Impacted Your Walk with God (Part 1)

QUESTION: How has the Left Behind series impacted your walk with God?

Here are reader responses (December-January):

Heather 12/5/2003 19:01
The Left Behind series has changed my life. I just recently began reading the books, and I'm already halfway through The Remnant. I literally cannot get enough of these books. The characters are so real, the situations so is impossible not to get hooked on these books! I have developed a thirst for the Word of God, and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for paving the way for me to find Christ. God bless!

Sheri 12/6/2003 1:08
I was truly moved when I read Left Behind. I have been a christian most of my life, but have been very lukewarm in my walk with the Lord. This book made me take a closer look at how I've been living my life for Christ, and I was ashamed at what I saw. I was on my knees asking God to forgive me, and have been living more boldly for God ever since. I want to bring as many people to him as possible before the rapture now, and try to make up for all the time I've wasted. I've read all the books in two months, and can't wait for the Glorious Appearing to come out in April! I have already purchased Left Behind for two people who aren't believers, and I plan to buy many more! I believe these are the last days, and God is commissioning us to reach the lost like never before. So be bold deciples for him, and you shall be rewarded in Heaven!

chad 12/6/2003 11:08
They have given me a deeper understanding of revelations and even drawn me closer to God. Thank you.

ricky 12/6/2003 12:57
I am 21 years old i recently came back to God about 3-4 months ago i still have everyday trial i must admit i still have trouble with sin i was on a road to destruction i remember my pastor said God will bring to your knees in order to bring you back to him and he did i saw my self and was disgusted in what i saw my mom prayed every day for me and my sister to comeback to God and sure enough here i am i love the Lord and thank him every day for his risen son so lets keep on runnning the race brothers and sisters our Risen King is almost here

John 12/6/2003 13:46
I got my first LEFT BEHIND (Adult) book when I was only twelve years old. I began to read in search of information for a short story about the Great Tribulation, and soon was addicted to the series. When I first started reading the books, I was very skeptical if whether or not I'd be left behind if the Rapture were to take place. But since I started reading (and saw the two movies), I have realized that I need to ready if Christ were to come back in my lifetime. I definitely do not want to be left behind. Even though I'm not a pre-Trib person, this series has helped me to start a dedicated life to Christ Jesus...and has taught me not to be afraid of being left behind, because now I know I won't be.

Donna 12/7/2003 15:32
Having gone to church most of my life (46 yrs), the left behind series (books 1-11) have brought me closer to God then all the years in church.

Stuart 12/8/2003 8:48
Before reading Left Behind i had the mind of a scientist always questioning things 'god can't be real becasue there is no 'solid' proof he exists apart form the bibile but reading up to applloyn and watching the trib force go throught the things they have i am slowly starting to belive that there is a god

Peter 12/8/2003 12:31
My first contact with the Left Behind series of books was while I was in jail for six months back in 2000. I decided at that time to give my life to Christ and become born again. I began to read the the Left Behind books at that time.

Norman 12/10/2003 12:18
My life has been forever changed by the bold & insightful Left Behind series. I have alwsys had an interest in prophecy ancient religions & the history of who & what Jesus Christ is. I consider myself a believer in God's plan of salvation & redemption of the human race through a miraculous intervention "the rapture". I am currently for the very first time in my life battling the consequences of a life filled with sinful choices. My personal faith in Christ the only thing which I can cling to. I am always excited to see & read where the charachters will go next in their attempt to "pilot" their lives through the most trying event in the history of man-kind. I hope & pray I too can believe in these trying times with confidence there is a better place waiting for those who believe. Please pray for God's holy intervention in my life as I struggle daily with what to do & how to follow God. Thank you for your heart & your vision in these trying times...... Sincerely, your Brother in the faith.

Dominic 12/10/2003 19:22
The left behind books have had a huge impact in my life. Whenever I feel myself drifting from my faith I pick up one of the books and when I am done reaging it, I feel like Jesus Christ has been reborn in my spirit. I am totaly renewed. I know that these books are only fiction but, the spiritual power these books give are amazing.

Michelle 12/12/2003 17:04
Through them I have re-let Jesus into my heart.

natoscha 12/14/2003 14:04
AFter I read the first Left Behind series book, I became drawn into the series,carrying books around with me wherever I go(work,school,etc...),and I happen to run into other people who are readers also, and it's as though the books have given us a common connection. The books have changed my life in the most positives of ways. I have always believed in God, but the books have opened my eyes to His infinite love that He has for me. And one thing I have found humorous about me carrying my books around is that people who have not heard of the series might look at the pictures on the cover, and assume that Iam reading a Satanic book or a horror story.

Samantha 12/15/2003 23:51
Half way through the first book I went to my room and for the first time since childhood I got on my knees and ask for forgiveness. Accepted Christ and ask him to lead me on the right road to live my life through him. We still don't go to Church every Sunday for work reasons, but we go as often as we can. (although I do not believe you have to go to church to be a good Christian) I do however pray at least once a day if not more in most cases, and find myself backtraking in thought before I act or speak so that I say and do things that are right by Jesus. I am also happy to say that not only my daughter will be baptized on December 28th but I will be also. I am ashamed that it took a book to get me to accept the Lord into my life, but I guess it doesn't matter how you get there, and I assume that is what you hoped for your readers. In closing I just want to say Thank you for leading me to my salvation.

Storm 12/17/2003 19:18
The left behind series has made a huge difference in my life. The books helped me begin my relashionship with Jesus Christ my savior and lord. Here's the story. The FACT that all of gods people would be taken to heaven soon, really got me thinking. And when i read revalation i was even more convinced. So i found one of the sinners parayers and prayed. After i was through praying i didn't feel anything different. When the next day came i realized that i bearly swore at all, and when i did i begged for forgivness. From then on i was a beliver and today is no exception. Thank You Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for leading me to christ.

Becki, atlanta georgia 12/18/2003 13:04
The Left Behind series have impacted my walk with God by first helping me to understand the book Revelation better. I didn't really understand what would happen in "end times." Now I have a better understanding of it and how important it is to witness to others now. Reading the books has increased my desire to witness even more. I love the Left Behind series and I can't wait for Glorious Appearing to come out.

Nancy 12/18/2003 13:49
I wasn't walking at all with the Lord. It has showed me that just being good to others and doing good deeds is not the answer to eternal life. I realise how much I really miss the scriptures!

Tanya Zahn 12/18/2003 16:52
In October of 2000 I was about to board an airplane leaving Houston going back home to Titusville, PA. I was drawn into the book store and I purchased Left Behind. At this point, I considered myself a religious person and I listened to Christian radio where I had heard about the Left Behind series. However, because I do not like to read, I never purchased them. While on the plane, I began to read Left Behind. When I read about the disappearances while on the plane, it hit me that should the rapture occur, my husband and three children would be in heaven, but I would be left behind. As soon as I arrived home, I told my husband about this and we prayed together and I received God's incredible gift of Salvation. Within a matter of 4 weeks, I read every Left Behind book that was out and have continued to do. I share my story with everyone who will listen because it truly was an awesome experience. Since becoming a Christian, my life has been changed only as God can do.

Robert 12/20/2003 3:36
When I first laid my eye's on the first book and picked up to browse the contents,I didn't think that I'll buy this title and the following series. After reading this book , I felt different as I was spiritually weak. I felt hungry for Christ after reading the series. Even though this is only FICTION , it felt as if this may actually happen.

demola 12/21/2003 5:28
helps me check my life everyday to see if i,m still eligible,or in sin.

Jason 12/26/2003 10:55
Before I started reading the series a year ago, I was floundering in the stormy sea I like to call the World. I had been trying to run from what God had called me to do for years and He finally got me to the point where I could not say no anymore. I am so thankful to Him that this series has helped me stay focused on what really matters in this life. The fact is that Christ is returning soon and we must all live our lives as the Word commands us to.

mike 12/29/2003 14:44
I've read all the Leftbehind books up to Armageddon and I think it is a very inspiring and a well thought out story line.I cant say it has inspired me to conform into christianity mainly because there are too many gaps in the faith that go against science and common sense but I think it's a good series all the same! I would suggest which im sure there are many similar suggestions,that there be a movie or series of videos on the series which im sure will sell like crazy also!

James Waite 12/30/2003 23:56
I was pretty much finished with God because of circumstances in my life. I thought God had let me down. After getting about half-way through the series, I realized that it was the other way around. I had let him down. God never promised us that everything will be easy or we will get everything that we think that we need. God promises to love us, no matter what. You know, what can be more important than that. Thank you for these books of his love.

Kenneth 1/3/2004 16:02
I converted to Islam when I was 18 years old. It was difficult for the parents of a quiet white kid like me from Oklahoma City to join a religion that was mainly overseas. But, I faithfully read the Quran and prayed to allah. But then, in October of 2002, my father who I loved dearly, went home to be with the Savior he walked with for 14 years after a courageous battle with colon cancer. He was only 56. After that, I wanted to know about this Jesus that my dad followed. So, I began to study and read the Left Behind books for some religious fiction when I took breaks from reading the non-fiction apologetics books I got from the Mardel Christian Bookstore. It convinced me that Jesus was going to return soon and that I needed to be ready. Here I am over a year later, still reading but getting close to making a decision to follow Jesus, the Lord. Thanks to all who have a heart for the lost, especially the Muslims.

Tammy 1/4/2004 14:58
I didn't have a walk with God... I was a practicing Catholic but didn't give much thought to having a "relationship" with God. I thought I was doing the "right" things. The Left Behind books made me realize that I was missing out on God's promises. I've since joined a non-denominational Christian Bible Study (I am a Catholic Christian now) and I've started to give some of life's decisions over to God with astounding results... my husband got transferred and promoted "forcing" me to quit my job and allowing me to be a stay-home mom (a decision I've been pondering for years) with a successful side consulting business (I don't use daycare-- I just work when the youngest is in preschool). I have time too to volunteer at the church/school (Catholic School) which has helped the new town to feel like home. Probably most telling, is my song-writing hobby has morphed from Country to Christian/Country. I feel truly inspired by God's love! I know I would not have realized something was missing in my life if it weren't for the Left Behind books. As a side note, I can't believe how real the characters are... I actually found myself praying for Chloe in the last book ;-D

lisa 1/6/2004 17:55
i read each of the novels and can't wait for the next, my life has changed because of these books. i never had a strong beleif yet as i compared the books to rev. i also watched the news and things that happen in the world and it opened my eyes. never in my wildest dreams would i think that a book could change my perspective, yet they have. thank you. and when are the rest of the series coming out on dvd i want them all.

DeeAnna Chambers 1/7/2004 9:54
I am so glad to see this website because just the other day I was telling my mother how I wish I could tell the author's of the book Left Behind how they helped me to want to seek God. I am not quite finished reading the first book in the series but I have 2 chapters left. I have been reading this book on and off for several years. I know this sounds bad but I am not a book reader. For some reason though I was drawn back to this book and the more I read it the more I developed a reverance for God and now it's to the point where I found a church home and I have been diligently seeking God. I just want to thank the authors of this book because they helped go to the deep end with God because I don't want to be left behind. :o)

Edye 1/7/2004 12:26
The Left Behind books shocked my out of my complacent christianity and lit a fire under me. I would not recommend the Prophecy Club. The newsletters are good but the message boards are appearantly run by non-christians who support false doctrines and "gag" a member that identifies the false doctrines as such.

Becky 1/10/2004 13:11
When I first began reading the Left Behind series two years ago, I was not living for the Lord. I knew He was coming back, but I didn't think it would be all that soon. As I read the books, I realized that I didn't want to take the chance of being left behind. I didn't want to miss heaven and I didn't think I would have the strength to make it in the tribulation. So I went back to church and began seeking the Lord. So I am now living for the Lord. I am so grateful for Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye for writing something that makes the tribulation so real. I really appreciate the fact that not all the characters survive clear through the whole series. That's real. Thank you, Tim and Jerry.

Sharon 1/10/2004 17:46
i have read every book there is to read in the left behind series books i was stunned to see the descriptiveness of the books but it was a hug wake up call for me and i share themwiht all my friends and family i must admit that the book scared me to death but that is part of my salvation.. i have been an of again on again church goer for years these books made me see i was playing wiht god and that isnt right to do and would of gotten me left behind. thank you for writing these book and inspiring me to live for god again for good this time.

loretta 1/11/2004 0:59
I read the "Left Behind" series about 2 years ago. It has since changed my life in ways I never imagined. I was raised Catholic and for the first 30 years of my life attended a Catholic Church, and for the next 10 went on and off. I knew from an early age that something was missing. How could one church proclaim that they were the one and only church. That only Catholics were going to heaven? How could one church have nuns that hated so much? I went to a Catholic School and experienced so much grief, heartache, hatred, and favoritism. I knew something was terribly wrong. It took me till I was 40 to have the courage to leave a dead church and find something that preached about the here and now. That had no fear of teaching the every day truths of the Bible. Yes, there is a right and wrong! I had finally come home. I had finally found a church that I could believe in, a church that accepted me for who I was. A church that actually opened up a Bible on Sundays. I am saved. I have found the truth, the life, I now understand so much more than I ever have before. Thank you for saving my soul! If I had not read your book I would not have tried to seek, would not have found. I can now say with a certainty that surprises me, that I am a believer, that Jesus died for my sins, that he is my personal Lord and Savior, that He loves me and that I love him. Thank you for setting me on this road to salvation. Sincerely, Loretta

Malarie 1/12/2004 21:09
I can't say enough about the Left Behind series. I looove those books!!!! Before I read the books My mom would ask me to read my bible, I would but not willingly. After I read the series I read and was so hungry for more. I would definetly recomend them to anyone who was interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie 1/13/2004 17:45
The Left Behind Series has impacted my life greatly. I was always so intrigued by the happenings in the book of Revelation but it always seemed a little intimidating but when I heard that Tim and Jerry had began writing the Left Behind Series I just had to read the first one. And then Revelation seemed less intimidating and more approachable. I now can put a story to the happenings in Revelation and so that helped to understand it and understand that some of those things from the bible are happening now. So I thank Tim and Jerry for their hard work!:)

Alison Hogan 1/14/2004 20:12
My precious husband was diagnosed with cancer last year. A man that worked for him gave him the first four books in your series. During the hours that I sat at John Hopkins, waiting for some answers, I started reading your first book...and I was hooked! I had been led to Neale Donald Walsh's "Conversations with God" and it had started me down a very positive road. However, I spoke with another friend about that series and asked the question "does Walsh ever specifically say that you are saved through Jesus Christ?" He thought a moment and said "no, I don't think so." And then your books entered my life. The way you write is very interesting and informative. I can't say that you gave me a new faith, for I have always whole-heartedly believed in Jesus, but you did reawaken the calling to share the "good news" with others. Also, to paraphrase, not well, Jackie Kennedy, upon being asked what was most important in her life, she answered that, if she achieved many things, but her children were not alright, then her life would not have meant much. Like Captain Steele in your book, one of my daughters was on the outside of God, looking in, I do not want her to be "Left Behind." And so, I thank you, for now, after many months of conversations, I am making progress, and she is asking questions, and we are on the road to answers together. God Bless you both. By the way, my husband is now cancer free.

Teresa 1/14/2004 21:12
Hi, I am so glad to finally be able to tell the world that the left behind series led me to God, It truely changed my way of thinking, and behavior.I finally started going to church, i got saved and baptized. Things get better though my family soon followed and even my husband joined the church.I'd lost a daughter a long time ago, and she has been restored to me...god, is wonderful Thank you Left behind series.

Judy 1/14/2004 21:16
My daughter started reading your books a few years back---and I, at the time wasn't interested...but after living thru a few rough times, and being bump'd and bruised, spiritually speaking, I picked up the first book "LeftBehind"...once the vanishing happened, I was at once convicted by the spirit, and hooked!! I began to seriously re-evaluate my life, how I was living, what I was thinking....Back about 8yrs ago, I was at a Revival, and although I thought I was redecating my life to the Lord, in retrospect, I think that was when I was 'Truely Saved!!" My life changed then, BUT it was from reading your books, the fear of Revelation left...suddenly I was excited to read it, and see what the Lord was tell longer was I afraid of the words in the text, I wanted to know more!!! I knew that I wasn't the person I wanted to be...I wanted to know what God's will was for my life...and for the first time, started to read, actually study the word of God......SUDDENLY the Bible was opened up to me for the first time...I SAW connections that I never knew were there---how Christ was foretolded even from Genisis!!! It stunned me and amazed me!! I grew up in church, like Bruce Barnes, even played church, but there was a DEEP FEAR---I knew then that Christ was comming for his church, and I didn't want to be left behind....for years only the Lord knew my heart, and my fear....Your books have given me a hunger to live for the Lord, and to openly let others know that Jesus is my Lord....I was always afraid of being one of 'those religious freaks" Well, guess what....I'm not afraid of being a freak---so long as I am living and doing Gods awesome will!! My husband isn't saved, but he sees the person I was before and the person I am now. There have been rough times, and times that he has opposed me openly about attending church 'too much', but then I was told, who am I to please? My husband, who is lost, and dosen't know the Lord? Or God? Who can use me to witness to my husband? It is hard being saved, and being an example to my husband and children, but I Praise God that I can be!! I am still learning, but I will tell you what...I went thru some horrible times when my eldest daughter went 'wild' got into drugs,wild behavior, and bad choices, finally loosing her mind, and trying to kill herself, three times matter of fact. If it wasn't for the Love of Jesus, I wouldn't have been able to make it. Being down on my knees and finally admitting that I could'nt save my daughter...was the hardest thing I had to do...and to let her go--into His hands, and knowing that He loves her even more than I, and to trust Him....was something I would never have been able to do before....I have taken greatest comfort that God know's our tomorrows..and that NOTHING is a surpise to Him...God's timing is was a year before this illness truely appeared in my daughter, that I found your books....It was thru reading your books, did the Lord use your words to reach into this very independent, proud woman's heart, and even though I am saved, I still wasn't giving myself over to Him, and living in his will. I was living as I wanted...only seeking His counsel when I wanted to pour out my woes, like He was only there for that. In many ways I could identify with many ways in fact..It was me...I ...I didn't need anyone or anything...boy did I learn...He hears our cries, and feels our pain...I also can identify with Hattie....How God can forgive me, for what I've done...etc....but He does...and I am SOOOOO greatful, so very very greatful..Bless you and thank you for your wonderful books...It was hard reading the last book, and seeing in my minds eye, Chloe's death...but even in it's uglyness, there was beauty. My daughter is married now, and has been diagnoised with Schizophernia/with Bi-Polar diaorder...she struggles everyday...BUT she has also started going back to church again....Only God know's if she is truely saved...I'm not sure....because of things she has done in the past...I pray she is...and pray for her daily...Thank you again for your wonderful and inspiring books. I know that the future is nothing to fear, and I breathly await God's call for us to go home. My son asked recently about heaven, and I told him that it's a wonderful place. Thank you again, and may the Lord continue to bless you in your reaching out to this lost world. In HIS name, Judy c sorry it's long and rambling...there was just so much to tell you all!! Because He lives, I CAN face tomorrow...He has risen INDEED!! AMEN!! God bless you both, and thank you!! Judy

Billie 1/15/2004 16:58
The first book was a little slow for me, but after I started on the second it was like I couldn't put them down. My job intales transcribing pray requests for various tele-evangelists and since reading these books (1-11 in 2 weeks time) I find myself praying more not only for the people that call the prayer line but for others I know that don't know the Lord. But these books have put me in touch with my Lord God and Jesus my savior like I have never been in touch before, it's like I feel this is the way it is going to be near the end times, which I'm sure aren't far in the future. I hope and pray I am in the Rapture not left behind. I also feel I know way too little to be a Christian and am desprately looking for a good teaching church in the Tulsa area. If anyone has any suggest please email me. Thank you and God bless and keep each and everyone of you. Your friend in Christ, Billie

Ehis 1/18/2004 7:17
My Christian walk was going down but i bought the let behind series and when I read about the realitied of rapture I was edified and before i knew it I was working hard to make sure I am not left behind.(By the way is this line secure from the global community-JOKE)Well now I am walking in the path of rigteousness .

Danny 1/19/2004 17:45
Your books have caused me to have a closer walk with the Lord. I Praise God that I am saved and will not be here to see all this take place. I have many loved ones who have not accepted Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. Please pray they will accept Him before it is too late. Thanks to the authors of the Left Behind Series. Your work will one day be rewarded. Looking forward to the new book!

Jeannie 1/20/2004 20:50
I have always been a believer in Jesus, but these books have been a wonderful inspriation! Now some of my friends are reading them also! I couldn't put them down! Thank you so much for writing them. It's brought me so much closer to GOd and Jesus, a personal relationship with both!

ingrid 1/21/2004 13:48
I have being reading books for years and i have prayed from i was a teenager (now 32) to have a closer walk with God but it never seem to happen, once i started reading the left behind series(read 7 of the series in 3 weeks) my whole life was changed it feel like i finally am walking with God that he is always there beside me. Right now i am homesick for Heaven.

Ryan 1/22/2004 3:01
I have been a christian for some years now, but have never been become fully devoted to Christ. I always backslid, and badly. I started reading the left behind series when my best friend lent me the book. "Left behind" was a bit difficult to get into as at that stage I didn't read unless I necessarily had to. But once I had finished I craved more. My friends mother had the first ten books and I devoured the next 3 in a matter of days. I then started studying and stopped reading the series to focus on my work, only to read intermitently(sp?) on the weekends or when I wasn't busy. However all this time, I was still just a luke-warm christian, bathing in the comforts of the world. Not more than 4 days ago I finished "The indwelling" and had gone through the first 130 pages of "The Mark" when I felt such a sense of urgency. I realised something so amazing when Hattie decided... (So not to spoil it for those who haven't read the series). I realised that the characters live throught the same problems that I live with today. The issues of faith and persistence againts overwhelming odds. I that God loved me all the same, and that I was a sinner, and that He would love me and continue reaching out to me, no expenses spared, so that I would love Him back. That night I got down on my knees and prayed the sinners prayer, or the best version of it that I could remember. I felt suddenly at peace, and my eyes were opened to the deception, lies and filth that I had become so comfortable with. So here I am. Back at "Home". I know that those novels, even though an interpretation of what could happen, are blessed by the spirit of the living God.

Ather 1/22/2004 11:42
These books are all so inspiring. I feel it has brought me closer to Christ. So far i am only on "Nicolae" but i can tell that all the books will be great. Thank you for writting such a great series.

Barbara Morgan 1/22/2004 19:26
I am a Christian who has a son in prison who rededicated him life to the Lord. I have sent him each book from the Left Behind Series, and he has read them, then passed them on to others. They are being read by many of the prisoners and they are coming to the Lord because of the books.....Praise God and Thank you....

Abby 1/25/2004 14:23
The impact Left Behind has made on my life is a big one. As the world faces great devestation people are still taking for granted what they still have in America. I believe the Left Behind series helps me keep up with what will happen next.

Joanna Parks 1/26/2004 14:08
I started reading left behind at my boyfriend's boss house while babysitting his children... This book left such a impact on me that I started going back to church... Things in my life starting looking brighter and also darker... My boyfriend of 5 years had some things to tell me that made me wonder what God had in store for me... Now I know. I feel that I am on my way of becoming a Christain and can't wait until the day I can feel fully saved... I have some questions and hopefully my new church is the home of the answers...I am currently still reading the series and have gotten my daughter and son ( age 11 and 14) to start reading it too. Thank you for listening and God Bless....

Nina 1/26/2004 15:47
It has helped to strengthen my walk with Christ! I have gone to the library and rented these books over and over again,as my set had got stolen..(I pray whoever got them will at least read them,lol)..A future without Christ is just not acceptable,and I pray everyone does accept him and is covered by the Blood Of The Lamb! May God Bless Each And Everyone Of You,and many heartfelt thanks go out To the authors of this wonderful set of books! Love in Christ Nina

Charlee-Ann 1/26/2004 18:35
Dear left Behind writers, I absoloutly love your books! I never used to like reading until a friend introduced me to Left Behind - The kids. Our family always goes to church on Sundays, and to be honest, I quite enjoy it. People would always tell me that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. They would tell me that one day Jesus would come back and take all his followers with Him, and that the people who were left behind would suffer in a horrible world. I understood what they were telling me, and I wanted to have a relationship with God. The problem was I didnt know how. I knew I could ask my mom, but I was always too shy. Your books acually kept my intrest. They have shown me a clear view of what life will be like after the Rapture, and most importantly, how to have a relationship with God.They are the perfect books, I've laughed, I cryed, they've truely changed my life.

chris 1/26/2004 19:12
this book actually moved me into going to church i found that i was inspired by god and wanted to learn as much as possible.

Benjiman 1/27/2004 14:14
This book is awsome. Although I am already saved and baptised this book has helped me to better walk with God. This is such a good book. I did not know that there were 12 of them I thought there was only 5. this book is very good and any one who is thinking of reading it SHOULD.

Joel 1/28/2004 14:48
I was introduced to the Left Behind series by two of my friends that I deer hunt with. Religion was not a topic we had ever discussed. They told me about the books and I decided I would read the first one, not knowing how many there were. I became consumed with them and cannot wait for Glorious Appearing to be released. I grew up going to church, that is what you do. When I went to college I gradually stopped attending and even after I was married I made excuses to not go to church. I have been married for 8 years now and have a 4 year old child. We have started attending church on a regular basis now and are planning on joining the church. I was truly lost for over 10 years but the books helped me find myself and what I had been looking for, I just did not know I was lost all of that time. I would like to say thank you, if not for your writings I would still be lost.

Ted 1/29/2004 8:31
I know you probably get this a lot, but had it not been for the Left Behind Series, I could very well have continued my life in blissful ignorance and faced an eternity of damnation without it. My family (aside from my Grandmother) has never been "religious" and our idea of religion was going to church on Christmas Eve and maybe a handful of Easter Services. There was no REAL talk about God and Jesus and his sacrifice and grace. Religion was something to be reserved for the few Sundays and holidays when we actually went to church and then conveniently forgotten the rest of the time. Then, a co-worker got me started on the Left Behind Series. The story ignited a fire in me. It made me aware of a hunger in me that food alone could not quench. I couldn't put the series down and I have read each book as it has come out, eager and hungering for God and Jesus and all the knowledge I could grasp from them. I will let you know, that I still am on the road to redemption, but I know that I have Jesus on one side and God on the other and with those two, there's no way I can fail. Thank you again! You have literally helped save my soul! God Bless You All and keep up the wonderful work!

metrinah 1/29/2004 9:50
Have just read the first one:'Left Behind'. It has strongly reminded me that we need to stay focused in the faith, lest we get left behind. It has also inspired me in the area of reaching out-was no longer doing it but now I seize every opportunity I get to share the Good News-I pray that continue to do this. I also intend to buy this book and get as many people I know to read it. Otherwise many thanks to the authors.

jessica 1/30/2004 0:08
I LOVE THE BOOKS!! I am reading them now for a second time and cannot wait until The Glorious Appearing comes out. I hope that is not the last book, but will probably have to be. Please keep up the good work. The books have helped me to rededicate my life to Christ. I thank God that he has given you the inspiration to write such books and cannot wait to see what else will be written. Thank you, God Bless

Amber 1/30/2004 18:22
Reading the Left Behind series has helped me understand more about the book of Revelation and of what God has to say. Reading the books has also made me more interested in reading the bible because I needed to learn more. Thank you and God Bless.