Reader Response: LB Changed Lives
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Reader Response: Left Behind Changed Lives

I Felt the Power
One of my husband's coworkers gave him Left Behind to read, and after he'd read it he told me it was a good read and I should give it a try. I didn't want to because I knew the premise of it. I was raised in Christianity and at one point even had a relationship with God and had walked away. So there the book sat until last week when I walked by it for what had to be the 100th time. I paused and picked it up and started to read it. I was hooked! It's a fast read, great characters and story line. Just the kind of book I like to read. Yet, this book had something more in it, something that touched my core. This book was truth and not just a story. I felt God talking to me while reading. I felt him nudging me and saying, "You know this is truth." In the core of me I did, and that gave me the courage to talk to my husband about it. We had a very in-depth conversation. Both of us being intellects who have a hard time believing in anything, we both 'felt' the power of God in this book. We're now going to go find a church so we can draw closer to God as a couple and find out what God's plan for us is!

I Feel Like Hattie
I've lived with the notion that all roads lead to the same God. Be good and you shall be one of the people to go to Heaven. Wow, my eyes have been opened! I feel much like Hattie must have felt—my past is not anything to be proud of, but it's a part of me. I feel not-worthy, but know I am. I'm two-stepping Jesus and I'm not really sure why. Your books have made me open my Bible again and really read what is written. Thank you!

A Lot Like Bruce
After reading Left Behind, I realized I was a lot like Bruce. I was a wishy-washy Christian. I did a lot of praying and joined a church (which I had been away from for many years). I told everyone I knew to read these great books, which make us understand where we stand with God and His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Tim and Jerry for making the Lord open my eyes.

Never Understood
I began reading and listening to the Left Behind series while I was attending the University of Georgia in 1999. I had gone to church all of my life, but never understood the meanings of prophecies. I was saved, but didn't act like it all of the time. Goodness knows I need a savior every day. I would read and re-read them as a teenager, praying for understanding. I remember watching various Hollywood movies and knew their depiction of the end of time and sin was inaccurate. After reading and listening to the books and tapes/CD's of the Left Behind series, I understood. I'm now a teacher and coach in public school and understand more than ever the urgency to guide students toward Christ because time is short on receiving him. Thank you for your books that have helped me and so many others understand the Scriptures of prophecy giving comfort to all of us who await the rapture and seeing Christ return in glory possibly within our lifetime.
—Joel from Georgia

Concerned About My Soul
Since reading the Left Behind books I've become more concern about my soul and wanting to be ready when Jesus returns. I hate to know that Left Behind is about to END! Many of my friends have become Left Behind readers. The stories have made a great impact on some of my friends by coming to Christ. I know there is a GREAT battle coming and I want to be on the winning side, which is Christ! Thanks for helping me prepare myself for Jesus return.

I'd seen the Left Behind series in the library near my home and had been curious about them. What kept me from reading them was that they were a Christian series and had to do with God, which was something I didn't want at the time. I was going through many hard things such as bills, jail time, drugs, alcohol, and other things. I was beginning to change my life and decided to read a book in the series. From the moment I began to read the first book I was hooked—not only on the story itself but the meaning of God and Jesus behind it. It took me less than two weeks to read through book nine, and I was moved by the thought of taking Jesus into my life. After the ninth book I accepted Jesus and I've been blessed ever since. With Jesus in my life everything seems to be so much clearer, and He has helped me through some of the most difficult times. The most important lesson I think I've learned so far is forgiveness. Forgiving myself and others for their wrongs has left me with such joy and fulfillment. Just knowing that Jesus and God are there for me and willing to accept me as a sinner and forgive my sins is such an uplifting thing. I never knew what I'd been missing in my life, and I thank God every day for the authors of this series for showing me the way to Jesus. I would suggest this series to everyone.

Closer to God
A few years ago, I started to read the Left Behind series. At first it was just because my parents had read it and I wanted to see what they liked so much about it. When I started getting further along in the book, I realized why they liked it so much. The conversations and storyline isn't fake at all, and the style makes you want to keep reading and reading. You can't put it down. I'd been drifting away from God, and the books brought me closer to him. Now I've read the series more than 4 times, and still, every time I read the books, they make me feel closer to God.

Now I Read My Bible Every Day
The Left Behind series made me come to God. I'd never been close to God. I've always believed in God and Jesus, but I never really focused on His law, His love, and His sacrifice. The series made me re-examine everything and get on the right path. I now read the Bible every day and study His Words. Since becoming closer, I now know my life is important. The depression I've battled since I was a little girl has subsided, and I feel a joy about life.

A Love for Prophecy
Left Behind has had tremendous bearing on my life. I started with the kids books when I was 12 and read all of them cover to cover in a day or two, unable to put them down. Then the kids series ended. Just last year I picked up the first book of the adult Left Behind series and found myself "hooked," all over again. These books gave me a love for prophecy. They're actually how I learned about the Rapture/Tribulation/Second Coming. It's not that I wasn't saved, I'd just never been actually taught about it. I love the series, and the characters have encouraged me to want a deeper more meaningful relationship with my Savior. Above all, they made me realize that I should be watchful for His soon return, for He could return at any minute! Come quickly LORD JESUS!!!

Considering a Career Change
My life was completely changed when I read the Left Behind series. I am a "cradle Catholic" that thought I knew about Jesus and His impact on my life. By reading these and Joel Rosenberg's novels, I've found a closer relationship with God and with Jesus, and have completely accepted Him as my savior. I am now seriously considering a major career change, to go back to school to pursue a theology degree so I can become a lay minister. Thank you Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins … you've changed my life.
— Ellen

God's Been Calling My Name
Left Behind has made me treasure, yet fear, the almighty power of God. It's amazing to me that He has such total control over all the events in the universe. I relate closely to Bruce Barnes from the first book, in his false belief that he is always forgiven and doesn't have to try and eradicate the sin that plagues him. I too used to go by that train of thought, and catch myself doing it occasionally. It's eye opening to see a fictional account of what my life could be if I were to continue in my ways. But God's been calling my name and calling me everywhere I go recently. It's relieving to have something so real to depend upon.

My Employees Have Been Saved
The impact of this series could not possibly be measured! I'm a born again believer, yet after reading the whole series, I was still amazed at all that I learned from these books. The authors were very smart to add bible verses to back up the events that happened in their books. I've had so many of my employees saved after reading the series, and have opened up for so many questions, leading to many being saved, Bible studies, baptisms, and the future harvesting of souls. I'm so thankful that God used Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye as his instrument in doing so, and now look forward to their last book in the series.

I Was an Atheist
The Left Behind series had a great influence on my decision to becoming a Christian at the age of 63. All my adult life I'd professed to being an atheist. My wife, whom I met at the age of 51, was a born-again Christian, a Bible school graduate, and had been a full-time children's evangelist. For 11 years we'd lived a very happy life except the most important, spiritually. We mutually respected each other's faith and lack of faith. On occasions she would mention to me about a series of books she'd heard of called Left Behind. One day I was in a bookstore and saw a display for one of the books. I bought her a copy of the first in the series, and as she read it she would mention to me the series was written about the end of the world. She knew I always enjoyed reading science fiction so the thought of the series intrigued me. When she finished reading the first book I picked it up and starting reading it. I read the first book and was hooked. At first I was annoyed with the Scripture in the book and tried to skip over those portions, but soon realized that the biblical passages explained the whole plot, so I had to discipline myself to read them carefully. I continued to buy the series, and my wife would explain to me what I didn't understand. After reading the first three books of the series I had begun to question my life-long belief that there was no God or Heaven. I soon told my wife that I wanted to go to a church and see how I felt about it. We went to a church, and after listening to the sermons over a three-week period, I came under the conviction to be saved. A month later I was led to the Lord by my wife on the couch in our living room. Two months later I was baptized. Now two years later I'm proud to say that my wife is the Sunday school superintendent and I'm her assistant and an usher in our church. We're also students in the Liberty Home Bible Institute. So, your series of books had a great influence on my decision to become a Christian, and I eagerly look forward to the last book in the series, Kingdom Come. God bless Jerry and Tim from a 67-year-old man who did not become a Christian until the senior age of 63. This proves you can teach an old dog new tricks.

"He's with Me!"
In reading this series from the beginning, you've brought me back to my Lord and Savior. What could be more wonderful? You've helped me to understand where in this time I fit in, and I've been extremely blessed! I was given strength to pray for/with my brother (a professed atheist) on the day of his death from cancer. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done; however, the following evening, God's Holy Spirit came to me and spoke those most glorious words, "He's with Me!" I was then able to testify to this wonderful occurrence before a group of over 300 bikers, friends, and family, at his funeral. God has blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you for the wonderful gift of knowing Him better, and I'll never stop witnessing His glorious name! God Bless you for sharing your knowledge and understanding of His Holy Word. See you there!!! A humbled servant.

A Lot Less Scary
I was afraid to read these books at first. Thinking about the end times scared me. My mother gave me Left Behind and told me to read it. I finally did, and then I couldn't get enough. I read each of the books within a few weeks after that. Then I couldn't wait for the rest to come out. I grew up in church, but when I married and moved away, I quit going for a while. These books inspired me to go back to church and get my life right with God again. I definitely didn't want to be left behind. My husband isn't a believer. I tried to get him to read the books, but he won't. I made him promise that if the kids and I disappear someday that he will read the books. Thank you so much for these books. They made the end times come alive for me and made it a lot less scary.

An Important Difference in My Life
Having been intimately involved with Left Behind, as scriptwriter for several of the dramatic audios and more recently the computer game, Left Behind has made an important difference in my life. Of far greater value to me is the way it taught me that we need to be watching for the imminent return of the Lord and the Rapture of the saints. If we truly lived like the Rapture could take place today, there would be less people who would miss out on it. Left Behind illustrated that in such a dramatic way—we need to remember that THIS speculative fiction has a strong basis in truth. And I've seen people come to the Lord through the books and dramas.

A New Desire Kindled
The Left Behind series has forever changed my life! Two years ago I was living in Las Vegas, and, for me, that was "Sin City" in more ways than I care to remember. I can now see I was rapidly spiraling toward an early grave … physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I was 55 years old and already feeling worn out, helpless, and hopeless. I was gambling and losing money at an alarming rate; my blood pressure was so out of control that I had to be hospitalized twice; I was depressed and alone, functioning on autopilot, and running out of fuel. One day a coworker told me about some books she'd just been given as a gift—the Left Behind series. She'd only started reading the first book but was very excited about it, and I asked if I could take a look at it when she finished. A few days later, my coworker brought me the first book, and I read it that night. That's right … I read the first book in one night and took it back to her the next day, eagerly asking for the next one. To make a long story short, within eight days, I'd read the entire series! Before I'd even finished the first book, I realized I didn't want to be one of the ones left behind. I came to the realization that the sorry condition of my life was due to turning my back on God, making poor (and sometimes dangerous) choices that put both soul and body at risk. The Left Behind series rekindled in me a desire to LIVE, to know God, and to experience His healing love in my life again. I realized that, when I meet Jesus, my King of Kings, I want us both to be smiling! The Left Behind series brought it graphically home to me that I needed to step off the wide path to hell I was trodding and plant my feet on the narrow path that leads to life everlasting. Not only because I hope to be spared the horrors of the coming Tribulation or the eternal fires of hell, but because I love God and hope to live in the earthly Kingdom of my Lord Jesus Christ. I'm eternally grateful to God for putting that coworker in my path and making the books available to me through her when I really needed them. Without the Left Behind series, it's no exaggeration to say that I might be dead now.

My Children Were Saved
I shared the books with my daughter and teenage granddaughter, and they both accepted the Lord and were baptized in 2005. Praises!! The series was an answer to my prayers for the salvation of my daughter and now even my granddaughter.

Now I Understand
The Left Behind series basically saved my life. I was an unsaved person when I first started reading the series, and after the first book I became saved and HOOKED. I cannot thank you enough for explaining the book of Revelation in terms that I and probably millions of others can understand. God has blessed us all with you! Thank you, and continued blessings to you and yours. I will see you in heaven!!

A Real Life-Changer
Dear Mr. Jerry Jenkins and Mr. Tim LaHaye, I've known about Left Behind since 2004, but never knew what it actually meant. But I was only 11 at the time. Now that I am 14, I know exactly what this is all about. Left behind has been a life-changer for me. It's like I never know when Jesus will come back. Now I'm only reading the kid series. I've never read the adult series before. But it's amazing how the kid's series is very parallel to the adult series. I hope you both continue writing books. They are awesome. I tip my hat off to you guys. (Even though I'm not wearing a hat!) But still I love your books. May God bless and keep you.