Brought Closer to the Lord (Part 2)

QUESTION: Has the Left Behind series brought you closer to the Lord?

Here are reader responses (August-September):

wendy 8/1/2003 14:09
Yes it has! I have been a Christian for quite some time but a weak one. I am still young and I have made so many foolish mistakes. Sometimes I think God will give up on me because of them. But he doesn't. He loves. These books make me want to try even harder to live my life the way God wants me to and to be an example for my unsaved husband and my little children.

Leah 8/3/2003 0:25
I have grown up in a christian family, and christ has been a big part of my life for as long as i can remember. As a child in Sunday School, i remember accepting Jesus as my 'other daddy'. And at the age of 13 telling him, that my life was his, and everything i did was for him. Through these books, i have seen and been reminded, even though they aren't really real, the amazing things that God can do in our lives if we just put our faith in him.

Samantha 8/3/2003 12:13
I have been going to church all my life born and raised. I never really wanted to go, just went cause I had to. As I turned 12 and 13 I started cussing and drinking and smoking and kept it up as much as possibel. I slowly started to blame God for everything and act rebellious towards authority. Well, in March two days after my birthday i attempted suicide and that jolted me back to church, couldve died. I slowly started to get help, and slowly started to really talk truthfully to friends, I changed church's and so on, I won't lie to you it was not easy, but i am still working on the path of healing and have really given myselfp up to God. The last week of June I went to centrifuge and my life changed there. I accepted Jesus as my saviour and he is froever ym lord. I rejoice in the fact that im going to heaven. I praise god and give him all the glory for my salvation. The left behind seried has just kept touching me and showing gods faith to me.

Kathy 8/4/2003 7:26
I really do believe that the series has brought me closer to the Lord. My sister had first got the book and keep pushing me to read it. I think more so because she really like the book and not because she felt I needed it. We both were attending the same church. I finally took it (more so to keep her quiet) and put it on my bookshelve for a while. I finally picked it up and after I started to read it, I could not put it down. It was a great book. But most importantly, it stopped and made me think about my own beliefs. I actually felt that a veil had been lifted from my eyes and everything was clearer. I even got Baptised again (along with my husband). I know I have a long way to go, because even though I've been going to church (off and on) all of my life, I feel like a "babe" in the faith. I feel that my eyes were closed and now are open to the truth (at least more so than before). It would be nice if people would pray for me that I (and my husband) do grow in the Christian faith and that we can serve the Lord faithfully.

kevin 8/4/2003 13:03
i have gain a lot since i started reading the left behind series. my spirit is always moved and touched to live my life for the coming of the king of glory. i don,t want to be leftbehind. thanks for writting such a series.

Trish 8/4/2003 19:18
Yes, the Left Behind series has brought me closer to the Lord ! Reading these books has done so much for me.... I feel like the characters in the book sometimes because I "hunger" to read the Bible. The books showed me how my relationship with the Lord was lacking and encouraged me to pick it up. I am amazed at how finding time to read the Bible every day is easier than it used to sound, it is a priority, and it makes me think. I am thankful that the Lord led me to read these books. I am encouraging friends and family members to do the same.

Frank 8/4/2003 19:49
Wow, the left behind series has been had a huge imapact on myself and my family. I started reading the series first and passed it on to my sister. I then passed on new found gem to my parents and was overwelmed by there responce. It really revitalized my families need to read the word of God. My son has his own bible and is reading it on his own. All I can say is thanks and praise the Lord!

Katherine 8/5/2003 15:21
When I was 10 years old a good friend of mine died. When she died I blambed God and was angry at him. Then when I was 11 I found the Left behind the kids series and it renewed my faith in God. Now I am 13 years old and I'm reading both the Left behind the kids series, and also the Leftbehind the adult series. Thankyou Jerry B Jenkins and Tim Lahaye for helping me renew my faith in God and Jesus Christ!!

Kris 8/6/2003 13:32
Closer to the Lord?? This series INTRODUCED me to the Lord! My life has not been the same since I read my first Left Behind book almost three years ago. I left a 10 year career in the insurance industry to open my own Christian book and gift store. We have been blessed by so many of the people we've met at our store. We were then robbed earlier this year, talk about a time to put into practice what I've learned...forgiveness!!! It was a great experience. We were blessed by something that at the time seemed to a be a tragedy. We donated the stolen money to a Feed the Children campaign and I have recently been asked to talk to a woman's prison ministry group. God is good!! Thank you to the Left Behind authors!!!!

Nelson 8/6/2003 23:23
I am so thriled with these books that words cannot describe. Currently im on Desecration and cannot stop reading. I take the book with me wherever I go as a 16 yr old. I am proud to say that these books have helped me understand the Lord better and helped me see him more as a loving, forgiving father and friend than as a God just waiting for me to mess up to punish me. Thank You I feel the Lord is using your books to reach Millions around the Word. I have already Converted about 2 people using these books, which people do not see as a threat as they do when you approach with a Bible. Thank You all and Thank God. God Bless, Nelson

Colleen 8/7/2003 15:04
First, I want to thank God for bringing these books to my attention. I heard of these books before but never thought they would keep my attention. I read the first book in four days. I was amazed at all the biblical information there was and how these books opened my eyes to God. They have given me an understanding to the bible I never had before. I was always a believer in God, but I could never say I was a christian. I have even witnessed many miracles by God and was grateful for everyone, but I still didn't understand what it was to be a christian. Now I am a christian, I read my bible daily, say my prayers to Jesus, and even talk about different parts of the bible to a girl I work with. I am still a sinner, but I know I am saved. Thank you for those wonderful books. Colleen

Brad 8/7/2003 20:24
Hello, I started reading the Left Behind series about a year ago. I have read up to the Remnant. When I first started reading the series I was not a believer. I had grown up with an anger towards the church which I cannot really explain now. But that anger kept me away for the 32 years I have been alive. Slowly I have felt that anger melt away and about 3 months ago I gave myself to Christ. I have had a rough few years but not nearly as rough as a lot of people. But for me they were hard trials that for the most part I was losing due to my reliance on self. Time and again I failed and tried the same things over and over.As I am a big novel reader and particularly military fiction The idea of the Left Behind series piqued my interest. As I read them I allowed myself to be open and just enjoy the plot. Very well written plot incidentally. I could not put them down reading some within a few days. The story line kept me interested and turning pages. I took the first step towards Christ with a very close friend who I hadn't spoken to in quite awhile but whom I trusted. I have "new eyes" now with which to see the world and have felt myself being changed like never before as Jesus does what I NEVER could do for myself. I feel like an infant. I have so much catching up to do. Books like the Let Behind series are a great way to reach people who may not otherwise read the Word. They were definitely a stone on my road to Christ.

dave 8/7/2003 23:54
i like to thank the left behind serie's author and team for bringing me closer to the gospel, to god, to my family and to the world. i've read the bible many times but have never really analyze it. the series have made me understand what god intends to do and what i have to do. The only regret i have about the series is that i have read the whole series now i have to wait for the next book. i hope to see more books from left behind . Please let me know more about upcoming series and books

Shaunté 8/8/2003 17:44
This is a beautiful, life-changing series that needs to be read by anyone that can read. It doesn't matter what religion or race. We all need to read these books. Anyone that can read can appreciate what has been said in this series if only for entertainment purposes. I urge most everyone I meet to read this. This series has made me take a hard look at my life and priorities to see that I am not the Christian I could be or that I think I am. This series has made my mortality and that of everyone around me very real. It gave a glimpse into what life could be like for me unless I make a change. I read the entire series in two months. I couldn't get enough. Everyone, spread the word, these books are real, these authors speak the truth. They back it up with direct Bible quotes and tell the story with such convition that you're automatically sucked in and can't get enough. I'd rather be addicted to God than anything else.

Kaitlin 8/8/2003 19:38
I have felt a lot closer to the Lord since i've been reading these books. Even though im pretty young for these books im not that you. i started reading these books when i was 9. Im still reading them to his day. Everyday now i've been praying to the Lord for everyone. Some days I pray for someone I don't even know.But i feel i have to pray.I hope you all feel the same way.

KAREN 8/8/2003 23:09
I was raised Roman Catholic. I always knew GOD was out there and He was always in my heart. I think because I lost my Mother at a very early age - I was only 6. When I left my house when I was 21 I stopped going to church, but I would go at Christmas or Easter and then I stopped and I was always looking for something. Three years ago I lost my Father to Cancer. I was not there when he passed away and I felt very guilty. I started to have nightmares about his grave, skeletons and snakes and I did not like it. I was going through a very bad time in my personal life. A friend invited me to church with her and for some reason the Pastor there spoke to me in his message that day. When they made the offer to come to the altar, I asked my friend to go with me, she told the Pastor what had been going on in my life and he spoke to me and asked me to say the Sinners Prayer, which I did. It changed my life, I stopped having nightmares - I love to read the Bible - I got baptized a year ago. I still go to that church and I love it and I will never leave. I have learned sooo much. I lost my job two months ago and have been having a hard time, and since I don't have to get early I decided to read the Left Behind books. I get them from my library, usually two at a time. I just cannot put them down. Right now I am reading Desecration. I don't understand how if an unbeliever reads these books, it would not change their lives and they would give their heart to Jesus. I go to a Women's Study at my church and we are studying Revelations - it is so exciting and yes, I do love Jesus more and more. I would be ready if He came tomorrow and I can't wait to see Him. God Bless You All!

DAVID 8/9/2003 1:01

Steph 8/9/2003 8:01
yes left behide has brought me closer to God because it has made me relize how important a relationship with God is. Every night I pray that my family will believe in God as I do. I am afraid if they are left behind they won't accept the truth. I pray that in some way I can be left behind because I want to tell everyone the truth.

chichi 8/10/2003 11:34
I glorify God for this opportunity of sharing my testimony. I am a nigerian and attend deeper life church. I am challenged by the serias of leftbehind series i read-the 4th part. i'm yet to complete the series. Pls do interact with me so i can know u got my testimony. God bless u. chichi .Nigeria.

Bonnie 8/10/2003 22:46
Yes, the Left Behind series has brought me closer to the Lord and given me a better understanding of the book of Revelation. So many things in current events stand out right now. I believe that we are close to the end times but I also recognize that God only knows that day and that hour. But the news in our world really gets you to thinking, rereading scripture and being watchful as we are instructed to be. The Lord has brought me through medical treatment and is sustaining me as I write Christian poetry and am being published. I hope that should the rapture occur in my lfetime that I will be in the midst of doing work for God that he really wants me to be doing.

Tracey 8/12/2003 1:02
The Left Behind Kid series has really moved me to have a closer relationship with God, and also to resist temptation and not give into the demands of this world, but to give into God, and to answer only to Him and His law. It has also helped influence me that I can have a voice in this world, even if I'm young, and it has really moved me closer to Him, and to have a closer walk with Him.

SHELLEY 8/12/2003 6:50

mary 8/12/2003 11:04
I was at the library and was just leaving with my usual arm full of romance novels when at the last minute grabbed the first in the series not even looking at what the book was about and brought it home. I am now on teh fourth book and cannot tell you how reading these is changing my life. I had been away from the church for more than 15 years and have not accepted Christ as my savior. I am so humbled by the changes taking place in my home I cannot express in words my gratitude and thanks for bringing me closer to God and my salvation. Thank you and God bless you.

Julia 8/12/2003 12:11
A while ago a friend told me about the Left Behind Series. After reading the first book I had, given my life tho Christ. I had always gone to church and youth group. I had always considered my self a Christian before. I never knew you had to give your life to Christ and ask for salvation. Now i read he Bible daily and continue to grow in my relationship with God. I'm just thankful that i discoverd salvation before my "due time" (death) or before Jesus came.

Marybeth 8/12/2003 13:31
I started reading the Left Behind series a while ago. I picked up "Left Behind", and couldnt put it down. I had no idea at the time that it was a series, so my reading stopped at the first book. Then I stummbled upon the whole series at a library I was visiting. I started to read it, and I was hooked. I couldnt put the second book down. I am a christian, and these books just widened my serventhood to christ. The verses in these books hit so close to home, that I have begun a new walk in christ. One that I hope will lead to a future full of bringing people to the wonderful and merciful Christ.

Sara 8/13/2003 22:27
The Left Behind books helped me sooo much. I used to be Catholic and my friends are all Christians. They would try to talk to me about how our religions were different, but I would never listen. They all started reading the Left Behind books. So I started reading them too. After I was like on Book 2 or 3, in the Catholic newspaper in my town, it said that the Left Behind books did not support what the Catholic Church believes. I was totally shocked, because it was all written there in the Bible! How could people not believe it? That led me to asking questions and I figured out about about a billion other things that Catholics believe thats not in the Bible, or contradicts the Bible. After lots of studying and decision-making, I decided the Catholic faith wasn't for me, and I truly accepted Christ as my Savior. My whole family is Catholic, and I have told them this, and I don't think they know what to do. I'm trying to teach my mom what is wrong about Catholicism, so that she won't force me to go to the Catholic Church anymore, but she seems to take no interest in it. If I could have anyone's prayers, that would be very helpful. Thank you.

Rebecca 8/14/2003 0:07
I have always known about Jesus and God, but have never really listened to the messages being given to me. When my husband and I got married in 1995, we decided to try right away for a child; we also thought it would be best to keep our decision to ourselves until we had good news to share. There were several times in our lives that God stepped in when we were too weak to "fix" our problems, but we were too selfish to admit the truth. Finally in 1998, we started to attend church. Both of us were thrilled by what we were learning. We talked about what we heard on Sunday morning all week long. Our minister talked to us about a video series he had at the church, and we eagerly excepted his idea of viewing them together at our home. Before we finally made the decision to become immersed believers, my husband and I joined a group of friends on a float trip. Neither one of us know how to swim, but we didn't want to miss out on a chance to spend time with friends. We had only been on the river for about an hour when we flipped our canoe. Desperately, we struggled against the water to keep our canoe afloat. Unfortunately, we were flipped over next to a large tree that was hanging out into the water. As our canoe dumped us out, I felt a hand on my head that pushed me under the water and saved me from being trapped between the tree and the canoe. Some of the limbs were submerged, we were sent underneath them by the force of the current. Finally, we both made it out of the river without any damage being done. As I held my husband and cried into his chest, I asked him if he had pushed me under the water so that the canoe wouldn't hit me in the head and he said that he hadn't touched me. Just about two weeks later my husband and I were baptized in our church. I mentioned earlier that we had been trying for a baby, well shortly after being baptized I found out that I was expecting. To this day I believe that God gave us our daughter as a gift for turning to him. I feel that since we gave our lives to him, he rewarded us by granting us our hearts desire…children. Now 5 years later, I have completed all 12 of the adult Left Behind books and have gotten to book 20 in Left Behind The Kids. Every time I finish one of these books, I think about the wonderful treats that God has given to me. I have a lot of guilt because I am not the model Christian, but I know that God has seen my heart. In the LB books, God shows his followers that they are sealed by giving them the mark of the true believer on their foreheads, but I know that He has his hands on my life because I feel moved every time I finish one of these books. I can not wait to read the rest of the Left Behind Kids series and am eagerly awaiting the 13th book, Glorious Appearing. I just hope that the books don't stop at 13.

Gina 8/15/2003 11:04
I had started reading the Left Behind series a few years ago. But as I waited for the new books to come out I just forgot about it. Recently my life has been in a complete turmoil. I have suffered from depression. I have a problem with my artery in my neck that could cause a stroke. Due to the job I work I have not been able to get to church. I know when I started to read these books that I was transformed. I made up my mind I was going to start again. On August 10 I had a visit from God. He spoke to me as I was laying in bed. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I now have a peace that I have never known. My life is God's. And I have alot of people at work who want to read these books. Thanks for the inspiration. God Bless you both. I pray for you daily. We Love you. Gina

Kelly 8/15/2003 20:56
I am a "baby" Christian who was looking for a Christian novel to read. I got hooked on the left behing series. I can't seem to get enough! It has brought me closer to the Lord, in that it has brought the book of Revelation to life. It also brings the prophesies of the Old Testiment to life also! The story shows the human condition while going "In Line" with the Bible. It does the human heart good to know that God uses all of us for His will. Sometimes we all feel we are not good enough to be used, even though we all know better.

Brooke 8/15/2003 22:02
I have one of those boring testimonies, as some people would say. I was brought up in a very christian home and thought I was saved from the beginning. I always, as long as I can remember loved the Lord. But I loved Him because of how He helped me and what He did for me. I don't know if it was the reading of the series that bruoght me closer to God, or the fact that I was just maturing at that time. But while reading, I could just not put the book down. It was like my way of tuning into God. The weirdest thing about the series is for me, the fact that I hate to read, but when I heard about the series I just knew I wanted to read it. And it was true, like I said, it is the only book I can't put down. God has always been so important to me, but right before I started reading them, I had kind of veered away, from my life that I lived of God, and once I started reading them, I seemed to get more on track again. I stopped reading for a while, simply because I was reading during the school year, and not able to remember the information from the books for class. During this time, my quiet time decreased and I slipped from the awesome presence I was feeling with God. I've found myself with him once again and I have to say that though the series give us another thing in common, I got back to Him, because life showed me that I couldn't get through it without him. Praise God Everyday, for everything He has given you. Now coming from a 17 year old, you will probably think, she doesn't know what hard life is. And to that I can say, you are probably right, but it was hard enough for me, to prove to me I couldn't do it alone.

Brian 8/18/2003 13:49
I had been searching, unbeknownst to me, for direction and truth in my life. I knew I wasn't happy but didn't know what was missing. I had all the ingredients for a happy life, new house, beautiful loving wife and a wonderful child. Yet, I wasn't happy. I was listening to the radio one night and they were talking about end times prophecy. I was interested and wanted more. I tried to read Revelation and was lost. One of my friends gave me her copy of Left Behind and I read it. After the first book, I thought about it and remember saying to myself "If the Rapture happened today, I would be left behind". By the third book I decided I didn't want to go through what these characters were going through. So, I went back and prayed the prayer from Book 1 and accepted Christ into my heart. My life has changed dramatically. I am a new man. Thank you!

Lynn 8/18/2003 17:39
As an African-American woman in my forties, that was raised by a Baptist minister, I have always known that Jesus is the way to salvation. However, I wasn't really seriously considering my salvation until I watched the first Left Behind movie three years ago. Since that time, I have read all of the books in the series, and have focused more on my eternal life and my day-to-day walk with Jesus. I'm pretty sure that the end times won't be exactly like what is detailed in the books, but I know what's in Revelations, which is far worse. Thank you for the wonderfully entertaining and truly enlivening, inspirational message.

Josh 8/18/2003 20:05
I have been reading left behind for about half a year to a year i don't know which one but i enjoy reading them.Im 13 and reading the kids version.Im on number 12 now.I get so into the book it seems like im in it sometimes.Anyway i do beleive it has drown me closer.Befor i leave i would like u to answer a question,the left behind books have gotten me real courios about the things coming up to the rapture.What are the signs that its coming.I know the peace treaty thing and the sickness.but im not sure what else there is and i would like to know.

teamsquid 8/25/2003 10:54
I have believed in God for quite some time, however I never tried to truley live for him. After reading the Bible, more so for it's informational context rather that for spititual enlightenment, I found the book of Revelation one of the hardest to understand. Thanks to the Left Behind Series, I now Have a better understanding of it {Revelations}. I only hope that I can aquire the hunger that I read that others have experienced for the word of God through his book and as I have for the series.

Kimmery 8/25/2003 15:48
Yes definetly! I feel like I really know the Lord! Those books have inspiried me to read the bible and attend church alot more! Your books are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Kim

Mandy 8/26/2003 12:22
I always belived in God and Jesus, but since i have read the left Behind series I have a craving to learn more about God. I'm only 13 and the series has changed my life. I am completly devoted to God and Jesus Christ. every chance i get i want to spread the word of God to everyone. I only pray that more teenagers would find God like i did. Lovingly, Mandy

Ellen 8/27/2003 9:34
I have read all the books of the Left behind series, one after the other. My whole life has been changed by these books. Although I've always "believed" in God and Jesus, I wasn't a true believer. I have taken Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and fell blessed everyday. I know that Jesus is walking with me everyday and I am looking forward to the day when I join him. I am working to help my friends and family to come to Jesus, too. I don't want them to be left behind and I will conitnue to be a witness the wonderful power of God. Thank you for writing these books and showing me how great and powerful our Lord God is.

Judith 8/27/2003 18:23
My best friend bought me "Left Behind". She has all of the books. I was staying with her for an extended period of time; six weeks to be exact. While there I read all but 2 of the series thus far. After I returned home, I started the books all over again with my husband. I must admit at the time our marriage was "rocky" to say the least. We spent EVERY night after he came home from work reading together. Sometimes at late as midnight the he would have to get up at 4:30 or 5:00A and head out for another 14-15 hour day. Since that time we have been saved, baptised and attend church regularly. I am happy to say I am even helping at church. Our marriage is so much better it is almost unbelieveable! As a matter of fact all facets of our lives seem much easier to deal with. I would so much like to thank Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. I am sure God has a special place in his heart for them. God Bless and Keep you all Judith "reaffirmed"

Daniel 8/27/2003 19:21
Dear Left Behind, I am a 16 year old from Maryland. I was introduced to the series by the mother of one of my friends. Since then, I have read every book and have learned a lot about the end times. I have enjoyed the series because I previously did not know much about Armageddon or the Tribulation. But reading the books has opened my eyes and I have become much closer to Christ. I read my bible on a constant basis and even was able to help one of my friends come to be a believer in Jesus. Soon I hope to develop my own bible study with some friends. I have decided to consider a career in church ministry after reading these books, because I want to spread the faith to others and do all the good I can. May God bless you!

Linda 8/27/2003 19:23
This set of books is the best I've ever read. I had all eleven at once so I couldn't wait to get to the next one. I have a cousin who is a catholic priest and I told him I was reading them and he told me not to be frighten by them. I told him that I felt wonderful while reading them, along with alot of other emotions. They have brought me closer to the Lord and I'm trying my best to live every day for Him.

Donna 8/27/2003 22:53
The Left Behind series has mad a heuge impact on me. I can't wait to finish the one i am reading so I can go on to the next one. But first let me tell you a little of my walk with the lord. I was raised in the Babtist Church. I acpted Jesus when I was 12, and walked closely with the lord for several years. Some things happened in my lafe later on, and I lost my faith for many years. My daughter when she was young was saved. And was close with the lord, untill she lost her husband 2 yrs ago. After my son in law died about 6 months after. I was at work one morning. I had gone in extra early and got things going. I sat at the back and suddenly I felt the holy spirit.. I fell to my knees and asked the lord to forgive all my sins and asked jesus into my heart angain. And was a different person form then on. I began to go to church again. My daughter had just turned 23 and had 2 children, and had lost her husband.. I didn't know it then, but the lord knew I was gonna need my faith soon... On Sept 12, I went into work as usual, but when I left I noticed my daughter had not come home yet. The 2 kids were at their paternat grandparents for a couple weeks for a visit. And she had gone to a friends the previous evening.A couple hours after I got to work, my husband called me in tears and said I had to get home right away. I tried to find out what was wrong, but he just said to get home now. I got home and he had to tell me the bad news. She had been killed in an auot accident early that morning. The 3 that were in the car had all been killed. From that moment on my life was never the same. It has been almost a year now. And My dad sent me this book he thought I would like, It was called left behind began right away reading it, And with in 3 days had finished it. I called hime when I realized it was a series. And asked him if he had any more of the books. He informed me that he had not, but i found out my sister had the whole collection. She has sent me the next 3 of the series and I am now waiting on Apollyon. Since I started reading these books, I have never studied my bible harder. And have whitnessed to my frends, and my husband has never been saved. And have been working very hard on him. And has asked to go to church with me every Sunday. And wants to sit down with our paster soon and talk all this out with him.. I am now raising my grand children, and I make sure they go to church every week. And can see the difference in them as well. I had always found it hard to understan the book of Revolations, but these books have made it so I understand Them. And I am excited about telling my friends and familt that have not been saved all about the truth...I am only up to the 5th book, but can't wait to get it and read it all and go on the the next one...

Jenny 8/28/2003 12:34
I have been a born-again Christian since 1985, but have always been a bit 'scared' of reading Revelations. A friend gave me the first book 'Left Behind' to read and I just couldn't put it down... I had to read it cover to cover... and then buy book 2 'Tribulation Force' to find out what happened next! Before I realised it I was getting hungry to read Gods' Word more and it's helped me to not be scared of reading Revelations. As long as I believe with ALL my heart and soul that Jesus is the ONLY and TRUE Saviour for this world, nothing can harm me. My personal relationship with Jesus has grown closer over the last year or so, and I want to thank the authors for having the guts to write such a series based on Revelations, to help people like myself. I most certainly do not wish to be 'left behind' and try to survive the tribulation period. I am so glad that both my Dad and my Nana went to be with the Lord in March 2000 - they don't have to be concerned about the rapture. Praise God for all He is and WHO He is!

S 8/28/2003 19:07
ABSOLUTELY! I'm not a young person, just a Mom who has read the entire Adult series and has been reading the Kids series to my 9yr. old son. He can read them himself but prefers that we share them together. We have both learned a lot from reading the series and look forward to our special reading time together. We are disappointed that we are almost finished with the series and are wondering how we will continue. We are hungry for more! This has definately brought us closer to the Lord and puts the scripture in a context that my son can better understand and relate to. We have read hundreds of books but these are by far his favorites. Thank you so much for writing this series. It would be fantastic if you could make it into a TV or Movie series. Think of all the lives it would touch. God Bless! Grateful Mom

Amanda 8/28/2003 21:43
My parents and I started reading the Left Behind series about a year or so ago. I hadn't gone to church since I was a child, though I always said to anyone that asked that I believed in God and that I was a Christian. I didn't really know what that meant until now. My parents were kind of the same. They were devout Christians when they were younger and met eachother in bible college, but somehow moved away from the church and from their faith. Somehow, and all at the same time, my parents and I had a revelation from God! It was high time we returned to our faith and Christ! All three of us (plus my brother and my aunt who have yet to even read the series) have been saved in the last two months! Thank you God for bringing us back to your flock and thank you Tim and Jerry for allowing God to use you in this wondrous way! What a miracle from God that all of my family has found Christ together!

Justin 8/29/2003 21:39
One unforgetable day when I was in the 7th grade. Our class at school was looking for books to do book reports on and I came across Left Behind - Adult Seris! That day I read the first day and I didn't put it down! But during those days reading that book I was asking myself,"Will I be left behind". It really scared me so I contiuned reading over the weeks! I have a friend reading the same books and I just came up to him and we talked about Christ and something I will never forget when he said,"GOD is knocking on your heart, Justin." I was something I never felt before. After reading to book 4 - Soul Harvest, I was fixing to go to bed and when my mom walked in saying goodnight and I ask her," You think I need to be saved." She was happy and excitingly said,"YES"! I told myself that this coming Sunday I'm not leaving that church without Christ in my heart! As setting through Sunday school, towards the end our teacher told us this would be his last Sunday here and that he loved us and GOD has blessed with us! I had tears and I wanted my Sunday school teacher to help me accept Christ and I knew this would be the last day. GOD had been planning this day ever since I was created, I felt GOD knocking on my heart! During church service I cried! As the church service ended I went back to my Sunday school teacher and I was crying and I hugged him and brought him into a Sunday school room and told him, I'm ready to accept Christ! I prayed that eternal prayer and I felt GOD enter me that very second! That second I changed my life from cussing, offending, sexual things, and unpleasing things to GOD! This story all started when I picked that Left Behind book up! GOD is most amazing GOD for ever and ever! He started talking to me through the Left Behind books and then I started understanding the BIBLE! GOD has blessed me so so so much with your books, I pray that GOD continues to bless ya'll and to continue writing the Left Behind books! Ever since I was saved GOD has change me moment by moment! I pray for those people who read this and haven't came to Christ yet that you read these books and understand what will happen if you don't come to Christ! Don't be left behind for I want you in Heaven with me. Through these books will help me witness to kids at school and ask them the same question your books ask me," Will I be left behind." Ever since reading those books I have a ugre to witness to the world for GOD is telling me to do through your books. These books also help me live to live in GOD's will and from that kids see that I have changed because of Christ and they will put their trust in the Lord. This whole story all started just picking up that Left Behind book! GOD bless you all, and praise GOD for blessing me so much with these books! Keep GOD first always! GOD bless Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and the Left Behind books!!!!

Lorri 8/30/2003 20:50
I must say that I am not an avid reader. The left behind books started circulating around my office one day and it was taking everyone about a month to read each book. I have a very busy life and could never find the time to read. One day my coworker told me to take her Left Behing book home and start reading it. I read that book in 3 days and did not stop until I read all 10 books leaving me hanging on until Armegedan came out which I just found out that it was out in the book stores tonight. My father just pas away and when I completed reading one book he would read it. We both got caught up in the books. The last book he read was the 10th one. He is in heaven now and does not have to worry but he like I keep telling everyone we see to read these books and get closer to God.

Becky 8/31/2003 3:57
I have been a believer since 1971 (I was 13). For the past 13 years or so, I seem to have lost the joy of my Lord, ever since I lost my dear mother in a car accident in 1989. I was angry at God for the pain and loss I felt at her loss, even though he continued to bless me in my life, giving me a wondeful husband and son and a more prosperous life. I stopped praying, going to church and reading the Bible, even though I still confessed that I was a christian and still attended church, though not every week. I have been living for myself, not seeking God's will and just drifting, yet missing that first love, that peace and assurance I once knew. After beginning the LB series, I began to be convicted about my attitude and rebellion towards God, and now that I've finished "Armageddon", I realize that I can no longer afford to sit on the fence, I must choose to either surrender completely to his will or continue the way I've been going until my heart becomes too hardened to be reached. I am determined to seek our the Lord and re-commit myself to Him and become the Godly woman he desires me to be. Praise Him for his unending patience and Love, that it is his desire that not one of his lambs should perish, but that he would come after me, his lost lamb and bring me once again into his fold!

Vicki 9/1/2003 0:37
Thank you so much for writing this series. I accepted Jesus when I was in high school, but have since lapsed in my faith. These books have brought me back. I am going to my first Bible study in at least 10 years this week! By the way, what IS the significance of 216? Thank you so much.

DIANE 9/2/2003 12:38
Yes, reading the series has made me re-evaluate my own walk in my faith. I saw many of my own short comings and prayed for forgiveness and the courage to stand up in the face of adversity. I realized with a new conviction that I would be able to "Stand Up For Jesus." in the same way I pray that the chinese woman did as she faced her death. I realized how shallow my faith was because of my lack of seeking/reading God's on a daily basis. I see with clearer eyes the miracles of My Lord in accomplishing things thru one another to complete the task of His work. Thank You for your inspiring works..I see the Holy Spirit working thru you both. In Emmanuel I submit my life Diane

Liadi 9/2/2003 13:28
Lagos State, Nigeria. 2nd September, 2003 left behind series that i have read so far has broadened my knowldge of what will transpire immediately after the rapture. i have not only gotten more knowledge but it has been a propelling force drawing me more nearer to the Saviour every day. i scarce finished one before buying the next. keep on with the work.

Mike 9/3/2003 13:11
After merely suggesting the Left Behind Series to my younger brother, He has not only started reading the series but has given his life to Jesus. We have never in our lives gotten along so well. Praise God and thank you Jerry & Tim

Katherine 9/3/2003 15:43
When my friend Mrs. Janice Kay Gill died. My heart felt like it was broken in two. I blamed God for Mrs. Gill dying. Then when I was 11 almost 12 I started reading the Left Behind the kids series. It renewed my faith in God and Jesus Christ. Now I'm 13 years old and I'm still reading the Left Behind the kids books, but I'm also reading the adult books. I also took my faith to my Junior High I'm in 8th grade now and I always tell people about what the Left Behind the kids did for me.

Bery 9/4/2003 0:09
I have really enjoyed the series of the Left Behind books, I am now reading number two, and also seen both movies. The movies were very well made and the books are very good. The messages I got from the books and the movie only are good ones for me and I have always loved God. They have helped me to understand the Bible more and I am much closer to God than I ever have been. I have been telling others to read the books and I hope more people get into them and find God in their hearts and have Him stay with them until the time we leave His earth and be with Him in the after life, too.

Misty 9/4/2003 9:13
I would have to say that I was comfortable with my life as a Christian. I started reading the Left Behind series and it changed me. I realized that I was a fake. Here I was claiming to be a Christian and my life has not changed at all. I believed in the Messiah, I know that He died for us. I prayed when it suited me, I read the Bible only at times. I never once changed my life. These books slapped me in the face with the reality of what I am facing unless I change my ways. I appreciate these books, I am afraid that without reading them I would have lived the same and not realized what I was doing. Thank you Jesus for giving me another chance to live for you.

Jamie 9/6/2003 12:21
I remember reading when Bruce passed on and i cried for what seemed like an hour...but reading this book the tears never stopped and i am left wondering which of my beloved characters and friends has passed on now. Armageddon was truely a GREAT book and I can't wait for the "Gloriuos Appearing" These books have made a true impact on my life. I have read the adult books and the books for kids. Both series touch me. I think it is because i am 18 and i am in the middle of the age groups that can appriciate each one. Thank You so much for these books. they have taught me a great deal.

Jason 9/7/2003 11:44
God sent me a message, learn more about the end times. I read the Left Behind: Kids series(Through 15 so far). I prayed a prayer they said in the book would save me. I feel better. I also feel that the tribulation events should be spread for people to realize it will happen and it will happen SOON.

Anna 9/7/2003 14:20
I staarted reading the kid's series in 5th grade. Scince then, so many questions have been answered for em and it has helped me share my faith with my friends and has brought me closer to God

Nicki 9/9/2003 18:28
I have been saved since I was about 12 years old. I fought like I believe every Christian has at one point or another the "upkeep" (that's what I like to call it!) of being a Christian. I remember how wonderful it was to be saved, but what now?? I borrowed Left Behind from my and my husband's friends and was hooked from the first paragragh. Although I am very careful not to let the series become my Bible, Left Behind is a true gift because it really personalized Christianity for me. Before I read it I was stand-offish about witnessing and now I am constantly thinking and praying about ways the Lord can use me to get His word out. My praises and compliments to Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins for a wonderful series and tool for Christians.

Travis 9/9/2003 19:06
The Left Behind books brought me to God. Before I became a Christian I was a skateboarder punk who didnt listen to anybody but myself. I was a druggy an alcholic and a thrill searcher. But thanks to Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye I have seen the light and am now washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Diana 9/10/2003 22:25
2000 We started a project to send the Left Behind book into every county jail in Iowa and now as of 2003 we have accomplished that goal. The reason we started this project is because 2 young men were saved when we sent the first book into the Polk County Jail. Praise God! They are still living for God today.

Heather 9/11/2003 1:36
I can not find words to share my enthusiasm over what these books have brought to my life. I had always considered myself a Christian and believed in God, I just didn't know why. My best friend lent me the Tribulation Force book and I finished it and Nicolae in a week. I came to Jesus through those books. Not because of fear, but through the moving testimonies of God working through the characters. I began praying, getting back to church and I feel such joy. Besides being the best books I've ever read, they saved my soul, and I was elated to find an 84 person waiting list in my tiny hometown library for Armageddon, knowing so many others had been touched as well. I feel personal love towards the authors for reaching me in time. Thank You Heather P.

Alex 9/11/2003 21:29
Hello. I am a 15 year old male that, do to the left behind series, recently turned to christ for salvation. I had never beleaved in Christ before. I never saw no reason to. I felt my life without relgion was going perfectly fine. But then while reading the 3rd book in the series, the words Jesus Christ was in front of me, and I felt a enormous tingle go all over my body, and not for just a few seconds, this lasted for a least a minute. I realized that this feeling was the breath of the lord speaking to me saying, "I am here, look to me." And since then i have. Though i admit, i was a little skeptical at first, so i decided for the first time to pray. I prayed to the lord that night while i lay in bed that he showed me in some form, whether it be the rapture, or the breaking of lead on my pencil tomarrow. I prayed and he answered. About a week before i converted, i was looking into a martial arts classes and was being unsuccesful. The day after i prayed, the lord answerd. I found a martial arts class that i could attend. That let me know that the lord was with me. I know i should have asked anything of the lord, but i was skeptical, it was all new too me. Now, as i speak, i know what the character Bruce Barnes speaks of. I am actually hungry for the word of the lord. I could read for hours and never get enough of it. I thank Mr. Tim Lahaye and Mr. Jerry Jenkins for showing me to the Lord. And most of all, I thank the lord for finally revealing himself to me. I learned that you cannot be forced into beleaving in Christ. You must find him on your own time.

Agnes 9/12/2003 15:02
Yes,Your series gave to me a better understanding of Revelation and made everything so alive for me. I was a born again Christian before reading your series. I feel blessed and happy. The thing I don't understand is why my church doesn't like me to talk about Jesus or God. At Bible discussion I was told not to speak at all because otheres were not as far along in their faith as I am. My pastor doesn't like me to talk about God or the good work I can find to do. She gave her website address to us. I see Jesus in many of our church members. I do not talk about Revelations with them because some of the congregations is afraid. God is very alive to me. A dead God could not answer our prayers and God has always answered my prayers. I am sure he answers everyone's prayers not just my prayers. Try to tell some of them that fact. A younger man asked me if I was a saint like Saint Agnes, or a nun, or a radical, or a deciple. All I could think was that Jesus was thought to be a radical in his timme too. I don't know where this is coming fron or understand why he asked me these questions. As for me I am a golden age senior, read my Bible each day and say a prayer in the morning and one at night. My pastor said I should have more of a social life and not read the Bible so much. Some days I don't even read the Bible for an hour. It is what I read that seems important, not how long I read it. It seemed to be a choice between the church or reading my Bible each day, so I chose not to go to my church and to continue reading the Bible each day. I don't feel very welcome there though I have been generous there when I could do that. There are things I do in God's name, not my own. I feel God is alive and Jesus is my friend since being reborn. It seems natural to want to try to be like your friend or friends. I don't have answers to why it is wrong to mention God on church grounds. God has always been good to me. I have crosses to bear but don't blame God for them. God may put me in the desert to learn a necessary lesson, and send me back there again if I failed to learn the lesson but God didn't cause my suffering that occured in my long life. The only answer I have is if an old lady can't mention anything about God on church grounds, how would they react if Jesus appeared? I became a born again Christian four years ago. Lots of times before then I felt I wouldn't die like others and never worried about aging. Surely I will die. I think Jesus is trying to reap as many souls as he can before his second coming. We all have people we would like to see saved. Thank you for reading this. I wish I knew the answer why it is wrong to talk about God. My pastor gave three sermons about gays and she didn't think it was wrong to say most of her congregation commits adultry, or to call relationships of gay couples "exotic love" in her sermon. Okay, maybe I will never know the answer but when married life with a spouse is knocked down, and the lives of gay people is raised up, I kept quiet for I love my neighbor, but I also will continue to read my Bible each day.

shiracyel 9/14/2003 20:03
The left behind series continues to draw me closer to my dear savior. I cannot help but open my bible each and every time that I open the book at this present im on book eight(yep, im a late starter)but this series has truly enlighted my walk with Christ. I love the series and advise every one I come in contact with to read this book as a matter of fact i started a book club of other believersand we are reading the series together! thanks for all you delightful idea has done and the minstry that this series has. smiling in GA.

Sara 9/16/2003 10:01
I am only on book four in the series, but in these last few weeks my life has changed considerably. I had been a churchgoer all through my childhood, attended religion classes and everything that went along with being a Catholic. Once I graduated from high school my parents left it up to me where I would take my faith; they had done their part instilling me with religious values (although we still frequently talk about religion) and knew that I must take charge of my destiny. In church, religion classes, etc, etc I had found very little that drew me to church...nothing that really spoke to me. That changed drastically when I read the very first book in the series. My very best friend bought the first book for me, she changed my life and helped lead me to accepting Jesus as my savior! Although I had always been a believer my faith is now stronger than it ever was and I feel much closer to the Lord.

Lamb 9/16/2003 19:04
I love the Left Behind series for both the adults and the kids. I have read all 30 of the kid's books and I am currently reading book ten in the adult series.I liked the kids series and really got into them,but I find myself getting emotional when someone dies in the adult series! Desecration has to be my favorite book. The Remnant, however, has the best plot to show what God can do for His chidren. These books have given me a renewed sense of my salvation and has caused my devotion and passion for God to grow. I want to share Him with everyone who will or won't listen to it. These books are great and I'd reccomend either series to anyone. Thank you for the books. By the way even though I'm reading the adult series I am only in middle school. Lamb Fan

heather 9/16/2003 22:34
Since I have started reading these books two years ago,I have devoted mine and my children's lives to God.My children look forward to each new Left Behind children's book,so I can read it to them.I lookforward to both the adult and children's ones to find out more about our favorite characters and what God has in store for us.

Laura 9/17/2003 11:27
I can't belive how good these books are! Before I started reading kids books, my brother was hooked on them.He kep on wanting me to read them ,And I thought they sounded intresting,but I thought the would be to intense for me, I was scared that I might be left behind . But then I read the The first kids Book the VANISHINGS and I loved it ! After readng all the kids books, I started right into the adult books.These books help me grow spiritualy,and given me a fire for God. Your books helped me know that God can use kids just as well as He can adults. Thanks a Gazillion, Praise God!

Aimee 9/17/2003 15:17
I LOVE the kids series. I started reading it when I was 10 now I'm 11. I've gotten through all 30 and can't wait till 31 & 32 come out. Reading the series has brought me alot closer to God. I also started reading Revelations and listening to more Christian music. Thank you for writing these books.

Laura 9/17/2003 18:25
Hi! I became a Christ-follower in April 2001. Until about 9 months ago, I lived my life as if I never knew Christ. I would leave God and what I learned at youth group and church to stay at church because that is where I thought it belonged. I believed in God but I didn't pray and I didn't read my Bible. When I was 13 years old, for Christmas 2002 my parents got me the Left Behind book. I started reading it and became scared because I knew that if the rapture were to happen today, I would most certainly be left behind. In January 2003, I rededicated my life to Christ because of your books and since then have gone on missions trips and to SEMP youth conferences. Thank you so much for writing those books. It has helped me to understand that we need to live everyday as if it were our last and to not waste a single moment. Your books are really great to read and they really have changed my outlook on life. Thank you.

OLABAMPE 9/18/2003 13:13

Heather 9/18/2003 15:22
I am almost 16 years old and have been a Christian for almost two years. The Left Behind series has had a huge impact on my life. Three years ago I went to a Christian Sport Camp with my church. The night they gave the invation I felt God calling me to Salvation. But I started wondering what people would think and stuff like that and I thought I could just do this later. After we got back from camp I stoped feeling God deal with me. I would go to Church Retreats and never feel God call me. In Augest 2001 my cousins let me borrow "Left Behind: The Kids" for school. When I read how the Rapture happend it realy freaked me out. I knew that the Rapture could happen anytime and deep down I knew that I would be left behind. On September 11, 2001 I was reading book eight "Death Strike". I was reading the part where the Millita was planning an attack on Nicolae. Nicolae stoped the attack by blowing every thing up. Then we turned on the T.V. and saw what was happening to our Country at the Trade Towers. I was stairing at the T.V. then at the book, then back at the T.V. and thought "It's happening. It's realy happening." I started begging Jesus to give me one more chance to accept Him as my Savior. I promised not to run from Him again. On Febuary 24, 2002 an Evangalist came to my Church and preached a one day revival. During the evening service my Sign Languge group preformed and we were sitting on the second pew. When they gave the invation I felt Jesus calling me to Salvion. My Mom took me to our Childrens Pastor. I told him that I had rejected Jesus at Camp two years before. He told me how much Jesus loves me and that He died for me. I started praying for Jesus to please, please save me and that I did not want to be Left Behind. He saved me!!! The Left Behind Books have been a huge blessing. I can't get enough of them. They are the best books I have ever read. Vicki Bryne is my favorite character. I hope I can be as bold as she is when she shares Christ with people.

Beth 9/18/2003 16:17
I love reading the Left Behind series. I am on my 3rd book in the past week and a half. It really gets you thinking about what's going on in your life and where you priorities stand. Thanks so much for such a great Christian series!!!

Lauren 9/18/2003 17:44
Hi! My name is Lauren.I started reading the kids series a few months ago and they saved me.Today I read the adult and kids series and they have brought me closer to the Lord.Right now Im also doing a book report on Left Behind and I hope it can reach kids in my class.I am so grateful these books were written and I cant wait for Escape to Masada, War of the Dragon, and Glorius Appearing!

Chrissy 9/18/2003 18:34
I never used to be a very religious person. I started going to church with my best friend last year. I didn't really pay attention becuase, quite honestly, I thought it was all nonsense. I've always believed in God, but I didn't feel that He had the effect on my life, even before I cared, that I know He does now. A friend of mine got Desecration because he thought it would be interesting and fond out he didn't like it, so he gave it to me, but I couldn't get into it because I hadn't read teh rest of the series. Now, I've read all except the 12th book and I have never felt closer to God. I know now that I'm not alone.

tyler 9/18/2003 20:00
Left Behind is amasing.I read all of Revalations and didn't understand most of it.Your books have helped me understand that know and I can't stop reading them.You have helped to be a better reader of more books.I'm also reading Forbidden Doors, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963. I once ask God to stay on earth and be left behind to help people understand what will happen.I know I don't want to be left behind now. Just to tell who ever is reading this; If your not saved,YOU BETTER;THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING.(sorry for screaming.)It says in the bible that bad is going to happen,christians will be killed,and wars will happen.I even tried to tell my friends what will happen to get them to think,BUT NO THEY DIDN'T LISTEN.(sorry)I'm eleven and I wrote this and I don't know about you,but I want to just shot to the world 'JESUS IS THE MESSIAH' and this time I'm not sorry I shouted.Well,I'm no prophocy guy(if spelled wrong,I need to pay more attention in spelling class)so I leave that revatation book thing to the pros.the books have changed,not just me,but a lot more people then I can count.Remember,don't became a missionary just because,if God tells you,yes,but just because you want.Maybe God dosen't want you to put your life in danger,maybe He does.It's His desision not ours.

Janine 9/18/2003 20:43
I was saved from when I was a little girl, about the age of six or seven. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior out of fear, after watching the movie "Image of the Beast". It was a movie about the rapture and stuff and I was freaked, not wanting that stuff to happen to me. I used to not want to get in too deep about the revelation prophesy stuff. Although I was saved, I still had this inward fear of learning all that stuff, like the rapture, in fear that the more I knew about it, the more of a chance it would happen to me. But after reading the series "Left Behind >the kids<" my perspective turned around. I started looking into revelation deeper, and those books helped me understand it further. I no longer am scared of learning all the scary prophesies because I know they will never happen to me because I am saved in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, I look at these propesies as a motivation to tell everyone I know about Jesus so that this doesn't happen to my loved ones. It really is an encouragement to share the gospel to the ends of the earth. The things the kids experience in the left behind series really inspires me. It really adds meaning to the verse, "Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, and in purity." These books have not only made me a stronger Christian, but a braver witness as well. Thank you. ~janine

Lauren 9/18/2003 22:39
I love your books! They are so amazing! All my friends think I'm crazy because I'm constantly talking about the Left Behind kids series. Your books have taught me so much about living for God. I can never read the books enough. They're so cool!!!

BranchOfTheVine 9/19/2003 11:36
I always considered myself a Christian, but until I read the first Left Behind book, I realized that I really hadn't understood or truly read the Bible. The Series put me on the path of studying and becoming a better person. Thank you with all my heart. YSIC..Edwina

Abby 9/19/2003 14:12
Hi, my name is Abby.I'm 14 years old. About two years ago I started reading the kids Left Behind series.I love it so much. But a year ago this month we moved and for a while I was so busy that I didn't have time to read, and then about two weeks ago I started reading them again. I read 13-28 in two weeks and I'm waiting for number 29 and 30 to come back into the library because my parents don't have the money to buy them. I know they are not very expensive at Wal-Mart but my dad is a pastor and doesn't make a very big salary.Plus I have three brothers and sisters so our bills run pretty high. But I wrote this letter to say that the books have helped me grow closer to the Lord and I am very thankful. I am constantly lending the books that I do own out to my friends and I pray that they do for them what they have done for me. While I am waiting for the books to come back into the library I started the grown up series , and I love it. I would love to see a movie about the kids series too because the books alone I can't put down. I mean literally I stay up til' 2 in the morning reading them. Well I pray for you guys everyday and I hope that God blesses you. Until I meet you in Heaven.Goodbye! and Thanks.

Cody 9/19/2003 22:06
Hi,I'm 12 and I just wanted to share a few things. First of all, the Left Behind series helped me become closer to the LORD and made me start going to church more. Second, I am amazed at how surprised people seem about the wrath of God. This is a phrase I've heard since I was little. Did these people, new and old to Christ, not take it literal? I started reading Revelations a few years ago and, to be completely honest, It's one of the few books I can understand(due to Old English language). I've read this amazing book of the Bible almost 5 times now, and I find something new every time. The wrath of God has been seen since the Plagues, Sodom and Gomorrah(forgive me if I spelled it wrong),even the 2001 WTC bombing can be seen as the wrath of God. I really don't see what the big deal is. The message I want to bring is- God loves and cares for us, but He's no push-over. Thank you.

kathleen 9/20/2003 1:36
The Left Behind series has brought me much closer to the Lord. I am Catholic and always believed. I never really read the Bible before Left Behind. I was amazed how much I was never tought and have learned so much. It has brought me much closer to God and given me the desire to share this with others. I pray to find the right way to lead others to his Word.

Jordan 9/20/2003 8:52
the left behind books brought me closer to God because when i read book #12 i had a dream where i was left behind and had to go through all of that stuff. i woke up in a sweat and prayed and rededicated my life to Christ because i obviously wasn't living for him like i should. thanx!

Theresa 9/20/2003 10:49
Dear Left Behind, Your books are some cool. My sister got me into reading them and we haven't been able to put them down! These books gave me a better understanding of the last days and beyond. My sister and I are really looking forward to the next and last book. Thank you!!! Theresa age 14

Bethany 9/20/2003 11:24
i have been reading the Left Behind "the kids" since i was 13. i love the books!! but i was not a chritian yet when i got the books. i learned about the books thruogh the radio, got interested, then bought the first book. when i was 8, i had made a profession of faith. but i was never truly saved. i knew all the answers, cause i was a p.k. and an m.k.(missionary's kid)then after i read your books, it really freaked me out!!.i began asking myself if i was truly a Child of God. to make the long story short, when i was 14, on September 29,2000, i realized that was not truly saved. so, that night, i turned my life over Crhist. i'm not a very knoeledgable person about the Bible, but i'm learning everyday. thanks to your books and the prayers of friends and family, i know i wiil go to hevean when i die. i am now 17, and i surrendered to go to the philippine islands as a missionary. pray that God wiil use me to spread his love and mercy to that lost and dieing island. thanks again. yuor sister in Christ, Bethany

Matt 9/20/2003 12:13
The left behind series are great!!!! I've always known God and grew up in a christian home, but lately I've drifted from him. With my parents divorce, a nagging little, brother, and the other problems in a teens life with friends, school, etc. I began to start questioning him and my beliefs. I talked to friends, went to church more, but I could tell something was missing and my friends could tell too. My fire for God had been extinguished. I had tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Then my friend Allison talked to and read me a few scriptures and talked about how I should hang in there, that a beautiful sunset is coming. She said "have that fire for God, Matt! i remember a time when you were so into it in love. Its the joy in Him that is found no where else, that you need, now and always..." That got to me. I had read and owned the first four Left Behind: The kids series when they first came out and so I decided to check out #5 from a local library. Now because of these books my fire is burning stronger and brighter than ever!! I can't put the books down!! I finish one in under and hour and a half. These books our great and I urge any of you who dont know God to read them. And to say thankyou... Without the authors of this book I might have missed my chance with christ and all of his children. And now one day I'll be able to see you all in Heaven with God when that beautiful sunset comes...

Katie 9/20/2003 14:22
I am 13 and I began reading the Left Behind: the Kids Series when I was around 10 or 11 and couldn't seem to put these books down! I was just stuck to them! Everywhere I went, including school, I had the latest one with me, reading just to find out what is going on!!!! I just finished book 30 of the Kids Series and have read all of the adult series and can't wait until the 12th book comes out so that I can read it!!! Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins are some of the best writers that I know off! I hope that they continue writing this well in all of their writings! THANKS!

WORRIED Judah-ite 9/21/2003 15:06
Hi I had to come here to tell some one that i have been saved. i am still maturing but the adult left behind books have really made a big impact in my life it has filled a part of my heart that i didn't even know was empty. but i fell worried about being left behind because i feel attractions tword guys even though i am a guy, and because i keep having some "if god is all loving why would he cast out homosexuals" feelings and i feel it will push me away from god. please send me a e-mail to aid a worried Judah-ite

Erin 9/21/2003 18:54
I'm not finished reading the series yet but I just finished reading # 25 in the kids series and probable wont read any of the rest because i have no access to them well anywayz when i started reading these book i couldn't put them down and i cant wait to find out wut happens but i prolly wont cuz my familys broke so we cant buy the books and my school library doesnt have them well i love these books they have really brought me closer to god and im actually understanding the verses now i just thought u read the bible because u just had 2 like im finally understanding John 3:16 the book made me question whether i was saved or not but now i know i am thanks so much for writing those books and i believe God told u to write these books thanx a gain In Christ- erin

Britney 9/22/2003 16:33
I got saved in October of 99. I don't remember how I found the series, but I am really thankful that I did. I read the first ten nonstop, but had to wait for the rest of the series to come out. I ended up waiting two to three years and just recently started reading these books, and I have seen the impact that they have on my life! I would encourage everyone to read them because they are thrilling and keep you on the edge of your seat.

malcolm 9/23/2003 2:27
Hello I am sorry, I feel that your books are actually quite dangerous and apart from that, not very good reading. You certainly have not brought me any close to Christianity, though I have always believed in God. Your kind of American based Christinity is not for me.

amber 9/23/2003 11:16
Before I read these books, I was what many people call a lukewarm christian. I have been in church almost since I was born. I knew what the truth was, I just didn't live it. Being a pastor's kid seemed like a lifelong curse, until a couple of days ago when i began to read the left behind series. These books have brought me alot closer to God and made me realize my mistakes.

A.E. 9/23/2003 13:21
To: Jerry Jenkins & Tim LaHaye I have just completed Armageddon, and as with all the other volumes of this remarkable work, I am almost breathless for the next book. My disappointment is there IS no next book - at least, not for a while. I read the first book, having been directed by a friend, as an appeasement. However, I was not far into that reading before I was fully invested and committed to reading the entire series. Which I have done, one immediately following the other until this last. What is truly surprising - especially to me - is how I now can have a better understanding of the "thee/thou, beget/begat, oh, ye/oh, yea" scripture reading destined to distract me previously. Being a child of a minister, that is quite an admission. I will forever be grateful to you and I salute your undertaking what has surely turned out to be an inspired mission for you both. My understanding is you started out to write "a" book...and the fact we, as readers, as searchers and as Christians, have followed the Tribulation Force through eleven (11) books thusfar, is a clear indication that more than just I needed this type of clarification. I look forward to Spring, 2004! A.E. Simmons Lexington, KY

Graham 9/23/2003 19:25
Yes, the Left Behind series has brought me close to the Lord. I was like every other fourteen-year-old, I didn't care what I did unless I had good grades and had fun. Of course I was a Christian, but not a strong one. I preached it, but didn't live it. When someone would make fun of me, I would tell them off. People I wanted to be Christians like my good friend Saebra were saying, "what's the big dead he's acting like everyone else." When I got closer to God He used me. I got a seat very close to Saebra, and I gave her I Bible, she's read the part in how God loves you and what Jesus did for her. She's close, but many people are praying for her Salvation.

Earlene 9/23/2003 20:19
It most surely has brought me closer and closer to the Lord our God. I had so fallen back. So, gotten away from God's word..and to think an unbeliever was the one responsible for me hearing about the left behind series? wow.God does work in mysterious ways..and no that unbeliever hasnt budged much , but sure did do a turn around in my life. I felt the Holy spirit get hold of my heart and made me realize that soooo many people were going to die and not know the Lord and that I had been on the "back burner" way too long. But its never too late. God opens our eyes one way or another, especially when we are christians who have hidden our faces from HIM. I also have a friend who read them and shared with a "gay" friend and told him of the books and the boy in question. wow..he got so scared and these were his words to my friend.."I am going to have to go through that , arent I?" he was so torn and now well I am not sure what or where he is.He moved away from our area. so only God knows and will pray for someone to help him find his way to the LOrd. but it was the books that began to open his eyes? and so maybe he will read them now and see whats in store. They are awesome witnessing tools and I just want to thank you guys and mostly I want to thank God for gifted men like you who have been given this gift to write a story so profound and so closely knit with the bible. Those books got me back to reading my bible more than I ever had in my past. They just made the Word come to life and seem so urgent to read and know God and know how to tell others. God bless you Jerry and Tim and Keep on keeping on.. we are fighting a fight.we got to finish the race. IN LOve With Jesus Earlene

David 9/29/2003 20:41
The Left Behind series is true genues. I had no idea of all the things that God has in plan for the future. I am so amazed at things that God said he would do in Revelations. The Adult and Kid series have help me understand what may happen to many of my friends if God came back today for his church. I am 15 and I go to a school of 1600 and many are lost. I have used my understanding from the books as a tool for God. I just cant wait for the last Adult book to come out and the rest of the Kids as well. Keep up the good work, God bless