Jerry Jenkins Which Character Will Remain Until the Glorious Appearing?

Q: In Left Behind you implied that only one of the first four Tribulation Force members would remain until the Glorious Appearing. You once said it appeared the story just evolves and you were just as disappointed as your readers when you found out one of your characters had died! Do YOU know which of the main characters will still be alive at the end?

A: The operative phrase in the question is "just evolves." While I write as a process of discovery (I want to find out what happens too), I'm way oversimplifying it by saying that it "just" does anything. I think and pray and listen and research, and like any other novelist, the story is a product of my imagination and my subconscious. I am often surprised, delighted, or disappointed with something that happens, but I know it's all coming from inside anyway.

I do know who will survive until the Glorious Appearing and have known since one of the early books. But, ironically, Dr. LaHaye and I disagree on this. As a rule, he defers to me on the fiction and of course I defer to him on the theology. We'll see what happens here!