Questions about Heaven

QUESTION: What's the number one question you have about Heaven?

Here are reader responses:

One question I have about heaven is will we look the same when we died? I mean, if someone died at 80 would they look 80, or younger? Thanks for doing what you do.

How do you know for sure that your going to Heaven?

I was always told that all the angels in heaven had a job. You know, when it rains, Jesus tells them to dump all the tears that Jesus has caught and that's how we get rain. So i was wondering if that was true, are we getting a job when we get to heaven?

Questions: 1. How much will we remember of our earthly life (specifically, will we remember sins we committed)? 2. What will be the general characteristics of our eternal bodies? 3. How often do we get to see the Lord?

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, but I have one small question. When we die, do we stay dead until the Rapture or do we go up to heaven when we die?

There are so many questions that I have about Heaven I don't know where to start. I suppose the number one question is what will life in Heaven be like? Will we spend eternity praising the Lord? That would be just fine by me. Or will the Lord have assignments for us to fulfill? I guess that's more than one question. Sorry, but I did say that there were many. No matter what it's like, I can't wait to get there!

The question I have about heaven is the millennium is not heaven, correct? Heaven happens after the millennium?

I wonder what I'll be like when I get to heaven. Being a very busy person, I'm always on the go and love helping family members and others. Will God our Father have a job he needs me to do or will it be like a revival for eternity?

My friend told me it's a sin to believe animals have souls and will go to heaven. I don't believe that. I've never read the Bible or gone to church before, but I have looked up things on the internet and asked friends and family members about everything. Are animals in heaven? Do they have a soul or are they just here?

Hi, I have one question. I enjoy church and worship, and I love God. But I always hear this type of voice thing inside of me asking, is God really real? I know he is, but if that voice keeps coming inside of me and I wonder about it, will I go to heaven? Yes, I have given my life to him.

I really do not have a question about Heaven, just a comment that I know that Heaven must beautiful, with lots of love, understanding.

I've committed every sin short of murder. I believe in and love God (though I haven't always). Even though I have been reborn in the love of Christ, I can't overcome the guilt of my past. Is there any hope for me that I'll find a place in heaven?

Will we be able to freely interact with friends/family?

I have one big question. I have an aunt who is blind and her daughter was paraplegic and she died. In heaven, will they be able to see and walk and talk just like everyone else?

I was wondering what I would look like in Heaven. Will I look different than I do now?

The number 1 question about heaven is: How do we really know if loved one who have passed away are there? I mean only God knows each of our hearts, and I am curious to know if I will see my mom and grandma again as well as others. Thank you for helping me find my way again and answering my question.

I always wondered if animals went to heaven. I know Christian people do, but do animals?

Mary Josephine
I would like to know if Mary and Joseph will be married forever in Heaven. I would like to think they were so much in love that they could not be happy without each other. I think that people who would believe that couples like that would have to live without each other are very heartless.

Does the Bible say anything about how old we will be in heaven? If we die when we're a baby, will we be older? If we're old when we die, will we be younger?

What's it really like in heaven? I mean not just one of those short answers. What really happens when we die? Is that just it? Or is there much more to it?

My biggest fear is if my children do not accept Jesus into their hearts they will not go to heaven. In my heart, I don't know if I can live with Jesus knowing I failed as a mother and could not get my children to accept Jesus and God. I know in God's heaven, there will be no tears or pain, but how will he take my pain of not having my children with me in heaven? As a mother, I can't fathom the possibility of relinquishing the fact that I did not bear these children so how can I live with myself in heaven knowing my children are in hell? Does God have that much love that he can take away that much pain from a mother? I am in the process of reading the Left Behind series and need desperately to find answers to questions that weigh heavy on my heart.

J. Lynn
What happens to unborn (aborted) babies? Will they be reunited with their mothers in Heaven?

My number one question would probably be: Will we be sad when we realize that some of our dearly beloved friends and maybe family members will never join us in heaven? Is there sadness in heaven?

Having read Revelation—I noticed it stated that only the 144,000 would receive the Mark of Christ of their foreheads. Does this mean that only these will be invited to Heaven? I also wondered about the genuinely good people in the world who have not necessarily been saved—does this mean that these people will not go to heaven despite the good works they have done?

When the Bible says the streets of Heaven are made of gold, what type? My mom and I both think white gold.

My question is this: When we get to Heaven, will we recognize our family as our family? Will we even know our blood-related family from earth? If not, what do you think it will be like?

My question is do we go to Heaven after the 1000-year reign of Jesus on Earth? Or does God create a new Heaven and Earth and God lives with us again on Earth?

I have a question about heaven. Would we ever turn bad like some angels have before in Heaven?

As a born again Christian, I've never had this question answered. In Heaven, when we arrive, I know I will be very happy to see loved ones again but, what about those who didn't make it? Will I remember them and be sad?

My number one question about heaven is will it be different things for different people? I mean someone's idea of heaven might be a beach or a secluded forest

Question: Will we know one another; especially those loved ones who have died, when we get to Heaven? From my Hubby: Will there be animals there?

Does each angel have a specific job to do all day long?

Will the earth we live on now become the actual heaven?

My number one question about Heaven is—when believers get called up to heaven when the rapture takes place, will our pets go with us? My dog is my everything. I love her so much, and I know no matter what, the Lord will take care of her, but I still can't get the image of her being down here alone without us out of my head. I know people will be left behind, but would they want to take care of a dog? Would they even care at all? It's just something I really worry about! I have read all of the kids books and I know there is a dog in the book, so does that mean pets wont be raptured?

I'm constantly getting into religious discussions with my boyfriend. While he believes Jesus Christ is the Savior, he doesn't believe He is the ONLY way to Heaven. He speaks about men, women, and children in far away countries who will never be exposed to the Bible. He says by saying Jesus is the only way, I am condemning all who have different beliefs. I would never purposely condemn anyone, and I know that it's not my place to judge. But I do question how these people who will never have the chance to hear the true Word can be judged fairly? See, I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the only way, but what about those who will never even know Jesus' name? Is there a purgatory where they will have a choice to learn?

I've always wondered about that verse that says that if we are absent from our body, we are present with the Lord. do we go to heaven right after we die, or do we sleep until the glorious appearing?

My number one question about Heaven is, before God's kingdom on Earth occurs, will all of the dead martyrs and saints and regular people in Heaven be active in Heaven? Or will they be dormant [except for praising God, of course]? I was just never clear on whether or not the people in Heaven are walking around and praising God and watching the humans still on Earth, or if they were dormant and praising God. Or are they even praising God at all if they're completely dormant?

Sis. Mawusi
My number one question about Heaven is speculative, but: God is going to wipe away all of our {the redeemed} tears. Everyone who goes to Heaven will have some loved ones who didn't make it. Will God's consolation sooth away our mourning and regrets for them? Or will God remove the memories of our lost loved ones from our minds? Or will our allegiance to God override our regrets for our unsaved loved ones?

Will the family who has gone before us know us when we get there?

How will we spend our days in Heaven? I know we'll praise God, but what else will we do for all of eternity?

I've always wondered where exactly heaven is located. Is it in the skies, is it around us, is it in space? Does the Bible tell us where it's located?

My number one question at this time is will we be married in Heaven like we are now? I love my husband and I believe I married him in the eyes of God.