Became a Christian

QUESTION: Did you or someone you know come to know the Lord through reading the Left Behind series?

Here are reader responses:

Katrina 5/16/03 9:20 PM
My sister told me about the Left Behind series 2 years ago. I read the first book January, 2001. I had been baptised at 4 years old and confirmed at 12 and a member at 2 churches in 2 different cities. I don't recall ever knowing about the sinners prayer or about being "born again". I was the Choir Director and a Trustee when I read the first book. I was also in a mom's bible study group. I thought I was doing the things I was supposed to as a Christian. When the Pastor of the Church was left behind in the first book, I couldn't understand it and thought if I hadn't prayed the prayer, I had better do it. So I did. The sky didn't open up and I didn't hear angels singing so I prayed again, and again. I think about 4 times that night. Just to make sure God wasn't busy and didn't hear me. Things did begin to change in my life. The bible opened up for me and I couldn't and still can't believe the words of wisdom written in there. I'm always finding something new and exciting. I read the first nine books in 18 days. They mesmerized me, scared me, and I have read book 10 and 11 in 2 days time each. I can't wait for the next one! Thank you for your books and for being the tool the Lord used to bring me to Him. My life will never be the same!

Gail 5/17/03 11:32 AM
Greetings to Tim and Jerry, I was first drawn to these books because I had liked Tim LaHayes book, "Transformed Temperments" when I read it in high school in the seventies. I also love anything to do with the book of Revelation. So when I saw a familiar name and an exciting sounding series, I wanted to read it. Anyway, I am a born again Christian. (I was saved when I was 7). When I read your series, it came alive to me almost like it was real life. No other series of books have ever affected me this way. The plot line is awesome, and I just can't put the books down once I start reading one. (I'm reading Armegeddon right now.) Anyway these books have encouraged me to be much more of a wittness for the Lord then I was before. I share Christ with anybody that comes in the door of my house now, and have made sure that all my relatives and friends know the Salvation message to the best of my ability. I use tracts, The Jesus Video and your book as wittnessing tools, as well as just talking to people. Thank you so much for helping me to grow in my Christian walk thru the message of your books. Our time is indeed short, and I can't begin to tell you how much I long to see our Savior! Praise the Lord for your ministry!!!

Jason 5/17/03 2:48 PM
Through my reading the series I have had to ask myself if I beleive. I did not, at first but the more I read, the more I wanted to. Finally after reading the 8th book I came to Christ.

Beau 5/17/03 3:38 PM
I myself became saved last July after several weeks of reading the Left Behind series. I had always felt that I somehow needed to get right with God, but never knew quite how to verbalize it, and the series helped me to do so. I thank God and Jesus everyday for saving me, and now daily enjoy the Left Behind books, website, and e-mails. Praise God for such a wonderful way He has reached out to so many.

Carole 5/17/03 7:04 PM
For an Easter gift from my Husband, I recieved the first Left Behind book. I could'nt put it down. I did, however, get my Bible out and looked up the scriptures for myself to see if in fact that was what was written. All the truth! I'm amazed! I have always been a believer, but not always a "church goer". Before reading the first book through, we started seeking for a church to belong to. Thank You Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins for you insightfullness in helping believers get back on track! I am now starting the fifth in the series. Looking forward to more!

matthew 5/17/03 11:25 PM
hello everybody,I started the left behind series about 2 months ago. at that time I was dealing with the loss of my closest relative, my grandfather. I picked up left behind the first book out of boredom. To be quite honest I was not to happy with the Lord at the time. After finishing the book I was so overcome with a longing for God that I couldn't contain myself from telling everyone about Jesus and about these books. I was starving for more information and these books gave it to me. since the start of the first book all the way up untill the last I have spiritually grown in the Lord. Thanks to the lessons taught in these books. Thank God for the authors and thank God just because you can. God bless all of you.

Brad 5/17/03 11:53 PM
I became a christian from these books and caused me to read more of the bible and be a better beliver. I'm not getting ready for the end times.

Brian 5/18/03 5:32 PM
I always thought of myself as Christian so I can associate very well with the characters who were left behind. I am now trying to lead a better life and have had conversations with my minister about becoming a stronger Christian and accepting Jesus Christ into my heart. It is not easy and I hope I am not one of the ones with the "hardened heart". The books are incredible. I have never read any series so quickly. I only have one complaint: How can I possibly wait until March 2004 for #12!!!!!

theresa 5/19/03 8:23 AM
hi, i had a childhood tauma so i was used to being afraid it was a way of life so i fell into another trauma when i just turned 19 .it was even worse i used to shiver and jump at any sound it was terrifying i recognised that i needed help and not psychiatric then i joined a yputh fellowship and i began to understand who i was in christ it was during a bond programme in sept4 after 10months that fear first left me. it was almost like i wa sin a dream world and i used 2Tim1:7 God has not given me the spirit of fear but the spirit of love power and of a sound mind. it was months later i got my confidence back even tho' i am not where i shld be i recognise the power of the holy spirit in my life. tessy doghor

Tabitha 5/20/03 4:54 PM
My husband is an MP currently stationed in Baghdad. He and one other MP took the Left Behind series with them to read, they currently have 18 non-Christians lined up to read the series! Unfortunately they only have one copy of the set, but it is touching the hearts of many soldiers! What a powerful witnessing tool these books are! My husband wishes they had taken more than one set with them!

kristie 5/20/03 5:18 PM
I'm on Armageddon, of course, and i haven't been able to take my eyes off it. This series has changed my life dramatically. it makes me just want to get up and give all the praise in the world to the only Messiah. It's an amazing series! Thanks so much.

Stephanie 5/20/03 8:16 PM
Hello, One day me sister told me she had a book she wanted me to read, it was Left Behind. I'd like to add I was a very happy person with a good job and family. I believed there had to be a god just by observing the world but I wasn't seeking for anything and believed I was living a good, decent life. Back to Left behind - I think a quarter of the way into the book, God shined a very bright light in my head and everything was suddenly so clear on the need to be saved through Jesus. It was overwhelming. I can only equate it to Algebra in school - when suddenly a math problem became so clear. You're amazed at how you could have missed it for so long. Thus, was my experience with knowing Jesus! My life changed immediately. The first church I "tried out" happened to be Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Chuck Smith just "happened" to be talking about the end times when I visited and I knew this was where I belonged and needed to learn as a Christian. Praise goes to God, but thanks so much for writing a book that lays our salvation out so clearly (I'm tearing up just writing this!). May God bless you and your loved ones always!

Judy 5/20/03 11:31 PM
This series has blessed my life and has been a great tool for witnessing to others about Christ and His soon return. I am so glad to hear of the spinoff series and will be reading those, too.

Uy 5/24/03 1:54 PM
I'd really like to say that i guess i used to live just like Chleo Steele on my own but now i've come to take Rapture very seriously and try hard to live for God.I would also like you to pray for my father to stop drinking and be serious in his christian life.I'm a teenage nigerian girl and must say i wish all people who read this book series will be touched like me.

Jim 5/27/03 6:27 PM
I read the left behind books at the Arizona State Prison in Florence, Az. Since reading the books I have become a brother in Christ. I am now out of prison and have just joined a great church. Left Behind was the start to a great relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

Jason 5/28/03 12:21 AM
The Left Behind Books re-awakened my interest in the Word of God. They were an instrumental tool in my choosing to give my life to Christ. I musy say though that I am NOT very happy with the way "Armageddon" turned out; killing-off most of the Trib Force did not set well with me.

jennifer 5/28/03 2:44 PM
Sorry I do not have a testimony regarding salvation, due to reading your book. My mother was saved after watching your movie though. I have a question though. Do you believe this is what will happen as told in the bible? Will there really be a rapture? I believe, yes. But always doubt.

mary 5/29/03 3:59 PM
I have a unsaved friend named cassi and she started to come to church and got saved just from reading one of your books! And I too am incuriged to live for God as I ought from reading the left behind serias.

Jade 5/29/03 5:25 PM
I started reading the LB series before becoming a born-again Christian. Once I got deep into the series, I realized that I wasn't living the life God called me to live. Reading the LB series, along with seeing a play at my church about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ really caught my attention. I accepted Christ on Sunday, April 7th, 2002 In Christ, †Jade†

Kimberly 5/30/03 8:38 AM
I personally believe The Left Behind series is the most powerful group of books ever written, aside from the bible. I was raised Roman Catholic, and as much as I would like to say I have been a Christian all my life I can not. The fact that Bruce (a pastor in the first book) was Left Behind made me think of all the areas in my life I needed to change. If he a pastor could possibly be Left Behind, wow did I have work to do. I always felt like a good person. However being a good person has nothing to do with excepting Jesus, learning who he is, and how I live my life to honor Him. The Left Behind series has given me a passion for the bible like I have never had before. I wanted to know the truth, I wanted to be taken in the Rapture, but more important than that, I wanted other people that THOUGHT they were Christians to know the truth. I have made a deal with my daughter and some of her other friends to read at least the first book. I will pay them or do special things for them…whatever needed to get them to read. I pray for their hearts to be open and let God do the rest. The bible changes lives and the Left Behind Series, in my opinion gives everyone the desire to learn the truth! Thank you Kimberly Fisk

Richard 5/30/03 9:42 AM
o.k. i was a kung-fu student for almost 1 year and a 1/2 with a teacher who is on fire for God. i wasn't on fire for God but i liked the way he taught so i stayed with him. every now and then he would mention the "left behind" books and the movie to me cause he thought i might be interested in them. funny enough he doesn't care for them because he's not an avid reader. anyways, i was really into collecting movies and would find myself at Blockbuster quite a bit looking at their pre-viewed. one day i saw a Jet Li movie "the legend" right beside the "left behind" movie. i held them both up and weighed my options for about 5 or so minutes. something inside was saying buy "left behind" but i really wanted "the legend." finally after a while of arguing to myself i bought "the legend." it wasn't until i got home and opened it up that i saw the "left behind" movie was in the box for "the legend." i nearly threw the movie across my room and just stared at it for a good while. i was freaked out needless to say and figured God must be trying to get to me. i watched it and became interested in studing more. now i've been a Christian for about two years and have quit every addiction i've had. i truly feel like Paul did when God blinded him. i thank Jesus for loving me and i thank everyone who has anything to do with "left behind" for listening to God and doing what he told them to. miracles still happen.

Barb 5/30/03 4:38 PM
Yes I do, it was me, I always believed in the Lord, and his Son Jesus , and the Virgin Mary, but the Left Behind series opened my eyes to things I never knew before, since I have never owned a Bible, I've since purchased my own, after cross reference the Bible at the Libary,with the events in the Left Behind Series. It has open a whole new world for me, and hopefully will make me a better person.

Neyla 5/31/03 7:52 AM
About two years ago I gave my 93 year old aunt Left behind. She said she enjoyed it. I never knew if she was a christian or not. She died on the 18 of May, in going through her papers I found of note she wrote. She said that she had just finished reading the book Left Behind and loved it. She wrote down the sinners prayer and dated it Sept 12. I am not sure of the year as she didn't put that down. I am so thankful that I gave her that book. I now know that I will see her again. I will be able to talk to her when she is not in pain or doped up.

Joan 5/31/03 1:42 PM
My daughter has always went to church, but after reading the series she has been babtised and is a true christian now.

Micheline 5/31/03 3:55 PM
I thank the Lord for your gift to bring the bible alive in a contmeporary setting, which is far more indetifiable than reading the bible of the biblical age without help of understanding. Mean time, after reading your series, I have accepted the Lord as my messiah and am studying the bible intently. I have found a wonderful church with a great teacher, attend FOF classes and am enjoying the fellowship of fellow christians. The Lord gave me enough courage to witness with other people and I am confident that, as I learn more and more, I am going to be a good servant in the word. Thank you again, you have had a great influence on my search. Micheline Schwarzkopf

Melissa 5/31/03 3:57 PM
I just love your books. When i was three my parents and my grandparents were in the room. i turned around and became a Christian. But now after reading your books I understand it better. I really hope u can read my typers handwritting. sincerly, Melissa

Susan 6/1/03 3:04 AM
I believe I always believed that Jesus is God'd son…though my heritage is Jewish an we were told Jesus was not for us, I couldn't imagine that His being Jewish would mean he wasn't for us! Illogical at the least. I always felt a pressence of the Lord, but now I know that Jesus is the way to God the Father. I also have to say that since I've grasped the Trinity, I feel the Holy spirit moving in me in most everything I do that is something the Lord would approve of…let's face it, we all want our parents approval…what better way than to do your best to follow in Jesus's path in your own way and in your own life…after all, the Holy Spirit is her to guide us and to aid us in learning what it takes to truly be one of God's chosen children. The left behind series just called to me and made me want to know more about being a Christian. Now I am looking for a church community that fits my needs. I am still looking, but I'm determined to share and to help do what it is that God need us to do. My life is fuller already though I have so much more to learn…my thirst for knowleges in great…will the Holy Spirit leading me, I know I will find my place…I already know I'm a Christian and will be saved by Jesus interceding with the Father for me. It's a wonderfully exciting time for me…I think the authors of the Left Behind series for their insite and for making it so obvious that being Christian is the way…in His name, Susan Morelli

Mike 6/1/03 4:31 AM
A couple years ago i started reading the first left behind book, i read it out it down read it and put it down…never finishing it. My life was not where i wanted it to be. But one day i picked it up started from the beginning and finished it in 6 hours( i could not put it down) As I read the rest of the books( i read 4 in one month to catch up) i started having questions that were buring me up things i needed answred like does god really love me this much. I was raised catholic and hated it. If it wasnt for jerry and tim two of the greatist men on earth today, I would not have realized god loves me and givin my my life to him until it was to late. I bought armageddon the first day it was out And read it very quickly. I am still learning and trying to be the christain god wants me to, and its a battle in this world. These books changed me and my life. it has also brought me and my new wife closer together than i could ever dreamed. Thank you and god bless all of you

Storm 6/1/03 4:24 PM
My husband and I have bought so many of the first books, I've lost count. EVERYONE, with the exception of one person, that we have given the book to, has become a Christian, Praise God, Tim Lahaye, and Jerry Jenkins!

Darlene 6/2/03 3:13 AM
I THOUGHT I was a christian until I as a total Luthern believed that the RAPTURE was a total crock and a LIE told by baptists I read the book to prove my point and in stead I found my salvation! I left the Luthern church and have since joined a very loving Methodist church and I have learned I knew very little about GOD'S word I was a hipicrite and a sinner in the worst sense of the word as A Lutheran I was taught to hate people who were different from me and I was told I had to be a Republican and I was to hate Gay's and on and on I found out through these books I had no real relationship with GOD I was having a realtionship with the CHURCH BUT NOT GOD! The bible I never opened but the church had given me I now read and although I don't understand it all I am learning as I go! I thank God for these authors and I owe my SOUL to them.they saved me and my family from a life of eternal damnation and I am ever greatful! I'd like to tell you people who think that your saved you might want to re read the books we all fall short in God's eyes and the "GOOD CHRISTIANS" or self proclaimed ones need help the most I know I sure did! God is now my focus not the church bazar or the pot luck or the people in the church although they are an added bonus they are NOT my reason to go to church any longer! Thank God while you can life is too short to forget that in your life! Thank you to the writters for saving my soul and setting me free to find REAL faith!

Deborah 6/2/03 1:54 PM
I am a believer!! I found these books over two weeks ago and I am now book 11 - Armegeddon. I have renewed my faith and put my life in Christ's hands. You should see my smile! Bless you all

Claire 6/2/03 3:02 PM
The Left Series has helped me become a stronger Christian now i am telling my friend about it.

Carolyn 6/3/03 12:35 PM
When the first book came out, I was enthralled and blessed by it. I had a younger sister that my Mom and I had been praying for many years. She is a wonderful, moral person and had a great husband and 2 beautiful daughters, both of whom are married and have children. I asked her if she would like to read my book and she said yes. She then passed the book on to her daughters. Within a couple of months, my 45 year old sister, her two daughters, one son-in-law and her husband had all accepted Jesus as their personal savior. They were all baptised the same day and our church was absolutely overflowing with the presence of the Holy Spirit. I am so profoundly grateful to you for these books and want you to know that the seeds they have sown are tremendous. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

Heidi 6/5/03 10:33 AM
I began reading the Left Behind series in June, 2002. My 1st grade son joined a Bible club at school that fall, and soon I was learning about the Bible from him (I was raised Catholic.) We all began attending my husband's church (Presbyterian) and Sunday School (adult & child!), and just this past Tuesday (June 3, 2003) I officially became a Presbyterian. The words "THANK YOU" are not enough - but like this series, they are a beginning… Heidi

Elizabeth 6/5/03 5:13 PM
I like Judd in the kids seiries grew up in a christian home but the bigger thing was my dad is a preacher. at five i thought scince i was a dadys girl that i would please him and also like judd say i accepted Jesus but once my dad talked with me to see if i realy did accept i began to understand. i lived like a christian girl should till we moved to nebraska. there i was introdused to swear words and theft. I didnt know then that i was straying further and further from god. i started stealing and lying and that stuff but then, while i was with my dad at his semonary place bored in the library waiting for him to finish his meeting i went to the lifeway store there and saw the kids books! i saw the left behind books and recognizing them as a smaller version of what my mom likes to read read it. I was amazed at the simalaritys i shared with the charecters and wanted the book, but i didnt want to steal it something about the book made me not want to. so when my dad was done i asked him if i could get the book and he said yes! i read the first, second, third and fourth books and am in the middle of the fith. i've changed alot scince i read the books but still strugle a little. But now i know what i should have done in the first place. now i know that its still not to late. you see after i realized what i did i didnt think god would take me back but see ing what he did for viki and the rest i now i was wrong! i still need your prayers to just continue but scince i read these books it makes me feel welcomed. i now evangelize to my friends and enimes and when i come across some one who has shared a simaler past i direct them to the left behind serise for kids!

Ashley 6/6/03 11:07 PM
About a two and a half years ago my brother gave me a book to read, it was called "Left Behind." It sounded good so I started reading, but found out That I wasn't that interested in it, So I stuck it behind my bookcase. About a year later I was cleaning out and found the book I had put behind there, I decided to try to read it agian and this time I understood it and started to get in to it. After I read the frist one, I was hooked, and went crazy looking for the others around our home. I soon became a Christian after I read the fourth one; I found out that I ddn't want to be left behind to face the judgement of Earth. I soon led others in my classroom to Christ and started car pooling them to my church on Sundays and Wendsdays. Not only have these books changhed my life, they've helped changed others. Thank You so much.