Brought Closer to the Lord (Part 1)

QUESTION: Has the Left Behind series brought you closer to the Lord?

Here are reader responses (June-July):

June 6/8/03 3:52 PM
I have read all your books and have found them to be the kind that you just can't put down. They have taught me a lot about the Bible (parts that I didn't completely understand before). My question is: I didn't think anyone could go to Heaven after the Rapture. That is like having a second chance. Could you explain this to me?

Andrea 6/10/03 12:35 AM
I grew up in a fairly strict Lutheran household. I was forced to go to confirmation classes which is technically supposed to be your choice of receiving God as a follow up to baptism in which your parents give you to him. I was force fed church and if I didn't go, then I was grounded from all other activity. This in my opinion is no way to lead someone to God. I left the church as a teenager and resented that if there was a God that he could allow so many bad things to happen in such a young persons life. On my 20th birthday, I was in a car accident that should have at the very least, severely injured me and my passengers but we were all okay. Riding home in the back of a pick up truck that night, I searched the sky and felt my first true connection for the first time in years. Still I was young and stupid and on a downward spiral. I got sober within a year and was taught to rely on a God of my own understanding. This is where is began. Then I met my husband. We had children. A dear friend died of cancer and has since been to our belief a guardian angel over our children. Our departed grandfather was in the room the day my child was born. I have had so many bad things happen in my life and on several occassions should have died but I was spared. I was told about this series by a few and finally was curious. I was addicted from the go. Not only was it a good read but it made me look more deeply at my own faith. My husband's faith has not been as strong and in hard times of loosing friends, it is my faith that helps him through. I have had the opportunity to tell others of what a great read this is, telling them that whether they believe in the rapture or not, it is a good read. So far, I've had one come back to me and tell me what an impact it has had on them. I love to hear this as I know the feeling they are talking about. By reading and when reading this series, my mind is not on other matters and my heart is more open to feel the presence of God in my life. Even now I feel the goose bumps and I love them. I have read the series about 3 times. Rereading if it's been too long before the next book comes out, just to freshen up. And I never tire of it. I have gotten in touch with my spirtual side even if the religious side is still wondering. I am studying and figuring things out. But I do know and am reminded constantly that Jeseus dies for me and for that I owe him my undying faith and devotion. I know that only God can save me when all else fails and he will take care of me in whatever way he sees fit. In these trying times, my faith gives me peace I see lacking so many others. And I feel for them and only hope that I can help them see what has given me peace and will for them too if they are only at the very least, open to an idea. To the authors, I thank you. You have done for me what 14 years of forced church could never do.

Laura 6/12/03 8:59 AM
There are many new experiences that has made reading the Series memorable. First…I had not gotten into the books right away, but was able to get 3 or 4 at a church sale that got me started…all it took. Then while carrying the book someone asked what I was reading..opening an opportunity for witness. Another time another believer spotted the book and commented how she and many others had become readers. I have found enhanced "word-picture" to enhance mine regarding the power of God, supposed events, and security in Christ for ALL occasions. I love the depth of knowledge combined with fiction that the authors have created. These have moved me to a new dimensions in understanding and most of all, relationship to our Lord. Continued blessings as you continue writing.

James 6/12/03 7:05 PM
Hey, I am 16 and I have just started recently on the left behind series. When I was little I was brought up in the Catholic church. I had considerd at one point in my life I wanted to be a priest. I went to Catholic Middle School and particpated as much as I could in church. But when I went to high school I was exposed to many religions and cultures and soon I questioned God and I questioned the Catholic faith and along with my questioning I believed I had become Non-Denominational. I believed that until I attended a Greek Othadox church where I met many people who believed strongly in Jesus Christ. Even though their church was very gawdy I was moved and I could not deny my feeling that I missed Christ in my life. For me and many of my friends church is not very big in our lives we go to church on maybe christmas and easter but forget all the other important days. After my visit to the Greek church I soon forgot my feeling and went on with my life. Until recently when I came here to my grandparents house who believe that church is very important in a persons life. I love to read and not having anything my grandmother handed me the left behind book within two days I was done with it and wanted more I am on the third book and I cant wait to read more. I never knew all of this was in the bible. It has really moved me and it has made me want to become closer to Jesus and the teachings of the bible. So really I just wanted to thank you and recommend to all those grandparents or parents or aunts/uncles godparents gaurdians whoever that this is a great series, for anyone!

Dwight 6/13/03 3:33 AM
Hi, I have been raised in the church. My father is a preacher, his father, my mom's father, my uncle, and so many more relatives strong in the church. I have believed in Christ and GOD all my life but never aimed my existence towards the works of GOD and our lord Jesus Christ. After many years (I'm 41) of heading away from the father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I was lead to read the Left Behind series. What sent me on the path was when all the prophesy on the birth of Jesus was mentioned and I knew it was right there in the Bible but always had trouble understanding it. Well I picked up the Bible and tried to read it again but still had trouble. What to do? Ask GOD to help me understand. Yeh that's right pray, pray, and pray some more and yes GOD will help you understand. Trust me GOD answers your prayers, maybe not the way you expect but they will be answered. And if you TRUST in GOD and his word all GOD's desirers will be yours. Trust in him at all times, ye people pour out your heart before him GOD is a refuge for us. Yeh it's in the Bible do yourself a favor look it up. For my expectation is from him.

robert 6/13/03 9:50 AM
I have ben a christian for many years. ten years ago I read the first in the Left behind series and was touched by the reality it expressed. It put into words the message I wanted to convey. Several years later I was able to get my hands on the third book, then the second it was a hit or miss trying to find the series. In 2002 I hit the jachpot with a library that had the first seven books. I could not put them down. In 2003 at a different library I found the last four and I am now reading The Mark. I have read Desecration and have the Remnant and Armagaddon standing by. THis series has given me a new outlook and inspired me in my walk and ministry to others I laugh when they evade the enemy and cry when a tribforce member dies. I feel the pain and joy of the charicters and know just how much truth there is in the written words. These books are concidered fiction, but as believers we know that they are not. I thank God that I will not be here and have to experience the pains and sorrow that those left behind will endure. Thank you Tim and Jerry for putting into words that which I have not been able to explain in uncertain terms. I recommend the left behind series to all of my friends, family and fellow christians. I was seen reading your book the other night and it was being criticized as being to ultra-religious and a hoax. This person was not a christian and was not open to the facts. Also he criticized Tim and Jerry based upon other sview of the authors, I disagreed and argued for the authors. Obviously this man did not want to her the truth. This related specifically to some of the writing wherein people will know th truth and will reject it totally Kind of like hattie or Chaim. When people today come around I hope that it will not be too late.

Pamela 6/13/03 12:16 PM
Although I was always a believer, I did not attend church regularly and I was far from having a personal relationship with God. I started reading the Left Behind series in August of 2001. It hit me, but when our country was attacked on 9-11, it hit me deeply. I was scared and started having dreams of the 1st book "Left Behind" and real life events, but had them all mixed in together. I would wake up so frightened and would grab the book next to my bed and start reading to see what was going to happen next. I also had to take a moment to separate the book from the current events of 9-11-2001. Can you imagine trying to separate The Truth (The Bible) from fiction (The Left Behind book)which is based on the truth from the terribly frightening real life events. The timing was life changing for me. All I can say is thank you Lord and thank you to the authors for my wake up call. I have read all of the books in the series and waiting for book 12. My co-workers and I are reading the books together and joke about being part of the tribulation force ourselves. Thank you again and God Bless

christina 6/13/03 3:28 PM
gretings inthe name of the lord Jesus 8im christina sattler im 29 nowe i got saved at an erly a ge i knew god loved me and cared a bout me im handycaped i have nwilliams syndrome im frum a broken home my dad and mom are devorced nowe the left be hind books are so on track witthe lords word i belev Jesus is the son of god and that his cuming wil hapen i balev his spiret is so real i do balev in the deval hes real verry real i dont understand why people dont want Jesus

loretta 6/15/03 4:01 PM
after reading revelation unveiled,i finally got the big picture ! irealized that jesus christ is the only answer and that roman catholicism is a perversion of the faith. i was roman catholi,went to catholic grade school and high school,and drifted away from the church. i wanted to go back,but i just could'nt. i'm glad i didn't. but i realize also too, that the holy spirit is in my life in a definite way,and after 52 years,i am trulu saved. i love god more and more every day,and i can say i am saved after 3 tries. thank you for leading me to jesus christ in truth.

chat_junkie9 6/17/03 7:07 AM
my bio father left my mother with 6 girls and 3 boys to take care of by herself.i am the 7th oldest and first boy. i had so much hate in me for my dad that i actually and in some ways smash all of his teeth down his throat for leaving us..but since i have read the left behind series my hatred for my dad has decreased to 25% which i am working on. i Don't swear as much as i do, but on occassion a word slips thru now and then.

Mary 6/17/03 11:01 AM
I have read each and every one of these books. I love to read about the Lord and what He can do and what He does for believers. I am a christian and have been for the last 3 or 4 months. I was baptised 6 years ago and walked closely on the right path but I let satan pull me off that path for 2 years, so I am now returning. I pray I will be stronger and God is with me daily. I am now reading the 11th book and I am only 50 pages away from the end of it. I hurt like chloe was my own family and even shed tears when she went home to be with the Lord. I feel very close to all the trib force but the orginal members r like family. Great job Tim and Jerry. I will be sure to read the new series that will coming soon. The only thing I did not like was it takes so long for a new book to come out. But the wait has been worth it. God bless each of u.

Kristy 6/17/03 9:46 PM
I was saved as a young child, at 6. I was very involved with my family at my church from as early as I can remember till right before I graduated high school. It seems I became really lax in my relationship with God. I kind of think it started when I began high school but am not sure. It's been 9 years since I've finished high school and I think I've managed to pull myself further from God with each passing moment but something (or should I say someone?) has kept me from going all the way in the opposity direction. Seeing my husband get saved and witnessing the 9/11 tragedy made me realize that God has a reason for everything and I keep that in my mind as a reminder for anything that comes up. My husband and I borrowed the first 5 books in the Left Behind series from the library and have made it through all of them within a week's time. We've gone and purchased the first two movies and are eagerly anticipating the third. Reading and watching your material has helped me to re-evaluate my relationship with God. I know I haven't been the example my children need me to be and knowing things could get very bad for some or all of my family has instilled an urgency in me to make sure everything is right with God and that my children come to know Him too.

jill 6/18/03 11:25 PM
i have been officially saved in 95,due to a bad marriage.i watch left behind everytime i think i am slipping from god.I HAVE BEEN MARRIED THIS MY THIRD TIME,MY 2 HUSBANDS FILED I DIDNT BECAUSE I WOULNT DIVORCE,it was hard to take the blame but i would not go against god.I could write a book on my experiences of being a christian,it take to long,so i will leave at this.if anyone knows if there is a video in the next left behind series could you tell me when,i believe there is III coming according to LBII. To answer your ? yes it has brought me closer to god, unfortuately i slip away due to health, finance and other problems but he is always in my heart.have you ever heard the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing pray for me for jesus to fill me up with his spirit truth and life thankyou. god bless Jill

Linda 6/19/03 2:35 PM
Long before the books wrote up, and I told evreybody about the future. Now, I watch the movies and comic books. They made me glad that I feel close to hold on more. Because I know His prophetics will come true. After 9-11 happened, and I felt the earth shifted, and knew we are the beginner of end of time. I didn't know when but Lord knows when. Have to prepare as the pagan story about ten virgins and bridegroom. May God bless you.

bj 6/19/03 5:11 PM
The Left Behind series has left me with a hunger and thirst for the Lord, that I can not quench with every day reading material.

Ashley 6/19/03
The Left Behind series has indeed brought me so much closer to God. I realize now more than ever that I was created for some unique purpose, and that I need to live my life striving to fulfill that purpose, whatever it may be. I talk to God more like a best friend now, and I have so much more faith and excitement about what the future holds. The series has definately brought on a turning point in my life; one where I want to live every day for God, and for Him alone. I'm so thankful that this series was written, because it really has changed my life!

Mary 6/20/03 11:53 PM
After reading most of the Left Behind Series I've realized that there isn't much time left in this world and that I need to be a better witness to the lost world around me. It made me realize that any day Christ could come back for us believers, but those haven't believed, my friends, family, they would be left behind. So after reading the first and second book, I started witnessing more and some of my friends and family who were once lost, now know Jesus.

Jennifer 6/21/03 12:41 AM
This series has been such a blessing for me. The daughter of a baptist minister, I have grown up in the church, and have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But, sadly, not too personal. I accepted his salvation as a child and, journeying through my adult life have thought not much more about it. My mother had revisited the series recently and had left the first book, Left Behind, on the coffee table. One evening after finding nothing on television and nothing else to do I picked it up and absent-mindedly began to read. Well let me just say that I was hooked. I began reading through the books one each day and can scarcely wait to pick up the next. One of the hardest things in my life has been learning to live this life on earth with an eternal mindset, with a Holy agenda, rather than my own. I find my own weaknesses in the characters and glory in their overcoming. I am humbled in front of my Lord and Savior, and now find myself longing to spend more time in his word, and often, on my face, prostrate praising his forgiveness and Holiness. I never thought that picking up that book that day would change my relationship with God, but I long to be a beacon for Him, and to be a pre-tribulation force spreading his love to this earth. My mind and heart has been opened up to the reality of the shortness of time here, and my alien-ness here, and I long to see my Lord's face and hear Him say 'Well Done'. Thank you for this series and for your commitment to use your obvious talents to serve God and allow Him to change lives through you.

michele 6/22/03
This is not really a testimonial however I am excited to say tht i just started the Left Behind series and LOVE IT!! I am reading th 2nd book now..I've been a christen for along time however with this seried learning more and more ob how to be a better Christen. I have made lots of mistakes. I am passing on the books t my friends and loved ones as well hoping they will find Christ. Jesus loves me and I love HIM! I have been truly blessed with many gifts and miracles by our Good Lord. Well read on and God Bless You& live for Christ!!

Andrew 6/23/03 9:15 AM
The Left Behind series has made me closer to the Lord, like I never thought. It has taught me about the Tribulation, and what could happen in that event. I would like to give the authers a great pat on the back, because they did a great jod on thes books!!!

monique 6/23/03 9:28 PM
Every since I was a child I had a yearning to be closer to Jesus. However when I was a teenager I began to experiment with drugs and I stopped going to church on a regular basis. Five years ago I asked Jesus to deliver me from drugs and I have been clean and sober every since. This year for lent I prayed for a spiritual awakening because I wasn't attending church and I was more interested in worldly possessions and gambling quite a bit. Well, an acquaintance of mine sent over left behind and tribulation force and after reading those books I decided that I want to live my life for Christ. Since April I have read nine of the books I am in the process of ordering the remnant and desecration. I would like to thank the author's for changing my life and I pray for my friend for being the vessel that the Lord used to awaken me. Truly, Monique,NY

rose 6/24/03 8:41 PM
Well,I am a raised catholic and I have gone to church and did good deeds and went along with the repetative prayers at mass but i soon found it boring. I felt empty like I was missng somthing and I needed to find out what it was. My grandparents are christian and I am too but the things they told me, about God and the bible really changed my outlook on the Cathoilc mass and it's teachings. Our people are being fooled nonetheless and somewhat blinded. I do support the Catholic church but their teachimgs seem to be missing somehting. They say to go to mass, say your prayers,believe in God and live a good life. But that's not all you can do. You have to ask God to forgive you of your sins and tell him you want him to come into your heart and be a part of your life and that you accept him as Jesus Christ and know thast you have done wrong and the only way you can get to heaven is through him. Why haven't I heard that being taught to the kids around the world. You can't get to God more so to heaven by just living a good life. The Left Behind series has really opened my eyes and I felt what the kids felt like in the story. I didn't really know how to get to Christ until I got some insight from my grandparents and mostly from the books. as I read them I find sometimes we are livng in the pre-tribulation times right now and that people need to know now that Christ is the way,the truth, and the light and we really don't have much time but no one knows when the day Christ will come but it is good to be ready so you won't fall. I just want to say thanks to the writers of the Left Behind series and that you have made an impact on me and the world either big or small. sincerly, ROSE, 14 P.S Think you can make a movie about the series?

SHELIA 6/25/03 11:26 AM
Definitely! It has even enabled us to lead our family members to Christ. Keep it coming!!

Kari 6/25/03 12:58 PM
Okay..see Im a would be "Catholic". Born into the religion and everything. Mom's Catholic and so on and so forth. But, I never felt God was there for me personally. My life (all 13 years of it) has been a living hell. My aunt has tried to kill me, my mom is a sort of slut, and my dad is dying from liver failure and just got "over" a huge drug addiction. So I have basically tooken control of my brother and sister, and sometimes my mom. It's been easier ever since my stepdad entered the scene, but still I prayed to God to help me in my struggles when I got my own drug problem. Still, I never felt he was there. Then I read the Left Behind books. Oh sure, I ve read parts of the Bible, but I debated whether all of what happened in it did. The series really changed me somehow. I believed the words in there that I couldnt believe in the Bible. I believed the Bible after that, and it all just became a sudden new understanding. I'd just like to thank the authors La Haye and Jenkins. You're books have changed me and brought me closer to the Lord. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Frank 6/25/03 8:38 PM
The Left Behind the Kids books have really helped me understand Revelation better and they make me want to learn more and more about God.

Jennifer 6/26/03 1:32 AM
Hi, my name is Jennifer and I was saved at age 12 I am now alomost 15, I was saved at a babtist church camp called Hoosier Hills in 2001, after I returned home, I started growing further apart from the Lord, and this past Christmas, my sister-n-law, got the the Left Behing Series, I started reading it, and I noticed that I was growing back closer to the Lord, I started attending Church and I also noticed that I am prying 3 or 4 times a day, asking the Lord, just to show me the right path and to forgive me of any sin I may commit and the Lord answers my prayers, I am SO thankful for the Left Behind Series. Thank you. May God Bless you all in his own loving way!

Vicki 6/26/03 4:12 PM
I was given the first book in the series to read a couple of years ago, and I loved it right from the start, but more for the story than for the Christian part. I looked forward to every book, and have bought and read each one as soon as I could get my hands on it, but it wasn't until just recently that I realized how much I was looking forward to them for the Christianity, and not just the story. Just within the last few weeks, I have begun to change my life and live it for God, and what brought me to him, even though I have been a Christian my whole life, was this series. Thank you!!!

mag 6/26/03 5:48 PM
ever since I strted reading these books I releize how real God really is and that the things in the Leftbehind books are going to come true. these books really open my eyes to God and the Bible.

Jenni 6/26/03 8:13 PM
I am a single mom who grew up in a baptist church. As I became older, I drifted from the Lord but came back just a few years ago. My mom was reading the Left Behind Series and I thought it would be cool to read the same thing she was reading due to the distance between us. The more I read, the more I kept reading. It has opened my eyes and heart to what Christ has in store for all of his children. I just finished Armogeden and I cried through the whole book. This series has been such an inspiration to me and I am urging my oldest son to read the series too. Praise The Lord.

Liza 6/27/03 1:50 PM
The Left Behind series has really helped me to find Jesus Christ. The last few years of my life have been very difficult for me, and now, I finally feel some peace and relief. I'm so grateful for this series. I'm passing out Left Behind copies left, right and center in the hopes that my family and friends will discover the truth. If I can only get them to read it…well then the book speaks for itself.

Brian 6/27/03 11:26 PM
I am a 31 year old cross country truck driver. I have been driving truck for almost 4 years now, and due to all those miles I listen to alot of talk radio. This has educated me about current events and raised an interest in politics, almost to a state of constant search for every view point available. Eventually I found a radio show featuring David J. Smith out of Waxahachie,Tx. His show features current events in light of biblical prophecy. His show made me quite interested in the subject and I listened to his show when I could for about 2 years without ever considering my faith or actually my lack of any pursute in the matter. Then about 2 weeks ago I was in a Wal-Mart and spotted "Armageddon" on the new releases shelf.I was immeadiately drawn to it and made the purchase. Realising that it was part of a series it became an obsession to aquire the whole set on audio cassette. Less than a week later I ordered a set on cd, had finished the tapes, and started my team mate on the books. Her 22 year old daughter now has my set on tape, my team mate is as hooked as I am, I have purchased the prophecy study bible by Tim LaHaye as well as his book "Are we living in the end times?", and just today I have picked up "Left behind" the movie and "Tribulation Force". Needless to say… I got the point! Thank you so much for changing my life so dramatically. An interresting footnote, I spoke with my mother a couple days ago to find out a friend suggested the series to her and she has also started reading them. I am sure my mom is still in shock to find out that I now am as much as a believer as she has been her whole life. Surely it doesn't take much to see Gods hand behind this incredible spread of his word through Tim and Jerry. thanks again! Brian 06/27/03

Gaye 6/28/03 1:02 PM
In 1999, after coughing for almost a year and having my doctor assume it was allergy, I changed doctors and began a journey in healing guided by God. The town is small and the choices few but my teenaged son's best friends mom was a Physicians Assistant and I was led to her. She is also the wife of a local pastor of Assembly of God. We were realatively new to the area and had not joined a church yet. Debbie or Doc Debbie, first ordered a complete allergy test, I was 53 years old at the time and the specialist was surprised that I showed no allergies whatsoever! Having survived breast cancer in 1990 (another miracle), Debbie then ordered a CT Scan which exposed two polyps, one on each lung. They were biopsied and the results were positive for metastisized breast cancer. Very agressive. Because of my strong faith, Debbie knew not to "put a date on me". The Sunday after the diagnosis she invited me to the evening service which happened to be the monthly women's ministry and there, among strangers, I was prayed over. About 25 women I had never met laid hands on me, wept and lifted my healing up to the Lord. Both Debbie and I felt a "physical shift" and she order a follow up CT scan as soon as the hmo would allow. I have one of the few CT scan results with the word "miracle" hand written at the bottom! God healed me, again! That was more than three years ago and only recently Debbie told me that when they recieved the results of the malignant biopsy, the Pulmonologist didn't even want to treat me, he said "she has two months at best". Fortunatly, my wonderful Christian doctor ignored his recommendation and sent me to an Oncologist that chose to administer the mildest of chemo treatments, Novaldex. An oral medication I will take for the rest of my life. In a way this low key approach was another way for God to allow me to believe "it wasn't that bad", and to trust His healing. God led me to my church, gave me a loving community that continually prays for me and the greatest gift of all, He gave me a "black and white" proof of His love (the CT scan results). I am healed! Praise God! That was when the Left Behind books came into my life! They are a wonderful confirmation of my faith. I just finished Armageddon, (I only read a few pages at a time 'cause I know the twelfth book isn't out…that is to say, is there going to be a twelfth book?) I have loved every one of the books and admire the authors for their wonderful adaptation of Revelations into todays "times". So often when we read scripture, the concept is so foriegn that we can only visualize life as it was in Jesus' time. The series has made me look forward to the rapture and I have been more vigilant about my family and friends acceptance of Jesus and redemption of their souls. Instead of fearing the book of Revelation, your fictionalized adaptation makes me embrace it, thank you. In Gods Holy Name, I thank you. Lovingly, Mrs. Gaye Chan

Sammi 6/29/03 2:02 AM
My aunt told me about the left behind series….and I thought they sounded interesting. That was about two years ago. I had never read a bible before and was not into "the God thing". But now I have been born again, read and study my bible daily and walk with God always and forever.

lyn 6/30/03 10:50 AM
I have been going throught the most traumatic expereince of my life these past two weeks and I picked up this book in the library because I had avoided reading it long enough. Instead of scaring me,it gave me peace and joy. Trouble doesn't last always. I grew up in the church my whole life. My mother embodies Rayford's wife. Now I realize that I need to give my life to God and want to go to heaven. I see a little bit of myself in everyone that makes up the Tribulation Force.I am writing you to ask for your prayers today because I won't get through this time in my life without God and I don't want it to be too late for me. Thank You.

Kimberly 6/30/03 7:12 PM
I dont think I have ever read as much in my whole life! The Left Behind books have touched my life so much. I recamend them to everyone I know. thank you so much!!

Marc 6/30/03 8:42 PM
The left-behind series are the best books ever written. I was a believer before i rad them and now that i read them…oh my God, words cannot explain. I feel close to every character in the book and i don't like to think of them as fictions. To me they are real people that are simply living in the future. Sooner or later everything is going to be deja vu. we weill say oh man, i knew this was going to happen or i read this was gonna happen someday. I cried after reading the last chapter of Armageddon. to see Chloe, Buck and Rayford dead before the grand arrival of Christ but hey, at least they'll by his side. Mr. Lahaye and Mr. Jenkins, thank you very much. My girlfriend who is japanese and believe in Tenrickio is now a believer and finds herself very much close to Chloe. I tried to be in a couple of movies for the book that they were filming in Canada, but you had to be a resident of the country which i'm not, but that rally was my dream, i wish i could be in one of those movies. I even decided to take acing classes, sothat i feel the emotions and all. This book is the answer for the ones with doubts and questions. If you don't believe after reading these books, only God can help you then and that is if you let Him!

Amber 7/1/03 2:16 PM
I am very disturbed by the negative attitude that some Catholics have about the Left Behind series. I am a cradle Catholic married in the Church to another cradle Catholic and have baptized four children in the Church. I am very familiar with the Catechism and with the Left Behind books. I have read all of the books and just finished Armageddon last month. There is nothing anti-Catholic in the books! I wonder if the Bishops and others have actually read them. If we as Catholics believe in the Real Presence it is because the Lord himself stated in Matthew 26:26-28, Mark 14:22-24 and Luke 22:19-20 "…this is my body…this is my blood." The Left Behind story is fictional but it IS based on the Scriptures. The Lord himself mentions what will happen in the end times in Matthew 24, especially verses 30 and 31 "…they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky…they will gather together his elect." We must not make the mistake of picking and choosing which statements of the Lord to take literally or figuratively. We must always take the Lord at His Word. The heart of faith for EVERYONE that professes Jesus Christ as Lord is that he was born of the Virgin Mary, that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried, that he rose again, ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father and that HE WILL COME AGAIN IN GLORY. The Catechism Article 7, 668 - 682 describes the Return of The King and 674 states "The glorious Messiah's coming is suspended at every moment of history until his recognition by all of Israel." Just as the first apostles, I love the Lord and want Him to return soon. I pray for Israel to turn to the Messiah that had been rejected. This should be the duty of ALL Christians. It is shameful for Catholics to denounce the Left Behind books that may have brought people to Christ. This is another duty of ALL Christians. The Lord admonished the Pharisees for their behavior by saying they would not enter the kingdom of God nor let others enter. The entire world has become hostile to Christianity, even here in the United States. Let's remember that Pope John Paul II fervently wants Christians to be united. We need to support each other and not tear each other down. THIS WAS WRITTEN TO THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER IN RESPONSE TO AN ARTILCE IN THE JULY 5TH ISSUE.

Steven, US Navy 7/1/03 11:28 PM
My name is Steve, and currently serving in the Pacific Northwest. I was recently stationed on one of the areas Trident nuclear missle subs. For many that are unaware, our Ohio-class "boats" are maned by two crews to maximize the availability of our units to deter a first nuclear strike against our nation. Our crews are known as "blue" and "gold". While one crew is out to sea the other takes a one month break and starts training for the next 2 months untill the ship returns. Shortly after I reported aboard, I quickly found my brothers in Christ though the ships Christian Sunday Lay services. I was shocked to hear that on our sister crew, the occult was being practiced in the form Wicca. The guise of 'relgious freedom" was used. A similar effort was made on our crew, but our captain, him self a Christian forbade the practice on "his ship" as I was told. You would be surprised at the number of our upcoming military leaders who are are men of christ. Interesting point in the event of the rapture in the near future. Our armed service would be severly crippled when this WILL occur, back to subject though.. On my first SSBN patrol, an unkown church donated a few copies of "Left Behind" to our ships library. It was a "hit" with our sailors, and left them on fire for other books of the series. By my second patrol, the books were everywhere. Even men who normaly would have turn thier backs on god in this world were reading them. It would be to good to be true to say they were all won over to Christ…for now that is, but the seed was planted. They may be blind to the signs we interpet right now and sadly I fear most will miss this chance to escape the tribulation, but they will remember these books and they will know what is happening! Thanks to your books, you may have had played a role in saving a handful of men from eternal damnation, who in turn may help others in more darker times. -V/R PO2(SS) Steve

pat 7/2/03 4:15 PM
Several years ago, I began thinking that there must be more to this life. About 3 years ago, I decided to read "Left Behind", the first book in the series. I was fascinated. And I quickly read the other books in the series that were available at the time. My appetite for Christ was only whetted. I got the Prophecy Bible by Dr. Lehaye, and other books on the End Times and Christ's return. YES!! It is all so true, and so compelling. I have received Christ into my life, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!!! I am no longer afraid of the future, because I now know where I will be, if not exactly when. MARANATHA!!

TERRI 7/3/03 7:39 AM

Jay 7/4/03 9:03 AM
I am 56 years old and probably only read a hand full of books in my life completely. Since began to read the Left Behind series,I cant wait to get the next one. I have always been an avid ready of Gods Word and these books have opened my eyes and heart to may more questions and answers to the coming of our Savior. These books are wonderful to help bring others to Christ. YBC Jay Garrison

Andrew 7/4/03 1:55 PM
The Left Behind series has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me to grow in my faith, it has helped me to learn more about the related prophecies, and it has kept me devoted to the Word and the life of a Christian. Not to mention that it has kept me completely entertained from book one, to book eleven. I truly believe that these books, though they are fictitious, are inspired by the Word of God. I thank the authors for creating such an inspiring, and entertaining series. Praise The Lord & God Bless!

Jo 7/4/03 2:50 PM
My testimony would have to be that these books bring out the real understanding of the Book of Revelations.I had been caught up in the real world as it is called. These books helped to bring me back to what is the most important part of my life,"Walking With Jesus". Thank you

Jenny 7/6/03 11:35 PM
I have been wanting to read these books for a long time, even before I got saved in Feb of this year….but I never got around to it….I find it so amazing that now that I am studying Revelation on my own (because it was on the list of recommended scripture reading for the summer from my Bible study class) I was finally compelled to begin…I just read "Left Behind" in one day and I had to go out @ 10pm tonight to get the second book! I cannot stop reading…I feel like I am really being taught something here…and the books tie in so well with my study…I've been asking the Lord to help me be a better Christian…I do not want to be left behind…I want to be as true a Christian as possible and please him…it's still hard sometimes as I am still a sinner…but, I AM feeling a greater connection with the Lord…and for that I am thankful….God bless you all

Emily 7/7/03 6:44 PM
Hi, Well, where do I start. When I was younger I was a good kid, minded my parents and did what I was told. Sure, I wasn't perfect, I was bad sometimes. When I was nine, something aweful happened to me. My parents had a fight while I was staying the night at a friends house and split up. I came home the next day and my dad was gone. My mom told me he moved and I cried. Then I tried killing myself by jumping out in front of cars and stuff like that. I stopped though. Later on, we moved to Texas and my mom married her cousin. I thought he was nice a first, but then he showed his true side. He yelled and cused at me. He threatened me and talked bad about me, my friends, and my mom. I told my mom one day that he had threatened to hurt me when I made him 5 minutes late. She divorced him and moved out. I lived in Texas for 3 more years and then she married another guy. He is still married to her but he is cool, and good. I moved back in with my dad and started going to school there. I was 13 when I did this. I met a guy there and fell in love with him. We went out for 5 months and We did things we shouldn't have. I later on found out my step-mother was a drinker and treated me badly. My dad split up with her too and then it went down hill. My favorite uncle died, My dad broke down, and my life went to hell. I ran away and things like that. I've never smoked, drank, or did drugs though. I still don't. After reading these books though, it changed my view. I became a better person and I live by the chapter Revelations now. I believe every word of it. I have grown strong with my experiences and I will stay strong and keep praising God. Thank you so much for the books that changed my life. I am 16 now. Well, thank you for your time. Love, Emily

Demetrio 7/8/03 9:24 AM
God bless you all! I am a university student studying Cosmology (Astrophysics). My family has always been lukewarm when it came to Christianity except for very few (uncles and aunts). I have been to catholic churches all of my life but never fully submitted myself to the Lord. Thank God that my mother, after having read the Left Behind series got me to read it. I have an IQ of 189 that I thought was my doing but now know that it is only God's grace. I have always needed proof regarding the Old and New Testament miracles. I believe now! Thank you Mr. Jenkins and Dr. LaHaye for sharing your gifts of evangelism through the authorship of these novels. You have succeeded where everyone I know has failed. I have even begun to witness to my professors and fellow students and friends although I understand know that the best thing I can tell them is to read your books along with the Bible. Jesus the Christ has risen!!!

Jaclyn 7/8/03 6:26 PM
Yes the series has brought me closer to god. It taught me that kids like us can really make a differencs in the world.

Odell 7/9/03 10:24 AM
Greetings to all. I have read the left behind series and I am now waiting for book # 12, but the book that really opened my eyes was Are We Living in the End Times which I just read last month. I gave my life to Christ and started going to church again. My life has meaning now. praise God. I am in The Army and to know I was so close to Babylon and seen so much through the years that was right in front of me that I was to blind to see at the time. Thank the Lord.

Jordan 7/9/03 12:11 PM
i "got saved" a million times growing up, and thought that i really got saved in March of 1998. when i started to read the Left Behind series, it really didn't mean much to me until i got to the Wrath of the Lamb book. (i think that it's # 12) the night after i read it i had a dream where i was talking to my friend and he dissapeared. i ran into church and i was the only one there. everybody had been taken in the Rapture. i woke up at about 7:00 and was drenched in sweat and was absolutely freaked out! i started to pray and rededicated my life to Christ and now i'm confident that i won't be the one left behind this time!

Juanita 7/9/03 8:06 PM
The left behind series had not only brought me closer to Christ, but has reinforced my faith and understanding of many of the scriptures pertaining to the coming of Christ. I look forward to your future books

Liz 7/10/03 7:47 AM
To think it took me this long to go to the website. Your books were a vital tool in my coming to the Lord. It seemed like everywhere I looked I saw more and more "Jesus bumper stickers" on every car and everywhere I looked brought thoughts of "what if…..?" to mind. I had seen the Left Behind movie at work and that was the planted seed. I was raised Lutheran and never knew of a personal relationship with God, just the stories. I lived a life of drugs, sex, and every other thing under the sun. I became a single mom at 20 yrs old. I found recovery in 12 step groups at age 26 but was continually empty inside with the "higher power" concept after 5 yrs being in meetings. I borrowed the first LB book from my brother(who had been saved 10 + yrs) and couldn't stop reading. I was reading 2 books a week and developed a fear of my future. I started going to a church I knew of my entire childhood but had thought they were strange for the raising of hands and such. It was then God had me and I felt broken…I prayed for God to break me. I'm such an independant woman and very strong willed since childhood. It was Oct.2001 I asked Christ into my heart and received Him as my Lord and Savior. I LOVE the rasing of the hands and giving praises to God. Believe was attack time immediately after I gave my life to Jesus. Satan had been running my life way too long and he wanted me and attempted to pull me back at every opportunity. It was hard and scary at times and I've made mistakes still today but I know the merciless love Christ has for me and the promises He has made. God has never broken His promises!!! By faith and trust and learning His Word I know that I never have to be afraid again. I may not be where I want to be, but I'm sure not where I used to be. Praise God. Thank you for your books that helped me to envision the Revelation that God has fortold in the end times. God bless you!!!

Sarah 7/10/03 12:23 PM
I have been very… wel, fanatical about my faith these last few years, and God has guided me through more than I can say. I only started reading… wel, listening to the Left Behind books this year. I read all of them and am almost done with Armaggedon. I am also reading Left Behind:The Kids, cause, though I started on the adult series, I am still a child. I realized, through reading these books, that though I believe that I have been born again, and am very devoted in my own way, my knowledge is limited. My family does not attend church. I go alone as much as I can, but I often fell separate because I do not interact with many christians. Though most of my extended family is deeply religious, many preachers or pastors, my family is not. I hope to lead them more toward this. Previous to reading the Left Behing books, I had never heard of the rapture. In the years, in my childhood, that I attended church, I had never heard of this. Maybe someone had said SOMEthing, it just wasn't a big thing. It was be saved;go to heaven;be good. Now, I am trying to get ahold of anything and everything I can about the rapture. I have drifted away from God, and hope that this will not separate me from God in the future. The trials of a teenage girl, I guess. I won't be left behind.

sherry 7/10/03 1:43 PM
I 110% believe I have a better working relationship with God. I have only read the first two books, but already it scares me to know I could be left. I have grown up in church all my life and can relate to bruce barnes. I realize now more than ever,I am not doing my part. God is slowly helping me realize what I need to do. Thank you for the inspiration, and the fear of what is to come. Without that I would still be neutral. God has really been working on me, since the first chapter of your book. Thanks again.

nikki 7/10/03 4:35 PM
These books are great! I started reading them right before school got out for summer and I'm already on #25 and it's only halfway into summer break! These books have encouraged me to share the gospel to others and the best part is, I can;t take my eyes off them!!!

Irene 7/11/03 7:43 AM
When I first started reading the Left Behind series some people thought I was over reacting to the book and that I thought the world was going to end and that is why I was getting closer to the Lord. The truth was that when I started reading the series and I would compare some of the scriptures/ verses with the bible it made me stop and listen and know this was the Lord's way of getting my attention and for the first time I heard him calling me. I am a single parent of three teenagers ages 13,15, and 18. The Lord has been calling me since I was a child and then again when I had cancer but just didn't know it. I have been healed of cancer and have a 13 year old that should have been aborted at that time but we are both living testimonies of the Lord's great love. I have read the all the books and the children's series also and I think they are the greatest books ever written next to the bible. I thank you because it gave me a wake up call and has brought me closer than ever to the Lord. The Left Behind series has touched so many lives and continues to do so!

Marilyn 7/11/03 8:21 AM
I have enjoyed the Left Behind series immensely and look forwarad to each new book. It has helped me remain focused on Christ in my daily life. Plus being very entertaining. I believe that a book could be written from the viewpoint of Tsion that traces the lineage of Jesus from King David. He is such an interesting character and like most people I find the people that led to Jesus very interesting. It is amazing what GOD can do with sinners!

Brenda 7/11/03 1:57 PM
I have been a Christian since I was 21. When I was 39 my husband had an affair and our marriage ended and I walked away from God. My daughter gave me Tribulation Force to read and I was hooked. I bought all the rest of series at one time! I am now back at church and one step at a time renewing my relationship with Christ.

Marsha 7/12/03 10:17 AM
After I read the first book of the Left Behind series, I was inspired to witness to a co-worker that I had known for eight years. I asked my co-worker to meet with me after work. I shared with her God's gift of Salvation. Praise God, we prayed together, and she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior! The Left Behind series renewed my sense of urgency for sharing the Gospel. God does not want anyone to be left behind before or after the Rapture. I love the way that Reverend LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins let the reader know that Rayford, Buck, Cloe, and all of the other Christain characters wondered about how effective they were when they were sharing the Gospel. I asked God to enable me to witness for Him despite my tendancy to be painfully shy. The Lord has led me to know that it does not matter how meek, weak, or inarticulate that I perceive myself to be. The Holy Spirit will do the work. All I have to be is a willing tool. I accepted Christ when I was twenty. The Holy Spirit enabled me to witness to my family friends and aquaintances throughout the years. I am now 52, and the Lord is still reassuing me that He will do the work if I am willing to be of service. I've been shy all of my life, and I'll probably be shy for the rest of the days that God gives to me. Each time that I have read one of the books in the Left Behind series, I have asked God to help me to be a bolder witness for Him. In two years He has enabled me to witness to four more people. I know that this is not a great number, but God says that all of heaven rejoices when one comes to Him. I am so grateful to serve Him. I am also thankful that the Lord has used the Left Behind series to help increase the boldness of my witness for Him. Your sister in Christ, Marsha

Barbara 7/12/03 10:56 PM
I came from a very bad home situation as a kid, but there was always this thrist to know God and HisWord in me. I guess it came from my Grandmother, I lost my way while in college and did things of which I am ashamed,but the niggling of my conscience and the reminder of God's knowledge of my sins brought me to my knees. When I prayed the Prayer of Salvation, I felt more alive than I had ever felt. I was virtually "on fire" for the Lord. How I wanted to share the Good News. I became active in my church (not just a casual attender) and in The Witness Calling Program sharing God's Word with everone I could. This led me to become a nurse to serve the Lord by ministering to His peoples' physical needs and when the opportunity presents itself, their Spiritual needs. The Left Behind series has had a awesome impact on my life. I share all my books with co-workers and encourage them to discuss them. Through these books and the story they tell, I have been able with the Lodr's direction, to have the honor of leading some of these souls to Christ. Thank You, Thank you, In His Name. Barb

mariann 7/15/03 11:11 AM
I have been a christian on the lukewarm side for a long time. Now that I am a single mother of three, I started reading the Left Behind series and cannot put it down. It has opened my eyes to the truths of God like I have never experienced before. Everything is scripturally based as far as I have found. Thank you for such a profound look at the Word of God. Sincerely, Mariann Farmer

Starlyn 7/15/03 2:24 PM
When I started reading the Left Behind Kids books I was just about to leave childhood.They are powerful even for teens. I Have greatly grown in the Lord,THANK YOU!

Nathan 7/15/03 4:03 PM
I became a Christian at the age of seven. At age twelve I became extremely interested in Bible prophecy and God's plan for the ages. So I began reading Left Behind-The Kids and I became fascinated with the series. When I was thirteen I read the first book in the adult Left Behind series in four days. A few weeks after that I recieved the movie for Christmas. Ever since then I have been a devoted fan of Left Behind, collecting both the kids series and the adult series, the movies, and the soundtracks. Now I am sixteen and would reccomend the Left Behind series to anyone, because Left Behind provides such a great insight on God's plan for the ages in a dramatic, vivid manner that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you are not a Christian, reading this series may very well change your life. In my opinion, the Left Behind series has acheived the level of being an epic saga!

Jennifer 7/15/03 10:38 PM
Reading the "Left Behind Series has made me more aware of my connection with Jesus. It has made me more vocal about telling others about Jesus. I am more open in my praying and give a lot more thought to what I pray for. Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine needed a room mate. I had been living on a big truck (18-wheeler)with my husband. I had been wanting to get off the truck for several reasons. But, a part of me felt that God had me there for a reason. My friend and I prayed about it. I wanted to get off really badly; but was waiting for a sign from God. Two weeks later, my husbands company gave him a new truck to drive. It was only big enough for one person to live on permentally. I was very glad to see this as a sign from God that I could live with my friend. Even if God had given me another answer, I would still have continued to praise His name! Jennifer C.

Shannon 7/17/03 5:10 AM
I don't really know where to start. I picked up the first book, thinking it was a "fantasy fiction" novel. The more I read, the more I understood that it wasn't. I feel they were writen for people who have had little exposure to the Lord. I am now forever thankful to Him for showing me the way,and I have given him my life and I couldn't be happier. I am forver thankful to the 2 wonderful men who helped me seek the wonderful Lord.

Josh 7/17/03 4:38 PM
I'm 22 years old and a college graduate. During the first two years of college I was what students called a "Bible Banger". I went to Bible studies and gatherings of Christians on almost a daily basis. I considered myself "saved" although I didn't fully grasp that concept. However, I moved away from being a "Bible Banger" and moved into a fraternity house where I almost immediately reverted back to my state of belief prior to college. I was once again a Deist. I recently began reading these books and am already on Book 6. I cannot put them down. I am drawn to not only the story in these books but to the message. I now pray every night and thank God for everything that he has given me. I now truly feel that I can have and do have a personal relationship with God. I don't know if I would consider myself saved again but I know that I am definately right on the edge. I feel in my heart that I will be in the family of believers very soon. I look forward to continue to strengthen my relationship with God. Using this series as a witnessing tool was a stroke of genius from God!

Mitch 7/18/03 8:17 PM
I'm only thirteen years old and i just finished the last book in the left behind series. The books have brought me closer to God and i've been reading my bible. Something i've never really done. I hesitate to share too many details because even though i'm closer to God then i have ever been in my life I still have the Ocassional What if all this is wrong? pop into my head. And even though i love God and believe in him 100% i feel this tiny bit of ignorance may lead to me being left behind.

mariann 7/19/03 9:43 AM
I have read the first two books and am not far into the third. I do not know why I haven't gotten this enthused about the Rapture before now because I have been in church for several years, most of my life actually. And have been a believer for most of my adult life as well. But something about these books put me in an enthusiastic frame of mind for the return of our Lord and Savior. I can't wait for His return. I am a single mother of 4. Three of my children live with me and the fourth lives with her father, she is 13. My ohter three are ages 10, 4, and 1. I want so much to believe that they will automatically be rapured up when Christ comes. I can't find that in scripture though. I have been recently "divorced" from my second "husband", we were not married but were together for 11 years. He had two boys ages 3 and a half and 1 and a half and I had a girl age 1 when we met. Then we had three together so we had a big family for the time we were together. I loved them all and miss the boys who are with their dad. I am struggling to make ends meet and to raise the children on my own and also trying to get my own heart and mind in order. We are not together because my husband sexually abused my 13 year old several times over the last 11 years. I just realized this in December. We went through some legal issues one of which was my own ability to be a good mother. The children were taken from me and then returned and we moved to Kansas from Hawaii to be with my family. I have not been able to talk with my 13 year old since she went to live with her dad in Kansas. I miss her very much and hope she knows that I love her. I am praying that God will impress upon my heart that this will all work out for His Glory. I am currently looking for a good church in my area. I thank all of you for sharing this with me and hope that I did not impose my burdens on you. Feel free to respond or pray or do whatever God leads you to do. Sincerely in Christ, Mariann

TERRESA 7/19/03 9:49 AM
This series has changed my life!Because of these books and wonderful authors I feel confident I WON'T BE LEFT BEHIND.GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

Dana 7/20/03 12:35 AM
I have always believed in the coming of Jesus Christ, I was raised as a devote Catholic, granted, I am 29 years old and I have done my share of bad deeds, as has everyone in their live, because we all know that we were not made in God's likeness to be perfect, but I am just glad that I can read not only a book, but, a series of books that reflect what I know is that is what is to come. I only hope that my husband of 4 years, that I really, I guess coaxed into getting baptized and believing in the Lord, will finally pick up your books and read them and put everything into perspective. Thank-you for everything.

Chris 7/21/03 2:10 AM
Dear Tim and Jerry, Thank you for writing the Left Behind Series, after reading the first one it makes me want to discover God in new and exciting ways and make sure that I am not one of those left behind when the end comes.

Noba 7/21/03 2:48 AM
How I wish everyone in the world would read Left Behind. I know it's fiction, but very important. GOD through you is preparing the world. I know for sure as he chose me by his AMAZING GRACE to show and tell me the truth. I only recently discovered your work. Not even a month yet. The work GOD gave me will also include referring others to this work. I'm praying for your work to expand to all humanity. I was sort of a Jonah and am doing my best to complete my work. My reward will be hearing "Well Done." Of course since I love helping others, assisting you will also be an earthly reward. What can I do? Let me know. I know I'm less than the least, but with GOD all things are possible, as you know. Please see my feeble attempt: LOVE, in Christ! Noba Q PS: Though I say attempt, it will be done, because GOD said what I'd do. Didn't ask me to. And you know about his word. Like, "Let there be Light and there was." Praise his holy name! Though I wasn't perfect, his WORD is. And please pray that GOD reveal and confirm to you the truth of this work. He shall, and he cannot lie as you both know. Polygraph taken for hardcore doubters. Anything to assist others to believe. Bless you!

April 7/22/03 8:59 PM
I am a Christian, raised Catholic. I had always believed myself to be a good person with a good heart, but I lacked a passion for God; for my faith. Do I attend church? Not if I don't have to. I have felt lost, like I've been wandering through my life looking, but not finding. When I do go to church it doesn't connect, it feels redundant and uneffective. I want my children to have a strong faith, but how can they when I don't. A friend of mine sent me the first book, Left Behind, and told me to read it. I started reading it and began questioning so many things in my life. I questioned God, asking why I don't have this passion for him. As I read more, I questioned more. I've moved on to the Tribulation Force now and in a matter of speaking have moved on with my connection to God. I want to have that kind of passion and faith like the characters do, how they can feel God's presence with them, in them. I want that. Will I get there? I hope so, I pray so.

Marsha 7/23/03 12:28 PM
The series has brouhgt me closer to the Lord, but more importantly it has brought my husband to the Lord. We have been married sixteen years and had drifted apart, doing our own thing and not helping, only hurting each other. My husband's children (from preciouse marriage)had been a big factor in these problems. His children even caused my husband to spend three weeks in jail (false charges, took me that long to get him out) but while he was their I contacted the jail chaplin and asked him to take him the first book "Left Behind." He read it in one day and asked to see the chaplin. I still remember him calling me and telling me he had asked the Lord into his heart and to forgive him of his sins. I sat down and cried. I had been trying to get my husband to attend church with me for years. I just knew we would end up just like Ray and his family, seperated. We now attend a very family oriented church, Assembly of God, going every sunday and to wednesday evening service. We have grown to love each other again and I know I only have the Lord to thank. We were baptisted by submerssion as a family this past May 25th, a day I will always remember. I thank the Lord daily for all the changes he has made in my life.

Steve 7/23/03 7:28 PM
I serve a risen Savior, and after reading your books, Revelation has become much more clear. I have also re-read the Old T. Prophecies and it has opened up a whole new world to me. I would like to know where the place of Petra, is mentioned in the scriptures. Thanks

Cherrie 7/23/03 9:30 PM
When I was a little kid I would go to church with my grandparents. Like all of the other kids my age I didn't pay attention to one word the minister said. Afterall I was to young to understand. Well, I stopped going with my grandparents and just kept calling myself a christian, not knowing what it really meant. I have had some really good friends (including an amazing boyfriend) try to answer my questions and help me accept Christ. I would feel God tugging at my heart and say what they told me to say to accept him. The only problem was the next day I was wondering again. You see I had/have this problem imagining what God looks like. And that bothers me when I can't imagine what the person looks like that I am talking to. I had so many doubts and I had certainly disappointed the friends I had made believe I was a christian. I hated it. I wanted to be a believer more than anything in the whole world. I could somehow relate to Hattie Durham in the series. I knew all I needed to know I just couldn't do it. Well, I started listening to this really amazing Irish minister on the radio and began reading the Left Behind series. The books are really amazing, they help me understand that things are so simple, I don't need an image for God, he is more magnificent than I could ever imagine. Also, the series makes the bible come to life. I have actually been checking the bible for the occurances in the series because I was told that this is just one interperatation of it. I fully agree with how the story is being told. And while a lot of the book is fictional the important parts are exact and the fictional parts are realistic. I want to thank all of the people who put this book together because it has truly changed my life. I have never been so happy, carefree (God has my back so why worry so much) and full of life. I am eager to get to church, be baptised, and live my life for God. THANK YOU!! God has truly blessed this message you guys are sending.

Julie 7/23/03 10:28 PM
I was saved a number of years ago but got way off of Gods path, to the point that I was even dabbling in Wicca. I heard about the books from others and curiosity got the best of me and I got the first one. God took hold of me from the moment I started reading. I realized that I would be left behind. I am glad to say, thanks to you, I do have a relationship with the Lord again and I dont believe that when the Rapture comes that I will be left behind. Thank you so much…you have saved my life spiritually.

Karen 7/24/03 3:19 PM
Yes! I have always been a believer but now I hunger for more knowledge and any book I can get my hand on. I feel a warmth I cannot explain. The books have brought me much closer to God, like an awakening. One odd thing though, I secretly wish I could be part of the Tribulation force, (Which I know is fiction, but could happen that way) even though they were all left behind, because I would be honored to spend 7 years fighting for God and Jesus, and I know I would be brave enough to take the blade. Isn't that add odd feeling? Or do others feel that way?

Megan 7/24/03 4:53 PM
i dont know where to begin. the left behind series has helped me more than i could ever imagine. it brought me to Christ, now i am a Believer, and i am getting everyone i know and love to believe in Christ also. i feel soo good doing the Lord's work and it is such a good feeling. i just want to share it with everyone, and let everyone know how great the Lord is.

Beth 7/24/03 10:43 PM
I must say that I'm not really a "christian". I mean I do believe in God and Jesus and all the other, but I do not attend any church services, or haven't in quite awhile, but I love the The Left Behind books and yes, it has brought me closer to Him….I love to read anything about Him and End Times….I really don't know why I can't take that final step and ask forgiveness….I know He will forgive me, I just , well I don't know…I love the books and I also like the book,"Are We Living In The End Times"….makes ya stop and think….thanks for listening…(reading)

KrystalMae 7/25/03 11:07 AM
hello, this wont be quite proper im not good at writing things but i had to tell someone how these books have impacted my life. A long time ago when the first childrens books came out i read the first 6 but then my life turned away and i forgot how much god meant i did a lot of things teens without christ do then i went for the big turn and started cutting and then trying to kill myself anyway i could find but i recentally straightened my life out with the help of family and friends and i came to stay with my sister for awhile and i picked up the 8th adult bok and started reading i couldnt stop i needed to read more i went back and read the rest and i am currently waiting to purchase the 11th book when i get some money, these books helped me to understand the bible better because of all teh scripture used and showed how it really can be played out in modern day terms and how people really could be fooled and i wish to thank all involved in the making of this series if this is the impact you had on an everyday 16 yr old like me i cant image how youve made so many people come to god and to the bible through this. many thanks and god bless, Krystal from wisconsin

Phil 7/26/03 7:31 PM
My wife and I have been saved since 1983. We have been praying for years for relatives on my side of the family to become Christians. The Bible says that we are not often prophets in our own land, so we trust God to work on the hearts of loved ones when our attempts at witnessing the Good News to them are not received. My oldest sister in another state began reading your LEFT BEHIND books, loaned to her by a good friend there, and she received Jesus as her savior 2 years ago. She has steadily grown in her faith. She, her husband, and daughter were recently baptized in their church. We thank the Lord for your ministry in print.

Leah 7/26/03 9:21 PM
My friend got me hooked on the kids series and it makes way more sence than it ever had before I was unsure and wondering noe I am ready and sure.

Bill 7/26/03 10:48 PM
I would like to thank Tim and Jerry for the Left Behind series. After I had read the first 3 books, I became curious about their accuracy. So, I started reading the book of Revalation and found the Left Behind series to be extremely accurate. Once I had read Revalation, I decided to read the entire New Testament. After all, I had to wait so long for the next book in the series to come out. When I had finished the New Testament, I started reading the Old Testament. Thanks Tim and Jerry. If I had not read your series of books about the end times, I probably never would have read the entire Bible. I'm now starting all over again. So, your books have helped me to get closer to God, by reading and now studying his word. There was another benefit to reading the Left Behind series. My wife did not like to read, but I kept her up on what was happening to the Trib Force. So, she started reading the series. She quickly caught up with me, and we had to share each new book. She had never read any part of the Bible to speak of, and now she has a better idea of what is to come, because we sit down and discuss what is happening to the Trib Force and how it relates to Revalation. Our lives have definitely been changed by these books. Take care and God Bless, Bill

Claudia 7/27/03 2:04 AM
Yes, after reading the Left Behind series, it had not only brought me closer to the Lord, but has given me a clear understanding of the Second Coming of the Lord, that I did not understand before. I have also read other books of Tim Lahaye have come to view the Bible and it's prophecies in a new light too. Thank you very much for your book and look foward to reading even more.

Angela 7/27/03 2:37 PM
I'm a little late it seems in getting starting reading the series. I just started the 3rd book (nicolae). I grew up in church but at about 15 I stopped going and "started making life decisions for myself". I always believe but tried things my own way (as I've said to friends, "I took the steering wheel") Now that I'm in my mid30s, have kids of my own, etc. I've been very curious about the scriptures (yes, the Lord has been working on me) and expecially about Revelations. Several strange things have happened in the last year (some more significant than others): 1) during a counseling session about a totally different topic we got into a spiritual conversation. as we talked a strange sensation came over me.. she asked, "you felt it too? it's the holy spirit. you need to listen. God led us here and I didn't know what to say but he gave me the words." 2) a pizza store employee telling me "God bless you", 3) seeing a christian commercial after 9/11 that I felt directly spoke to me…then I never saw it again, 4) a pamphlet "are you 100% sure?" laying at the gas station in the stall I parked in at the time that it was so much on my mind. and finally 5) I told a friend at work that I would like to read up on the book of Revelations. She told me about the Left Behind Series and has made all the books (adult and kids) and videos available to me. I know all of these things could be coincidence but I do believe that the holy spirit. I truly believe in Jesus Christ, although I don't currently attend church regularly. I know he is with me and I pray to him most daily. Sometimes my life gets so crazy, stressing, disappointing…. and then I remember that's he's there for me. Reading the series has really made me feel closer to God but has also raised some questions. My grandmother doesnt believe in the premise of the series that there is a second chance for non-believers after the Rapture of the Church. I'm not sure that someone really needs to take these books word for word as none of us really know how all this will come about but if you believe about the wrath that will happen during the Tribulation (in whatever sequence you believe) I know none of us want to be there to experience it first-hand. thanks, angela

Christina 7/27/03 7:55 PM
I want to thank the authors of the Left Behind series from the bottom of my heart and soul. I belive that if it weren't for them and their writings I would be "left behind". They are the reason that I am were I am in my life with God. I now pray every night before I sleep and thank God for my life. Thank you again, you saved me and the lifes of many others with your writings. I will be eternally grateful.

Julie 7/27/03 8:46 PM
Hi, I LOVE your books and have read them all. I am disabled and they have made me have a new and hopeful relationship with God. Thank U for getting me as close to God as U have. Do U know of anywhere I can get the on-line bible or bible study books U have, Cheap?? I cant afford them and the computer is my outlet to the world. Any Ideas or help would be a Godsend to me. God bless U for what U are doing in the name of our Lord. Julie Vance

Trevor 7/28/03 12:06 PM
on wednesday july 16 2003 i accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and for the last couple weeks it has been the best of my life.

Chris 7/28/03 5:48 PM
The Series brought me back to God. As a kid I was very spiritual and read my bible but when I becme a teenager I kind of felt like I was on my own and didnt need God anymore because I was afraid of the Rapture ,and I was in love with myself. The way I believed was if I cant see it or touch it , it isnt their. But when I went to the new Library I was looking around for something interesting to read because I normally just watch TV and never try to read. But I all of the sudden felt drawn to these books so I checked out Left Behind just out of curiosity. But when I began reading I felt so alone just like Rayford did when he found his family was gone. I fished the novel the day after I rented it then I got Trib Force all the way to Soul Harvest. The when I read Soul Harvest I prayeed the prayer that saved Rayford and the First book. Ever since I finished all the books and I am Renewed as a Person and My Faith. So I thank Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for writing these awesome books , God has truely annointed you. A New Friend in Christ. Chris Hatchell

Lucas 7/28/03 8:09 PM
Hi. I would first like to say thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins for this wonderful book series. I have believed in God and Jesus Christ for as long as I can remember, but after reading your books, it is so much stronger than ever before. Every time I read, I get this sensation that God is right there with me and showing me how great he is, and I am so blessed. I know that life isn't easy, and I always tell myself this, but this book shows how easy it is and when Christ does come back, I will be gone, and I will have actually lived during one of the easiest times in our history. I thank you guys again, and I hope that there were as many non-believers as believers who read this series because I think this book itself will make the numbers of believers jump up a lot. You both have done a great job at spreading the word in a very informative/enterating way. Thanks again, and God bless you both, and all His followers.

wondering 7/29/03 7:44 PM
i have been brought so close to the Lord through these books but i have some problems and need answers i know that there is a God and i love Him and try to do the things he wants me to do but im afraid i'll get left behind help me

Jessie 7/29/03 10:18 PM
I have been reading the left behind kids books since they first came out.I'm 16 and even though they are for 10-14 yr olds they are the best books i have ever read!! These books have helped me come closer to God and to help me understand what is going to happen during the end times. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful books!!! I love them!

Beth 7/30/03 9:38 AM
I read an article about the Left Behind series, so I decided to buy myself a mother's day gift. This is the first book I bought for myself in over 2 years. As I read the book, I realized that this would happen. I knew the Rapture would occur, and that I would be left behind. I decided to turn my life over to God, and accepted his son Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Amen

shawnta 7/31/03 8:49 AM
I was introduced to your series somewhere around the year 2000 by my pastor and his wife. I was captivated by the way Revelations came alive in a way that made sense and practical to us in todays worldview. I sent the books to my mother and my stepdad in turn read them. The Lord worked through these books to plant a seed and it grew. My stepfather received Christ and was baptized within a year. My mother who was already saved but had strayed from her walk became a stronger Christian and grew in faith, trust, and love for the Lord. My boyfriend also read the books and has received Christ. We are engaged now and are working toward building a Christ centered life together. The Lord uses tols such as these books to transform lives in todays world which is passing away. Thank you for letting the Lord work through you to reach and change so many lives! God bless you!

Carole 7/31/03 9:07 AM
I was saved by reading the first book of the series in April of last year (2002). I was in tears at the Rapture and read all the books then available within several weeks. My hunger for the Word was and is insatiable. Since,I have turned to studying the Bible and attending church on the Sunday's that I do not have to work. I thank God and the Lord Jesus for the author's message in every page as it turned me to the Lord.

Kim 7/31/03 12:05 PM
I have always been a Christian since I was a little girl. My mother tried to take me to church, bible school, camp, etc. but she pushed so hard and demanded that I seemed to pull away. My husband and I stilled attended our Catholic church and were good people but it wasn't the same. When our second daughter was born we began using "nap time" as our excuse to stay home. We also had quite a few dissapointing encounters with our church. They were so into rules and order that they failed to see the bigger picture (long story). I was definatly able to see how our lives weren't any worse but no better either. I just thank God that a friend at work turned me on to these books. I can't put them down. I find my self often crying and cheering at the same time. One day my daughter saw me crying and asked why. I just told her that someone in the book had just found Jesus and be came a Christian. She looked at me as if I were crazy and said what do you mean "just found Jesus"? At least I know I must have been doing something right if she was under the impression that everyone belived in and worshiped the Lord :). I now know that it is my turn now to go and spread the word. I already know of several people that I need to talk with ASAP. I have bought the first book for my sister-in-law who is currently in prison. I believe that is less pushy and threatening to read on her own what could happen and ask questions in her own time and way. Anyway sorry to have jabbered on. Thank you. A fellow believer in Christ.