Most Difficult Prayer

QUESTION: What was your most difficult prayer?

Here are reader responses:

Danielle 5/26/05 7:22 PM
My most difficult prayer is always the same. Admitting to God that I am a sinner and that I am not worthy of His love and forgiveness. But as I pray, I speak of how much God loved me that He sent Jesus, God and Man, to be crucified for our sins. How did I become so lucky?! I am blessed everyday and I can only praise God for it. But I do sin, like all of us, and it hurts me so deeply because it hurts Him. I am so thankful for Jesus' sacrafice. Now I am able to live eternal life with Him and that gives me every reason to repent. Praise God and pray for forgiveness!

dianne 5/28/05 4:39 PM
My most difficult prayer was asking God to take my Mother. She was ill, and I knew she would / could not last too much longer. In my heart I was not ready for her to go, so everyday I prayed that she would "last longer". But finally I could see her declining state, and realized that to ask God to keep her here on earth was just being selfish. I came to terms with her illness, state of mind and I prayed to God - I told him I was ready to let go of her, and that he could now take her if that was His will. Later that afternoon she passed.

Angela M 6/1/05 2:14 PM
A friend of mine encouraged me to read the Left Behind Series. I devoured book after book, but after the second book, I began to truly question my faith. I had been raised in a church, but was on the fence about whether I truly believed in Jesus or not. I began to pray to "Whomever was listening" to show me where I actually was. I was so afraid of the answer I would receive, because deep down I knew where I was. Once I accepted truth, I was released from doubt and worry. I finished the series, knowing that one day I will join our Lord in heaven. What a glorious day!

Alli 6/12/05 9:58 PM
Sometimes when I'd pray a while agoi felt like i didnt really know what to say. I wondered if i was (lack of a better word) worthy to say some things, i was shy and i felt awkward and nervous when i went through my prayers. Also i would lose my train of thought and wander in my mind < silly i know. I struggled with every prayer. Luckily now i have grown in my faith and have learned that God doesnt care and accepts what i have to say and understands every word even if it is gibberish to my closest friend.

Flaming_Arrow 6/14/05 3:46 AM
I can't really say that praying can be diffcult unless your a person just recieveing Christ but then again praying can be hard especially when you want God to answer it really bad but thats really not what I'm trying to say is in order for God to answers thoughs prayers is if we make the effort for them to be answered,I mean we just can't sit around on ours butts waiting on God to do all the work!,we have to get up get out and start making thoughs prayers happening and show God that we can hold our own...well thats just my opinion on the subject also as I close this up I would have to say the most Difficult prayer I asked God was to make me a better person and if your thinking why would that be hard thats something better answered another time.

Christina 6/15/05 3:44 PM
My most difficult prayer was on June 3, 2002. Our 4 yr old son had been battleing a brain tumor for 3 years. On May 10 2002 we were told the end was drawing near. The tumor took off rapidly through the chemo and it was only a matter of days to a couple of weeks, if we were lucky 3 more months. So hense the waiting and watching started. Our prayers more intese for a miricale, that some how , some way God would spare or precious boy from the same fate so many other brain tumor children shared. Over those 2 weeks he declined more and more rapidly. Hospice had me bathing him with a wet cloth and a spray. On Monday June 3 I filled the tub up, got in and had my husband bring us our son. He loved takeing baths, not so this time. His body literally floated to the surface of the water and he starting getting upset because he couldn't enjoy his bath. I had my husband remove him, I got dressed and went on the porch and prayed a prayer I swore I would never pray. I looked up at the stars and told God " Enough is enough, he has been thorugh to much already, although I will miss him and I dont want to let him go If you are not going to heal him please Lord take him home, set him free". I just cried along time. JonJon passed away 2 days later on June 5th while in my arms. I felt God more those weeks leading up to JonJon's passing then I ever have. And I also now have a better understanding what God went through on the day His Son died. Until I had to watch my son take his last breath while looking into his eyes I never put a thought to what God must have been going through on that day, watching His Son suffer at the hands of the people He created and watching His Son die, knowing He could stop it all but knowing that He couldn't stop it if he wanted a way for us sinners to come to Him for all eternity.

joshua 6/15/05 4:31 PM
One day i asked God to show me who i was in him. What did i need to change in my life so i would know what i MENT to My God. I gave up every friend i had, my car, i even lost my job. all within 3 weeks of asking God to remove from my life the things that are not from him. Then 3 months later, at youth group, i felt as if Jesus was walking through the group and wrapping his arms around each one saying "I love him" or "If this one only knew i loved them" Then out of nowhere, i felt him wrap his arms around me, and i heard his voice, as silent as a stream, but as diffenitive as thunder tellme. "Joshua, I love you. " and i knew then that his love was more then i would ever be able to messure, and understand. Sure i knew he loved me when he died for my sins, but to feel his love, i was overwhelmed. and didnt leave the youth group for a few hours. it was worth asking God to show me the bad me, and to make me the Man he knew i was.

Matthew 6/21/05 8:02 AM
There are so many times in our lives when we truly can't help ourselves or others. We need to rely on God to help us. I have had many very difficult prayers in my life. I'd have to say one of my most difficult prayers took place earlier this year when my grandmother died. I had never really experienced the loss of someone so close to me before, except for pets. My grandfather died, but I was only in the first grade. I really didn't understand it then. When I knelt before her body at the wake, I prayed that God would keep her safe and happy forever in Heaven. For many people, including myself, a prayer like that is final step in realizing that the person has died. They are not physically with us anymore. That prayer was very difficult for me because it was my final goodbye to my grandmother, whom I love so much.

Dusty 6/21/05 8:38 PM
When i was in the seventh grade (currently a senior) i started cutting myself. Anything to get the attention of my dad. At the same time all his attention was going to God. I began to despise god. I had a very deep hatred for him. Well things progresivly got worse. I got into the whole Goth scene and i started trying pathetic attempts of suicide and i thought i was bisexual. Earlier this year (August 29) I got high for the first time and I just kept doing drugs and drinking alcohol and cutting myself even more. Then one night in January,i had a dream that i killed someone and someone told me that jesus would not forgive me of my sins. And the feeling of lost and confusion scared me to death. So a couple of days later i was drving down the road and i remembered the dream and i started crying and i was begging god to forgive and I will NEVER forget the feeling of peace that just washed over me. My hardest prayer was my sinners plea, i didnt know what to say and it was hard to admit being a sinner. THank you for reading this.

Kelley 6/22/05 12:17 PM
I have to say, that for a long time I believed I was living in the name of Jesus Christ. But I also used to think I controlled my life. I thought if i wanted something I could pray, but ultimately I would get it for myself. Now, since reading the left behind series, I find that I had barely lived for HIM. I have changed so much in my life and I pray for the people in my life who have not found Jesus and God. In the meantime I have found new friends in Christianity and I have a great boyfriend who came from a very religious family. His family and I talk often of these books and I feel at home. I have such a "thirst" for the Bible. These books have changed my life. I have learned so much about myself and life, and I live for Jesus and God now. I trust Him. And I now know that He is in control of my life. God has 3 answers to every prayer...YES, NOT YET, and I HAVE SOMETHING BETTER IN MIND. Thank you, Kelley in Maryland

s. 6/22/05 8:59 PM
I had found my sister after 36 yrs and she had many problems. The biggest being the neglect of her children. I prayed daily but it got worse. Within a year the kids were taken from her 3 times because she would threatened to kill herself. I did all I could but I couldnt raise those kids. Even though I was very affected by not knowing our father. I prayed to God to intervene even if it meant seperating her from the kids. Then I felt he tested me by putting it in my hands. While she was in the hospital I had temporay custody. Against her wishes I sent them to their father in another state. My sister hates me and will probably never understand. The kids are doing well and I know it was for the best. I searched many years for what I thought was the family I longed for, and could be part of, to find I had to sacrifice my need for the saftey of the children. Please pray for us all...your friend in Christ

Mary 6/24/05 3:56 PM
I have a hard trying to get God to hear my prays. I know he hear me but why do he not respond to me. I am lacking in my prays requests. I am not asking for a lot. I just needed so guiding on what to do with my life. I am a backslider. I recently gave my life back to christ and now I really, really needed help do the right thing so that I don't get left behind. Please also pray especially for my husband. He really been fighting with demons on his back. He wants to come to Jesus but he is in a spiritual warwith hisself. He calls me the devil himself. I tried to get him to go to church with me. He just said, that all those people are foreigner and I don't want to be in the same church with them. That's hurts and sometime when I want to go, he just cause a scene where I go and sometime I don't just to keep from hearing his mouth. One morning I hear a voice yelled in my ear to go. I so I went. Please pray for my husband and my daughters, especially me. I am so sorry for the long Testimonial, but just needed to pour my aching soul out to somebody. Please for me. I really need it. Thank You ME

Shawn 6/26/05 10:55 PM
Today, 6 - 25 - 05, I wrecked my first car. I am only 18 and I just wanted to thank God openly for his guiding hand. My Car is Totaled and I only came away with a Spraned back. The lord had his hand on me. And what was great was I was leaving Church and on my way to Work. I was listening to 106.9 in Blackmountain, NC and the Song from Job, "Blessed be the name of the Lord." I truly say, "You give and take away, Blessed be the name of the Lord." Shawn

Sue 6/28/05 8:14 AM
My most difficult prayer is for my former sister-in-law. She cheated on my brother with another man, whom she is now living with. They have 2 children, a boy age 10 and a daughter age 14. My brother, who is a good Christian man and an awesome father, now has to worry about what kind of example she is setting for her children by living this way. I feel that she is selfish and uncaring. Instead of trying to make her marriage work and keep her family together, she chose to go out drinking and spending time with her boyfriend and lying about it. I pray that she will come back to Christ and I pray that I can forgive her. This is definitely a difficult prayer since I have so much anger toward her.

Emily 6/29/05 9:40 PM
My story really isn't worth printing, no catastrophe brought me to God. I was just a child, having a slow realization of what I needed. I was only five years old when I said the sinners' prayer. I hardly remember the day, but my spiritual life is what has been keeping me strong, even eight years later. My life as a child was happy, for the most part. Though my life took a turn for the worse when I had started becoming a young woman. My father molested me, I lived in living fear of my father. For two years I lived like that. My hardest prayer was the courage to tell somebody. God answered that prayer by giving me encouraging friends that prayed fo me constantly. Then finally I told my mother. It was the worst thing I ever had to experince. It made me ill to think of telling my mother. When I finally did, My mother told me that we were going to leave daddy, that she was going to make sure he never hurt me or my sisters ever again. We ran to my mother's brother's home in AZ and that's where I am right now, typing this to My siblings in christ to give them encourgement nad to remind them that GOd answers prayer. My Hardest Prayer now is to have faith in God and courge in Him so that I can sooner or later face my father.

Trace 7/6/05 1:35 PM
My most difficult was asking for forgivnis for all the bad stuff i've done.

Derrick 7/13/05 10:17 AM
I was walking to my next class at college, and all of a sudden I felt the heavy weight of my daily routine and my classes pile up on me, like no matter where I turned my problems followed, I started to pray and asked God to help me, to show me the way, and to lead me out of this; moments later I felt at peace, knowing my faith and trust was in God and my problems seemed to become meaningless. I love you always Jesus

John B 7/14/05 4:17 PM
I tried to find my way by using alcohol but that didn't work than I got involved in pornography and all it did was make me lonely and lost. As I despaired of ever having peace my mother was showing me the way with her actions and I didn't even realize it until she passed away in April 28th 1999. I watched her that morning leave this world at peace there was a gleaming in her eyes as she breathed her last as if she was seeing something I could not see. It was that peace she had that finally got my attention I had seen my dads great uncle Bud die and he died in anguish fighting right up till taking his last breath it was just such a stark contrast that got me to asking myself how would I have acted if I had been on my death bed. The answer was I would have been fighting for each breath. After coming to this realization I began trying to find out why she could die so peacefully It kept coming back to the same thing in 1970 she attendeded a Billy Graham Crusade with a good friend, and her life changed so had mine at the time I was 11 years old and not hapy with this turn of events and dragged my feet every Sunday morning hoping she would finely leave me at home it didn't happen she said as long as I lived in the house I was going so I looked forward to when I could get my own place it was after gaduation from High School that I was able to break away I searched for years trying to fill a emptiness that didn't seem to ever get enough. I began asking the right questions and finally got it through my thick skull that I could do nothing to make it happen accept recognize that I needed a savior On Sunday november 13th 1999 I prayed the hardest, and also the easiest prayer and my life changed Imediatly I don't mean the circumstances but the way I saw and handled them changed I thank my mother for her prayers and I thank you Tim Lahaye, and Jerry Jenkins for exciting a hunger to learn more and aalso share Christ with others.

Alisa 7/15/05 9:41 PM
My most difficult prayer came just recently. I have gone through a crisis of faith. I found myself very angry at God and questioning how a loving Father could continue to allow stress over so many problems to rule my life. I didn't yell at Him or say the awful things I felt or thought. But He knew my heart. He sent me messages from every source imaginable. The message was this: God doesn't allow our lives to be problem free. Stress is a natural condition of being human. Problems make us stronger even if it is the same problem over and over. We are forged as steel through our difficulties. If our lives were problem free, then our lives would be perfect and we would not look to Him as often as we should. The difficult prayer was to ask for Him to forgive my anger and to forgive my demanding prayers. Basically to forgive my hardened heart. I now ask, thank and think of others. My life, even with the problems I have, is not nearly as bad as others in this world who do not trust God and who don't have Jesus in their hearts. I can honestly say, as hard as my life has been, especially in recent years, God has always seen me through those times as well as through the good times. I forgot this with recent developments, but was quickly reminded by the most powerful support system on earth! Thank you for the chance to share this and for the awesome website!

Ashlee 7/17/05 7:21 PM
My most difficult prayer was asking the Lord to take my brother home while in one of his many comas and through all of the suffering from having a terminal illness. The Lord did answer my prayer and my brother was taken home on November 15, 2000, but now I know that I'll see when I'm taken home.

Shanee 7/20/05 10:16 AM
I would'nt say it was my most diffulcult, but i would say it was the most incredibly intense, one i've ever had. I was praying that God take my life into his hands because I was at a loss with what he wanted me to do with it. I asked Christ to just devour me with his spirt and suddenly the most awesome feelings overcame me. My hands were warm and tingling my chest heavy. I started to laugh uncontrollably then i started to cry while still laughing. I knew at that very moment Christ was in that room with me, in my very soul. I was not worthy of what he allowed me to experience but yet i was graced by his presence and for that i am eternally gratefull.