Sacrifice in the Left Behind Series

QUESTION: Throughout the Left Behind series we witness the demanding sacrifices that the Tribulation Force members make to rescue others and to stay true to their faith. What kind of sacrifices have you made in your life?

Here are reader responses:

Keri 4/9/2003
I don't know if I can say that I have made sacrifices. I have done what I know the Lord wanted me to do. I moved back home recently because I felt God wanted me here. I moved without a job or a house waiting for me. I knew the Lord would take care of me because this is what he wanted me to do. I had no money to move but within one month I had almost 5 thousand dollars in my savings for the move. I moved with my mother and two children and stayed with an aunt. We have everything we need and I know that God has done that for us. Since I have put my life in God's hands I have never needed anything. I have always had food and shelter.

Crystal 4/9/2003
Anything I have gave up, does not even come close to things I know my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world face. When I gave my life to Christ almost 3 years ago, I gave my dreams, my plans, and all my hopes I had. I was on my way to college, and I had my life all planed out, or so I thought. But God brought me to the point where I realized my plans, only helped me, that was selfish of me. What was I doing to help God? So I told God, if this was his plan for the schooling, and my path I wanted to take, I would go, but if not, take me where you want and need me to be. So I am now wanting to preach, and God is teaching. I lost my best, and most dear friend, when I found Christ, She left, and I have never heard from her since, I lost many other friends. At first my family was closed off to believing, but over the past few years they open up a little. I get my faith belittled a lot. But being saved, and having God use me in ways that he does, cannot compare to anything I have lost, or will lose. God is Good!!!! ALL THE TIME!

Corallie 4/8/2003
From the very beginning of my life, it was a mess. Even as a child, I was emotionally and verbally abused by men I looked up to. I was so hurt, that it was all I knew. From a young age, I never knew that I could be rid of the never ending pain: it was torture. I had tried to run my life, but I just messed it up even more. As a teenager, I was abusive to other people, because that was all I had been taught. I didn't want to be, but I was. I didn't know how to change, I didn't know I could. Even though I grew up with a Christian background, going to church every Sunday as a kid, I still didn't understand. I didn't understand that Jesus loved me, no matter what I did. I was living in ignorance. I wanted to change, but for many years, I tried to change myself. This just caused more hurt, and in the end I was worse off. I gave my life to Jesus when I was twelve: it was on my first youth group camp. Although nothing changed straight away, I still knew I had Jesus in my life. Eventually, the novelty wore off, and I gave up because I thought it was too hard. Once again, I tried to run my own life, but I just messed it up again. Once again I was off the path that God wanted for me. Up until the age of 16, I tried to run my own life. Many times during my teenage years, I had contemplated suicide. I still held onto the hurt inside of me, and I wouldn't let it go. At age 16, I recommitted my life to the Lord. I was baptized on October 17th that year. It is only in the last six months that I have been able to let go of my past hurts, and it is only by the grace of God that I made it through one of the hardest parts of my life. Without God, I am nothing; without Him, I can do nothing. It is only because of God's grace that I am not lying in a gutter. He saved me from eternal debt to sin, by sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for me. Jesus took the debt of my wrong-doings on His shoulders; He took the blame, and died by being nailed to a cross. This is why I wear a cross: to remind me of what He did for me. I believe I have been called to be a messenger to God's people. To help people through the teaching of God's word (and anything else He leads me to do). I would not be the person I am today, without going through the things that I did. Praise God for bringing me through!!!

Sarah 4/8/2003
My father was near retirement in the army about 4 years ago & was "excused". He lost his business the next year & went into a car dealership for work. His father passed away last August & he was back in the army & got shipped off to Kuwait.

angie 4/6/2003
Sacrifices that I have made is giving up my days off to help loved ones.

kathy 4/3/2003
Many things before I fully gave my life to our lord Jesus. I prayed for something different in my life and was sent on a mission to a war zone in 1998 Kosovo an Albania delivering medical aid. I gave my life to our lord and he sent me home so I could be with my friends and family. He sent me home and in July I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Twice due to having my life threatened I ask our Lord to take me, instead he got rid of the threat for me and told me to live on, and share the good news that he is alive and living in us all. He speaks often too me, and pray for me that my hearing is always good, so I can pass on his words of truth.

Maritza 4/3/2003
This message is for Giovanna: All I can tell you is to read I John. Before I did a Precepts Study on this chapter of the Bible, I felt tied down, as if I had chains holding me back in my progress as a Christian. This chapter teaches us that if we say we love Christ we need to follow His instructions and His will for our lives. If we do not follow His will and instruction, we walk in the darkness and we are not truly saved. True salvation comes along with a change in heart and life style. I was confronted with the sin in my life that was keeping me away from my Father. There was Light shed on my sin and I finally made the choice of letting go, leaving everything in God's hands for Him to take control. It was very painful for me to have all these things revealed to me, but as soon as I finally surrendered to Him with all my heart, mind and soul, I truly felt free and liberated. Today, all I want to do is please my heavenly Father, not out of fear, but out of my love for Him; out of my appreciation for everything He has done for me and in my life. The change in my life has be radical. I'm still a work in progress, I feel God's constant pruning in my life, but I rather have His pruning than being completely cut off from His presence. The enemy is constantly going to be planting seeds of doubt in you mind and heart, that's his whole purpose. Trust in God and love Him with all your mind, soul, and heart and love others as you love yourself, and let God do the rest. Give your battle to Him, surrender it to Him, and He'll be true to His promise and He will meet your needs. God bless you.

Carol 4/3/2003
I sacrificed 49 precious years of my life to the devil. Of course at the time I didn't know that's what I was doing. But it took me 49 years to actually "hear" and respond to the Gospel and what Jesus had done for me. I am so grateful that I will not be Left Behind and I pray that nobody I know will be.

Herbert 4/1/2003
Pray mightily for our men and women fighting the war in Iraq. How, in you opinion does this fit in the end times? I have lived for over 80 years and I find the last 30 years and forward to be the most fascinating in all of my years!

Giovanna 4/1/2003
To Hayley who wrote of his two poems on 3/25/03, I just wanted to tell you that although they were somewhat sad; it was also extremely beautiful. God Bless You.

Michael 3/31/2003
I am a Registered Nurse and have been on disability now for approx 8 years. I have gone back into the children's Ministry, though physically it as been an incredible strain because of my Fibromyalgia etc. I am in continuous pain 24/7 but I cannot get rid of the burning desire God has put into my heart for the children of this world. Somewhere I read that 80% of the children who do not make a commitment to Jesus by the time they are 18 never will! Their potential future suffering is eternal damnation and that pales to the suffering I go through. My wife, family and myself have developed "For Kid's Sake Ministry" to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children and train them to serve Him! Please pray for our ministry as we reach out to children in local schools, church children groups, neighborhood outreaches etc. Thank You Michael, For Kid's Sake Ministries

Giovanna 3/31/2003
Hello, my name is Giovanna, and I love God with all my heart. I am not a new Christian, but I have strayed many times and come back to him. I am looking for a personal relationship with the one True and Mighty. I have grown up in the church for most of my life, and have been filled with guilt every time I have backslid. I would love help in seeking the one true and mighty. I have so many questions and don't really know where to start. I have a beautifully little girl and a wonderful man whom which I have lived with for several years, but have never married. We can't afford the wedding of my dreams which has resulted in the long term relationship without marriage. I have accepted the fact that at this point in my life Justice of the peace would suffice, but I feel as if I'm getting a block from him. He says he loves me very much, and we have a beautiful family and home. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to be a half way Christian, which has been my hugest struggle. How can I go to church and praise God our Father, and then live in sin. I do want to get married, but he is also not a Christian. I need help and don't know what to do. With all this war going on, I know God is coming soon for his people, and I want to be ready on that day when he raptures his people. Can someone give me some sound advise as to what to do? I'm also looking for a church. I have been to many but have not found the one for me. I don't know if it's Satan blocking me or God just trying to tell me that the churches I'm going to are not the one for me. HELP!!!! I WANT TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN!!!!

RICK 3/30/2003
i have sacrificed one of my best friends; GOD told me to let her go; i have supported almost the entire 7 years that I have known her. But GOD said that she will never know him if she doesn't her life alone for a while

Marilyn 3/29/2003
Widowed the first time at the age of 34 and the Mom of 6 young children from age 14 down to almost 5,I was a stay at home Mom until she went to school. I then worked 2,sometimes as many as 5 part time jobs to supplement our income. This took me away from precious time with the family. Today they are 43 down to 34, all parents themselves. They now understand the sacrifices that were needed. God has sustained us through them and today I serve Him with my whole being and am claiming the salvation of all of my offspring. There is no sacrifice I wouldn't make to further the Kingdom.

Ralph 3/29/2003
I and my wife have sold everything we've had several times now as God leads us as missionaries to different nations to serve Him. We are currently serving in Taiwan far away from our parents, our three children and three grandchildren in the states. Yet, God continues to bless us at every turn with whatever we need to do His work. And He gives us Christian family everywhere we go that helps encourage us when we miss our own family. Giving up everything may seem very hard, but actually we found a real freeing in our spirit to be able to go into whatever adventure God had for us next. Again, at the end of this year we will be selling or giving everything away in order to move into Communist China. But We actually are looking forward to what God has for us next in our adventure of serving Him in this world. We don't consider it a sacrifice anymore, but we feel it is a tremendous blessing from God.

yolanda 3/28/2003
Hi my name is Yolanda, I am still married, However my husband had asked to divorce Feb,2001. I was really shocked and devastated because I did not think as Believers we should do this we were only married for 1 1/2 yrs. When he left 2 days later I found out I was pregnant. I was really confused at this point as to whether I should keep my unborn child. I knew in my heart what the right thing to do was which was to please my God. and He would work things out.(however) when the petal meets the metal things look a lot different. I decided regardless of what keep my child it not about a choice but about the child so I did. without any support from my estranged husband, and during the process he had left me with no money, through me out of the home and tried to have me arrested. because he said I assaulted him which I did not. God worked things out for me and to show me how wonderful, merciful and real he is. He gave me 14,000 dollars so I could replenish my bank acct through my stock when the markets were at their worst, He placed me in a new apt. He closed the prison doors. He gave me 3 baby showers so when Christian Isaiah Chase was born he never wanted for not one thing. I thank my Lord for all and everything. One year later I now receive child support at 1,000 dollars a month. He kept me working and supplied all my needs. He protected me when I was so afraid. I thank him for my son, he has been the greatest blessing in my life at 41. I pray for my husband. He has missed and is missing so much. He now sees Chris every other weekend. The funny thing is I really do not hate him. I still love him in spite of what happened. I remember the man he really loved me and wanted to take care of me for the rest of his life and promised me no divorces and did not believe in leaving his family. I still love him isn't that funny… Oh yes, my sons name stands for Christ In Charge. thanks for allowing me to share.

William 3/27/2003
Hello my name is William J Johnson I would like to take this moment to share experience of the mighty works of God. Me and my wife went out of town where I had a court hearing. We got to court hearing, the judge gave more time. Me and wife decided to go over to the sheriff's office to check to see if I had any other cases of where I need it to be in court. Sheriff went back in his office to check and I and wife decide thinking they did not have anything because they took some long. Sheriff came over the loud speaker and said you cannot leave Mr. Johnson we have a warranty. This is where bless is me and my wife had only little money with us. My bond was 600 hundred dollars, lady out of the blue gave my wife 710 hundred and ten dollars. I was only in the holding cell for 15 minutes God is mighty good.

alicea 3/26/2003
My husbands mother was in a car wreck in 1993, she has not been in real good physical shape since then. No one in the family seems to want to drive her where she wants or needs to go. I take her to the dr. and wherever else she wants to go. This has put a big strain on my family. I have prayed over this since her wreck, and every time that I try to find a job, in order for me not to help her out, God doesn't provide me one. I know I am doing what my Heavenly Father wants me to do. I have sacrificed myself and my family in order for me to show Christ love to my mom-in-law. I am not complaining, because God has brought me so much closer to Him, and his word, that all I can do is praise his name more and more each day. God Bless you all. Never give up. God has such amazing grace that we can make it through anything that comes our way. Alicea G.

Bianca 3/26/2003
I joined because someone who cares for me is helping me seek God and also to seek salvation and to walk in the path of the Lord and seek his eternal Kingdom his name is Adam Crosslin

Adam 3/26/2003
I have sacrificed my life to God. But I did not just give it up for salvation but to walk in God's path that is chosen for me. Yet despite the large amount of Atheists in the world I still am staying true to God I also hope to bring some named Bianca to salvation.

Kathy 3/26/2003
I am staying in a very difficult marriage because I love my kids and my kids love him. It is important to me that they maintain a sense of normalcy and love. We never fight in front of them and when our discussions can't be bent in either direction it is important to me that we drop it so that the kids don't suspect their is anything wrong, after all I am called to submit not to love.

margaret 3/25/2003
Downsized our income by working less to spend more time together, and consequently this has had an impact of many aspects of our life.

dawn 3/25/2003
I would like to share that my best friend was moving after the proficiency test, and I prayed, and cried hoping that she wouldn't have to move, at least until the end of the school year. And God answered my prayer. My friend doesn't have to move until the end of the school year! ~Dawn<><>

Barb 3/25/2003
I made no sacrifices once I realized that God is merciful and loving. I was thrilled to know that He chose me long before the creation of the world (John 15). I was ecstatic to realize that He knew what a strong warrior I would become for the Kingdom of heaven even when I knew how weak I was. I am so deeply thankful that He waited for me to come to the point of not only emotional maturity, but also spiritual. It made things easier to know that the world hated Him first, and for no reason. Therefore, that is why they also hate me (John 15). Sacrifices? Not at all, and if there are any, they are willing. There is nothing in my life that I love more than being a Christian. To serve a God that has removed so many painful things from my life is a blessing beyond description. To ask Him daily to use me and then see how He has is so rewarding. To be able to freely ask for the gifts of wisdom, discernment and understanding, and then receive them, is absolutely outstanding!!!!! Folks, if you don't know Him as your personal Savior, you are missing out on the greatest rewards in life. Imagine having Someone be that complete source of strength you need today. Imagine knowing undeniably that you can face anything today—whether it be losing a job, going through a divorce, sadness or emotional pain—because you KNOW that He WILL protect you because you are His! In my life, God always gets the glory. Barb

S. Rene 3/25/2003
Sacrifices? There are none. The things that people consider sacrifice is simply trading in the bad for the good. I "gave up" drinking, cussing, sexual immorality, lying, deceiving, gossiping etc. and in exchange I have gained so many blessing that I cannot measure. God is surely working in my life and has given me "More than enough".

Hayley 3/25/2003
I am 13 years old and i wrote two poems on how i view the world at the moment and i think it's quite sad. Our World If every man would help his brother, Only offer him a drink How would this change affect the world, It makes you stop and think. Think of those around you Of those whose lives are bad Think of all the children The world is really sad. And yet we try to help those Who have nowhere to go, Yet for all our efforts We have nothing left to show. If color did not matter If race had no effect If we would only live in peace The world would not be wrecked. But as it stands we go to war Hardly giving it a thought Not thinking who we're hurting Or the pain that we have brought. Through all this pain and hurting Alone the world will stand Watching all the people Being torn from land to land. This is the second one: Wartime When wartime is upon us Don't you think its really sad To watch how many children Will grow up without a dad How many will be homeless With nowhere else to go How many will have lost their lives When fighting off the foe? How many will be fighting For their lives this very day How many will come home again How many have to stay? When in amongst this fighting You hear a child cry You watch the soldier walk away And you just walk on by. Once the war is over And your country then is free Will you not feel sad about The child you once did see? If another war begins some day, Another child you may well see But this time will be different Because you'll set the child free. Thanks

oluwagbenga 3/24/2003
I am a Nigerian male, 23 years old , talking about making sacrifices for the faith, presently I do overnight browsing twice a week to reach out to people who are discouraged in the faith, and to share Christ's love over the net it is costing me quite a lot of money as I do not have internet access but i go to a cyber cafe to keep this up, reaching out to others but all that I count as nothing just to live in the fullness of purpose for which I am created. This is on me of the publications I share over the net: enjoy this hi this is the latest assignment God has given me. Read and be blessed. GEMS FOR YOUR DOWN MOMENTS A fortnight publication EDITION 1 ARE YOU GOING THROUGH HARD TIMES DOES IT SEEM AS IF ALL HOPE IS LOST OR YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE YOURSELF RISING ABOVE THE PRESENT LIMITATIONS, HAS GOD PROMISED YOU SOMETHING AND THE VISION SEEMS TO TARRY OR YOU ARE JUST DOWN, DEPRESSED, DISCOURAGED AND YOU FEEL LIKE QUITTING AND THROWING IN THE TOWEL. WAIT A MINUTE ! I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU, JUST SIT BACK, RELAX AND READ ON .… O. JAMES FAGBIRE WHY ME? When faced with a difficult and trying situation , and no help seem forthcoming ,you ask: WHY ME? When the funds are low, the debts are high and no one is around to help you out, you ask: WHY ME? When the road you are on seem rough and the mountain ahead seem insurmountable, you ask: WHY ME? When everything you touch seem to fail and disintegrate and despite your efforts, life seems unfruitful , you ask: WHY ME? When sorrow and grief overwhelm you and your smile hides the pain of battles , you ask: WHY ME? When you are told you won't amount to anything, fatigue sets in and you feel you've lost direction, you ask: WHY ME? When you are down and hope seems lost, you are hurting and need help, you ask WHY ME? When trials and affliction choke you, you pray and it seems to be followed by silence, you ask: WHY ME? But wait a minute: WHY NOT YOU? Don't you know that a tea bag does not release its flavor until it goes through hot water ?The fact that you are having it tough only puts credence to the fact that you are going to be great , as someone once said "Great people are ordinary people with extraordinary amount of determination and faith" be determined to overcome your present situation, look up to God, and you will surely overcome. A Russian proverb says "the hammer shatters glass but forges steel." So what trouble and trials do to you depends on what is in you. The tests of life are to make and not to break us. The blow at the outward man may be the greatest blessing to the inner man .If God, then permits anything hard in our lives , be sure that the real peril, the real trouble is what we shall lose if we flinch or rebel. POETIC GEMS When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you are trudging seem all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must but don't you quit Life is queer with it's twists and turns As everyone of us sometimes learn And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out Don't give up though the pace seems slow—You may succeed with another blow Success is failure turned inside out The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell just how close you are It may be near when it seems so far. So stick it out when you are hardest hit It's when things seem worst that you must not quit. AUTHOR UNKNOWN PRECIOUS GEMS GOD USES LIFE'S BRUISES GOD HAS NOT PROMISED THAT OUR SKIES WILL ALWAYS BE BLUE BUT HE HAS PROMISED TO SEE US THROUGH—ROBERT SCHULLER PERFECT GEMS [GOD'S WORD FOR U] 1But now, O … the LORD who created you says: "Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. 2When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. 3For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior … because you are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you. ISAIAH 43:1-4 { NEW LIVING TRANSLATION }MAY GOD BLESS YOU

Kim 3/24/2003
I am sacrificing my free time when I am not at work to go and stay with my dying grandfather. He has been this way for about 3 months now and is getting a lot worse.

John 3/22/2003
I ask Jesus Christ into my life in 1957 in a missionary's home in Taiwan, we suffer for Christ some times but most of the time it's a blessing to serve Him, our lives are before people every day, it's always a blessing to share Jesus with people, the Holy Spirit is there for us in sharing Jesus, there is Power in Jesus' name. 1 John 4:14 J.L.P.

Thomas 3/22/2003
After receiving Christ as my savior I have in many occasions put down my pride and totally rely upon him to give me the peace I needed to deal with the circumstance. I'm a short tempered person and can't handle too long of temptation regarding violent reaction. I'm very ashamed of this, according to the scripture we are to have a long suffering attitude and I've failed many times in this area of my life. Since I've examined my self like Paul said we should do. I ask the LORD to forgive me of my sin of shortness toward people and replace it with a loving attitude. I would like to say He heard and is working on me

Lizzy 3/21/2003
I just wanted to say that God is great and though some of us make a lot of sacrifices, we gain so much more!

Tyler 3/19/2003
I give up a lot of friendships to be with those who follow God.

kikelomo 3/19/2003
"the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a contrite heart" not burnt offerings or power and might. I learnt this the hard way over the years. I used to think I'd done quite a lot for the Lord and He owed me. I got saved at 13, (I'm twenty eight),my 'resume' since then read like Paul's "a Hebrew of Hebrews…" write up. I gave my life to Jesus and I fell in love with him but somewhere along the line, I mixed up walking with him (which is what he really wants) for working for Him. I've pastored, taught, led worship, been persecuted, endured insults, been hungry, ill you name it, I've been there and all for 'spreading the word'. but one day, I realized I'd spent 4 years in school and wasn't about to graduate (I didn't by the way) and I became so bitter, blaming everyone but No. 1(me). I expected God to Keep my grades up after all, He could see what I was going through for His "name's sake". It's been six years now from that time and a lot of things have happened but I've come out on top because He has gently and kindly shown me that all He wants is my attention and affection and all other things have indeed followed. please let's turn our attention on Him and shower Him with affection. let's realize that there's no love or lover like him and things will happen! this is the real sacrifice.

maria 3/19/2003
My name is Maria. I'm Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. Portugal is a catholic country but when I was 3 years old my mother accepted Jesus Christ. She heard the Gospel through a couple of American missionaries. I grew up in a Christian home and in those times it was very difficult to be a "protestant" as they called us here in Portugal. I'm 52 years old know but I remember to be in the church and unbelievers to throw stones to people inside the church and I was a little girl then. Also when I was 7 at school, a catholic priest went there everyday to tell one's beads and he obliged me to tell it too. I refused because I pray to my Lord and everybody was very angry with me. I still remember how I feel so lonely.… Those times we live under the dictator Salazar ( 1957). However I was the best student in the school .God has helped me a lot and the teacher became a very closed friend of me. She was proud to have a student like me. My mother was a widow with 3 girls and she cannot put me on high school due to costs. Then the teacher got a scholarship for me and I went to high school. Suddenly they cut to me the scholarship because they heard I was not a catholic but my mother and my old sister worked hard and I was in high school until I was 17 years old. That time I got a job and I started working and studying. Until today I always trusted by Lord as well as my mother, many tribulations come into my life but thanks God but my mother was always on my side and we both seek on Him and I'm sure it is not my own faculty but I never became a rebel. Later on and when I was 43 having 3 children by husband wasted all our money playing in casinos and other games of chance and we lost everything. I have to sell my house, my cars everything to pay the debts of him and I get divorced because he never accepted the help of my pastor or mine. He left home in August 1993 and I get divorced in 1997 ( the justice in Portugal is too slow). Those were difficult times but God was always on my side and during the courts sessions I could feel the hand of God many times. However since left home my husband never called my sons to help them or to see them and this was very bad. In April last year his brother advised us he was in the hospital and was very bad. He called me and my children. We went there and he asked us to forgive him and we did. In the hospital we heard he married again and that he has another son with 11 years old, so he has this son when he was at home with me and I never noticed nothing.…. He is better now but still weak and he does not call my children. He does not care about us. I live alone with 2 boys and a girl and with my mother now with 82 and with a cancer. I work hard in this office to pay the school of my girl and to help my boys. Employee in Portugal is very bad and I have to help them but now I'm in trouble again because my salary is frozen for 2 years (I work for an American company and since Sept 11 we they frozen the salaries), the economy in Portugal is getting worst and I feel ashamed to ask for financial support in my church or friends. Being so I'm praying with all my might asking God for a solution. My mother depends on me and she is so weak. I work in the office, I work at home and I take care of her and of my children. Anyway I know God is aware of my situation and I trust on Him and I'm sure He is taking care of me. In this moment I do not see nothing but He will answer!!! I'm sharing this with all of you because I daily receive the Week's promises from you and they touch me a lot, specially today because I love foreign people and since I was a child my mother always told me that we should help all foreign people because we all are foreign in this world. We belong to Heaven!!! So I decided to share my experience with you and I hope to receive many words of encouragement in my e-mail and perhaps any brilliant idea to help me to solve my financial problem. Medicines here are very expensive, cancer treatments too but God knows everything. PRAY

Sheree 3/18/2003
The Party I had a dream the other night in which I was invited to the palace of a king, and I was so excited! Upon arriving at the gate, my eyes beheld such wonder. The rich & famous all around, their laughter loud as thunder. No one there acknowledged me, for no one knew my name. I felt alone in that crowded room and soon wondered why I came. I knew right then, I'd not fit in, for I felt so out of place. I wore no gown, no diamond ring, and sadly turned to walk away. When suddenly the king arrived; all talk & laughter ceased. And as he smiled, you couldn't help but fall upon your knees. I longed to gaze upon his face, then saw his outstretched hand; and when his eyes looked into mine, I did not understand. So humbled by his presence there and feeling so ashamed, the king so gently took my hand, and called me by my name. He helped me up from trembling knees and whispered in my ear, "I have chosen you, my child, for a heart that is sincere. ' And as the music began to play, I danced in jubilee, for with all the faces there tonight, the king had noticed me! I owned no treasures of the world, and no tales of fame to sing, but now I've found a greater worth—the love of Christ, my King!

Kristen 3/17/2003
I will have to say that I am sacrificing some bad habits I have had in the past, and I am also sacrificing my life for Jesus so that I can witness to others!! God has done so much for me in my life, even though I an extremely young, its amazing what all he has done for me alone!! Please pray for me and the journey I am about to take trying to witness to others that need Him!! I WISH THEY COULD FEEL WHAT I FEEL FOR JESUS!!! If you want to talk, please instant message me on AIM… my screenname is KnowHim28, I would really like to talk to some other Christians that can help me!

Megan 3/17/2003
I am a Christian since three months ago. I sacrificed my church that my family goes. Now I go to the New Hope Church. I met lot of people there. My parents support my decision. I respect them. The left behind series inspires and encourages me to continue in the Christian life. It is not easy one. I try to struggle with my old self. I am changing slowly. Long time ago, I tried to find the answers through witchcraft. It didn't work for me. Although, I had many close calls. I didn't realize God was protecting me. I can't be grateful enough. I thought about committing a suicide. Somehow I felt an urge to keep going. If it were not for God, I would be lost forever. Truly, I was depressed lot of times. I sacrificed many things. I threw the witchcraft stuff in the trash. Two years ago, I started to read the Revelation in the bible. It sounded like foreign to me. I tried to forget about that. It nagged me in my mind. I looked for answers and why I am here. I was here for a purpose. Now I know the revelation and Good News of John. I am finally happy since the childhood. I wait for Lord's second coming. It will be amazing! I am excited about it! Thanks to God. He keeps his promises for us. God blesses you.

Aimee 3/16/2003
I read about all of the sacrifice and tribulation that the members of the Tribulation Force faced in the Left Behind books, and I knew it was time for action. So I gave up the Left Behind books, and ever since my life has been more fulfilling and rewarding. Thanks Left Behind!

MB 3/16/2003
I think that if we're going to brag about them, they're not really sacrifices.

Crystal 3/16/2003
So I have to say I have known about these books for a long time but I just put off reading them…I kept saying " oh I will get around to it one day".…well one day I was walking through the store and I picked up the first one.….and I started reading it. Now I have read all 10 books in about a month which is an amazing feat for considering that I am such a slow read…I have to thank God for the ability to do this and the conviction to not put it off any longer…I have always been a Christian but until I read these books I never felt the need to be able to share the Jesus with everyone.…and not to mention I was not truly living my life as the Lord would have me live it.…but I am happy to say that I have found more joy in my life since I realized that I needed to change and become an example.…I have also learned that I really do have a need to share this joy with everyone and I praise the Lord everyday for everything he does in my life.…although I will be the first one to admit that I still have a long way to go in changing my life to actually be thing kind of Christian I am want to be and I know the Lord wants me to be…I am still trying…and the thank the Lord everyday for Jesus and his sacrifice.…

Kristen 3/16/2003
I know a lot of people have amazing stories to tell about what they have given up, or sacrificed in their lives for other people. My story isn't the best by far, but every little piece of service counts to God, so I am going to share my story. My grandfather died from cancer a year and a half ago, and my grandmother is all by herself and is lonely and needs help on her house, and my mother is going through a nervous breakdown with her work and everything! Our house is just falling apart! My service is that I help my grandmother with things she wants and needs help with and I spend some time with her, and I talk to my mom about what she's going through and about God and struggles. I do all that I can for my family, even though I can't drive yet! My mom says God speaks through me, and that makes me happy. I thank God for giving me hands, feet, and a heart to do service for through Him, even though they are small, but meaningful things! —Kristen

Margaret 3/15/2003
I want to thank Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins for writing these life saving novels. I began reading the first book last fall and have continued to read until I finished the 10th book. Now I eagerly await the next one. This has truly opened my eyes to the end times and prophecy that I see being played out even now. Any chance I get I am singing the praises of this collection of life saving stories. I recommend them to anyone who needs salvation, because this is a powerful tool to utilize. Thank You so much, and I will continue to pray for these anointed men of God.

Margaret 3/15/2003
I have sacrificed many of the secular things that I coveted when I was in the world such as music, and even some friends. But nothing is going to come between my walk with God and the enemy is trying very hard. I am encouraged and blessed to have the family that I have and our staunch belief in our Lord.

Geoff 3/14/2003
"I ended a relationship with an incredible girl for it was not being lived out in a godly way. From a secular worldly view point I would have to have been perceived by others as being totally crazy for she is an extremely beautiful, talented opera singer and performer and a fantastic person with so much going for her. I could not live with the biggest lie of self deceit if I truly follow Jesus and put him first in all my thoughts words and deeds, for I truly want to have the closest possible relationship to him, and that means continually looking to him, praying for humility and humbleness and being rest assured that its all about the bigger picture. It's all about Jesus. I have to continually remind myself to look to him for true identity."

KATIE 3/14/2003

Ubirathan 3/14/2003
I am the senior pastor of a small church and lately we had an attempted take over by a fellow pastor. It brought a lot of grief to the church, causing many to simply leave. Personally, it has been very hard on me and my family, financially and emotionally. The offending party was considered one of my best friends and frankly, I have been wounded deeply. This is not new. In the course of my ministry, I have had many heartbreaks and wounds. I confessed to a friend of mine that if it had not been for what Jesus did in my life, I would have left the ministry and never return to it. But the person of Jesus Christ keeps me whole and His love for Me is constant and true. I'm only 28 years old, but since I was saved at 14 in Brazil, Jesus has always been there for me. Always constant, never changing and so strong. I have yet to decide what to do from this point on, but no matter what the Lord directs me to do, I know that He will be there for me and I will get through this, even though I can't see straight right now. So I want to encourage you if you have been hurt and abused by other believers. Don't take it out on the Lord. It's ok to feel numb on the inside and not know what to do. It's ok to be angry and frustrated and lost. Just as Jesus is taking me by His hands at this moment, so He will do the same to you. Be encouraged. You're loved. You matter.

rashad 3/11/2003
I have to admit that I have stopped hanging out with some friends.

Truman 3/11/2003
Your Left Behind Series have been one of the greatest inspirations in my life. I can hardly wait 'til April for the next book to arrive. The wife and I travel all over the country and it is so great to hear excitement over these books.

Julie 3/10/2003
I have had many friends walk away from me due to my faith and my witness. Some of my friends I walked away from when I became a Christian. I still love them, and witness to them and pray for them, but I can't be around them as I use to. Some are family members. God is still working on them…the seeds have been planted.

janine 3/8/2003
Hi there all! I was given a 2nd chance on 31 DEC1995. I was involved in a motorcar accident and now I am paraplegic. (from my ribs down I have no feeling or muscle movement)The Lord has been so good to me. He has helped me so much and answered my prayers. It is now 7 years since the accident and he has blessed me with a beautiful little girl who is turning 5 this year. I prayed to the Lord and said to Him that I wanted a child so much !!! He then told me to pray over myself and ask for His protection within the next 2 weeks I was pregnant. People asked me how could I be pregnant if I was paralyzed, but I said very easy. The Lord Blessed me so!! The Lord has promised to heal me as well , that one day I will walk again I do have faith that He will do so. ( He did say that he is healing me very, very slowly—in the meantime I have all my stomach muscles back and I can move my hips. Isn't He GREAT!! There are so many other things that He has done for me. Praise be to the Lord!! In Jesus Name Amen! Regards Janine

karen 3/7/2003
I'm sorry to say, but I have just recently ask the lord god to save me from the pits of Hell, in the name of Jesus and The Holy Spirit, I asked him to spare my soul and to soften the hearts of my love ones. So every thing is in Jesus hands now, I pray, in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit that no one will be left behind. Thank you Jesus, I love you. AMEN

Mathew 3/6/2003
I would like to take this time to share with you about tithes. So many times in the church it seems that the pastor avoids this topic. I attend a church where the pastor is very adamant about tithes because it is something that God commands us as Christians. I have learned for myself that God doesn't want or need your money, only your obedience. My story goes this way. I am a new Christian in a lot of ways, and I was at a sermon in church that the pastor was speaking of tithes. I of course became somewhat leery that the pastor wanted my money for the church. As of the January 2003
, God finally got through to me, and I made a conscious effort to consistently pay my tithes to the church. Wow, I cannot begin to tell all the incredible blessings God has put upon me for me faithfulness in Him. At this time last year, I was in debt and struggling just to make minimum payments on my accounts and what not. Now, as of April of 2003
, I will be completely paid out of debt! He doesn't want us bound by the frustration of our debts, and is helping me get them all taken care of because I listened and obeyed Him! Praise Him for showing this to me, and I hope that you also may find the blessings I have had by my faithfulness. God Bless, Mathew

muhammad 3/5/2003
I'm a guy from Pakistan and I belong to a Muslim family. My name is Muhammad Khurram Shakil but I want to change this name coz I think I'll change my religion soon. I was pretty rich and a little bit extremist not much extremist that kill the Christians or other Non Muslims, but my father and other family members have extremist thoughts. I studied many religions and I respect all school of thoughts and I believe in humanity. I also studied about Christianity and I'm pretty sure that it's the religion of peace and love. My family especially my father forced me to go to Afghanistan and fight against US troops but I refused coz I hate Talibans coz they were wrong and they thought that every Non Muslim should be killed. I was between them in their training centers, I was there to observe them that what are they in real? But they just showed me their hate. My father asked me that if I'll not obey him and not hate the other people ant if not leave the Non Muslim friends, he'll get all of my property back and he did so, and then it created more hate in me for Muslim extremists. I want to change my religion and I want to be in front of all the world that I quit Islam coz of their terrorism but I can't find any reasonable Christian organization who help me to enter in Christianity coz they have fear of Muslims that Muslims will hurt them.

ingrid 3/4/2003
They were only sacrifices until I realized how right they were. I was a general manager for a large restaurant chain. I felt called into full time Christian service. I guess you could say I "sacrificed" $40,000 per year for $15,000 per year, but you would only see the dollar signs. I could never get Sunday off. Now I get every Sunday off. I could never get evenings to go to church. Now I work 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. I was the only Christian in my work place. Now, everyone I work with is a Christian. I had to listen to terrible music, now I listen to my local Christian Radio Station (WJYP) all day long. I was discouraged from sharing my faith. Now I share it with every client that walks into my office. So what did I sacrifice? Just money. My wants are a little slow these days, but every need in my life is met.

JOY 3/1/2003
I feel that there is not enough for me to sacrifice, but I am slowly coming to the knowledge of sacrificing everything that I do have. I have been a Christian for 9 years, and my one and only son is named Christian James. God has blessed my son from conception to present and future. He was born with a birth defect and anything that has to be done has been done at no cost. My testimony is my son and our lives together forever learning. I think Chloe, Buck, and the baby will survive, and Ming and her mother.

Edward 2/28/2003
I read the book of revelation almost everyday. The movie really had an impact on me and since then, I have been discussing it with my coworkers and patrons. You see, I found God while being the owner of a restaurant bar. Since I found God, I have realized that I cannot serve God and feel good about serving alcohol to patron. The Restaurant is now on the market. The series has opened my eyes to a lot. Not only about the bible, but how to talk to my friends about it. Thank you

debbie 2/28/2003

Mark 2/27/2003
Properly I am Brother Mark, an Ordained Minister and Associate Pastor of Cleveland Missionary Baptist Church, a member church of the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA). Since answering the call to the Ministry in 1997 I have sought in everyway and at every opportunity to spread the Gospel and witness that Christ is Lord. Besides the work of the church and its outreach programs I am also a full time Evangelist. God has gifted me with a successful Radio Ministry and has opened the way for a web site that is currently under construction. God has Graciously Blessed the ministries He has placed under my Stewardship. We have seen more than 50 professions of faith in the last year and continue to "seed" and "water" at every opportunity. Knowing that "the Time is nigh, even at the gate". God has permitted me to teach through the Revelation over the past year in our Wednesday Night Services. I Praise God simply for the opportunity to serve Him as my humble abilities permit. As a further testimony to His work in my life I wish to share this. Last November I was diagnosed with throat cancer. CT Scans and MRIs alike showed the large mass very plainly. Literally thousands of prayers other than my own were offered up for healing from late November until December 23rd when biopsies were to be taken. Praise God when the surgeon went to take the biopsies there was no tumor and no sign there ever had been one. Follow on scan verified that the tumor had totally disappeared. Thanks be to God that He is still on the Throne and still answering Prayer and working miracles. If God could work this miracle in my life think how much He can do in your life. Thanks and God Bless!! Bro. Mark

CECILE (SESSIE) 2/26/2003

Lizzy 2/25/2003
Now if we're talking about sacrifices for religion.…I'd have to say that I sacrificed a church I used to go to because I wasn't getting anything. I wasn't learning anything. I also gave up a lot of people I used to hang out with. I guess that's just about it.…but I'm happy with my decisions.

mary 2/25/2003
As time is the most challenging gift I give I attempt to give of my time to social service agencies particularly those who work with those persons seen as "least desirable—or impossible" to work with, I encourage this as my rewards are the greatest.…I also am trying very hard to be vague as I feel only like it's really giving when it is anonymous…

Pat 2/23/2003
I have never really had sacrifices with my faith…I have been a Christian since I was baptized about 6 months old and followed His teachings ever since. I try to live my life according to what is taught and be an example to those who are struggling and trying to find the way

suzanne 2/21/2003
What if I could speak all languages of humans and of angels? If I did not LOVE OTHER. I would be nothing more than a noisy gong. Or a clanging cymbal. What if I would prophesy and understand all secrets and all Knowledge? And what if I had FAITH that moved mountains? I would be nothing, unless I loved other. What if I gave away ALL that I owned and let myself be burnt alive? I would gain nothing, unless I LOVED others. 4.Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful, proud, or rude. LOVE isn't selfish or quick tempered. It doesn't keep a record of wrongs that others do. 6.LOVE rejoices with the TRUTH but not in evil. 7.LOVE is ALWAYS supportive, loyal HOPEFUL and trusting. LOVE NEVER FAILS. All that we know now will be forgotten 9.We don't know everything and our prophecies are not complete.10. But what is PERFECT will some day APPEAR. and what isn't perfect will ten disappear. While we are children we think and reason as children do. But when we grow up we quit our childish ways. 12 Now all we can see of God is like a cloudy picture in a mirror. We don't know every thing, but then we will, just as God Completely UNDERSTANDS US. 13:For at this point in time there are FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE. But of these three the GREATEST IS LOVE. Peace be to Jesus Our Lord and Risen Saviour of the World. And everything in it and above it and Below it. Matthew 4:11 8 Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see GOD.6.Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled. 9. Blessed are the peace makers for they will be called sons of God. "Life of Brian" Monty Python Movie. Blessed are the Greeks for they will inherit the earth. What did he say? Blessed are the Greeks or the meek. The Greeks have had it a bit hard lately. Or was that the cheesemakers. Some people just didn't get close enough to hear exactly what Jesus said. Cheers

suzanne 2/21/2003
Angela Baby After reading you testimonial all I can say is that you have my utmost respect and gratitude for showing the awesome strength of God himself to carry on . Your have the faith that can move mountains and from the bottom of my heart i ask that you as a fellow sister in Christ please forgive me I didn't know who I was.

Nancy 2/20/2003
I got married at the age of 15 because I was pregnant, at that time in my life my parents thought it best to marry, so we did. I am 35 years of age now and it has been 8 years since we have gotten divorced. My sacrifice that I have done was to live alone with my two daughters and raise them without having a different man in the house other than what was only proper but there father. I drive a 4 axle dump truck for a living and manage running a business at the same time. It was hard at times and I still find it hard as I would much prefer to have someone to share the beautiful things that I'm missing out on as a 35 years old women.

Angela 2/13/2003
To all of you who feel like there is nowhere to turn and everything is falling down around you, let me share my testimony. It is pretty long so bear with me. At the young age of 10 I was diagnosed with an incurable disease (or so the doctors said) It caused me great pain and a lot of scaring. I was told never to have children or it would make the disease worse. I traveled the road of pot and alcohol even though I had been saved at a very young age. I attended church every Sunday, Wednesday, I sort of had no choice my father was the preacher. However, as much as I wanted to believe it was hard especially when I watched and heard my father beating my mother on a daily basis. I ran away as often as possible and at the age of 16 said no more. I moved out of my parents' house after giving my mother a choice of me or him. She chose him. At 18 and just weeks out of high school I was on my way to motherhood. My father changed by the grace of god and is now a wonderful anointed man of god, my mother as well. I was a single mother until I met a wonderful man and we had another child. Everything was great, I was back in church loving God and then Satan attacked. While still dealing with enormous pain from the disease I was diagnosed with, my world was ripped apart. On May 19th 2000 my daughters father fell from a building and was instantly killed, On July 9th not two months later my 2 nephews and niece were burnt to death in a house fire while there parents were gone. The babysitter and uncle got out. (An attack from Satan) two weeks later my sons aunt and a good friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver, one month later my grandfather died, and three months after that my daughters good friend was burned in a house by her own mother. All of these things within six months time. I was strong but I turned to God and he gave me peace. The problem was Satan was not going to stop at that. He tormented my daughter over all the loss she had as well as my other two sons. My oldest son who is actually my stepson turned to drugs and violence with his mother abandoning him shortly after the deaths. It seemed like it would never end. We own our own company so my husband is gone the majority of the time, I am in all respect a single mom. But I learned when all this came down that I would not allow Satan to take one more ounce of my children or me. You have to take charge do not allow him to steal anymore from you. He has come to kill steal and destroy. Lay everything at the foot of Jesus, I promise he will give you rest. He is real, just as the devil is real the difference is Jesus has already won.

Damon 2/13/2003
Getting rid of old friends, that are really a hindrance to me.

Nicole 2/11/2003
The biggest sacrifice I have made is to graduate from high school, living away from my family. They all live in Texas currently, while I live in Colorado. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and I pray and look forward tot he day when I can live with my family again. I know, you're supposed to leave home after a certain amount of years, but it really isn't right to have to live away from our family at 17 years of age. I had to sacrifice living with my family in order to graduate high school. If I could, I would live in Texas with my family… but after living in Colorado for so many years, and abiding by the rules and requirements of my current school district, it is not possible for time to go into a Texas school and graduate on time. It's quite a complicated situation, but I know it is all for the best… no matter how hard times may get. I just thank God for allowing me to do what I am doing, and for watching over me. Crazy stuff.

Lorraine 2/8/2003
In 1994 when my backsliding days had done full circle and I had come home to acknowledge my Lord, I was prayed for and experienced a miracle healing immediately. I was told by several people at different times, that the Lord was going to use me. I had to wait 2 yrs and then He dropped me into teaching Scripture at a school 20 kms away. Even though I pay for all my own resources, and get no reimbursement for fuel, etc, the results are awesome. I have had the honour to be the one chosen to lead at least 95% of the kids I teach, to a commitment to the Lord, all stepping forward to say the sinner's prayer. Every time this happens, I cry, and bless my Saviour for using me in this way. I never seem to have enough time to get all my other commitments done, and I live on a mere pittance of money, but He provides my 'daily bread'—If this is a sacrifice, it's certainly a blessing also.

christy 2/7/2003
I believe I sacrificed my childhood I was molested as a child and abused mentally and physically I now am starting a support group for rape victims I can truly see where god is leading me and thank him for my trials cbrim

Blake 2/5/2003
I have lived my life without a real sacrifice for the Lord until last year because until the last year I was not living completely for the Lord. I met a very beautiful person who was not only beautiful on the outside but was even more so spiritually. We adored each other. Notice I said "each other." We had an extreme bond of devotion for each other. We spent every day together without separation. I truly LOVE her. We only halfheartedly sought the Lord though. It was only after we began to seek him that we found that it was not time for a relationship. For the better of God's will in both of our lives we separated from each other and have gone our different ways. It hurt so much and it still does after almost two months of not being with her. I sacrificed that relationship for God. I want to live my entire life for God's own purpose. Not my own. I have been blessed for having faith. But I still seek the connection I will someday have with my wife. There is someone there for me when the time comes for my life to head that direction. It is so hard to remain patient for God's direction. God will not teach new lessons until old lessons are learned.

sherry 2/3/2003
I am disabled with so much pain that life is living in isolation and suffering. God has always been my strength. He put me here for a reason and I am determined to do his will, whatever it may be. I am nothing on my own, but everything with Jesus. I am thankful that when life closes in on me I know my Redeemer lives!!! This life is only a test to prepare us for the fate we choose for eternity. There life will be perfect and sooooooo worth the wait and struggles that we face here. Praise God my Redeemer Lives!!! Hold on to your hope and the assurance in your heart. God Bless

jake 1/30/2003
well I haven't made this yet but I will soon I'm going to South America me and my family and we are selling the house everything we have and god called us to do this like he told his disciples come walk with and they left everything behind and walked with him

Kim 1/30/2003
Over 5 years ago I decided my children, then two boys, were more important than a healthy income. I have never regretted it. Now, we have an additional child, a little girl God sent to us during a time in our lives when we could have been very secure in knowing our children were off to school, etc. I am working at my boys' school now, but that too was a sacrifice which also resulted in a blessing. I am working in a special ed classroom where I have the great fortune of teaching a little boy whom has come to be loved by me like one of my own children. I would never have thought I would love a job like this, but I do. I look forward to going to school everyday to see what God will do for this boy, other kids in the school, all through my willingness to just get up and go. It's quite exciting! I cannot tell you how simply being willing to be a living sacrifice to self daily brings such blessings and joy! I used to make oodles of money, but I was so stressed and felt like a failure as a parent. Now I really have learned to rely on God to pay the bills, he always does take care of it somehow. I now know I am leaving a legacy of joy and hope for my children. A real witness as to how God works in the lives of those who will trust him to do so.

Rebecca 1/30/2003
I feel that my sacrifice is that I give everything I have even when I don't have much to give. If a family member needs my help in any way I am there. If a person on the street, or anywhere else for that matter, needs help I don't hesitate. Sometimes I wonder what I'm getting in return for my kindness and I remember the faces of the people I've helped and how I am helping Christ and it is all worth while. I've always put others before myself and I believe I always will.

Elizabeth 1/30/2003
My most recent sacrifice has been one that involves selfishness. See, I quit smoking on my 42nd birthday, after having smoked for 32 years. Believe me, it was not the first time that I had tried to quit or that I had prayed about quitting. But it was the very first time I added Christ into the equation. I mean, I never thought about how my smoking could be hindering me spiritually from getting closer to my Lord, from growing stronger in my walk with Him or from being a better servant to Him in my witnessing of Him to others. What did it for me was an article from a magazine that I've been getting named THE GOOD NEWS MAGAZINE"(Nov/Dec.,2002 issue). This really is a Bible-based-linked magazine that is free to anyone open minded enough to seek the truth in today's secular world. It has helped me to effectively witness before, but nothing like this! After reading that article, I not only thought about what I had been doing to my body, this God intended temple to house His Holy Spirit that I ignorantly tried to destroy with my selfish smoking, I cried like never before and almost made myself sick with crying, before my husband had to calm me down. I felt a very tangible part of myself breaking free once I realized that I had been sinning by smoking, that I was supposed to love Jesus yet here I was literally blowing smoke in His face, filling this body with all kinds of poisonous gases. I then knew I was also a murdering liar, that what I was doing was no way to honor the and only Son of God and expect to see another day, much less heaven. Since then, I've not had any cigarettes of any kind, I let another read the magazine, and I've been more open about witnessing for Christ in my daily life. I mean, there's got to be a reason for me still being here when death has lost the battle not just a few time; I have diabetes, sarcoidosis adult onset diabetes, with asthma and exzema to boot. I've had to learn to walk twice since becoming an adult. I've been on so many different kinds and types of medicines. I have no children and never will be able to nor will I be able to forget the ones I've miscarried or the one I did abort. Still, God has not forsaken me, He still sees that all my needs are met, that I somehow can get my medicines even I and my husband are broke. He is, has been and will continue to be just as faithful, Of this I am sure. I just had to learn to be less selfish with something that already belongs to God enough to give it back to Him in service, is all.

Leah 1/29/2003
I'm very new to all this, so I'm sure I don't have any true sacrifices to share with you. I have found, however, that you must remain strong in your faith no matter what other people think. I have very little support from those around me, but I know that I need to shamelessly "wear" my faith. It doesn't matter what others think about me, it matters what God thinks. Now I pray for the strength and courage to help those around me find Christ. Leah W

Carol 1/29/2003
I did not know I was making a sacrifice until I read the rest of your letters. I raised my three sons without a father. Now I am in the ninth year of caring for my mother who is blind in one eye and has other medical problems. I never saw it as a sacrifice but the Bible does say, "if you do unto the least of these you have done to me also" I have been born again and backslid and now am back in church. I really count my Christian walk from 1982 as that is when I re-committed to our Lord and Savior. I also may lose a Jewish friend of 25 years due to my continued emails regarding Christ. I do love her and do not want her to be lost. Pray with me, and God Bless You.

Sarah 1/29/2003
I am raising my 2 grandsons. They are now 6 & 7. They came to live with me at ages 1 & 2. My husband & I decided that we would put "our" life on hold and make sure that theirs was as full as we could make it. I have to say that we have both enjoyed being "Mama & Daddy" again. God has blessed us with so much joy thru them.

Missy 1/29/2003
We needed to send my son away to live with his bio-dad. It has been heart-breaking to see the things that have happened but we needed to let him go, knowing that if we did, he would get what he needed.

Andrew 1/29/2003
I have recently made one of the biggest sacrifices of my life. I moved 3,000 miles away to a different country, culture, and lifestyle. I left everything I ever truly loved and valued behind. In August 2001 my friend Tommy invited me to his church. I was raised atheistic; I was depressed and suicidal; I was looking for a purpose in life. I found it. I kept going to that church (Northwest Tampa Church of Christ) and grew in my faith. On February 17, 2002 I was baptized into Christ forever changing my life; and without knowing, the lives of many. Around Easter my family began to attend church with me. I went on a missions trip to Honduras in July and the day I came back my Mom was baptized and my Dad also was baptized a few weeks later. Now I have uprooted from the church that changed my life, all those people I love, and I am in England. It is a country that has lost its way. It is a land of sin. I feel like a lamb in a pack of wolves. But, I know my mission, God has given it to me and I will follow it. I sacrificed everything I knew in Tampa so I could spread the gospel, and bring people to Christ. I'm on a mission from God and I ask that you pray I will succeed. Thank you and God bless, Andrew

TRACIE 1/28/2003
Being the parent of four children, everything I do is a sacrifice for them. I try to put a little bit of time aside for myself in the evenings, but the rest of my waking hours are committed to doing for them. Sometimes I harbor resentment, usually when I'm having a bad day, but to know that I am the one person who makes the biggest impact on molding these children so they grow into responsible adults is a incredible responsibility. My oldest son, who I constantly worried about throughout his teen years, is now employed full-time at a good paying job, is financially responsible, and has the most wonderful personality. Because of my patience and willfulness to put myself aside and put the children first and then see the results is the most rewarding experience. One down, three to go!!! God bless

Diane 1/28/2003
I have learned that when you seek happiness for yourself it will elude you but when you seek happiness for others you will find yourself. I think sacrifice is something that you really do not want to do but you feel you need to do it because you want to give up something. If you don't think of it as something you are denying yourself of it will become second nature and you will be able to share yourself more and be able to do more then you ever expected you could do.

Pat 1/28/2003
I used to think that I had given my whole life to making others happy. I now know since my closer walk with Jesus that I wasn't giving anything to the Lord, and should have been doing that to start sharing with others. I now am raising my 4 year old grandson, whose mom is bi-polar schitzophenic, along with having many other mental problems has never been able to care for him. She had him for 1 month, and my husband and I have had him ever since. It has given me the chance to raise him to have a closer walk with God, than I did for his mom. It has also helped me to talk and encourage her to find God and make him her one and only provider. My husband and I feel that giving up our older years of being alone with each other, were well worth it for God giving us the chance to help our daughter and our grandson. We were looking forward to the days of no kids at home, not being involved with school activities, scouts, parties, potty training, and all the other stuff that goes along with child raising. But we have drawn closer to each other and our own children and so many others since God gave our grandson to us and said do the best you can.…

Mary 1/28/2003
My friend, whom I recently made friends with invited me to her mothers condo where she and her son lives. She is very depressed due to the troubles she is having with her husband who went out on her and also was in jail for a time. When I saw the condition the home she lived in was in, I felt a great deal of compassion for her, knowing how tired she must feel from this ordeal. So I sacrificed my time to helping her clean her home, which was horribly dirty! Taking her first to get all the cleaning things and scents to make her house clean and smelling beautiful. I feel it was a privilege to do this because I have suffered through terrible depression myself and had wonderful loving friends come along side to help clean my house when I was incapable as well. Praise God for such love that can only come through Him to meet the needs of those who are suffering. I can only praise Him for such a honor as that, to serving Him as He has for me beyond what I could ever do for Him.

Agnes 1/28/2003
It looks like I will go first. Perhaps no one wishes to talk about sacrifices they have made in their life as they prefer it to be between them and God. When I was a teenager there were four girls in my small town who were friends. They were headed to hard times, even death because of their evil way of living. I was a friend to them as I talked with them, trying to turn them around and towards a good life and God. A former friend turned from me. She no longer wanted to be a friend, saying I was with the 'wrong crowd', though I never went anyway with the teens. I lost a friend and endured her insults which cut deep. Of the four teens I did try to help turn around to living a better life one listened. She married later and moved out of state. Losing my friend was something that could have happened anyway. Her narrow opinions of me and insults cut the deepest.