Religious Persecution

QUESTION: Have you or someone you know ever suffered religious persecution?

Dana 10/4/03 11:58 PM
Because I am a Catholic, some non-Catholics treat me as if I am not a Christian. I accepted Jesus years ago and He knows my heart. The Catholic Church is not against Christ as some non-Catholics believe. We need to remember that "...the greatest of these is love." We must not persecute our neighbors and their church. "For whoever is not against us is for us. Mark 9:40 NAB

Chuck Marsh 10/11/03 10:58 AM
I am a strong supporter of Israel and the jewish people as Gods chosen. Recently I have been ridiculed and put down for this stand by "religious" church members, but I refuse to change my veiws. Gods promises still hold. Israel will be saved as Paul said in the book of Romans.

jacob dailey 10/17/03 12:08 PM
i have lived for god for almost two years and sometimes its hard but i have learned that you have to have faith to continue to be with god and not fear the devil. thats what i have learned and im doing so much better in life.

Joseph 10/21/03 10:22 PM
Christ did not come to save 1,000 people or 10,000. "Take this all of you, and drink from it. This is the blood that has been shed for you and for ALL MANKIND." Readers will recognize this as the offertory prayer at our Catholic service. As a Catholic, I have been persecuted numerous times. Mostly by Holier- than -thou born again "Christians" who hate me and hate my Pope. Some websites claim John Paul II is the antichrist. What nonsense. About the "End": the world's gonna end in 1945, no 1986, no sorry 1991, no we got it now sept 9, 1999; OK we messed up for sure in 2000 .... La dee Dah. I remind you that Catholicism is descended directly from St. Peter and is guided by John Paul our Pope. He does not share these fatalistic views expressed on this website which serve only to cause unneccessary suffering. And he is infallible in interpretations of matters of Faith. We as Catholics believe in the Unconditional love of God, the forgiveness of sins, and the Light of the World to Come. Amen. I invite readers to learn more about the Catholic Church and learn what God has planned for us. You can choose God's love over fear, fatalism, and flawed lay predictions. Yours in Christ Joseph

Gayle 11/6/03 11:58 AM
I'm not sure if the daily scorn some Christians face is what you mean or something worse than that. It's strange how one can follow God's guidance in Loving and caring for others and then face scorn or worse for doing the right thing.

Connie 11/11/03 2:20 AM
As a young woman right out of high school, I applied for a job as a secretary at an architectural firm. I was hired and asked what my religion was and was later told that "this is a Catholic firm" and I would be on a one week trial basis. Needless to say I was shocked and found it hard to believe that in 1964 this existed. I quickly found out how naive I was because I had never heard of this before. Luckily, this was the one and only time I experienced this, but it did hurt deeply and I have never forgotten it. It has allowed me to have a lot of compassion for those who do suffer religious persecution of any degree.

Christopher 11/17/03 3:57 AM
WEll my dad, an apostle of God. He has planted many churches in the middle east. He was here for more than 20 years now. Well one day the cops called him and locked him up in jail for almost 4 days. On the third day he found out that He was in for preaching the gospel. Usually if caught in a muslim country they either leave you in jail for a long time or they will deport the person back to their own country. But by God's grace he came out. He had an excellent paid job with a very high salary. He is well known in the community. After coming out of jail, they offered him a promotion with a better salary but in one condition that is that he doesn't preach anymore. Obviously he decided to retire. And now God has given him three companies which in which he's being blessed 4 times more as well as supporting hundreds of churches in africa, india and oither parts of the globe. WEll we Give all the glory to Jesus. Amen!

Kristy T. 11/18/03 6:34 PM
Hey, my name is Kristy and I am now sixteen years old. I have been saved since I was eight years old. Throughout the years, I have gone through much persecution. I have Christian and non-Christian friends. More non-Christians than Christians. These books have given me more courage to stand up for Christ. These books also bring up a lot of conversations at school. It seems like I'm reaking a new book each week because I love your books so much and I can't wait to read the next in the series. Anyways, I just wanted to say that these books have really encouraged me. Last year, I didn't even enjoy reading. I started Left Behind about two months ago. As of the moment, I am almost finished with Apollyon. These are the best books I have ever read. Thank you for continuing the series.

Meredith 11/19/03 8:31 PM
hi, i grew up in a christian family and have know God for all my life... i got baptized a year ago. i am in grade 9 so that means i just started high school. Well i have an art class with this guy that isnt a beliver but he dosnt know that I am. and my other friend knows all the W.W.J.D things but she isnt a beliver and she respects that i am. so one day the guy asked me what W.W.J.D ment (i had it written on my binder) and i told him that it was a religous thing. Then he started to laugh at me for beliving in God!!! Ive been to many different schools and all my friends know that im a christian but no one has ever laughed at me!!! i felt so hurt but my friend stuck up for me and told him that I can belive what I want to belive. But i think that experance really changed me because he was making fun of me and when i tryed to explain why i belived that then he just laughed agen and ignored me. I really prayed for courage and he provided me with another christian friend today. So I thank God that i can have a great family and awesome christian friends.!!!