinced that the further time goes by, we are closer to meeting Him face to face. Compared to everything else, being an active Christian is the most important operative in our lives.
—Walter Grace

left behind has changed my life completely.got my 1st copy this year coz i live in a third world country.i'm even competing with my parents to read it!its like a book club in the house.i think it wont be long before they give their lives to Christ!continue with the good work!thanks

I just finished the first book,Left Behind. I have come to realize that just because I accepted Christ did not mean that I would be able to continue sinning and still be saved, I backslid intensely,drugs,alchohol,lust,perversion,seemed to take over my life. I realized when I started reading Left Behind that I suddenly hungered and thirsted for more of Gods word. I have a copy of the New American Standard version of the Bible. Do you know of or have a study guide that will help me in my search for Gods truth? Yours (reborn again in Christ) Ron Sumpter
—Ron Sumpter

I started reading Left Behind a week and a half ago. Last Sunday I went forward and accepted Jesus Christ. I have been going to church for a long time but never gave my life to the Lord. This book convicted me and now I cannot stop reading the Bible. I feel a lot like Rayford in the book. My husband has been a believer and I mocked him all these years. If it wasn't for this book I may not have ever had this opportunity to know Christ as my savior. I am forever grateful and so is my family.
—Robyn Walker

i enjoy reading your books it lets you know that jesus is coming soon and it lets you know what is going to happen at the end days is something suppose to happen in 2012 i hear jack impe and other preachers talking about it may God bless you for all your hard work

Hi I am yamarilis Gonzalez and i am a believer! many may say i am just a kid but behind me is a army stronger then anything! the army of God! I know he watches and protects me always! I am currently reading the left behind the kids series and it has changed my life! i have been preaching for a while but nothing more has caught my attention then the rapture! i love it! i don't know why but the Lord has given me this passion for it that i dont even understand! these books helped mr understand that the time is near! we have very little times to save lives! thank you for because of these books i have a better understanding of what will happen! God Bless You All!
—yamarilis gonzalez

God used left behind to help me understand the book of REVELATIONS a lot better. Thank God for His wonders.

I work for a group home for boys age 12 to 21. I bought part of the left behind series, it has changed two of the boys, they want to go to church now. Also they want to finish the series I can't find these books. I have part of the kids, youth and adult. These are boys who do not read well. Can anyone help me find these books? This is a state run home and we have no money for books, so they have to be cheap, for me to afford. I just can't believe the differences in these kids.

I have read Left Behind series more than 4 times.The reason being, each time I read a book from this series, I feel as if I am getting closer to our dear Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus. The knowledge I have gained by reading this series is enormous. I praise & thank our Lord for using Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins to reach out to hearts like me. I am a lay preacher who has been studying Theology since 1996. I must say that we never paid any attention what so ever into areas like rapture or glorious appearing when we studying theology. Perhaps our eyes may have been blinded. But I than our Lord Christ Jesus for revealing "Left Behind". I have not read a book like Left Behind that is so simple, touching but invites Christ in to our hearts. Infact I am using this in bringing many more souls into His kingdom through our prayer group.
—Rohan Sahabandu

Because your series truely opened my eyes to God's plan for our salvation and Jesus' mission and eminent return, I have renewed my faith and have embarked on a Ladies Reading Ministry at my church featuring your series. I would like to receive sample Questions to ask the ladies to ensure a stimulating discussion and discovery. The ages range from late teens to early 80s. Any guidance you have would be most welcomed and helpful

I first learned about the Left Behind series while skimming through an issue of Time magazine. They had a couple page article on books 1-9. I read about it and inside me something said "You need to check these out." I went and bought the first copy at the local Christian book store. I was hooked. After finishing Left Behind I went out and bought books 2-9. I finished those just before The Remnant came out. The day of its release I picked it up and read it all in the course of one night. I couldn't wait for the next books to come out. Every one seemed to be better than the last. I can't explain how clear it seemed to make Revelation. This series couldn't possibly have been written any better. I've been saved nearly all of my life but this series really pointed out to me (several times) how important and wonderful salvation through Jesus Christ is. It is one thing to say or think you are saved but it is something completely different to KNOW how and why you are saved and how cherished you are by Jesus. I couldn't help but rejoice as the many characters throughout the series found their way to Him. Thank you Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins for this wonderful story of history written in advance.
—Dusty Reid

I am reading all these books for the 2nd time, I have all the series in hard back did not realize just how much I missed till I read them a second time. I have a question for you what is the meaning of the number 216, if I missed it both times please fill me in as to its meaning for the antichrist. My prayer life is much richer and fulfilling this time around, don't know how I could have missed it the first time. Have been a Christian for many years, these books gives new meaning to spreading the gospel of our Lord and Savior, and what it truly means to read the bible daily, to pray daily and be ready for the rapture. Thank you for giving new meaning to be a Christian. Verna
—Verna Gilbert

Before I ever read this series I had never done anything of too great harm (in terms of using alcohol or drugs); however I was breaking God's laws immensely. Upon re-reading the series yet again, I felt convicted and felt I wasn't helping spread the gospel of the Lord. I thank the Lord for the passion both men bring to the series and all He's allowed to bless them with.
—Benjamin Liles

I am surprised at no testimonies since 2007. Personally this series came at a perfect crossroad of my life. My Granfather, who will be 95 this year, has wished me to accept God as my Father for as long as I can remember. I accepted Him into my heart as a child, thinking I was set for eternity. As a teen and young adult I realize now I taunted Him by not reveiling my faith and otherwise disrespecting His requests. I wish to speak,or otherwise communicate, with someone behind this Glorious series that has pushed me beyond where I ever thought I would be. Please ignore any typos,I am writing from a DSi. Love to all, Melanie

I feel a closeness to God that i haven't felt since i first accepted Jesus as my savior. I want to tell everyone close to me about your wonderful books. I am looking forward to the rapture. I finished KingdomCome today
—charmayne borchert suiter

Hi, I was saved at the age of 35 and before that thought of Jesus as the same as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I went to a Church for several years after I was saved 3X a week, but I was so far behind everyone and always felt lost. I read the Bible and went to Bible Classes but the stories everyone knew about I had never heard of. I felt so different from everyone and I quit going. I read the Left behind Series and Jesus came to life for me. I cannot get enough of reading and learning and have started going to a new church. I listen to Moody every chance I get and I never change the channel because I feel the need to know everything I can about Jesus and I can never get enough. The Left Behind Series changed my life I just wanted to say Thank you and God Bless you. I have just purchased your new book and can't wait to read it. I June Brooks
—June Brooks

I have to say that I have passed several times on reading this series..but for some reason while I was at a bookstore I decided to up pick three of the series...I can say honestly that I was not going to read them and had no interest.....but something happened....I woke on April 22 of this year and was unable to walk...it's my back, hip, and knee,and I may have to have surgery on all three. For some reason I have found myself drawing closer to God. Since I am sitting here waiting on the government to help me with insurance, (Three months, My last job didn't provide insurance for their employees)I decided to pick up the first book, and I have not been able to put it down. In two days I have read the first one and I am on chapter fifteen of the second one. Soon I will start the third one. Sadly though that will be the end for me for awhile until I can get some money to buy the rest of the series. I am so hooked that I am afraid to let go, I am afraid that I will not be able to finish reading them... Very sad, Tina Dean
—Tina C. Dean

I continue to thank God for your wonderful work. I am a elder in the church that I attend and have had the opportunity to educate and inform our church on eschatology. This information resulted in many coming to Christ of all ages. It is my desire to continue teaching and bringing this news to others. Elder Jacob
—Jacob Grant, Jr.

Has my life changed since reading the left behind series? Yes, I have been sharing what I learned in the series with my class. They have such a learning desire to want to know more about Jesus and how to spread the word. Even though they are 1st graders, the Holy Spirit comes and just dwell within the class and its crazy, but a good crazy.
—Iris Hickenbottom

Left Behind for me sharpened my awareness to take seriously the times we live in see the necessity to commit wholly and uncompromisingly to the service of my King. To get a heavenly perspective of this world and not get sucked into its attractions no matter how innocent they seem. Time is running out. Peoples eternal lives are at stake and the true church (not denomination) has the responsibility to assist Israel and the Jewish people world wide to return their own land. We can best serve ou King by joining Him in His longing to reconcile His chosen people to Himself. The church era is nearly over. I thank Tim for the genius of presenting these times in this series. Rob
—Rob Nelson

I started reading your series at a time of a major life change. I was very interested in all of the books and felt they were helping to bring me closer to the right relationship with Jesus. I read the first eleven books, and checked out the last one from the library. I didn't get far in reading The Glorious Appearing, however since it didn't capture my interest like all the previous books had. Over a year later I found a wonderful church and have made the final leap. I prayed for salvation and asked Jesus for forgiveness and invited Him in to my heart and soul. Shortly thereafter I realized I had never returned the book to the library. They may be a little unhappy with me by now :) For some reason I felt like God was telling me to read this book. I picked it up two days ago. I'm writing now after just finishing the final book with a new understanding. I had not made that final leap before now and was not able to fully understand the meaning behind the book earlier. The entire series, and the way God used it to touch my life is amazing. Thank you for listening to God's calling and writing this truly wonderful series.
—Chelsea Kastla

Most definitely my life has been changed by reading the Left Behind series. I have read Revelation in the Bible many times trying to discern its meaning - the series has help me to accomplisth this. Well written. I am currently reading book 8 "The Mark". Started reading the series 2 months ago, can't seem to put them down.
—T. O'Shea-Weir

Thank u jerry& tim 4 such a wonderful book. First of all, let me tank GOD 4 how he changed my life & evry thing a about me. What i learnt, is dat we all have 2 serve GOD temporarily on dis earth, b4 HE can give us enternal lyf thru Jesus. D other 1 is if u are 4 GOD b 4 GOD,bcos u can't serve 2 masters. GOD BLESS U
—Ijafiya Domiya

I must humbly admit that I hesitated to read this series. Although I am Christian, I dismissed Christian fiction as watered down. Boy was I wrong! My husband convinced me to read the "Left Behind" series this summer. I'm finishing "The Mark" and I can tell you this is serious stuff! Jenkins and LaHaye proved that Christian Fiction is no joke and, in fact, it can get as down and dirty with reality just like any other form of fiction. I'm so happy to be proven wrong. Thanks guys, for this great series! I look forward to reading the remaining books.
—Sherri Moorer

my life has change because when i was in afganistan during the war i had a close encounter with death and i looked at things differently then one day i was sitting there and im not going to lie i was bored so i picked up the 8th book "The Mark" and started reading it then my buddy told me it was a series so the first book was there too along with the 2nd and the 3rd so i read all of them and i got real close with god over there and ask for him to come in to my life and he did but the weird thing was when i got back i kinda drifted from god but he was right there at my ear telling me to pick the next book up and i did and now i want god , i need god , and cant stop thinking and talking to god and now although i havent found a church that i am confortable with i pray that jesus will help me pick one and i know that god will keep me on a straight path as he is my savior
—sean geer

it changed my life because it made me want to read the bible more.

I have always read the bible an appreciated Revalations but never really completely understood the book fully. Reading you series has shed a whole new light on the meaning. I understand so much better now. Thank you guys so much for writing these books. they truly have changed my life. I have been telling everyone about them. I am trying to locate the complete series. I have only been able to read 2,3,and4. Can someone please help me?
—Tracey Blair

I am sending you a note about the left behind the kids series. when I started them about a year ago, I just wanted something to read. but you got me so hooked! they are no kidding the greatest books I have ever read! my name is Rachel Nunn. I am 11 years old and I want to be a writer when I grow up. right now I am on book 25. my mom is so glad that I like your books, and lately I have been reading four chapters a day. I don't know what I would do if you hadn't written those books. thank you.

I just prayed the prayer of salvation.This is not my first time accepting Christ but it was something I really believe God was leading me to do.I want to be sure I have not hurt him and want to be apart of his family and with him always.I just like to know why my family and myself have continually gone through the same exact wilderness experiences with only short and brief moments of relief? What is wrong with us? I always find my self repenting and at times repenting for things I have not even done but I feel if I do it God will no longer be angry with us and we will no longer go through our current struggle seeking relief.

My husband read the books years ago when they first came out and I, being a new Christian, was scared to read them. I have now begun reading the first book and find myself comparing myself to the character Bruce. I question whether or not I'm living the life I'm supposed to be living for Christ, or living for me. This question haunts me daily and I pray that God will show me how to live for Him and what to do. I believe without doubt that Jesus died for me, because I'm such a hateful person full of sin, but yet cleasned by His blood. I also pray that others who like me were fearful to read the books for where they lay in their belief will pick it up, start page one, and begin a journey that will probably change your life. I ask that those who reads this pray for me and the strength to live for Jesus and learn my way. Bless you all and may God drive your life!
—Dana Holmes

I don't have a question, but would like to tell you that your books are so inspirational and they do make a difference in the way you want to change your life. I was saved and baptized at age 14 and God is number one in my life. I would, however, like to know why the rest of the books were not made into a movie series? I really enjoy watching them better than reading.
—nancy venter

My life certainly has been changed by the Left Behind: the Kids series! I've been raised in a Christian home all my fourteen years and when I was seven my Sunday School teacher explained that we should accept Christ as our Savior. Well, I did. But only because Steve had told me to. As I got older, I learned that you actually had to accept Him because you wanted to. I knew it, but never really gave my life to Christ. I felt a little like Lionel in the first book, a liar. Everyone thought I was saved, but I wasn't. I wanted to run my own life, not have people (like my parents) make decisions for me and I certainly didn't want God doing that either. As I read through the series for the second time, I began to realize what I was missing by waiting. I didn't want to be left behind and have to live through the Tribulation without my family. So, right that very moment, I asked God to forgive me. I was 12. I'm now a true believer and am loving it. I've gone from being the liar to being a daughter of the Most High God. The changes I've seen are amazing. The compulsive lying is gone! I feel responsible for getting the message out there and I love talking to my friends about it, something I used to be ashamed of. I can't say how much I thank you guys for writing these books and bringing life to the book of Revelation's prophecies for the future. Without it, I may have never made that decision and would have been left behind when Jesus comes back to rapture the church. THANK YOU! :D

The left behind series (the kids), is such a grea example of what's going to happen. The books made me believe in God even more then i did. It told me that when the wrath of the lamb or something bad happens not to blame him, thank him. Because he did it for a reason, to teach us something or to help us have stronger faith in him. So i just wanted to give a thanks to Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye to not get angry at God to be thankful for God.

My name is Thaddeus Morgan and I am 13 years of age. The left behind series has opened my eyes to all the possibilities our great and sovereign God can put forth. I believe that the end times will happen in my lifetime and i believe that God is going to allow me to stay here on earth, not to experience the horrific events to occur, but to testify and to minister to those who need Christ. I am deeply thankful for the series and look forward to the coming of Christ. I thank Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and Most of all, God who put the wisdom into the hearts of these men. -Thaddeus J. Morgan
—Thaddeus Morgan

Hello. I am writing to tell you of the impact the the left behind series has had on my life. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic but never really developed any kind of relationship with God or Jesus. I gradually stopped going to church, or even praying. When I was in my 20's I had to have a surgery and was at home recovering with plenty of time on my hands. I went to the local library and started reading the series. I found it interesting and a good ready but that was the extent of it. My husband also took an interest and read the series with me. He had the same experience. About 3 years later I started reading the series again and again my husband did the same. This time, he started to show changes after finishing the series. He started attending church again and bought a Bible. He would read for hours and I asked him about it. He said that he found the truth in the books and gave him life to Christ. I said that was great for him and continued on my way, obvlious to the fact that I was still searching. Finally, 2 years ago I got curious about the changes I saw in my husband and I started reading the series again. This time , when I was on the 10th book , I finally "got it." I realized that I was lost and that what I'd been searching for all of these years was God and a personal relationship with Him and Jesus. I gave my life to Christ and now try to live every day serving him. We have 2 young children that we are raising with these Christain values. I joke now with my husband that it only took me 3 times of reading 12 books, thousands of pages, to finally get saved!! I wanted to the Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins for changing my life. My husband and I are spreading God's message with others, are active in our church, and are looking forward to an eternity in heaven with our Savior and God. Thank you so much. Jill, my email address is: jilltree@gmail.com

Many of my friends of God believe the two witnesses will be Moses and Abraham. I have been able to substantiate this. For all I know, I could be taken to the Holy Land and be one of them. If chosen, I will serve Christ with alacrity. --AWL

I just started reading the Left Behind the kids. I was at a bag sale when I saw some books that were interesting. So I put them in my bag and took them home and started reading. I am 17 and I never really believed in god. But after reading theses books my mind is starting to change. The books are making me think about becoming a believer. I ain't sure yet. But I might make my decision once I am done with all the books.

I read bookes 2,3,10,11 while I was an inmate at the lewis county jail. I was doing an mrt treatment program when god lead me to book 2 it made me think about a lot of thins in my life.I would like to read all of them but i cant afford all the books ive only been out for 3 days any help would be a blessing. Ijust cant leave thing unfinished any longer.Iwant to finish what Ive started. Thank you.
—Robert E. White

hello there, yes! the left behind series taught me alot and let me come to realize what being a believer in Christ is all about. i love the books. im actually on the last one,The glorious appearing. ive also seen the movies. they are awesome! but there is something that i need to know. the 109 profecies or characteristics that the Dr. ben judah had studied that showed him Jesus is the Messiah, where can i find all these? i know in the Bible, but do you guys have the particular passages? i want to read them,study them and memorise them. thanks again for putting Revelations in such a nice way so we can understand easier. i hope my letter reaches you. God Bless erica
—erica meyer

before reading your book i was what you would call a christain i went to church, a christain school ect.. But after reading these books i became a beliver in christ i want to thank you so much for what you have done for me. In Christ: Tasheena

I just wanted to say thank you! I was raised a catholic, but my family and I never attended church. I thought that I had a good handle on a personal relationship with Jesus, until I turned 19. I had a crisis in faith and didn't know myself anymore. I was lonely and lost. I had all twelve Left Behind books on my shelves and decided to read them again just for fun. I thought that God had given up on me, and I didn't know how to be happy anymore. While reading "Nicolae" I realized that it wasn't God at all that had given up on me, I had given up on him. I kept reading before I made my decision to come back to Christ because I wanted to be good enough for him. I read my bible daily and studied the word. After about a week I felt a huge calling to pray, so I did. I have received Christ again and feel like a new person! These books guided me back to my faith and to the lord! I can't explain how much that means to me. Now I am looking to spread the word, and am wondering how? I have never had these type of evangelistic feelings towards my faith before and feel a calling to serve the Lord, but I am unsure how. Maybe I could receive some guidance from the ones that brought me back to Christ in the first place. Thank you!!! Mandy Berry
—Mandy Berry

Hello Everyone! I am on the last book of the Left Behind Series and the books are so Awesome! I think they well written. I do not liek to read whatsoever (smiling) but, I could not put these books down. I have so many favorites in each and every book too many to name. I am on the Glorious Appearing and my favorite part is how Jesus is speaking and He is speaking loudly but, personally to each and every individual. Then when He mentions their name! Oh my goodness! Can you imagine the Savior calling your name while He is in your Presance! He is such an Awesome, Awesome! Savior! These books have made me constantly continue to repent and ask the Father to prepare me for His arrival. personally I dont want to go through all of what the Left Behind individuals went through int he books. I much rather go home on the first time around! I have been in church all of my life and I have even read Revelation several times but, not like I am reading and understanding it now. I give God all the glory and honor for inspiring you all to write these books. I am pretty sure it is doing more than impacting lives. Also I loved the movies as well I pray if you continue making the films you will at least have the beginning individuals int he first Left behind to do the whole series. I am praying that we get to see all 12 books made and made just liek the books is written. Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins good job by you! Your crowns will be beyond words. I pray God continues to bless you in everything you do.

I love this whole set of books! I could read them over and over again. My favorite is the Glorious Appearing. When Jesus finally appears it brought to me knees to pray with tears of longing and devotion. I cant explain the experiance, with the exception of saying the Holy Spirit filled me wonder and new dedication!
—Elizabeth Jones

I have no questions, but I want to tell you how your books have changed my life. Before I read the books, I was kinda living on the edge, I was a christain, but I wasn't following the lord. My mom sugjested that I start the Left Behind for Kids. I had finished all 40 in about 1 1/2 months. Whale I was reading them, I started reading my bible more and am no back on my walk with the Lord.

I found Jesus because of this series. I was religious but lost. As I read these books, I realized that if I didn't get saved, I would be one of those left behind after the Rapture. That scared me. I also didn't want to have the experience of waking up one day to find nothing but my babies' clothing in their crib and knowing in my mind that I had been left. Thanks to your books I was lead to Christ! Thank you both for your time and effort and money in writing these books. The angels rejoiced in Heaven when I got saved and I'm sure many more have done the same. God will richly bless you!
—April Lindsay

—peter ritchie

My life has changed because of reading the Left Behind series, adult and children. Even though I am a Christian and I don't go along with some of the Biblical prophesies, I tell myself that the books were just fiction but on the other hand it is a great wake up call. Jesus is coming back and it won't be long now.
—Wanda B Collins

I'm only 13, yet I read at a higher level. These books are the best! I had read some of Revelation, but I didn't really understand. When I started reading these books, it became clearer. I now can't put them down! The authors did extremely well in writing these books. Thank you for writing them!
—Hannah H.

I've been saved since I was very young. But I was also the naive christian who thought that other solutions, wrong solutions, could help me with my problems. I remember seeing the movie left behind and seeing that when the time comes, I need to get real about my faith. Left behind is very life changing and I hope that it will change other people's lives.
—marykate buss

I have always been afraid of the book of Revelations. I couldn't understand it. After reading the Left Behind series I have a greater understanding of it and I no longer fear it. I read the series 5 years ago and still refer to it often and highly recommend it to everyone that I hear likes to read. It also, gave me a deeper understanding of my Savior and how connected I am to Him. I want to be closer to Him and I really enjoyed the fellowship that I felt with the characters. It is a great series and I read every book that comes out that pertains to it. After reading the books...the movie isn't as good.

These books have been one of the biggest influences in changing my life and becoming a Christian. As many people have, I grew up attending church very rarely, and I had always hated going for some reason. When I became a teenager I started to deny that Jesus was of importance. I came to believe that he was just a regular man who was a good leader and thought of him as a cult leader. I didn't necessarily see him as a terrible man, accepting that he taught people good principles, yet I thought he had gone too far in saying that the only way to God was through Him. As with most people, these beliefs just kept leading me down a darker road, until I got to the point where I denied there was a God at all. I started becoming a terrible sinner, and I prided myself in it. I am a scientific person who can't accept things I can't see and understand. In other words I was ignorant. Over time I lost myself, into drugs and pride. Finally, near the end of high school, I found myself seriously addicted to Heroin and OxyContin. At the mere age of 18 I had 6 drug overdoses under my belt and had witnessed a murder and a death from an overdose of a close friend. People around me were disappearing, going to prison or dying. I found myself at my lowest point, I had hit absolute rock-bottom and I knew if I didn't change I wouldn't be around much longer. I felt compelled one night during terrible withdrawals to go outside and once I did I fell to my knees weeping for God to save me from the prison I had put myself in. This is no easy thing to speak about. Within the next week I was in a drug recovery program. He had delivered me from my troubles. After a long path of recovery I somehow came to reject God again, I betrayed Him. Ever since I had rejected Him I began to have terrible nightmares, waking up in tears and sweat, with the feelings of withdrawals. I am a freshman in college now and a few months ago, after having an odd dream about Him and waking up, bothered as usual, I had a strong urge to do something, the second time that has ever happened in my life. I immediately went to a local store (like a walmart or walgreens) and bought a Bible and the found Left Behind. Immediately after reading some of the Gospels my troubles were gone, as if He had swept them from my life. I began reading Left Behind as well and finished it within a few days. I felt almost it almost as a strong metaphor of exactly where I felt in my life. At first I felt so stupid.....so ignorant and out of touch. The story of the book almost told me exactly what to do to get back in tune with God. The prayer in the pastor's video in the story was exactly what I needed. It kind of made me feel stupid at first, that I was so caught up in the book, that I felt so close to Rayford and Buck. Haha, at first I almost wanted to pray for their safety, then realized they werent real, but I was very caught up in it. If it werent for the series I probably would have gotten lost and strayed from God again. The books helped me learn lessons of how to be a good Christian, that one has to TRULY believe in Christ and can't just be "a good person who does good things" to go to Heaven. It helped me realize that things in this life, like money and possessions and power, aren't so important, because there are amazing things ahead of me that I cannot comprehend, and that this life is so short and insignificant, yet it also helped me realize that, as "things" aren't important, almost everything that I do is, because everything God has entrusted to me and every situation I go through is something He is paying attention to, watching how I deal with them. Everything is so small and unimportant, yet at the same time everything is more important than one can imagine. Sounds odd, but one must truly submit their conscience and understanding to the statement to comprehend it. I am now 20 years old and, after coming to Christ, my life couldn't be better. Sure there are troubles, complications, and temptations in life, but He helps me through them, and when I have troubles, which I do almost every day with cravings and temptations, I just think about the fact that God is watching how I deal with it and that it is only a tiny little thing compared to His greatness. The books are amazing. I don't have very many questions and I don't expect that whoever reads this (if anyone does) will know all the answers or be able to actually send me something answering them, but it is worth a shot! I have been wondering about the story of Lucifer, just in the way that I am wondering if there is anywhere in the Bible where it speaks of him formerly being an Angel and being thrown to earth. I wonder if it is just speculation or if the Bible actually refers to it? Also, in the back of the books where it discusses other Left Behind books it mentions a Graphic Novel, but I cannot find it anywhere on this website and I dont see a search entry. Is it still a product? Thanks for reading if you were able to. -Brian D. Russell
—Brian Daniel Russell

I read the 'Left Behind' series and after reading a few of the books I was compelled to get on my knees and give my heart to Jesus.. I thought I was a Christian for years but didn't 'feel' the feeling of being saved..Now I know I am saved...I suffered from depression for years and that night when I got down on my knees I felt Jesus put his hand over my heart and stop the depression, I have not felt depression since...

I've been a chriatian as long as i could remember but i dont think think i truely understood. I'm only 15. I've been studying revelations but it didnt seem like it could truely happen. Left behind showed me what I have to do and that it can't wait. It has changed my life. I'm currently on the 5th book and will finish the series. Thank the authors for me because they have truely changed peoples lives. Maybe when the rapture does happen, some nonbelievers will pick up this and see that we know everything coming. Thank god for these authors and pray that more young people like me will read this book. It was truely a blessing from god. I was in the school library with a friend looking for a book. She saw Left Behind and said that her aunt had read the book and that it was about the end of the world. At that time i was looking for answers and instantly checked out the book. I finished the book that night and cried myself asleep because i realized what I've been missing. Praise god. God bless these authors.

i really don't know what to say. I amnot a very religious man. I believe in a higher power, but wasn't sure what that power is. I found the books in a used book store and bought the whole series. I stayed up late reading them. I wanted to share what i read with my wife but she wanted to hear nothing of it. It made me think and think hard. Just what if? If what i read could turn out to be real. I don't want to end up like they way the ones who followed on the wrong path. The only thing is...i don't know how to change. I want to change, i want to believe.
—shawn demers

My wife had read the Left Behind Series some years ago and tried to get me to read it. I told her I didn't want to read it. Even though I was a christian and knew God. I had even been baptized as a teenager and I walked away from God. Now at the age of 37 after reading a couple other christian books I had the feeling of reading the Left Behind Series. Once I picked it up and starting reading I was hooked. I would finish a book in less than 3 or 4 days and continue reading the next book. Every time I put the book down to take a break I would have the sensation of it calling for me to read more. After finishing the Glorious Appearing I now have more understanding of the prophecies and what is to come. Thank you for a well written series.
—Bill Reinert

My son read the kid's Left Behind series that I bought for him and then when he ws 13 yrs old he read the adult series. He once again re-read them all last year after he read the three pre-rapture novels. He kept quietly encouraging me to read them and I finally did in 2008! Wow, what a ride. I'm so glad I didn't discover them as they were slowly being written, as I sat down over two months and got thru all of them sometimes finishing one in two days. The biggest difference they made in my life is to discuss the rapture with conviction and the desire to talk about the rapture with my Christian friends and with my unsaved family and friends. I plan to offer my whole set of the series to be available to my family and to encourage them to read them asap. And I plan to have a set in a post-rapture family pack where my family can find sound teaching as to explaining what has happened and how they can still be saved. Also, after reading the Rising, The Regime, and the Rapture, these are must reads to follow thru with of all the testimonies of the characters in the series. I was so moved by Irene Steele's conversion and life with her non-beliving husband. It felt like so many of the issues I had lived through in my own marriage. I thought, because of the wonderful way that Jerry Jenkins exposed Irene's faith and witnessing and heartache about Rayford and Chloe, this isn't really a terribly unique sitution for so many beliving spouses today. I was feeling so alone in my pain about heartache of living with a unbeliever and recent marriage breakdown with my husband....I was feeling so alone until I read Irene's same experience....than I thought I'm NOT SO UNIQUE and my heavenly reward and that crown will be all that much more sweet. I also have great HOPE that after the rapture my very talented and gifted (x)husband will wake up to his conversion as Rayford did and be as used by God as Rayford was.
—Wanda Turn

I love the left behind-the kids series. It was so weird because, i just was on this site, and i saw someone that got hooked just like me. My mom got me some of these books. Books 1-5. I wasn't to excited at first. One day, i was bored, so i picked up the first book, and i couldn't stop reading. I am on book 23, but i need to buy them first. These books have changed my life. I am 12 years old, and i try to read one book a week. My friends just dont understand why i choose to read these books at break and lunch, instead of play basket ball, hang, etc. I love them. My dream is to meet Tim LaHaye or Jerry Jinkings. Thank you.
—Greyson Stalcup

I have read most of the childrens series and have not yet gotten to the adult series, however i find that if i start to become a little shaky in my faith, i pick up a Left Behind book and become more interested and more hungry for the Word of God. In our society these days, reading the Bible can be boring to most people, but to me the Left Behind books are a modern way for people to bridge the gap between entertainment and Gospel. Leaving readers intrigued and excited to learn more.

Hello, Mr. Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye. I am a 15 year old freshman in high school, whose life has been changed by reading your books. I remember ever since I was a little girl my dad talking about the Left Behind series and waiting until I was old enough to let me read it. Just a few months ago, he bought me the first one in the adult series, and I haven't been able to put the series down since. I am now on Assassins, and I read Soul Harvest in one day. At first, I was skeptical and intimidated because it is a Christian series, and overwhelmed because the ideas portrayed in the book were a little unfathomable and and hard to comprehend for my young mind. Your series helped me open my eyes to Jesus, God and the Bible. I have now accepted Jesus as my Savior, and I very much wanted to thank you.

I would like to admit that the LEFT BEHIND SERIES....rocked my world...it's the most influential Christian fiction I've ever read in my whole life...."because there's a sting of truth in it"...I love it!!!!!! The lines of the characters highly touch the sensitivity of the readers....I would like to thank GOD for giving Mr.LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins a brilliant mind for coming up with these series... =')
—Merivict Pearl Murillo

where do i begin? I began reading The Rising and The Regime and The Rapture and then began reading The left behind series i'm on to book 4 and i am enlightened, my eye are opened and i can not get enough on this subject, this truth i feel compelled to shout it out to EVERYONE!!!! to teach them the truth there are some who are not embrtacing this truth and as i saw the movie it became clear that this sadly how some will respond i will pray for such individuals some of them being my family since being exposed to these books and this movie i have read and studied my bible intensely. i have to thank the writers for thier ministry in writing these truths and for it being so REAL so Honest and so based on the Word og GOD!!! I will continue in your ministry and will speak this truth and give as gifts the movie and bookd to those whose eyes may open to the True by this God inspired writing blessings to you both!!!

I always believed in God and I was glad about it. Being saved means believing, having faith, obeying God, spreading His words, and glorifying Him. Many asked, How would they know they are saved? I also thought about it. How would I know I'm saved? And so I prayed. Then I smiled. I knew then that I was saved. It's simply the way God is making me feel. My question is, What are other signs or ways of knowing you are truly saved?
—Candra Carmelli Lavalle

The left Behind series definatly made a fifference in my life and that of one son,While I was a born again christian, it made me aware that I needed to recommit my life to Christ and live closer to His will.I am now rereading them for the 2nd time
— Mary Dunnagan

Both of you have changed my life and how I look at things. God Bless you both and please continue your work. My brother and his wife let me see the first movie and I then started reading the books, I am on number 5. I cannot put into words my feelings about the Lord Jesus Christ and God. I do know that because of your books, I want to live a good Christian life along with my family. I honestly feel God flowing through me and it feels good to have a direction through salvation. I was a soldier in the military for a number of years and most of my chaplains tried to get me to come to Christ, however, I always rebuked it because I was too "busy". The message that both of you have sent through your books has done more then anyone could ever do. God Bless you both and I pray that I will meet you some day. MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED. Thank you very much!!!
—Steve Huey

I have just started reading the Left Behind Series,I amalmost done with Nicolae right now.I can't wait to get to the next book.I litterally can't put them down.I at one time in my life was a very avid church goer and watche what I did in my life.Theese book are really getting me interested in the Bible aain and I can't thank the writes enough!!!

I am on the ninth book in the series. In the matter of time that i have read the previous books, I have found that I have come to a relization in my faith with god. I can say that I am a sinner. My sins have come to the light in reading these books. Sinning to me is almost inevitable, it's almost a way of nature for humans to sin. Whether it is right or wrong we all do it. I pray almost every night, trying to make sure that i think of others so my selfishness can be washed away. These books have helped me understand how the rapture may happen one day. As a confessing sinner i can honestly say i would like to be left behind simply because i feel i need to learn the error of my ways before i get the privlige of facing god in heaven. The seven years of tragedy that will be facing us, I am ready to commit to god and show that i am strong in my faith. Thank you Jerry and Tim for helping me relize all these things. You made a difference in my life and faith. In the Lord Jesus Christ I pray He is risen The Lord Jesus Christ is risen indeed Amen!!!
—Kaytlyn Davis

I have to say the Left Behind Series has really made me stop and reevaluate my relationship with God. I am what they call a baby Christian my walk is only 3 1/2 yrs old and most recently I have REALLY begun to devote myself to God. I started this series with interest due to what I have read in the Bible. As I read I became more and more fascinated with the whole Rapture aspect. The more I have read the more I have tried to persuade my 16 and 11 yr old daughters to recommit their lives to Christ. They did it once and now have back stepped a FEW feet. I even watched the movies with my oldest and she cried because she said it scared her to think of being left behind and trying to survive the Judgments. She did not want to be Left Behind, but she has yet to recommit herself. I pray for her every day of course. I know deep in my heart where I want to be now since reading these books. I do have to say that in the Glorious Appearing I cried through half the book, just seeing it written down and described what it would be like to come face to face with Jesus and seeing the Heavens open up and seeing him there; it brought me to tears most literally. The whole series is so AWESOME it is a set of books I have been recommending to my friends to read. I really don't want to be left behind but if I had to be at least these books have given me insight to the fact that there is still hope after the rapture. A huge thumbs up and Praise the Lord to the Left Behind Series.
—Missy Gilman

I have just finished the Left Behind Kids series! I want to have it to read over again. I loved the books so much. It moved me to tears..especially the end. It has made me understand things like I never have before. I don't understand the Bible at all so this series is great. I have most of the first I guess adult series but haven't started them yet. I love kids books so this was wonderful to read. I ask God everyday to let Jesus come back and take us. I don't want to be here any more. I live in panic because of some things that have happened to me over the past few months and I don't have a job any more and I don't like to leave the house. I have medical and mental problems now and no insurance. Thank God..I have my parents to live with. And reading these books gave me times to that would take away my panic and worry. I rented them from the library but hope to get the whole set for myself because I just loved them that much. I fell in love with the characters and all they did for God. Unfortunately I don't have a church I go to. I want my mother to go to some with me because of my panic and dizzy spells but she just won't so since I don't drive any more I don't. So it really was refreshing to read this series with the kids and feel God's love and the fight against evil. I want to read it again so I can copy down all the scriptures and things the kids said in my own notebook:) Well, I'm sorry this is such a long message. I just really wanted you to know how much the Left Behind Kids meant to me! Thanks so much! Sincerely, Melissa Martin
—Melissa Martin

i just happened on the first book and now within 4 weeks i have finished all but 2. My faith has always been strong but i now know i do not want to be left behind. your books have given me everything i need. i want to tell all about them so they to will not be left behind. everyday i give praise for finding these books. thank you so much.
—peggy jacquez

I have just recently begun to read these books and already they have had a huge impact on my spritual life. It's amazing what a book can do in one's life! I first found out about these books when my best friend told me about the movie then showed me the books at our school library. I began reading the first one, not really thinking that much about it. After the first chapter I knew I was hooked. I just finished Tribulation Force and am waiting (very impatiently) for my sister to finish the third. These awesome books have really helped me grow closer to God and motivated me to read my Bible everyday. I don't want to be left behind!

The Left Behind series had a major impact on my early Christian growth...A sister in Christ (and co-worker) knew that I was a new Christian and a avid reader, she gave me the first 3 books and I was hooked. I also love movies and was waiting with much anticipation for the movies...I saw the first two on the big screen and have DVDs of all 3 movies...The movies were OK, but they did not do the books justice...I recently heard that Tim LaHaye has the option to remake the movies...I just wanted to send a quick note encouraging him to do so; if the issue is financial...know that there are a lot of true Left Behind fans that will do whatever we can to help... Menyon Johnson mlj2blessed@yahoo.com
—Menyon Johnson

My life has been changed by this book series. I studied the Bible and came to a true belief in God and was baptized in 94 but this book series (and I haven't finished reading all of them yet) has helped me to really look forward to heaven and get a more desperate focus on those who are not saved. I don't understand scripturally yet that there will be a period of people being left behind on the earth but I am planning on studying it out very soon to gain my own convictions on that matter. I am looking forward to the study. I have always believed in baptism as the point where you are given the holy spirit and are cleansed of your sins. I didn't see any mention of that in the series so far and found that alarming. I do love the series though and it has sparked great discussion within my own family and has given me courage to not worry so much about people's opinion of me. Thank you for writing the series, I look forward to reading "Nicolae" which is the next book in line for me to read.

my 18 year old son just spent 5 weeks in the county jail...the worst 5 weeks of my life...but he has changed back into the son i use to have. He read one of the left behind books in jail and loved it. His court still hasn't been settled he may have to go back, I have been looking for cheap softback left behind books in case he has to return to jail. he can not have hardback books in jail. I do not have alot of money to purchase these books. any ideas of where I can obtain cheap books for him. thanks. 408 n chauncey st columbia city in 46725
—sherry sturgeon

Hi there! My name is Alexis and I am 15 years old. I First heard about your series when I was about 10 but I was to frightened to read any of the books or even watch the movie. I was so scared that when Jesus came back I would be left behind and all these bad things would happen to me and I would be alone without my family. Now 4 years later I am riveted on the 4th book waiting to pick others up from the library. I was so enthralled that I have skipped the second third!Thank you both so much for writing these books! I Do have one.... No like 500 questions about the Second Coming. So Ill just state one. Do you think we will be able to see everything that is going on when we are in Heaven? IF so where do you think we can look??? Sincerely, A Christian that has been set on fire for Christ!

first i was givne the left behind movies to me by my boyfriend, i watched then a year ago. then monday Nov 24 2008 i read teh fist book in under 6 hours, now i am on the mark, long story short, no book has ever held my intrest or showed me so much. i actually found myself thinking back to when i begain svaed so many years ago, and i felt i had been lost agin that havew now changed but this book has changed an dtought me many thngs thanks for writing them!!

When I first started reading the Left Behind book I simply could not put them down. I have wept and found myself experiencing a tremendous array of emotions as I saw the book of Revelation thru the pages of Left Behind. Thank you for this invaluable and timeless gift. Whenever possible I teach Eschatology to our church in the Detroit, Michigan area and it continues to be a blessing. I only wish that I could reach more people in these "perilous times". God Bless You Dr. LaHaye, Eld. Jacob
—Jacob Grant

My name is Amy and I'm 20 years old. I was raised in the Jewish faith, but never really felt a connection through it to God. I've studied almost all religions including Paganism, Christianity, Judaism (obviously, just to name a few. My boyfriend introduced me to the Left Behind series and I finally feel a true connection with God through the Christian faith. I have started studying the Bible and going to church and have never felt more fulfilled in my life. Thank you for opening my eyes, truly I feel as if I, myself, have been saved. Amy
—amy nadler

I am almost 49 years old. I have always believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Yes I have questioned many things, but always sought to be fed spririually. My faith has never faltered, every prayer has been answered in God's time. I know by His grace I am forgivin, but that is where I still am so hard on myself. I am still such a sinner, I still feel so unworthy, I still can not forgive the sins that I have committed. God has blessed me in all of the areas of life. I give back to those in need, I use my voice to praise him at all times and occasions, but after reading every single one of the left behind series, has me up at night praying of what more I should be doing with my life, why I still do things to hurt myself, and waste time not giving more. I never put much emphasis on the book of relevations, but how my heart has changed. What great imagination, both of you have truly captured the real possibilities of the life to come. I put off reading these books for I assumed it was more of the antichrist, and his workings in a positive light. Evil exists, and works fast compared to the patience of good that lets the true light be seen. I do not like the phrase "the end of the world", for some it will be hell. For the faithful it is and will be a time of the greatest joy. God gave us free will, and continues to let us make our choices. HE continues to love us, and wants us at our weakest times. The great sin of pride takes so many good souls down a path of sharp rocks only to be soothed by the loving hand of Jesus. Your works continues to tell us humans it is never too late to come unto HIS KINGDOM. God just never stops with his mercy and grace. God bless you both and your families for you are good and faithful servants.
—jennifer bundrick

I recently up until I found this book was an agnostic. The only times I had been to church was with friends ironically always during the Easter Holiday and always a Catholic church all of which were different friends years apart from each time. I have always believed there was something greater and beyond what is visible to the naked eye and have felt a power watching over me. I went through a time of great morale and had a conscience until I entered the world of alcohol and drugs and abusive relationships. Last year I went to jail a couple times for a DUI and was very bitter that I kept going back to jail when most people with a similar charge serve almost no time. Then I was told about the Left Behind series that another inmate was reading. Later on during this stay I was put into another cell and away from that person and there it was, book one of the Left Behind Series. I had goosebumps. I had wanted to explore religion and was baptized as a child but I never knew how to begin. As soon as I saw that book I felt relief. It all seemed to come together why I had been put in jail time and time again. I wondered if maybe the reason for my frequent flyer miles in the Traverse City Jail were to find this book, to find god. I didn't know for certain but I don't believe in coincidence. I began reading, page after page, my anger and hostility slowly diminished and I began to feel relief from the pressures of my surroundings. Soon I was on book two and after I was out of jail I continued to read. I wasn't just reading because there was nothing better to do. I had found something real. This wasn't just fiction and a good story, this felt real to me. I am currently looking for a sutible church for me in my home town and am on book four. I strayed away from reading the books and once again my life became unmanageable. Once I began reading again, my life straightened out almost immediately. I still don't have all the answers but when does anyone? I know though in my heart I am closer to the truth and feel safer knowing that I am for once in my life I believe, on the right path. I continue to read everyday even if I can only read a section of a chapter, I find a way to read. This series has brought me joy, answers, insight and order in my life and I am thankful that I found them. Even under the circumstances of which the books fell into my hands, I am thankful. Everything happens for a reason. Sincerely, Nicole Howard Traverse City, Michigan 10/21/08
—Nicole Howard

I was in a severe car crash at the age of 17. I came face to face with Jesus in the near death experience that resulted from the impact. I searched for several years for answers to the many questions I had about what had happened to me. I finally got them when I was 19 and gave my heart to Jesus and received His salvation. I immediately had dreams and visions after I was saved. The most prolific vision of all came to life when I read your series and it was a vision of myself and others ducking and running from building to building when the world outside was torn to bits, rubble, burned and destroyed. It was a vision that matched your vivid description of the world after the Rapture and war have ravaged the planet. I was one of those left behind and this was my vision. To read it in a very detailed description in your book sent chills down my spine...It was as if your book had transported me to that very vision! I had to [put the book down for several minutes and pray. Your book series made me take a second look at my walk with Christ and also made me realize that I Don't want to be one of those, .... Left Behind! I have recommended your books to many people and would recommned it to anyone regardless of their walk, faith, religion, or beliefs. Besides the Bible, I beleive it to be one of the most important literary masterpieces of mans' existence here on earth and truly inspired by God Himself. May God bless you both for producing such a wonderful rendition of Tribulation. Thank You
—Marlon Cox

Love the series. I tell people all the time it's FACTion. They have taken Bible prophecy that will come to pass and put it in a plausible timeline and added interesting characters.
—Desiree Driver

I was a believer in Christ before i read the "Left Behind" series, as i read more into the series i relized i wasnt the christian i needed and wanted to be, These books have brought me closer to God, and continue to do so as i read more and more of them, I love these books, thank you for writting such amazing books. God Bless

hi my name id becki. i've been a christian ever scince i could remember. reading these book really helped me understand how to wittness to others. and it gave me better understanding of revelation and a drive to spred the word before its too late. thankz! love in christ, becki

I gave my heart to God at age 9, but I strayed. I am now a 40 year old mother and Grandmother. When I began renewing my faith and my walk with God I became curious, hungry if you will for more. I began reading the Left Behind series and read them all in two months, the story line and characters became a part of me.The words jumped out and I could visualize what I was reading right down to the characters. Because of what I read, I am more aware of what I am feeling inside and I am studying the word of God more than ever. I learned alot and am now reading another book by Mr. Lahaye called Babylon Rising. I would definetly recommend these books to any of my friends and relatives.
—Kris Clemmons ( Perry)

The movies have been so powerful a tool for sharing Christ with those who won't read a "Christian " book. Are there any more coming out in the future? We want many copies of them all.We found them to be especially effective with soldiers returning from Iraq. Also, would someone please express our most sincere appreciation for the tremendous amount of work and commitment that it has taken to give all of us these wonderful tools of evangelism and encouragement? I pray for them constantly. Thank you and God bless each of you. Joy Morris
—Joy Morris

A HUGE THANK YOU FROM A COP Dear Sirs, I wanted to take a moment to let you know of the strong impact the Left Behind books have had on my life. I was raised Christian from birth, but as I grew up, I continued to have a nagging doubt about many things. I never quite understood why God did (and will do) many of the things he does. I knew the message, that Christ died for our sins. My main doubt was why he HAD to die for our sins. I thought, surely that if God could do anything, why couldn't he just let all of humanity's sins "slide" and avoid having to have Jesus die. My doubt continued through confirmation and much of my young adult life. I remember many nights before I slept, thinking about how I was missing the point and fearing that I would be going to hell. Public school did not help either. Evolution was forced down our throats and in many ways, I bought it. I continued to drift away from God. That was until I became a cop. After only several months into being a police officer, I had seen a lifetime of terrible things. I continued to fear that I was missing God's message and was scared to death of death. My brother (also a cop), had read Left Behind. He must have sensed my trouble, because he gave me the first left behind movie on VHS. I turned him down at first, saying that I was never a fan of 'low-budget' movies. I was also uncomfortable talking about God with anyone. (Which I still cannot explain to this day) It almost felt like I was ashamed to hear anyone talk about Jesus or God, even though I was a Christian! One day, I was at my brother's house and saw his copy of the first Left Behind book on his kitchen table. I took it with me to work and began reading while I was working the late shift. After reading the first several chapters, I had found someone who was just like me...Rayford Steele. I knew exactly what he was like. He called himself a believer like I did and went through the motions (going to church...etc.). Once his character pulled me in, I could not stop reading. I remember praying to God, asking that he explain to me through whatever means he saw fit why I had doubts about his existance. Luckily, by the time I found the Left Behind series, it was already January of 2008, and all of your books were already released. I finished the entire series in a span of two months (yep, I did a LOT of reading). Every time I picked up one of the books, I began to understand what was going on. I finally understood the message. I finally had my answers. Left Behind explained to me why Jesus had to die. And why He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. It explained to me why God couldn't just 'wave a magic wand' and fix everything that was wrong with his people. I finally knew why I felt so lost. I don't remember the exact moment or day that I was saved. But I remember that by the time I was done reading the Left Behind series, I felt as though I was born again. I know now where I am going when I die. I've made my commitment to Christ multiple times and find that I see his works much clearer now. Sometimes, I feel so moved that I can't help but just pray "thank you" during the day. I apologize for the long letter. I just had to say thank you. Surely, God knew that I wanted so badly to learn and see his message. I'm SO grateful that you (Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye) have taken the time to create a moving story that made God and Jesus real for me. I feel today as though I have a personal relationship with Christ. I've been able to share your series with several of my other coworkers (officers), who were curious as to why I had suddenly taken up reading (ha ha). I've been having requests now from many of them to borrow the books. I am thankful that God reached me...and that he didn't let me continue to doubt him. I extend my thanks to you gentlemen, because he used your series to do it. So, THANK YOU, from a saved police officer. po_henning@hotmail.com

Hi I’m Anna. I just love “Left Behind” ! It’s so exciting. It’s my favorite book. I’m looking for all the books. Looking forward to getting all the books.
—Anna Christy

i love the kids series so much. it changed my life and now because of it i love and belive in god more than ever. i mean the carecters are so real.because of this book i repinted. and i will always love god and this book so much. so thank you so much to tim and jerry.

I am 13 and I live near Inverness (Scotland) I have been a Christain as long as I can remember but for that amount of time I have been drifting towards and away from God. I started reading the Left Behind kids and it stopped me drfting and placed me firmly in Gods hand. Thankyou for writing these fantastic books. I shall pray for you to continue this fantastic work. PS Please dont publish this comment.
—Gemma Homer

I have learned so much thru the Left behind series.It opened doors for me to ask questions,links to other people and information and studies, who belived the same ways,I had been going to a church and only praising and not really learning anyhting or sharing anything.I also went to the Transformed conference and when seeing Kirk cameron and listening to him,I felt like I was a character in the Left Behind books,it was the BEST! Also when Sept.11th was happening(well I thought I had been Left Behind was my first thoughts)Thank you for helping me on my journey,how can I ever thank youse? I hope to give you'se a big hug one day...God bless you'se. Kathy in STL.
—Kathy P

I recently read the first book in the Left Behind series. I came across the book in a box of books my cousin gave me. I could not put it down! It is exactly what I have been searching for. I have been trying to get my husband back into our church with no success. I truly feel that this book is what will do it. I related to Ray being sort of "pushy" because I worry about my husband's soul. I know that I need to let him make that decision. I do worry about myself as well, because no one is perfect and I know that I slip. However, I did find peace from the book knowing that there are second chances; they won't be easy but they are there.

I love the left behind books. My dad is a pastor so I understood a lot but this made me understand even more about the Rapture. Now that I've read the left behind books my favorite book of the bible is now Revealtion.

i read your book two weeks ago and although I considered myself a Christian, I realised that my faith was lacking +and if I want to go to heaven when Jesus returns Id better pull my socks up. Thankyou so much for your books, they have certainly changed my walk with God.
—cathy avimreleki

Well I was never much of a reader until I found Left Behind. Then in 2 weeks I finished the whole series. First time in 30 years I have read an entire series like that. The impact that it had on me was outstanding, unlike anything I ever expected. Sence reading the series I have started reading the Bible and have been saved, I have started going to church agian and I just want to go out and tell everyone I meet about Jesus and how to get saved. Thank you Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye for bringing this into my life. It is because of you that I am saved.

I found the Left Behind series during a daunting time in my life. My Mother had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She'd been given 6 mos, failing in health horribly within the first 3 mos. Sitting with her, watching her decline and going in and out of coma, were hard. I couldn't have been anywhere else. She had taught me much about Bible prophecy but, what I discovered was a new way of coping with her death. Your series gave me MORE hope, More understanding, and a new clarity on life and death. Instead of being scared of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, I am excited and longing for our Lords return. I understand so much more. My Mother had passed to me a great love of Jesus and his return and you helped me understand it better. You helped me cope with the temporary loss of my dear Mom. Now I've been able to pass that love and understanding on to my own son. Thank you for being faithful teachers, and Watchmen on the Wall. Your Sister in Jesus, Denise Carper PS We've purchased every book and Audio CD, and the 2 movies. LOL Just can't get enough!!!

The Left Behind series really got me motivated to pray and tell more people about God. My favorite character is Vicki...she is the one who inspired me, and all you have to do is have faith in God and he will do anything. I love the verse Matthew 7:7. It really explains God's love and what he will do for you if you just ask and believe!
—Sammy Nishiyama

I started reading the series in July of 2007. I was raised religously, but had gone my own path for over 22 years until July. I received from the first book (all of them, but the first hit me the hardest) something that I did not hear or get as a child: To get to the Father, one has to go thru the Son. I received Christ into my life and my heart in July. Although I was baptized as a child, in August I was baptized again in my new faith and life, a new person. My life has completely and totally changed since then. I regularly attend church services, and I am pursuing becoming a Deacon in my church. I feel that God is calling me for service in His church as a Priest, and in January of 2008 I started college for a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies with an emphasis in the Bible and Theology. None of this would have happened if it were not for the Left Behind Series. I want to praise God for bringing those books into my life and for giving you the discernment to write them. Sincerely, Logan Rice
—Logan Rice

It's hard to put words to it. I've read all 12 books of the Left Behind series and I can't get enough. It's changed my life forever. I feel like I have been dabbling in Christianity but now I've asked the Lord to light the fire again. The Holy Spirit has been doing a work in me through these books. I pray now more than ever for my loved ones, my sons, mother, brother and sister. I ask the Lord to open doors for me in ministry and give me a boldness I've never asked Him for before. I"ve asked the Lord for a harvest of souls. Pray for me as I serve the Lord with all my heart, my strenth and my soul. God bless you.
—Lupe Saunders

I have been a christian for years now. I know God's word. But like some of the characters, I fell out of it simply because my church moved a bit far from my place. I began reading the Left Behind series... in fact I am at "Assassins" now. But I got hold of "Glorious Appearing" and I kinda of peek at the end. Reading through a chapter, I felt my heart skip the way I received messages from God. And I couldn't help the tears flow. All i could say was "Come Lord Jesus". I knew I am going to be left behind. I have lost fellowship with my brethren. I read His word only when I "find time". I slip and fall. I asked my brothers and sisters to pray for me so I may be able to get back into His grace. Somehow I know my heart still belongs to the Lord, for the spirit in me recognizes the spirit of the Lord and it rejoices in His presence. I know God has plans for me. But for some reason I find myself denying Him. After that sneaky peek this afternoon in that book, I knew God as speaking to me. It was as audible as if He was right there in front of me. Scripture said that He knows as by our name. Scripture said that he was there when I was born. He reminded of that. That when I am down, He lifts me up. That eventually He will wipe the tears from my eyes. That he will rejoice seeing me among his flock. That at the moment, He takes me in his arms to comfort me. That He died for me. How, may I ask, could I feel worthy of such love? I ask for prayers, my brothers and sisters, that I once more grow in God's love. That I may rejoice with Him. That I become worthy again to call Him "Abba". At the moment I feel such shame at I fear I may not be able to look at him. An episode of "Touched by an Angel" is memorable to me. That was when the main character (I forgot her name) kind of like having an amnesia and she couldn't remember anything. She couldn't remember she's an angel. But she was reminded of who she is and was asked what does she want. She said "all i wanted is to be remembered". That is also what I wanted, Lord. I wanted you to remember me when you set your kingdom on this world. I wanted to feel special in your eyes when you call me by my name. Pray for me, please. Also, please help me get the three books I am missing. Indwelling, Remnant and Armageddon. My family could not afford to purchase through credit cards (I dont have any) nor these are no longer available here in the philippines. Thank you.
—Maria Nimfa B. Rovira

I love the kids version of the left behind series. It has impacted my life tremedously. Not only have I felt closer to God by knowing him and the bible more but I want to here about the books and what happens and so do my younger sisters. When ever I put the book down my younger sisters always ask whats happening now and I feel greatful telling them what I know about the bible. I have studied the bible and gone to sunday school but Ive never understood as much.
—Jeanine Wood

I love the kids version of the left behind series. It has impacted my life tremedously. Not only have I felt closer to God by knowing him and the bible more but I want to here about the books and what happens and so do my younger sisters. When ever I put the book down my younger sisters always ask whats happening now and I feel greatful telling them what I know about the bible. I have studied the bible and gone to sunday school but Ive never understood as much.
—Jeanine Wood

I lost my only son while he was serving with the US Army. He was KIA in Baghdad, Iraq. I was searching for answers and started reading the left behind series. The series helped me find God which in turn helped me find peace. I attend church faithfully now and am reading and studying the bible. I have accepted my savior and now am spreading the good news. God bless.
—Tino Vasquez

I have been wholly changed by reading the Left Behind Series. As a teenager, I have never really felt a need for the Lord's presence in my life, but after reading the series, I have discovered a hunger for the Lord and have decided to live my life for the Lord and I can only thank you for writing a series that touched not only my heart and my soul, but millions of others across the world. Thank You!!!! In the Lord's name, Sarah, 18

I have been wholly changed by reading the Left Behind Series. As a teenager, I have never really felt a need for the Lord's presence in my life, but after reading the series, I have discovered a hunger for the Lord and have decided to live my life for the Lord and I can only thank you for writing a series that touched not only my heart and my soul, but millions of others across the world. Thank You!!!! In the Lord's name, Sarah, 18

My life was a lost cause,I was sitting in jail looking at prison time.A friend of mine brought me the first book,left behind and it changed my life forever,I went to prison on a ten year sentance and started reading every book,I got saved and am now living for the Lord everyday.I finished the last book a few months ago,They are the best books on the planet.I am married and have a nice house and even have my son living with me,God is good.!!! I have all the books in hard back and wouldnt take nothing for them.These books changed my life forever. God Bless You Mike Williams
—mike williams

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ, I have just finished the series (up to #12) and found it to be incredible! I don’t know how people could complain about it. Some were just completely overboard in their assaults on the writers, and clearly did not read the book closely enough. I guess it is like the fact that a cook can never please ALL of his guests. There will always be someone who does not like the meal. In my opinion, I think it is the best story ever written (by man) with exception to God’s Word of course. I think that this is an incredible tool for evangelizing the masses in an alternative way. Because of the popularity of the series, it certainly reaches out to countless millions worldwide and leads them to our wonderful Savior. Some or obviously suspicious or even jealous of the sales figures, but I trust that this is a movement started by God, and that He will ensure that the funds will benefit His kingdom in various ways. Shame on the ones who judge, especially if they are Christians… Jesus clearly told us that we should not judge others. I am now living in Lebanon (Middle East), where I encountered these books (at a Virgin book store Beirut) and began to read them. My only wish is that they could be translated into other languages to reach out even further than they already have. The results are unimaginable! The reason why I want this is because I want to share my experience with others, and get them to read the series for themselves. Unfortunately, not all can read the “new global language” as of yet. I have many Arabic speaking friends and family members who are interest in reading the series, but are unable to because of the language barrier. Think about what the results would be to the Muslim world alone, which is already starting to be greatly revived world-wide. Many Muslims here, the rest of the Middle East and the world are being born again. Maybe the series can be available in only major languages such as Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese etc. Chances are that if they don’t know one language, they might know an other. I would be really interested in hearing your opinion on this, or if there is already any news to expand into other languages. Like I said earlier, this is certainly a movement from God to evangelize in these last days… Breaking the language barrier would greatly help expand this movement on an exponential scale. In Christ Always, Ramsey Rahal
—Ramsey Rahal

This series of books is the best thing that could have happened to me at a time I needed something to keep my mind off my problems and those of the world...I have read everything I could get my hands on in this series even the Before they were left behine, The Truth about the Left Behind Series, Mont Ararat, and the others everything they had written, I went to the Library yesterdy and found a new series that I have started on today...John;s Sroty and Marks Story and lastly before the month is out Luke's story.. Love them and they have given me a more cleareer view using scripture of course of Jesus and Gods love for his people and what will appen to those who don;t and won't believe...Thank You Jim and Jerry.. Truly as John, Matthew and Luke and others God has touched your minds and hearts and given you these stories..God Bless You always!
—Charlotte Henson

The first time I saw the movie Left Behind it scared me to death. To think this could happen sometime in our near future is really something that people need to be ready for. I have a heart condition where only 15% of my heart muscles work. I've had two operations and have had over 20 heart attacks, but I beleive God Has left me here for a pourpose. That is to prepare people for Jesus return. I have all the Left Behind movies and three of the books, but I have read every single book and I love them all. I praise God for this series. I wish that more people could see the movies or read the books. Jesus is coming sooner than peopl think. We are in the end times. Bless You Troy Shanley
—Troy Shanley

I was raised in a Christian Church. I was baptised Catholic, but attended more of a Baptist/Presbyterian Church during my childhood. My grandmother had always taught us about God, and how Jesus had lived and died to forgive us of our sins. I believed that, most likely blindly, for the majority of my childhood and teen years. I had prayed and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior a few times during this time, and recieved communion at church. I remember feeling as if church was an obligation, and I never quite understood all the other kids that weren't "cool." They loved Sunday School, they didn't want to fit in if it meant to give up what they read about every Sunday. At the time, I just thought them to be odd, but looking back, how I wish I were more like them. When my grandmother's health declined, we stopped attending church. It was around this time that my sister and I were getting to that age where after-school activities and friends from school became your life, so religion wasn't at the forefront of my mind. My grandmother would always remind us that Jesus Christ was our savior and we needed to live our lives for God first and foremost. We were always required to say a prayer before each meal at her home, while at our own we didn't. I remember watching her while she knelt at her bedside praying every morning we were there, and then again before sleep if we were spending the night. She always encouraged us to do the same but never forced us. I suppose a part of my "faith" back then was mainly to please her and I didn't really understand what it truly meant. I went away to college about 10 years ago, and had to come back home due to severe depression and anxiety disorders. It was around the time that I came home that I started to think about all that I had had at my fingertips growing up. I started having this incredible urge to find a way to be closer to God. I began talking with my grandmother every chance I got about questions I had about the Bible, God and Jesus. I started talking to friends about God and their views. I began wanting to go back to church, but I had reservations being that in my own personal search, I felt that most churches were filled by people that thought going to church on Sunday was their ticket out so to speak. They lived their live as if they had a free pass as soon as they left. I didn't want to fall into that cycle...I knew it wouldn't be fufilling, and I wanted to TRULY be in God's will. It's funny that this hunger for faith coincided with the biggest struggle I've ever faced in my life. All the while I was starving for God's word and a way to be a better follower, I was fighting an illness that was like a little devil in my ear telling me I'd never be good enough. There were many times I considered suicide, but there was always that thought in the back of my mind that God had a purpose for me, and I needed to stick it out. My grandmother knew how badly I was struggling, and welcomed all the questions I had. She knew part of my problem was focusing long enough to actually sit down and read the Bible, and would hold an impromptu Bible Study with me any time I asked. She would read versus that pertained to my questions, and then we would discuss how we each felt. Her favorite saying for me was "a mustard seed of faith is enough" and usually followed by asking me if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I had...and the first time she said this to me I did again. I said a prayer that night saying I want to be forgiven of my sins, and that I know Jesus Christ died so I would be. I remember that I would always feel moved to ask again everytime she asked me if I had. I truly believe that she was God's way of helping me through this troubled time in my life. She would tell me that she too had feelings of unworthiness. She said to me once "I have no crowns to lay before Him." I told her she did...my mother, my sister and I. My grandmother passed away 3 days after Thanksgiving in 2006. We were lucky enough that we got to say goodbye to her. I was the rock for my family during the time, and didn't shed a tear while everyone else cried on my shoulder. I finally broke down before the funeral. I went outside and cried and screamed for a few minute until I could compose myself enough as not to upset anyone else. My grandmother had made it known before she died that she wanted the pastor of the church that you could see from her house to officiate her funeral. When I returned, I found that he had waited to start until I got back. He gave a wonderful sermon that morning about how death is not something to fear if you believe in Jesus. It was as if he was speaking just for me. Every word he said was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. In talking with my immediate family afterward, I had found that they felt the same. I had lost my rock...the one who taught me what faith was about. I was so close to getting angry with God for taking her from me and it was as if that pastor knew and said what I needed to hear so I would understand that God still loved me and I would see her soon. I still have struggled since my grandmother's death. She was my rock...the one that would help me sort through all the questions and doubt in my mind. I've tried a few times since her death to start reading the Bible from the beginning, only to find I was reading the same sentence over and over, and get frustrated and stop. About three weeks ago I started to go into another bad bout of depression and social anxiety. I had to take time off work and had trouble making even my doctors appointments. While in my mother's bedroom one morning, I came across her copies of the Left Behind series and decided to try to read a little. I haven't been able to put the books down since, and have made my way through the whole series in the space of two weeks. It was as if I had found something that was just as nourishing as my grandmother's presence. It has helped me understand better what I have been taught since I was a child - The Rapture, Armageddon, etc. For the first time since my talks with my grandmother, I have felt as if I AM worth of being saved. It has helped me better understand what I need to do to make sure I am not left behind! My father has seen how I have been reading continuously the past few weeks when he hasn't seen that in me since I was a child, and asked if he could read the ones I was done with. My father was finally doing something that had a root in religion for as long as I can remember! These books have truly been a blessing for myself, and my family. I thank you so much. I apologize for such a lengthy testimonial, but I wanted to share that these books are a part of the reason I have grown stronger in my faith in God and Jesus Christ. God Bless.
—Shana Young

I LOVE the Left Behind: The Kids books! I read all forty in a month, and my heart was touched by the spiritual lives the Trib force led. I have grown closer to God, and I just wanted to thank Mr. Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye for writing these life-changing books.

Hello Dr. Jenkins! Whenever I pick up your books to read, I can hardly put them down. They are sooooo cool. I finish reading each book in a day or two. I'm on no. 38 now and I don't Know what else to read after 40. Can you please make the movie of it? If you alredy have, I haven't seen it, yet. I love book 1 and 38 the best. Awesome!!! God loves you...and so do I.

I have been attending church for years, but have never had a personal relationship with Jesus. I really didn't know how or what that was. I was a fool in believing that I was a good person and would still going to heaven. I felt like something was missing in my life and even had a 5 year affair with a man I thought was my "soul mate." Due to God's grace, my friend helped me get back on track and made me realize that what was missing in my life was God and not any other earthly gods. My husband and I reconciled and I got involved in a small group. Through that group, I learned about the Left Behind series. Since I have read the first 2 books in 2 weeks. I have done a complete 360. I have been praying regularly and have taken God into my heart. For the first time, I really feel as though I am forgiven for my sins. I just bought the first 2 movies in hopes to pass them on to others and they pass it on to others in order to get the word of God out to others. I realize they are not as life changing as the books, but feel they will be an easier sell and someone is more apt to invest 2 hours of their life and may in turn want to read the book. Thank you so much for writing this, I know God was with you. -Julie

The Books Made Me More Of A believer In God And The Bible I Want To Thank Both Jerry B Jenkins And Tim LaHaye For Making Me Become A True Believer That Jesus Is My Savor.
—Rosemary Donovan

In my life I was feeling miserable and depressed. I felt like I was surrounded in my despairs. I thought that it was too late to repent of my sins. I did not think that God would accept me for I did so much wrong in my life, so much sin. I was heart broken. To live a life not honoring my Lord Jesus Christ’ sacrifice, not having a relationship with God flooded my heart with sorrow. This sorrow was not in anyway little, it was godly sorrow. I prayed to the Lord saying ”I was sorry for all the sin I did as well as forgiving anyone who offended me. I asked the Lord to give me a heart of flesh, one of no malice, to remove the stony ness, that I may receive a heart of purity. Through reading, meditating scriptures, time spent prayer daily, and by keeping humility as my close companion, the mercy and grace of God shines in my life. I am still a sinner, but my life has dramatically changed for the better, living spiritually minded, wanting to help others know the truth. 2 Corinthians 4: 6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. godly sorrow leads to repentence unrepented With love in Christ, Daniel Butler
—Daniel Butler

My whole life I have always told myself that there was no God. That if He really did exist that most of the horrors of this world would never have happened. Then I found this series. My daughter was just 1 when I started the first book. I have never in my short life read anything that impacted my mind so greatly. He loves me and my family and I don't know how I survived my teenage years without Him and this series. I know for sure that my daughter will be blessed throughout her life because of these amazing books.
—Ashley Thomas

I have read all but one book in the series. I have always been interested in the end times. I must say I have learned a lot from reading these books. I would recommend this series to all Christians. I gives you insite into what it may be like after the rapture. The characters used in this book are so real you would like to get to know them especially Rayford and Buck. I will be sorry to end the series. I really look foreward to reading the series every day and will miss it when I am finished. I have never felt this way about a book. I will continue to read books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins as long as they continue to write. I really like to read fiction rather than documentary style books. Reading these books gives you the truth intermingles with fiction. For a person like me this is the answer. Thank you Tim and Jerry keep writing these great books of faith with fiction.

The Left Behind series always leave me breathless.I am from Nigeria,i've read series 1-5.I want to buy series 1,2,3,6,8-16. I have series 4,5 and 7.Do you have a contact in Nigeria so i can get to buy? I need to know how it all ended. Anybody that is a true child of God that have the spirit of God in him shd read this piece of talent from God.Keep it up.
—julcit ezra juliana

My grand daughter, Emma aged 10 has read all the "Left Behind Series" for kids. As a result she has developed a passion for souls. She produced a flyer (email me if you would like a copy of it) The flyer says: Come to God's great party!! Who? you! What? The greatest party ever! When? When Jesus Christ returns and it never ends! Where? With God in Heaven! Why? Because God loves you!! If interested go to www.ydyc.org for a funny cartoon presentation!! She rolled up each A4 flyer and put ribbon around and placed them in a box with wheels. Then while on her skate board, pushed the box in front of her with a broom to deliver hundreds to her neigborhood. It was all her idea and as you can see I am proud of her for following her passion through! Wilma Watson
—Wilma Watson

God Bless You Both. The LB series is AWSOME all 16 books. Ive never read a book that left me so emotional from the start to finish.I felt like I was with the Trib Force & I couldnt read fast enough to keep up. I have told close to a hundred people about this series and that its the BEST around. Praise God and God Bless---Karen Reed

I just recently have started reading the "Left Behind Series'. I have read several of the books and really enjoy them and will be reading the others. Reading these books has prompted me to dedicate my life to the Lord. I have talked to others about these books. Some people I have talked to , who say they are christians don't want to read these books or even hear about them. They say it scares them to be confronted about the future of the world and that they don't read revelations because it scares them. Am I missing something here, why would these individuals be afraid if they are christians and believe they are trully ready to face our Lord
—Donna L. Martin

with the 60th anniversary of israel this week, feel these are exciting times to be living but the unsaved world does not have that and your books bring to the front about how we are in the very last days and Christ will return in our lifetimes so hope more unsaved people do read your books - i read all of the left behind series and the last two books were so great especially glorious appearing
—jan sterling

Well, I haven't finished reading the kids version of Left Behind Series. But by just reading the first book, I could not stop reading. I read it straight and finished 2 books in 1 day. I am only on book 20 and I can't wait to read the rest.

I got to learn more about the bible and the ends times though it. Last year their was a fire at my moms house. It burn everything inside the house, I was just moved into my new apt. The fire was a arson and my mom was safe. (She was out of town.) All my books that I have collected (Both Adults and Kids) were burn in that fire. I got my whole family to read though books. I have got some people though though books. Im just glad thats my mom is ok. If you get a chance read these book. They are a non-stop ride. Thanks!!!
—Ryan Belknap

The Left Behind series has definately changed my life and I feel God used this series to get me to return to church. After my mother and father split up, I quit going to church for about 7 or 8 years. I would ocasionally go (christmas or easter) Or attend the church where I attended a youth group but really didnt make an effort to go reguarly. Once I had started reading the series I began having lots of questions and started having dreams that I was left behind enduring the tribulation (which scared me to death because I remembered giving my heart to God as a kid). When I started having dreams about being left behind and all the questions that started comming up it was almost like something pulling in my stomac. I was just about done reading the series around Easter in 2006, and heard about a production a local church was putting on, So I found out when the next Sunday service was so I could go buy the tickets, and I have been attending regularly.
—Tamie Sellick

I am 11 and a true Christian. Me and my friend read the whole kids series together, the adult series and the prequils. we realize the importance of gtting unbelievers ready for the end times. please pray for the people we are trying to reach.
—vicki b.

I just started reading the series, I always felt in tune with God, but I am even more so now. And I understand a little better relvations

hi, hello my name is Michael(mikey)hall and i am at age 13 and had just radomly picked Left Behind at my school for a book because i saw you on T.V for your book a few months ago at the time and i loved it. i finished number 1 and read the first 2 sequels( unfortunately my school dosent have The Rature)and read the Trib Force through the Glorious Appearing and cant wait to read Kingdom come. I just wanted to applaud your work of scripture into a series that shows the endtimes with His glory, mercie, compassion , and love for us all that it inspired me to help throw out the the life raft to unbelivers in the lord jesus crist. thank you, your fellow beliver in the lord jesus crist!!!!!
—mikey hall

my name is Deedee, i always had a different picture of the end times but your books have made me understand everything. thank God. I was inspired by the kids trib-force and i now preach about Christ fearlessly t those who are wiling to listen to me. I even set up a website for christian teens, www.TeenageChristians.synthasite.com I'm using that as a way to counsel other teens, even though I'm 13. Thank God for his mercies.

I grew up in a home where eschathology and end times stuf was a really interesting topic. But I was scared that I would be left behind,and so I hated watching Rapture movies, etc. But LEFT BEHIND:THE MOVIE changed that. I soon began reading the books, and now its making me not want to miss Christ's coming. Thanks a lot for making me know Christ.
—Emmanuel Onimisi

I was raised Babtist and have known the truth all my life. I haven't lived right, I admit. My sister has the whole series, well, up to book #12, 'The Glorius Appearing', and I started reading and read the first five in five days. I just couldn't get enough. I have been 'talking' about getting back in to church for a while, just never have. For one, my job. I drive a truck and am not home half the time and when I am home I like to relax. The only time that I do get to church is when I go to my grandmother's and or there's a funeral or wedding. These past years I have been keeping up with what's been going on in the world and it has been scaring me to tell you the truth. I call myself a christian, but really don't know if I am truly saved and taken in the rapture because of the life that I've led the last 15 years. The Left Behind series put everything right there in front of me. When I was reading the Glorious Appearing at the time when satan was being fought and sent to hell, I felt him here in my house with me. All I could do was to start praying. I said the Lord's prayer over and over again till there was no fear. While reading these books, I had so many questions. All I could do was to call my mother and my grandmother and ask them questions. I don't know much when it comes to verses of the Bible, but I do know what I know. I can't debate someone about it. But I do believe every word. This series brought a light into my life that I haven't had in a long time. I am going to start back in church hopefully this weekend and start living right. I am feeling so good about life and myself thanks to these books. They make you look at your life and really start thinking if you are saved or not. And as great as it would be to be able to live throught the tribulation, to be able to witness everything from God, would be amazing. But I don't want to be here for that. I don't want to be left behind. I thank you both for writing these wonderful books that can literally change someone's life. God Bless You both!
—Laura Turner

I was raised in a church family so the whole end of times thing wasn't new to me. BUT, the Left Behind series has opened my eyes more than anything else. I know the Bible lays everything out for us, but this series puts it on a more personal level. My mindset has definitely changed! Thank you for writing such an outstanding series!!

I really love the Left Behind series heaps! I've read them over and over again, and I can still remember when I read in the book "Apollyon" when those demon locusts were biting unbelievers, I fell to my knees in my living room and re-committed my life to Jesus. I plan on buying the prequels when finances permit me to do so. God bless you both, and thanks for blessing the world with these truly amazing books. In His Love! Meg
—Meg Wojcik

Because of the Left Behind series, I have came to Jesus Christ and have recieved him as my Lord and Savior. Thank You!!!!!
—Tito Amado

These books have showed me just how loving God can be and what he can do in my life. I know these characters are not real ,but I was blessed just reading what God was doing in there lives. I felt like I was right there with them and had made new friends. I am on my third time through the whole series, that is how much I enjoy them.
—Joe Sutton

I just wanted to thank you for writing these books! I got the whole set of kids books for my birthday and I read them in two weeks! They inspired me to dive deeper in the bible to find answers to some of my questions. I hope you write more! I'm currently trying to get the adult ones.

I just want to thank you for this series!! I was born again about 7 or so years ago. I began reading the Left Behind series, but then began to have trouble reading due to headaches and vision problems that came out of nowhere! So, I stopped reading. As time went on, I found that I had backslid and was hardly ever reading my Bible anymore and hardly ever prayed at all. I had so much going on that time was very stretched for me and any spare moment was spent resting. About a month ago I began to get an intense feeling that I needed to start reading the Left Behind Series once again, so I got the book Apollyon which is where I had left off previously. I've read a book every week since then and am about to start Glorious Appearing. I haven't been able to put these books down!! I have gotten back into daily prayer and devotions and my life is turning back in a Godly direction. I am living for God each moment of the day and I'm thankful for this series which has helped get me back on track!
—Kristi Roberts

The Left Behind series for adults left me hunger of more, while waiting for the GLorius Appearing book I merged myself in the Left Behind teens series, this 40 books taught me how to be bold in my faith more than anything else in the world, Thank you for writing such an amazing series about the sequence of the final events before the Glorius Appearing.
—Brenda Lachman

Dear Jerry and Tim I live in South Africa and I have been blessed by someone with a dvd of Left Behind. I love doing research on this topic, and are currently attenting the Christian Family Church Johannesburg. International doing Bible School as well as my own individual research. Is there any groups which I can join in order to learn more about whats happening in the world and new Bible or historical happenings? Thank you so much for all the information. I would love to read more on your books in due time. Kind Regards
—Charmaine Thompson

I love to go to yard sales. A number of years ago while at such a sale, the homeowner apparently appreciated my appreciation for his previously loved items and he offered me a free book from his vast collection. Of all the many books that were in the stacks I chose the very first in your series...I've been hooked since! GOD IS WONDERFUL! I'm reading them all again for the second time now. This time around it feels like I can take my time instead of speed-reading to see what happens next. I've even taken the time to look up actual Bible verses...I could go on forever! God Bless you for providing amazing resources! In His Name, Rhonda

I have always been a Christian. My parents took me to church and I became a Christian too, yet I never gave much thought to how the end of the world will play out. That was until I read your books, they helped me relize what was to pass and help me better relize what being a christian is and how to become one. It was so simple! I tell people about the prophices and I try to get the word of God and Jesus into the world via my website: http://truth4theworld.blogspot.com/v I want to study the scriptures more and want to learn more about bible prophicy. How can I do this? Thank you again for helping my relize what's important in mine and others lives. God be with you!
—Joe Svancara

Your books have brought me so close with my savior Jesus Christ. I always knew that Jesus and God existed but I didn't feel much beyond that, church was a nuisance so I stopped going completely even after my miracle daughters were born, it wasn't enough for my selfish self. My life was wracked with fear and uncontrollable anxiety. I had a nervous breakdown when my girls got sick and had to be hospitalized within a week of each other, I knew I needed more...My girls were fine but I still needed more and I yearned for Jesus and I finally let go of all my reservations, I let go and let God. Jesus filled me in more ways than I can describe. I look forward to church now and I love the Left Behind series, I feel like they bring me closer to God and keep me very entertained at the same time. I try not to stay up all night reading them but it is very hard! I have gone through the first six books in 3 weeks. I love reading them but I never want them to end! Thank you. God is great :)
—Ashley Stern

The Left Behind series has been a catalyst on my travel back to the Church. I haven't been to a normal Sunday service in over 10 years but something has been drawing me back over the past year. I had purchased the first book of the series, Left Behind, nearly 3 years ago. I read the first few chapters but never got out of the initial airport scenes. For some reason I picked the book up again and started reading. This time I got past the airport and haven't looked back. As of last night I had started the Glorious Appearing and read every book in between in the space of 2 months. I didn't read that many books in all my years in high school. I know full well that the books are Christian fiction and have no basis on actual events but the message is clear - believe and you shall be saved. I have a more diligent pattern of daily prayer that is not just words but heartfelt, meaningful expressions of love and devotion for God. I appreciate and understand the Church much more now and together with my family will arrive at the "end times" confident in my faith and understanding that Christ Jesus is the one salvation for the soul of all Mankind. What will happen, will happen according to the Will and Word of God. This series of books puts into words what those who question wonder and suppose will happen in the last days of the world. I feel saved not by the series but by the fact that I have found my Lord again through the Church and will not be left behind. Thank you May God Bless

These books are truly amazing.I am 13 and am reading the left behind:The Kids series and it has changed my life. I am much closer to God through these books. Even though I am only on book 8, I just can't stop reading them. This has given me a better understanding of what the end time will be about. Everyday, I spend 3 to 4 hours reading these books! Throught these books I tell many people about the Lord and about the end time. I thank you so much for writing these books, they are awesome!
—Ali Stahl

Hello Sirs. My name is Michelle and I became a born again christian in 1999 at the age of 20. I grew up in a pentecostal church but never knew how to know God for myself. It was never made clear to me why Jesus came and that He died to take my sins away and restore me back to God. I remember at the age of 10 or 11 reading the book of Revelation as I was fasinated about what God had to say about the end of the world. From what my parents had said and what the pastor had said about it, I had a general understanding of what was to come. Fast forward to now, I am 28 years old and I came across the One Place website and the Left Behind audio series. I have been hooked. I own the films Left Behind 1,2 & 3 but was so eager to follow the storey further and the characters. I began listening to the audio series over a month ago and am now at the last chapter. The Glorious Appearing. It has been fantastic. I just want you to know that the production is in my opinion, is outstanding! The accuracy to the scriptures has brought the book of Revelation alive again to me along with some kind of an understand of what the world will be like when we are gone. I was so touched by one episode I called my brother who is not saved and told him how much God loves him. I commend your work and thank you for such a powerful audio series. Will you be making more films based on the series? Please let me know. May God Bless you for your labor, and may many come to the saving knowlege of Jesus through your work. Regards Michelle Dyer London, UK.
—Michelle Dyer

I have only just recently read the first two books in the Left Behind series. It was all so overwhelming and immediately logged onto the internet to find out all I could from leftbehind.com about the end times. All excess baggage is gone, like I have been carrying a huge weight around and now it has been lifted.I feel humbled to know that all my questions and worries are now answered, thankyou for your website. I will continue to read the remaining books in this series, they are enjoyable. Amen.
—Pamela Moore

I like a lot of other kids did not enjoy reading that much... I read slow and never found the right book. but this series is amazing! I read in the car one the way to church, back to home, to lunch, most of the time I cane get my hands on it I will read it. I thankyou very much and I never really thought of it as right now the rapture could just happen. I think this book has made millions of impacts on kids lifes. These are great and fun and if anybody out there is reading this and hasn't yet read left behind series yet than I highly recomend you reading it. You won't beable to put it down even if you hate reading! thankyou ver much mr.Jenkins and mr.LaHaye!

I was raised Catholic with 8 years of Catholic school. I have always believed in Jesus but as I grew I drifted away from him. I am grown now with three beautiful children and a wonderful wife. I have always felt the need to bring myself closer to God again. When I was taking a trip to Europe for work, I bought the book Left Behind for the flight. I was instantly drawn in to the near-reality plot and began to feel Christ calling me back to him. I understand it is a book, but it causes your head and your heart to think about Christ. The more I thought about Jesus the closer I felt. I know he is here and I feel closer than in years to him. I am still a sinner and not worthy of his love. But I know that he loves and forgives us and and I pray every day for the strength to answer his call. I sincerely thank you for this wonderful series (which I have completed). I am very grateful for your teachings. I have also passed the books onto my Mother and Sister to read and they too were moved. May God bless you and your wonderful stories and may they bring many others before it's too late. Best regard, Rick Stanley
—Rick Stanley

The Left Behind series really changed me. I think more about what will happen. I pray every day, before I go to sleep, at school, and at church on Sundays and Wednesdays. I always used to think that if you were left behind, you would just stay on earth, and then go to hell. Now I know that if I'm left behind I could end up in the deepest trouble ever. I now believe I'm saved, andready to go to heaven at ANY time. Thank you for inspiring me, and my family. God Bless You, Kelsey S. P.S.(I love your books! Keep writing more!)
—Kelsey S.

The Left Behind series really changed me. I think more about what will happen. I pray every day, before I go to sleep, at school, and at church on Sundays and Wednesdays. I always used to think that if you were left behind, you would just stay on earth, and then go to hell. Now I know that if I'm left behind I could end up in the deepest trouble ever. I now believe I'm saved, andready to go to heaven at ANY time. Thank you for inspiring me, and my family. God Bless You, Kelsey S. P.S.(I love your books! Keep writing more!)

dear tim lahaye and jerry jekins the left behind series has changed my life more than you or me will ever know i would just like to say thnk you boh for these incredible books i look forward to maybe hearing from you yours truly mckenna doyle
—mckenna doyle

I have always believed in God and been raised a christian, but i never went to church or read the bible like i should, and most importantly I was never saved. I picked up the first Left Behind book at a flea market, took it home to read it, and fell in love with the book. It opened my eyes to so many things. Shortly after I picked up a bible and started reading. I have now been saved and I am so thankful to Tim and Jerry for leading me to Jesus. Thank you both so much.
—chris walker

i read your article entitled why was Bruce left behind and was convicted so i rededicated my life to Christ. please pray for me that i would be more faithful.i am not a minister but that story sounded like me sometimes.

I felt I should thank you for the work, thought, and prayer you poured into the Left Behind series. I am a Christian, but until recently I had turned away from God. I knew very little about bible prophecy until I began reading this series. I am greatful that you put the plan of salvation into each book, as my father, who is currently unsaved, has shown a great interest in this series. These books pulled me in, and through prayer, and I will admit some fear I drew closer than ever to my savior. Now, I can only think that I should be bringing the Word to others.
—Tori Keene

I came to Christ through these books. I had always been one of those people who knew about god and church but always thought God was a mean unforgiving God. Now i know the truth of him and his son and I praise him that i found out the truth before it was too late.
—Traci Searcy

Hello! I read Left Behind almost 10 years ago but never thanked you yet. It was 4 chapters into that first book that changed my life. I accepted Jesus that night! Since then, God has shown Himself to be faithful and I am so grateful to have accepted His call. Thank you so very much!

I picked up my copy of left bhind, in 98 i believe. right after my sister had been murdered. i was saved, yet was missing something. waiting anxiously each year for the next release, in 2003, my wife decided to leave the children and me. at that time i decided to fill the now empty hours, to re-read the series from the begining, and got a whole new meaning from the series. i re-learned how much God loves us, and that my problem was just a small thing compared to those that are going to be left behind. now here in 2008, i find myself thinking about re-starting the whole series all over again, maybe to lift my spirits once again, now that my children gave grown and moved on, leaving me alone
—mike kroft

i became a christian when i was 3(im a kid) but me and a friend read the whole kids series and we are in the middle of the adult series. we got the idea(from the underground in the kids books) to make articles and give them to people because we think the rapture will be soon and we want as many as possible to come to christ HE IS RISEN!

I started reading the leftbehind series(kids)not to long ago. I can read two or three of them in a day and am on book 40. These books have changed my life. I've been a christian since I was 4 years old. I've gotten closer to God by reading these books. I feel like I know the people in the book. When they weep,I weep. When they rejoice/scream. I love these books. I've even gone through almost ALL of Revalations with my 5th grade class. They were so interested, asking question after question! I'm planning on talking to my church. You know how it talks about the 1,000 year reighn of Jesus?...well it would be really be awesome if you would write abot that in the kids series. I won't have anything to read if you don't. I thank you for writing these books they really have changed my life. love, leftbehind series LOVER(I love Jesus more though!)
—Jessie Childs

I have grown up in a Christian home, and I am a Christian myself. I became one when a was 5 years old, and I attend North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. My life is like a rollercoaster, same as everyones. But I have faith in God every day, that he will take care of it all. When I started reading the Left Behind Series it opened up an awesome vision of the future. It's so amazing that all of what's going to happen is right in the book of Revelations. I don't know if the Rapture will happen today, a year from now, or even hundreds of years, But I do know that I'll be seeing the Lord my God when I die, and he will welcome me into Heaven. Matthew 5:16

Thank you so much for creating the Left Behind the Kids books! I lost my mom and grandma last year and these books have been a great comfort. I wish you would make a Left Behind the Kids movie. I think you could witness to a lot of teens. Thanks again!!!! PS. If you made a movie I'd love to be Vicki!!!
—Heidi Sorbello

I started reading the Left Behind series when they first appeared on the market. I absolutely could not wait for the next book. I would buy a book when I had the extra cash. I now own the full set. I am reading the last book. I can not put it down. I have often thought I knew where i was going when I died. I still know where I am going and that is to heaven. However the series have opened a new door for me. Over the years I have lost interest in reading the bible. I know how can you lose interest when there is so many wonderful stories to read. Well I did. I love puzzles and trying to figure out things. The Left Behind series have given me a puzzle to figure out. What will the last days be like? Will we know each other? Will we recongize the prophets like Moses? Will we be able to talk with Jesus and be able to receive an answer immediatly? The list goes on and on. These questions and many more have given me the encouragement needed to read and study my bible each day. I know that when I have answer these questions and many more on this subject the Lord will give me more questions to answer so that I can continue to be interested in my bible. On a side note, because of my reading I have found new passages that I know I have read before but did not realize how important they were in the scheme of things. I would like to thank you for taking the time to write the series and let you know not only are you reaching non believers but that you are drawing believers back to the bible and giving them something to research and pray about. May God bless you and keep you! Sherry
—Sherry Music

I have been reading the Left Behind Series for some time. I stopped with The Remnant a few years back. A few months ago, I decided to pick the series back up and start over. I reread all the way back thru and now I'm on Armageddon. I can't believe you killed Chloe off in this book. When tears came it make me really realize how deep you are in with these characters. I'm looking forward to the next book already and I'm only half way thru Armag. Thanks so much for writting these books.

Around the year 2000, I read the first book Left Behind. Now on November of 2007, I reread Left Behind, and continued on with the series. As of Feb, 2008 I am on the 5th book and am sooo hooked to them. Wow. Gets me to even examine myself and what I would have done, have I had to go thru all that. Manny
—Manny Pantoja

I just wanted to think you so much for helping keep my mind busy these books are helping me so much I just recently been realsed from jail and I have used this book everyday the books in jail were all trash these books help me stay going ever moment of my life think you God Bless.
—Dustin D Dyer

While reading the first book, "Left Behind," in the middle of the night at my kitchen table, I bowed my head and asked God to forgive my sins and professed my love and belief in Him, and was saved! What an awesome experience. Praise God! Since that time, I encourage everyone who gives me an opportunity to read the Left Behind books and to give their souls to Christ. If I have helped lead one person to Christ, your books deserve full credit for that.
—Eve Williams

I like the Left Behind Kid Series. We have 36 of the books. The Left Behind Series impacted my life to live for God. I don't want anyone to go to hell. It would be just awful. I would like to know why Satan would try to deceive the followers of Jesus even during the Milleniul Kingdom. Thank you. From Joshua Asmah...in Accra...a Left bEhind admirer.
—Joshua Asmah

The Left Behind Series changed my life when I decided to read the first book while deployed to Iraq. I was so confused to what i believed but after reading these books I realized God had put these writers here for a reason. To write these books and change lives. They are so inspirational to me and I sincerely believe they have changed my life for the better. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and could not imagine my life any other way. Thank you so much for the books!

Left Behind: The Kids series, have changed my life, ever since I read the first book, I haven't stopped reading them, my friends think I'm nuts because I read about two or three of them a day, but before I started reading the books I had doubts about wither or not God was with me, I've had been through a lot last year and had strayed from God, But once I started reading these books, it opened my eyes and I realized that God is with me always, no matter what. After I read the fourth book, I knew I had gone astray, so one night, I prayed to ask God to forgive me again. And ever since that night, I've been reading God's word more, listening to gospel music, it's like I don't feel the need to listen to worldly things, or read worldly things, Thank you so much, Jerry and Tim for writing those amazing books!

I am 13 1/2 years old and have read the first four Left Behind books. The books have changed me but I'm having trouble telling God that I believe. Can you help me receive Christ?
—Alex Melusky

the left behind series has drawn me to god.It first started with the movie and then i got interested in the books. they have truly changed my life and have given me hope i feel that they are a last warning to me to get my life together. thank you and may god bless and keep you forever.
—starsha jones

Your books are keeping me on my spiritual path to enlightenment. I always believed Christ to be the true Remnant. I know we all will have to make a choice in life and I choose God. I thank him daily for sending our Lord and Savior to save us from sin.
—BernaDean Murdock

the books really chang my life when i start read them thank you.

Hello Dr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins, I had vaguely heard of the Left Behind series from the numerous Christian bookstores that I have patronized over the years. However, it was not until September of 2007 that I was drawn to the series. I had just started an internship with an hour drive to and from work. Never having listened to books on tape/CD before, I was scanning the library for titles when I came upon the series. "What a perfect time," I thought, "to become closer to God by listening to quality novels rather than the radio for two hours a day." Needless to say, I was hooked after the first book! I set a goal to listen/read the series by the end of 2007. I was pleased to accomplish this goal! As a Catholic, we do not take the book of Revelation literally. So, it was very interesting for me to learn about the Rapture and what our world might go through if the Second Coming were to happen soon. Regardless, my heart was warmed and tears were shed over the lives of these intricate characters. Thank you for providing a humble servant with your stories to uplift my long drive. Peace and Blessings, Stephanie W.

I hav'nt alwaws been what i should have done. But now that i turn my life around,JESUS will take care ome and my love ones.

I have just finished Kingdom Come the final victory. I started these books recoverying from open heart surgery. Some times God sends us different gifts to get us through ruff times. The left behind books comforted me through this time of healing. I have been recomending them to others. Thanks
—Rhonda Bruce

At a very young age, I became a Christian. I didn't know the importance of being a Christian, and wasn't very good at trying to either. The past couple of years, I've been stuggling to get by, and in the process, I forgot to pray everyday, go to church, and follow the ten commandments. Reading your books helped me turn back to my faith, and I'v e started reading the bible and studying it daily.

I was given the first ten books of the series by a dear friend of mine during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I started to read them Sunday before Christmas, I had 5 done by New Years Eve, And I finished #10(The Remnant) on Jan. 5th. I have been wanting to read this series for years, literally. I just never got around to it. I am so inpressed with the writing and I can not wait to finish. We are going to get the rest soon. I am sure that I will read these over and over again. This series seems to have lit a fire under me to share my faith in ways that I have only dreamed of. There is no need to wait until after to beautiful coming of Christ like your cast of characters, we all have the blessing to do it now. God Bless, and keep writing!
—Rae Perkins

I was in a thrift store about 3 weeks ago....I am a member of the Country Musica Association and yes, I still like to see what bargains I can find...well, I saw a book titled "Left Behind". Now, I have not read a book in a couple years, but now, 3 weeks later, I just finished "Glorious Appearing" My Agent has been calling, my manager, you name it, but I couldnt stop. Now, I only want to get out on the road and SING OF JESUS. I have spent enough years singing to drunks in bars. I just want to try to help spread the WORD that CHRIST IS RISEN. While I have always known it, I realized reading YOUR BOOKS that I have not been living a life that Glorifies the Lord. I am spent hours upon hours reading your series. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and THANK YOU.
—Doug Dunn


Thank you GOD!!! for giving us realistic views, through fellow believers. My eyes are open, ears cleaned out! I constantley look at life upside down and back the front? I place questions and answers on the same level. The contents of the final straw, will be revealed in the begining chapter... one of 3 ... May JESUS bless you.
—jeff Dennett

The Left Behind series books are the best books I have ever read. While reading this series, I felt the need to lead everyone to the Lord so that they will not have to endure the suffering of the Tribulation. I know I can't lead everyone to Him but I can tell everyone I see that Jesus loves them and show them how to make Jesus the Lord of their lives. Thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins for writing these awesome books. They have really made an impact on my life.
—Megan Perkins

I am 13 years old and several months ago I picked up the left behind series while I was in myrtle beach for a Jr. Beta convention. As I read more and more I realized that yes there was a God. That night me and my friend Jennifer talked about it together and we prayed together for are own salvations and that of are loved ones. It amazed me how I couldn't see it before. I couldn't see how God was real but now I know he is everywhere. I've been through a lot of hard times and I always thought I was alone but now I know that I'll never be alone again because God will always be by my side!

ok i just waanted to let you know that this will be the last email sent from this name addy as it is going to die along with the sin that was in the man that used it there is alot i could tell you but lets just say that you and god tag teamed this sinner and the later won i was a satanist as well as a high priest in the church of satan in sept of 05 i caught a 2 year battery charge for beating up a man that touched my daughter and had to go to mt pleasent correctional prison i went in there as the demon and came out as michael g walker christian there is alot of factors that lead to me accepting the lord for real this time and not trying to serve to mastersbecause like it says in the bible man can not serve 2 masters but i was one of those that thought the rules in the bible don't appley to me but i was wrong i was all set to join the chruch of satan in the prison but someone pulled me to the side and told me come on man you are here to better yourself for out in the real world and i kept blowing it off till one day i was at the door of the chapel and was about to go in and out of the conor of my eye the left behind seris was on the shelf so i though to myself i will read this i have already read everything the reg libary had and i heard everyone on the yard talking about them but never in my wildest dreams did i ever think that it would end up ending where it did buy the time i got to glorest appering i was ready to get myself right with god and be ready to go with the first wave to be with jesus and not get left behind but after reading the book seris i accepted jesus into my heart and when i say i was a mad man of fire for god i am not just saying that buddy jon tim all would just stand somewhere on the prison yard and watch i would always be talking to someone trying to win them over to christ and it is now carried over to the outside world i am just now starting my ministrey it is called revealtion outreach i want to work with all ages getting them out of witchcraft occult and satanism ect thank you for the peace that you lead me to with the combined effort between your books and gods love i am now getting married and am a better dad to my 3 yo daughter not wanting to use violent now and vary much less angery if you would like to write me back you can reach me at drillsgtwalker@yahoo.com or call me at 1-618-253-7904 thank you again michael g walker
—michael walker

I have no real questions, I just wanted to say something. This is the second time I have read this series, I never get tired of it. The first time I read it, last year, I was inspired. In January of this year, I was baptised and saved. I want you to know that it wasn't only my family, it was the books too. Thanks for everything! May the Lord bless you and keep you. Your Sister In Christ
—Dana Montgomery

I believed in God before I picked up the Left Behind book, but I did not take anything seriously. Since reading the first book, my life has changed dramatically! Tim and Jerry, you two are the best authors in this world, I do not know how you two came up with such a brilliant idea for these books, but thank you for writing them, they have changed my life in a way that I could not even imagine.
—Casey Murray

To the Authors of the Left Behind Series: Hi, my name is Manuel Campos. I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1958 and raised as a Catholic. We emmigrated to South Africa in January 1965, where we have lived ever since. I have always been enquiring and I have always searched for the truth. I have gone from being an atheist to being an evolutionist to finally being a Christian. Last August we attended a family enrichment seminar conducted by Gary Smalley and his son Michael. That stimulated my curiosity. Someone mentioned the Left Behind books, so, I promptly went to our local Christian bookstore and bought the first book. I thought that I would read that first and then only get the others, one at a time. HAHAHAHA.....I was soon hooked on the first book, so my wife and I promptly went and bought all of them!!!! We had to look for them all over. I could not put them down. I read them all in a trot, while simultaneouly referring to the Book of Revelation. I started with Tim La Haye's "Are We Living in the End Times?" Then went on to the Left Behind books. Well, this really fired up a yearning to read The Bible again and we went and bought several English Translations. The more I read, the more I wanted to be saved. I eventually accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in May this year. We found a Church which we attend regularly, and I was Baptised on Sunday the 11/November/2007. I have become an avid reader and studier of The Bible and have also purchased Tim La Haye's "How to Study The Bible for Yourself". I have since purchased almost all the Bible Study Tools. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. My the Lord keep blessing you and may the Lord keep on providing you with the strength to continue writing and using you as His instrument to gather His Flock for the Rapture. It is my greatest prayer to God that my family and I are raptured and not have to go through what the "Tribulation Force" went through!!! Yours in Christ, Manuel Campos
—Manuel Campos

I have read the first 7 books of Left Behind - and just taken out the next 5 at the library for the Dec holiday. I cannot believe that these books would be so captivating. Spiritually I have grown in an area I've never expected nor planned. Thank you! God Bless!
—Magda Botha

I was saved by my bother a year before I read Left Behind. But wasnt walking th e path that I sould have been, only when it seemed to suit me. Then I read Left Behind and KNEW God was all or nothing and truly accepted Christ with all of me!!!! Thank you, I am SOO excited about God now. Every day he shows me his Glory in some way

Hi, My name is Jarrett, I am 16, and I just wanted to say "thank you" for saving me. Due to the Left Behind books series, I am saved and born again. Praise God! It all started last September. I had the Left Behind series in my house, and I started reading them, unaware of what they actually were. When I came about half way in the first book, I realized that it was a Christian book; I was hooked. By the time I got to the third novel, I gave my heart to the Lord. Thank you for your time.

I don't really have a question. But I just wanted to say EVERYONE that had did something to help the Left Behind books to come into existence thank you. For a lot of people don't realize that it takes a lot more then just an author (no offense to the authors) Thank you! I'm a big time reader. If there were enough decent books out there i'd read a book a day! The Left behind series helped me realize that there are Christian novels out there that won't put you to sleep. ;-) Thank You Soo Very, Very Much!! When I was reading them at school feelow peirs would ask me what book I was reading... A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO WITNESS. carry a bible at school, 9th grader
—9th Grader

Your books have changed my life. I couldn't read them fast enough. Since I finished reading them, I have read alot more of the Bible, and prayed everyday for the Lord to lead me in my daily living. I gave my heart to Jesus before I was finished with the second book. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many. God Bless

I have been totally transformed since starting the series! A friend of mine had started the series years ago but I wasn't that interested until recently! I have not been able to stop I started 3 weeks ago and I am up to the 5th series! But I don't think it was impressed on me for just good reading! I am on Myspace and was looking for a way to post excerpts or graphics on Myspace to share with such a big network of believers and non-believers found on Myspace. I believe this could be used as an evangelstic tool! I'm not sure how it can be done, but I'm sure someone can devise a link to Myspace or something that would make it easy to connect to your site. Be blessed emelinda
—Emelinda Cruz

My name is hannah I am 13. I grew up in a Christian home I was saved when i was four. But I was watching the movie with my friend who is catholic most of my friends are because I go to public school but we were watching this and its just sad when people have to say "when I get home I am going to look for my bible.

I became a Christian when I was three years old, because I'm growing up in a Christian family. I'm thirteen now, and I just finished the Left Behind: Kids series about five minutes ago. I absolutely LOVED it. Before I had read to the end of the series, I thought that it would be cool to live during the time after the Rapture so I could lead people to Christ at that time. But then I thought “Of course! I don’t have to wait until then, I can just tell people now!” Reading this series has motivated me even more to become an evangelist. Thank you for taking the time to put out such great books.
—Renee Toeller

I read the first left behind book over 10 years ago. My daughter was in christian school and had to read a Christian fiction book for class. I went with her and decided to pick up a Christian fiction book for myself (I had never read Christian fiction before). I was drawn to the first Left Behind book. I could not put this book down! After I read it all I could not stop thionking about the book and the experience that Rayford Steele had in his acceptance of Christ. That night in my bed I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour! I have been fallowing Him ever since and I have also been reading all the Left Behind books as well! I want to thank you for writing these wonderful books and I know that when both of you and all the others that helped you write this series are presented before the Lord on your day of judgement, you will have a jewel in your crown to present to the Lord that will represent me and my acceptance of Jesus Christ! Thank you again and again!!!!!!
—Kristy Latimer

Yes, my life has changed a bunch beacuse of your book. I am still reading the first book and even though I am still reading the first book. I have already committed myself to the Lord! The Rapture and the Antichrist are scary but if you have repented to the Lord it will be okay in the end.
—Terez Badger

I just happened upon the first in the series 'Left Behind' book at a garage sale-and it was the best 50 cents I have ever spent! I had to have them all. I was more enthralled with each book as I read it. My life has changed-and how I rejoice in it!!!!!! Just the littlest thing I may have done before may be done totally different today. I have always believed---but reading the Left Behind series has given me so much more to think about with my faith and strengthened me in my daily life. Thanks so much!
—Judi Lynch

I can not tell you how much this series has changed my life. First of all I was a big Kirk Cameron fan. Because of this I watched the movie - (which I honestly did not want to sit through knowing that I might find out I was completely wrong about how to get to heaven)and I was very wrong. It turns out all of these years I thought I was a good person, but I was not on the right path. I thought I could just be a good person and that was all there was to it. Once I watched the first three movies, I could not get enough. I went to the library and checked out all of the books they had. In about 4 weeks I have read all of them. Except Kingdom Come - getting that one tomorrow. I hosestly can't imagine what would have become of me had I not discovered this series. I'm so grateful for the knowledge these books brought to my life and the thought of Jesus returning any minute no longer scares me but excites me. I could honestly go on for days talking about how much this story has meant to me. But I just pray and thank God that they were written and he led me to find them. I find myself coming completely out of my comfort zone and urging people to at least watch the movie so they will know what is to come. What a blessing. Thank you for writing these stories. Reading them showed me how to find Jesus and save my everlasting life.
—Rhonda Whitaker

I really don't have any questions, but would like to thank the authors, Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye for this series. It is because of this series that I became a Christian. I had been playing around the edges, but had never really made "the transaction" until I read the first book. I owe my immortal soul to these books, so I thank you for that.
—Luther Heller

I thought that i was a Christian when i was around 9-10 yrs old. but after reading your books, i kept thinking and doubting. i think it was The Indwelling or The Mark when i finally realized i was not who i thought i was. i have been raised in church my whole life. so in youth one night in September, i made it right with God. I am fifteen years old and I am a child of God for real. There's no doubt about it anymore. -Shannan Wilson
—Shannan Wilson

To God be all the glory!!! Dear Jerry and Tim, my dear brothers in Christ. Thanks to those who send me on a daily basis, God's Promises. My wife and I have been able to share with a dear sister in Christ, the scriptures that are sent and the write up that follows. Lately, just about eveything that has been sent has been an encouragement for her or her mother. Our church was able to set up a child development center. And lately the enemy has found some way and someone to try and discourage our friend and put fear into her. Along with God's Daily Promises, I've started sharing our copies of the Left Behind dvd's. It's like the Lord is using us to surround this young lady. I just praise the Lord for all that you are doing for the kingdom. God bless and keep all who are involved with the Left Behind Series. Russ & Dorothy Pappert Wyoming, Michigan
—Russ Pappert

First and foremost I would like to thank Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye for giving us such wonderful insight to what it might be like when our King comes back for us. I have been so moved by these stories and filled with an overwhelming renewal of love and devotion for our Lord and Savior. I have been very troubled for a long time, and my faith has grown weak over the years. I still struggle with trying to live the way He wants us to, but because of these books, my faith is once again at its highest levels. I thank our Father for all he has given us, and what he continues to show me.
—Jason Luttrell

I am a fairly young boy who has read the 2nd 3rd and currently the 4th book of the series, and would like to express to everyone what a change this series has made in me, I believe i tmay have saved me from hardships down the road taht would have been caused, and am hoping to get to speak to Dr. Lahaye, or Mr Jenkins, if that would be possible through email. Thank you all for this wonderful series.

I wanted to tell you how blessed I've been to be able to listen to the audio-CD's of both the adult Left Behind and the Kid's Left Behind CD's. I've listened to the adult CD's many times. I just finished the Kid's series today, and was moved to tears (driving to work)by the final (#6)CD. I am impressed by the scriptural integrity of the CD's (both Adult and Kids). Listening to the CD's is really helping me in my daily Christian walk. I'd love to see a picture of the cast of characters for the Kid's Left behind. They did a great job. One final note, I think most Christians see the tribulation period as a dark time, which it is, but these books show the hope that there is in Christ. The tears that filled my eyes were from that hope, and anticipation of a future time when we can enter into the rest and fellowship that will be so welcome. It has helped redirect or refocus my priorities, as well as curb my worldly appetite for things. God bless you, the staff and actors who gave there all to produce a high quality product.
—John P. Lewis

I am on the 10th book of the series The Remnant. Just to think how God can work. These books have been so inspirational to me in this crazy world we live in today. My faith is being restored. Thanks to the authors of these wonderful godly books.

I enjoyed the series,and had trouble waiting for the next volume to come out. I have read the series a few times, actually more than a few and am just as excited about it as the first time. I have joined a church, and have been saved. I have stopped using profane language,and I had an addiction to crack and am on the road to recovery from that. The Lord blesses me everyday that I wake up, and I have enjoyed His special blessings of peace and strength and faith through the death of my mother. He touched me and I felt His presence. He gave me the peace that passes all understanding to be with my mother in the last minutes of her life and I was able to tell her that it was ok to leave and go be with God. My mother and I were very close, and never lived more that 40 miles from each other. It was a great joy to me to be holding her when she took her last breath on this earth. She had cancer and she showed me the meaning of faith. I always believed in God, but I didn't realize that having faith was a different thing. I have both now and I am working on being a better Christian with Jesus' help.
—Valerie Harris

I just want to thank you guys for this series. I thought I was living a Christian life, but when I started reading your books, I started with the Prequels, and I watched Rayford and others get left behind and then get saved and how they lived I realized I was more like Bruce Barnes and I was kidding myself. Now I am hungry for all the knowledge I can get I read my Bible everyday and I listen to (at this moment) 2 Christian podcasts and I just can't get enough. Thank you so very much!
—Michael Bunnell


Dear Mr. LaHaye, I have read the adult books and understood them then I started reading the kids books and it seemed to go into more detail of what is going to happen. I liked that but I was wondering, is it bad to wish to be left behind??? I mean it seems to me that if your left behind of cource there will be really hard times and you'll have to fight for your very life but I think that being left behind could be a good thing. I think that those who will be left behind will be better off when they get to heaven because they will know God really well. They will have had to depend on Him for everything. It seams to me that being left behind would strengthen your relationship with God and you'd be stronger spiritually because of all the trials your going through. Right now in America we don't seem to depend on God, and if we do it's because we are in trouble. The people who will be left behind will be in trouble all the time sure but it seems like they would be better believers because they can see the huge difference God makes through them when they see the signs and the mark of the believer. I also think that if I was left behind I would make a bigger difference after the dissappearences then before it happens. Maby I just want to put off meeting God or something. I love God and everything its just I think I would be better off left behind to suffer through all those problems so that when I meet God I would have already have known him. Other than like now I only go to him when I'm in trouble or if I'm scared. It just feals like there would be a more urgency to tell people about God after he has already come once. Maby I'm mistaken or something its just something I've been wondering and thinking about. Please tell me what you think and please tell me the reasons why you think that. I just want to know your thoughts and why you feal that way. Maby I'm thinking too much but I just wanted to know what you feal on the situation so yeah. Thank you for reading my letter. God bless, Shadae Simpson P.S. Please write soon. Its urgent.
—Shadae Simpson

I became a Christian at the age of 14 years old. I had up and downs during thease years I am now 41 Years old, From reading your books has really open my eyes to the book of Revelation. I have enjoyed reading the book of Revelation most of my life I know that God loves his creation. And I know God sent his only son Jesus Christ to us so that we could be saved. By reading your books has gave me a new understanding of what he wants from us God wants us share his love that he gave with thoese who do not know The love of God. Thanks for your insights into the book of Revelation. Thanks Bruce Zumwalt
—Bruce Zumwalt

I accepted the lord and savior into my life when I was younger and loved him with all my heart. I then started loosing touch with him and began to drift away. I started doing things that a christan and child of god wouldnt do. I then found these amazing books that I havent took my face out of since I got them. These books have brought me back to my lord and savior Jesus Christ and i am vary thankful for that I want to thank Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye personally and god bless everyone and let Jesus lead your life.
—Tyler Strahlem


I would just like to say! God bless both of you for the series,it is truely hevan sent.Keep up the Lords work we need it!
—John Stewart

I would just let the authors of the Left Behind series know that they have a newly devoted reader of there work. I was given the Left Behind series (vols 1-10) by a friend that had run across them at a garage sale and thought of me, an avid reader; after reading the first book to "check it out" I could not stop reading and am currently on volume 8! This is the faster and most excited I have been about a story in a long while - keep up the good work, you two make an excellent pair!!
—Michael Pantelis

I have been inspired to witness and deeply affected by the series. I am usually not an avid reader of fiction, but I never could put one of these books down until finished. Now I am an 8th grade public school reading teacher. God has opened the door to pass around my copies within the 75 students I teach. That's wonderful! However, we subscribe to the Accelerated Reading program and don't have an AR test on any of the books. If there are available 10-20 question tests available + info on word count and reading level of ALL the LB books, PLEASE get that info to me. This could be a revolution in Winfield,AL among our teens! Thanks for any help you could send me. Looking to the SON!
—Mary Turner

hi my life has changed since i read those books when i feel i can't go on i remember vicki judd and others and remember wat they wen through and that helps me

I love your series! I*m almost done w/ the kid & adult series. I think we are living in end times lately me and my mom have been talking about it & i know i*m ready for when Jesus comes back [=

I picked up "Left Behind" at a flea market one day. I'm sorry to say that I had not heard of this book and have missed alot of the reviews on it. Little did I know how fascinated I would be with this series. I have just finished book 6 and am waiting eagerly for the next four that I have ordered. I really can't explain how these books make me feel other than when I pick one up, I can't put it down. I am sharing these with a woman I work with and she feels the same way. They really make you think about what the future will bring and what you should be doing with your life now. Thank you for your writings.
—Patricia Pinson

I am a recovering drug addict. I was using drugs daily for almost seven years. I am only 23. I have been struggling with this for a long time and I try my best to put the control in God's able hands. It's an everyday struggle for me and I have very intense cravings every day. To ease these I occupy my mind by diving deep into the "Left Behind" series books. I am now on "Assassins" and can't wait to find out what's going to happen next. I am trying very hard to get into college although my family cannot afford to help me (even though the government says i do not qualify for any aid, grants, or scholarships. i cannot get a loan because my parents will not co-sign). This makes things difficult for me but i pray about it daily. I tried to go into the military to get money for school but they turned me away because I have a felony (drug possession). Not to long ago, my fiance and I were expecting a baby but she miscarried at 5 months. Life has not came easily to me but I know God has a great plan in store for me. "Left Behind" has been a great escape for me. Please pray for me as I continue my journey of sobriety and trying to better my life daily. God Bless. - Jared Bester
—Jared Bester

I am 14 and instead of reading the kid series like my friends in schooli read the adult. My cousin introdusedme to Left Behind she has 1-9. I have read the ones she has, but I havbeen priviledgedtoread more, which i would love to
—Ayomikun Akintobi

Just a few weeks ago, I though of myself as a good person, always assuming I would go to heaven, if there really one was, when I passed. Well, I was on a trip for the military and saw a local Goodwill and decided to go in. I saw a Left Behind book and something made me buy it. Well, jsut a few chapters in, I started questioning myself and how I was living my life. I identified myself with Rayford Steele and while I new this work was fiction, I could not help thinking of my own salvation and spirit. I could not put the book down and have bought all the copies I can find of the series. I can't wait to read them all. I have also, after going through many days of uncontrolable emotion and conflict in my mind, started to attend chuch. More importantly, I have decided today I will repent and give my life to the Lord. I am not sure how this will happen, but I am excited to start my journey. I have to say, i am very scared I will not be strong enough to resist the sins I have come to enjoy in my life. I know though, that for the first time in my life, I am ready to do this one hundred percent. Also, for the first time, I am not ashamed to admit this to anyone and I am proud of this. I just wish my mother was alive to see this transformation. She always wanted this for me, but I never really listened. I have always been selfish in my life, but hse always loved and cared for me and my soul. She always stuck by me and I miss her deeply. I love you mom and I know you are proud also. I love you God, and I thank you for showing me the way to that Goodwill store and finding the Left Behind book. I needed some help and you were there. Thank you from my heart and sould to the writers of this series. I believe that I needed something with a story to help me finally understand what I have been missing my entire life. God Bless and and for the first time in life and I can say this; Please pray for me in my journey!
—Larry Simmons

I was in prison when i started to read ur left behind series Thank god i am born again christian
—James Carter

At a friend's house I got engrossed in the book Left Behind and she loaned me the book. When I read the first chapter of Left Behind, I saw the importance of the message and I prayed to God that it would be a national best seller. It is so wonderful what God has done! I want to request that you pass on a message to Tim LaHaye. God has greatly used his gift of being a Bible scholar to explain eschatology in non-fiction and fictional books. I humbly would like to make two suggestions: 1)Although God will use all forms of evangelism, I feel that during the tribulation, personal one-on-one evangelism under God's guidance will be essential to saving souls from the mark of the beast. Saving souls should be a higher prize that living to the Glorious Appearing. The same word Jesus uses for witness in His Great Commission (Acts 1:8) is also translated "martyr." (Rev 2:13) Please emphasize this in your books because Christians will read them during the tribulation. 2)James 5:17 "Elijah was the same kind of person as we are. He prayed earnestly that there would be no rain, and no rain fell on the land for three and a half years." (GNB) I would suggest that you portray Biblical characters (such as the two witnesses) as every day humans, not as some super spiritual beings. God is no respecter of persons and He wants to use the average Christian in the same way as any godly Biblical person. I wish you the best and I pray that God does even greater things with the Bablyon Rising Series.
—Deborah Jones

I finally understand the concept of everyone being born into sin. Before reading Kingdom Come I accepted that we are all sinners but until I read Kingdom Come I didn't really understand it. Thank you so much for writing these books. I have given them to my children when they reached an age where they would understand and not get freaked out by the concepts in the book. I remember when I was younger being terrified after hearing a speaker on the end times. Thank you again and I know that God is blessing you for your faithfulness in writing these books.

well hello let me start by telling you that i had to go to prison and do 11 months on a 2 year strech and i was tempted to fall in with the church of satan guys in mt pleasent prison in the state of iowa as well as i could being i was a satanist from the age of 13 to 25 but someone saw me talking to them and when they saw me alone he came up too me and asked me why i was talking to them and i told him that i was thinking of going back to the old gang when he told me that he knows of a better gang he told me to meet him in the chapel to talk about things nothing in gen just talk and we got to talking and that guy got to be be a really good friend of mine his name was buddy vaughn and he played in the praise and worship band well i am not going to say that it was easy but over time of 3 months he got me to give my life over to the lord and while talking to him in the chapel he walked over to the bookshelf and got the 1st left behind book and told me to check it out i was not really into reading at that point all i wanted was to do my time and go home after i started reading it i guess you could say that the holy ghost started talking to me and by the time i was done i had the whole seris read so i guess you could say that along with you books and a few good brothers in christ god got one from the other side back where he belongs now that i am out i work with kids and young adults getting them out of satanism and the occult as well as witchcraft you will never know how much your books had a impact on me thank you from my heart your brother in christ - michael g walker
—mike walker

i started reading the left behins series when i was 13. i live in Ghana(West Africa) and there was one small bookshop were i bought my books. Each week i had to save enough money so i cud get the next book. unfortunately when i reached the Mark the books finished and i was both stuck n very disappointed. I had to terminate my reading cuz i searched every were but cud not find a single LB book i hadnt read. I had to satisfy myself by reading excepts on the net. In my dream i always dreamt on reading the glorious appearing. a year later after i had just about given up hope i was walking in town and i saw the glorious appearing on the floor!!!!. It was a second hand bk and an answer to a prayer. all i can say is its the best bk ive ever read.Jerry n Tim keep up the good work. Also remember that we in Africa luv ur work and we hope you will send more books and Audio DRrama so we can enjoy and be blessed. thanku

I loved the series. It gives a taste of what is going to happen in the future. The book series is very convicting. I feel like I'm drawn A lot closer to Jesus. Thank You when you get to Heaven you'll be surprised on how many souls you won for the Kingdom of God because of the series.
—Cindy Murphy

Through most of my life, I've been a hypocrite. I tried to act Christian. I read my Bible, went to church. I even owned most of the Left Behind series. But still, I stayed in my hypocritical lifestyle. Then, one day, I found clips the Left Behind Dramatic Audio Edition on this site, Oneplace.com. When I listened to the part where Rayford got saved, I literally began to cry. That was also the day I was saved. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I fully believe that, aside of the Lord, you are the biggest reasons that I was saved. Thank you so much, and God bless you.

Hi, I am 12 years old. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books sooooooo much. All I do is read them, I cant put them down. Judd is my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE character. These books have changed my life so much I pray more and I am trying to get my friend to read them. I think that Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins should write a kids movie. If they do could I be Mr. Stein?
—Phoebe Muggeo

I am currently in the process of reading the Glorious Appearing and have truly enjoyed every page of each book in the series. A friend let me borrow each book to read and I am so thankful for her kindness. Thank you for writing such a wonderful spirit filled series.
—Kristin Wade

I started reading the "Left Behind Series" by accident. My 7 year old daughter kept bugging me to go to the library to get her a book. While I was waiting on her I saw "Left Behind". Something in the back of my mind reminded me that my sister had told me it was a really good book so I figured I could read it while I was at the pool later that day. I ended up reading the book in 12 hours, I just couldn't put it down. Now I am half way through the series and find that I can read a book a day, and I'm craving more and more books about the subject, I actually have a list from your website. I just wanted to say thank you, I'm not a reader and I haven't thought much about religon since I was a small child even though I would have always called myself Christian. These books are so riveting, and yet I know from what I do know about the bible that they are also so real. Thank you, this series is awesome and I look forward to sharing this with my children and friends and to reading the remainder of the series.
—Kathy C

I was technicially brought up in a christian home. We went to church regularly but at home we were a mess. My mother physically and emotionally abused me and my siblings telling us that it was what God wanted her to do. There was a time when I wanted nothing to do with God because of that. As I grew older I felt God pulling me back and showing me that he is loving and that in no way did he want me to be abused. Since then I have devoted my life to doing my best to love others in the way that christ does. But still there were many unanswered questions. The end times had always struck fear into my heart. When I was a child I imagined myself seeing the mark of the beast and being alive in the end times. Last year I was watching the news and there was a man talking about a micro chip that was implanted into his hand. I was emotionally distraught until this very day. I have just finished reading THE MARK. As I was reading pages 337 to 344, where Tsion is talking about how god will be with you when and if you have to make the decision between life and death for him, I was crying uncontrollably. That is what I needed to hear to have peace in my heart. I thank you so much for writing these books. It has gotten rid of the fear that my parents had instilled in me and replaced it with peace. Peace to know that my savior will be with me no matter what awful trial I face. Thank you!
—Kristin Hallahan

I love the Left Behind series! It has brought me to Christ, because I did not want to be here for the Great Tribulation! I circulate my books and movies to co-workers at work to show them a need to accept Christ........Thank you again. You are truly blessed.
—Debbie Zelinsky

Just 2 months ago did I discover your Left Behind Series. Just the end of last year did I return to Jesus and have been blessed ever since. Revelation has always been a book that I did not quite understand but since reading your series it has really made me take a closer look at it and prophecy. I just finished reading Glorious Appearing and am getting ready to read Kingdom Come. I have not been able to put these books down for long that I am not going back to it before long. I have not read The Rising, The Regime and The Rapture yet, but have them and am going to read them when I finish Kingdom Come. Thank you so much for the series and inspiring me more to study.
—Suzanne Richardson

I am a 35 year old mother of 3 and I gave my life to christ just a year ago. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on that concerns christ and I have never read anything that is so eye opening and that leaves you fullfilled and yet still hungry for more after reading it. I commend both of you for your profound gift to write and spread the word of our lord. I do however would like to know if you know where I could get my hands on some used copies of your books I am not able financially to purchase them new and I long to be able to read all of them. God bless you, Angela Ellis
—angela ellis

I have read the whole Left behind series twice, and I must say , they are great. I didn't belive in God when I started reading the series, but I do now. They led me to ask Jesus into my heart and for forgiveness for my sins. I just want to say thank you Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye for making such a difference in my life!!!
—Cory Shore

Reading Left Behind has really inspired me to live for God in what ever I do. I even made a account on a web site called stardoll.com that is called Jesus-is-King. I use it to tell other about God. I've got many insults and also met some other Christians on there that also encouraged me. Even thought I'm only 12, I found that I can do alot to help others come to Christ! I just wanted to say thank you for creating left behind!

I am reading the 7th book, and i don't understand how there could be 40 books. Thats amazing. Just don't tell me what happens

My children and I love these books. My husband who does not read too well was not going to church and had not accepted the Lord as his savior. I purchased the movie version for him and as Buck started to see things come togather and gave his life to the Lord in that restroom my husband came to tears and he too accepted the Lord. I can not thank you enough for this series of books. Because of them my husband has been saved. I sit her now in tears remembering that day. Thank so much & God Bless.

My life has been changed, my husband who is in prison read your books and suggested i read them, it was slow at first, i felt it was too much of a God thing. As i read further, i begain to believe more and more of the last days. Today because of the faith that Chole had, made me strong in my faith. My husband will come home soon. thank you so much for your books. I am looking for the "Gloruous Appearing. thanks and God bless you
—Rose Romero

Thank you for writing these incredible books. I'm in high school and I have never been a good christian. Me and my brother and parents use to go to church but in recent years have stopped. My parents began reading your books a couple of years ago and not too long ago I also began reading them. They have helped me in devoting my life to Christ. I have been reading non stop and am now reading Assassins. Your books are truly a gift to all of those who seek truth and are looking to open their eyes. I look forward to finishing all of the books and thank you so much.
—Ben Reynolds

The left behind kids series has taught me some amazing things. It makes me want to tell people about how Jesus died to save them and that the rapture could happen any day. Thanks for writing them!
—Carrie, 13

My name is Dana, I am 26 years old and have a 5 year old son. I went to church from the time I was born until I was about 17 years old. Although I would not have said that I was religious. I went because my family went. I found the first book in the Left Behind series at a garage sale. Not knowing anything about the series I thought the book looked great so I bought it for 25 cents. I read the book in one day and realized there were more, I couldn't stop reading and wanted more! I am now on book 8 and will read the whole series. My religious views are changing slowly but dramatically. Although that is not exactly what I want to share with you. My best friend, Swanny, passed away last year at the age of 25 from Acute Lymph Leukemia (ALL). We had been best friends since high school and it was very sad for us when she was diagnosed. Swanny was sick on and off, had to have a bone marrow transplant, and when that did not work she became sick again and passed away June 20, 2006. Throughout her illness she insisted to me that she knew friends, family, and many people she did not know were praying for her and their prayers were what was keeping her alive. I brushed that off and smiled and said OK. Also, during her illness she was always happy, always had a smile on her face, and never once asked "Why me?" I'm going to share something very personal with you. This was found in Swanny's bible not long after she passed away, she wrote this sometime during her illness: "Spiritualy I'm in a new place and I know all the prayers send to God have helped me find that place. The peace I feel in my soul is hard to describe but I know the lord is taking care of me and has a plan for me. People I don't even know have taken the time to pray for me. The hope that gives me is hard to sum up with Thank You, but Thank You." After reading several of the Left Behind books I came upon "The Mark". Near the end of the book it describes the prisoners and how many of them denied the mark of Satan to die for God. After reading this part it was almost like I had an epiphany. I understood Swanny's reasons for not being scared and never asking "why me?". She was not afraid because she knew she would be with God, so when God chose to take her she was ready to go. Of course she was sad to be leaving her family at such a young age, but who wouldn't be. Over a year has passed since Swanny has passed away and today was the first time I actually smiled and looked up towards "heaven" and realized that she is OK because she is with God. Thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins for bringing me to this realization. It is a wonderful feeling. I will continue to read your books and be inspired in more ways than one.

I would just like to take a minute to tell the authors that this series have not only touched my life but the life of my husband and my in laws. My mother in law had to pause her reading because it was too realistic and accurate (hit too close to home) hope she can finish the books thanx again for the series
—Diane Rush

read your book and was really encourage.life is not all about the world.i have come to realise that i have to strife for perfection and be christlike and i also have to tell others about him.thank you


When I read your first book for kids I was more like Lionel the liar. I acted like a Christian got baptized and all that. Then my mom made me read the books and then I realized that I really wasn't a Christian. One night I told my Mom I really wasn't saved. She, Dad and I prayed together and I a accepted Jesus as my Savior. Then on January 21, 2006 I was rebaptized. Now I can't keep my hands off a book.
—Allison Lenoir

hi, my name is samantha and I am 12 years old I have to admit that I never liked reading until my mom said ' samantha you have a choice to read this book ar tribulation force.' so i chose tribulation force ever since then I have not stopped reading the left behind series. i started reading the left behind series when I was 11. I have read all the books. ever since then my faith in the lord has grew tremendously! I always doubted God saying like ' Is God really real' or ' am I really a christian?' now whenever my mom give up on God I tell her to never give up God will you make it through your darkest hour. Now I read and pray more then I have ever had and I am now studing about the rapture and the second coming, plus everything between. ~your fan samantha bruner
—samantha bruner

Due to several medical conditions I'm retired and restricted to my home most of the time. My sister-in-law mentioned the Left-Behind books a few of which she read while living in South Africa. Having searched the internet I soon ordered the first book needless to say I'm now the owner of the full collection. Through the books I decided to return to church and begin Bible study. I'm to be baptised in August, an event that would not have taken place had I not read your wonderful library series. Also as a avid reader I have found a new source of reading having not been aware of all the Bible sourced fiction. Thank you for making my life that bit more enjoyable.
—Ron Nicholson

The Left Behind series has had a great impact in my life. After I read all of the adult books, I then read all of the children's series. I was thrilled when the movies came out. I have purchased them and enjoyed them over and over with my daughter. I am a Christian and have read the bible and this series is the closest to reality biblically that I have ever read. The message of Christ is amazing. The one conversation that they had is about little things like: have you ever told a lie? Have you ever looked at someone lustfully? And when they are done talking it shows you that we are not perfect, we all fall short the glory of God. Although, God forgives us competently all we have to do is repent and ask for him to come into our daily lives. I have done this and know that I am a Christian and will go to heaven when I die. The biggest message I got was about the false prophecy going on at the end of times. I am learning how many preachers have big pockets, and want more money. They have nice houses and cars. Not all, but many. And here I suffer as a Christian single mother. Christ has held me and my daughter together and he will continue to do so. I have learned a lot from Jerry and Tim and pray they continue to bless others.
—Jackie Paulson

I would like to thank you both very much. Revelations and Daniel had been difficult for me to understand. I started reading your Left Behind series and couldn't put them down. I was saddened when I had gotten to the end. Then, I found the prequels. You have helped me greatly in my walk with God and have taught me to understand the depth of the life to come after the rapture. I thank God for the time and resources you have both put into this series to be able to make a lay person understand. God Bless You

I'm on the last chapter of your third book,and can't put it down. It has made me look at my life and makes me wonder if I am right with god so when jesus comes to get his people I will be one of them. i love the books there great!!

i dont want to ask you a question ! but just to say that i think your books are really good ! im only on to book six and gripped by the avtion and adventour of the caractures and want find out how they get on in the future. i cant wait to find out what happenes at the end of the series ! x
—damian owen

I am a christian who went through quite a tribulation this last five years...I felt tested..I belonged in a community ,church,family and then i had a house fire....I barely got back on my feet financially and my health began to fail...lost my dtr to a custody suit(immediately after the fire)...My dtr was out of control,resentful.I was living in a rented house...then the unthinkable happened ....a second firestorm...on labor day weekend three years again took all my possessions...a second time...I was devastated. ...My mother had given up...she helped me before ...now abandoned her husband taunted me"Debbie ...Your're the only Christian in the family..." Where's your God"...During this time ...I read eleven Left Behind Books...I asked God not once...but a thousand times...Lord ...Why me...I left California..not sure what was going to become of myself...took up residency near my third child and began life anew....in Payson,Arizona...I still have health issues...but thanks to a radio program...I feel that finally can put this horrible experience to some good use..Payson is needing help formulating a emergency response plan...I feel walking through fire twice in my life and relying on God to carry me through has taught me to persever without relying on my own wits...but on faith...I know where my God is...he is in me....I hope I can serve God in this way and give the Town of Payson a perspective that will serve God well. God has taught me well... I can Finaally be blessed by my tragic experience and with prayer continue to serve him.. Giving up and letting God...is a tough lesson I finally have come to peace with...God Bless You For your ministry.
—deborah dugger

Hi! I love reading the kids left behind series! I can't put them down! I love the fact that eventually all these things are really going to happen. Fortunately, I won't be hear to see them! Thanks!

I had excepted Christ at a young age. As I got older, and learned the "ways of the world," I begane to back-track. Some people I used to go to church with had given the books to my aunt as a present before her sergurey. I picked up the books and couldn't put them down. GOD had used this serries to get me back on track. Thank you, and thanks GOD.
—Emily Simpson


The series has greatly challenged me in my walk with Christ. The tell and use of biblical prophecies actually made me or rather shall I say stirred a desire in my heart to study the Word more in depth. I believe my Papa has used these books to help illustrate how on fire I am suppose to be for Him and how any day can be my last. Many times I find myself homesick but have to ask myself are you ready? If He came today did you do all you could do? Was His work shown evident in your life? Did you live in love? Did you know but one prayer, “Your Will be done.”? Thank you Tim and Jerry so much for answering God’s call in your life for you have impacted many lives, and I am one. I can’t wait to talk to you guys- among many others- face to face. So if not in this present life, I’ll see you then. “He is Risen!” :-)

To say that the Left Behind series has changed my life is an understatement. It has given me a craving to seek the Bible more than I ever have for answers. The sad part is that members of my very own church as well as my pastor refuse to discuss ANYTHING about the Rapture or the Tribulation that follows. Even going so far as to say that "it's dangerous" to read the Left Behind series. I find myself praying more and more than anything else for the salvation of those I know. I am grateful to God for inspiring the authors that created each and every volume.
—Billie Lioncourt

First of all, I must be perfectly honest and say that I first heard of this series back in 1992. During that time, I was not interested in Pre, Post or any other Tribulation. Then! God got my attention!..and I praise Him for it. Currently, I've moved on to book #7 (Assassins:..) Thus far, I'm completely blown away by this more than magnifique literary endeavor. Kudos Dr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins. This is positively the most informative, contemplative, precise work of wizardry in writer's form to come off of the book shelves! Absolutely terrific! I can't wait to finish the series and see what you guys will do next. Until then...I'll be reading and on the lookout for ya! May God continue to bless each and every one of your endeavors. Amen!
—John C. Williams

Before I read the Left Behind Kid's series, I wasn't what you could really, honestly call a christian. I wasn;t living the devout christian life. I had accepted Jesus as my savior, but I wasn't fulfilling my end of the bargain. The bible verses everywhere throughout the books in the series made me want to look them up in my own bible, which up until then hadn't really been used. The series really encouraged me to learn more not just about the end times, but to read my bible more, and to learn how to get the most out of my life. Because of Left Behind I have made it my mission to see as many as possible brought to Christ, and i've joined the BattleCry coalition and i'm going on a mission trip to Brazil this summer. And these marvelous things are the ripple effects of the Left Behind Series. It changed my life in an astronomical way. Thank you!!

I had never new what the end times were about or the book of Revelations was about. I grow up in a church that never talk about those things. I start attend Young Life and then in Collage Campus Crusade. They both spoke of being saved. I didn't understand the term. My roomate was always reading and she had been reading the Left Behind books. The moment I started reading them I could put them down. After I read the first book I had excepted Christ. ~Aleah

I read the entire kids series. After reading it i felt closer to God and started wanting to read the bible--- something i barely do! Now I am encouraging my friends to read it and telling them more about God---which ive never done!! You 2 are amzaing author!! Thanx for your awsome series!!!

I wasn't a new Christian, but rather a floundering Christian - one without any real doctrinal teaching other than those taught by the various demoninations I had tried. I knew what I wanted as my doctrine was what the Bible taught - not some denomination's ideas as before. However,I had no idea how to even start the learning process and then picked up one of the Left Behind books. (Now I've read them all). Your Left Behind series opened up the whole message of the Bible - salvation and grace and the past, present, and future for Israel and the followers of Christ, AND made it easy to understand and remember. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

I don't really even remember why I started the first book, thank GOD I did. The LeftBehind series brought me back to the Bible, which brought me back to GOD!!! Thankyou so much! I now have an awesome relationship with GOD. I will never be without him again. May GOD bless you!! Thankyou, Tammy
—Tammy Tall

When I first heard about your books, I thought they might make me afraid if I read them. The opposit happened, it took the fear away from the end times. Reading your book made me excited about the end times and it made me start paying close attention to the news and my responsibility to share Christ with others. I can't thank you enough for the series!

I have been reading the series for a couple years and am now on the final two books that are available. I have been a baptised Christian since I was 12 but was away from active church attendance until I started reading this series. I have now joined a new, Biblically based church and am involved in Bible Study. These books brought me back!! Every book I have purchased, I have given to another whom I thought could benefit from the message. I had a near death experience in my 20's and I want to go with GOD...not afraid at all...but being 'Left Behind' sounds VERY scary to me! JoAnne age 63
—JoAnne Schnepp

Hey!!I am from Ghana and I can say the left behind series has changed me .We need more of the books in gHANA.
—Grace Okrah Kwakye

Hello, Mr. Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye, I'm a 12 year old (almost 13) girl who is almost finished with your "Left Behind: The Kids" series. I have one word for you: WOW! I absolutely LOVE them! I can never put them down! They're suspenseful, interesting, inspiring and fun with great characters! I've been raised as a Christian and was saved around the age of seven. These books have brought me closer to God, and have caused me to read and understand the Bible more than ever before. Thank you so much! Praise the Lord our God!
—Bekah Wallace

I was first introduced to the series a couple of weeks before Sept 11. When the event of Sept 11 took place, I put the book down because to me, it seemed a little too real. I picked the series back up a year or so later and read it from time to time. When our area was hit by a hurricane, we were without power so I began reading the series once again and became hooked. Since then I have read the ENTIRE series and I must say they have been more than a blessing to my life. I just recently finished reading Kingdom Come and it was as wonderful as I had hoped. My mom introduced me to the series and she is 4 books behind me. Thank you so much for writing the series. I have shared it with my coworkers and friends and they all have the same thing to say. May God continue to bless both of you for adding such a blessing to the lives of so many!
—Tasha Holloway

I have read the Left Behind series 3 times, childrens left behind series once, and the prequels once. I was saved at age 18, but at age 38 was not sure if I really was-I rededicated my life to the Lord, repented and asked for forgivness & now know that I am saved. My daughter has also come to the Lord since reading the series. Thank you for these awesome books.
—Margaret Monroe

The LeftBehind series has given me a new prospective about how the world will end.Thank you for making such a good seroes.


I am a 12 year old girl that has been reading,Left Behind:the kids for a long time. I am now on book 24 going on 25! I love the books/whole series! When pick up a book it is hard to put down! Thankyou authers!

—Shelby Blackwell and Misti

I am so glad you both wrote the books and i do hsve them all including the 3 books some people haven't heard of. I have also read all 3 books ref. Soon. Are you comimg out with any more in that series? I have also read the Babylon Rising series can't wait until anothe rone comes out.
—Debbie Pemnerton

The Left Behind Series are the best books I've ever read. I couldn't put them down. I've always enjoyed the book of Revelations and the Left Behind Series really explained the things that are about to come. I loved how the story lines were incorporated in with Revelations. Now when I read Revelations I have a better understanding of the end times. I also read all the Kids versions. They were great also. Thank you so much for the wonderful and easy to read books. Keep up the great work.

Hello. I absolutely love the left behind series for kids. I was saved at age 8, but your books make me want to help others come to know Christ and help me learn more about everything that is to come. I am 12 years old now, and I am extremely sad that I have finished the series. I wish you had written more of these books about what goes on during the mellinium. I loved every detail of the books. They always left me longing for more. I hope that you personally recieve this email of appreciation. You have probably changed many peoples lives by writing these books. May God bless you and may you keep using the talents He has given you. Changed by Christ, Jada Jones
—Jada Jones

Dear Sirs, Yesterday I received my much-awaited copy of 'Kingdom Come'. I read the whole thing in one sitting (as I did many of the books in the series). "WOW!" was the first word out of my mouth when I finished it. I have recently begun attending worship services - there is a full set of the Left Behind series on the shelf there! - and have asked Jesus to be my personal Saviour. The time is short. He is coming soon! I do so want to see that day and be welcomed into His loving arms and the Father's Kingdom. I know your books helped me come to Him. I am looking forward to reading 'Silenced' and 'Shadowed' and also 'The Rapture'. I continue to read the Daily Promises I get via e-mail. Thank you!
—Pam Dolson

I just have to say that I have enjoyed your entire series, and although I always considered myself a religious person I am now even more committed towards my Lord than I ever was. Each day I try to pray to my Lord before I begin work. I ask that he help me in my medical practice with my decisions and that he would allow me to become a better Christian and doctor. My question that I have however since beginning my reading of "Kingdom Come", is how do I become present at the first resurrection? I don't want to have to wait. I want to be there with my Lord when he returns. What can I do to assure myself of this? I thank you for your time. God Bless.
—Jay Bauer

I have read all of the books except for Kingdom Come, and thanks to these books, I have come to know God better than ever before, and I am really involved in different aspects of my Church. These books really got me to thinking of what it would be like at the coming of Jesus, and I know I want to be there when he comes. I hope to have my kids all with me when he does come back to be with us.

In 2004 I waas living in New Hampshire with my wife and our two sons. We were going through a financial crisis and I was considering suicide. I even tried to slice my wrists. I had been laid off from my job and did not appear to have a future. I was very convinced that my family would be better off without me. My sister had sent me a monetary gift for finishing my Master's degree after three years and told me to spend it on me. I went to Wal Mart with my family to buy some groceries and noticed "Glorious Appearing" in hard cover. The book had just come out and if you bought it, you got "Left Behind" in paperback for free. I barely knew of the series and had no interest in reading it, but while in the store I became convinced that I had to get the books. Today I know that it was God speaking to my heart, but I didn't know it then. I bought the books and read "Left Behind." I was hooked right away by the characters and the story. Having arranged a job interview in Ohio, I needed something to read on the flight on got "Tribulation Force." I finished the book that night in the hotel and realized that God wanted me to come home and was using these books to get through to me. I went into the bathroom of my hotel room, confessed my sins to my Lord, admitted to being a sinner, and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Without Tim and Jerry's books, I doubt I would ever have come home to my Lord. I am forever in your debt, gentlemen. Thank you for what you've done through the Left Behind series and God bless you both.
—Brian Morrison

These are the most amazing books I have ever read! I thank you guys so much for writing these books! I would really like to meet all the characters! It's a shame that these are only books! :) These books have really changed my life and everything. I thank God for you guys for writing these. I can't wait until Jesus comes back!!!!! Thanks, again!

I have been trying for years to help my Mom come to Jesus. Finally these books showed me the way. I had read all the books myself and had spoken to my Mom about them when she finally picked them up and began reading them herself. Thanks to these books, my Mom has come to Jesus and has become saved. Thank you thank you thank you for these amazing books and for helping me to help her see the Light!
—Nikki Cuneo

Since I have read the Left Behind Series and now the book about John the disciple, I have decided to devote my life to the ministry of Christ. And tonight, for the first time, I prayed with someone to accept Jesus into their life. I just wanted to thank Dr. Lahaye and Mr. Jenkins for writing these books and helping to inspire me to spread the Lord's word to others. Also, I have started a blog on myspace and am trying to reach all I can. So to both of you thank you and God bless.
—Kyle H

I just have to tell you how the series helped me. When my dad died in 2002 I lost what little faith I did have. So at that point I was only living for Mom and myself. I will admit that I was self-serving and in sin. But when Mom died in 2005 I lost all I had to live for. Well I started my junior year of high school a broken mess, my grades fell and I did not care anymore at all. Shortly later I fell for a young woman that I believe is sent by God. She was a believer and I was not, which she did not know. In January of 2006 she gave me a book and said read this, its good. Well I read the first book and immediately fell for the series, yet I still did not believe, I simply thought it was a good work of fiction. Then Superbowl weekend I went to her church so I could watch the game with her and her step-dad. Well the next week I wanted to go again, and I confess, to spend more time with her. Then halfway through the sermon I felt so unworthy and started to cry a lot. I did know that I needed to repent and I knew how but, like Hattie Durham, I did not think I deserved the forgiveness. One of my other friends came over to me and led me in the prayer and prayed that God would accept me, and He did. I have since then finished the series and started over with the three-beginning books. My girl friend and me have grown closer to each other and she has helped me in my walk with God. I thank both Dr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins as well as all of those who helped them with the series and, of corse, God Himself. J.C. Winter Mead WA
—J.C. Winter

I want to thank you both for allowing Christ to use you to write these awesome book's. The Left Behind Series helped carry me through a very difficult time. God used Left Behind books to keep me close to him in ways only God can. Your books have changed my life. Again, thank you so much for being men of Christ. A loyal reader


i honestly cant say my life has changed by the movie series but it played a major role. only by the grace of god my life was rejoined with my savior. i was lost in sin for 10 to 12 years and now i return to serve my lord.but 1 day prior to me giving my life back to god me and my dad (who is born again and a true follower of jesus christ)were watching your series and it touch both of our lives because we haven't shared something so special together in a long time. in closing______the time of the lord is near and by his loving grace,i am back to the family of christ --------the table i left but was greeted to have have a seat once again..............AMEN

This series has led me to dig deeper into my own faith. At first I was unsure if I was saved or not. But after a lot of time on my knees with God and time in counceling with my pastor I found that I am saved and that my faith had weakened because of choices I had made. Since, I have been able to use this book series to open conversations with others about our Loveing Father. I don't know if any have chosen God yet but at least I got them asking questions and searching further for the truth. I have read the entire series from prequel to the final chapter in Kingdom Come 4 times now and I still am able to read something new in it each time. Thank you for using the talent God gave you for the benefit of others.

The left behind books helped bring me to Christ. I have always believed in Christianity but never had a personal relationship. When I was 14 my mom gave me vocal lessons. My voice teacher was a true Christian. She was the first person I knew that showed she had a relationship with him. She talked to me and answered my questions. It was wonderful. When I was eighteen or nineteen she gave me left behind to read. I thanked her but they freaked me out. I already had a fear of the end of times and destruction so I just put it on my shelf... at first. A year or two later I had a surgery. After it was over I had nothing to do but lie around... that is but read. I read everything I had. Finally, at last resort, I picked up Left Behind to read. From that moment on I was hooked. That was the beginning of the summer of 2000. By fall, when the next book came out, I was already waiting for the next book to come out. I think the next book was the sixth or eighth in the series. Something happened to me somewhere between the first and third book. It was around midnight. I looked up and realized that the "Thing" or "Feeling" or whatever it was I looking for, I now had. I really don't know how to explain it, but I knew something was different. God had broken through. I am now a strong follower of 7 years and they have been the best 7 years of my life!!!! (Hardest... but it has been worth it!) I want to thank you Tim and Jerry! I am extremely grateful for how you let God use you.

My life has changed alot since reading the books. I'm on book #6 now. And I'm passing them along as I read them. I've been trying to find the movies. God Bless you all.
—Mary Hanke

I’m from South Africa. Since I have read the first left hind book, I’m hooked. I have 7 books in English and 5 books in Afrikaans. God showed me to open a Christian library in your church. We opened the library in September 2006, last year and the library are groining from strength to strength. I would appreciate if anny one can send us more Christian books Thanks Elaine Kruger ehkruger@yahoo.com
—elaine kruger

My life has truly been changed after reading the leftbehind series. I have all of the books (including the adult series, teen series and prequel), the movies, the pc game, the Ilumina cd and the authorized handbook. After reading the adult series, I realized that I needed to share Christ's love with others so they won't be left behind. I prayed and asked God how and where he wanted me to proclaim His word. God answered my prayers by sending me on a missions trip to Tijuana, Mexico in the summer of 2006. He is also sending me to Russia and back to Tijuana in the summer of 2007. Thank you for writing such a powerful and eye-opening series on what the world will be like after Christ comes back to rapture His church. God Bless
—Teisha Dearing

I started reading the series about half a year ago or so. I'm reading the fifth and am enjoying them more than almost anything i've ever read, and that's saying something, because in the fourteen years i've been around, I have read A LOT of books. For quite a while religion has interested me. I found it amazing how so many were similar, and i don't mean just in scripts, like how the Jewish Tanakh is Christianity's Old Testament, but in general teaching so many religions are similar. People can talk about God and feel like they are talking about the same being, even if a hardcore Christian is talking about the personal God in Christ to a Muslim who thinks of "Allah" as a deity. I'm a Catholic born and bred, and will be until the day I die (or taken up in the air by Christ). I don't always agree with the political agenda some churches, including mine, but they really do agree on most standards. But, if the Left Behind series taught be anything, it's that one is not saved based on works alone. Being a good person is good, but being completely free of sin is even better. That is why I realized that as a Jew, a Buddhists, or anybody else, I will not be saved. So upon realizing that I became a "true" Christian. If anybody can be saved, Christ died for no reason. I pray now. not just idly. In church, being a Catholic, many prayers are impersonal, but i make them personal. I pray for non-believers, for myself, for friends, for family, for people i don't even know, and whoever i can. Sometimes i talk with Jesus because I feel like it and nobody else is there. I don't expect Him to answer and say, "Glad that you got a B+ today, Joseph," but He sure is a good listener. If i died now, i think and hope i'd be set. Also, before I finish (its late and i have a track meet tomorrow) i'd like to say something about "believers." Its easy to say to somebody, 'I believe in Christ." It defeats the purpose though, right? wouldn't it be better to say, "I KNOW Christ? I KNOW He died for me and is God?" just a though. Thanks for listening and for the book series, -Joseph
—G. Joseph B.

I have seen personally what your series has done for my son in jsil on #11 & 12 books left behind and also my church sponsers a Rejoice and Recovery class 12-step Christ centered recovery They all are reading your series and it is changing lives just like the Good LORD wanted them to do. My bro-in-law is Ronnie Cook Flying W Wranglers colo Srings thank you so much Linda k
—Linda Kingsbury

These books have given me a new zeal for reading the word. I had gotten to where I did not read my Bible much - just a verse on line when I remembered to check my e-mail. I now read one or more chapters a night and have gotten re-involved in my church. I am now assisting in Children's Church and activities. I found the best idea for a Easter Egg Hunt - Resurrection Eggs. I found a site that had versus and everything along with a item like bread, nails, etc. to put in the eggs. 12 children got eggs and they or their mom read the versus for them. It went over real well and gave the Egg Hunt to Jesus instead of a bunny. I have reviewed all the books I've read on eBay and tried to "advertise" my Guide to the series on the Blog section. I hope to NOT be so shy about my faith and ask God to give me opportunities to witness. I missed a great one before Easter. A Muslim woman was looking at Easter eggs and I could have asked her did she know the true meaning of Easter - I pray that I won't miss anymore! Please take time to go to eBay Guides and see my guide and review my Reviews. Thanks! http://reviews.ebay.com/My-Guide-to-the-Left-Behind-Series_W0QQugidZ10000000003394835

I'm already a Christian, but when I read these books I want to jump up and do something for the Lord.

Greetings, Recently I have started reading through the left behind series, a feat that I had hoped to accomplish for sometime. I just want to extend my most sincere response in regards to them through them and this website I feel new in spirit '....the old has gone the new has come....' never before have i felt God to be so real or to have such a desire to be so close with him again thank you very much they are both truly inpirational.. God Bless Samuel R Smith
—Samuel Smith


Hi. I started reading the LB series since I was about 9, and wow! I have NEVER regretted it, from LB to GLORIOUS APPEARING. It's made me to caution my life, 2 be ready for Christ's return. mEN! i DO not WANNA BE LEFT BEHIND. gOD BLESS

I have read the series for more than a year. I love it so much, and i'd love to read more. I've just known that you have released 4 more books for the "before" and "after". I wonder if they will be translated to Chinese (as I am a Chinese reader living in Hong Kong). Please, if it's possible, tell those people to do it quick as i am expecting it! Thanks! Thanks for the inspiring stories! God bless you all!!
—Kenneth Cheng

I'd just like to say that being a teenager in today's world is no cakewalk. I needed more God in my life, and then I found your books. I had always gone to church, ever since I was a toddler, however, for the last couple of years I was losing God. I'd go to church, talk to my friends, but nothing the pastor said would sink in. I needed a more personal relationship with God. On March 8, I got just that. I came across the book "Tribulation Force" in our school library. I picked it up and read it. I was hooked. God was calling out to me. I was on a more personal level with him than ever before. Now I'm reading "Desecration" and I'd like to say "Thanks" for writing these books. --Billy, thirteen years old.

I purchased Revelation Unveiled shortly after the Left Behind series began. It not only opened the Book of Revelation for me but has been the source for some Bible studies I led. Recently while reading Epicenter by Rosenberg I was given the chance to hopefully witness to a young nurse. I was in the hospital at the time and she asked if I was spiritual and then asked about the book. She knew some about Revelation so I recommended your book Revelation Unveiled.

My husband bought the Left Behind book for himself, one night after finishing a book that I had been reading I picked up Left Behind and started reading. Within 4 months, I had read the entire series. I was completely hooked. I passed the books on to other family members and they became just as engrossed. My outlook on God, Jesus and Heaven has changed profusely. I always believed that just being a good person and believing was enough and now I know its not. Though I am not active in a church, I do find that my thinking as changed considerably. I still have many questions that I feel need to be answered and have much more researching and reading to do, but I am very thankful for the series and feel it has really opened my eyes, heart and soul to more.

I have been a Christian all of my life since I was old enough to choose, but had slid backwards over the years... Now I'm back on track because of this DVD series... Praise God... Stacey Allen McGee
—Stacey Allen

Dr. LaHaye & Mr. Jenkins, I started out reading "Are we living in the End Times?" about 6 years ago, (There's a funny little story about how I got the book, let me know if you'd be interested in hearing it) and at that time I said a prayer to God that if it be His will, call me home in the rapture, but I told Him it would be my honor to stay on earth & fight His war. It was after that I began reading the Left Behind series. I got to Assassins & finished it in a short period of time, but stopped reading the series after that. (Don't ask me why, I don't remember.) Recently, I found the entire series in my local library & have taken up my reading of the series again with a newfound passion. I have finished the entire Left Behind series & am in the process of reading The Rising & will be reading The Regime & The Rapture very soon. Gentlemen, I have to say to you that without ever meeting you, I owe you a deep debt of gratitude for helping me in my spiritual journey & helping me be closer to our loving Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. God Bless you, my friends! Stan Casey
—stan casey

The testimony for me from your series is a boldness that comes from an understanding of the book of Revelations. I previously could not understand the Revelation but now am grateful for coming in contact with the Left Behind Series. Thank God.
—Mathews Abu

I have just finished reading all of the Left behind books, except for the prequels. I loved them all. I really felt connected to all of the charaters and am very sad to have it all end but because of your books, I am excited of what the Lord has in store for his children. I was already a christian when I started reading the first book, but the events of prophecies that the bible spoke of were scrambled in my mind. Thanks to your books, I have a lot better understanding in what order the prophecies are suppose to occur. I will now begin on the prequels books. Again, thank you so much for all of the books and I hope that the movies follow the books as close as possible. God bless!
—Adam Mondragon

i have a list of books i get every year that i wanna read and one day for some reason i walked over straight to the left behind series and i just picked up the 1st book and i was overwhelmed with joy that also at school i could learn about God and it was just so wonderful i am glad that Jesus sent right to your books because it has been a joy to read them oh thank you so much - Kayla- 14- Idaho

I first read Left Behind back in 2002 while staying in a homeless shelter. I read the first five books in five days and soon purchased my own copies. I never gave a thought about bible prophecy or the end times until I read this series. Now I am working on earning my MA in apologetics and plan on entering the Tim Lahaye Prophecy School so that I may be able to teach other believers how to not only defend their faith but also teach them about events yet to come.
—Jason Hebert

In 2003, i was lured into raeding left behind series. It's may more than amazing! by now I have read up to book 8. Alas, I couldn't get the latest books to buy on the localshelf. Kindly help!!!
—Olabampe, Enoch Ola

I have always loved to read, so I spent a lot of time at the library or book stores. Once, while I was wandering through the adult section of the book store, I saw a series of books. They had what looked like different planet-like orbs on the sides and the covers. I didn't bother to read the titles, I just thought the covers looked pretty. But I figured I was too young to read a book that wasn’t in the teen section. I forgot about these books until my senior year in high school. I got a job at the local library. Every night, we had to straighten the shelves before we closed. While straitening the adult side one night, I saw the books that I had seen in the book store. I decided to grab the first one, Left Behind, and see what it was about. From the picture on the cover, I thought it must be some sort of sci-fi. I didn't realize that it would be a religious book. Within one chapter, I could not put it down. I went through all 12 books in the series in about two weeks. There are no words to describe how those books affected me. I had had no idea that some of the mentioned bible quotes actually existed. I had heard about the book of revelations, but I never knew what it included. My family was not super religious. We went to the local Methodist church on Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday. I believed everything I knew about God and Jesus, but I never really knew it. Suddenly, I could not get enough. I found my mom's old bible and read revelation over and over. My mom got me my own copy of the Bible for Christmas that year. I read whole gospels at a time. Somehow, just reading the Bible made every problem I had ever had better. The losses still hurt, but the pain from those memories no longer paralized me and caused me to emotionaly shut down. To this day, all I have to do is turn to a random page in the bible and begin reading, and everything seems to make sense.

We are doing Charting The End Times in our sunday class. I tend the church library, and have almost all of the series of Left Behind there and i also have my own copies at home. We may be a small church but we are as one big family. Many times in our lessons we talk about something that was said or happened in the series. My husband would not read a book but he would listen to the audio tapes, when we could not find the Left Behind, The Kids on tape, he was so into it he started reading the rest in the books. I thank you for for the books. Carol, Morriston Baptist Church

My father actuallt introduced me to the first book. It had been sitting on his dresser when I found it. I was in a time of my life where I wasn't doing right. Me being and avid reader, I tend to read more when I'm depressed. So, I picked up the book, reading the back, it sounded like an interesting read. I didn't know it was a christen book, if I would have known it, I probaly wouldn't have read it. Long story short, I've been hooked evry since. This series really opened my eyes. The books were written in laymans terms, easy to understand, and clear in it's message. My faith and God and the Lord Jesus Christ blossomed. I use to fear the book of revelation(I still do, but I look forward to it and hope that I am one of the faithful, and know that I would die for Christ. Those words come from my heart. I see signs all around me. I cling to and try to study my Bible. I could go on forever, these books have changed my life. These books have become my second "Bibles".
—angela martin

First off, let me say that I have read the Left Behind series countless times, from Left Behind to Glorious Appearing. Everytime I read them, I feel like my faith is renewed. I especially love the part in Glorious Appearing where Jesus is talking one-on-one with Rayford and telling him he's been there always. I'll usually put my name in Rayford's place and I am broken anew because I see how much Jesus loves me. Thank you both for bringing this great series of books to the world. I also have the Left Behind Drama CDs from GAPdigital and listen to them every chance i get. Will the new book also have a drama CD? If so, let me know so i can look forward to purchasing it. Thank you Dr. LeHaye and Bro. Jenkins for giving your time and effort for the kingdom and reaching so many. God bless you both!!!!
—Benjamin Glosson

I grew up in a christian penticostal family and i had played tag with God all my life, but one day, my sister left a box of books for me to read on a visit. one book stood out amongst all the rest-Left Behind!!! just seeing the title scared the life out of me.it shook me to the very core of my being, to the depths of my soul, quite literally. it took many times before picking it up. you see, i "knew" the meaning of those two words. after finally reading it and continouing on in the series, i re-dedicated my life to the Lord. Praise His name for sending those books via my sister. now my late grandmothers prayers have come to bear fruit and continues to do so with all future generations that she prayed for salvation. she believed that her family would be saved unto all generations and prayed the prayer of Jabez as well . she never gave up faith that God would answer those prayers, and keep on answering them even after her death. oh to have faith such as that, how wonderful. thank you and most of all thank God for giving you the gift to write these books as an instrument to have people come to Him. blessings to you all
—Valarie Sutton-Kingston

before reading your books.....i was an athiest a very firm one i should add...but after reading your first book the rapture...i started questioning my beleifs and started reading the bible to see how much fact came out of the books....and to my amazment all of it did........these books have helped me turn away from being athiest to a new beliver thank u
—ryan richter

I started reading the Left Behind Series by accident. I picked up a book at the libray to read, i didn,t know what I had. The first book I read was the Tribulation Force. After I read that book I had to read the others. I have read all the books and can't wait till more come out. I espeacialy like the Military Series. This books gave me a better understanding of the Bible.
—John Fowler

My life has completely been changed since I read these books. I've been saved since age 6, (I'm 13 now). After reading these books I realized I had been living a lukewarm life. I prayed, read the bible, and even played guitar in our local church. But my life wasn’t set on Christ. I would read the bible because my parents told me to, I would pray, but with no meaning, I played guitar for man, not Christ. I now realize what I've been missing! Thank you soooo much, the Lord has changed my life because of these books!
—Kyle Kramer

m a die hard left behind fan frm nigeria,i started about 2yrs ago nd avnt remaind d same nd altho we dnt get 2 buy it easily here in nigeria,as i stil cnt get d armagedon 2 buy.it hs bin awesome,i confess i get rilly scared about bin left behind bt al d same n workin out my relationship with god in fear nd tremblin nd wen i tink of d sacrifices d trib force get 2 make nd d fact dat dey r bold about dr faith,m like god pls help me.god bles tim nd jerry nd d entire left behind crew.we sure wil see in heaven.
—aina odunayo

I want you to know how much I have enjoyed these books and the change they have made in my life and my family. My husband have most always been part of a run of the mill large church with a world wide demonination (meth.)and we started reading the books we were called to make a life changing experience, we are now members of a very small bible driven church and feel closer to GOD than we have in our life. My daughter when I asked her to read the series said oh no mother I can't they are to scary, this from a girl who devours Steven King!! I asked her how this could be and she answered well mom this could really happen. My response to anyone who says that to me is and will always be the same. Do you think GOD may be trying to get our attention. She has promised to read them now so I am praying it makes a difference in her life and her and my grandkids do not get left behind. Thank you so much for giving these wonderful books full of insight. My mother, sister, brother, and children are all either reading or have read them. Edwina
—Edwina Reeves

When I began reading the series I was only 14. I was tiold to begin reading the children's series. I read the first few and liked them but i knew what the books were about so i knew it should have affected me, but i felt nothing. I thought well mybe try the adult series, and so I did i read Left Behind, and Tribulation Force, and they made me start to realize just how far i was from God. I had just really accepted my faith , but i wasn't living it. I spoke to my pastor about this. He told me that the way i was feeling was because the books had me seeing what was wrong with the way i was living. i asked if he thought i should continue reading the series. he told me if i chose to then it was my choice. so i continued to read and i began to get this feeling of wanting to read more but not just more of the series but to know more about my faith. so i prcked up my bible and began reading i read it over and over, each timethe books would mention a verse i would look it up, and now after a year i have almost finished the series and i see how it has changed my life. giving me hope, and guidence. i would have to say that the series has brought me closer to my faith and to my God.

When started reading the kids series it was around two years ago I read books 1-3 then got bored. Around a year later I picked them up again. I am now on number 33 Attack on Petra I read these and think God is so Good!Now I wonder how I got bored

Your book led me to read the book of Rev. and I have to say I'm impressed. Can you believe I only read two of your books and about to read the third? I'm sixteen years old and I like your series.
—Marquis Dingle

Hi i'm Nicole and i'm from NSW Australia. i just found out my school is finally getting the last two left behind kids books and i found out that i was the only one reading them in the whole school. that made me feel a little imbaressed being the only one out of over 1000 students to read them. but i love them! i wish there to be a movie though. i think Vicki's a realy strong person and i'd like to see someone try and act like her. anyways, BYE!!

i just want to say wooow i loved them, these books changed me so much they made me see life so much more i started the first book back in 2001.My grandmother taught me the word, after she died i became depressed and almost lost it but i held tight to jesus and your books thank you tim la haye and jerry jenkins for bringing these into my life i even have the left behind drama audio cd's they are great, the cast did a beautiful job by the way, its sad that these are coming to an end but hopefully a new series will come out just as great thank you may god bless you and your family and happy easter your biggest fan steven garcia
—steve garcia

My Christianity story began a few years ago when I was in an airport bookstore while traveling for business. I saw a book entitled "assissins". I thought it was the book of one of my favorite movies starring Sylvester Stalone and Antonio Banderas about killers for hire.... so... I bought it. I was not a Christian, as a matter of fact, I was the exact opposite. I have a degree in microbiology and chemistry and I was taught from day one that all life was formed from bacteria billions of years ago. Thus... the beginning of my exploration into Christianity. The book caught my attention so much that I went back and bought the first 5, and have read all of them since then. Somewhere around book 4 is where I prayed to Jesus to ask him to forgive my sins, my stubborness, my pride and my ignorance. I always tell that story since it is such a good "God Story" (how God touches our lives every day). I always think of what would have been if Sylvester and Antonio didn't star in one of my favorite movies..... titled Assassins. So thank you Jerry and Tim for all of your hard work that has touched so many lives over the years. I have passed my books onto many of my friends since then. God Bless you guys and everyone that is involved in helping you distribute and author so many wonderful books. Mark Bagon Owner Iowa All Stars
—Mark Bagon

A friend of mine told me about the books and roughly 7 years ago I started reading them and have since bought them all. I knew about God and heaven but really didn't have a clue about revelation or anything else. After reading the books in all honesty, it scared me enough to get me in chruch and find out all I can. I have since been saved and married a wonderful christian man. He never read the books or saw the movies until I introduced them. Now we both enjoy them. I do have one question. Will we see one more Left Behind movie?
—Amanda Hutchison

I have been telling people about the series since I read the firsr book. I read the whole series in about 4 monthes. I am on pins and needles waiting for the last book. I have already pre-ordered it. The series made what I read in Revelation so today for me. when I read I see what I am reading like a movie, isee clothes,background, hair color and all. I will alway be grearful to you for making the Bible real for me. May the Lord continually bless you for doing so. Sis. Shirley Blue Pompano Beach, Florida
—Shirley Blue

I've been a christian since 1983, and have never doubted the truth in the bible. Interestingly enough though, reading the books brought into focus how the prophesized end-times can/will impact the daily lives of those left behind. Although the topic is super-natural in nature, the authors have been able to present the truth in a manner that makes the reader understand how it will present itself in daily life. Well done!
—Jennifer Spoke

These books really changed my whole family's lifes. I got my 3 chrildren baptized and all 3 confirmed since I started reading these books. I love the story line and the great writings. I can't wait for each new book to come out.It has made some good discussions at my work place too.I have also got my girl scouts to receive their reglious awards.I'm still not a full time church attender but try real hard to live the good life.Thank-you so much for these books, I'm much happier now. Pat

The Left Behind Series has left me completely captivated about understanding Prophecy in the Bible. At first, I was quite scared of the very notion that Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins had written a series of books about life after the Rapture. A friend of mine snuck a copy of Episode 1 of the Left Behind Series into my CD player and started playing it without my permission or knowledge. I had already told him before that I didn't want to listen to it, so I was unaware that the episode he was playing was actually the Left Behind Series. I was hooked from the first moment. It was like a soap opera, only related to God's Word and End-Times Prophecies. I haven't been the same since. Now that I have defeated my fears about the end of the world and the Rapture by the power of Jesus Christ, I am able to not only study Prophecy but talk openly with others about my faith. I am excited to read Kingdom Come and can't wait until the Dramatic Audio for The Rising is available for sale. Thank you both and God bless you!

The left behind series has impacted my life in a huge way. I'm 16, so I read the kids series and it just helped me to really understand the book of revelations and other books as well. I think the authors did a great job of presenting the rapture in a real life situation. My friend recommended them to me and I just can't put them down. They also helped my to develop a more deep relationship with God and help me to understand what its like to be a servant of God.
—Emily G.

My mother passed away in October 2000. A supervisor at work told me about a book called "Left Behind". I read it and could not wait to read the next in the series. I bought all the books. This series got me through a very tough time. It is so easy to read and it gives hope in troubled times. I love it. I bought the audio cassettes for my husband because he is blind. He loved it too. Thank you.
—Diane Anderson

The Left Behind novels played a big part in my coming to The Lord. A co-worker and friend at my job witnessed to me FAITHFULLY for over two years, and she and her husband prayed for me daily. Because she knew that I loved to read; she asked me if I would be interested in reading a novel about the "rapture"? I said that I would and she gave me the first book in the series. Well, God used those books to penetrate the hard dry soil of my heart....I was completely captivated by the novels and I began to feel a deep urge to look into Spiritual matters. I actually shot out a quick prayer to God that if HE wanted me to go to church that He would have to show me which one because there were so many on Staten Island! The Lord heard my prayer and actually sent an ANGEL (And I mean a REAL ANGEL...in DISGUISE) to lead me "by the hand" to my current home, Sonrise Faith Church where I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord after attending only two or three services! Needless to say; my girlfriend & her husband REJOICED!!!!! It was the Left Behind books that pushed me "over the edge" as I say; to start searching out The Lord! I should also mention briefly that I was "neck deep" into the occult before Jesus saved me and set me free. My family had always been into occult practices; tarot cards, withcraft, seances, etc. Because I now belong to JESUS; the generational curse that rested on my family is BROKEN by the Blood of Jesus!! PRASIE HIS HOLY NAME!!!! Please feel free to use this testimony anytime or place that you feel led..... Give JESUS ALL THE GLORY......... Prayers & Blessings Lisa

I was living a back-slidden Christian life until i started reading Left Behind. The Lord used these novels to make the Word of God come to life! Not only that, i was convicted for the way i was living. The Bible says in Romans 12:2 that we should no longer conform to the pattern of this world, but be tranformed by the renewing of our minds. Then we'll be able to test & approve what God's Will is, His good, pleasing & perfect Will. Because of Left Behind, the Lord started opening up my heart & mind to hear His Voice again. It gave me a passion for His Word and to live for His glory. My wife & i are now @ the point where we're feeling the Lord calling us to full-time missions. The Lord has used your novels in my life and in the life of my family to awaken us to the imminent return of Christ and that we have to get busy doing what He's calling us to do. He's given us the desire to one day go to SE Asia (Sri Lanka) and start an orphanage and plant churches. Of course, now that the Lord is showing us these things the enemy is trying to attack us like you wouldn't believe. However we know that we're on the winning side - THANK YOU JESUS! The Lord has really used Left Behind to get us back into His Word in order to transform & renew our minds so that we can now 'test & approve' His Will for World Missions in our lives. From the bottom of my heart, i thank God for Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins in being obedient to the Holy Spirit in writing all of the Left Behind novels. May the Lord continue to set more Christians on fire and reap a mighty end-time harvest of lost souls for Christ! in Christ's love, Charles Silva Toronto, Canada
—Charles Silva

I have no questions. I just want to tell you that the Left Behind series are probably my favorite books in the world. I became a Christian in 1957 at the New York Billy Graham crusade when I was 17. I'm an avid reader and am anxiously waiting the final book "The Kingdom Come" which I've ordered from Amazon.com and I'll be receiving it after April 4th. I also have the 3 books ("Countdown to the Rapture") which I've loved also. I've read parts of the series through 5 times. My mother loved the series, too and read them more times than I have. She died and went to heaven in March 2004 and we had already ordered the "Glorious Appearing" the beginning of the month but it arrived after she died. So, she didn't need to read it because she was actually WITH Jesus which was far better. I love Christian series books; thank you for writing them. I read most of "The Rapture" to my husband for our family devotions of things that happened in heaven with the raptured saints.
—Marjorie R. Morrow

Reading this series has made me think at lot about the coming of Christ. I am 58 years old and until I started reading these books, I can say the bible was the only book that interested me enougth to read. I have read all the Left Behind, and bought all the books I can find that Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHayne. I am waiting for Kingdom Come to come out.
—charlotte moore

This series of books has been the best thing that could have happened to me in the way on bringing me to the Lord. Every time I go to a flea market, I buy extra copies to all 12 so I can loan them out to pass the word along. I've lost many but I consider them a good lost. I really want to know if any more "Apocalypse" book are coming out. Surely that cannot be the end at just 3!! And the same with the "End of State" Books!! MORE, MORE! AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TV SERIES THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO COME OUT??? Thank you for any answeres you can give me with these questions
—Dona Connell

Hi, My name is Madison i am 12 and was saved at age 8. These books have changed my life. My mom says she going to take them away from me beacuse i am always like let me finish this last page. I feel so close to these people i cry every time someone dies. Especially Nada i thought She and Judd would end up together. You guys have changed the lives of me and many other young kids so i just want to say THANKS!

The Left Behind series change my life in many ways, because i learn more about Jesuschrist and about end times prophecies in a very creative way, i really haven't read anything better since this amazing books and i recommend it to anyone i know, i completely love this books and my relationship with God is now stronger since i read this books.
—Javier Velasquez

I have read the entire series, and the experience has brought me closer to the Holy Trinity. The Glorious Appearing portrayed Christ so beautifully that I couldn't imagine Christ any other way. Larry R. Wyatt P.S. Now reading John's Story.
—Larry R. Wyatt

i have no questions but your books are a mind bubbling experience. i'm a 12 year old Nigerian and i have read both your kids and adult series. God bless you two for your hard work. its sad the series end this year. I LOVE YOU ALL! PLS REPLY. Jessica Puri
—Jessica Puri

Here I was 15 years old and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I starting reading the Left Behind series ever since 1996. I was so impressed and interested in the Character Cameron (Buck) Williams. I liked the way he talked. I like his lifestyle as a world cover story journalist for Global Weekly and then the Truth. He is a go getter. I became a journalist because of this book. I discovered I have the ability to do this job and started embarking on my dream. I worked for a Student News paper at College for a while and now I going to start at a local paper and work my way up the ladder. My dream job is to work at TIME like Buck's dream was to work at Global Weekly. Thats for the series. I love the books and impact it has had on my life
—Christopher Stevenson

Since reading the Left Behind series I have wanted to become more one with God. I also have been not just learning about God's words myself, but I am taching my son the values of the Bible which should have been instilled within me, and trying ti break the family curse. Thank you so very much for enlightening our family.

The Left Behind Series has truly changed my life. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior before I started reading the series and this series has strengthened my faith. It has helped me better understand what is ahead for us as Christians and those who will be left behind. Thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for putting the last days into a novel, it has helped me tremedously. God Bless Justin Coy
—Justin Coy

Growing up Catholic, I didn't know what being born again was. I was in a serious car accident in 1986. My dad was killed and I was in a coma for 10 days. I am still recuperating from it and may be having surgery #7 on my face in the near future because of it. For a while I stopped believing in God, but I started reading the series and starting asking and reaching for God and got saved. Now I am in a non-demoniational church and I love it. I already pre ordered the new Left Behind book and am looking foward to a Babylon Rising Volume 4 book
—Sharon Trigilio

I bought "Left Behind" on a Friday. I read it almost non-stop and finished it on Sunday. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and the book has deepened my faith. I plan on reading evey word of evey book you publish. I pray that others will get the message you are trying to convey.
—Bill Williams

Before beginning to read the series I had been thinking about returning to practising christianity again and was starting to go to church. Reading the books has helped me to keep going and given an interest in reading the bible.
—Nancy Nicholson

I have lived with the notion that all roads lead to the same God. Be good and you shall be one of the people to go to Heaven. Wow, my eyes have been opened! I feel much like Hattie must have felt, my past is not anything to be proud of-but it is a part of me. I feel not-worthy, but know I am. I am two stepping Jesus & I am not really sure why. Your books have got me to open my Bible again & really read what is written. Thank you!
—Christine Messer

I just finished reading the left behind kids series, and they were amazing. While I was reading them I could feel my relationship with God growing, I finally felt close to Him. Reading about how Judd, Vicki, Lionel and all the others were willing to do anything for God, showed me how little I do, and how much more i could be doing. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me grow closer to God.

The Left Behind series has been such a blessing to my life about three years ago I had my legs rebuilt.Whille I was recovering My faith grew very greatly.But what I also discovered was I had a nack for bible prophecy. My mother gave me the left Behind series and ever since ifinished it ive become very intrested with the mysterey of the end times Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins are my favorite authers i cant wait to reed there newest book
—Evan Uibel

It was the first left behind movie that made me decide I could no longer play with my soul. Before the movie, I believed that being left behind would not be so bad and that I would be able to handle whatever came my way because well, I knew Jesus and would be able to tell others about him. Once I seen the movie, I began to wonder why did I believe that and I knew then that satan was able to make me believe a lie. I promptly asked God for forgiveness for not taking a stand and actually being lukewarm. It was then that I realized that I had been in denial and that only I had placed myself in that category. I asked him for guidiance and although life has been tough at times, I have never regret asking Jesus back into my life. I am more active in trying to show Christ in me and trying to save others
—sharlene hudson

I read the first book and was hooked. I had borrowed the book from a friend and then I knew I had to have my own set. I now have all the books out so far and even bought a second set so I can loan them out to anyone who might want to read them. Thank you for writing these life-changing books.
—June Nix

A co-worker of my Husband gave him this book to read and after he'd read it he told me that it was a good read and I should give it a try. I didn't want to because I knew the premise of it, I was raised in Christianity and at one point even had a relationship with God and had walked away. So there the book sat until last week when I walked by it for what had to be the 100th time. I paused and picked it up and started to read it, I was hooked. It's a fast read, great characters and story line. Just the kind of book I like to read. Yet, this book had something more in it, something that touched my core, this book was truth and not just a story. I felt God talking to me while reading, I felt him nudging me and saying, "You know this is truth." In the core of me I did and that gave me the courage to talk to my husband about it. We had a very indepth conversation, both of us being intellects that have a hard time believing in anything both 'felt' the power of God in this book. We are now going to go find a church so we can draw closer to God as a couple and find out what Gods plan for us is.
—Christine Keller

After reading Left Behind, I realized I was a lot like Bruce. I was a wishy-washy Christian. I did a lot of praying and joined a church (which I had been away from for many years). I told everyone I knew to read these great books which makes us understand where we stand with God and His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Tim and Jerry for making the Lord open my eyes.

I began reading and listening to the Left Behind Series while I was attending the University of Georgia in 1999. I had gone to church all of my life, but never understood the meanings of prophecies. I was saved, but didn't act like it all of the time. Goodness knows I need a savior everyday. I would read and re-read them as a teenager, praying for understanding. I remember watching various Hollywood movies and knew their depiction of the end of time and sin was inaccurate. After reading and listening to the books and tapes/cd's of the Left Behind Series, I understood. I am now a teacher and coach in public school and understand more than ever the urgency to guide students toward Christ because time is short on receiving him. Thank you for your books that have helped me and so many others understand the scriptures of prophecy giving comfort to all of us who await the rapture and seeing Christ return in glory possibly within our lifetime. Joel S from Georgia
—Joel Strickland

Well i Have to be honest, I watched LEft Behind the movie first, at the request of a friend. I had never even known about the Left Behind series until I saw the movie, and after watching the movie I was shocked and saddened! I had no idea faith In Jesus Christ was so vital to eternity! I thought if you lived a good life and believed in God you were set. I didnt realize I was wrong until after watching the movie, after seeing the movie i became a born again believer in Jesus Christ and have been ever since. So needless to say the fire was lit under me for the Lord and also the LB series! I bought the first book from a book club and started reading it and after the first chapter I was hooked. I finished the first book within 24 hours and was at the library the next day getting the other books. I read the whole series in less than two weeks and was amazed. This series was an eye opener to the scriptures I was just learning. This really helped me wrap my mind around everything in the bible as far as prophecy and past lessons! Now when I witness to my friends I have a reference guide so they can get ahold of the story and understand it just like I did! I am really thankful for this series, and am so glad it did so very well! Thanks to everyone who made everything possible it really helped lead me home!
—Amanda CLark

Since reading the LeftBehind books I've become more concern about my soul and wanting to be ready when Jesus returns. I hate to know that Leftbehind is about to END! Many of my friends have become a Leftbehind reader. The stories have made an great inpact on some of my friends by coming to christ. I know there is a GREAT battle coming and I want to be on the winning side which is Christ! I hope all the Leftbehind books are made into movies. Thanks for helping me prepare myself for Jesus return.
—Henry Lyons

When I first read your books, I was captivated by the story and the way that Rayford and Chloe handled the Rapture and Nicolae as well meeting Buck and Amanda. I just want to thank you for the books and how they were able to lead me to Christ. Thanks.
—jacob cash

When I first read your books I was really freaked out. I knew I wasn't saved and reading the books really helped open my eyes. I knew I needed Christ and I didn't want to be left behind. I'm very grateful to you both for writing these books. I've already started reading them again. :D Take care and God Bless ~Arianna Karnbach
—Arianna Karnbach

I had seen the Left Behind series in the library near my home and had been curious about them. What kept me from reading them was that they were a Christian series and had to do with God which was something I didn't want at the time. I was going through many hard things such as bills, jail time, drugs, alocohol, and other things. I was beginning to change my life and decided to read a book in the series. From the moment I began to read the first book I was hooked--not only on the story itself but the meaning of God and Jesus behind it. It took me less than two weeks to read through book nine and I was moved by the though of taking Jesus into my life. After the 9th book I accepted Jesus and I have been blessed every since. With Jesus in my life everything seems to be so much clearer and He has helped me through some of the most difficult times I have been facing. The most important lession I think I have learned so far is forgiveness. Forgiving myself and others for their wrongs has left me with such joy and fulfilment. Just knowing that Jesus and God are there for me and willing to accept me as a sinner and forgive my sins is such an uplifting thing. I never knew what I had been missing in my life and I thank God every day for the authors of this series for showing me the way to Jesus. I would suggest this series to everyone.

I am a new life student of the Bible and right now, I am studing the book of Revelation in an inductive Bible study class. Visualizing the book of Revelation is easy for me as I have pictures in my head of everything the whole series depicts. Very accurate!
—Suzanne E. Iorio

A few years ago, I started to read the Left Behind series. At first it was just because my parents had read it, and I wanted to see what they liked so much about it. When I started getting farther along in the book, I realized why they liked it so much. The conversations and storyline isn't fake at all, and the style makes you want to keep reading and reading. You can't put it down. I had been drifting away from God, and the books brought me closer to him. Now I've read the series more than 4 times, and still, every time I read the books, they make me feel closer to God.

I bought the first Left Behind book at a flea market for 50 cents. From reading the first page, I was hooked. I began to tell my mom who by the way is my co-pastor about this book, and we alternately read chapters. We devoured all of the Left Behind books as they were published. Left Behind was divinely inspired by Christ to remind all of us that He's real, He's coming, and we should be getting ready. I continue even today, to re-read the Left Behind series, trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead.
—Angela Hart

my question is will there be anymore books after Kingdom Come comes out?? I love to read your books. i have become upsesed with learning as much as i can about the rapture an about the antichrist.. i wont to be ready when the rapture happends. i have talke to me youth pastor about this an he is glad tha i love to get as much info as i can befor it is to late. thank you for your time.

The Left Behind series made me come to God. I had never been close to God. I have always believed in God and Jesus, but I never really focused on the His Law, His Love, and His sacrafice. The series made me re-examine everything and get on the right path. I now read the Bible everyday and study His Words. Since becoming closer, I now know my life is important. My depression that I have battled since I was a little girl has subsided, and I feel a joy about life.

I loved the Left Behind Series. I have read each and every one of them and I cannot wait for the next one to come out in April. Reading these books has renewed my faith in God and given me a glimpse of what is to come. I know that I am ready when my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, comes back for me. I also cannot wait until I see my little boy who died at the age of 8 months. I know he is watching for me to join him when Jesus comes for His children someday.
—Barbara M

Leftbehind has had tremendous bearing on my life. I started with the kids books when I was 12 and read all of them cover to cover in a day or to unable to put them down, then the kids series ended. Just last year I picked up the first book of the Adult LeftBehind series and found myself "hooked," all over again. These books came me a love for prophecy, there actually how I learnt about the Rapture/Tribulation/Second Coming it's not that I wasn't saved, I had just never been actually taught about it. I love the series and the characters have encouraged me to want a deeper more meaningful relationship with my Saviour, above all they made me realize that I should be watchful for HIS soon return, for He could return at any minute! Come quickly LORD JESUS!!!
—Rachel Miller

My life was completely changed when I read the Left Behind series. I am a "cradle Catholic" that thought I knew about Jesus and His impact on my life. By reading these and Joel Rosenberg's novels, I've found a closer relationship with God and with Jesus, and have completely accepted Him as my savior. I am now seriously considering a major career change, to go back to school to pursue a Theology degree so I can become a lay minister. Thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins...you've changed my life.
—Ellen P.

I cannot overstate how this book increased my awareness of the rapture and its importance to the church! I travel alot and I have wept all over the country reading each of your books. Are Dr. LaHaye's other books on end times available in pdf format? God's Best to this ministry, Elder. Jacob
—Jacob Grant

Left Behind has made me treasure, yet fear, the almighty power of God. It's amazing to me that he has such total control over all the events in the universe. I relate closely to Bruce Barnes from the First book, in his false belief that he is always forgiven and doesn't have to try and eradicate the sin which plagues him. I too used to go by that train of thought, and catch myself doing it occasionally. It's eye-opening to see a fictional account of what my life could be if I were to continue in my ways. But God has been calling my name and calling me everywhere I go recently. It's relieving to have something so real to depend upon. Your Brother in Christ, Griffin
—Griffin Baker

HI, Ihave all the left behind books, the children books, the comic books, and the last three books of before the rapture. I also have pre ordered they new book in the left behind series. I have been studing the end times for the last couple of years and I really think that it wont be long before Jesus Crist returns I am spreading the word at work and will do it wheen ever I can, because the people need to know the truth That jesus is coming back. I am determined to do my part. Tom Sable
—Thomas Sable

I love the teen version

I started reading the left behind series four years after i received the first 9 books. My boyfriend of 2 years didn't h ave a book to read so he picked up my copy of Left Behind and now he is into reading the complete series and wants to buy the remaining books I do not currently own. I thank the authors very much because my boyfriend is not religious and he is actually enjoying the books, maybe this is what he needed in his life. Because we are struggling financially right now, no place to live, he has 2 children and he is also disabled so i thank the Lord for this and maybe things will look brighter in the future. If whoever reads this would pray that i get a job soon to help my family get a residence where he can get into. thanks a lot alicia
—Alicia Ortloff

I was totally enthralled with the whole Left Behind series. They really opened my eyes to what I have possibly to look forward to. I cried through the Rapture just imagining what it would be like to meet Jesus and hear Him say "Good and faithful servant". I so want to be a part of that. I try hard every day to lead the life I can face my Savior with. Thank you so much for writing the series. Three of my children are reading them also. I will probably buy more of these authors books. Can't wait to get the newest edition. Thank you, again. God bless you. Joyce

Hello, Not exactly a question though. I am presently reading the (prequil?) I hope I spelled it right, Rapture. I am 63 years old and both my parents and a child of mine, my ex-husband, and both his parents have died, all Christians plus all but one of my many aunts and uncles ( of them) and my grandparents and brother-in-law, and others, so over the years I have been to funerals and shed tears. The book Rapture has brought me to the "soonnest" of His coming and that "death" for the believer is in an instant and not to fear. I do not exactly fear it but my apprehension is now gone even and I am looking forward to His soon appearing. I love Jesus. I have been a Christian these 50 years now and still believe Jesus is coming in my lifetime and I expect with my good health to have some more years to enjoy my 7 grandchildren and 4 children though should Jesus tarry. None of my older 2 brothers and 4 sisters have gone on yet. Please come Lord Jesus!!! Maranatha, Kristen
—Kristen Hopper

Hello, Not exactly a question though. I am presently reading the (prequil?) I hope I spelled it right, Rapture. I am 63 years old and both my parents and a child of mine, my ex-husband, and both his parents have died, all Christians plus all but one of my many aunts and uncles ( of them) and my grandparents and brother-in-law, and others, so over the years I have been to funerals and shed tears. The book Rapture has brought me to the "soonnest" of His coming and that "death" for the believer is in an instant and not to fear. I do not exactly fear it but my apprehension is now gone even and I am looking forward to His soon appearing. I love Jesus. I have been a Christian these 50 years now and still believe Jesus is coming in my lifetime and I expect with my good health to have some more years to enjoy my 7 grandchildren and 4 children though should Jesus tarry. None of my older 2 brothers and 4 sisters have gone on yet. Please come Lord Jesus!!! Maranatha, Kristen
—Kristen Hopper

My life changed "BIG TIME" again "AFTER" reading " ALL" the Adult & Teen Series plus "ALL" (YES "ALL") I read every single one of both Of there Books, plus Beverly's also) from Dr. LaHaye & Mr. Jenkins Wrote. I couldnt get enough of reading and learning from them both. All I do is give & give these Books away to ANY & Everybody I know that WILL READ them. What changed my life is when I "SAW" the Movies with Kurt Cameron and Chellsie (his wife), but I didnt even know they had made a 3rd movie and now I'm getting that one also. I have lent these moveis Out for "Private & Ministering" perposes and have Truely gotten Blessed just "watching" the affects on everybody who watches them also. THe Lord is so Kind and Merciful when it comes to "Forgivness & Long Suffering." Both of these Men of God have "HIT IT RIGHT ON THE MARK" with these Books/Movies. I just sent The 1st of the Serises to a Great Friend/Boyfriend of mine in Oregon (I live In Calif) and he's "HOOKDED, Line & Sunk." He knew the Lord, but strayed before I met him and when we met I started Ministring to him about the "End Times" and how so many of "Pastors Believe" that "WE'RE" the generation who WILL SEE Christ Return and does he want to be "Left Behind?" So I sent him the 1st Book and hes called me "CRYING" stating that he "DOES NOT" want to be one of them "Left Behind." Well "NOW" he's BACK in Church and he cant wait to get over here to start going to church & Fellowshipping with my mother and I over here. So you see everyone, this May Not be anything NEW to you guys over there, but it "IS TO US" over here. "THANK YOU" DR. LaHaye & Mr. Jenkins for being "OBEDIANT" in HEARING the LORD and SHARING it with "ALL OF US" what "HE" has shared with. I LOVE "MY LORD" EVEN MORE "NOW" because of the THRUTH that you BOTH shared with ME "IN & THROUGH" these Wonderful Books. I guess I just got TIRED of PARSHING for the Lack Of KNOWLEDGE (Timothy) and theres NO lack of KNOWLEDGE here with the BOTH of you Gentlemen. THank You again for SHARING your KNOWLEDGE for those of us who Lack there of, in it. In Jesus and My Love and Prayers Always, Desiree' & Drew THe Lord is So Good isnt HE?
—Desiree' A. Thomas

The impact of this series could not possibly be measued! I am a born again believer, yet after reading the whole series, I was still amazed at all that I learned from these books. The Authors were very smart to add bible versus to back up the events that happened in their books. However, I have had so many of my employees saved after reading the series, and have opened up for so many many questions, leading to many being saved, bible studies, baptisms, and the furture harvesting of souls. I am so thankful that God used Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye as his instrument in doing so, and now look forward to their last book in the series.
—stacy garber

I discovered the series several years ago when only 7 or 8 of the books were published. I've learned so much about the bible & particularly the book of revelation, that this series was a large factor in getting saved. I convinced my wife to read the series and she is saved too. I'm a medical techmologist and when I get a patient who loves books, I witness to them about "Left Behind" and many seem to really want to read the series. This is my way of witnessing for Christ with zeal because I'm so passionate about the series. God bless you for this truly well written series.
—Joseph R. Grivois

hey, I was saved at church camp 2006, whene I got back I got futher away from God. So my riend from church and school told me about these books.Ifeel in love within the first book.Now I tell anyone who ask me and even if they do not. So far i have got one person really into these books.

The Left Behind series had a great influence on my decision to becoming a Christian at the age of 63. All my adult life I had professed to being an atheist. My wife Betty who I met at the age of 51 was a born-again Christian, a Bible school graduate and had been a full-time children's evangelist. For 11 years we had lived a very happy life expect the most important, Spiritually. We mutually respected each other's faith and lack of faith. On occasions she would mention to me about a series of books that she had heard of called Left Behind. On day I was in a bookstore and saw a display for one of the books. I bought her a copy of the first in the series and as she read it she would mention to me the series was written about the end of the world. She knew that I always enjoyed reading science fiction so the thought of the series intrigued me. When she finished reading the first book I picked it up and starting reading it. I read the first book and was hooked. At first I was annoyed with the Scripture in the book and tried to skip over those portions, but soon realized that the Biblical passages explained the whole plot so I had to discipline myself to read them carefully. I continued to buy the series and Betty would explain to me what I did not understand. After reading the first 3 books of the series I had begun to question my life-long belief that there was no God or Heaven. I soon told Betty that I wanted to go to a church and see how I felt about it. Many years prior to our meeting Betty had worked at Liberty Bible Institute and had worked with a young man attending the institute named Michael Gestrich. She had been very impressed with him and knew that he was a pastor in a church here in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. We found him at the Hilltop Baptist Church and after listening to his sermons over a 3 week period I came under the conviction to be saved. A month later I was led to the Lord by my wife on the couch in our living room. Two months later I was baptized by Pastor Mike. Now 2 years later I am proud to say that Betty is the Sunday School Superintendent and I am her assistant and an usher in our church. We are also students in the Liberty Home Bible Institute. So, your series of books had a great influence on my decision to become a Christian and I eagerly look forward to the last book in the series, Kingdom Come. God bless Jerry and Tim from a 67 year old man who did not become a Christian until the senior age of 63. This proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
—Larry D Caldwell

First of all i have to come clean.I downloaded the three movies form a file shareing program and didnt pay for it.Im on a pension and cant aford much so I ask if you can forgive me for doing so. To get to the point of the matter,the movies have made me get more serious about following the Lord Jesus Christ,and to be more vigelent about world events.The three movies have sparked an interest in reading the bible as well again specially in the area of prophecies and trying to figure out how the bible forcasts the great return of our Lord and personal saviour One final question.Is there going to be a forth movie made?if so when?
—wayne doucette

I just want to say that the Left Behind books have made prophecy so much more clear for me. I have read all the Left Behind books twice and the first 6 of the kids series.I know they are somewhat ficitonal but the Truth within the books has strengthened my faith. <><
—Sherrie Parent

In reading this series from the beginning, you have brought me back to My Lord and Savior. What could be more wonderful? You have helped me to understand where in this time I fit in, and I have been extremely blessed! I was given strength to pray for/with my brother (a professed atheist) on the day of his death from cancer. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, however, the following evening, God's Holy Spirit came to me and spoke those most glorious words, "He's with Me!" I was then able to testify to this wonderful occurance before a group of over 300 bikers, friends and family, at his funeral. God has blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you for the wonderful gift of knowing Him better, and I will never stop witnessing His glorious name! God Bless You for sharing your knowledge and understanding of His Holy word. See you there!!! A humbled servant, Linda N
—Linda N

My mother gave me the fisrt four books of the left behind series and it sat in my living room for a long time. Then one day I just decided to read it and as I read it I became aware that while this is a book, this could really happen!!! Now I have always believed in Jesus and the rapture, I just never really lived for him. But as I read the books it was like something just lit up inside of me and I realized that I did not want to be left behind to face the horrible things that are to come. So I started to read the bible, it was actually more like an urgent need to read the bible and go to church and really get close to the Lord and I am happy to say that I know live for the lord, i don't drink and smoke and do the other things that had me hell bound. I believe that God placed those books in my life for a reason because it seemed that nothing else was really pushing me to make that final step and I am glad to say that your books did.
—Cicely Carroll

I was afraid to read these books at first. Thinking about the end times scared me. My mother gave me "Left Behind" and told me to read it. I finally did and then I couldn't get enough. I read each of the books within a few weeks after that. Then I couldn't wait for the rest to come out. I grew up in church but when I married and moved away I quit going for a while. These books inspired me to go back to church and get my life right with God again. I definitely did not want to be left behind. My husband is not a believer. I tried to get him to read the books but he won't. I made him promise that if me and the kids disappear someday that he will read the books. Thank you so much for these books. They made the end times come alive for me and made it a lot less scary.
—Tracy Dobbyn

My life has been greatly impacted by these books. I was 13 when I finished The Glorious Appering. I'm 14 now. The Left Behind seiris has made my faith grow so greatly that I am willing to die if I had to. I have been very sick all my life with not being able to eat normal food. I have been so much better after God has ansewed my prayers for health. It turns out it was acid reflex. God has shown me my calling. I am to become an authour. Allthough my spelling is horrid. I also like to sing and act. He gave me a great thinking mind. I'm writing a book now. I want to get it published by October 07. It will be my first book to be published. Reading the Left Behind books has made my faith so strong that I can't get enough of learning about the rapture. I want to be a Rapture shcolar. What a wierd thing for a kid to be huh? God has even shown me what collage to go to. I have been a beliver ever sense I was seven. These books changed me. They gave me a whole new perspective on life. I feel that I need tell every living soul that Jesus is the only way to God, nomatter how wierd they tink I am. I don't want to see any of my friends or family rot in hell. I look forward to the day that God crushes Satan and his ban of rebles. I am so excited about His second comming! I look for Him every day. I think you should to.
—Katie Williams

I was listening to Fox news in early 2005 and heard an interview w/ Jerry Jenkins. I was suprised at how kind he sounded and how important it was to get the message of the gospel out. That evening I looked for a website and found it and the first chapter of the first book. I was hooked. I read the 12 in a short time. I grew up in a Christian home and rejected it for my own ambitions. Well, the Holy Spirit convicted me of all I was doing and on May 9, 2005, my name was written in the Lambs Book of Life. My wife's prayers were answered. After that day, I received the call that God had on my life to be an evangelist, my wife and I prepare daily for ministry. God bless you all. Maranatha!
—John Sgambato

I found, during The Rapture, that I cared much less about what was happening on earth than I did about Irene and Raymie and the saints in heaven. I loved the crowns laid at the feet of Christ. It exactly mirrors my own near-death experience of having rapid-fire, immediate discussions with everyone I knew there and with Christ (I was not able to speak with God, partly because I had a 5-month-old baby and chose to return to earth for her), everyone there was 33, including my 84 year-old friend Ruth, and Marty who drowned at age 8 in my hometown. I hunger for MORE of the Rapture and can't wait until April for the newest edition. Write faster.
—Judith Ann Hillard

I can't say enough good things about the Left Behind series. They have changed my life and my walk with the Lord. Thank you for the wonderful books.
—Bonita Taylor

Having been intimately involved with LEFT BEHIND, as scriptwriter for several of the dramatic audios and more recently the computer game, Left Behind has made an important difference in my life. Of far greater value to me is the way it taught me that we need to be watching for the iminent return of the Lord and the Rapture of the saints. If we truly lived like the Rapture could take place today there would be less people that would miss out on it. Left Behind illustrated that in such a dramatic way- we need to remember that THIS speculative fiction has a strong basis in truth. And I've seen people come to the Lord through the books and dramas.
—Darby Kern

Left Behind is the first book I've ever read that I just could not put down! I loved every bit of it. After many years of "believing in the distance" rather than "believing" in the present moment, Left Behind has renewed my Faith, Hope & Belief in God again. I've always believed in God, but somehow it was a belief that was way in the back of my mind. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
—Christine Belmonte

The Left Behind series has forever changed my life! Two years ago I was living in Las Vegas NV, and for me, that was "Sin City" in more ways than I care to remember. Looking back at that time in my life, I can now see that I was rapidly spirally toward an early grave...physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. I was 55 years old, and already feeling worn out, helpless and hopeless. I was gambling and losing money at an alarming rate; my blood pressure was so out of control that I had to be hospitalized twice; I was depressed and alone, functioning on autopilot and running out of fuel. One day a coworker told me about some books she had just been given as a gift, the Left Behind series. She had only started reading the first book but was very excited about it, and I asked her if I could take a look at it when she finished. (Since childhood, I’ve always been a voracious reader, often using books as an escape route from reality.) A few days later, my coworker brought me the first book, and I read it that night when I got home from work. That’s right…I read the first book in one night and took it back to her the next day, eagerly asking for the next one. To make a long story short, within 8 days, I had read the entire series! Before I had even finished the first book, I realized that I did not want to be one of the ones left behind. I came to the realization that the sorry condition of my life was due to turning my back on God, making poor (and sometimes dangerous) choices that put both soul and body at risk. The Left Behind series rekindled in me a desire to LIVE, to know God and to experience His healing love in my life again. I realized that, when I meet Jesus, my King of Kings, I want us both to be smiling! The Left Behind series brought it graphically home to me that I needed to step off the wide path to hell I was trodding and plant my feet on the narrow path that leads to life everlasting. Not only because I hope to be spared the horrors of the coming Tribulation or the eternal fires of hell, but because I love God and hope to live in the earthly Kingdom of my Lord Jesus Christ. The Left Behind series was a catalyst for change in my life. My only wish now is that I had the whole set of books so I could read them again. I don't have any of them...haven’t been able to afford that yet (my finances are still in some disarray due to the expense of my two hospitalizations). I’m eternally grateful to God, though, for putting that coworker in my path and making the books available to me through her when I really needed them. Without the Left Behind series, it’s no exaggeration to say that I might be dead now.
—Patte Rehak

A co-worker first told me about the Left Behind series when there were only a few books out, but I never pursued it. Then I happened upon one of the "Kids" books and started reading them. It wasn't until 8 books later that I discovered there were other books. By then I was hooked and wanted to read the "real" ones. What I found in that first book was a profound joy in the believers. I didn't have that joy, but I knew I wanted it. A year later, we moved to a new city and I started looking for a new church. Because of those books, I knew what kind of church I wanted and I found it. I am now a spirit-filled disciple totally in love with the Lord. The Left Behind books opened my eyes to what I was missing. Thank you!
—Lynn Havnar

My best friend of 25 years, Shawn, would always listen to me talk about God & always listen to me no matter what i said because she loved me & cared what I thought. After many years of fiendship, I told her about the Left Behind series & she started to read it. after the 5th one she was ready hear more about salvation. It was a November lunch & she asked if I thought God was really coming back soon. I told her yes, She intently listened and during Christmas she finally came to the Christ. The books opened a dialogue that wouldn't of happened without them. I have talked about the blessing those books are, to many people. What a valuable tool for Heaven. Sharon R Johnson
—sharon r johnson

Before I read Left Behind I did not know what the rapture was. The books have helped me in my spirital growth and I will always love them. They are my number one facorite books. And at age 13 they keep my focus on Him. There is so much more I could say but all let others say it. God has blessed thess books so they can bless others in the world.
—Karen Desimone

I shared the books with my daughter and teenage granddaughter and they both accepted the Lord and were baptized in 2005. Praises!! The series was an answer to my prayers for the salvation of my daughter and now even my g-daughter.

I tuned in about 2 years later than the first book became available....But it didn't take me long at all to get up to speed..I would buy one and come home and have it read by the next evening..After reading the available books I could hardly wait until the next and the next etc, book came out...I read my Bible along with the books and I could better understand the book Revelations..These books are/were such a blessing to me..and my husband..I have them all...Can't wait for Kingdom Come to become available...I will be re-reading these books again and again..
—Carole O

Hello, I absolutely love the Left Behind Series! In fact I have been wondering if the Series wasn't partially divinely inspired. I have have really sensed more of God's every existing presence after each time I've read any of the books! I can't wait for the Sequel "Kingdom Come: Final Victory" to be released to the public. Sincerely, Austin Premo
—Austin Premo

The Left Behind series basically saved my life. I was an unsaved person when I first started reading the series and after the first book, I became saved and HOOKED. I cannot thank you enough for explaining the book of Revelation in terms that I and probably millions of others can understand. God has blessed us all with you!!! Thank you and continued blessings to you and yours. I will see you in heaven!!!!!!
—Lisette Rushing


I have all of the Left Behind Series and for me it was an awesome expirence! I felt like I was right there living! I began reading them and could not put them down! Waiting for the Lord's glorious appearing! I loaned them to my sister and her boyfriend and they are new to Christ and they have told me it has been a real eye opener and can't put them down either! Praise the Lord!
—Kelly Taylor

wow no words can describ. I looked foreward to each book soooooo much. I am going to miss them. Why not start a fiction serious about something else.You guys did a spirit filled good job. I have orered the book from christian book distributators weeks ago and Iam waiting with anticipation for it to be shiped. G-b bless
—sandy perez

These books are amazing! I started out by reading the kids and loved it but when I got to this series it asounded me! I laughed,cryed,felt anger and hostility toward Nicolae and his evil band! These books really touced my heart!

I have read books 1-12 of the Left Behind series and also Johns Story. I believe that this is only the beginning. I have enjoyed them completely and can't wait to read the rest of them. As I was reading them people started to wonder where I was as I read them all at once. When I told them they wanted to read them too. People that have never had any religion at all have read them and loved them. I am so greatful to you for your wonderful creations. Thank You.
—Dennis Romeo

I would like to thank Tim, Jerry, and God for the publishing of these books. They have greatly influenced my life and recently I have even read one a day. Before these books I was just kind of a go along Christian and would have probably had to endure these trials, however my eyes have been opened and now I am a true and loyal servant of Christ.
—Garrett McDaniel

hey im tiffany cop. i was raised as an aithiest im 15 and a chriastian friend of mine gave me the left behind the kids series to read. i had to hide it from my parents because they wold kill my if they found out that i was reading christian books. thay dont even say let me say the word god or jesus in the house. i read every the books and started crying so hard. i need to know more about jesus and god. i prayed the prayer and how i wish i could tell my parents. i want to tell them and have them be saved. but i know they wont llisten espessialy my father. please tell my more and pray for me and my parents.
—Tiffany Cop

The Left Behind series other than taking all my spare time for a while realy made me realize a lot about my faith and the way i was living my life it made me realize that God is amazing and that I should live 100% for him thank you Tim and Jerry for writing these books.
—Ryan Morgan

Hi, my name is smiley. i love your books so much!i started reading these when i was 11, since then i have realized that this series has changed my life. i was already a believer when i startedreading. i hate to say this but i was kind of turning away from God.but when is started i realized that every time someone would pray the prayer i would be saying it along.i'm on 25 now but i'm determined to get merch.thank yo uso much you probably saved my life, or at leaste from being left behind. no one really knows when the glorious appearence is going to be but i hope i'm alive to see it.I can't thank you enough. -Smiley

Dear Mr. Jerry Jenkins and Mr. Tim LaHaye, I’ve known about Left Behind since the year 2004, but never knew what it actually meant. But I was only 11 at the time. Now that I am 14, I know exactly what this is all about. Left behind has been a life changer for me. It’s like I never know when Jesus will come back. Now I am only reading the kid series. I’ve never read the adult series before. But it is amazing how the kid’s series is very parallel to the adult series. I hope you both continue writing books. They are awesome. I tip my hat off to you guys. (Even though I am not wearing a hat!) But still I love your books. May God bless and keep you, B’Renthia Waller.
—B'Renthia Waller

I read the books about as fast as they came out, and when I finished them I gave them to others who were a book or two behind me. Fast forward a while, when I decided to read the series again. So...rebuy the books, reread, regive, etc.. I know I have bought at least 3 copies of Left Behind, 2 of everything else, and eventually I hope I learn to keep the books I buy, because this is getting expensive. :)

Ok I know I that I have the same name as Vicki Byrne from LBK. I absolutly adore Left Behind the Kids!! It has taught my so much and has brought me closer with god. I now read my bible and pry something I never did before but now love doing. I cant thank you guys enough. And I absolutly love having the same name as one of your characters. But I have a question is there going to be movie based on the series I wathed Left Behind but how about Left Behind the Kids? Im sure it will be a huge hit! PLEASE!!! Vicki Byrne.
—Vicki Byrne

I have always been a believer... Well kinda. I alwaysed believed there was a God and i believed that Jesus died for my sins. But I never prayed or went to church or just craving the things about God, Jesus, and the bible like I do now. After I read your seises I cannnot get engough of the bible and just learning all i can about it. And what was and is to come. SO thanks your books changed my life so much. By the way I am 15 and strated you kids seires when i was 14.
—Destine' Patel

Dear jerry and tim Hi1 My name is jonathan land.i just wanted to email you and tell you how much i have enjoyed the left behind series.i love studying Bible prophecy.Question i have is there are some people that thinks we are going to go through the great tribulationwhich we will not.But they believe that jesus is coming back.will these people go in the Rapture? your friend in christ jonathan land
—jonathan land

the left behind series has changed my life and introduced me to a better way to whorship God and show my love of Him
—garry rose

Hi, I really enjoy reading the series Left Behind . I have been a Christian since I was five, but just recently started having a personal relationship with our Father. I started reading the kids series about a year ago, when I was in sixth grade. I had heard a lot about them, but i hadn't really wanted to read them them. When i finally did, I got hooked on them, even though not everything made sense to me. Unfortunately our library only had up to book ten, so I had to stop. At that time I had not started my personal relationship with Him yet, and the books were still a bit confusing to me. Now I am in 7th grade and staying in Escindido, California for a while. Just a few days ago my mom brought home some books from our church library, she had found almost all of the books up #22! Since then I have been reading them. Just last night, after I finished reading a chapter of book #17, I felt a peace in my heart, like I was growing in my faith, like these were the books our Father wanted me to be reading. Please let Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye know that i really appreciate their books and enjoy reading them greatly, they are great stories of truth that I am sure helped many readers including me, understand the book of Revelations and what it means when it talks about the end. In adition to that they are REALLY well written books that draw me into them. These books mean a lot to me, especially knowing that someone cared enough to write them. Thank you for reading this, and I hope all has been going well. Never lose hope! In Christ, Becca

I loved the Left Behind series! I could not put them down! I read most of them cover to cover. Most peole I tell about that think it is strange that I would do that becouse of my age. I'm 13 and I have read only the adult series. I have had a hard time finding a new book because those books have captured me and my thoughts. I still think of the people often and I miss them. I have always loved God but now on such a deeper level. When I was youger I was afriad I would not go to Heaven. Now I am so sure that I will. I have been resurching so much about the end times. My mom is so happy that I am closer to God and it's all thanks to the Left Behind series and thier authers. Thank you! :)
—Katie Williams

My name is George I'm 55yrs old and live in Australia.I have only been a born again Christian for eight years, after a life time of alcohol and drug abuse. I'm the only son of seven children,my father was stabbed to death when I was eighteen,I was put in gaol at the same time my fathers murderer was set free. She was a women who didn't even do time for manslaughter, as she stabbed him twice with two knives.I was a first timer having never been charged with any offences, I was charged with larceny of one motor vechile and joy riding in another stolen car(I was a passenger) and I got 18months hard labour. Into the first couple of weeks in gaol being a naive 18yr old I was set up by two lifers and raped.So needles to say I was dirty on the world when I was realeased, this went on for twenty nine years of me abusing drugs and acohol to suppress the pain and guilt I carried for being weak and letting those men rape me instead of letting them kill me. I was introduced during that time to JESUS through the Salvation arm rehab,but I wasn't ready for him then.However at the age of 47, I was after years of putting the word of GOD down and looking every where for answers, which I found didn't come from false idols, the one and only true GOD,HIS SON,and the HOLY SPIRIT SAVED ME. Not man but JESUS the seeds were sown buy the Salvo's (GOD BLESS THEM) and our FATHER watered them and for the first 4months it was just JESUS, my Bible and Me. It was the highest high I had ever had bar none,then the LORD steered me to a church the first time since I was made to go once when I was young.(Then in those years it was fire and brimstone preaching)So I was very weary but I knew my FATHER in heaven wanted me to fellowship with my brothers and sisters. it went fantastic for awhile I met a beautiful Christian women who accepted me for her husband bagge and all, after the honeymoon period at the church was over I started to get discuraged in the church and with my walk. Until my beautiful wife bought me my first Left Behind Book I now have the whole 12 of the series plus the prequils, Are We Livung in the End Times and Soon by Jerry J. These marvelous books have put me back in my walk with my LORD in a new and better way, plus it has given me a better approach to the word when I read it. Sorry I raved on a bit but I had to show you a part of where I came from and thanks to the Left Behind series and idea of what might lay ahead and how to be strong if I am here in the end times. So thank you Tim and Jerry for everything you have done for me and I dare say countless others. Your Brother in CHRIST George Many Blessings on you both and your Familys.
—George Whitney

Hi i want to say thank you for writing the Left Behind >The Kids< series. I felt as if the i was seeing and understanding what the Bible said about the rapture. Those books had everything you could have imagined, from suspense to laughter to sadness and to the point where you just wanted to burst because you were so happy. A couple of times i found myself tearing up, and at one point crying. These books got me very interested about the rapture and all that God would do. I am inspired by Judd, Vicki, Lionel, Ryan, and so many more people. I hope that I can spread the word to people about God's unfailing love. When I finished the last book I was so sad that there were no more to read. I found I would be reading 2 or 3 of these books a day. It was amazing that the true believers could actually see Jesus on earth and have a talk with him. Thank you for this wonderful experience in reading the series!!! God is the Alpha and Omega, first and last, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Prince of PEACE.
—Andi Thompson

Hey! I love your books! I've never been much of a reader but my mom made me try reading your books and I can't put them down! I became a christian when I was 4yrs old. I understood that Jesus was Christ,the son of God but I didn't fully understand that with being a Chritian came a lot of responsabillaty. I figured I had a lot of time to witness to people. These books have made me want to learn more about God and that I don't have a lot of time to witness to people and that even a the thirteen I can make a differance!

I was raised in the roman catholic religion and stopped going to church when i was about 15yo. About 2 years ago my boyfriend (now fiancee) suggested I read "Left Behind". To begin with I struggled with some of the concepts, especially that of eternal security, but these people really knew Scripture and were so on fire for Christ. I had never experienced anything like that before. I have since been to several churches and have been fascinated by christians and their love for God. I do not attend church at present, partly because I am not sure where God wants me and work commitments make attending services very difficult. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in pointing me in the right direction to trust Christ as my Lord and Saviour. The work you do is wonderful and the Lord is surely pleased. I especially enjoyed Glorious Appearing and how the characters interacted with Jesus upon his return. Thank you once again Yours In Christ

I am 13. I love the adult Left Behind series. I had been a beliver berfor I had read them but I have so much more faith in God becouse of these books. I fished the last one yesterday. I read for 7 hours stright! After I finished the book I asked God to put me in the front lines of battle. That's a pretty odd thing for a person my age to ask, don't you think? Evey time someone died I cried if they were a beliver. I hated the devil more and more with each death. I asked my mom if I could through the Devil into the lake of fire. She said only God could do that. I said "AAWW... Then can I watch?" The new faith I have because of the books is so great. I would be willing to die for my faith. I figure it's only 1 second of pain that will lead to eturnity. The strangest part is that I miss those people they felt so real to me. I loved the Left Behind series. I feel so much more prepared for the Rapture now. :)
—Katie Williams

This series has impacted my life in countless ways. It was one of the main reasons i decided to follow Jesus. I'm fifteen right now and my family is a church family. I've been going ever since I can remember. I've always believed that Jesus died for our sins but never really took the next step. I started reading these books when I was in eigth grade. I could'nt put them down. They were so interesting and suspensefull. The lessons mixed in with the action is what kept me reading. I mean, if it was all lessons and bible verses I most likely would've gotten bored and never read all of the books. They taught me more about God and Jesus and the plan for my life. These books is what helped me change my life. To that I say thank you.
—Chad T. from Baltimore

I started reading Left Behind in Sept/06 and I have not been able to put the books down. I just started the Mark. Reading the books has really opened my eyes to how I need Christ now and the importance of reaching others because the Rapture can happen at any time and I feel it is close.

I love the kids left behind books with a passion. I'm now on the 40th book, and can't wait to read about the outcome of the Glorious Appearing. Thank you Jerry and Tim for the lovely Revelation books. You have touched many lives with your writings, including me. Me, being a 16 yr old, never expected to read what was known as a "kids book". But, by no means do I realize while reading that these are "kids books". Thank you!
—Lynne -|-

left behind the kids is the best. I am from a christian home but i never really had a real realationship with god. i went to church every sunday with my family but i never really knew jesus. i figured that if the rapture came during my lifetime that i woud be raptured to scince i came from a christian family and alaways went to church. i recived the left behind the kids series from my parents as a gift for my 15 birthday. as soon as i started reading them i coudent put them down i started crying and relized that i was a phony chrisrian i recieved christ in my heart and prayed for forgivness. thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth. now i know that i wont be left behind i will spend eternity with my lord and savior jesus christ.a friend of mine that is a strong athiast first started laughing at me when i told her of how jesus changed my life but i convinced her to read the left behind books i let her borrow about two monthes later she knoked on my front door tears running down told me that she had acceptad jesus into her heart. everyone at school was suprised at how she changed and asked her quetions she pointed at your left behind books and the bible many people left but some listend. she is now traveling around the world spreading the good news of christ (shes 4 years older than me.)I jest cant thank you guys enough you make the blible fun and interesting ! Ps. is there going to be a movie based on left behind the kids? I hope so. Vicki Steele Porland Oregon
—Vicki Steele

How does Tim Lehay explain Mt.24 vs 39 where the days of Noah mean the bad will be taken & the good will be left behind ?
—Jim Osterbrink

How does Tim Lehay explain Mt.24 vs 39 where the days of Noah mean the bad will be taken & the good will be left behind ?
—Jim Osterbrink

The books and especially The Rapture along with an incident that happened to me this past year (I was shot at)have made me realize that I am just passing through this world on to a better place with my Lord. I will not live forever on this earth but in heaven with my Jesus.

To Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye, When I saw the Left Behind children books for the first time in 1998 I bought them and immediately began to read them. I stayed with the books up until after Ryan's death. I stopped reading the books because of two main reasons: 1. Ryan was my favorite character and I was very upset he had to die. 2. School work was not allowing me to read very much outside of the required material. I started reading again when books 13-18 came out in a boxed set. Around that time I was taking confirmation classes. We devoted 3 classes eniterly to discussing the books and finding where each book takes place in the actual Bible (Revelations). Again I stopped reading after confirmation and did not read them until recently. One of my friends came over about 2 weeks ago and borrowed some of the books. He gave them back to me this weekend and fell in love with the series. In Sunday school we have been discussing the books, as it has become a hot topic. Although I know how the series ends, tomorrow I will go out and buy 38-40 to finish the reading. The books are excellent! They are addictive and pull the reader in. When you read book one you immediately want to read books 2-40. If not because of school work, I would not be able to put them down. There are not too many books that I know of today that attract teenager and do not deal with blood, gore, sex, or violence. You have been able to make a series that has made reading the Bible and discussing it fun, and you have made a series that absorbs the reader and makes them want to keep reading. My favorite quote from my english literature professor is, "You know it's a good book when you get to the end, cry because it's over, put it down for a few moments and imagine what else could happen, then stsrt the book all over again." With book 40 the series has ended. However, when you go back to book one, the adventure is just begining. Thank you for making a series that no matter how many times you read it, it will never be old and boring.


Hello this is Samantha. I read all of the books in the Left Behind series, and i was left wanting for more. What could i do to become forgiven of my sin? Please give me some advice! I want to become born-again, so please help me! Sincerely, Samantha, age 16, USA, NJ

Ive been a Christian since I was a teeanager. Allthough around age 18 I started to slide away from God. I continue to struggle but I seek to follow him everyday and to raise my children knowing Jesus. I had tried reading the Left Behind series around the time I slid away from God, but just couldnt get into them. Last year I did read through every book and am anxiously awaiting the sequel. I really enjoyed them and felt that I truly got to know every character. It never felled to lift my spirits reading the books and knowing that Jesus had died for me so I wouldnt have to go through what the people in the books did. I pray that God will continue to use these books as a way to lead people to him.
—Jeffrey Lowers

i learned so much about the future reading your books!i loved all of the charachters too.i am 12 1/2 years old and i have been so addicted to your books!i just finished reading them and i started reading them in the summer.your books have me wanting to go tell others about jesus this very second!so thanks for writing this series and i hope many come to christ b/c of your hard work!keep writing for jesus,i bet you he loves it but not half as much as he loves you! thanx,signed -a fellow reader!
—justeen sanchez chaboya

thank you very much for writing these books. i would have never had the faith in jesus today if it wasnt for these books. you know what the funny thing is the only reason i even found the books is because the book nicolea is kinda like my middle name but since i did find the books i have devoted my life to god. now i tell people(none believers)about these books so mabey theywll change their ives as much as they have changed mine. some people pretend not to be intrested but when ive gon to there house they have them hid underneith their bed. i dont care if they dont tell me they belive but as long as they belve i am happy. i used to be afraid of the endtimes but know i kinda look forward to them. because i know that i wil be with jesus. my only cocern is about those people who are to stubbern to belive and their realy good friends of me and i dont want to see them suffer i just want to say thank you because know i feel like i have somthing to look forward to thank you again and god bless love ashley

i love the books its like reading a storie and learning the bible all in one.i have hep c and it really help change my outlook on death and dying now if some one says anything about death and dying i ask them whose worst there going to be with the father. we dont know whats in store in every day life.i think the game could be a challenge to fight agianst the antichrist. if im here when he comes hope i can help him out that i mean help fight agianst the antichrist well to all the blessings of the season god bless sherry
—sherry nelson

I bought the first 6 books because of a book study I was going to do and after I received the books they decided to do it on a different book because they couldn't talk about religion on this website. After reading those first 6 books I went and bought a NIV Bible and started reading from the very begining. I have prayed more in the last few months then I have in my life. I started going to church as well. I really believe that this will happen I definitely am glad these books opened my eyes cause' I don't want to be left behind. Thank you!

My mother in law gave me the series and it is the best gift that i could ever recieve. i am on number five and i just can not seem to put them down. I am a christian, but i have to say that i have been scared to death about not going and i have started going and now i see where i need to be as well as where my loyalties need to be. i look forward to reading the rest of what is left. thank for the wonderful reads.
—Angie Mullins

I have seen the first movie in the series (Left Behind), and also the second (Tribulation Force), and also #3 (World at War). Though I did see them out of order..the last one I saw was Tribulation Force, and in that DVD in the deleted and extended scenes there was one extended (and deleted) scene that I thought was BEAUTIFUL, and should have been left in..and that is where the Angelic Messenger first came to Rayford Steele to give him the strength to continue, and in the extended, and deleted scene she sang Amazing Grace walking through a crowd of lost souls, and one of them hugged her, breaking out into tears...though I am glad that the seen can be viewed at the end of the movie, I believe that it was an EXTREMELY beautiful, and moving part that should have been left in. I do thank all the participants in the making of the Left Behind series, and certainly do not mean to criticize in any way, shape, or form anyone involved in the making of this WONDERFUL series...I just felt compelled to pass along my feelings! Once again, Thank You for a movie series that can, and has made a huge POSITIVE impact on many lives (including mine)!! Blessings to all, Bob of Pennsylvania
—Robert Fuller

Hi my name is taylor. I live in florida and I started reading left behind when I was 11 years old. My mom made me read them at first, but then I learned to love to read them. I finished the kids series in about three months. I am now reading the adult series and am on book nine. I started reading them is october. Left Behind has changed mylife completely. I used to have problems with cutting and wanted to die.But after Iread these series I realized how fortunete I am to not haft to run from people who were trying to kill me and realized that God will take me when I'm ready. If it wasn't for your books, I probebly wouldn't be here right now. If its not to much to ask for please if you can pray for my dad. He's in jail. I've never met him but I always feel like I should pray for him. Thank you so very much and I will alawys be praying for you. Your friend in Christ, Taylor Foltz.
—taylor foltz

It made me read the book of Revelation for myself and let me understand what are going to unfold. I went from the Kids Series to Left Behind itself and saw how their events connected (Bruce Banes).Thanks!
—Marquis Dingle

i dont really have any questions. i just want to say how much these books have affected me. i absolutely love them. i grew up in a christian home and i always go to church every sunday and wednesday. my grandfather was a baptist pastor and even my dad pastored a church for about 6 months. but i just always felt like judd. that i was too good for it, that it was a waste of time. the only reason i liked going to church was there was this cute guy there that i liked. now i am much more closer to god. i find myself praying to him a lot lot lot and not just on the big stuff on the small stuff everything from please god let me do my best ability on this math test to thank you lord for keeping me safe today. everything. i do have a question. or more of a concern really. lately i have been wanting to even though i know the truth..i feel like i WANT to stay behind during the rapture and its really bothering me. i dont know why i feel this way but i dont think that im supposed to. i want to stay behind because well. 1. i want to witness the miraculous things god does 2. i will know what is happening and i want to stay behind and tell people what i know i know that its my job to do that now its just. i dont know who all have already accepted christ and who hasnt. it would be so much easier if we already had the mark. i have tried to tell my friends before but they usually just politely listen and that's it. it doesn't effect them. i dont know what to do. and i already have a whole conversation in my mind as how i would bring up the conversation of god after the rapture but as for now time...i dont know what to say or how to say it. i guess the reason why i want to saty behind is because it would be easier to tell people about jesus then , then it is now. i know that is extremely selfish and i know that i have to work on it and i am trying but i still want to stay behind. but the truth is i dont know if that is wrong of me or not. would god be mad that i want to stay behind because it would be like me knowing of his gift but still not wanting to take it. when i think of it that way i burst out crying. i dont want to do that at all . i know what god did and i believe but for some reason i still want to stay behind and i have been praying to god to give me peace about this subject and i ask that you would write me back please with your advice. i know that if it is gods will i will be left behind and if i do get left behind it is not because i didnt know its because god has a bigger plan for me on earth. but i would still like you to pray for me to have peace and that i would know what to do about this because i am confused. thank you so much. i really appreciate what you are doing, its really great..and sorry for the message being so long. in christ, victoria

Left behind saved my life. In 2004 a coworker used to bring in audio books to listen to and in Novemeber 04 I heard book 10 and could not get enough. One month later he found 11 and 12 and in January of 05 I got saved. My life went from bad relationships and a bad attitude to moving to paradise, making more money then I ever did before and getting married to my best friend of 10 years who followed me to paradise. Now I order the dramatic series once a week and pass them out to the women here at my new job.They listen intently and wait for the new order to come in. I have the audio tapes of the 1st 12 and the books of the 3 newest in the series. This series saved my life and the life of my family, strangers, and anyone who will listen. We are truly blessed.

Since I have been reading the Left Behind books I have grown much closer to god. I think the left behind series are great books. I think that if more people who starts reading the books they will believe in god if they already didn't.I never realized how much I didn't know about whats going to be taking place in the future. Thank you for making those books!

from the age of 13 to about 2 years ago i was a satanist and didn't care about anyone or anything but then something had happened that i was involved in and had to go to mt. pleasent that is a prison in southeast iowa i got there ready for what ever they had to throw at me but want i didn't realize is that i was not ready for what the lord was going to show me . he showed me whay i really was and who i was searving and how did he do this you ask by locking me in a cell 23 hours a day for 74 days that is when i decided to read the first left behind book i guess you could say that tim and jerrey saved me from destroying myself by planting the seed of christ i served 10 and a half months in that prison and i can tell you truthfuly thatif it was not for going to prison and finding the left behind series what happened to me would have never happened. i turned my life over to the lord as well as getting a big brother that will never turn his back or leave meand now that i am out i am makeing it my goal to win as many souls to christ as i can and if i can get them to go to the lords team from satan's that is so much the better thank you for your time and god bless everyone of you michael g walker youth pastor and anti occultist

Why must I convert? I have my own personal Higher power(the god as I know him). I have acceptance and tolerance of others who do not wish to convert to any religion and I urge you to do the same.

Dear Dr.Lahaye and Mr.Jenkins i am 16 and i have read all 12 left behind books and i have become more religious then i ever thought i would be i thank you for giving me the chance to realize that i have faith in the lord these books were the best books i ever read and i really enjoyed the books i plan on reading the kingdom come series and i cant wait till they come out again i thank you for oppertunity to find faith thank you Yours truly a new found believer Bob Johnson
—Bob Johnson

The series is absolutely wonderful! I am on the 11th book, and am re-reading for the 2nd time around. Just wonderful & I feel I know these characters personally. I find myself hoping the Rapture would come in my lifetime ... can't wait. God Bless, Candy
—Candy Drummond

I purchased the "Left Behind" book when it first debuted in hardcover at Family Christian Bookstore. I read a few pages of it then put it aside...big mistake. My mom had purchased it a year later in trade paperback and when she told me how much she loved it, I picked mine up and started back from beginning to end. What a blessing it was to me! I purchased the entire series afterward and then began reading the new series about Nicolae. It changed my life. I was wondering where I could re-purchase the first edition hardcover because about 5 years ago while moving, someone stole 2 boxes of my books labeled "Christian books" and that book just happened to be in there;so I'm hoping whomever did read it and it changed their lives for the better. If so, please contact me so that I may put it back with the rest of my collection. Thank you very much and God bless.

I started reading your book series when I was living at a boarding school in Utah and now that I am home, I am finishing up reading the series. I have to say that I have changed my total perspective on religion. Even though my dad has told me I shouldn't, I am not afraid to express to my friends and peers that I am a believer in God. I am currently reading The Remnant, and I absolutly love it. I am trying to get my hands on every book so i can finish the series. These books have changed my view on things, many people, including my own youth pastor at church dont believe in the rapture and being left behind, and i am kind of stumped about that. I do know for a fact however that there will be seven years of tribulation before Jesus sets up his millenial kingdom on earth. I now have faith in God thanks to you two. I wish this series could keep going on and on, even though i know it cant. I am happy that you are writing prequels to the series, that way i can understand better how the main characters in the book were left behind at the rapture. Again Thank You for your time and dedication to these books. Once i start one, i cannot put it down. May God Bless You
—Zoe Graham

This series has impacted my life more than anything i have ever done, seen, or been involved in. # years ago, I had never heard of the series when my then now wife asked me to watch the left behind movie. I found it very interesting and thought that one day I may read a book or two. It took another 2 years for me to pick up the first book, but now, just 8 months later, i have passed her and read the series in it's entirety. Since starting the series, i have been called a "bible thumper" on more than one occasion. I have never been so in love with the word in my life. I have changed my life spiritually and live my life for the man that died for me. I ask his forgiveness daily and hope to be raptured with the rest of his mighty church. Thank you Mr Lehaye and Mr. Jenkins for bringing me closer to the lord. Im sure one day that the two of you will have extra crowns to place at our saviors feet. God Bless
—Christian Withey

i cant thank you enough for writing a fantastic series;one that needed to be written! about a month after i started reading the series i became a member of a church for the first time and was baptised. i also dedicated my 6 month old daughter and truely look forward to the day when i can see, speak and be close to Jesus. your series has taught me more than i ever could have imagined. thank you for putting so much of God's word in the left behing series. i love you so much and dont even know you guys. you and yours are in my prayers. God bless, steph
—stephanie tatum

A few years ago I found the first book of the Left Behind series at the airport where I work. I read it as I usually read my books, late at night, lying in bed. It thought it was an excellent book. I didn't follow up on the series though, until a few days ago when I found the three DVD set in a local store. I watched all three movies in two nights. Very impressive stuff, some of the scenes actually brought tears to my eyes. I'm not religious, in fact after thinking about it I'm quite a sinner. So there's that, at least. Thinking about it. If it hadn't been for your movies, I wouldn't even be doing that. Thanks..

Who exactly was Issah? When people die in Christ do they go to heaven immediately, and if they do how come when Jesus returns he takes up the dead from their graves first? It is it predetermined who will chose Christ, or does he just know what our choice will be ahead of time?
—Susan Roque

i just am really scared

So I started reading the Left behind books about a year ago and I loved them. I'm a fast reader and soon was going through about one a day. I thought that I Jesus was in my already, but i had never asked him to come into my life. That was because I didn;t know that I had to. Well, after I read the series, I kept wondering whether I'd go to heaven if the Rapture came right then and there. Then I got invited to my friends youth group and decided to go. I still thought that I was a Christian but I felt far away from God and I didn't know why. Then one day at youth group it clicked. The pastor was talking about us having to ask Jesus to come into our lives and admit that we weren't perfect. I thought back and realized that even though I had been raised in the catholic church and had my baptism, first communion, and confirmation, I had never asked Jesus to come into my heart. So I prayed that night. It was a great feeling and I want to be baptized again. So if it hadn't been for these books, I might not have come to know the Lord personally. Thanks Mr.LaHaye and Mr.Jenkins.

The Left Behind series changed my life forever. I have always believed in Jesus and was baptisted at age 12. But, I grew away from the Lord and lived my life as I wanted, never giving much though to God. I love to read and I buy used books from the library. I've seen the series at the bookstore and was aware of them, but didn't give them much thought except to think "maybe I'll read them one day." One day at the library, there was a copy of the first book 'Left Behind' for $1.00. So, I bought it. I read it and immedately went out and bought the rest. The series wasn't finished yet at the time, so I had to wait for a few of the books. But since then I have gone back to God and joined a church where I sing in the Praise and Worship Group. Just $1.00 lead me back to the right path. Thanks to the Left Behind series. All Glory to God in Heaven!
—Karen Gatlin

On labor day 2006 I was slain in the spirit I’m only 13 years old .That was a big event, we were at a royal ranger camp and they called the alter call for those who wanted to get filled with the spirit. I was the first to get OVERFILLED. During the time that I was knocked out GOD told me that the end is among us and I started reading the New Testament and revelations, it is near. The end is coming soon. Then it hit me THE LEFTBEHIND BOOKS. So, I started reading the series I’m almost done with book one and now I’m an Armageddon freak, I’m not kidding, I’m obsessed with saving souls. I have gotten cussed off at school for it too. I’m a warrior for GOD.

Dear Left Behind Team, Your book series changed my life. I am so glad that I'm going to heaven. I was saved because of your books. Sincerely, Thomas Gray
—Thomas Gray

Thank you all for the beautiful works, it helped me to tell my friends about Jesus and God. And one of them turned herself to God en Jesus. Thanks again. Kind regards, Wilma (the Netherlands) P.S. I hope my English is good enough and you can understand my message

I became a christian in 1st grade.I've read all of the left behind the kids series.Even though I'm already a christian these books helped my relationship with God so much.Words can't disrcibe how thankful I am for these books.I'v started to read the adult series.I so wish they had a tv show for left behind the kids series.That would be so cool!

thanks for a wonderfull book you wrote, may god give you more knowledge to write more i read the book just a day before i bought the film. yuor realy transformed way of living thanks god bless i hope the will enlighting more. bye from nigeria.

thanks for a wonderfull book you wrote, may god give you more knowledge to write more i read the book just a day before i bought the film. yuor realy transformed way of living thanks god bless i hope the will enlighting more. bye from nigeria.

I am thoroughly consumed with the Left Behind series, and have just finished reading "The Mark". Am anxious to start the next book! But I have wondered if you ever considered releasing a book of just Tsion's cyber-sermans? I find such peace from reading them and I think it would be great to see them all in one book, even perhaps with a few that you didn't include in the books? Yours in Christ, Cathy Antus
—Cathy Antus

I stumbled upon "The Rapture" in my local public library. I had heard of the Left Behind series but thought it was only for children. Wow, was I wrong. After reading, The Rapture and realizing there was a whole series of this type of book for adults, I have read the entire series! I was at a point in my life that I was really questioning God and nearly everything to do with religion. This is coming from someone who was raised in the Baptist Church! I have gotten away from church for many years and I must say that this wonderful series has brought me back. Not yet to church but to my beliefs! I have started reading the Bible again and honestly understanding it now. I started with Revelations and you cannot imagine how I felt when I saw every event written about in the series in that book of the Bible! I have also read several non-fiction books by Pastor Hagee. The more I read, the more "real" everything becomes to me! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. Sandi Davis
—Sandi Davis

I had gone so far off the path from God and a very good friend told me about the Left Behind series. Once I started reading I realized what was missing in my life. I have since turned back to God, received Jesus as my Savior, and have been baptized. Thank you, Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins, for these wonderful books. I have learned more about the book of Revelation and understand a lot more than I did. I would never have changed my outlook on life without them. I had forgotten how much God loved me and now I spend a lot of my day in prayer and just talking to Him.
—Cecilia Grizzle

I first found the Left Behind book at a thrift shop and was just interested by the title alone.I couldnt stop reading it!It truely opened my eyes as I read book after book and followed along with my Bible.It didnt take much or a long time for me to realize how selfishly I lived.I started seeing a Deacon at my local Catholifc church for Bible studies and have completely changed my life around.(that was only after reading the first book!)I'm now half way thru the Glorious Appearing and I find myself crying every time Jesus speaks to his people.It has been an amazing series and have never been more touched reading anything but the Bible ofcourse! Anyway I've shared my new found faith in Christ with everyone I know. Most are supportive and have started going to church with me.I've also lost friends because they they cant stand to hear about God,faith,and Jesus.The Left Behind series has been the biggest inspiration in my life. I was lost and now I see.Thank you for a storie any one could relate to.
—Nicole Tennessen

Wow! I started reading the first book of this series about three weeks ago after seeing the movies. Tonight, I finished the Glorious Appearing. I just couldn't put them down. What an amazing event. I describe these readings as an event becuase it literally changed my life. I have been saved for three years. Never have I questioned the way I was living in such a way that these books called for. My relationship with Christ has become deeper, more personal, more significant. I no longer feel like He is outside looking dow, but inside looking out. May the light these men have brought to the world never fade. God has surely blessed them and I can never thank them enough for in turn blessing me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Crystina Santiago
—Crystina Santiago

I was a pretty typical American twenty-something, unhappy, depressed, and angry at the world. Until, I started to read the Left Behind series. I picked up the first book at my college library. I always said that every religion is valid as long as God is the basis. It wasn't until I started the Left Behind books that I realized what it means to be a Christian. It means believing not only in God, but in Jesus as our Savior. Believing in th e sacrifice He made for me. I found a church that I love that was full of true believers, not hypocrites and political beings and I am still actively seeking a fulfilling life with Jesus. I cry just as much as before, but now they are tears of joy. I recommend the books to everyone I know and got my family back to church. Thank you so much! I will be eternally greatful. Love, Erin Smith Chesapeake, VA
—Erin Smith

Please forward this to Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. I finished reading the whole Left Behind series. I am fourteen and have been a born-again Christian since age nine. My father passed away when I was three, and I honestly believe that this series has helped me heal. I was literally addicted to it! I was up one night reading until past 11p.m.! I found another series by Mr. Jenkins, and ordered it. I am wondering if I will be as much absorbed by it as the Left Behind series..... I think I will, since I simply love their writing. I would recommend that series to anyone. It is even better than watching a movie, because you can almost see what is happening while you are reading it. Well, Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye, all I can say is that I have been touched by your series and to keep up the good work!
—Amelia Rose Spradley

The study of end times events has had a very motivating effect on my life. Not only has it made me a more effective soul-winner, it has made me a better wife and a better christian. I am constantly evaluating my motives, making sure that I seek God's counsel when making decisions, and living a seperated life. Thank you Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins for making us all think! Your Sister in Christ, Patricia Jakubek
—Patty Jakubek

I don't really have any questions... but I still have something to say. My life has been completely altered because of the series for adults and kids. Both of these series are moving and I cry continuously during each series. Both of these series make me want to be closer to God and I actually rededicated my life to Him while reading the many prayers in the books. They have been an awesome influence on me and I encourage others to read this amazing series. God bless you all!!

I love all of the left behind books, including the political and military spin-offs. I am disappointed that there will be no more of those. My question is about the second coming, what if a person is cremated? Will they still be gathered up with the other dead? Will they still go to heaven? Thanks Sue <(((><
—Sue Wernert

Thank you so much for your books. They were a sign to me that I needed to change things in my life, and worship and obey God. I have gone to a Lutheran Church all my life (31 years), and had never heard of the word Rapture, nor understood Jesus' coming...I used to believe that after I died, because I believed in God, I would go to heaven...but your books have helped me become a true and faithful Christian. After reading Left Behind in about 2 days, years ago, I asked my preacher why he never spoke of the rapture. I told him about the books, and he warned me to be careful of my reading, for there were many "scare" tactics used. But, he began to read the books, along with my mother, sister, and my friends (which are all big fans, as well, for your books have opened their eyes as well). If it were not for your message in the books, a message I feel God used you to write, I feel certain that if the rapture happened before I read the books, I would have been left behind! Thank you and Bless you all! Especially in these very scary days! Your books have brought me closer to the Holy Bible, and my heart has been cleansed of all my sins in the past...I FEEL the Holy Spirit working in my life! Bless you ALL! Kristy from SC
—Kristy Beverly

At the age of 10 or 11 I started reading Left Behind The Kids. After reading the first book I was scared and rededacated my life to the Lord. And now that I'am 13 i started reading them again and now I'am hooked. I can't stop reading the books. I don't know what i will do when i reach the 40th book. I will be sad there over and probely read the series again. Thank You SO Much Ariana


A couple of weeks ago I realized that I wasn't really a christian.I had thought that I was for a few years and with the help of your books I recently realized that I wasn't. So about a week ago I accepted Jesus(for real this time). I was also baptized this past sunday.Thank you for writing these books.These books really did help SAVE my life!
—Amanda D.