Impacted Your Walk with God (Part 2)

QUESTION: How has the Left Behind series impacted your walk with God?

Here are reader responses (February-March):

Sophie 2/1/2004 16:44
I always thank the Lord for making me stumble over a left behind novel. I had been searching for something about God that was not forhcoming.Listening to peoples ideas which i could not fully understand until i located a christian book store and purchased a left behind book just for reading sakes. The message in it was so powerful, and helped me to think about some issues in my life. I got saved after that, even though i had known God throughout my life, went to church and tried to be good without knowing issues. I now dont joke around with going church anymore and the bible has become my best novel.The trinity issue, tithe paying and offerings, getting saved, evangelism has now become more meaningful to me. I cannot think of a life withput Him. He has always been there for me and i look forward to spending eternity with Him

Andrew 2/1/2004 23:39
Before I started reading the LeftBehind series I was skeptical about the existence of God. Since I have started reading the books (about 3 weeks ago) I fully believe in God now and my faith is stronger than it has ever been before and I want to thank the authors for writhing these books because without them I don't know where I would be today.

Heather 2/3/2004 16:53
When i was a teenager, I was very depressed and lost. My father didn't believe in God, said it was hard to believe in a fatherfigure sitting in the clouds lookin down his nose at him. I soon agreed. Shortly after, I turned to Satanism. Worshipped myself as a god and everything. (I know, I know....) Anyway, my mother eventually gave me Left Behind. TOld me it was christian fiction, but to read it anyway, that it was a good story whether i believed it or not. (I am a sucker for a good story!) So, I had the book for about a week before i actually started to read it. Two weeks later I was saved and had read every book up to Armageddeon. I cannot thank you guys enough , Jerry and Tim. You saved my soul, if you hadn't written this book series, I can pretty much guarantee I would still Be a LaVey Satanist. I am now witnessing to my husband of 3 years, who is druidic. He is SO close to asking the Lord for forgiveness. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU ALWAYS! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RAPTURE!

Angela 2/4/2004 19:46
I've gone back and forth in my faith for as long as i can remember, and now i've finally settled concretely in my faith thanks to the left behind series. The books caused such curiosity that i felt compelled to pull out my bible and begin reading. I have since accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Messiah and the son of the one Almighty God. I thank the authors for inspiring me to believe in the truth and study the word of God. Hallelujah!!!

Bobbi 2/6/2004 16:27
I had been braught up Methodist and thought I knew what it meant to be a christian. I didn't even want to read the Left Behind series because of the fact it talked of the end times, and it terrified me. My husband and I began attending an awesome church but I still was not "walking the walk" so to speak. I even went so far as to yell at my husband, call him a "bible thumper", told him don't preach to me I know about Jesus. However, a friend from work talked me into reading these books, so I started. What it did for me was make me think real hard about how I was acting, treating others yet calling myself a christian. I thought, my gosh!! If this is how the rapture happens, I would be "left behind" while my husband and children would be gone!! That possibility scared the crap out of me. I made a conscious decision from the moment I read the first book that I was going to change my life for real. I wanted people to look at me and see Jesus, not a hypocrite. That was the summer of 2002 and I have been on fire for God ever since!! Thank you for your inspiration!!

Ali 2/6/2004 21:58
Hi! I'm Ali I was saved at 5 on my phisical bithday. Left Behind has made me want to learn more about God. The more I got into the series the more I wanted to read the books. I wanted to shout out I believe in God. The books are extremeley exciting. Before I never thought reading a Christian book would be so exciting.

Elizabeth 2/7/2004 10:23
I have read 2 1/4 of the Left Behind books so far, and they keep impressing me! I feel so strongly about my relationship with GOD now that i just wanted to shout! I know now more than ever that GOD is with me and that I will go to heaven someday. I will not be left behind. I'm confident on that fact. I want suddenly to have others feel this feeling too! Thank you to Tim and Jerry for writing these books!

Justin 2/11/2004 8:25
I was already saved. But when I saw a friend with a copy of Left Behind I was immedietely interested. I went to my local library and cheked out Left Behind, I perused the book in four days and got Tribulastion Force. I read them all like this until Armageddon. I read it as slow as I could and never missed a beat. I anticipate Glorious Appearing with great interest and am reading the series over again, I am currently on Desecration. This wonderful series of books got me interested in the end times and now I look for clues of the rapture!!!

jim 2/13/2004 11:11
I had lost sight of God's plan for my life,until I read your first book,Left Behind. At that time I came back to the Lord.Thank you for writing this great series.May God continue to inspire you to reach others. your's in Christ Jim

Anthony 2/13/2004 16:11
I am 15 and for the longest time my family truly believed I was a Christian. I had never had a relationship with God before until I had read the series. My Aunt had been reading the series and I had read a few of the children's books. Knowing that I am a great reader, she got me hooked on the series. After reading up to the 11th book, I realized what I had been missing. As of this day, I can now honestly say that I have made the transition and have become a true child of God.

Tim 2/13/2004 17:21
After reading (and reading about) the "Left Behind" series, one thing is for sure. IT DID CHANGE MY LIFE! Not only am I an even more devout Roman Catholic now, I also see the fault, impossible ridiculous theology, and out right ignorance of Protestant Churches and their leaders. LaHaye is a liberal Anti-Catholic with whom I am disgusted. Think I have no reason for believing this? Well look at the Pope figure in the books. He is "saved". But why? Because he rejects the Dogmas of the Church, and accepts Luther's ideas. If he were the actual Bishop of Rome, he would be considered the Anti-Pope. And what of the Catholics that were saved in the book? They were saved because they accepted this "new" way of Anti-Catholic theology (which is actually protestant). So after reading this, like I said before, I have no more doubt in my mind of which church is closest to truth on that particular spectrum. One that doesn't distort Bible verses to scare people into believing very false information (Sorry to tell you, but Christ is only coming twice, and his second coming will be quite loud). Have any of you actually read Revelation? Anyways, I suggest you all read "The Rapture Trap", or "Will Catholics be Left Behind?" and please, don't let a few peoples fabricated ideas fool you! After all, who are these authors of "Left Behind" to disregard 2000 years of Church tradition and history, which has not even been rejected until very recent? Where is the divine revelation in that?

yolanda 2/13/2004 18:51
ihave been a catholic all my life,and i got these books from my oldest son who is de- voted in reading the series, i read all of the series,and it made me devoted to jesus, in keeping my life seriouslly to our lord, it has change my attitute about myself,since i have a hearing impairment all my life,i was angry at times, and now, it doesn't matter, i can't wait to pray deeply now,and for the whole world, just to know of the revelation and of his coming, means so much to me,and i en- courage my other two sons,to read this,because it gets you hungry for his words., i still say my rosary daily,and believe to pray devotely to jesus.thanks for opening my heart to our lord. we are from south houston,texas

Jim 2/13/2004 20:05
I just wanted to say thank you for the books. My birthday was January 31, and my girlfriend bought me Babylon Rising and the first in the left behind series. I am a long haul truck driver, and I have finished both of them before Valentines Day. It should also be noted that I DO NOT read very much. I loved the books and it really brought the message of GOD to life for me. Thanks again. It would appear that I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I really do appreicate the work that was put into writing these books. Thanks again, Jim.

V From Columbus 2/14/2004 3:11
The left behind series has hit every thing right on the button, so far. I have checked every claim in the bible as I have read them all. I even started over & reading them again. I can't wait for the next issue to appear in the stores. The Serie's really make you think and realize what is important in these pesent days, & that is to get your life right With God & help bring others to Christ.

Alex 2/14/2004 22:14
Recently, I have been reading Tribulation Force. I started out by reading Assasins, not knowing it was in a series. When I noticed it was, I finished Assasins and started from the beginning.These books have totally changed my life. I never knew how catastrophic the rapture and tibulation period would be. I have completely changed my life towards good because we as humans do not know when Jesus will return, and I know I would want to be standing with Jesus in Heaven.

Susan 2/19/2004 11:22
I'm an avid reader, and I started reading Left Behind after I checked it out of the library last year. I had heard just enough about it that I thought it might be interesting, but not enough to have any idea what it was about. After I read some of that first book, I was telling my husband about the disappearance and he said "oh, you mean the Rapture?" That began the most incredible journey for me. I had no idea what the Rapture was; I had never heard of it. I sort of believed in God, but didn't have any kind of personal relationship with Him. That was about this time last year. I talked to a friend about that first book, and she started bringing them one by one to me so I could read them all. I devoured them like I was a starved; I couldn't get enough. In April 2003, I bought a bible and started reading it every day. In May 2003, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior when the Billy Graham Mission was in San Diego. I received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in June 2003. My life will never be the same. Last month, I bought all of the books so that I can go through and re-read them. I can't begin to express my gratitude to Mr. Jenkins and Mr. LaHaye for authoring these books. I hope they have touched many lives. They certainly have changed mine in a profound and awesome way. I thank God every day for the glorious gift of salvation He has given me. I only hope that I can give away some of this awesome love that was freely given to me when I least deserved it.

Rene 2/19/2004 15:26
In July of 2003, I participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. My Dad is a cancer survivor but he lost both parents to cancer in 1998 & 2002. Our team had to come up with a "theme" and we decided to use FROG which means F ully R ely O n G od Needless to say that caught a lot of people's attention and even though we did not win the most creative award, we received tons of compliments, smiles and God Bless You's. We also raised over $6000 for the AMCS. :) I read the Left Behind series at least 4 times and cannot wait for Glorious Appearing. Reading this series has changed my life, brought me closer to God and also, most importantly, made me unafraid to talk about my faith. Thank you

Matthew 2/19/2004 18:02
I have always believed in Christ, but I never started to think more about it until I read the Left Behind Kids series. These books have really left an impact on my life!

Melissa 2/20/2004 13:13
The left behind series has given me something good to read. I was saved when I was young but have recently have gotten much closer to God. I used to read a lot of horror novels...Stephen King and Dean Koontz...I love to read. I am thankful for this series because I can read all I want and glorify God! I am no longer glorifying satan by letting my mind wander with evil ideas and stories that I used to engross myself in. This series has also strenghtened keeps me focussed and becomes a part of my daily thinking. I pray that the lord leads me to other good things to read when I am finished with this series. I read my bible, of course, I just love today's views and interpretations through a series like this. I also enjoy the website....I love seeing how many are saved and how many believers are out there when daily life reminds us of how many are many are lost. I thank you for your books, movies and this is a good thing and helps so many. Glory be to GOD! Melissa

Sarah 2/20/2004 15:06
I was saved as a 9 year old but grew distant from my Heavenly Father. I discovered the Left Behind books shortly after the first book was published. I have read each one and was convicted to rededicate my life to God. Now, I load my books out and have discussions with others about the series. I bought the series for children for my teenagers and they have promised to begin reading the series as soon as they finish their current books. I am better able to witness to my children, one of which was saved at five. The other needs to make a decision for Christ. These books have changed my life. I am living for Christ today.

Terry 2/20/2004 20:03
I have read all eleven books. I have never been a reader before, UNTIL I began read The Left Behind Series. It has definitely brought me closer to God and makes me realize that now is the time to live it everyday.

Lydia 2/21/2004 20:06
I was brought up Christian, but never really felt connected to God. I was hooked on the first page of the first book--I couldn't stop reading for the next 3 months. I finished all 11 books and they opened my eyes and my heart to God. I did what the characters of the book did. I admitted I was a sinner, asked God to forgive my sins, and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Life hasn't been the same since the moment I did that. I am filled with such peace and God's grace is everywhere in my life. I have now found a wonderful church I'm involved with and I have such a thirst for God's word.

Jennifer 2/23/2004 19:58
I had been away from God for a long time...even after reading most of the series I wasn't convinced that I was ready to be saved. Last Saturday two men from the church across the street stopped by to invite me to worship the next day. I believe that there are no coincidences in life...I went to church and I truly feel like a new person. I am saved! I think that having read the Left Behind series was just one step in opening my mind and my heart for the Lord.

Rina 2/24/2004 5:28
Wow! What an awesome series! I will start Apollyon soon and I can't wait. Gripping stuff, but I know to many people that will be left behind. It kept me longer on my knees than ever before and to realise that I am grateful that I wouldn't be left behind. I still have a responsibility to pray for all the people in the world. Thank You Lord for that gracious Gift on Calvary. It is the main "thing" that will keep people out of heaven one day. That fact of denying the Gift of Calvary. This series so far had a great influence on my spiritual life and I am very greatful. Thanks for a stunning website as well. I read your quotes and daily devotions every day. Greetings from South Africa. Shalom Rina

Bill 2/24/2004 10:36
Until 5-6 yrs. ago, I didn't know about God at all. Then I moved to Illinois and my parents got me going to church . I hated it . it was boring and i didn't care. I became a "Sunday Christian". Ya'll know what I mean. But my friend Bryan got me going to a good church and between ya'll and a pastor there i learned to walk with God Thanks, ya'll Bill

Andrea 2/24/2004 16:38
Not quite a year and a half ago I started reading the Left Behind Series. I was completeing my final year in college, and was struggling with my student teaching. My grandparents had the movie. I was facinated by the story and wanted to read the series. As I read the series, I started to realize that while in college I had quit listening to god and had followed my own path. To say the least the path that I was following was one full of sin and darkness. While I started to realize what I was doing was wrong I didn't do anything to stop. In April last year I had a complete breakdown, and was diagnosed with "stress induced depression". While it sounds terrible, looking back it was what I needed to get me back on the correct path. While I have slipped and along this new path, God is always there to help me get up and on the right path again. The Left Behind series helped me get back my relationship with the Lord. This series really can reach out and change lives.

liz 2/24/2004 23:43
The left behind series brought me to Being a christian, no doubt about it......

Brenda 2/25/2004 4:32
The Left Behind series is the best reading I have ever done. I think it should be read by every person on earth. I am doing my best to pass the word around about this series. I will truly be sorry to see the series end. Left Behind has truly opened my eyes, and made me change things in my life.

Mary 2/27/2004 12:03
As a Chrisitan, I believe this series - and indeed, most religious people today who call themselves Chrisitans, are far too preocupied with the "End Times." Please believe that I say this in love: spend more time living the Chrisitian life, following His Perfect Example, and following His Word (without adding to or taking from it) - I believe this to be the whole duty of mankind! Our duty is NOT to worry about how it all will end - if we are what God would have us be (followers of Christ) then we will be ready for whatever happens. Again, I say this in Christian Love, M.

Billie 2/27/2004 12:21
Thank you again for writing these books and stimulating and renewing my interest in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God Bless and Keep as only He can and Thank You Both again. Sincerely, Billie

Clayton 2/27/2004 12:42
A long time ago I saw this book in Sam's Club "Left Behind" I'm not even sure I knew what the book was about, but some how it ended up in the cart. That night I started to read, that night I started to cry, and I probably finished it within the next day. The next night I went to a friend's house and begged him to help me. He's a good and dear friend who is like my brother, and a man of God like no other that I have ever personally known. Most of my life, I can say with shame, I have not been a good person in any way shape or form. I drank, cussed, fought, chased, caught, and used women, lied, stole, took the Lords name in vain, and hated everything and everyone that crossed my path. I can now say that with tear filled eyed that "Left Behind" scared the hell out of me. So, I ran to my friend's house and begged for his help. I begged for his help to save me - to be saved. That night he told me what to say, what to pray, and I still shake and cry when I think about that night. The night I was saved. That was eleven books ago, well, twelve if you count the Bible, and numerous others that I have read trying so very hard to fill my empty cup. Every now and then I still screw up and do something stupid or wrong and even sinful, but I catch myself and stop doing what I used to do without even thinking about it. Now, my hand strays to the gold cross that hangs around my neck. Now, I look away, back off, or bite my tongue. Now, I pray. Whether I've been good enough, prayed enough, or even been saved enough to not be left behind I do not know. Does it matter if you've been forgiven if you can't forgive yourself? I just wanted to say thanks for the books, thanks for the new path that my family and I are on. Thank you for bringing the light into my dark life.

Debby 2/28/2004 19:29
I have been a devout non-believer for as long as I can remember. Although my parents were not "religious" we were encouraged to go to several churches until we thought we had found one that was right for us. After years of sexual abuse by a family member, I decided that there was no church right for me. What kind of God let this happen to one of his children? Whatever kind of God He thought He was, He was no God for me - I was done hearing about what a "compassionate and forgiving" God He was (is). This was further compounded by my own children being molested by a different family member. There was no God. After two years of trying to talk me into reading the Left Behind series, a friend finally got me to read them. I went thru the first two books in 3 days. Books 4 and 5 took me one day. I had never been so hungry to learn. I even got out the old family Bible (which, although I didn't believe in, I kept) and started looking up the passages quoted in the book. Although I haven't come completely to Christ, I am thinking about it. Which is something I hadn't done in years. I even thought that I may be forgiven for my doubt. I'm still having trouble with forgiving for the hurt I received, which is why I'm not all the way there yet. But I've started a conversation, and I look forward to my time that I talk to God. And to tell the truth, it was your books that did this for me. I don't know that I ever would have started that conversation or looked at what I knew was already there, had I not been reading about what is to come. Thank you.

Susan 2/29/2004 8:51
Hey, these books are great! I always belived the basic christen theroy and stuff but I never really understood it. Ive been kinda intreted. One day I read the books. And wow it changed me. I think about the rapture coming every day. If someone were to ask me about the rapture befor I read these books I would of been like "wha??" lol Befor I read the books I would have been left behind myself most likly. But now I belivie I would not be. Thanks for writing these you saved many soled.

Susan 2/29/2004 8:51
Hey, these books are great! I always belived the basic christen theroy and stuff but I never really understood it. Ive been kinda intreted. One day I read the books. And wow it changed me. I think about the rapture coming every day. If someone were to ask me about the rapture befor I read these books I would of been like "wha??" lol Befor I read the books I would have been left behind myself most likly. But now I belivie I would not be. Thanks for writing these you saved many soles.

anette 2/29/2004 12:03
hello when my father died in jan 2001,i found my self in a position where i did not really believe in,for over 1yr i looked at variouse religions.for instance i started to look at wiccan as a possibility for me..but that did not work out.god is funny.he lets you know when it is not right for you,and also there was a jehovah witness comming by my home weekly,i was not buying what they were offering along comes your book series.left behind.the prayer in the very first book was wonderfull.i read this and you made it easy to understand and it hit home last i know where i belong.i prayed that prayer.i learned how to do the rosary..every morning i start the day praying my rosary while the first hour of my day i dedicate to our savior ... thankyou so much for this book series..i believe it was and continues to me very inspirational and condusive to my learning about god.. thankyou i have been waiting over 1yr to tell you this thankyou again a'nette

Chris 3/7/2004 22:40
I haven't had a religious upbringing and your book series has helped me to search out and find God. It has made such a change in my life. I wrote this to express to my friends how I felt. I have had a couple of christian friends helping me to learn more about God and the bible. They instructed me to read, ponder, and pray which I have been doing. I also had another friend to whom I've extended my trust that said he hadn't meet anyone like me. He wondered how I could be so trusting. I thought about how I might explain the way I felt about people to him and others that wondered. I thought about saying that I lived by the WWJD way ( What Would Jesus Do) and thought about how Jesus must have felt. He was the child of God and felt like a parent to all of us. Jesus said that we should all have the heart of a child. As a child I didn't know my parents to be religious, but they were very loving caring parents. I had a grandmother that I did know to be religious and she was kind and loving also. As a child the one thing that made me the happiest was to make these people proud of me. The things I did, to know whether they were right or wrong, that's all I had to think about was how these people would feel about what I'd done and if they could be proud of it. Even when I slipped and did wrong things, they loved me, guided me to do the right things and always forgave me. I feel that we are all children of God, and as a child of God I want to do things to make him feel proud of me. We are all tempted by evil everyday and even if I slip into wrongdoing, if I confess to God, he loves me and forgives me as one of his children. Along with having that heart of a child I feel like we should also feel like parents. We should treat everyone as if they were our sons and daughters. If they do something wrong, don't just punish them, but guide them to do the right things so that they can feel proud of the things they do and forgive them of their misdeeds as we would love our own children. As I read, ponder, and pray I also feel the need to witness for God, so, as my friend, please accept this and feel free to pass it on to your friends. If only everyone could have this feeling (as a child and also a parent) the world would be a different place.

Loretta 3/8/2004 13:27
I had always wanted to know more about what would happen after the rapture, but I was never told when I would be taken. Some said Christians would be in the Tribulation and some said we would not. I wanted to understand, and there was no help. When I began the seris, it drove me to my Bible, from the Old Testament to the New. As a Sunday School teacher and a Women's Ministr leader, I felt I had to know and understand in order to teach. Well, I have read the books at least 5 or 6 times and have searched out the scriptures, finding the answers and find myself hungry for more. God is teaching me and I am learning to love Him and trust Him more. I can say I love Him more now than I ever have. Praise the great God, the Holy One of Isreal.

Jackie 3/9/2004 0:21
When I first started reading Left Behind, I was no where near where I am now in my spiritual journey. I had heard about the films from my mother, and she sort of guilted me into watching them with her. After I watched them, I was hooked! I then heard about the books, and I just knew I had to read them. I read books 1-9 in about a month and a half, then books 9-11 in about 2 weeks! There are no words that could accurately describe how much the series has impacted my life and my walk with God. There is something so entrancing and intriguing about the characters and the events, and when I began feeling what the characters felt, and when I began crying along with them, laughing along with them, praying along with them, I knew I had found something incredible, something indescribable. These books have, without a doubt, brought me closer to God, and they have been one of the main factors of me accepting Jesus into my life. I don't know where I would be if it weren't for the artistry and realism that the authors have depicted. I'll be eternally grateful. Thank you!

megan 3/9/2004 13:18
When I first started reading the Left Behind series, I hadnt put much thought into Christianity. I believed in God, but that was about as far as i was willing to take it. As I was reading, I started to question some of the things in the book, and wanted to check them for accuracy. I did not even own a Bible, so a friend gave me one. This opened the flood gates for me. how could I have lived for 30 years and know nothing about the bible? and my children, where would they be if I did not get them on the right track? well we now belong to a wonderful church, and my oldest daughter, who is 7, is going to be baptised this Sunday. She has devoted her life to Christ at such a young age, and has no problem letting everyone she knows about it. Even telling her friends(in a public school)everything she can about how Jesus loved us enough to die for us. I can tell you know I know I will not be left behind, and I have no fear of death, because I know I will be with Him!

Almarie 3/9/2004 15:54
I thk the authors for redirecting back to the truth. I started refering to the bible passages in the book as I read. And now I work everyday to walk in the path of christ. My weakness is decipleship I am so new at this that I don't feel worthy to share other than with other christians. Sincerely, A

Thomas 3/9/2004 22:02
Dear Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, I am 12 years old and love your Left Behind: The Kids Books. These books evangelized my life. When I was younger church was boring to me. I thought it was a prison for two hours. I was not a big believer, thinking I was counted in the afterlife for only believing God, not praying or anything. Everywhere I went I saw "Christian" orginazations asking for money. That made me think God was some rich fat guy who wanted to clean out my pockets. Not until last year I started reading your kids books. This immediately changed my mind on how God is. Now I know God will always be there, through hard times and good times. I was saved only one year ago. Your books make me want to read the Bible and go to church without the kid's service. Thank you for your wonderful books that changed my view on God. I'm currently on the twenty-fifth one. Sincerely, Thomas

althea 3/10/2004 8:48
i was saved a long time ago. i am 51 now. but i was always hesitant about testifying to other people, afraid that i would offend them by talking about God and salvation and what He has done for me and my family in years past. the left behind series has shown me not to worry about offending anyone, but to acknowledge what God has done and tell them what He can do for them. it showed me how to testify without offending. i know that God still works miracles today for He saved my son's life and allowed him to walk when doctors said "no way." God also saved my brother's life and allowed him to walk also. i give God the thanks and the glory for His miracles. God does answer prayer and now i let everyone know this. the left behind series has also renewed my faith in God and His son, Jesus Christ. now it is automatic that i pray and thank God for Jesus everyday. you may think that only kids read the left behind series,the kids but i read them as well as the books written for adults. thank you for writting the books and i thank God for inspiring you to write them. sincerely, althea

Leo 3/10/2004 17:47
A few years ago my son who had become a born again Christian was trying to find a way to bring me to Christ. He knew I was an avid reader and gave me a copy of Left Behind. I was sort of sceptical at first but the more I read the more I knew there was something to all that was in the book. I began to really read the scriptures as never before, I was a Roman Catholic, but was not truly a Christian. Due to reading left Behind I am now a true Christian and know that I am assured of my salvation thanks to Jesus Christ. I am truly greatful to Left Behind and my wonderful son

Lindsey 3/11/2004 18:56
My "walk with God" was never really a walk. I always ran as far away as I could. Being from the south, I was raised in church. I was baptized when I was 7 mainly because my twin brother did it. Growing up I never doubted that God existed, I just chose to ignore Him. I became heavily involved in drugs, drinking and everything else I should not have been doing. When you live a life like that, you do not want to believe in Christ. Believing in Christ would introduce too many feelings of guilt and shame. So I ingnored Him. Finally, I hit rock bottom. With the help of my family I tried to straighten my life out. I graduated from college, got married and found a wonderful career. Still, I turned away from God. Finally, I received the Left Behind series for Christmas 2003. While reading them, I came to see the truth. I guess I always felt that since I was a believer, anything I did God would forgive. So I did whatever I wanted. A fire has been lit inside me now.I have rededicated my life to Christ. It all stemmed from the books. They really got me thinking. I knew that if the church was raptured I would be left behind. That is a scary thought. My life is so wonderful and it is amazing that even when I was at my lowest point in life, God was still providing for me, still taking care of me. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel shame for the way I have lived my life. I am also terrified that I will lose this fire that God has burning in me. But I also have faith that he will continue to take care of me just like he always has. I pray that if you find yourself in the situation like mine, stop and think of all the wonderful things God has done for you and me. Then think of what you do for Him. How do you add up?

Cynthia 3/12/2004 12:43
I had some bible knowledge from years ago and kind of went astray. I bought the first book in the series knowing it was a work of fiction,but it was so powerful and so factual with biblical prophecy that I read everyone as they became available. Thanks to these books I am back on track in my Christian walk and even unbelievers, once they read the series, may finally pick up a bible to see for themselves just how factual this fiction really is!

Beth Ann 3/14/2004 14:53
I am 14 years old, and I'm a freshman in high school living away from home at a ballet conservatory. It has been really tough for me to stand strong in my faith when there is only one other person in the school that might be a true Christian, on top of that getting used to living away from home. Many people say that they are, but they don't live like they are. I was miserable, I had no friends, I was always in my room alone, all of this making me want to quit and just go home. I found the second Left Behind movie in a bargain bin and watched it. I became ecstatic about Left Behind, and after becoming addicted to both movies, I just had to have the book series! They are amazing! I had one of them with me at all times, I have to restrain myself from reading them all the time. I can read one of them in 2 days because I get so caught up in them. They not only have restored my faith, but I am stronger than I ever have been. I've gotten one of my best friends, Danielle, into it and we are now both very strong Christians. We both admit they a year ago, we could be classified as "lukewarm Christians." The Left Behind books have changed our lives forever. Now, a few people at the school have been asking to borrow the books and read them. There's no doubt that anyone that reads them is not made stronger in their faith. I owe so much thanks to Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, thank you both so much!!! I have witnessed to many people because of how inspired I have become through your books! May God bless you in everything you do!

Koset 3/15/2004 15:52
I have been a believer since childhood, but I was not filled with the Spirit untill I was about 25yrs old. I thought that was the biggest event in my life. But I had no idea what I was missing untill I felt a "passion for Christ". Reading your Left Behind series gave that to me. It was like a light bulb that lit in my Soul and burst. It spread a deep love within me for Jesus Christ with an intensity that was so strong it brought tears to my eyes. It made me realize what Jesus REALY did for me. The Left Behind books forced me to look at my relationship with Christ. It also made me realize what it will take to survive in the coming times. I feel a quickening in my spirit that makes me want to shout on the roof tops the joy I feel. Truly yours in Christ Kozet

Beth 3/18/2004 13:27
I came to this website with the intention of finding a way to thank Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins for their inspiring Left Behind series. I was raised Catholic and stopped going to church in my teens, due to what I thought were other pressing priorities, such as sports, friends, and more fun. During my first pregnancy in 1996, I lost one of my twin daughters unexpectedly at birth and in my grief became extremely angry with God for taking her from me, her father, and her twin sister. I could not understand why He would take a baby when we had done nothing wrong!! I maintained my anger for years and though it softened over time, I could not stand the fact that I was never going to get an explaination for her death. I am an avid reader. I always have been. I ran out of books to read at home and called my next door neightbor who is my best friend, and also a born-again Christian to see if she had anything I could borrow to read until my next library visit. She suggested The Left Behind series (she has all that are currently available and is anxiously awaiting The Glorious Appearing). I remembered hearing wonderful things about the series from several people, so I borrowed the first 4 in the series and let me tell you, I said my prayer along with Rayford and accepting Jesus Christ back into my life and forgave God for taking my daughter almost 8 years ago. I will never be able to fully explain the impact that these books have had on my life and how thankful I am because I believe that God has these books in mind to bring me back into the fold. I have found a church and am becoming an active member and have introduced my three children to His Word and teachings. I owe my salvation in part to Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins for creating such a wonderful fictional series based on the prophecies of God. I am now about 50 pages away from completing Desecration and have read the series in succession in a matter of about 2 weeks thus far. Although I have just recently renewed my faith, I have such more hope and happiness in my life and know that my future is guided by Jesus Christ and that I could not be more thankful.

Julie 3/19/2004 14:51
I started to read the Left Behind books about six months ago, mainly out of boredom.It wasn't long, though, before they began to scare me. They made me think seriously about my relationship with God and what would happen to me if the events depicted in the books took place tomorrow. Since then, I've redeticated my life to Christ and to God, and have gone on to read all eleven books that have been released. They've helped me tremendously in my walk with God- thank you, Tim and Jerry, for writing them, and I can;t wait for Glorious Appearing!

Jordan 3/19/2004 19:35
Hi.well , I was saved when I was six years old, but until I was about 13 I didn't take my faith seriously, since I started reading the left Behind kids series I've learned to be thankful for my freedom to worship God,and now I try to live for God more than I used to . The most important thing this series has taught me is the power of Prayer .thanks for making a great series!

Megan 3/19/2004 21:57
Just stumbled upon the site. These books changed my life & my relationship with Christ. I'm sure this is not the first or last time this has been said. Thank you.

Kathleen 3/20/2004 12:40
It was one year ago when I started reading the left behind series. I was in an outpatient hospital program at age 13 for suicidal and depressed teens. I thought I couldn't go on and had attempted sucide three times, along with bulimia. I had hit rock bottom. I started reading the left behind series after a friend at my church had recommended it to me. I found myself truly connecting to God and Jesus, praying daily and changing my habits. The books showed me a whole new way of life that I had not thought was possible. I responded to the medication and worked myself out of rehab. Now, a year later, I am an active member in my church with aspirations to be a pastor. I feel as though I am a different person and am overjoyed to have recently seen those same effects on my best friend. I want to thank the left behind series for changing my life and helping me to find Jesus and God. Thank you.

Yvonne 3/20/2004 13:53
I have been a Born Again Christian for 10 years now, but I have never really understood the importance of being a truelly devoted untill I read this series. I read the first book about 5 years ago, but I didn't read the second book untill about two months ago. Once I read the second I immediately went out and bought the third book. It only took me about 6 weeks to read the whole series. I bought every book and I am anxiously awaiting the Glorious Appearing so I can read that one. This series has helped me understand the book of Revelation more than I had ever been able to. I have never wanted to be with our Lord more than I have since I read these books. I have told my husband that I am ready to be with Him and sometimes wish that the Rapture would occur sometime soon so that we could be with him and not have to live in this world with all that is happening in it these days. The only regret that I do have is not being able to reach my brothers with the word of God. I pray for them, but I do not get to see them to show them how important it is to give yourself to God. My three children are all born again, although they haven't been baptized yet, but we hope to see that happening with them very soon. I would just like to thank the writers of these books, they are the best I have read in a long time and I hope that they don't stop writing books like these.

Beth 3/20/2004 23:09
In 1997, a friend of mine was reading a book and she told me it was about "a pilot who had half his passengers disappear midflight". I was caught. I bought the book. Halfway through the book I bought a bible because I didn't believe all the stuff in the book could be true. But it was...word for word. By the time I finished the book I realized I did not want to be left behind and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Since then I have bought at least 20 copies to give to friends and family member. It's a wonderful witness tool! Thanks to Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHay!

michelle 3/21/2004 19:10
I was saved at age 12. I have gone to church since I was arond five years old and I never really understood God. My grandmother was talking to me about the series and I read the first few kids books at 11. I never really understood untill I was on the 14 book, and I was rebirthed. Now, i'm 13 and reading the adult series. I pray every day and God has blessed me in more ways then I know. The left behind series showed me a God that was loving and caring and patient, and for that I owe Jerry Jenkins and Tim Laheye my life.

Victoria 3/21/2004 19:16
Left Behind is my favorite book series of all time, which is really saying something because I love to read. I'm 14, and I've read both the adult and the childrens series, though I personaly prefer the adult. Those books brought me closer to God and really made me consider where I was going when I died. Those books taught me a lot, and I'm forever grateful to the writers.

Walter 3/22/2004 13:26
I have listened to the Left Behind series tapes several times. I have the last three to listen to and have ordered 10 and 11 in tape form and 12 in Hard Back Book form. The entire series has really helped me face all of the terrible things that I have done in my lifetime. I am 57 years old. I have been such a terrible person to my ex-wife, my two daughters, my sister and brother and my mother. Not to mention my relatives, business contacts, partners and people in general. I have lied, abused, used, accused, denied and munipulated everyone, including myself. Since I have gotten involved with the Left Behind series it has re-educated me with what I learned as a child. That the love of Christ, through the Holy Ghost can and will wipe all of your sins and make you a re-born Christian. Thank you so very much for the Left Behind series. I have shared Left Behind to my daughters and my sister and brother and mother alone with others. I want God's love to enter my heart and cleanse my soul. Please pray for me, I am such a sinful person who has asked that the Holy Ghost come into my heart to receive Jesus Christ as his savour. He Has Risen, yes indead!! Walter

Beverly 3/22/2004 17:53
I have all of the adult, kids, books and sound and drama, for both adults and kids. I have read Apocalypse Dawn, End of State and other books by Jerry Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye. I can say that I am reading and studying more and I have read scriptures that now I have a better understanding of the same scriptures. Praise God for people who have the talent to write and speak and let others know about God's love for us. This series has done and beautiful job. I have just finished The Glorious Appearing and the emotions were running high. I will pray for the continued success of this series; that many more will be saved because of it. God Bless to all involved in this writing, dramas, and the videos.

Stephanie 3/22/2004 18:17
I was told about the book by friends but I wouldn't read it but one day I rented the movie from the video store. I was floored I needed more so I bought the book. While and after reading the book I began to ask questions like "Would I be left behind?" and honestly the answer was yes. I knew I didn't want to be left behind I wanted to be with Jesus so I realized I had to get my life right with God. and what a good God he is just when I feeling low and down on myself he picks me up dusts me off and lets me know its ok and he loves me. These books saved my life. I cried when Zion Ben Judah announced the Jesus was the Messiah I felt like I was there. God open my eyes to his glory through these books and I was blessed because of them. And for that I thank the authors. Oh have to say that I was a Christian prior to reading these books but I really didn't know Christ since then I have read revelation for myself and I have began reading the bible from Genesis. I am on a love walk with my God.

matt 3/24/2004 18:24
Dear Tim and Jerry, I was a normal 13 year old boy. I would swear and do bad and nasty things but then one day I was sitting in homeroom and I saw a girl with the first book on her desk. I love to read so I asked her if I could look at it and I thought it was going to be a normal book with action and all but then I began to read and it was about the rapture of Christ's church. I had heard of it but I really didn't know that much and then this really got me thinking. From the time I was halfway through the book I was reading the Bible everyday and trying to act a little better. As soon as I figured it all out and was convist I prayed to the Lord for my forgiveness. As soon as I did I felt him in my heart. I just what to thank you with all my heart for writing these books and showing me the path to Jesus. I have read the whole series and am awaiting the next one. I am in the process of reading your other book Are We Living in the End Times? It is very good and helpful in my studies. I was wondering if you could send me the titles of some of your other books. I cannot stress enough how much I am thankful for you 2. I just wanted you to know that your book drew me to Christ and a better life hear and eternal life that it has given me. Your thankful fan, Matt

Kate 3/25/2004 8:52
Im 13 years old, Ive been raised in a christian home, if you asked most of the people at my school to describe me they would probably only use 2 words: Jesus Freak. I used to take offence to this, now I take it as a compliment, I used to think that God, Jesus, the hly spirit, all of that was mumbo jumbo, I've changed my opinion on that, and boy am I glad I have.....Jesus has given me the strength to put up with getting over my suicide attempt, my grandmothers death, my parents fighting, my bad school life, all of the mean people in the world, and everything else that has yet to come my way. I have fully given my heart to Jesus, and while it may be hard to follow up on the promise and request for Jesus to live in my heart, I have found ways, I have reached friends, family, and even strangers, Jesus is my savior, and i love him with all my heart!

mikey 3/25/2004 12:55
I am kind of erie about the whole god thing i beleive jesus healed all of those people and stuff but it is just hard to think how god got created.

Laura 3/25/2004 13:54
I married my husband who is a christian, I was raised catholic, and belived strongly in GOD. after we were married I noticed him reading these books and never putting them down, I became curious and picked up left behind. Im not sure where in the book that I stopped, set the book in my lap and said to my husband, It's not enough to be just a good person is it? He said No, its not. I was immediately humbled and terrified that I wasnt going to be saved fast enough. I knew God, loved GOD, but never knew Jesus, never knew what it meant to really believe in Jesus and what he did for me. But I found it in your book. Thank You, you have a very key part in my salvation, and the future salvation of my 3 children who I now raise as christians. thankfully god gave me my husband to further educate me and show me hte way to GOD. He was waiting for me, and I was indeed his lost sheep. GOd Bless..

leah 3/25/2004 17:01
my father gave me a copy of left behind. we had never been close and he had not been in my life cosistently. i do beleive this is the most important thing he ever gave me. i read the book and rushed out to get all of the others that were already out. i could not get enough of this series. it made me realize that god loved me for years when i didn't even love myself, and even though i had changed my life and trying to live right that it all was for nothing unless i lived for god. i am going to buy the left behind kids series for my 12 year old daughter. i want to give her the most important gift that i can, i want her to know what god can do for her and what she should do for god. i thank the writers for letting god work through them to reach me and so many others. praise god

Barbara 3/26/2004 4:35
The Left Behind series have dramaticaly changed my life. I have a new understanding of the book revelation and i am currently repeating them while waiting for the latest GLORIOUS APPEARING.

Elizabeth 3/26/2004 6:51
Dear Friends in Christ, Someone in my church donated the Left Behind series to our church library. My two children (ages 12 and 15) and I have been reading them and eagerly await the newest book. This series has not only opened conversations between myself and my children regarding God, but it has been an evangelist tool in the hands of my children. I came home from work the other day and found my 12 year old son eagerly showing an unchurched friend of his where to find references in a Left Behind book in the Book of Revelation. His friend has now started reading the series and our church gave the boy a Bible so he can now look up references himself. I give thanks to God for the Left Behind series and how it is leading so many people to explore and learn about God's Word. Grace and peace, Elizabeth

Pat 3/26/2004 10:19
In 1984 when my first husband and I divorced, I just knew I was banished from God's kingdom forever. I had struggled all my adult life with "security of the believer" As the child of a Penecostal pastor I was saved at six years old but always felt conditional love. After 29 years of marriage and four children, I still struggled with this issue and divorce did not help. It only re-inforced my confusion. Crying and praying I was led to Psalm 51:10-12 "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me!"Finally, I found the unconditional Love of the Father. Although I had been a Christian for many years when I began reading The Left Behind series, I treasure each of these books for how I have been encouraged through the characters of the books. I pray to God that I am ready to go in the first rapture and don't have to endure the torments of those left behind, even for a short period. This series has deepened my walk with the Lord and heightened my determination to not be bashful about witnessing to others.

Megan 3/27/2004 22:35
The left behind series is Great! Hi my name is Megan and I'm 12 years old I received Christ as my Savior when i was about 5. I'm almost finished with the whole series. I used to HATE reading! But then I got into the left behind series and I can't put them down! I read about 4 of the books a week! It has brought so much peace, courage, respect and so many other things in my life. God can do so many wonderful things!! Thanks Mr. Jenkins and Dr. Layhaye for writing these wonderful books!!!

Lisa 3/28/2004 0:04
I only began reading the Left Behind books within the past few months. I avoided reading them or watching the movies for a long time. I tended to shy away from anything concerning the end times. Talk about it made me uncomfortable and I just avoided it all together. I was at our small town library and was looking for something new to read. For some reason I decided to stop avoiding them and read the Left Behind books. It was so great. It was freeing in a way. Not hiding from things to come anymore. I have read all the books now and I am in the process of acquiring them all myself. I have all but 4 of them and am eagerly awaiting the release of Glorious Appearing. God has truly used the authors to help show the world what the end times may be like and that we should not wait on our decision to follow Christ.

Deborah 3/28/2004 16:04
I started reading left behind the kids books when I was in the third grade I even have troubles with stoping in the middle of the story its so exciteing! Now that I'm older and have read it over 15 times its helped me grow stronger in my faith and grow closer to the Lord.

Christina 3/28/2004 17:00
This is the first oppurtunity I have found to share my testimony since I have recommitted myself to God. I have been a backslider in my walk with God, thinking that I was saved and not have to do anything else for me of God. I had felt God calling me totalk to this person or that but I let my fear get in my way. I began to withdraw from him and began to feel empty again inside, fear started to well up within me about life and death, Heaven and Hell. For a long time I told myself well I'm saved I have no fear. Then I came across the book Left Behind. I started reading it and I could not put it down until I had read all 11 books in the series so far, and anxiously awaiting the 12th,as I finshed each books it brought my sins to the light and I quickly begged forgivness for backsliding away from him. I can't wait for the day to come now for when I will be with him in eternity.

Hope 3/29/2004 19:05
i knew who god was and i prayed i was baptized and yet when i read these books at 12 this summer it made my walk with god even stronger now i'm thirteen and feel real close to god and he always answers my prayers someday i would like to have the same impact on peoples lives like these books did and still do someday i'd like to meet the aouthors because they are now my favorite and i am a huge fan of left behind thank god for them and thanks for listening your sister in chrit hope

Grace 3/30/2004 10:02
After reading the first Left Behind issue of the series, I submitted it to my book club as a good reading selection for the group. We read it and met for discussion. I placed a variety of clothing pieces on the dining room table where the group met for effect. Some felt the book was simple fiction; others knew that it was based on Bible prophecy. I personally became so aware of the coming of Christ and my need to be prepared and to be looking for His coming as a bride anxiously awaits her groom. Thanks for being inspired by God to touch so many with this incredible series. God seems to be using many forms of media these days to get our attention and to awaken us from apathy as a church.

Amanda 3/30/2004 10:51
I have drifted away from god and reading the books made me realize that I needed to continue my faith toward him. It made me realize what good God can do.

Erica 3/30/2004 21:53
When I was younger, my parents would drag me to church on Sundays. I didn't think much of it, I'm not even sure how much of it I let sink in. As I got older I wasn't sure what to think anymore. I started to think I was agnostic, but at the same time considered myself undecided whenever someone asked. I started attending church more and going on mission trips. I knew I believed in God but the rest I still was not completely sure on. Then I began reading the Left Behind series. I didn't notice myself being any different. Except that I began wearing my cross necklace everyday, and when I accidentally broke the chain even shed a few tears. I took out my bible that was buried with all my books and papers, and now it sits on my night stand everyday. I got more into the books and now I never put them down. Then I recently when to go see the passion, all I remember when it came to me, was tears. It was as if I felt his pain. Since then when someone asks, I tell them I am a Christian. I now have no doubt in my mind about my beliefs in God and Jesus Christ.

Hans 3/31/2004 0:18
I am from Holland but 'ran away'to Indonesia not able to face my problems. I got the book 'Nicolae' ysterday froma Dutch woman who was cleaning out her bookshelves... I read it in one day, and the moment I finnished I was overwelmed, realised I wasn't ready if the Lord would come today, and I wept bitterly. I asked the Lord to come into my life, asked Him to forgive my sins, and will contact a pastor later today. May God bless the authors as well as all those who read the books

Wendy 3/31/2004 1:04
These books brought me a message of hope, I cried knowing there was a terrible person out there, who is in fact going to make a mess of this world, then I thought this world is already in a mess, and I didn't want my life to be like that. reading about other people, trying to make a difference in others, and not succeeding, but knowing praying does. having faith, struggling in a dying world help me to move closer to my Father, knowing he loves me so much, that going a stray, things got in the way, until one day a voice spoke to me, telling me everything is going to be alright. These books, it is factural, history. upon reading them, missing some, but kept on reading it, one was so real; The Mark, gave me the most scariest dream, one I will never forget, it woke me up, its a knock back on the path. these books rock, but then again so does the bible from wence these come. thankyou so much, I look forward to the Glorious appearing (the book).

Christopher 3/31/2004 1:45
Before the left Behind series came out i thought of myself as a christian person. I thought that i had a good relationship with the lord. But as I got older my faith started to suffer I really did not like going to church and I was beginning to doubt that there was even a lord at all. Then I met the girl of my dream and she had and still does have a strong faith in christ. She handed me a book off her bookcase and told me to read it saying i could relate to one of the characters in it and so I took the book. The book was Left Behind the very first book and as I was reading I started putting myself in captian Steele's shoes because he was the one that I thought most resemble me and my faith at the time. Well to make a long story short the dream girl left me but becasue of her my faith in christ did not and today it is now stronger than ever.

Dana 3/31/2004 12:49
My husband has never been one to read books. This winter, he saw me with my nose buried in the Left Behind series, and he asked questions about what I was reading. On February 14 of this year, began reading book one of the Left Behind series, and not only did he finished the ENTIRE series in a month's time, but the books have been the catalyst for the Holy Spirit to ignite a hunger within my husband for the Word of God (which he had never read until now)! My husband now asks me when we can do our Bible reading together, and he looks forward to our Wednesday night class at our church, as our pastor has responded to the people who asked for a study on the book of Revelation! Thank you for being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and for being faithful to the scriptures in the series. I believe that when we will stand before our Lord, you will be amazed at the impact that these books have had on the lives of so many souls. May God bless you in your endeavors to magnify Him!

Lena 3/31/2004 21:34
when i read the left behind series, my life really changed. i grew up in a christian home, i always knew about God, but didnt KNOW him. i thought i was a christian, that i was a good person, but after reading these books, i realised that if Jesus came back to take his church, i would have been left behind, like the characters in the books. when Tsion writes his messages to the people, it was like he was writing them to me. he was tell me that i need God. Im a changed person now. i know that im nothing with out God. i have a new relationship with Jesus, a personal relationship with him, i hunger for the Bible like i never have befor.

Matt 3/31/2004 23:38
Left behind has opened my eyes even more towords God! I am 17 years old and was saved less than a year ago but with these books I feel like I have grown closer to God with every page! I can feel the presence of the holy spirit with me every time I crack open the books. I believe everyone should read the book at least twice. Just so they can realize the power of God and what will happen if they don't except Christ in there life!