Impacted Your Walk with God (Part 3)

QUESTION: How has the Left Behind series impacted your walk with God?

Here are reader responses (April):

Glenn 4/1/2004 0:56
The Left Behind Series has finally opened my eyes to the joys of being with Christ and that our souls are meant to be with him, whether we admit it or not. While this series of books has helped me to put the events of the bible in the context of today's world, and in a way in which I can imagine myself experiencing firsthand, it seemed to focus more on the spiritual dangers of the tribulation after the rapture and how to avoid hell by accepting Christ as personal savior. As powerful as that message was, it did not grab me the way the message of "Glorious Appearing" did. The description of Jesus returning, his absolute power reaching into our very souls, and his expression of unbounded love to each of us individually, grabbed me and has impacted me so much. My heart almost stopped as I finally understood the concept of Christ's love for each of us. I feel that, after all this time, I get it. I truly feel a connection to Christ and I cannot wait to share this experience everyone. It turns out God, through Jesus Christ, has been with me all along. You know Christ once your soul yearns to be with him. This is the natural state of our souls, and is like coming home after all. Please read "Glorious Appearing". This stuff finally makes sense!

Thomas 4/1/2004 1:08
This series has given me more strength to stand for Christ. Knowing that it is fiction, but based on His scripture. I have had a hard time this last week. 2 deaths and my own father in the hospital has rattled my faith. I find myself lost in these books, and my Chris Rice CD's as these are the only comforts I have. Reading Glorious Appearing, gave me the strength to be stead fast in the Lord. Reading the words he spoke to the hearts of his believers, made me understand that God does have control of everything. That he does love me in my finest hour, as well as my darkest hour. Blessed are those that can be steady in the words of God. This last book could not have come at a better time. God's timing is always correct, and I am finding it easier to leave things under his control. Once again, Thank you Lord for your Love, and the wisdom you have given these two phenominal writers. See you all in Heaven, Thomas

Louis 4/1/2004 20:01
Dear Fellow Readers: I just finished reading "Glorious Appearing", and have to say that it left me in tears. I have to admit that I am not a Cristian, but was at one point and left the church at an early age. Since that time I've always known of God and have never forgotten him, but rather, have ignored his presence. It's been about 3 years now that I have been reading the "Left Behind" series when my Cristian mother first introduced me to Book 1 around Christmas time. Since then I have waited "mpatiently" for the books that followed. Never have I read a bookmagazine or text book the way I have with the Left Behind books. It's as if God has given me something that I didn't realize I needed. Since then, I have given the first book "Left Behind" to share with, with many of my friends and family members because I feel it's my moral responsibilty to share these books with others. I can tell you that all who I have given the books to have caught up to speed with me in "Glorious Appearing". Need I say more? I have to admit though, this last book really left a dent in me and shook my soul. Every time I completed each book in this series I always told my self and other readers "Wow, that had to be the best one yet", and here I stand yet again uttering those same words. I can't imagine any one not reading these books. Spiritually I find myself drawn to these books looking for answers to help me in my struggle between good and evil. To Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins I say this to you: "Keep writing those books. It's these books that I and others look towards for guidance and support. Know that God is working through you to help people like me. Thank you!" -Louis

Laurie 4/2/2004 6:07
I have honestly tried to read the Bible but really get lost most of the time. The Left Behind books have just about covered what one really needs to know in order to live right and go to heaven. I know it is part fiction but the bible verses are real and can't be (or shouldn't be) disputed. These books have meant so much to me and millions of others. Thanks for all the hard work. See ya in Heaven. (I have bought just about everything I can find on Petra. Beautiful place. I would just die to go there.

Britney 4/2/2004 9:36
When I first picked up the left behind book, it scared me to death so I stopped reading. I knew of the rapture quite well but to see it up close and personal really scared me. When I finally started to read the books again it was like an eye opener! As I read the books, I matched the characters up with me! I was so shocked at Bruce Barnes, reverend of the church and still left behind. I "said" i was a Christian. I went to church every sunday, pleasant w/ everyone, I did my work, what more could you ask? But to tell the truth, I never prayed or picked up a bible except for sunday, so how much of a Christian was I? Its not enough to believe in Jesus as I did because the Demons believe in him too! We have to truly love him. I'm new to the series, I'm on apollyon but I've been so touched. I just thank God for Jesus dying for us like that! where would I be? I read my Bible everyday, always in prayer. I feel like i was spiritual sleeping! Thank goodness these books woke me up! I'm waking up my friends too. I just carry the books around and people ask, whats that about? and there you go! i'm instantly a witness! Half the people I talk to think I'm crazy. But I never quit. I'm 17 years old. These are the most pertinent and inspiring eye-opening books I've ever read. Thank God in Heaven. Thank you all from the Left behind team.

Cherie 4/2/2004 13:22
Thank you for bringing me back to God. Cherie

Susie, Euless, Tx 4/3/2004 6:42
I just finished "The Glorious Appearing" and I was so convicted. I am a Christian but my walk has not been what it should be. I now know that I have to get into the Word and be faithful about it. This is my commitment to that end. I know that when I meet Jesus face-to-face I want Him to say "Well done good and faithful servant" This is my prayer. Thanks for writing this series of books. Susie

Skye 4/3/2004 15:17
These books have changed the way I act to others. Looking back at all of the insidents the characters go through and how they respond to others is so real, and that's what I love about them. My family is used to using profanity and growing up with that, it's no wonder it rubbed off on me. But when I read these books, and pray to God to help my family stop, this problem has improved dramatically, because I no longer feel the need to use them. Thank you so much for writing these books. You are truely a gift from God. God bless you!

Nick 4/3/2004 17:01
The Lelft Behind series has mad a hugh impact with my walk with God. The books have inspired me to be more Submitting to God. The Left Behind series has taught how to pour out my heart andsoul to God.And last,the Left Behind series has given me more convidence in sharing the gospel to unbelievers.

Matt 4/3/2004 18:51
I think that Left Behind is a good example of what happens when third-rate religion and third-rate literature meet. This is the result of literal-minded stooges acting on a dangerous sense of mission, thereby further misleading the millions of easily misled fools who are prone to such afflictions of the mind and soul as charismatic Christianity (no different in its simple-minded zeal as death-cult Islamism) and literal interpretations of mythology (ie: the Bible). The truth is not pretty--I urge the authors to read this and take a good look at themselves and atone for such a bad union of bad theology and bad writing. Cheers, all the best-- Matt

Jonathan 4/3/2004 21:07
I started reading the Left Behind series in 2000 with the first book in paperback... I read it and was impressed with how well written it was and have read or own every book. In impact, it has gotten me closer to god than where I was before. I'm still a bit agnostic, but I hold god in my heart and try to uphold my own faith. I'm helped by my fiance and 4 children and feel blessed to have them in my life and I thank God for that......

Sarah 4/3/2004 22:24
This series of books is the best I have ever read. I have looked long and hard to find a resource that put scripture into easy to read, and understand (may I add), format. Many people I know get frustrated when they try to read scrpiture because they have trouble understanding the language. I know we have been commanded not to dwell on the end of times. However, we must be made aware of it and realize that it could begin at any moment. Am I ready? Is anyone ready for that moment? I like to belive I am. Now after reading these books I have a better understanding of where I stand at this moment. I am not perfect. No one is perfect except Heavenly Father and Jesus. I will live the rest of my life, however, striving to attain that perfection as I was comanded to do. I do slip and fall at times. We all do. I know with all my being that Heavenly Father and Jesus are with me at all times, but most especially those times I fall. They lift me up with their words and reasure me with their promises. THEY DO NOT LIE! I would love to be there at the final day. I know in my heart I will be no matter what side of the veil I am on. I will be there. I will rejoice in the might and power of the Savior and the destruction of Lucifer. It is written and so shall it be. Even unto the end of the earth. Glory to GOD for he is my shepard, my strength, my love forever more. AMEN!

kristine 4/3/2004 22:38
Nearly 4 months ago I purchased the book Left Behind for my husband for Christmas. We had watched the movies and he had expressed interest in reading the books. Oddly enough I finished the book before him and raced out to check out the next books in the series from the library for the last 3 months I have had my name on the waiting list for whichever book I was up to at that moment. I wasn't able to get enough of them. If I had to wait for one I was on pins and needles. At the same time all this was happening I also got the opportunity to attend the Passion movie with the Open Bible Church of Waverly IA. I was so moved I couldn't speak or think of anything else for 2 days. Since then I have changed churches and have attended this church faithfully every weekend and every Wednesday. To top it off as soon as I had finished reading the Glorious Appearing I bought a book called These will not be Left Behind (a compiliation of stories just like my own) and the very first story was of a women who grew up in Waterloo Ia, my own birthplace and a mere 24 miles from where I currently reside. I knew then that the Lord had given me all the signs I needed and I fell to my knees and prayed to him right then and there to forgive my sins and pick me up in my time of need and help me carry the weight of my troubles. And He did.

Chloe 4/4/2004 18:33
I love these books, theyve drawn me closer to God every day. I would reccomend these books for any age (The kids ones are awesome to!)

June 4/4/2004 23:23
I have read all of the Left Behind series. Glorious Appearing is awesome!!! The history, geography and the why it is put together is wonderful. I learned so much from this book. I go to the Bible Study Fellowship in Toledo, Ohio, and we are studying the Minor Prophets and we are on Zechariah now and it just fits into the time of our study. Thank you for 12 of the best books I have ever read. You both put in alot of work to teach readers like me the end times. Loving & Praying 4 U, Minister June

Becky 4/5/2004 20:29
I am a 15 year old, and live in a small town in New York. When I first read the Left Behind series it created a big impact on me. This was when I was about 13. Anyway on the way home from a Sight and Sound play Daniel and the Lion's Den I felt the press of God upon me. I was very deep i thought, as deep as you can be considering I was on a school bus, anyway. We stopped at a gas station and I asked God that if I didn't get anything to eat because I do not have a lot of self-control, and I'm kinda heavy that I would give myself to him. Well I did not buy anything and when I got home I prayed and gave myself to Jesus. Before I read the Left Behind Series I never knew about being saved I had never heard of it. I had gone to church since I was born, but our church is not that straightforward. Without this series I would not be the believer I am today. After committing myself I kind of strayed around, but after going to a weekend retreat it helped focus me. I believe I have definately grown in Faith and it all started with these books.

Daniel 4/6/2004 9:00
Dear LeftBehind, i'm from Singapore and would wish to tell you how your books have impacted me a great deal. Before, i didn't bother about Jesus or what he had done for us. I simply went to church and walked out during the services because it was too boring and partly due to the fact that my parents forced me. After reading your first book on the rapture, i was rather impacted by what Rayford went through, having lost his wife and his son. After which, i started to learn more about the prophecies of the bible and the life during the tribulation. Thank you so much for deepening my walk with Jesus. Praise the Lord. Glory and Honour be to Him now and forever more!

Renee 4/6/2004 15:03
I started reading the Left Behind books after a friend and I watched the Left Behind video, I wasn't saved yet, but it really got me thinking about how my life was going, and what would happen if the rapture happend right then and I wasn't saved, I'd be left behind and I didn't want that, I wanted to know that one day I will be able to be with Jesus, to be with God and I wanted to spend the time that I am here on earth praising God and praising Jesus, living the way God wanted me to live, not how I wanted to live. So, I asked Jesus for forgiveness and I felt as though I didn't deserve to be forgiven and still feel I don't, but I know that Jesus loves me and loved me so much to die to me, for all of us. Once I did that and started reading Tribulation Force and all the other books, it really changed my life, my thoughts, the way I viewed God, It made me want to start reading the bible! I've been reading everyday since then which was almost 2 years ago! I love these books I think there great for unbelievers and believers alike. If it wasn't for the Left behind video and the books, I don't know where I'd be today!

james from Pittsburgh 4/7/2004 6:39
I have always heard about the books and how everybody enjoyed them. I finally picked up the first one, "Left Behind", and I was done in 3 days. I couldn't put it down. This might sound strange, but the first two nights I couldn't sleep after reading it. I felt a presence in the apartment that scared me, but on the third night, I asked Jesus to remove this and I slept like a baby. Thank you so much for writing the series, it has truly changed my life. God Bless the both of you.....Jim

Mike 4/8/2004 10:03
Before I read the Left Behind series I was not a believer, practically an athiest. Yet that all changed when a friend reccomended the books, and I picked them up out of pure intrest. I loved the books, and even picked up a Bible and began reading it. These books have changed my life for the better, so I thank you Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins.

David 4/8/2004 16:25
I have read the entire series (save Glorious Appearing)4 times. I absolutely thirst for these books and believe that they, as the bible itself, are God-breathed. I pick up a new scriptural fact each time I read through them.We know that God led many men to write a part of the bible independently of each other, and I beliece that Misters Jenkins and LaHaye also received devine inspiration. These books really do put the cookies on the lowest shelf; they have amplified and focused my walk with Jesus. Dave

Kay 4/9/2004 8:33
I have read and re-read all of your Left Behind books. I have never had fictional books effect me as has this series. Your books brought me ever closer to Jesus and made me long for the day when I see Him face to face. My husband kept teasing me about the books as I was reading constantly, while walking down the hallway, bumping into things. He kept asking what was so gripping about the books. I finally told him to try just the first one. If he didn't like it, then he didn't have to read more. He is now on book ten and as soon as he finishes one he picks up the next one. Yesterday I loaned the first book in the series to my son to read. He asked, as had my husband, what was so great about these books. I want to start my daughter on these too as she has a brand new family. Thank you for bringing me back to the Lord. Bless you both for your inspiration. Kay from Texas

Cathi 4/9/2004 9:49
I just want to add my opinion to all those who wrote in...I began reading the Left Behind series not too long after the first installment was published. That book in particular moved me to renew my pledge to seek Jesus with all my heart,mind and being.I am always encouraged and learn new understanding of the end times each new installment. However, The Glorious Appearing has moved me much more that all the rest combined, especially when Jesus comes! My spirit just REJOICED! I cried,laughed and mourned for those who missed their opportunity for salvation. The remaining chapters dealing with the judgements, and my Lord speaking and interacting with each person individually meant everything to me. What a beautiful picture of how living with Jesus will be! I felt as if I were already with Him in the New Heaven and Earth! I had to put the book down for a while because I was feeling homesick for Him. As if I were really present and had been jerked back to reality by not actually being present there. I truly thank Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for the years of research,prayer and hard work that went into this series...I am glad to hear there are more books, but this one could have ended the series and left me very happy to have participated. Thank you again, and may God richly bless you, my beloved! Sincerly, Cathi

Judy 4/9/2004 9:53
I went to church as a child with my Grandmother,{Bible Church}.She was a very devout Christian.I guess you could say she introduced me to the lord.We used to watch Billy Graham everytime it was on T.V. At a very young age I accepted Jesus into my heart as many others at the end of his sermon.I grew up and became a rebelious teenager. My family life was unpleasant and I started doing drugs to escape the turmoil in my household. Fotunately for me my Grandmother lived next to our house, so If the yelling and fighting got to bad I could escape to a safe haven at her house. I am now married with 3 children. My oldest being 21, and in college. My son is 15 and my youngest is 9. My biggest regret is that I've raised them to belive in God but never really introduced them to him as I was. I took them off and on again to church but not enough Im afraid. I say to all young parents! Introduce your child to Our Beloved Christ as young as possible. It's the most loving thing to do for your child. In times of overwhelming problems they need to know his Love will ALWAYS BE THERE when no one else is! Have FAITH and You Will NEVER FAIL! God BLESS!!!!

Gayle 4/9/2004 13:05
I just finished reading "The Glorious Appearing" I was totally thrilled with the book, until the very end. Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LeHay, you should be totally ashamed of yourselves. How could you not mention one word about Our Most Blessed Mother Mary or the Holy spirit at the end of this book or for that matter in any of the books. You will have to atone for this disparagement of Our Holy Mother. she should have been there at the Judgement at the end of the book. Mary sits at the right hand of Her Son in heaven. You must know that. She is the Daughter of GOD, The Spouse of The Holy Spirit and The Mother of Our savior. How can you justify ignoring Her throughtout these books. You have a chance to acknowledge Our Blessed Mother in the sequel to this story. I strongly suggest you do this or your works will be for nothing. Yours in Christ, Gayle

Cody 4/9/2004 17:05
I just wanted to write in to share with you how Jesus has become part of my life, because of your work through this series. My mother passed away in December of 2002. Depression sank deep into my life. It didn't help everytime I was around my dad either. He would always talk about how much she loved the Lord, and that she wasn't dead, but truly alive. That isn't what I wanted to hear. I just wanted my mother back. He asked my brother and I to come over and help him clear through a bunch of her stuff, and try to decide what to keep and so on. As we were rummaging through stuff, he found her set of Left Behind Series audio CDs., and asked me if I wanted to listen to them. I thought, why not? It was about half way through rabbi Ben-Judahs' first prayer as a believer that I found myself sinking and in total distress. I knew the books were just christian fiction, but I also knew that the truth was there and I needed Jesus Christ. As I was driving home from work, I spoke, for the first time in my life, to the Lord. I asked him to forgive me for all that I have done, and told him I couldn't make it without him for a second longer. About a month later I sat down with my wife and shared Christ with her, and she believed. Now my two sons are growing up hearing the truth of Jesus Christ. And my brother is, in my dads' words, "Seeking truth." He isn't yet saved, but lift him to our Lord in your prayers please. Because of my mothers faithfulness to Jesus, my dads' prayers, and the merciful grace of our father, there is one more household of believers. May God the father, and our Lord Jesus Christ bless you beyond measure for allowing yoursevles to be used as a tool for the salvation of his chosen.

elizabeth 4/9/2004 20:12
I have to say the series of the Left Behind books have made me humble myself before the Lord in pray. Prais God! I have found myself wanting to know more about Jesus and his word, Gods word. I asked a friend what do I read now,I've read the 12th book, he pointed to the Bible. Amen! I find myself praying a lot more. I was saved and baptised years ago, but old satan keeps telling me, your not. I pray for God to remove those thoughts from me, and I need your prayers to help me also. Thank You. Elizabeth

Lenice 4/10/2004 7:57
I received "Glorious Appearing" last Friday by Amazon. I live in Brazil and when I received the book I couldn't believe. I started to read it andhasn't finihed yet because I'm drinking eac letter drop to drop. Since I started to read the Left Behind series I could feel that my life is going better besides the tribulations. I bought a lot of books and gave those to my sisters, friends and my pastor. By the way, the translation to Portuguese of "Armaggedon" is going on bookstores next 16. In Christ, Lenice

terri 4/10/2004 12:56
I grew up in church, but was always afraid of what was supposed to happen at the end times. I was afraid of the book of Revelation, because the thought of all of the evil that had to be fought terrified me. While reading the Left Behind series, I followed along with my Bible, and I am so excited that I am understanding and learning more than I ever have. I am no longer afraid of the fight against evil, because I know that I am on the side of the greatest and most powerful force. Thank you for getting me started on this path of learning.

Thomas 4/10/2004 22:17
Not more than two weeks ago I never thought it possible to truly have faith. See, late in the summer of 2003 I had become dependent upon alcohol and had been experimenting with marijuana. The girl that I had dated for more than two years had left me and I quit my job with Taco Bell. From then on I developed a dependency on alcohol that I didn't even see. As the months flew by in a haze I became more and more depressed until no more than 2 weeks or so ago I got a DUI. At that point I spirraled out of control. I left home and stayed with a friend for a week, and didn't even bother to contact any of my family members regarding my state. Finally my welcome wore itself out at my friends and I left, unafraid to die. Everyone asked "what is your plan, what are you going to do, and where are you going to go." I told the people who asked that I would stay with another friend who lived close by, but I lied. I left my friends only to find myself living on the street; stealing from local food stores to eat, breaking into unoccupied apartments to sleep and if I didn't find one I slept in a cold park. Finally I had made a decision to end my life. The day I had made my decision I hung around a local library writing out a will, letters to my family and friends, and the girl that I was once in love with. I also picked up a Bible for the first time and began reading. That day alone I went through 90 some pages and had understood every bit, but still my mind was made to take my own life. I did have a plan. At about midnight I would walk to an overpass and wait for a semi to come in the middle of the road and leap, hopefully instantly taking my life...ending my misery. I cried as I walked, went through several of my sins aloud and in my head saying " Lord, if you don't want me to do this, give me some sort of sign, anything." I finally arrived at my destination and I set my bags down. I made sure my wallet had my ID and my will. I placed the letters I had written inside the Bible I had been reading, and put it into my backback. I waited, and I was nervous. Not so much about taking my life, but more about the jump... I never did like heights too much. When I had finally prepared myself for what I was about to do a police officer drove past, stopped and questioned me. He took me to a buddies house and left, and so did I. I went to a local park and slept. I took that as a sign. Since then I have been thirsty for knowledge of the Bible, much like the thirst I found in the first Left Behind which I finished earlier this evening after only getting it 24 hours earlier. I'm addicted. I'm 21 years old and I finally found what I want to do with my life. I want to share my story with kids my age, and educate them. I want to become a counselor with religious basis. This book I just read helped me make that decision. Left Behind helped me realize what I want to do. Thank you

Christine 4/11/2004 12:55
Hello to all at Left Behind. I bought the first Left Behind book on 2/19/04 & could not put them down & bought 2 & 3 of them at a time & finished Glorious Appearing this morning. I went to Sunday School all of my childhood & accepted Christ when I was 10. I am now almost 50. Many people failed me through my life & in my lack of understanding I wondered away from the Lord. I did give Him a try off & on, but there again, people failed me. In my head I knew I wasn't suppose to depend on people but I didn't know that in my heart. I was missing the glory of Christ, some how I just didn't get it. I have known that He has been walking with me because of His grace in keeping me from totally distroying my life. Such as when I left my husband & two tiny children. It had to be His grace that kept my X-husband from not keeping my children from me on the grounds of desertion. I have thanked Him so many times but some how couldn't get away from the guilt of my sin. I knew, in my head, that He had forgiven me but letting go was something I just couldn't do. I prayed that He would help me do that, my health has been deteriorating w/severe depression & migraines, including weight gain. I had many lessons to learn & I had to see my pride, along w/many other things I am sure. I wanted the joy that I saw in other Christians. I rebelled when the first Left Behind book came out & told myself I didn't need it. When I read the first book, in Feb, I knew Jesus was working in me to help me recieve by faith the beautiful life He has for me. I can not put into words what a burden that has been lifted from my shoulders & my heart. I have joy, real joy because He spoke to me through these books. I can not say it was any particular one thing in the books, it was all of it. The anticipation of being with Christ, the feel of Him putting His arms around me & saying trust in me for I have already done so many glorious things for you because I love "you". I have a beautiful relationship w/my two daughters, I know this could not have happened without His grace. I am now free to really love my husband of 28 years, I had struggled w/that feeling I did not deserve to be loved by this beautiful man that God had given me. Thank you Jesus! I praise Jesus for working through the authors of Left Behind series. I have felt a calling on my life to be a prayer warrior but didn't feel adequate, I had to put down my pride. Now I long to serve Him in whatever way He asks of me. Thank Jesus for all of you. God bless you. Christine

Jasmine 4/11/2004 13:21
Reading left behing the kids changed my point of veiw in life. it taught me how much god loves us and cares. without this book i dont think i would have ever realized what being a christian truely means. i am starting to go to church more and understand the bible. i will continue to read these books and any of the sort.

Patty 4/11/2004 20:26
Before reading this series I was a non-practicing Catholic.Since I've read the books, I have recieved Christ and look foward to reading my Bible and learning all that He wants me to learn. I am no longer afraid to die, but look foward to the day when I can walk with Christ. Thank you so much for enlightening me and bringing me closer to our Lord and Savior. I love you. your sister in Christ, Patty

Sam 4/11/2004 21:44
For a while, since I last moved, my life was a little dull and I was feeling depressed. Until recently I'd had a bleed outlook on my immediate future; I wasn't really looking that far ahead. Then I got the Glorious Appearing in the mail and immediately starting reading it. It reopened my eyes and helped breathe new life into me. I fell better aobut myself and my walk with God. I'm just sorry the series is ending.

brian 4/11/2004 22:13
greetings brothers and sisters, i was a beleiver before reading the left behind series. i enjoyed the books. they answered some questions and mirrored some thoughts i had. i think these books are very good tools to teach non-beleivers about Jesus. they are also a great way to start conversations with people God wants you to plant a seed with. i would like to thank the authors and publishers for the series. AHMEN

Jason Popour 4/12/2004 9:19
I read the Glorious Appearing and was in awe of how everything came about with the characters, the way Jesus talked to each person, and just the series in general. I started reading the series while I was in the Navy about three years ago. I was on my 6 month cruise in the summer of 2001, and I went through all the books up to that point. I would be in my rack after (Taps), lights out, just reading and reading, to where I forced myself on many occasions to turn the light off and get some sleep, because I would only have a few hours left to sleep. After 9-11, the books were kind of like a refuge for me, from the world. I was away from home, on a ship, so I would just read. This book series has gotten me back into reading for enjoyment. I re-read the whole series before Armageddon came out, because there is just so much you forget after had readin ten books and now about to read the 11th, and have to wait a year longer for the Glorious Appearing. Thank you deeply to the authors and the one true Author, God himself for this wonderful series. The way it was written you either felt like you were right there the whole time, and/or you were each of the characters, and when you have books written like that, you get people to love them and promote them. I have gotten a lot of friends and family into the series also. What a blessing it truly has been. Thanks again and God bless, Jason <>< Virginia Beach, VA

Lise 4/12/2004 16:08
Reading through the "Left Behind" series has brought me to a point of recognition of just how much I need our Lord in my life, and not just how much I need Him, but how much more I want to serve Him. I have been born again for over 30 years, but it has just been the last three or four that I have really started to grow closer in my walk with God. I attribute some of that to the message that is put forth in Dr. LaHaye's and Mr. Jenkins' wonderfully Spirit-led series of books. If non-believers are reading and seeking Jesus through these books, how much the more do believers feel the urge to spread the Gospel of our Lord of Lords? The final book was surely the most satisfying, the imagery of Jesus' Glorious Appearing was so realistic, I fully expected to see Him in the room with me. I tell you the truth, I am more determined than ever to seek God's will for my life, and to fully serve Him in whatever capacity He has for me. I have often said that we shouldn't be overly concerned with identifying prophecies, instead we should live each day as if Jesus were coming to take us home that instant, but after reading these books, and comparing them with Scripture, I fully intend to testify at every opportunity regarding what Jesus has done for me. Praise His Name!! God bless you for following His leading, and I will see you in the New Jerusalem.

Laurie 4/12/2004 16:23
By reading the Left Behind series, I feel that my walk with God has been lacking on my part and I have committed myself to become more like him in my walk.

Wendy 4/12/2004 19:03
I bought the first book not even realizing until I had gotten it home it was a Christian book. I wasn't brought up in the Church but I believed in God and Jesus. My brother-in-law had tried testifying to me but I just let it in one ear and out the other. Before reading the first book I kept feeling like something was tugging at my heart and after reading the first book I realized it was God trying to get my attention - boy did he get it. While reading the first book I said the prayer but wasn't really sure if God heard me. It was Good Friday 2003 that I sat down with the pastor of my church and he said it with me - I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I know for sure now. I thank God for Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and pray that they are able to reach as many people as possible.

Zach 4/12/2004 23:08
Dear Left behind team, I grew up in a lutheran home, and went to sunday school up until confirmation at 8th grade, But i never really dove into anything, and stayed pretty much on the surface with God. In around 9th or 10th grade, I got into a crowd of friends who were into partying and drinking, and I spent almost every weekend for a year and a half getting drunk, and staying up all night. In my junior year, I had an English teacher named Chris Moss, who somehow during a lesson, mentioned the Left Behind books to me, and highly recommended them to me. SO later on i picked them up at the library, and read the first one, and Liked what i read, and read through them, and nothing really changed in my life, I still drank, and everything. The summer before my senior year I got in a fight with my drinking friends, and started working alot more, and doing nothing but working. sometime during that June, I went out and bought the Armageddon, and for a couple weeks i read it slowly, and one day i decided that I was going to finish it quickly, and i brought into work, whcih was unusual for me to do, but I brought it in.Sometime during the day, one of the other employees, by the name of Mike, noticed me reading it, and asked me about my thoughts and beleifs, and I had never been asked that before, and I didnt know much of how to answer, but He invited me ot church with him. A few weekends later, i went with, and I kept going with him on a regular basis, and things finally clicked with me. I decided to become a full time christian, and give my life to Christ. Since then I started going to the Youth group that the church offered. From there I met my girlfriend Erin Severson through there, and we were freinds for about 2 months, before dating, and now we have gone out 4 nad a half months, and my life is very close to perfect right now. I have made many new friends, and rekindled old relationships with old friends and family. I thank God for using the left behind series to affect my life in such a positive manner!!! Thank you guys! Sincerely, Zach

Michael 4/13/2004 1:22
I want to say BIG THANK to Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins of Left Behind series...because God used them to open my eyes to what God was trying to tell me...I have been deeply dedicated born again Deaf Christian since 1995 and even read Left Behind all way until 6th (Assasian) my wife got me 7th, 8th and 9th....after 6th...I suddenly stopped...I was falling downhill, living backslidding life...I cannot believe what I was doing to my own life even I am graduate of biblical college (it isnt really important because work of God are more important than receiving degree). Until almost 2 weeks ago, I decided to pick up 7th, 8th and 9th...CANNOT believe I finished them 3 books in less than 11 days. When I read this books, I see more and more pure evil and how rebellion people have became during the great Tribulation....God was opening and helped me refocus on my christianity life and how much I used to be blessing servant of God's...Should I be one of left behind people who backslidding away from was thankful to God for using those books to help me refocus and rebuild my relationship of foundation between God and me for which I have broken in 1999. Blessing in Lord Jesus our True Messiah, Mike

Chuck 4/13/2004 11:17
I was saved directly as the result of a man at work giving me the first book to read. I am now called to preach and am trying to follow as He leads. I thank God for you and the Left Behind series; I believe millions of souls will inherit the Kingdom because of what He has done through your work. Thank you. Chuck North Augusta, SC

Candace 4/13/2004 21:53
Ever since I started reading the Left Behind series in my freshmen year of highschool I was hooked. At the time, I was a new Christian, and it was a powerful witnessing tool to my nonchristian friends. Throughout the trials and tribulations of highschool it was always there for me. Whenever I felt that I was falling away from the Lord, the next book in the series would come into stores. After I would begin reading the book my hunger for the Lord and reading the bible would return. Even in the lowest point in that period of my life, the left behind series would always come through for me. For example, one month after I tried to commit suicide the next book in the series was released, I believe it was either the Remnant or Armageddon. I tried to stay strong to the Lord after reading that book, but things like college and work get in the way. I just got the chance to read The Glorious Appearing, it was phenomenal. I loved it, and it affected my just like the other books had, bringing me back to God. I think this was one of my favorite books in the series because it was the light at the end of the tunnel finally being reached. It makes me realize that I think its difficult living the Christian life now, just imagine what it would be like in the days of tribulation, the characters from this book are very inspiring to me.

Karen 4/14/2004 9:22
Thankd you so much for these books. I had always thought I was a Christian my whole life. But I was an apostate believer and didn't know it...Then I read your books and God began tugging at my soul strongly, but it wasn't until Armegedeon, book 11, that I surrendered my life to Christ. I though when Chloe went willingly to the Guiotinne, I wanted to be her! Odd...I actually wanted a relationship that strong to die for Him. That was all it took. The same day, I was compelled to listen to only Christian stations instead of my previous favorite hard rock stations, and I was so thirsty for the Word I couldn't get enough, plus every other book I could find. Changed heart?Absolutely! I am eternally grateful for your help in me finally seeing the light. It has been almost a year now and I am growing stronger in faith every day.

Jen 4/14/2004 14:21
This series (although i only have the first four of the adult series has, i think helped me in my walk with God by helping me read my bible more. I think that it has really helped me

Chris 4/15/2004 11:16
I thank God for many blessings in my life. Way too many to name here. But I have one that concerns the Left Behind series. For as long as I can remember I have had trouble reading. Not because of literacy but because of not being able to concentrate well enough to be able to get into the story of any book. I have also had type 1 diabetes since I was 9yrs old. This has also affected my thyroid levels. I can only recall being able to read a few books in my life. Those were ones like the teen books with only about 150-200 pages, and there are only a few of those. I went through a divorce in 1993 and since then I have taken poor care of my diabetes. I didn't even go to my doctor for about 2yrs. After giving my life to Jesus in Oct. of 2002 I started going back to my doctor. Of course she did a lot of lab work and found that my thyroid levels were very low. She also told me that this is why I have trouble concentrating. I never realized this. I started taking my medication and got my thyroid levels back to normal. I could tell a difference almost immediately. I got the first Left Behind book from my mother in law, who is a minister. I started that in December of 2002. By March of I had read all ten books and was waiting for book eleven. This was a major blessing for me since I had never been able to get past the first or second chapter much less the entire book, and now I've read ten books in less than 3 months. I thank god for this blessing and the many more he has given me. Now I've read book 12. To some this may seem petty. But to me this is a tremendous blessing. I want to thank you for the Left Behind series. Combined with God's blessing of concentration, this series has been a great help in understanding the word of God since I'm so new in Christ. Thank You, Chris, North Carolina

Sarah 4/15/2004 14:13
I was 16-years-old when I started reading the Kids version of Left Behind. The title of the first book "The Vanishings" caught my eye. I decided to read it and I'm so glad I did. After I read the book I recieved Christ. It was so amazing. I'm happy I read the book.

Jennifer 4/15/2004 20:35
Reading these books has brought me closer to God. I wish i could thank Tim and Jerry personally.

Cheryl 4/15/2004 21:32
Once I began the series I literally could not stop reading book after book! The series helped me to gain much understanding about the End Times which has always been confusing to me. I have read the Bible, gone to church, attended Sunday School, discussed the End Times in college Bible classes, taught Junior Church, and continued to puzzle over the book of Revelation. For the first time I feel that I am beginning to really "get it" and have more understanding of all the judgements as well as the Antichrist. I am often in tears as I read Tsion's messages! I feel that the messages are truly helping me to better connect with God! Besides the time that I have spent in reading the books of the series, I want to say that I have once again begun to tackle the book of Revelation with a new understanding. I also bought books about Angels that I want to read after I finish the last four books of the series. I have had a close relationship with God for almost as long as I can remember. My family has always been very active in the church by teaching Sunday School, being Superintendents, being Deacons and Deaconesses,and leading Wednesday prayer groups. College was the time that everything really came together for me, however, because I was on my own away from my family support group, and my relationship with God was to be tested BIGTIME. I found myself calling on God A LOT and wondering if other college students were spending as much time asking for help and guidance as I was! God never left my side! He didn't always give me answers as quickly as I had hoped for but led me down the path that was best for me even when I didn't always agree with Him at the time. I am very thankful for the books of the Left Behind series. I think I am becoming a better Christian for reading the series. The characters are forcing me to try to do better in my life as a Christian and helping me to know what I need to do to prepare for eternity.

Ruth 4/16/2004 19:29
I have had a hard time since my husband died 10 years ago and left me with 3 young sons accepting the fact that in Heaven, I will not be married to him. The Glorious Appearing helped me to understand and now I realize that my soul purpose in Heaven is to worship God. The fact that my earthly husband will be will just give me someone to talk to.

Joanne 4/16/2004 23:05
4 years ago, I started reading the left behind series. I just recently started rereading it. It made me stop and think about the kind of life that I am leading and what I can do to change that. I don't want to go through life alone during that time period. I don't want to be left behind. I believe that I try to be a good person and that I am forgiven, but am I really doing what God expects of me? Am I really doing what I should? I brought me down a few rungs on the ladder I was tring to climb. It is no longer about me. It's about HIM!!!!! Praise God that He gave Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins the words and knowledge to help someone like me.

Kathy 4/17/2004 9:03
Praise GOD for this series. I began reading two months ago, and I am now in book seven-The Indwelling. I have never had such understanding in all my 48 years of life. GOD had been dealing with me for the past year, on my mind constantly, thoughts of facing death, thoughts of my way of life, my thoughts and feelings in my heart, and the fact that I had not attended curch in the past five years which I truly missed and did not feel good about. I began reading the books and began praying for GOD to lead me where I needed to be, the next week I was in church and have not missed a week. I look forward to beginning my week with a well fed spirit. I thank GOD every morning that he allows me to wake and face another beautiful morning and ask that he guide me in all my endeavors throughout the day. With daily talks with GOD and daily prayer,along with bible reading I will not be left behind....PRAISE GOD I am going to disappear into GOD'S kingdom the day of rapture. Thank you so much for this series of books that has helped me so much, and helped me to get back on the right way. I can't wait to finish the last book. GOD bless and be with each of you for all the rest of the days of our lives.....AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha 4/17/2004 12:35
La llegada de los libros Dejados atras han cambiado mi vida radicalmente por el conocimiento de los eventos finales. Sin embargo, el mayor valor obtenido es mi crecimiento de fe y mi vida espiritual muy enriquecida. El libro Aparicion Gloriosa paso mis espectativas, estuvo maravilloso pensar que veremos a Cristo cara a cara. Con amor, Martha

Lydia 4/18/2004 15:26
I have been a Christian all my life. Grew up in Church and had VERY religious family. I have always believed in God and Jesus and that one day He will take us Home with Him. As my Grandpa used to say to me "Live each day to the fullest, because you never know when the Good Lord will Take you Home." That has been my philosphy for all my life. REading the Left Behind Series gave me GREAT JOY, bacause i KNEW that it was true. The Rapture and the Tribulation and all was great!! the entire series made me cry, ESPECIALLY the ending when everyone gets back with their family. i was bawling at the end! Thank you for writing such a great series that really does show the Love of God and Jesus in it!! Lydia

Norma 4/19/2004 10:49
I have read all of the Left Behind series books. Each one has really given me a lot to think about. The seriousness of Christ soon return and being ready by Salvation in Jesus works on the Cross for us. The last one, "Glorious Appearing" is extra good for me because it confirms what I have believed for years and years. That Jesus is coming soon and that God means just what He says when He says He will do something, He WILL do it. No matter how many scoffers there are that are given time on the media to voice their "opinions" whether God is going to or not going to Judge the world for their sins in a perhaps "violent" way, as they put it. Yes, He is going to come in a different manner after the Tribulation from how He came the first time in a lowly stable as a meek person. How Glorious His appearing will truly be. Come Lord Jesus! Norma

Charles 4/19/2004 17:42
When I was about 9 I remember Mom getting so frustrated waiting for Desecration. I had seen these books around, but never gave much thought to it. Then, 3 years later, my youth pastor handed me a mission, which I know came from God ( I still wasn't saved at this point). I had shown interest in Revelation, so my pastor asked ME to do a report on the prophecies in Revelation. I wanted all the help I could get. So I turned to the Left Behind series. I was 12, and an excellent reader, so I finshed Armageddon right before the report was to be given. I gave the report, and I was astounded at the interest everyone showed. My pastor thought it was a blast! It was incomplete though, since I did not understand the Glorious Appearing. Then I read it. I nearly cried myself at see Jesus do the things he was prophecised to do. I saw, that very moment when the "goats" were thrown down to hell, that I could either be a goat or a sheep. (I'm not Jewish, so I could not be a bretheren). That very moment, I decided to be a sheep. The next day at school I could see the difference. I was more patient, more tolerating, and more caring and loving. Thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins! You inspired me to follow Jesus!

Lauren 4/19/2004 21:08
the left behind series and kids series has made me have a better relationship with God, and also show the glory of God to others!

Vicki 4/20/2004 1:34
I was sitting in the middle of the fence, knowing the truth, but not letting go of the world, when I read "Left Behind". The books changed my life and I want more than anyting to serve my God, and try to do whatever He wants me to. Thank you Lord for these books that I know have been inspired by your Spirit. Amen and Amen

Brandy 4/20/2004 16:29
My aunt turned me onto this series and told me I should read it since I was so confused by the bible and did not really understand God and his ways or teachings at all. I finished the first book in I think a day and a 1/2. I could not stop from there I read the first ten books in a little over a month back to back. I was so touched and cried many times because I kept thinking if the rapture were to come today, would I be "left behind?" I still don't know the answer to that question. All I know is that I need to start going to church and become closer to God. I am so ashamed of the things that I have done in the past, Being a mother of 2 at 23 and not being married to their father. We are together and engaged, but I realize that is not the way that God intended things to happen. I purchase the Glorious Appearing a few days after it came out and just finished it. This book took me the longest to read, most likely because it was more difficult to understand and I had to read several passages more than once to understand them. But I cried again in hopes that Jesus will come into my heart and show me what I need to do for forgiveness and to be one of his choosen people. I just want the authors to know that had it not been for these books I may not be so ready to have Jesus as a part of my life. Thank you and wish me luck in my journey.

Michelle 4/20/2004 20:29
When my grandmother began reading the adult Left Behind series, I began wondering what all these new terms and "scriptures" were about. So, she told me about the Left Behind series for kids like me, and I began to read them. Not long after that I was saved.

Travis 4/21/2004 12:00
I was always in church all my life but these books made me look at it much deper. I was babtised about a year ago but My faith was not changed until I read the last book,(Glories Appering)I was touched very depply. I hope many more will read these books there is so much scripture quoted that its scary I can't say how many times I got goose bumps. I don't normaly get them bad enough to see but they were plan as day! Last night I had one of the deepest and best prayers I had ever had. I felt so filled with the spirit. I just had to spread the word. I am a bad speller. I want so badly to talk to tim but I am sure many others do as well. I am very gratefull for these books I never exspected them to mean so much to me

Beth 4/22/2004 9:46
I have been a reader for as long as I can remember. This series of books has changed my life in more ways than one. I have changed my lifestyle and have grown closer to God and I now listen when He speaks to me. I know that most people dont hear the voice of the Lord, but I have been honored when he does speak to me. I am a recently married woman and I have been seeking the Lord on things concerning marriage and how I should deal with things. I am so grateful for this series of book. I hope the authors make a Southern California visit real soon. Thank you!!

Debbie 4/22/2004 11:22
I wanted to share that not only myself(saved 9/9/01)but my daughter(saved 6/1/03)and my four year old grandson can all owe our salvation to the LEFT BEHIND series. I read them then I kept talking to my daughter about it until finally she was saved. She was a drinker, smoker, cursed, etc.. ,but that has all changed! And my grandson tells EVERYONE about JESUS. Thank you

Jessica 4/22/2004 12:04
Reading the series was unlike anything that I have ever expirenced. It is truely a gateway that can bring lost souls to Jesus. That is what happened to me, I didn't want to be left behind, want to find the truth to my life, and wanted to feel the happyness that only christians can feel. Now I have all these things. Having committed my life to Christ months ago made reading the Glorious Appearing so much more wonderful because I now know that one day I also will look into the eyes of my lord. Thank you for giving people an avenue to a true life that they might not have known was in their reach. You have truely let God work miracles threw your pen. God Bless.

Stephanie 4/22/2004 12:48
A few years ago I was a backslidden christian. I saw your books and a little voice kept say read them, but I said "I am a very positive person and I am not submitting myself to all that gloom and doom. Well after a couple of years of that I decided I would read them and get it over with, so I picked up Left Behind and before I was through the first chapter I was on my knees sobbing and recommitting my life to Christ. That was two years ago and I have just finished the last book the Glorious Appearance and I couldn't put it down, it made me smile, cry and feel such joy for our Lord and Saviour. I will never leave Him again, thankyou for giving me and others such a gift.